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Old 07-09-2018, 07:14 PM
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Default 951 Days: A Retrospective Look Back At The EurAvison Era

The camera starts out black but as the seconds tick by we see still shots of Titus holding up the then called Elite X Championship above his head with Carmen Bratchny at his feet. That morphs into a still from Kingdom Come II showing Titus pinning Everest to become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time which quickly becomes a still of All or Nothing IV with Barbosa at his feet and the World Championship over his head for a second time.

As the camera fades back to black we hear the voice of Veteran interviewer Leon Kensworth.

Leon: A man who is no stranger to Championship gold Titus Avison has lost 2 Eurasian Championship matches in the past.

This time the still we see shows Titus on the mat with Big Dave and Chris K.O. standing over him each holding the Eurasian Championship.

The camera comes into focus and we see Leon sitting in a comfortable looking armchair and smiling.

Leon: Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to a WZCW.com exclusive look at the amazing and historic Eurasian Championship reign of the man, the myth, the legend, the Hall of Famer Titus Avison. With two Eurasian Championship loses behind him some were saying that the Eurasian Championship may be the one that slips through his fingers and for a long time it looked like they may be right. It wasn't until November 23rd, 2015 with a complete change in attitude that Titus finally won the championship that eluded him for his entire career, and he did it at the biggest event off the year.

Originally Posted by Kingdom Come VII
[center]Titus throws a vicious elbow that cuts Scumm open above his right eye. As blood trickles into his eye, Titus grabs him by his mohawk and throws him into the nearest corner. He works him over with rights and lefts, the referee being forced to step in and break them up as Titus ignores the five count. Titus laughs as Scumm collapses and the crowd begins to boo.

Connor: Scumm is a bloody mess, this is getting sickening.

Cohen: I kind of like it. Titus is tired of not being taken seriously, he is here to prove a point.

With Scumm trying to crawl away, Avison runs and soccer kicks him in the head. The referee tries to pull Titus away to check on Scumm but Titus shoves the ref away and kneels beside his foe and begins to throw right hands directly into the open cut above the eye of Scumm. Finally the referee pulls Titus away and warns him about a potential disqualification. Titus innocently throws his hands up and smiles. He picks Scumm up and throws him into the near corner and takes his sweet time setting up a big chop to the chest. In this time Scumm is able to recover his wits and starts to throw whatever he has left in the tank into right hands. He backs Titus up before he hops to the top rope, looking for something big. Titus simply throws himself into the ropes however, crotching Scumm. Titus then climbs to the top with Scumm. The two are teetering dangerously up top, until Titus hits a super Tit Drop! Scumm is driven face first into the mat, his feet still hung on the top rope. Before Titus can even attempt further punishment, referee Keith Morse runs in and throws Titus aside, and checks on Scumm, who is motionless. He waves his hands to call off the match and makes the X sign above his head.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Keith Morse has called off the match due to serious injury to Johnny Scumm. Therefore your winner and NEW WZCW Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!
Boos reign down and Titus raises his arms. A ringside attendant hands him the belt, which Titus snatches and holds high above his head. As Titus celebrates, the medical crew make their way to the ring to check on Scumm. They roll him over, and his face is a crimson mask.

Copeland: Well Titus is the new champion, but I refuse to call him a winner after that display.

Cohen: I for one applaud Mr. Avison for his courageous victory here tonight.

Connor: It looks like he may not be done either guys.

Titus has followed the medical team up the ramp as they stretchered Scumm out. Titus then shoves the medical team aside, catching one of them with a swift kick to the balls, before he rips the neck brace off of Scumm. He then takes the stretcher and pushes it off the ramp, sending a defenseless Scumm crashing at least fifteen feet into the sound equipment. He raises his arms above his head and spits down at Scumm in a last act of defiance before he leaves behind the curtain, taking his EurAsian title with him. The lights in the arena flicker and the video on the tron begins to cut in and out.
Leon: Little did we know that with this win the change in attitude would breath a second wind into a career some thought over. Many thought his reign would be short and the first one to challenge the new Champion would be the robotic S.H .I.T. at Apocalypse VI

The camera cuts to the Eurasian Championship match from Apocalypse VI

Originally Posted by Apocalypse VI
While Titus and Keith Morse continue their shouting match, S.H.I.T. is able to get to his knees, not far behind where Titus stands. He looks around the arena for a moment, almost seeking permission, before delivering a Piston Chop to Titus's backside! Titus crumples to the mat, screaming about a Charley horse, but the referee backs off, allowing the match to continue uninterrupted! S.H.I.T. finishes getting to his feet, pulling Titus up by the hair with him, before connecting with a headbutt, and spinning Titus around, allowing him to connect with a German suplex! He holds the grip, rolling and pulling Titus to his feet for another! And another! And he still has the grip on!

Connor: How many of these suplexes is S.H.I.T. looking to connect with?

Copeland: I'm not sure, but it will be fun to count!

Two more German suplexes to the champ! Titus's face has gone pale, and the mandroid is still rolling to set up another suplex! But as he pulls Titus into the air, and lets his legs flail in front of him, S.H.I.T. changes direction, and plants Titus on his ass in the middle of the ring, jarring the champ into a howl as he flops on the mat, grabbing the injured area! S.H.I.T. stands over him, admiring his handiwork, before grabbing for Titus's hair, to pull him to his feet. Titus see this coming, and practically leaps out of the ring through the bottom two ropes, landing on the mat outside with a smack.

1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6!

Titus finally manages to get to his knees, and leans on the apron, pulling himself to his feet, but S.H.I.T. attacks with a baseball slide, sending both men crashing to the floor!

1! 2! 3! 4!

Both men use the apron to pull themselves to their feet, rolling into the ring simultaneously. They get to their knees, and begin exchanging ringing slaps, with Titus finally getting the advantage, knocking S.H.I.T. back to a seated position. Titus rushes forward from his kneeling position, landing a hard European uppercut, rocking S.H.I.T. to his back! Titus falls on top for the cover!


Titus leaps to his feet, again admonishing the ref for a slow count, before turning his attention back to the challenger. S.H.I.T. is on a knee, trying to rise to his feet, but Titus runs the ropes, taking him down with a Tit Drop! The cover!

1...2...S.H.I.T. gets a hand on the rope!

Titus is fuming as he pulls the mandroid up, whipping him hard into the corner and following with a lariat! He rushes a series of kesa giri chops, before whipping S.H.I.T. into the opposite corner, again following with a lariat!

Cohen: Titus has become incensed by the referee's ineptitude, and is taking his aggression out on S.H.I.T.! I can feel the victory coming!

Copeland: Jack, if we've learned anything in our years with this company, it's that you can never count out the mandroid!

As he says that, S.H.I.T. fires back with a Piston Chop! Titus reels backwards, clutching his chest, allowing the mandroid some space in the corner. As he starts to walk out towards the champ, he stumbles to a knee, and appears to have issues regaining his upright status! Titus sees the opening, and hits another Tit Drop! He hooks the legs!


Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen...your winner...AND STILL...EurAsian Champion...TITUS! AVISON!
Leon: With his first successful title defense behind him Titus looked to the future and his next challanger. Little did he know his next challenger would be one of his toughest in the fitness guru Flex Mussél.

The camera goes blurry and when it comes into focus we see Titus Avison vs Flex Mussél from Gold Rush II in a bloody Mayhem Rules match.

Originally Posted by Gold Rush II
Flex goes on the offense, but Titus is waving it all off and is heading to the back in an effort to exit the match. Flex catches up with him at the ramp and knees him in his gut. Titus staggers, but turns to assault Flex. The two exchange a flurry of right hands and chops until it is Titus who is back on top. He Kesagiri Chops Flex into the red bandage, dropping the workout enthusiast to one knee. Titus pulls his hand away and stares at the blood that has smeared across his fingers. He laughs crazily and wipes his hand using Flex's back. Titus looks around him and notices the technical equipment stowed below the edge of the ramp. He exhaustively pulls Mussel by his neck and both men teeter on the brink of the entrance.

Connor: Don't do it, Titus! It will kill you both!

Cohen: He's in the zone, now. You can't beat this Hall of Famer.

Copeland: Get out, Flex!


Titus Avison and Flex Mussel are both unable to get up. Referee Katie Shepard signals for the bell and calls for EMTs post-haste.

Harrys: Both combatants are unable to respond to the referee, rendering this match a draw. The Eurasian Championship title cannot change hands due to a no-contest, therefore, your winner and STILL EURASIAN CHAMPION, Titus Avison !!!

Copeland: I'm speechless. Are they even alive?

Cohen: Of course they are. They're the best talent in the world of wrestling. Let's talk about the important thing, which is Titus is still on top of the mountain and Flex isn't. Vee A.D.Z. will have his hands full.

Connor: I doubt it. This has to have some lasting impact on the Eurasian Champion. He is going into Meltdown against a fresh Vee, not a clearly injured Flex. Speaking of, Mussel fought bravely in a rivalry that will be talked about for ages. I truly hope this isn't the end of Titus vs. Flex.
Leon: With no clear cut winner at Gold Rush it was decided that Flex would get another shot at the Eurasian Championship in the Main Event of Ascension 106.

Originally Posted by Ascension 106
"Let's Go Mussel!" "Titus Sucks!" "Let's Go Mussel!" "Titus Sucks!"

