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Arcade vBookie

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Old 02-10-2017, 05:00 PM
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Default AS 114 - Xander LeBelle versus Batti Otaku

RP deadline is Monday the 20th of February at 23:59 EST.
Old 02-19-2017, 07:37 PM
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Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
Old 02-21-2017, 11:04 PM
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Wink Batti's Battalion

Originally Posted by Kingdom Come VIII
Kagura shoves Batti down onto the mat and runs for the ropes, she springs off and hits a Running knee drop on Batti. Kagura tries to hit a second consecutive one but Batti rolls out of the way in time to avoid it. She gets up and raises her fists, imitating a cat. The Neko Cat Paws taunt! Kagura backs into the corner of the ring. Batti rushes at her and attempts to unleash a Kawaii Kick but Kagura dodges it. Batti turns around and Kagura Spits red mist into the eyes of Batti! Batti tries to wipe the mist off her face and Kagura takes the opportunity to drag her over to the ropes, and she tosses her over out into the ringside area.

Harrys: Batti has been eliminated!
Blinded, Batti fell to the floor and Harrys made the announcement that she was no longer a part of the Battle Royal. Trained medics came to her aid by helping her up and wiping Kagura's mist from her face. She limped up the ramp, but looked back at the ring. Xander LeBelle was just declared the new Elite Openweight Champion. Kagura came in second, earning a title shot against either LeBelle or Titus's Eurasian Championship. Batti Otaku exited through the curtain, winning nothing but sympathetic cheers of the fans.

"Mercy, girl. She did a number on you."

Action Saxton stood by as EMTs checked her face with penlights. Her eyes showed signs of irritation. Medics escorted her to a sink, and together they flushed the crimson concoction out. Batti could barely breathe.

"Wowie. What a rush!" XD

The trainees and the WZCW Alumni exchanged glances.

"Are...are you okay?"

"Never better! I mean yeah I didn't win. But I came in Third Place! That's like a big deal, right? And now I can focus on the new wrestling year. Have some names I'm gonna fugg up before Kingdom Come IX. Flex Mussel still deserves my size 4A boot up his size XL butt. Kagura done threw up on me, so I'll wanna pay her back soon. And Xander for being Xander. I'm gonna leave some bakka stitches on some bakka bitches, Senpai!"

She huffed, and put her fists up, imitating a boxer. Action Saxton laughed.

Oh yeah? You might get that chance sooner than you know..."

He gave her a wink, but spoke no more about it. Batti raised her eyebrows, but before she could say another word, reporter Stacey Madison butts in. The cameraman zooms in on her and Batti, leaving Saxton in the background.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Stacey Madison and I'm here with one of the Battle Royal contestants here at Kingdom Come. Hello Miss Otaku!"

"I umm...hi."

Stacey looked nervously at Saxton, who shrugged.

"Err well Ramparte's old rival Kagura Joheki eliminated you in the match, setting up her title shot. Do you have any thoughts or feelings you'd like to share? I heard you are quite the animated one."

The usually hyperactive fangirl mumbled.

"I've never been interviewed before."

"YOU are camera shy??!?"

Stacey Madison took a minute to compose herself and act professional.

"I apologize for that. I've just been told you're a bit of a ball of energy. Well I know you have a few choice words for your opponent next week, though. You're suppose to face off against Xander LeBelle in a nontitle match. Surely you have something to say about that."

"I...I get to fight that misogynistic crapbasket?"

"He is such a bakka bitch! So afraid to fight women he'd rather let his manager do his dirty work. Like, if he saw me as a person and not just a woman than I wouldn't care but he takes his macho manhood thing wayyyy too far! Well let me tell ya somethin' Stacey Madison - Batti Otaku has no problem kicking the fugg out of some sneering rich jackanape jabroni that got lucky in some Battle Royale! Give me five minutes in the ring with him and I'll MAKE him wanna fight a girl. He better not pussy out on me is all I'm saying! Wait, can I say pussy on TV?"

"We may have to edit that part out."

"I'm sorry but that thief diplomatic gentleman woman-hater pig gets me worked up. I've never met a guy like that in all my life. I blame politics for making his kind popular..." :|

"I'm gonna have to step in because we gotta prepare for her upcoming match. But thank you for your time, Miss Madison."

"No problem. I'm just glad to have this interview."

Stacey Madison vacated the backstage area. Action Saxton cleared his throat, and looked down at the plucky girl he coaches.

