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Old 07-22-2014, 03:18 PM
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The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Phenomenal Matrix is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Just some short feedback on the PPV as I haven't been reading the thread so I can't really give a full review.

Good opening contest and I was surprised to see Eddie win the belt as I thought RVD would retain. Some good development to whatever is going on with Booker and Goldust.

Nice hardcore match here and Edge winning was the right move, even if I love Raven. You have the benefit here of Edge still working his way up the card and I'm sure he has a bright future for you Notorious. Based off what happened post match I'd say picking up Dreamer and getting rid of Maven may be a slighter better trade for Raw. I expect a triple threat match for the US Title down the line, at least that's where I hope this is going before Raven and Dreamer really get down to feuding.

I don't remember hardly anything from Billy and Chuck, but I expected them to beat The APA due to the announcers being so confident in APA winning. Looks like there's some brand feuding coming soon which could be pretty good if you guys do it right. Wonder if Billy and Chuck will be smack dab in the middle of it.

Not surprised to see Brock beat Hardy in dominat fashion and Hardy makes for a good person to put Brock over at this point. Not sure how Brock caught Jeff going for the Swanton Bomb and countered it into an F-5 though.

Another obvious win with the NWO taking out those damn Dudleyz. Nash pinning Spike was a nice touch considering it protects the actual talent in the team by letting Spike get beat and has the biggest member of the NWO crush the smallest Dudley. Poor Stacy getting laid out post match and getting the spraypaint treatment.

Angle beating Perfect is another good decision considering you won't have too much longer to go with Perfect if you don't use him past his death date. Not to mention Angle benefits more from winning here than the veteran does but winning by submission over Perfect is probably better for him so glad you did that.

The UnAmericans winning seems like a major upset to me but it could be huge for their careers. Looks like Hogan and Show are gonna feud now which I can't say I have any interest in. But glad for the upset. Wonder what Big Show will do for a few months until Hogan comes back considering I'd expect him to be out a few months to sell the attack.

Triple H winning was something I figured would happen as well. Triple H is the bigger star and I expect he'll move onto a new challenger now while Jericho gets a new feud as well. Might be interesting to see where things go from here.

Good main event match and it was nice to see a title change here. It's obvious this feud is gonna keep going, maybe even past Austin's rematch and that'll be fun to see. The NWO getting involved was interesting and looks like Austin has a line of people he's gotta open up a can of whoop ass on. Just a matter of if he goes after Taker first or the NWO. My guess would be NWO.

Overall it was a good PPV and Notorious, THANK GOD YOU STOPPED USING THOSE DAMN MUSIC NOTES FOR THEMES! Those used to bug the hell out of me. I remember when you ended your first thread for this time period you told me you had some huge plans and I'm sure you have some again this time. Hopefully I can pay more attention to what's going on in this thread in the future when I have less things taking up my time but who knows. The formatting was fine though I would like to see all the matches be inside quotes in the future.
Old 08-02-2014, 04:27 PM
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April 22nd, 2002


Edgeucation in hardcore

United States Champion Edge may not have been ready for the hardcore battle with Raven, but the young superstar thrived and was able to defeat Raven and unify his U.S. and Hardcore championships. Edge has been undefeated since the brand extension and his wave of momentum only gets bigger. What's next for RAW's fastest rising star?

Better than perfect

At Backlash Kurt Angle did exactly what he said he would do. Defeat Mr. Perfect and prove to the world that he is THE best wrestler on the face of the planet. We've learned that Kurt Angle plans to address his pursuit of the World Heavyweight Championship and the rumor is, he intends to issue a challenge.

Lack of Order

The New World Order took the fight to the Dudley family and came out victorious. After assaulting and spray painting Stacy Keibler, many thought the nWo's dastardly actions were done for the night. Those people would be wrong. The trio not only interfered in the night's main event, but heavily influenced the outcome after assaulting Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will the nWo explain themselves on RAW? Or will the chaos continue?

World Heavyweight Champion Crowned

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker met in an epic main event for the right to become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion. Stone Cold had the victory but an incapacitated referee and gang style mugging courtesy of the New World Order dashed those dreams, allowing The Undertaker to become World Heavyweight Champion. It's no surprise that Stone Cold is beyond angry, and safe money says he plans on bringing hell with him to St. Louis.