He has both hands on the top rope now! His body stands at a 90 degree angle, with Titus on the mat, shouting about how can Flex do what he's doing. Flex grips...the cage itself. Flex begins to climb the steel cage with Titus's hold still locked in. He grabs a handful of steel, and then another, and then another! He is midway to the top!

Connor: I can't believe what I am witnessing! He's going to escape the cage WITH Titus holding him down! That's as poetic as it gets.

Cohen: No, no he can't! He's strong, but he's not that strong! C'mon, tap out like a normal person!!!

Titus isn't touching the floor anymore. The packed crowd are on their feet at the display of athleticism coming from Flex Mussel. His arms begin to shake, but he secures another hand on the cage. Flex is a mere arms-length from the rim of the top! The former tag team champion gets a hand out...reaches...the fans continue their chant...Titus panicking...and Flex loses his grip! They both fall down to the mat in a spiraling colossal heap.

"Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!"

Both men responsive but incapacitated. On the ramp, Vee A.D.Z. makes his presence known. He surveys the carnage in the steel cage, and then sits cross-legged on the stage itself, becoming a spectator for the match.

Cohen: The hell is he doing out here?

Connor: Obviously to see the Main Event, Seabass.

Inside the ring, Flex gathers himself as Titus, who took the brunt of the impact, still lingers in a corner on his back. The contender limps severely over to the champion, picking him up for a Belly To Belly- Punch to the balls! Flex falls to his knees in incredulous pain as Titus is there for a cover...1!...2!...3-No! Flex gets his good leg under the bottom rope. Exasperated, Titus now gathers himself up and lifts Flex up to his feet. Spinning Heel Kick knocks Flex into the corner turnbuckle. Titus yanks harshly at Flex's ears. Flex winces and Titus bashes the back of Flex's head against the steel cage repeatedly. He continues the malicious attack until he tires himself out. He lets go and Flex stumbles and falls to the mat. Titus goes FOR ANOTHER ANKLE LOCK but Mussel grabs hold on the cage itself, preventing Titus from getting a proper hold on him. Whether on accident or not, Flex's heel finds itself buried between Titus's Oscars. The actor clutches his balls and backs away from Flex. The audience cheer approvingly at the minor act of justice. Vee A.D.Z. claps from the ramp.

Connor: Well, he deserved that.

Cohen: No man deserves that. Shame on you for encouraging Flex's behavior.

Seeing Titus's back turned from him, Flex wraps him up in a backwards Bear Hug, and delivers a German Suplex! He rolls over, still holding Titus, and gives him a second German Suplex...with a pin! Katie for the count of 1!...2!...Kickout! Now physically exhausted, Flex is beside himself. He eyes Vee on the stage, nods respectfully, and points at the cage door. He limps towards the door, asking the staff outside to unlock it for him. They begin to do so slowly. Titus is back up and kicks Flex's bad leg out from under him. Reverse DDT plants the athlete as Titus asks them to open it wider. Flex struggles to get up...and he can't!...Flex grabs at Titus's own ankle...and bites it! The fans laugh at the actor's misfortune. Titus hollers in painful rage as he is taken to the ground away from the door. Staff close and padlock it.

Cohen: Disgusting! Is this who Flex really is...a cheap tactician? Titus isn't biting people!

Connor: Anything goes in the Cage. Titus already proved that with the low blow and him not breaking his ankle lock.

Titus gets away from Flex's clutches, and kicks him over and over again. One lands across his head. The Eurasian Champion pulls him up and drags his face against the steel cage. Flex's face bleeds rigidly! Swinging Neckbreaker brings Flex to the ground. Titus hooking the leg for the pin...1!...2!...??? Titus himself breaks the hold by lifting Flex's head off of the mat. He shakes his head and audibly tells referee Katie "not this way". He gathers Flex back up to his feet and teases placing a leg over the back of Flex's neck. The Tit Drop brings Flex's world crashing down around him. The actor laughs at the audience, notices Vee sitting far away, and points at Flex as if the same thing is going to happen to him. Titus stands up and steps on Flex's chest, pinning him in arrogant fashion.






The WZCW Universe become unglued at the appalled face of Titus Avison. Even Vee who remains impartial let out a "Woah". Feeling embarrassed, Titus went from shocked to livid in a few seconds flat. He pummeled the injured Flex bloody until Katie Shepard pulled him away. He got in her face and let loose with colorful insults. Shepard backed away and Titus went to kick the down Flex some more, but Flex grabbed a leg. Exerting all of his force onto Titus, Flex brought Titus clattering to his ass as Flex pulled him into the Spin & Win! Flex got to a corner and swung him into the steel cage! And then swung him to the other side of the steel cage. The fans counted how many times Titus went against the unforgiving cage:

"3!" "4!" "5!" "6!" "7!" "8!" "9!" "10!" "11!" "12!" "13!" "14!" "15!" "16!" "17!" "18!" "19!" "20!" "21!"

Flex let go and leaned against the cage.

Connor: This is it! Pin him, Flex!

Cohen: Don't be stupid, Flex! Climb the cage!

Listening to neither announcer, Flex waved his arm around as if signaling that the end was near. Still dizzy, Titus crawled on all fours, got to the other end of the ring, and pulled himself up using the cage. He turned around and was hit with the Flex-Decapitator!!! The Discus Clothesline landed in a lopsided angle with Titus's collarbone. With Titus down, Flex fell on top of Titus for the cover...





Flex appeared physically sick, as if he had nothing left in his arsenal. Vee A.D.Z. no longer sat cross legged on the ramp, but he was on his feet anticipating their next move with suspense. Titus showed no signs that he could possibly kick out, but he did.

Cohen: ...

Connor: ...what will it take? What will it take to see a winner tonight?

"Super Human!" "Super Human!" "Super Human!"

Flex is on his feet...Titus remains dead to the world. Trying to gather his senses, he observes the cage door, then the prone Titus, and then finally he looks up at the top of the cage. He nods as if the audience is spurring him to go for it, and so he does! Flex begins to climb the cage, his leg complicating his ascension. Sluggishly he gets footing for his leg on the top rope. Up he goes, midway, no three fourths to the top. Titus still incapacitated. Flex gets hold of the rim of the cage...and he secures himself at the top! He is met with a chorus of cheers, his face gleaming against the arena's lights. Victorious, he balances himself on the top of the cage. He ponders, and then laughs to himself. He screams out what he is going to do.


Cohen: !!!

Connor: !!!

Flex Mussel leaps from the twenty foot cage...in midair he perfectly does The Red Comet!!! AND TITUS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! All hope feels lost as the fans go completely silent as Flex crashes harshly to the ground. Avison rolls over Flex and rests his back against Flex's torso. Titus spreads one arm out to faintly pin Flex's shoulder. Katie Shepard calls for the pinfall.




Flex doesn't move. Katie calls for the bell to end the match. The steel cage goes back up to the ceiling and the Eurasian Championship is handed to Katie for Katie to give to Titus. The actor is unaware that the match is over until he is given the belt. Even then his face is full of uncertainty, as if Flex was going to overpower him again somehow. But Flex never moved. It wasn't until Harrys declared him the winner did he smirk proudly to himself.

Harrys: Here is your winner and STILL EURASIAN Champion, Titus Avison!!!

Connor: My god, what a Eurasian Championship Match! This is one for the record books for sure. What a courageously bold move by Flex, but it didn't pay off this time.

Cohen: Even if he hit Titus's own move on him, Titus would have kicked out again just to make Flex a joke. But you're right. It was a Championship Match to be remembered. Just another notch on Titus's already prolific biography. Way to go, Titus! Now make short work of Vee.

As if he could hear him, Titus peered over to where Vee A.D.Z. stood. They both stared daggers at one another.
The camera goes back to Leon who simply shakes his head in disbelief at what we all just saw. He looks back up as the camers pans out and we see Flex Mussél sitting next to Leon in a suit.

Leon: At this time I would like to introduce Flex Mussél to talk about his bouts for the Eurasian Championship. Flex take it away.

Flex: I was a different man back then, it was idiotic of me to go into our first encounter injured but despite all that I gave it my all and Titus and I clashed to a no contest. But a no contest is still not becoming champion.

So my second try led to us inside a steel cage. It was brutal, it was unforgiving, and I almost beat him too. Unfortunately, back then I cared about pleasing the WZCW universe. I could have escaped the cage but instead wanted to show up the movie star. I leaped off the cage attempting to beat him with his own move, I missed, he won, and it's something I've always regretted. Nonetheless, he was the better man that night.

Once Flex is finished talking he gets up and leaves.

Leon: With Flex vanquished it was time for Vee AD.Z. to cash in on the title shot he won at Gold Rush. This time in a Pure Rules+ match at Unscripted VIII where the + is an empty arena.

Originally Posted by Unscripted VIII
He is about to leap for the Airborne End but just in the knick of time, Titus gets up and almost as if it was an accident, he stumbles against the ropes, causing Vee to lose his footing. Titus lowers him and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. He follows that up with a Knee Drop right on the forehead. That causes Vee to stagger and Titus measures for the Tit Drop. He goes for it but Vee avoids it. He drags Titus to the mat with another attempt at the Fujiwara Armbar but Titus is quick to roll out, sensing the danger since he no longer has Rope Breaks.Vee attempts the Armbar again but this time Titus sees it coming. He kicks Vee in the gut and surprises him with a Tit Drop. Titus quickly hooks the leg, the happiness is almost audible.

Keith: No! It doesn't count!

Titus: What?! What in the world are you talking about?

Keith:His arm is under the rope. It's a Rope Break. You're both out of Rope Breaks.