"You really don't like Le Gentleman Masque, do ya?"

"He shoulda kept the mask on. Hide the fact he's a twat."

Action Saxton shook his head at Otaku's craziness.

"You know I fought him and The Beard back in the day. Even pinned him to get my second tag team title win. He can be defeated. But you gotta come up with a big game plan to do it. Cussin' him out is fun and all but that don't win matches."

"What can I do? You had Saboteur in your corner."

"Mmhm. And you have me in yours."

He smiled, and was instantly glomped. The firecracker hugged him and grinned from ear to ear.

"I'm not gonna let you down! In fact, I have an idea on how I can get inside his head like you did years ago. But my idea is a bit more modern. More current. Something that will make him look my way for sure!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh lawd what the hell is this..."

Batti Otaku led a march on Adonis Studios. In her protest were the dozens of Batti Otaku impersonators from Kingdom Come, her fans, some bored passerby, and a few nihilists. She grabbed a megaphone and climbed on top of a car.

"We will not wait for Xander LeBelle to wuss out and let his manager Adrian Adonis bring the fight to a girl. No sir! Today, a girl will bring the fight to Adrian Adonis!!!"

They cheered her on as security blocked their way into Adonis's place of work. Action Saxton facepalmed and tried to get to her from the roaring crowd.

"You hear me in there with your gold plated head? My name is Batti Mutha Fuggin' Otaku, and I ain't the one!" >.<

"He's not your opponent, Batti!"

Batti lowered her megaphone and screamed out to her coach.

"I can't take that chance! He beat me and Kagura when Xander opted out. I ain't about that bullspit today. I'm finna Eye Dab On 'Em."


The blonde nerd raised her megaphone proudly into the air and started a chant.

"Fugg 'Em Up, Batti, Fugg 'Em Up!!" "Fugg 'Em Up, Batti, Fugg 'Em Up!!"

Her chant was answered by everyone in attendance. Even Saxton, in spite of himself, sang along.

♫ "Fugg 'Em Up, Batti, Fugg 'Em Up!!" "Fugg 'Em Up, Batti, Fugg 'Em Up!! " ♫

A limousine pulled up to the small mob. Batti smirked, and shouted.

"What's this? Xander finally grew a set and decided he has to fight a chick? Well, this is exciting!"

Batti hopped off of the car and made a beeline towards the limousine. Her pace faltered by the time she got to the backseat window though.

"Oh..oh shit."

The window lowered, and it was Ramparte who greeted her.

"Miss Otaku...care to join me for a minute? We need to talk."

"Umm yes. Sure."

When she stepped in, she saw Ramparte's face was a complex mix of grief and confusion. She fidgeted in her seat.

"I never thought I'd see you leading a revolt."

Batti nervously laughed. Ramparte remained stoic.

"I was there that night in New Orleans. Watched you wrestle against the others. When were you going to tell me?"

"I was afraid you'd get mad. That you'd say no." :'(

"So you lied to me?!"

The Recluse looked away from her. Batti bit her lip.

"I am sorry. You were hurt and I wanted to find out who attacked you. And I did."

"I know. Flex crippled me."

Batti Otaku stared at her boyfriend for a long time. He sighed, and gazed back at her.

"To be honest, I've always had the feeling he did it. Him and I are on another playing field altogether. We can sense each others thoughts and feelings. You don't become the longest reigning tag team of all time without that synergy. Your silence confirms my suspicions, too."

"So you have a plan to pay him back?"

Ramparte laughed.

"A plan? No. I've retired several wrestlers in my prime too you know. Amber Warren for starters. No, I had this coming, but I also know that Flex will have to deal with karma eventually. And karma looks a lot like you."

"Wait, you're okay with me wrestling?"

"Of course I'm not fucking okay with it. You lied to me and I hate liars. But I cannot stop you from doing what you love. I will support you. But you lie to me one more time and I don't see us having a future."

She nodded somberly.

"Go. Fight Xander. Fight Adonis. Fight whoever. Maybe one day you will be able to pay Flex back for what he did to me. Maybe you won't. Wrestling is full of uncertainty. But I believe in you."

Ramparte pushed himself closer to Batti. Batti kissed him.

"I won't let you down, Rammikun. I've been trained by one of the best tag team wrestlers there ever was. I came so close to scoring an upset on my debut. I was the Second Runner-Up of the Battle Royal. Week by week I'm getting better at this. And now I know I have you by my side. This will be the year Batti Otaku rises to the top, and it starts with one Kawaii Kick to Xander LeBelle's neck!"


