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Old 04-12-2018, 03:54 AM
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I want to do a detailed review but I lack time to do so.

Just one question: After the last three Wrestlemania and the audience not caring about the Main Event this year does anyone think WWE should scale back WM in terms of length? 5 hours of the main show is exhausting enough as it is but I would imagine the 7 hour length might be reason why the crowd died half way through the main show.

To me 4 hours of the main show + 1 hour of pre-show activities should be the sweet spot.
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Old 04-20-2018, 06:22 PM
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Default Am I alone in thinking wrestlemania was a complete failure?

Maybe thats not exactly the right word because no Wrestlemania is ever a failure from a profitable andc business success, but I just thought they totally missed the mark this year. I thought taker should have won but to dominate cena and that quick made no sense to me. I guess taker couldnt take a lengthy match. IMO I think asuka should have won and went undefeated and remained champ to set up a feud with her and eventual unstoppable Rhonda Rousy. The biggest head scratcher to me though is booking Reigns for a full year saying hes going to be the man only to lose is beyond stupid to me, and I think they only did it for the shock factor. I cant say I didnt enjoy mania because I did, Im just hoping these decisions are part of future plans for wwe to make it better. We'll see.
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Old 04-21-2018, 02:15 PM
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Much like my NXT Takeover New Orleans review, I am late to the party on this post. It's been a rather busy couple of weeks and I wanted to get this post up long ago. Better late than never. Besides, the last several days have given me time to think about the event rather than post my initial disappointments. Let's get to it then.

Pre-show: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Not surprised whatsoever at this being on the pre-show. Matt winning was cool. Now he can go on to achieving all sorts of success like Cesaro, Big Show, Corbin, and Mojo due to winning this prestigious match. Not. This match still means nothing but a chance for "everyone else" to get onto the card. The new alliance with Bray will be good for them both, however.

Pre-show: Cedric Alexander VS Mustafa Ali [Cruiserweight Championship]
No one at my PPV party cared about this match. It was met with socializing, eating chips, and ordering pizza. Cedric winning was the less boring of the two. I expect the title to pre-show every PPV going forward and doubt it will ever mean anything.

Pre-show: Women’s Battle Royal
Started out better than the mens' one until the end. Naomi!? Way to ruin a good thing with a stupid ending, WWE. She sucks. Bayley, Sasha, or Becky would have made way more sense. Also with the name.... They could have avoided the controversy in the original name and the boredom of the second name had they just gone with calling it the Sensational Sherri Battle Royal. That would have gone well alongside the Andre match for the men. Anyway, history was made here. The match will go on to matter as little as the mens' one at future Wrestlemania events.

Finn Balor VS Seth Rollins VS The Miz [Intercontinental Championship]
And we have the opener for the main card. I tried hard to give it a chance. It's hard to see guys like Seth or Finn be in a match like this when they are worthy of being in the Universal Championship tier. It felt like a demotion to see them competing for the Intercontinental Championship. That being said, it's good for the belt and the match was a fun opener. Seth's entrance was really cool. So was him getting a title win, even if he's worthy of better.

Asuka VS Charlotte [Smackdown Women's Championship]
Surprised that this went on as early as it did, given that it could have been near the end of the night. Yet another shocking end to an undefeated streak. I'm honestly happy it went the way it did. Asuka was getting boring with always "knowing" she would win. Now we can just enjoy her matches for what they are. A friend of mine who is a huge Asuka fan exploded at this match and almost quit watching WWE altogether. Charlotte's entrance was awesome.

Bobby Roode VS Jinder Mahal VS Randy Orton VS Rusev [United States Championship]
Most of the people at my PPV party were infuriated by Jinder winning this. We were watching at a friend's house and even his dog started barking when we were all in uproar over Jinder. The match itself was ok. Stupid ending. In retrospect it did give us Jeff Hardy's win against Jinder, but at the time this was highly disappointing.

Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey VS Stephanie McMahon & Triple H
This was great and arguably the match of the night. From Trips & Stephanie's great entrance to the shenanigans in the match to the very end, it was a ton of fun. Ronda will be a big star in the WWE and this match was a great debut for her in the ring. In retrospect, it should have main evented.

Bludgeon Brothers VS The New Day VS The Usos [Smackdown Tag Team Championship]
This was a bit chaotic and all over the place. It's fine. Nothing would have been able to follow the Ronda match. Bludgeon Brothers winning was a good call. They got a tag team title reign they deserved back when they were still the Wyatts.

John Cena VS Undertaker
So, this happened. Cena started out as a fan, randomly ran up the ramp after Charlotte's match, and had whined his way into a squash by the Undertaker. Did this really need to happen? It would have been better last year or the year before, things just didn't work out. I had little to no interest in seeing this match. My friends watching with me liked it for the nostalgia of seeing Taker again. Weird in how it all played out and ultimately was unnecessary. The silver lining is this.... At least it wasn't Biker Taker.

Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
The second tag team match featuring a brand commissioner. It was all about Daniel Bryan getting a big moment. After being skeptical at first due to concerns that he would get injured again, I'm glad he's back in the ring. The match was fun and accomplished what it needed to.

Alexa Bliss VS Nia Jax [Raw Women's Championship]
Here is where the evening began to take a massive drop in quality. Nia has no business being anywhere near the title. She's awful. She can't wrestle, sucks at promos, and would never have made it as far as she did if she was not related to The Rock. Alexa should have retained and the challenger should have been Mickie. Just put the title on Ronda and get it over with. I have zero desire to see Nia in title matches.

AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura [World Heavyweight Championship]
There was no way this was going to live up to the hype. Nakamura had a really cool entrance and the match was the last good match on the card. Shinsuke's heel turn was unexpected. I ended up re-watching this a couple of days later due to screen buffering issues. If you are watching this event for the first time, stop after this match. Everything that follows it is garbage.

The Bar VS Braun Strowman [Raw Tag Team Championship]
This was unbelievably stupid. They seriously had Braun team up with a child? Why couldn't they have Elias, Kane, or even freaking Big Show be his partner? Awful decision and one of the stupidest things WWE has ever done. At least they relinquished the titles due to the child having school as a scheduling conflict.... Ugh.... Moving on.

Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns [Universal Championship]
The match that NOBODY other than Vince cares about. All that time of making Brock look invincible to anybody not named Roman Reigns only for.... Brock to retain? What? Come on! I can understand if they want Roman to win at the middle east show instead so that he is less likely to be boo'ed out of the building, but why throw away a Wrestlemania main event for this trash? No one wanted to see it and the Lesnar retention just made for a disappointing ending to a disappointing event.

Overall Thoughts
The show started out good but from the Raw Women's Championship onward it made a massive downhill turn ten times over. The show was far too long and the disappointments of the second half make it drop pretty far down on the list of Wrestlemania events. It's not horrible, but goodness the bad parts are BAD. This is the worst Wrestlemania since 27 and in my bottom 10, if not even my bottom 5. It's an understatement to say that NXT had the better event of the weekend. I expect the middle east show coming up as well as Backlash to be steps up from this disaster of a Wrestlemania. If you missed it go ahead and watch up to the Alexa VS Nia match then skip that, watch AJ VS Shinsuke, then just shut it off after that unless you want to see how bad the rest is. The main event was dang near torture to watch.
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