Titus can't believe it. Vee was able to place his arm just right to avoid the pinfall. But while it saved, the match, now it's anybody's ballgame. He goes for Vee's ankle but right away, Vee counters away from the hold with a forward roll. Immediately, Vee hits Titus with another Mawashiguiri and Vee hobbles to the top rope. He measures Titus from the top rope. He takes his time as his foot is giving trouble and he has to adjust. After some time, he finally leaps into the air with the Airborne End but Titus moves out of the way. Immediately as Vee ricochets off the canvas, Titus hits the Tit Drop and grabs the ankle yet again, applying the Ankle Lock. He torques the ankle viciously, now knowing Vee can't break out. Vee struggles. His senses staggered from the ricochet and the Tit Drop, he scratches and claws his way to the ropes as Titus screams at him.

Titus: TAAAAP!!!

Keith: Do you want to give it up, Vee?!

Vee doesn't respond, just wanting to escape the pain without giving up. Not realizing reaching the ropes won't end it. He finally does and seems to have a sigh of comfort. But the pain still resides and the truth dawns on him. He can now see Keith waving that the ropes aren't valid. So Vee has no choice and tries to pull himself out of the ring. But Titus pulls him in to the center and drops to the floor with a grapevine across the leg.

Titus: It's over, Vee!!

Keith: Vee, respond or I will stop the match!!

Vee is left with no choice. He taps.

Keith: Let him go, Titus. It's over.

Titus: Yesyesyesyesyesyes!!! Yes!! Yes!!

Keith: The winner of this match and still Eurasian Champion, Titus.

Titus skips away. Happy as can be after his plan succeeded. Keith tends to Vee who just looks on disdraught.
Leon: After Vee A.D.Z Becky Serra and Vance Bateman wanted to test the Champion by making him fight three challengers at the same time. Those challengers would turn out to be new comer Tony Mancini, former World Champion Theron Daggershield and returning Xander LeBelle formerly known as Lé Gentleman Masque.

Originally Posted by Lethal Lottery VIII
Xander is still favoring his back and he looks less calm and collected than we’ve seen him before and more so irritated. Xander begins to deliver elbows to the back of Mancini’s head. Gino is now back on his feet and yelling at the referee to tell Xander ease up on Tony. Xander notices this and then proceeds to deliver even more elbows to Tony’s head. There’s nothing the ref can do as the match is no disqualification. Gino eventually gets in the ring to help Tony and Xander exits the other side just as the bodyguard gets in the ring. Gino then exits the ring and begins chasing Xander. The two men go all the way around ring until Xander enters the ring and Mancini goes for a clothesline attempting to take out Xander but he ducks and hits Gino off the apron instead. Mancini then turns around straight into a big boot from Xander he goes for the cover 1...2….Theron breaks it up! Theron tries to go for the Critical Hit but Xander reverses it into a sleeper hold. Theron backs him up into the corner but Xander refuses to let go of the sleeper hold. Theron tries to fight out of it but Xander still has it locked in tight. Mancini then comes out of nowhere with the Il Siluro Italiano in the corner! Both Xander and Theron are squashed but Mancini doesn’t let them move he uses his strength to put them both on the top turnbuckle. He gets up there with him as well and looks to hit a belly to belly suplex. Titus slides in the ring however and delivers a punch Mancini balls! Mancini hasn’t let go of his grasp however and Titus pulls him down causing Theron and Xander to be flipped off the top rope and crashing down to the middle of the ring!

Copeland: Titus delivered a low blow and Mancini still proceeded to hit a double belly to belly suplex!!

Connor: This match might just be Titus’ for the taking!

Titus goes for the pin on Mancini! 1...2...Gino puts Mancini’s foot on the ropes! The ref didn’t see it and Titus is perplexed that he kicked out! Titus then looks to Gino and begins to put two and two together. He becomes infuriated and then grabs Mancini and viciously chucks him shoulder first into the steel ringpost. He then goes to Theron and covers him 1...2...Theron kicks out! Titus yells in frustration and goes for the pin on Xander 1...2….Gino pulls the ref out of the ring! Titus is frustrated beyond belief and attempts to exit the ring to take care of Gino but Theron turns him around and hits a Critical Hit! Theron then dives out onto Gino! He tells the ref to get into the ring. Just as he gets to make the cover Xander throws Theron outside the ring. Xander goes for the pin on Titus! 1….2….Thr-Mancini breaks up the pin! All men are down and hurt with the crowd clapping for their approval and enjoyment. Mancini is the first to get to his feet and attempts to Xander in position for a sitout powerbomb. He tries to lift him up but his shoulder is still hurt from before causing Xander to slip out and deliver a kick to Mancini’s shin. The Italian Stallion falls down to one knee and Xander bounces off the ropes looking to hit the Curb stomp but Mancini uses one last gasp of strength to power him into the air nails the sitout power bomb!

Cohen: Oh my god he might do it….

Mancini goes for the cover! 1...2….Xander KICKS OUT! Mancini can’t believe it! He asks the ref if there was some kind of mistake but the ref assures him there was not. Mancini goes to the corner and looks to hit the Il Siluro Italiano one more time. Xander is barely to his feet and Mancini charges for the Gore but Theron comes out of nowhere with the Critical Hit! Mancini is down. Gino comes into save Tony and nails Theron with a shoulder block! Titus then hits Gino with the Tit Drop! Xander then nails Titus with the curb stomp! The champ’s head bounces off the canvas and he falls right on top of Mancini! Before Xander can go for the cover however Theron nails one last Critical Hit on Xander! He struggles to crawl over for the pin and he does the ref counts 1...2….3!!!

The ref quickly calls for the bell and goes to the announcer and grabs the Eurasian title.

Harrys: Your winner…..and STILL the EurAsian champion, Titus Avision!!!!
Leon: [color='Navy']After beating his three opponents at the Lethal Lottery Titus had been Eurasian Champion almost a full calander year and people were starting to wonder who he would face at Kingdom Come. Before we could find that out Titus had a surprise for everyone at Meltdown 136.

Originally Posted by Meltdown 136

Titus Avison makes his way out to the ring looking furious, he walks straight past the crowd who are a mixture of booing and laughter.

Copeland: Well Titus doesn't look too happy tonight.

Cohen: Why should he? He's being made to defend his belt against someone he's had no time to prepare for.

Copeland: When you're champion you should be able to defend against anyone.

Harrys: Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one for and it is for the EurAsian Championship. In the ring, from Keystone City Kansas he is the EurAsian champion. Titus Avison.

The crowd boo and Titus refuses to lift his belt above his head. He calls for a microphone.

Cohen: Looks like he has something to say.

The crowd boo louder as Titus Avison waits for them to quieten down. They don't. He speaks.

Titus: For 382 days the EurAvison era has existed in WZCW. I have faced all comers and have quashed them. Yet here I am, in a ring ready to face someone I don't know. To say I'm annoyed is an understatement.

The crowd cheer at the thought of Titus being annoyed.

Titus: At every corner Shawn has tried to stop me. He's failed. He's had his girlfriend try and get another match with me. He's failed. He is a man who thinks he can defeat a hall of famer. He did that tonight. He failed. So I'm ready for my match. Yet for Blackjack Theron the worst outcome for tonight is I lose. You see he doesn't want to win the EurAsian belt. He wants to make a name for himself. Do people care he's a former world champion? What will make him stand out is ending the EurAvison era yet tonight someone else may well do that. So, as pissed off as I am, bring out my opponent please.

The crowd goes nuts as Blackjack Theron's music hits.

Copeland: Looks like Theron's got his wish and tonight is the night.

Cohen: I can't believe Bateman would do this!

The crowds cheers slowly die down as they realise that no one is coming out to the ring. Titus gets back on the microphone.

Titus: What? My opponent is not Theron Daggershield?

He pauses and starts to laugh.

Titus: I know that. I'm not annoyed, I've known my opponent all along. As Bateman said he didn't set the match but it was Banks who did. I'm a four time Oscar winner, of course I can act pissed off when I want. It's all been an act.

The crowd is furious at this and start throwing things. Titus begins to do a Truman Harrys impression.


Copeland: Son of a...

Cohen: BWAHAHAHAHA! He played us all.

Men at work plays round the arena as Bruce Irwin makes his way to the ring. Backstage you see Theron and Tiffany looking at this on the monitor. It looks like they're discussing making their way out.

As Bruce is in the ring the bell goes. He goes for a punch to Titus who ducks. He kicks him to the midsection and gives a Tit-drop. Bruce Irwin falls to the mat but rather than a pin Titus Avison climbs up the top rope and goes for the...

Cohen: RED COMET!!!

Titus covers Bruce. 1...2...3.

Harrys: The winner of this match and still EurAsian champion. Titus Avison.
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Leon: After what some have called a joke title defense we found out that Titus would indeed face Theron but thanks to Therons' girlfriend and manager Tiffany Wyatt it was going to be a TLC match at Kingdom Come VIII.

Originally Posted by Kingdom Come VIII
She begins to get the crowd into as well and the entire arena is cheering Theron as he’s getting closer and closer to the championship! He’s only about a rung or two away when he notices the cheering from Tiffany has stopped, he looks down to see Titus’ arm wrapped around her neck with a steel chair in the other hand!

Connor: What is Titus doing?! This is completely uncalled for!

Cohen: This is perfect strategy! Will Theron sacrifice his love for championship gold?