Originally Posted by Hunter S. Thompson
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Old 02-21-2017, 11:20 PM
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"Mister LeBelle, what comments do you have for those who believe your win was tainted due to the court order preventing them from fighting back?"

The Elite Openweight Champion smirked as he looked at the title in his hands, and then back at the troublemaking interviewer who was looking to sully his reputation. But to sully the reputation of such an upstanding individual, she had to try much harder than that.

"It is of no concern of mine that management decided to put Miss Otaku, Miss Joheki, or Miss Wren in a situation that they couldn't win. It was a very despairing situation, but in spite of what they may tell you, it was completely out of my hands."
Yet another interview with the brand new Elite Openweight Champion. Andrew Adonis chuckled as he watched the newest title-holder under his brand handle each question on the news with ease. Adonis sipped his martini, courtesy of the classy bar for rotten people, 'The Exclusive'. After a moment, a rugged and charming man no older than twenty-five approached the bar and took a seat next to the agent.

"Another champ. Andrew, how do you do it?" the stranger asked, sipping straight whiskey from out of his glass. "You'll never have to worry about me revoking your membership to this place, because I've yet to see you make a bad business decision."

Adonis laughed his silvery laugh and bared his white teeth. "Juan, bud, that's exactly what I wanted to hear."

He took another sip of his drink and leaned on the countertop.

"There are a lot of ways to connect with a client," he continued. "You know that full well. My big thing is that I have to be able to trust them, and more importantly, they gotta trust me. As long as we have the understanding, I make sure my guys succeed."

A smirk came to the face of the young billionaire. "Well then, I guess we're not so different after all," Juan said. "Of course, we are Juan Cortes and Andrew Adonis, the biggest success stories that Chicago and Los Angeles have seen, respectively." His typical Nicholson-esque enunciation rang through every word. "It's not too surprising we share some things in common. I like to know people personally before I give them my exclusive pass. It's what keeps people like those interviewers your guy's talking to right now from ever stepping foot in my establishment."

Adonis eyed Juan with caution, expecting him to go into one of his famous 'Cortes Business Deals', where he knew just the right buttons to push that would come off as honest and humble, even if it was too good to be true. Juan was so good, he could even sell a heater to a snowman. Still, he pulled out a cigar and let Juan keep talking.

"You better watch out, or I'm gonna steal him one of these days. Give him time, and you've got a revolutionary. And with the help of a visionary such as myself, we could change the entire landscape of wrestling."

Juan snapped his fingers.

"...Just like that."

Adonis chuckled again, but there was little humor in it.

"Bud, I'd love to see you try."

He pulled out his smartphone, idly, and flipped through his apps.

"Look, I'm not gonna sit here and split hairs over who could represent the kid better," Adonis continued. "You and I both know neither of us would give the other any slack there. All I know is that under my wing, I got him another title. He worked hard for it, too. It takes real genius to come up with a scheme like his. I know for a fact I'll be in his corner when he breaks the title run record, so as long as the higher ups continue to make smart choices I see nothing but big things in the kid's future. He's everything I knew he would be, and he owes it all to himself for his reinvention."

A soft buzzing interrupted his speech, and he smiled.

"And right on cue! Let's see what he's got this week..."

The manager flipped down his notifications tab, and his face darkened. He started muttering to himself as he scrolled through the conversation stack.

"Again?! Are you kidding me?"

"What's the matter?" Juan asked.

"Batti freakin' Otaku," Adonis said. "I don't know what Banks thinks he's doing. They all know what's gonna happen at this point, y'know? I'm gonna walk out there, I'm gonna take my guy's place, and I'm going to kick her ass. She's got some toughness to her, but I'm through playin' games. Now, I ain't some kinda guy who's gonna raise a stink because this company is going out of its way to disrespect my client. We handle it, we move on. But c'mon! He's the Elite Openweight Champion!"

"So? Replace him again. What's the big deal?"

"It's just a hassle." Adonis said, with a groan. "Here I was, wanting to relax and watch my client do what he does best, and now I gotta fix things yet again. You'd think after weeks and weeks of this, they'd learn to either skip the middleman or scrap the match."

Juan sighed, and turned to the barkeep.

"Drake, two whiskies please, in my good glasses."

The barkeep nodded and sent two glasses his way. Juan threw one of them in front of Andrew, before taking a sip for himself.

