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Old 07-11-2013, 06:39 PM
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wrestlingfan is looking to come up from OCW...wrestlingfan is looking to come up from OCW...wrestlingfan is looking to come up from OCW...

Originally Posted by Lariat of Doom View Post
The Friend Zone can be very fickle. It can also be easily avoided. The first thing that needs to happen is an open and honest relationship. A woman knows within a few seconds whether or not she's attracted to someone - male or female - and there's very little a guy can do to sway her attraction other than being attractive to that woman right away. Women rarely 'come around' and realize they've made a mistake. They'd rather stay with a jerk and get beaten for looking cross-eyed than to admit they made a mistake and should have gave you a chance. That's how stupid most women are.

If a woman says she only wants to be friends and she doesn't 'feel the same way that you do', then you have to be totally up front with her about how you feel and whether it's a deal breaker in the friendship. Don't pussy-foot around and act like it's no big deal. Let her know how the feelings are. If it's purely sexual feelings, let her know you think she's hot and you want to escalate the relationship. Either way, be honest. Don't think she'll come around. She will not.

To be honest, I've been in the friend zone a few times and it felt demeaning. I usually ended up lashing out at the woman because - in my mind - she's too stupid to know what she has with me. The thing is, the moment there's feelings that exceed friendship is the moment it needs brought up. Don't bring it up when a dude walks out of bedroom after satisfying her sexually. Bring it up before she has the chance to get in that spot. Let her know there's feelings involved and it's more than friendship. If she says she doesn't feel that way and never will, let her know that a friendship may not be possible and you want to see if something can go further. If she's a TRUE friend, she'll be open to a date.

The only thing is to be yourself. If you're trying to be what you THINK she wants, you end up looking foolish and hating yourself and possible hating her for making you do such a thing.

And there's a difference in 'nice guys' and 'good guys'. Sometimes, a good guy gets in fights or does something stupid. A 'nice guy' doesn't have the guts to do anything that may upset the balance in the relationship. A woman respects a guy who's independent, assertive, shows a tinge of jealousy, and can physically protect them. Even short guys can do this. Just don't try to hide who you are. If you do that, you'll be found out and she will hate you and if she has girlfriends, she'll tell them. And they'll tell their girlfriends. And so on and so on.
Good post but generalizing.

My opinion:

If you have to call it the friendzone, than it's not a friendzone, It's what teens use to try to get a girl. This version of the friend zone usually leads to the healthiest relationships.
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Old 07-25-2013, 12:01 AM
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jacdnwarrior is looking to come up from OCW...jacdnwarrior is looking to come up from OCW...jacdnwarrior is looking to come up from OCW...jacdnwarrior is looking to come up from OCW...jacdnwarrior is looking to come up from OCW...jacdnwarrior is looking to come up from OCW...

I don't have any real idea what 'too nice' means. I hear some women say they like bad boys and need men with a little bit of thug in them. I mean if you have manners and act like a gentleman, some women are too damn childish to appreciate the value of that and say he's a nerd, too nice, blah, blah, blah.

Too nice to me, might mean something different to some one else. To me it means being too eager to help whenever a woman calls in the hope to win her over or get with her. I'm man enough (and ashamed to admit), I've done that. And it's a disaster if you go too far to gain her approval and can be painful if you never get it and you know she's with other guys. A guy is wrong to not be upfront about how he feels and tries to be nice to be with some one. Many girls use guys (who like them), which is also wrong.

The Friend zone is real and should be avoided if you want more from that person than friendship.

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