What else to watch for..
-How will Ric Flair handle the nWo?

-The reign of The Undertaker begins. Will a new challenger emerge?

-Tommy Dreamer was traded to RAW during the Backlash pay-per-view and immediately targeted long time rival Raven. Has another chapter in this blood feud started?

-William Regal announced on HEAT before the pay-per-view that he had started a petition to remove Ric Flair from power on RAW. With the signature of Mr. McMahon to get him started, how much further will Regal go in his quest to impeach the Nature Boy?
Old 08-10-2014, 11:45 PM
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Join Date: Jun 2010
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Age: 26
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NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...
Default RAW April 22nd, 2002 (1/3)

April 22nd, 2002
St. Louis, Missouri

The WWF signature video that opens all World Wrestling Federation programming starts up at 8pm sharp. The clip plays for a few moments before it starts to cut out. The screen turns to static but the signature keeps cutting back in, but it has no color. It cuts back to static and we hear, "NEW WORLD ORDER". This takes us to black and white stills from last night's Backlash Pay-Per-View. There's a few shots of the war between the nWo and Dudleyz. We eventually see Kevin Nash taking down Spike Dudley mid-Jackknife Powerbomb. We hear the nWo announced as the winners and then see as they carry Stacy back to the ring. We see a clip of the Dutchess of Dudleyville being tagged by spray paint, and eventually the nWo standing tall in the ring. The screen cuts to static again for only a second before coming back to a still from the World Heavyweight Championship match. Austin is hooking the leg after hitting a Stunner on The Undertaker, and the crowd shouting "ONE! TWO! THREE!" is heard before Jim Ross shouts that the referee is unconcious. We then see a still of the nWo surrounding the ring, then eventually mugging Stone Cold. We see The Undertaker take advantage as the nWo flee and become World Heavyweight Champion. The final black and white still shows the three different faces as Backlash went off the air. The Undertaker feeling triumphant. Ric Flair feeling disgusted. And Stone Cold Steve Austin.. totally pissed off! We cut out to static again, but come back to a colorful arena packed to the ceiling with fans.

JR: "Welcome everyone, to Monday Night RAW! We're live from St. Louis, Missouri with a raucous crowd tonight still buzzing from the events that took place just 24 hours ago at Backlash."

King: "The events you're talking about is The Undertaker becoming our new World Heavyweight Champion! The first ever JR!"

JR: "That's certainly one of them. But you're leaving out how he won that championship King. The New World Order reeked havoc at Backlash last night. Not only did they eliminate the Dudley clan, but they're directly responsible for costing Stone Cold Steve Austin the World Heavyweight Championship!"

King: "Oh you don't know that JR! That match was far from over."


Ric Flair's music interrupts the commentary.

JR: "Well here's someone who I bet has a lot to say about Backlash and the nWo."

Ric Flair emerges through the curtain and makes his way down the ramp.

King: "I don't care what he says JR. Ric Flair brought ALL of this on himself. He thought he would draft The Undertaker and draft the nWo and that he could make their lives miserable. But THEY'RE the ones running the show now, and Ric Flair is upset. It's all his fault."

Flair enters the ring and motions for a microphone. He looks very distraught. A little angry, but mostly upset.

JR: "King, it's too early in the night for you to be THIS delusional."

Ric patiently waits for his music to fade out. He looks around at the capacity crowd before looking down at the mat. The music ends but that doesn't quiet down the fans. They're both excited for RAW as well as showing Flair a great deal of respect.

Flair: "I don't deserve that."

The fans only cheer louder. A good portion of the fans down front start bowing to the Nature Boy. Though Flair doesn't appear to be in the best mood, he can't help but smile.

Flair: "Oh St. Louis. We've had some crazy times haven't we?"

The crowd's roar just continues.

Flair: "The only thing longer than my championship conquests here in St. Louis is my list of female conquests in St. Louis... WOOOOO!"

The fans love it. Classic Nature Boy. Flair's smile grows.

Flair: "Damn it I need this!"

Flair drops the mic and rips his jacket off, throwing it to the mat. He hits the ropes before coming back and dropping an elbow and his defenseless jacket. He grabs the microphone and pushes back up to his feet. The fans are goin nuts.

