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Arcade vBookie

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Old 04-17-2018, 05:24 AM
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Default MD 150 - Lynx versus Callie Clark (Elite Openweight Championship)

RP deadline is Monday the 30th of April at 23:59 PST NO EXTENSIONS AVAILABLE
Old 04-30-2018, 10:10 PM
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Tweet from @CallieClark: Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait. Soon my baby and I, the Elite Openweight Championship will be reunited, because unlike your arch nemesis Josh Browning, I'm not some irrelevant random person your mentor once knew, pretending to be someone else and pulling stupid little pranks on you. I'm punching you in your ugly bearded face and then it's gonna be #LightsOut on you and the wrong doing that was you stealing MY championship from me. #Meltdown #3TimeEliteChampion #HistoryMaker
The Day After Meltdown: An Airport In Milan

The shows had come and gone, and somehow Titus beat me. I thought I had him beat, but he played his little mind games, trying to steal my thunder by cosplaying, and in the end something happened, and I lost. I was angry about it, beating Titus was supposed to beat my biggest moment yet, it would have been the perfect way to snap my recent streak of bad luck, but it didn't happen. However something good did happen this week, I found out that Becky finally stopped trying to screw me over, and gave me a spot in the Elite Championship at Kingdom Come! For once she did something right, and then I got the news I'd even get a chance to walk into Kingdom Come as champion, I had two shots at Lynx, but I had no intention of Kingdom Come being my second chance. I was going to walk into Kingdom Come and walk out the same way, the gorgeous, undisputed, world famous, Elite Openweight Champion. But before any of that, I had to make a call to Bates.


Bates! How are you?

Oh hello Callie, I'm doing well. How are you? I'm surprised you're not on a plane to the next city.

Oh I'm at the airport, I had to get a later flight so I could fly first class, but oh well worth it, I refuse to fly anything else. Anyway I'm calling it because I need you to send me a costume from my room, I have the perfect cosplay in mind for my match against Lynx.

I had a grin cross my face as I pulled my luggage closer to me as a family of people walked by, can't risk these dirty Italian people damaging my luggage, after all just one of my suitcases probably cost more than everything they own.

Of course Callie I'd be happy to. What costume do you need? And which hotel should I send it to?

I'll have to call you back with the hotel name, the check in info is in my bag and I can't get to it right now. But I need my Octavia Blake costume, last time I fought Lynx one on one I made a mistake, I went easy on him, thinking he was just a crazy guy who thinks he's a time traveler and it cost me. So this time, I'm getting vicious and unleashing my inner badass warrior. Lynx will pay for stealing my championship.

I made a fist with my hand not holding the phone.

Of course, I know just the one you're talking about. I'll make sure to send it priority mail too to make sure you get it in plenty of time in case you need to alter anything with it. Just remember not to get too focused on revenge, you don't wanna get disqualified.

Wonderful, I knew I could count on you Bates. And don't worry, I know the sweetest revenge is taking back what he took from me. The Elite Openweight Championship is rightfully mine, and I'll do whatever it takes to get it back. I can wait to fully unleash my temper until Kingdom Come when there's no disqualifications.

Now boarding: First class for flight 2361 to Paris, France

I realized that was my flight, and stood up, walking over to the boarding area, and past a couple people lined up, I was much more important than them and I'm not letting them board before me.

Bates, I'm gonna need to let you go, it's time to board. Make sure you send me that costume, and give Sid a hug for me. I'll talk to you later, byeeee!

I hung up the phone as I handed my boarding pass to the ugly loser collecting them, and walked onto the plane. Now that I had that taken care of, I had one less thing to worry about before I brought the Elite Championship back where it belongs.

An Unknown Date: An Unknown Location

The following was pre recorded and has been uploaded to Callie's YouTube channel.

As the video begins, Callie appears on screen, sitting in a chair in what appears to be her hotel room from Milan. Callie is sitting with her legs crossed and a glass of wine on the table next to her, and she flashes her bright smile to the camera after a few moments of the video beginning.