Copeland: God have mercy on that woman if he does…

Theron has a look of fear and anger the likes we have never seen from him before. He looks down at his love while Titus threatens to bash her skull in with a chair. He then looks back up at the EurAsian title he’s worked so hard to earn. The fans are on the edge of their seats as even they’re not sure what Theron should do. Titus then yells to Theron “Win a championship, lose your love!” And at that moment Theron does a diving moonsault off the ladder onto not only Titus but Tiffany as well! All three of them are down on the outside as the officials check on their condition.

Copeland: Wow! Theron sacrificed his own goals to save Tiffany!

Cohen: Unfortunately for him he may have flattened her as well.

Copeland: Not to mention maybe taken himself completely out of this match in the process!

We take a look at the instant replay and see Theron in slow motion crushing Titus beneath while also hitting Tiffany as well. The referees check on all three of them with only Titus beginning to stir. Theron begins to stir himself as the referee checks on him but he’s only considered with the well-being of Tiffany. The other ref checks on Tiffany and she says she’s okay but she can’t quite make it to her feet yet. Titus manages to get up but is clutching his back due to multiple backdrops into tables and Theron’s high-flying maneuver. Once he turns around however his focus becomes quite clear. After seeing Theron crawling towards Tiffany he grabs a steel chair and begins repeatedly smashing Theron with it over and over again. It almost becomes a bit hard to watch as the chair eventually breaks due to sheer force Titus is using. Theron yells out in pain but that barely satisfies Titus. He grabs Theron by the head and forces him to look at Tiffany who is still laying on the ground and says “Look at her! She’s next!”. And at that moment Theron punches Titus right in the balls! The crowd is shocked by the uncharacteristic action yet still cheer for it nonetheless. Titus falls to knees and Theron delivers a headbutt that sends them both falling backwards. Upon further inspection it seems both men are now bleeding from their foreheads due to the collision.

Connor: Well now not only are the Avison babies in jeopardy but possibly also his movie star good looks!

More blood seems to be coming from the face of Titus as he begins to crawl away and Theron heads toward Tiffany. While he’s checking on her Titus slowly slinks into the ring and pulls himself only to be stopped by his aching back. Once Theron realizes Tiffany will survive he begins trying to get back in the ring. His ankle is still bad condition however which makes it a slow process for him. Titus doesn’t even both setting up ladder and as soon as Theron makes under the bottom rope he nails the TIT-DROP! Fans boo as they fear their hero may be down for the count. Titus isn’t going for a ladder however, he rolls under the bottom rope and grabs a steel chair. Upon entering the ring again he puts Theron’s ankle between the chair. He gets to on the top rope, leaps off, and stomps directly on the chair crushing the ankle! Theron yells and holds his ankle as it seems he’s in a tremendous amount of pain. Titus smirks as fans continue to boo. Theron rolls to apron as the ref checks on his ankle, it looks incredibly swollen so he throws up the “X” sign with his arms. Medical officials can be seen running from the back as Titus begins laughing while setting up the ladder. Just as he does the officials get to Theron and have a stretcher waiting for him. He refuses to go but the officials are insisting. As this is happening Titus is climbing rung after rung slowly forcing the fans to take it in. He begins laughing harder and harder the higher he gets. Theron takes one last look at Titus as he’s almost at the top and an incredible rush of adrenaline begins to flow through him. He kicks away the officials And forces himself onto his feet. To the complete shock of Titus he springboards off the ropes and onto the ladder! He lands awkwardly due to his ankle but he’s inches away from Titus nonetheless. Titus tries to throw a right hand but Theron blocks, grabs Titus by the head, and delivers a CRITICAL HIT FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!

Copeland: That one last Hail Mary play may just be enough to win Theron this match!

Connor: What an incredible display of fortitude for him to do all of it what must not be a broken ankle.

Cohen: But will he have enough to climb back up the ladder?!


Titus seems to be out cold but Theron is at least rolling around in pain. The referees have now waved off the medical officials and plan to let this contest continue. Theron can barely make it to his feet this time and he’s not sure what to do. He knows this may be his last chance but there’s nothing he can do. At that moment Tiffany enters the ring and begin helping Theron up! She props him up on the turnbuckle and begins setting up the ladder again. Theron begins leaning against her as she helps him hobble to the ladder. Fans are starting to cheer as Tiffany pushes Theron up the ladder as far as she can. As he is halfway up the ladder she stops to hold it in place so he can continue. The fans are now going wild with cheers as they realize this about to be end of Titus’ reign until! Theron gets his hand on the title but belt he hears a massive thud! Titus has whacked Tiffany in the back with the steel chair! She falls down and with her no longer holding the ladder Theron loses his balance! The ladder falls but Theron is hanging onto the title twenty feet in the air! Titus quickly grabs the ladder and tilts it at an upward angle and jams into the leg of Theron! The challenger falls to ground is unable to move. The officials begin to check on him as Titus sets up the ladder and begins climbing. The crowd is in shock as Titus is eventually able to get to the top. Theron has not moved and Titus unhooks the EurAsian title and clutches it to chest.

Harrys: And here is your winner, and STILL WZCW EURASIAN CHAMPION, TITUS AVISION!
The Camera shows Titus clutching his championship in is arms as it fades to black and comes back into focus on Leon in the studio.

Leon: Ladies and Gentlemen joining me now via satellite to talk about his part in the EurAvison Era Theron Daggershield.

The screen splits to show Leon on one side and Theron on the right. Once he realizes he's on camera Theron startz talking.

Theron: When I first learned that Tidarthian's reign as Global Champion had ended I couldn't believe it. It took another legend in Kaiser to finally end that reign. Sooner or later somebody is going to roll higher than you. No matter how many bonuses you get to your saving throws. While many of his tactics as Global Champion were questionable, he proved why they say they have heard of legends of him. It was an honor to face Tidarthian. I had the honor of facing him for that title twice. The first being at the Risky Raffle where Excalibur Labarbra and Antonio Manoosko were also in the match. I also got to face him at Empire Rally 8 in a dream match. We all started out as fans ourselves. As a young fan I attended Empire Rally 2 and got to see Tidarthian in action. To face him at that same event years later was a dream come true for me. I can only hope that our match inspired the gladiators of tomorrow, just as Tidarthian had inspired my younger self.
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The camera goes back to a single screen as Leon continues.

Leon: With his most gruelling defense behind him and a full calander year as Champion under his belt some were starting to wonder if there was anyone who could beat Titus Avison when his title was on the line. The next one to try however would be The Son of Boston Logan McAllister in the main event of Meltdown 138 in his hometown.

Originally Posted by Meltdown 138
As the challenger gets up to his knees, Titus runs forward and goes for the Tit Drop and it connects! Titus goes for the cover, 1..............2..............

NO! Logan kicks out of the Tit Drop! The crowd cheers loudly as Titus looks on in disbelief that Logan kicked out of his go to finisher! The crowd's cheer begins shaking the arena once again as Logan rolls onto his stomach, grabbing hold of the bottom rope as the sweat pours down his face. Titus argues with Akiyama that it was a three count to no avail.

Copeland: Titus connected with the Tit Drop, a move that has one him championships before, but Logan dug deep inside and was able to kick out!

Cohen: How is he doing this? He's on one leg, he's getting outclassed,
and yet McAllister is hanging around with the Hall of Famer!

Titus grabs his hair in frustration, but quickly rushes forward and grabs hold of Logan's bad ankle, pulling him into the middle of the ring and applying hte Ankle Lock! Logan yells out in pain as he tries to scratch and claw to the ropes, while Titus wrenches hard on the ankle. Logan cries out as he lifts one hand up, the thought of giving up seemingly crossing his mind as the crowd pleads with him not to. He balls his hand into a fist and screams out no as Akiyama asks if he wants to quit. He begins pulling himself towards the ropes,
reaching out desperately! Logan gets a finger tip along the ropes but Titus grabs a firm hold and pulls Logan by his leg back towards the center. Logan spins and pulls his leg forward, sending Titus stumbling into the corner and causes him to release the hold! Logan tries to get to his feet, standing on one foot as Titus rushes towards Logan, but Logan catches him and delivers the Boston Massacre! The crowd jumps to their feet as Logan hooks the inside leg,
barely laying on top of Titus as Akyama counts the pin! 1................2................3! The crowd begins cheering at a deafening pitch but Akiyama quickly waves off the pinfall as it's revealed Titus got his foot on the ropes! The air is let out of the building as Logan can only roll over onto his stomach, his body completely spent as Titus rolls under the ropes, trying to clear the cobwebs.

Copeland: Titus just barely got his foot on the rope to keep the Eurasian Championship! Once more this match Logan was this close to bringing the title home!

Cohen: The ring awareness of Titus is second to none! He knew exactly where he was in the ring, and used it to his advantage.

Logan tries to get to his feet, as Titus has yet to stir under the ropes. He gets to his feet, stumbling as he can barely stand on his bad leg. He sits against the corner as he stares at the champion, his mouth open as he tries to catch his breath. He walks slowly over to Titus and grabs him, trying to drag him up but Titus grabs hold of the ropes, trying to pull himself to the outside again. Akiyama gets inbetween the two competitors, trying to push Logan back. He's able to separate the two but Logan pushes Akiyama to the side, causing the ref to fall to his knees, and rushes towards Titus, only to get punched square in the balls! Titus quickly drops to a knee as Logan falls to the mat, Akiyama completely unaware of the low blow! The crowd boos as Titus stares at the fallen Logan, a sick smile on his face as he grabs hold of Logan's ankle once more, locking in the Ankle Lock! Logan yells out in pain as he tries to hold on once more, desperately reaching out for the ring ropes for salvation once more. The crowd cheers him on desperately, but Titus lifts Logan's leg up and drives his knee into the mat again before quickly spinning around, and locking in a deep Boston Crab! He keeps the bad ankle slightly twisted for good measure as he pulls back deep into the submission hold in the center of the ring!