"So make 'em. You're a powerful man, both in the managerial world, and in the octagon. You made them know what they were in for when they booked him against a woman. You had to show them again and again, it's time to take things up a notch. Make them recoil in horror like they got coal on Christmas. And I'm not talking about Batti."

Juan winked.

"I've seen you in the ring, Andy. Remember that tournament where you knocked everyone out cold until that Hayes guy almost got a decision?" Juan said, his eyes turning to the inside of his glass. "As much as the world of Professional Wrestling has benefitted me, the owner of the largest pro wrestling tech business in the world, it's a blessing and a curse that the referees aren't as quick to notice something like a knockout."

Adonis' eyes widened as the gears turned in his head. "Wait a minute...So, you want me to knock the kid out, then continue a beating that'll stop management from ever booking Xander against her again?"

Juan gave an innocent shrug. The kind usually followed up by statements like 'it's just an idea'.

"HA!" Adonis said, with a pat on the billionaire's back. "Now I see how you turned a know-nothing business into an empire in just a few years. You're one of those 'End Justifies the Means' Ayn Rand types. NOTHIN' is off the table if it means getting what you want. All's fair in love and war, as the saying goes. You're exactly the kind of ruthless I like. Thanks for the drink, by the way."

"It's my pleasure, Mister Adonis, and really, ultimately, I think everyone in this world is out for themselves, they just have a boiling point. The fact I lack one is what helped me survive to this point. If you'll murder in self defense, or steal bread to live, you're still someone in it for themselves."

"I see you. Although, I gotta say, your plan is something probably easier said than done. Not gonna be easy aiming for a brain that's mostly mush."

Now that was a Xander joke if ever Adonis delivered one.

"Hey, I kid, but...she wants to mess with the guy who sent both her AND the shrine maiden packing not too long ago she can be my guest, even if it's not the brightest decision she could make, and trust me, that's a pretty low bar for her to accomplish. But she's not gonna have her wrestling ninja sister's back this time. There's not a contract that she can flash like my client has, she's just an overactive, over-her-head gal with bats in the belfry who's dealing with solid gold." Adonis said, spilling some cigar ash into the nearby tray. "Kid, she's got a heart as big as the Enterprise and enough passion to fill the world's oceans, but she doesn't have the combat acumen I got. Plenty of people talk about Oscar-worthy performances in the ring, but I'm closest there is to one in the flesh. She can come try and take a bite out of me, but she better be ready to break her teeth."

Juan's eyes looked back towards the television, as the interview of the French Ambassador and now Elite Openweight Champion continued.

"We just now received word that your opponent for next episode will be Batti Otaku? Are you at all worried having to fight" One of the interviewers blurted out.

"Why would I ever be worried?" Xander said, calmly. "If I know Adonis, and I do because I am The World's Greatest Mind, I know that any second now, he'll have that match changed."

"And what if WZCW won't allow a substitute?"

Xander placed a glove to his face to stop himself from laughing. He couldn't believe such a ludicrous question was said by anyone who was given the pleasure to interview him.

"I am their champion. It puts me in yet another position of power. If they want to disrespect one of their employees, perhaps I cannot do something to stop them, but my patience can run thin. And it never looks good if the man who walked out of Kingdom Come proving his worth over the other talent walks out on them. Although as a former Doctor who once headlined the event could tell you, it isn't completely unheard of to let talent such as I slip through their fingertips. Just very, very unwise."
Juan let out a low whistle.

"I can see what you mean when you said I'd love to see you try...The two of you are absolutely perfect for one another."

The owner grabbed a cigarette from his carton of Fausts. As he stuck it in his mouth, he felt the flame of the golden-haired manager's lighter burn the tip for him.

"Thanks." Juan said through the corner of his mouth. The Chicago Royalty blew a puff of smoke into the air. "Enjoy The Exclusive, Andy."

As Adonis' business compatriot stood up from the bar and took his leave, Adonis called back.

"You know I will, Juan. This place is designed for guys like us." Adonis said, holding the drink Juan bought for him into the air, before taking a sip. With his free hand, he pulled out his cellphone, he clicked open his contacts, and selected Mr. Banks's name once again.

"Yeah, hey mack...It's Adonis again...Yeah, I came to talk to you about that match with Otaku..."

Adonis chewed on his cigar as he waited for a response.

"...You figured this would happen? ...Then listen, bud, why not just keep it simple? ..."

A manager's work is never done.
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