Well hello there to my lovely and loyal fans. And to those who aren't yet subscribed to me, and obsessed with me, get with the times! Don't you know Callie Clark is the greatest thing since sliced bread!? Wait scratch that, I'm much better than sliced bread.

Callie flips her hair with arrogance and lets out a little laugh before looking back at the camera.

But we're not here to talk about how great I am, after all I don't have that much time to talk before I have to leave for the airport. The reason I'm making this video is because I found out some wonderful news, at Meltdown 150 that coward, the paper champion himself, Lynx, has to defend his championship against ME. That's right not only do I get to beat him at Kingdom Come, but I get to beat him this week too, and maybe I won't even let him make it to Kingdom Come, I guess we'll see when the bell rings what kind of mood I'm in.

Callie shrugs and smirks, then takes a sip of wine before putting the glass back down on the table.

But the good news for you people is that news put me in a great mood, and it inspired me. It inspired me to tell you all a story. This is a story about a beautiful and fierce warrior princess and a hideous, evil, troll.

Callie winks, and takes another sip of wine.

Let's start with the warrior princess, she's the embodiment of the perfect woman, women all over the world want to be her, men all over the world want her, she's strong, smart, beautiful, like I said, the embodiment of the perfect woman.

The video cuts to various posed pictures of Callie. The video then returns to Callie in person.

And the warrior princess was feeling on top of the world, she became a champion, not once but twice! Even beat the evil, disgusting man who promoted violence and beating each other with weapons like freaking savages. The type of thing that caused the princess's sister to get badly injured.

Three video clips play, first one showing Callie beating Batti for the Elite Openweight Championship, then Gabi getting injured in her Mayhem Championship match, and ending with Callie beating Matt Tastic for her second Elite Championship win. As the clips end, we see Callie taking another sip of wine, and then shaking her head.

The good people still mourn the promising career of the princess's sister, she was a fierce warrior princess herself after all. But see, this is where the story turns sad. Because while the princess was having so much success, winning battle after battle after battle, there was someone lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to steal everything from her, and this is where that troll I mentioned earlier comes into the story.

A picture of Lynx appears on screen, but it's not a normal picture, it's one that makes him look deranged.

Click for Spoiler:

As the picture fades out and we return back to Callie, she shudders.

God just looking at that troll grosses me out. And to think, right now that face is representing this company? No wonder the ratings are down from when I was champion. Talk about a face made for radio, yeesh. Anyway back to the story, the troll was jealous of everything the warrior princess had accomplished, she was quickly making quite the name for herself, and was fresh off the biggest win of her career! The entire world was talking about her! So what happens? Somehow, someway, the troll gets handed a match with the princess for her championship, thanks to the evil witch boss she has, but that's a whole different story.

Callie shakes her head in disgust.

So the princess, being the fighting champion she was, fought the troll even though he didn't deserve a chance to fight her, and because she got cocky and under estimated him, the troll managed to pull off the upset and beat her. The end of the world had truly begun, which is ironic because the troll often claims he's here to prevent that exact thing.

Callie takes another sip of wine, the glass half gone now.

Now that the troll had her championship, the princess felt like a piece of her was missing. Her most prized possession had been stolen from her. But she knew she'd get her chance to win it back, after all one of the biggest shows of the year was coming up. Surely the troll would have to give her a rematch on the show right? Wrong. You see the witch boss likes to play favorites and didn't make the rematch, and of course that troll Lynx wasn't man enough to choose to defend it on his own, because he's a spineless coward and was too worried about finding some random person because he's a crazy person and apparently that's more important than being a fighting champion, isn't it Lynx?

Callie uncrosses her legs and leans forward.

So then I thought maybe I'd get my rematch last week, but not only did I NOT get my rematch last week, but that witch Becky starts up a whole tournament to crown a #1 contender....a #1 contender to the championship that I still had a rematch to! Can you believe that? I mean sure she did put me in the title match at Kingdom Come, I'll give her some credit for making one smart decision, but the fact still remains that nobody should have even been considered for a shot at the Elite Championship before me! But oh well, what's done is done, and the way I see it, I just get to look even better when I beat more opponents.