Cohen: This is genius Seabass! Titus has Boston's son in the Boston Crab!

Logan tries to drag himself towards the ropes again, inching ever so slowly as Titus continues to pull back into the submission. Logan's eyes begin to flutter as he holds his hand up meekly above the mat, the will of the challenger slowly wilting away. The crowd yells out for Logan to fight through the pain, but his hand drops to the mat. Akiyama lifts his arm up, and it falls to the ground. Logan appears to be out. Akiyama lifts it again, and it falls a second time. He lifts it a third time but Logan is able to keep it up! He pushes up on his forearms as the crowd goes crazy as a look of determination forms on his face. With a ferocious yell he pushes forward and reaches out for the ropes!! But he comes up just inches short, and soon it's clear that was his last gasp. Akiyama checks on Logan before getting up and motioning for the bell!

Harrys: Here is your winner, by Submission, aaaaaaaannnnnnnd STILL THE WZCW EURASIAN CHAMPION, TITUS!
Leon: Dejected, both the fans in the arena and at home started to lose hope that anyone could beat Titus. That he may actually retire still Eurasian Champion. They didn't dare hope until Kagura challanged him for the title at Apocalypse.

Originally Posted by Apocalypse VII
Kagura levers back on the hold as she doles out a measure of revenge for the actions of the EurAsian Champion only moments ago. The fans are on their feet as Titus allows a look of pain to cross his features and reaches out for the nearby ropes. Just as he is about to reach the bottom rope, Kagura gets to her feet and pulls Titus across the ring and into the middle of the squared circle. The fans at ringside hit fever pitch as she quickly gets back into position and locks in the chin-lock one more time. Titus lets out a yell of agony as she levers back on the hold once more – the ropes seemingly so far away now. If Titus is going to get out of the hold, he is going to have to do it the hard way. As Kagura continues to keep him in the hold, he raises one hand above the canvas, looking as though he is about to tap. But as he looks to bring his hand down, he suddenly manages to find the strength to roll through the move and put Kagura on her back for the pinfall. The referee quickly transitions and begins counting the fall! 1... 2... Kick out from the challenger! The hold is broken as both competitors lie on their backs in the middle of the ring.

Copeland: Oh my god, that was so close! Titus just proved you right there, Jack. He knows how to transition from any predicament and make it work for him. You just have to wonder what damage being in that hold for so long would have done to the back of the EurAsian Champion.

Cohen: I've been in that hold, Seabass. It is not somewhere that you want to find yourself for any amount of time, never mind that long! Titus looks exhausted at the end of that and Kagura doesn't look to be in much better condition. This match has started at a fantastic pace but that will soon show on the gas tanks of these two warriors.

Both Kagura and Titus roll over onto their stomachs and then up onto their knees. Both are leaning against one another but soon put enough space between them to start trading vicious shots. Kagura leathers Titus with a stunning right hand that sends him reeling backwards. But he soon fires back with a stiff shot of his own that sends Kagura onto her back. She allows a look of determination to cross her features as Titus slowly gets to his feet and waits for her to do the same. Kagura uses the ropes to get back to a vertical base and is soon welcomed by Titus running at her. But, just as before, Kagura seems to have the EurAsian Champion very well scouted. She immediately ducks and scoops Titus over the top rope with a stunning back body drop that sends him crashing to the mats outside the ring. The fans are on their feet as Titus comes crashing down. And their reaction is only intensified as Kagura makes her way over to the corner of the ring and begins climbing the turn-buckles. Once at the top, she soaks in the adulation of the crowd and then launches herself from the top rope – connecting with a beautiful flying knee all the way to the outside of the ring. Titus catches it flush on the jaw and hits the floor once again.

Copeland: What a stunning move from the challenger, Jack! Kagura must know deep within herself that she has to go to extensive risks to put Titus away here tonight. Everything is working against her and history is most certainly on the side of the Champion. She has to take him to the very limit to stand any chance.

Cohen: Very true, Seabass. Kagura needs to realise that no one has been able to beat Titus when it gets to crunch time. And if she's going to be that person that finally takes the belt from him, she's going to have to go to the places that no one else could. That move was just one way to do it. Beautifully executed.

No sooner has Kagura hit the mats than she is on her feet. She garbs the hair of the EurAsian Champion and begins pulling him back to his feet. The fans are willing strength into her arms as she pulls Titus to his feet and rolls him under the bottom rope. Kagura gets into the ring and immediately covers her opponent. But Titus immediately puts one leg on the nearby rope and the referee will not count the fall! Kagura finally notices the action of the Champion and gets to her knees. She runs her hands through her hair in frustration but soon swallows the pain of being denied at this opportunity and gets to her feet. Kagura moves over to the corner of the ring and lies in wait for the EurAsian Champion. As Titus begins getting to his feet, the fans seem to come alive once more. They know that Kagura has plans for Titus and the Champion has no idea what they are. Titus finally reaches his vertical base but is soon met with the image of Kagura running at him. She goes for the shuffle side kick. But Titus, somehow, manages to drop to one knee and dodge the attack. Missing the move knocks Kagura off balance as she turns around, the EurAsian Champion is waiting for her. TIT DROP!! Titus lands his finisher as the crowd get to their feet in a stunned malaise. Unfortunately for Titus, Kagura hits the canvas and the impact sends her rolling out of the ring and onto the mats below. Titus cannot believe his bad luck as he watches his opponent escape the pinfall.

Copeland: I don't believe it! Kagura has just been saved in this match by nothing other than luck. That would surely have been the end of this contest but Titus now needs to get Kagura back inside the ring to cover her!

Cohen: More importantly, Seabass, Kagura needs to get herself back into the ring. Remember that Titus has a Champions advantage in this match and a loss by DQ doesn't do anything but gift the Championship right back to the Champion.

Titus scurries under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring. He pulls at Kagura but she is amongst a dead weight at this point. Realising that he doesn't have to cover her to keep his Championship, he gets back inside the ring and quickly corners the referee. He tells the ref to begin counting the count-out and then pushes him towards the ropes nearest to Kagura. The crowd boo as the referee holds his first finger up, starting the count and putting the challenger under an immednse amount of pressure.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

Suddenly, Kagura begins moving on the outside of the ring. The fans are on their feet as Kagura reaches out for the ring apron and begins pulling herself back to her feet.

6... 7...

With that, Kagura slumps back to the mats – the effects of the recent Tit Drop weighing heavily on her body and her ability to get back into the ring to continue this fight.


Kagura begins pulling herself back up, the crowd willing her up with every single pull of the apron and every second that goes by. Titus looks on with his mouth ajar and a look of shock on his features.


One final surge of energy from the Challenger sees her rise to her feet and back into the ring to beat the 10-count. Titus can hardly believe what he is seeing but a look of venom soon crosses his face as he begins thinking of further punishment for the challenger.

Copeland: What heart from Kagura, ladies and gentlemen. That move has put the very best to the sword in the history of this company and it took something very special for Kagura to pull herself off of the floor and get back into the ring there. The damage may have been done but Kagura has shown herself to be the sort of Champion that this company needs.

Cohen: Normally, I would disagree with you, Seabass. But that was a wonderful feat of heart and courage from the challenger. Titus had beaten the very best in the business with that move and Kagura removed her name from that list in some style.

Titus walks over to Kagura, who seems utterly spent at this point. He puts his boot across her stomach as she lies motionless on the canvas – laughing as he demonstrates his dominance. Suddenly, however, Kagura grabs his leg and pulls him back to the canvas. She looks to get into position to lock in the FOURTH DANCE but Titus is struggling against the hold. The two struggle for position as Kagura looks to lock in her finisher but, against all odds and all of the reaction of the fans, Titus manages to scurry towards the bottom rope and holds on for dear life. Kagura has no other choice but to let go of the hold and Titus is saved from a punishing finishing move. The look of relief on the Champions face is clear for everyone to see as he urges the referee to move Kagura back and allow him to get back to his feet.

Copeland: The title reign of Titus was well and truly under attack there, Jack. Kagura has, just like Titus, gone through so many people with that submission hold. If she had managed to lock it in there, we may have been looking at a new EurAsian Champion after all this time.

Cohen: Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again now, Seabass. Kagura has impressed me with how much heart and spirit she has shown in this match. So many people would have been beaten when they were hit with the Tit Drop. Not only is she still in this match, she could have won it right there.

As Titus matches Kagura in getting back to his feet, the fans sound their appreciation for the match and the show that these two great competitors have put on for them. Titus tells Kagura to get back but Kagura wants nothing more than to keep this match going and probably capitalise on the advantage that she now commands. Titus urges the referee to come close to him as he demands Titus give him a moment to catch his breath. The referee does walk over to Titus but Kagura is hot on his tracks. As Titus pulls the referee close to his person, he leans over the referee and sticks a thumb in the eye of his opponent. No sooner has this happened that he has barged past the referee and is on Kagura. He turns his around and nails her with THE TIT DROP one more time! Titus covers his opponent and, unbeknownst to the referee, puts his feet on the bottom rope for more pressure on the pinfall. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... 3! This match is over![/b]

Copeland: God damn it! Titus has used every trick in the book to get the better of Kagura here tonight. You have to feel so damn sorry for the challenger here tonight. She showed great heart and courage but Titus has, once again, cheated to make sure that he holds onto his Championship at all costs. Despicable but nothing more than we have come to expect from Titus.

Cohen: It's not often I agree with you, Seabass. But the way Titus went about finishing off that match is nothing short of deplorable. Kagura and these fans deserved to see this match come to a natural and fair conclusion. Titus has robbed them of that and, perhaps, it would have been a very different result if he had.

Copeland: Either way, Jack, there are two things that are clear, here. Kagura is going to be less than pleased by Titus and the way he finished this match. And second, he doesn't deserve to hold that Championship any longer. He's not my champion, that's for damn sure!

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner... And STILL WZCW EURASIAN CHAMPION... TITUS AVISON!!
The camera goes back to Leon and sitting with him is the former Elite Openweight and World Champion Kagura who has a translator by her side.

Leon: Welcome Kagura and Thank you for joining us tonight. Please tell everyone your thoughts on Titus and his reign as Eurasian Champion.

Leon sits patiently for a minute or so while his words are translated.

`Taitasu ni wa, osoraku darenimo matchishinai kyōryokuna tōchi ga arimashita. Watashitachi no ōku wa kare o taosou to shimashita. Watashitachi no ōku wa shippai shimashita. Shikashinagara; kare wa watashitachi no nokori no bubun no tame ni bā o takaku settei shite hokori ni omou hitsuyō ga arimasu. Rekishi-tekina mono kara hanarete iru koto wa, kenkyona keikendeshita. Kekkyokunotokoro, taitasu ​​ no idai-sa wa, kare ga haiboku shita aite no kōkei ni yotte kimarimasu. Beruto o beruto kara hanasanakereba naranakatta to shite mo, kare ga dorekurai no jikan o sugosu koto ga dekiru no ka wa kyōmi ga atta'

Click for Spoiler:
“Titus had a mighty reign that will probably be matched by no one. So many of us tried to defeat him, and so many of us failed. However; he should be proud to have set the bar so high for the rest of us. It was a humbling experience to be apart of something so historic. After all, Titus’ greatness is defined by the caliber of opponents he defeated. Even if I wasn’t the one that got to take the belt away from him, I was curious to see just how long he could go.”

As Kagura gets up she gives Leon a small bow and through her translator thanks him for having her. Leon sits back down once they are out of screenshot and smiles at the camera as he continues.

Leon: The fans' hopes crushed by the villian once again Titus felt like no one could could take what he considered his. That is until Wren reminded the Champion that he could be pinned and challenged him to a match at Gold Rush to prove that lightning can strike twice. Titus would except but only with the stipulation that the match be contested in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Originally Posted by Gold Rush III
The crowd cheer like mad as the referee separates the two wrestlers into opposing corners. Titus is utterly shocked at the result and is nearly pulling his own hair out in disbelief. Wren was finished, it was over and now the scores are tied. It’s now a normal match. It’s one fall to the finish. Whoever scores this next victory will be the Eurasian Champion.

Connor: We are set for a big finish here with the scores tied 1-1. Both have had a fair deal of punishment done to them but Wren is easily the most damaged right now. It’s going to take everything she has left to walk away with this title.

Cohen: This is the time for the brightest to shine, CC! This is what Titus Avison lives for and what he has done his entire career. The next fall wins it and that will be Wren.

The referee moves out of the way and the match begins for the final fall. Titus jumps first and pulls Wren out of the corner. He goes for a suplex but Wren blocks it, gets behind him and goes for a neckbreaker but Titus elbows out of it and hits a swinging neckbreaker of his own. No cover is made as Titus backs up into the corner, aims and hits a knee drop across the head of Wren. He delivers a few quick kicks into the body of the challenger before climbing up the turnbuckle. There he waits until Wren stands, Titus leaps with a flying clothesline but Wren ducks and Titus crashes to the canvas! He gets up, possibly from adrenaline very soon after and Wren fires back with a springboard stunner!

Titus goes down as Wren falls into a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! The crowd cheers as Wren rolls to the side, finishing up on the apron of the ring and she rests her head against the top rope. Titus hasn’t moved following the crash and burn from the flying clothesline and the stunner afterwards. Wren turns towards the turnbuckle, then towards the fans, a wave of applause are heard as Wren begins climbing the turnbuckle.

Copeland: We’ve seen this before. From east, with love this is called and it’s a devastating move from the air.

Wren is perched and ready to strike, she stands up and as she is about to go – Titus rolls further away. Halfway across the ring and further than Wren has ever hit before. The crowd all sit down as Wren grabs the top rope whilst squatting down. Titus sucking in air as he just lays still safely across the ring. He has been through a war tonight in yet another amazing title match. Wren eyes her opponent, halfway across the ring – the Eurasian Championship halfway across the ring. Slowly Wren begins to stand up on the top rope, being careful to maintain her balance and her eyes remain locked on the champion very far away.

Cohen: What is she doing? Titus Avison is halfway across the ring. Wren has never dived that far, Seabass!

Copeland: This place sat down because they thought there was no possible way Wren could hit this move from that far away. Now look, thousands upon thousands are standing in awe as Wren is aiming what could be a championship winning shot.

Connor: If she hits this move you’ll hear the roof come off this building!

Time stands still as Wren stares down at Titus Avison. It’s all or nothing for the challenger, the scores tied at 1-1 and the Eurasian Championship in the balance. Wren uses all her strength to leap into the air and contorts her body as she flies across the ring. It’s an amazing sight, the challenger risking everything to be the one who dethrones the greatest champion we’ve ever seen. Further than she ever dove before but Wren makes it! Only thing is… Titus got the knees up.

The air is sucked out of the building as Titus scrambles to his feet and grabs Wren by the arm. He gives it a twist before kicking her in the stomach and connecting with the Tit Drop! It may not even be needed at this point but Titus rolls her over and ascends the top rope himself, the crowd booing loudly, as he leaps high into the air for the Red Comet – which he executes perfectly. It’s academic at this point, the referee slides into position and Titus hooks the leg. 1… 2… 3!

Copeland: Wow. You want to talk about a finish to a match like I’ve never seen before. That right there is one of them.

Connor: This entire building was standing, waiting to see what was going to happen and if Wren could make that leap. She did. She dove halfway across the ring, further than ever before but Titus got his damn knees up. All that work and he got her right at the finish line.

Cohen: I told you those high flying antics were going to cost her!

Harrys: The winner of the final fall and therefore STILL the Eurasian Champion – Titus Avison!
Leon: While Wren made good on her promise and became one of only two people to pin Titus in a Championship match it wasn't enough as the legendary EurAvison Era continued to the 10th Anniversary show where Titus faced another Hall of Famer and the first man to hold the Championship Titus covets in the form of Tyrons Blades.

Originally Posted by 10th Anniversary Show
Akiyama is forced to start a double countout again as both men refuse to move on the mat, they're breathing hard and covered in sweat.


Titus gives Blades a weak backhand slap on the chest of Blades while laying down, the Hollow one does the same in return.

Akiyama is at 6 now as both men stir.

Titus climbs the ropes at one side of the ring, Blades climbs the ropes and both men are on their feet. They walk to the center of the ring, wobbly and beat up. The crowds are going nuts now as both men look in opposite directions, acknowledging the crazy noise coming from the crowds, they look back at each other, sweat pouring off of them. Titus reaches out his hand for a handshake, Blades goes to shake it but Titus fires off a right hand, Blades returns a left and right! Titus with a right and left followed by a European uppercut, Blades is numb now as he bounces off of the ropes and cracks Titus with a hard head butt! Both men lean on each other as they seem out! After a few moments in this position Titus pushes off Blades and looks at him wide eyed with determination! He jumps and attempts a hurricurana but Blades pushes his legs away, Titus does a backflip and lands on his feet! Blades throws a SUPERKICK but Titus dodges and goes behind Blades, he rolls him back and for a pin....



Blades forces his legs up and flips Titus frontward, pinning his arms, Blades hooks both of his legs....



Titus pushes with his arms rolling them backwards again, but he keeps rolling and picks Blades right up and german suplexes him right into the top turnbuckle! Blades stumbles forward and Titus catches him with the TIT DROP!!!

Titus uses Blades pin attempt from earlier and hooks his feet under Blades armpits and flips him over, he does a back bridge hooking his own legs over Blades', folding him right in half for a pin attempt....



Copeland: Oh great just who we need.

Cohen: This will spice things up.

Avison jumps up and breaks up the pin, he turns to Blades and mouths “Sorry” and rolls out of the ring. He runs up the ramp and past Vis Imperium. He stares at Cooper who nods his head and disappears backstage.
Leon: The match ruined by Vis Imperium Titus remained Champion and was still able to have the last laugh by showing the world that he was the man aligned with Tyrone Blades and the 2nd memeber of The Hollow Ones. Before they could concentrate on Vis Imperium however Titus had to face a familiar foe in Tony Mancini who earlier that same night won the right to face him a second time. This time in a singles match at Meltdown 144.