Callie grinned and leaned back in the chair, reaching over for her wine glass and taking a couple sips of it before putting it back down.

Lynx, you're a coward who was too afraid to give me my rematch right away, and when I super kicked you at Lethal Lottery, it felt so good. Do you feel like that's the reason you lost the match? I hope you do.

Callie takes another sip of wine, this one a bit longer than the others. Only a quarter of the cup remains.

Now I have to admit, the first time we faced off I didn't know what to expect, you run around like a crazy person thinking your from the future, I just thought you were some no talent weirdo, and you are totes a weirdo, but you beat me, so I guess you might have some talent, but not as much as me of course. And I proved that when I teamed with Vox, who let's face it might be as crazy as you, and we beat you and Matt Tastic, you had a hall of famer for a partner, and you couldn't beat me!

Callie laughs as she pushes her hair back, out of her face.

So I'll see you at Meltdown Lynx, make sure you shine up my championship real nice for me, because I'm taking it back home with me, where it rightfully belongs. Beating you is the key to turning my losing streak around, to changing my luck and making everything right in the world again. You might have thrown me off my game the first time we faced off, but I'm more focused on beating you than anything else in my life right now. I am the hero in this story, you are a thief, a lunatic and god only knows what else. Oh and good news, this time you don't even have to worry about that stupid Josh Browning guy, because Callie Clark is the one who's really going to bring your little world crashing down around you, and it starts with dropping you on your head and taking that championship.

Callie finishes off the glass of wine, and shoots an evil glare into the camera as the video slowly fades out. Just before the video ends, a message appears on screen that says "Callie Clark: History maker, fastest rising star in WZCW, and your next Elite Champion."
Old 04-30-2018, 11:25 PM
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April 27th, 2018
08:51 AM

A couple of hours had passed since the Elite Openweight Champion Lynx had woken up. He got up at sunrise in order to get an early start on the day. The mountain of fan mail had grown significantly ever since Lynx had become a champion in WZCW. So, his first task that morning, just like each day in recent weeks, was to sit down at his living room table to respond to as many as he could. Most were easy to respond to. Others, not so much. These ended up in a pile that would be handed off to Doreen, his social media administrator, who had the time to formulate answers to more complicated questions. Two questions from fans stuck out to Lynx. One was from Sid in Las Vegas who had asked Lynx if he would change his entrance theme of Final Countdown by Europe to a remix of Final Countdown also featuring portions of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Another question that stuck out was from Velda in Atlanta who asked Lynx if he had any big summer plans. He fought the urge to place this letter in the Doreen pile, but kept it out on the table to come back to later. A moment later, Doreen walked into the room.

Doreen: Good morning, Lynx. Do you need Doreen's help with the fanmail today?

He pushed the Doreen pile over to its namesake.

Lynx: All of these.

Doreen: What about this one?

She picks up the Velda letter.

Doreen: Summer plans? Doreen could look over your calendar. Are you sure you don't need Doreen to handle this one?

Lynx: It made me think.

She sits down at the table next to him.

Doreen: About what? All she would need to do is send out a list of events you will be at. Doreen bets this fan would want to come check those out.

Lynx: Well, yeah, but it got me thinking about something else. Yes I have WZCW matches and events, but what I do outside of work matters too. Did you know I have not made any personal plans for this summer? None.

Doreen placed the Velda letter down on the table and began looking at the mail in her pile. As Doreen read the mail, Lynx pondered back on memories of past summers for a while. Then after eighteen minutes and 41 seconds, he broke the silence by asking a question.

Lynx: Do you have any favorite summer memories?

Doreen: Her favorite summer memory is probably of the summer when Doreen learned to drive. She found it very exciting to finally be able to go on all sorts of adventures behind the wheel. Why?

Lynx: I'm always so preoccupied with the future that I rarely take the time to enjoy the present. I'm the Elite Openweight Champion. I turned down the chance to have a celebration segment on Meltdown. Instead I immediately looked to who my next opponents would be.

He taps his fingers on the table a few times.

Lynx: Even when growing up as a kid at the orphanage, I always wanted to help make a better tomorrow. Including during summers. Classmates would talk around this time of the schoolyear about family vacations they would be going on during summer or what video games and movies they were looking forward to seeing.

Doreen: Tell Doreen what your favorite summer memory was then.

Lynx: There was one summer I spent volunteering to help a girl and her family plant trees.... That was a decade ago.

He closes his eyes and recalls in his mind the memories of that summer. The heat of the sun, all of the digging and watering they had to do, and talk of how big the trees could get one day. He opens his eyes again.

Lynx: Now I'm getting caught up in the past. Let's focus on the present. The biggest thing on my list of things I want to do this summer is leave Kingdom Come 9 as the Elite Openweight Champion. After my first title defense.

Doreen: Right. First you have to defend the title against Callie Clark. Did you want Doreen to set up a meeting with Theron before your match?

Lynx: No.

Doreen looks very surprised by this answer. Lynx continues speaking.

Lynx: This new discipleship relationship with Theron has been good, but I need to prepare for this match on my own. He was not able to successfully defend his championships. I doubt he would have any wisdom for me on this one. I have something else in mind. The more I have thought about it this morning, the more I would like to pay a visit to Diana. The girl I planted trees with that one summer.

Doreen: Do you still have contact with her? Doreen thinks if you are going to visit this girl you should do it soon. We need to be in France for the next Meltdown, so keep that in mind.

Lynx: She lived in Tucson, not too far from here. Let's go there today. As soon as Willy and Masamune wake up.

April 27th, 2018
15:57 PM

They had arrived at Diana's. Lynx remembered it as if it were yesterday when he spent a summer there planting trees. After a two hour car ride to Tucson they were exhausted, with the exception of Masamune who slept and snored the whole way there despite having slept in that morning. Masamune woke up as they pulled in to Diana's farm.

Masamune: I'm hungry, bro. Can we get something to eat while we're here?

Willy: Nobody would be hungry if Lynx had let me make pancakes in the back seat on the way up here when I offered to.

Masamune: You ever made pancakes in a car before, dude?

Willy: Nope.

Lynx: Enough! You guys wait in here. I'm gonna go make sure we're at the right place.

Doreen and the others waited in the car while Lynx walked out into the yard to make sure they did indeed come to the right place. As he got to the yard he saw how much the trees had grown.

Lynx: Incredible....

As he looked around at the Red Maple trees that towered over him, he saw a blonde woman wearing brown, watering some of the other plants. She turns off the water hose. Her recognized her as Diana. They make eye contact and the woman approaches Lynx.

Lynx: Diana?

Diana: Lynx? I watched you on WZCW Meltdown. I see you have been doing well. What brings you out here after so many years?

Lynx: That's why I'm here, actually. Is there somewhere we could talk for a bit?

She nods and points to a picnic table in the shade.

April 27th, 2018
18:49 PM

Lynx and Diana had a long conversation reliving the memories of the summer they spent working together. Masamune, Willy, and Doreen were walking around on a nature trail surrounded by Red Maple trees, while Lynx and Diana continued to talk.

Lynx: When I thought about it, that summer here may be my favorite summer memory. Planting those Red Maples as kids knowing they would grow to magnificent size one day, and here we are. It's breathtaking to see how big they have gotten.

Diana: That girl you are facing in your next match. Callie Clark. I saw her once outside an arena after a show. When exiting the arena to get to my car I saw Callie crossing the street to the sidewalk that I was on. I went to go say hello but she was very rude to me and stormed off. Why would the WZCW allow someone like that to become a champion? She is not a nice person.