Originally Posted by Meltdown 144
Titus breaks up the count by kicking Tony in the stomach, he pulls the top rope and launches himself over Tony and holds onto his waste, he sit down powerbombs Tony right on the padded mats on the outside! Titus has a surge of energy, he climbs back in the ring, he runs off of the ropes and runs fast towards the opposite ropes, he does a major swan dive over the top ropes and NAILS Tony with a huge splash! Titus bounces off of him and holds his ribs. The crowds respond with a big cheer for that great move by Titus. Both men are down.


Titus gets to his knees.


Titus rolls in the ring...


Titus is on his knees in the middle of the ring, he holds his hands up in victory, knowing that Tony didn't make the count. The fans are cheering so he knows that must be the case...but it's not!

Copeland: I can't believe these guys! He made it! He made it back in the ring to beat the count!!!

Tony is on his feet, he attempts another soccer punt at Titus's face but the champion dodges it and hooks Tony's legs for a roll up....


Tony readjusts and traps Titus's arm in a triangle hold! The fans are screaming now as Titus is wide eyed in the center of the ring, Tony is screaming, red faced as he wrenches on the hold as hard as he can! Titus raises his hand, he lowers it.....

He stops an inch from the mat....he pushes down and gets leverage on top of Tony....


Tony pushes his legs and flips Titus back on his back with the triangle hold still applied! Titus looks like he's ready to pass out any minute now! Referee Akiyama leans down to ask Titus is he's going to give up, he says no and Akiyama jumps back to his feet, just out of eye range of Titus's free hand....

Punch to the balls!

...Titus regains the leverage on top of Tony!



3 !!!!!


Harrys: The winner of this match....and STIIIILLL Eurasian Champion...Tituuuus Aviiiisooooon!!

Copeland: What a match! What a move by Titus Avison! He went to the well with the referee's back turned and used his old punch to the balls to get that final leverage!

Cohen: That was one of his toughest challenges to date Seabass! Tony can only hold his head high from that amazing effort here on Meltdown!

Titus and Tony lie in the middle of the ring, exhausted from the effort they have put into the EurAsian Championship match. The referee fetches the EurAsian Championship and offers it to Titus as he gets to his knees. Upon seeing his precious title, Titus grabs it and falls to the canvas clutching it against his chest. He has defended it again. He makes it to his feet and holds the title aloft to end the show. The WZCW graphic appears in the bottom corner.
Leon: Defying the odds once again Titus remains champion. Here with us now is former Mayhem Champion Tony Mancini to give us his thoughts on facing Titus for the belt.

Tony scowls at being called a Former Champion but keeps quiet about it.

Tony: The first time I faced him at the Lethal Lottery back in 2016 I'll admit I was a bit cocky thinking I'd walk out Eurasian Champion because the other three men were more focused on each other instead of the rookie who wasn't even a year into his career at the time. Looking back it's possible I was a bit to cocky and that's what cost me.

The second time was a singles match with me being a bit wiser and a lot tougher than than the first time. It still wasn't enough though it took a shot to the nuts to keep me down for the three count. Beating Titus would have been the shining moment of my career but I'm not ashamed to admit that Titus Avison is better than me in the ring and that he is the type of performer I want to be when it's time to lower the curtain on my own career.

Without another word Tony simply gets up and leaves as the camera quickly focuses on Leon.

Leon: With Mancini finally taken care of for good Titus looks forward to the future and the reason he joined The Hollow Ones, getting rid of Vis Imperium. Knowing he had to do something or watch his faction fall Kenneth Banks made Titus defend his singles championship in a tag team match. It would be Titus Avison teaming with Tyrone Blades as The Hollow Ones take on Vis Imperium members Xander LeBelle and Mark Keaton with whoever pins Avison becoming the new Champion. To even things up the fans voted that if Vis Imperium were to lose they would have to disband forever.

Originally Posted by Unscripted IX
LeBelle enters the ring as Titus eyes him. The two men circle each other and exchange taunts, before locking up. Titus grabs a side headlock and pulls LeBelle forward, dragging him on the canvas. He keeps the hold wrenched in, wearing down his slightly smaller opponent. Titus backs himself against the ropes as LeBelle launches him forwards. Titus runs, and bounces against the adjacent ropes, but LeBelle drops down and then leap frogs over him. Titus bounces off the ropes again, and LeBelle jumps to hit him with a dropkick, but Titus has the maneuver scouted and rolls underneath him. He grabs LeBelle and takes him to the mat with a hip toss, and follows that up with a hurricarana. Titus plays to the crowd once more. He measures Xander, and looks to hit his finisher, but LeBelle suddenly drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Keaton meets him and the two men regroup on the outside. Neither man see the blur that is Titus as he runs, bounces off the ropes, and hurls himself through the middle ropes, taking out both men. Titus tosses Xander back into the ring, and turns to give Banks the middle finger. He grabs LeBelle and plants him with a DDT. He stands; measuring his opponent. He kicks LeBelle in the gut and delivers the Tit Drop!



But Big Bad Roady saves the match for his team once again! Having finally had enough of the meddling giant, Tyrone Blades hops down off his apron, and moves in like a hungry shark towards his position. He takes down the big man at the knee and boots him in the head. He moves and grabs a chair from the timekeeper’s arena. He shoots Banks a glare, but doesn’t try to attack him. He quickly pummels the big man with brutal chair shots, until Mark Keaton comes to his friend’s aid. With Roady taken out, Keaton and Blades resume their brawl from either, leaving Titus and LeBelle alone in the ring. Titus grabs LeBelle and plants him with a body slam. He drags his opponents body over to the turnbuckle and climbs it. All eyes in the arena are on Titus as he stands on the top turnbuckle. With one last leap of faith he jumps off and nails the Red Comet! Seconds later a sickening thud can be heard, as Blades sends Keaton crashing against the barricade on the outside! Tyrone looks back, Titus rolls off LeBelle clutching his stomach and rolls towards their corner. Quickly, Tyrone hurries as best he can to the apron and gets the tag. He waits as LeBelle, clearly in a whole other world, staggers to his feet and gets nailed with a superkick! Tyrone points at him "Click" and then charges forward, delivering a stiff knee to the jaw. Tyrone rolls over and makes the cover, his eyes on Mr. Banks as he mouths the word "Clack" while the referee makes the count.




Harrys: Here are your winners by pinfall, Tyrone Blades, and still the WZCW Eurasian champion, Titus Avison!
Leon: While Vis Imperium was vanquished back at Unscripted a former memebr in one Remarkable Mark Keaton would continue to be a thorn in his side and to make matters worse for the champion Ace Stevens and Triple X would also stake their claim to a Eurasian Championship match at the Lethal Lottery. To make it fair for all three men a match was made where all four men would face each other and the last one standing would be the Eurasian Champion.
Originally Posted by Lethal Lottery IX
The fans are not happy. They are not behind either of these guys. Triple X eyes Titus in the corner. The last man standing between him and the Eurasian title. He walks over and picks up the chair that Ace dropped. He runs, positions the chair right at his feet, and dropkicks it right into Titus’ face. The Eurasian champion looks out of it. X pulls Titus to his feet and turns him so that he’s facing the turnbuckle. Triple X leaps onto his opponent’s shoulder and takes the larger man over with a poisoned Frankensteiner. The maneuver drives Titus right on his head! Triple X makes another cover: 1…2… but Titus won’t die! The EurAvison era won’t die! Triple X grabs Titus’ headgear and screams at him, “The title is mine! Your era is over!” He attempts to pry the headgear off, but Titus fights back and blasts him with a European uppercut. X responds with a kick to the midsection. Titus answers with a chop to the chest. And another. Triple X rears back and kicks him in the head with a reverse roundhouse, sending Titus reeling. He follows up with a dropkick, sending Titus to the mat. He kips up a second later, as Titus is much slower getting to his feet. X eyes the man, gets behind him, grabs him, and delivers a release dragon suplex. Titus is down. Triple X is spent. After a few seconds the smaller man stands, and gestures towards the end. Much more slowly this time, he climbs out of the ring and onto the apron. He measures Titus to make sure that he’s in position, before leaping to the top rope and flipping forward. Triple X hits the Singularity, but Titus gets his knees up at the last second! And the fans can’t believe it! Try as they might, having to choose between Triple X and the champion, many were becoming swayed towards the latter. Titus stands and grabs his opponent. He lifts the smaller man to his feet and wraps an arm around him. He takes him up and over for a Northern Lights suplex, but doesn’t have enough strength to complete the bridge, so he releases him at the top and lets him fall to the canvas. Triple X gets to his feet. A lot slower this time. Titus meets him and promptly drops him with another DDT. Both are exhausted. Titus can’t even capitalize. He slowly drags himself to his feet and stands. He turns and eyes the chair that he had brought into the ring him. He walks over and grabs it. He holds it in his right hand as he stalks Triple X. The smaller man stirs and gets to one knee. Titus swings the chair down hard across his back. And again. And again. And again. Each time the sickening sound of steel hitting flesh could be heard echoing through the area. Titus props up the chair on all fours. He grabs Triple X and heaves him to his feet. His body is practically limp. He muscles him up into his arms and walks over to the chair. With a primal war cry, Titus lifts him up and drives him straight onto the chair with a sidewalk slam! The chair is bent and twisted around the indentation of Triple X’s body. Titus tosses the heap of metal aside and makes a cover. The referee counts: 1…2…3…!

Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall and STILL Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!
The camera leaves the match and shows Leon sitting with a very familiar face.

Leon: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, with me at this time is the common opponent in the previous two matches you saw Remarkable Mark Keaton. Mark would you mind giving us your thoughts on your matches in particualr and Titus' reign as a whole?