Lynx: No. She's not. She is the same one I defeated to win my Elite Openweight Championship. She brags about how she's going to set records if she wins the title back, but I can't allow that to happen. True champions care about the fans. As in really wanting to make a positive impact on the fans' lives, not trying to collect as many "likes" and followers on social media as possible. Granted I run my own website for my Grand Dream organization and I seek more followers there, but The Grand Dream was founded for the PEOPLE. Callie's social media activity is all about HER.

Neither speak for a few seconds.

Lynx: You know what else she is? Spoiled. With all the money she has I bet she never worked a day in her life. Real honest work like when we planted trees here. Callie is the kind who would rather pay others to do the work for her. I want to put in the work and the effort needed to take my title belt to the next level.

Diana: I heard you will defend the title against Callie in Paris. I have never been there before. Are you excited?

Lynx: About retaining my title? Of course I am!

Diana laughs at that comment.

Diana: No, I mean about going to a place like Paris. You get to travel to all sorts of places for your shows. What would that be like?

Lynx: Some call Paris "the city of love". Unlike most, I am not looking for love there. No, I already found something even better than "love". This.

He takes out his Elite Openweight Championship and puts it over his shoulder.

Lynx: All I want is to keep this. Callie's not willing to put in the work to make this belt matter. Then again, she's not willing to put any kind of work in for that matter. You and I both know that I, on the other hand, am.

Diana: What will do you do after that?

Lynx: Afte I retain my title against Callie, I will walk into Kingdom Come 9 as the Elite Openweight Champion, and leave the event having retained the title yet again. When we planted those trees out here as kids it was with a better future in mind. That those tree saplings would grow into a beautiful forest. I see that already happening with how big they are today. When I became Elite Openweight Champion, I did so with the future in mind there as well. To provide hope for a better tomorrow in one of the most competitive divisions in WZCW.

Lynx takes a few sips from the water bottle he had bought from a nearby vending machine.

Diana: You always talked about stopping the disaster from happening, and how that was your life's calling. You do it on WZCW shows and you did it when were kids. Do you feel you are any closer to accomplishing that?

Lynx: I still exist in this time period, so my job is not over yet. Once I have truly stopped the Apocalypse then I would have no reason to get sent back into this era from the future. What I do know is this.... I cannot get too caught up in thinking of the long-term future. I need to take little steps at a time. How can I get closer TODAY to reach where I want to be further down the line? That is the question I asked myself.

Lynx looks out at the walking trail by the trees. He sees Masamune walking toward the picnic table with Doreen and Lynx's cousin Willy.

Diana: Can I ask you a favor, Lynx?

Lynx: What is it?

Diana: Promise me you will defeat Callie Clark. I cannot be the only fan who she has been rude to.

Lynx: I certainly intend to. I'll remind her that her time as Elite Openweight Champion is in the past. It has already come and gone. I on the other hand, am both the present AND the future.

April 27th, 2018
23:15 PM

Lynx had returned to his apartment in Phoenix and was thinking back about the conversation with Diana. He got up from his couch and walked over to the bookshelf. He looks at the framed picture of his victory against Gabi Clark in his first ever match at Meltdown 138. There is now a second framed picture next to that. It is of Lynx's victory against Callie Clark at Meltdown 147 the night he became Elite Openweight Champion. He smiles as he looks at the picture.

Lynx: I did exactly what I set out to do. Now it's time to get my first title retention. For the future of WZCW, but also for all of the fans like Diana who ever had a bad experience with meeting someone they looked up to, I must defeat Callie.

He looks over at the side table next to the bookshelf and sees the hourglass shaped egg-timer that he had featured in his live message to his fans before Meltdown 147. The sand is all in the bottom bulb. It had not been moved since that night.

Lynx: Callie Clark, your time was up at Meltdown 147. Unfortunately for you, the sand is staying in the bottom bulb. There is no one to turn the timer over to restart your time as Elite Openweight Champion.

He turns off the laptop computer by the couch and takes one last look at the hourglass shaped egg-timer before exiting the room.

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Dagger is the John Cena of this site.
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