Keaton: The EurAvison Era? Dude, that was a streak wasn't it? I mean, every wrestler worth his salt drooled over the thought of putting that run to an end and hoisting that radical belt up high. I know I blabbed about it enough. I got my chance in that fatal four way match and you know what happened?

Boom! I hit the guy with The Voltron Suplex and he kicked out! Can you believe that? He must be one of those Terminators, man. Before that he had a hand in ending Vis Imperium forever. So if you can do me a favor and keep Titus away from me I'll be happy. Interview over, Turkey!
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Keaton rips the microphone off his collar and montions to Big Bad Roady to follow him as he leaves. The camera quickly focuses on Leon who gives a bit of a half hearted laugh before quickly continuing.

Leon: With his fourteenth successful defense behind him Titus looks forward to the event that would mark two full years of the EurAvison Era, Kingdom Come IX. His opponent a man he has faced many times before in the former World Champion and new memeber of the WZCW Hall of Fame John Constantine but they have never faced each other with this much at stake.

If Constantine were to win he would not only be the one to end the history making reign he would retire holding the one championship that has eluded him his entire career in the Eurasian Championship. If Titus were to win it would be smooth sailing to a full One Thousand days as champion.

Originally Posted by Kingdom Come IX
Hearing the plights, Titus shakes his head and lowers his head. His stance and his arms go limp. He looks down at his championship. He is reminded of the long reign and not wanting this to be a stain on his record. So, in response, Titus looks up at his fans with a determined look and nods. He looks over to the children and smiles. He mouths to the crowd that he will not use the title as a weapon and they give him a thunderous roar!

Cohen: What the hell is he doing?! He has Constantine dead to rights and he has turned his back on him!? Why? Just hit him and then revive referee for the easy win!

Connor: There is good that remains inside the heart of the Hall of Famer. Could this be the return of the Titus we all knew and grew up with? Is this the return of the legends of a man we've all heard?

Just as Titus looks to drop the championship and refuse to use it, a sudden burst of pain shoots through his body. He looks down and sees that a recovered Constantine has delivered a massive low blow to the champion. Titus goes white faced, lets go of the championship and drops to his knees. The crowd is in total shock as Titus looks at Constantine. He is, at first, just as shocked as the crowd, but he remembers all the times that he did something similar with all the dick punching and kicking. Titus looks into the eyes of Constantine and the challenger can see that Titus has accepted his fate and karma coming full circle.

Copeland: Titus getting a piece of own medicine that he has administered to many people over the years.

Cohen: And he deserved it for stalling so much. The referee is down and Constantine took advantage, unlike Titus.

Connor: And just when Titus looked to be turning a new leaf, he gets punished.

Constantine, doing his best to get to his feet, limping on one foot, looks down at Titus and tells him "you know I had to do it to you". Titus nods in acceptance as Constantine picks up Titus and delivers The Axis successfully on Titus. Constantine goes for a pinfall cover but the referee is still down. Constantine goes over to the referee, pulls him over to Titus and tries waking up Akiyama. When the referee begins moving, Constantine goes to cover... but instead, for good measure, he locks in his own submission move... the STF... on Titus.

Constantine wrenches back on Titus, using the last bit of his energy on this submission. Titus knows he cannot fight out of the hold and begins crawling towards the ropes. Inch by inch, Titus crawls to the rope area. A very groggy Akiyama tries to remind Titus that the rope breaks no longer counts... but as Titus gets to the ropes, he goes not reach out for the ropes. He reaches out for the Eurasian championship. Somehow, whilst being stretched in the STF, Titus grabs the championship and clutches it close to his body. After a couple of more seconds holding the championship, Titus Avison has no choice but to give up.

Titus Avison submits to John Constantine.

Akiyama groggily calls for the bell as Constantine makes Titus submit. The crowd is completely stunned at the events that has taken place but stand up to applaud the performance of both men in this match. Constantine rolls to the middle of the ring and cannot believe he has won. He is on his hands and knees with his face buried in the canvas. Akiyama slowly recover, going over to Constantine and raising his hand in the air.

Harrys: Here is your winner... and NEW WZCW Eurasian Championship... JOHN CONSTANTINE!

Copeland: John Constantine has done it! John Constantine has done it! He has won his final match in WZCW at the main event of Kingdom Come! He has won the final championship that has alluded him for so long, dethroning Titus and ending his 951 day reign as Eurasian champion, and gets to leave the company as a champion! The fantasy story for Constantine came true!

Connor: What an amazing battle between two legendary warriors. Constantine came into this match with absolutely nothing left to lose and he threw everything he had at Titus. The champion played a very smart game and got into the head of Constantine but the challenger managed to overcome it all! He ignored the head games. He ignored the tactics. And when the opportunity arose, he seized it and gave the champion a dose of his own medicine to take the match.

Cohen: And it could've been a very different result if Titus just decided to take the shot... but his respect for this business, the fans and his opponent was too much for him to abandon. Maybe this could be a dawning of a new day for Titus and a return to his old self but it cost him his Eurasian championship. I hope for his sake that he made the right decision.

Constantine is standing in the middle of the ring with his hand raised by Akiyama. The fans are applauding the performance as Constantine celebrates in the middle of the ring. Akiyama lets go of Constantine's hand, searching for the Eurasian championship. He spots it in the hands of Titus who is trying to get to his feet. Akiyama looks to present it to Constantine but Titus refuses to give it to him. Titus backs away with the title still clutched in his hands, looking down at it. Constantine looks at him, curious of what to make of the situation. Titus takes a little longer to hold the title before presenting it to Constantine. The crowd applauds this sportsmanship as Titus hands off the title to Constantine. Titus then gives Constantine a hug and the two of them share a moment in the ring, exchanging words.

Copeland: What a great moment to end Kingdom Come. Two legends coming together after a hard fought battle to congratulate each other. Great respect shown by Titus for Constantine.

Titus holds up Constantine's arm in the middle of ring for the fans, who give them a big cheer. Titus then leaves Constantine by himself and exits the ring, leaving it for him. Constantine thanks him and takes this time to celebrate in the ring for one final time. He holds up the championship high with tears running down his face, still not believing that he won his final match and is the new champion.

Connor: Classy move by Titus, allowing Constantine one final time to celebrate and spend it with the fans. He has earned it. He has had a stellar career and what a way to end it as Eurasian champion.

Cohen: The question is: with Constantine retiring from in-ring competition tonight, yet he is the current Eurasian champion... what happens to the Eurasian championship?

Copeland: Tonight is not the time to answer that question. Tonight is to celebrate Constantine's victory and an amazing Kingdom Come we have just witnessed. So, to everyone who joined us here tonight and watching all over the world, we thank you for taking the journey with us. It has been an amazing road to get to this point in WZCW's life and we thank everyone who has supported us. Without you, moments like this would not happen. As John Constantine celebrates his title win, we are signing off. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen... and thank you!

The image ends with Constantine holding the championship high in the sky in the middle of the ring.
Leon: And there you have it. 951 days after it started and at the same event The EurAvison Era ended. With me now is the man who ended the historic reign the Eurasian Champion Constantine. John thanks for joining me before going home to enjoy your well deserved retirement. Would you mind sharing a few of your thoughts on what happened at Kingdom Come and ending a reign some thought would last forever?

Constantine: Titus Avison? Yeah, I've heard legends about his reign. Hell, I was the one who ended it.

I guess I was the right guy to end the reign after all. I honestly think that the championship reign was so spectacular that no one would ever have been forgiven for breaking it. I already here people talking about how they wish I didn't end it. People like what is familiar and what is comfortable. And for almost 3 years, Titus was comfortably the best champion that we had. Truthfully, whoever did the deed of taking the EurAsian Championship away from Titus and, in doing so, ended the EurAvison Era, had to leave the company.

I never once second guessed myself in WZCW in all honesty. I knew from the moment I stepped foot into the ring that I was good at what I did. All those years of winning championships and collecting accolades, it never really fazed me. I stepped into the ring with some WZCW greats in my time in WZCW. But honestly, the only time I ever felt nervous or that I couldn't get the job done was the last match against Titus.

Ending the EurAvison Era was something special given the talent he had barrelled through on the road to Kingdom Come IX. There was a lot of pressure eon both of us and I can't thank Titus enough for being the man who I main evented a Kingdom Come with. In all honesty, the match deserved go on last despite his opponent - I was simply the right guy in the right place. Almost 3 years as champion deserves the credit and adulation that he is now receiving and a major positive of beating Titus for the championship is that people are now realising how amazing it was.

That match, against the best to ever do the dance, is the real legend that I'll hear legends of. The championship reign was the capping off piece of an extraordinary career but quickly became the foundation of his legacy.

With nothing else to say John shakes Leon's hand and wishes him luck before walking off camera. Leon smiles and watches him go.

Leon: There you have it ladies and gentlemen a look back at the single longest championship reign in WZCW history. A record that will never be broken.

The lights start to dim as the camera fades to black and the credits start to roll.
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Flex Segment: Dynamite

Kagura Segment: Echelon

Mark Keaton Segment: Jeff

Constantine Segment: Dave

Leon, Tony & excerpt gathering: Milenko

Click for Spoiler:
In all seriousness Lee congrats on a record that will never be broken whether WZCW is around for another week or another decade. And thank you for letting me do this. I had a lot of fun and you deserve every bit of praise you get.

Special thanks to the guys that sent me in stuff as well. They really helped tie it all together.
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Hey look I did a thing.
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