Flair: "No more moping. I'm not gonna stand here in front of all of you and be disappointed in MYSELF."

He pauses and takes a breath.

Flair: "N! W! O! ... GET THE HELL OUT HERE! NOW!"

Any fans who were seated now join the rest of the sold out crowd and come to their feet. Everyone waits in anticipation.

Flair: "I don't care if it's one of you or all three! You had no problem running down here last night, so come do it now!"

Ric turns and check behind him, knowing how the nWo likes to jump people from behind. He slowly backs into a corner before looking back up at the stage. At that moment.. the music hits.


The music of former European Champion, William Regal. The overwhelming positive vibe in the arena dies at the cue of the low conquering tune of Regal's music. Regal himself comes into view and doesn't waste anytime making his way to the ring. As always he's dressed to impress, and with him carries the same clipboard he had last night during HEAT. The clipboard he hopes to fill with signatures and remove Ric Flair from power. Regal enters the ring as Flair slowly steps out of the corner. Ric seems very agitated and looks to get in the first word before Regal's music even cuts.

Flair: "Now is NOT the time Regal!"

Though Regal initially appeared very calm, the outbursts angers him and he lunges forward, ripping the microphone from Flair's hand.

Regal: "Now is the perf... CUT THE DAMN MUSIC!"

The music almost instantly cuts out.

Regal: "Now is the perfect time, Mr. Flair!"

William takes a step back and takes a breath. His emotion got the better of him.

Regal: "I tried being diplomatic with you Flair. Even though you went out of your way to try and ruin my career, I tried to speak with you. But you didn't have the time. The endless war that wages in this ring and even backstage has consumed your time, which is ironic, because YOU caused it!"

Lawler: "See JR! Regal knows! This is all Ric Flair's fault. He has no one to blame but himself."

JR: "Will you hush!?"

The crowd condemns Regal. Their support of Ric Flair is unwavering.

Regal: "I don't know if you heard last night, I'm sure you didn't. This here.."

He holds up the clipboard.

Regal: "..is a formal request to have YOU, Ric Flair, relieved of your duties of running RAW.. as well as WWF co-owner!"

Again the crowd shower's Regal with boo's. He pays them no mind.

Regal: "I of course have already signed. And since last night.. I've gotten the signatures of THREE WWF Superstars. Superstars on YOUR roster, who aren't blind to your incompetence. You are no longer their leader. I am! And it's only a matter of time before the rest of the RAW roster takes notice and follows with us."

The crowd just continues to rain on Regal's parade. Flair seems to have calmed down for the most part. He stares at the clipboard, then politely asks for the microphone by extending his hand. Regal scoffs before handing it over.

Flair: "You mind if I see that?"

Ric is referring to the clipboard. He again extends his hand. Regal gleefully hands it over. Flair mulls it over, undoubtedly taking note of the names on the list.

Flair: "Well look... Vince McMahon even signed."

The crowd boo's at the mention of McMahon's name. Regal quickly leans in to the microphone.

Regal: "The true owner of the World Wrestling Federation!"

Ric glances up at Regal with disdain before taking one more look at the list. He then hands the clipboard back, but keeps the microphone.

Flair: "Regal.. I have too much going on to even pretend to be threatened by your "petition". If the board of directors find me incapable of running RAW, then so be it. But for the time being, I have enough gangs of pissy superstars running around here to even care about what you and your band of misfits want. If THEY wanna follow YOU, more power to em!"

Ric truly doesn't care of Regal's threats. The fans eat it up. Regal may not want to follow Flair's lead.. but the fans in St. Louis seem to have no problem doing so. Regal reaches out of the mic, but Flair pulls away.

Flair: "Your done talking. The time for talk is done, you need to get ready to fight."

This pops the crowd.

Flair: "You think I wasn't paying attention last night. But I was. I saw you beat The Hurricane after knocking him out with those damn brass knuckles! Well ya know what, he wants revenge.. and I'm inclined to give it to him!"

The fans approve of the decision.

Flair: "So tonight Regal, you get back in this ring with The Hurricane. And so help me God.. if I see you pull those brass knuckles out, I'ma..."


Flair is cut off by a loud noise from somewhere else in the arena. The fans are the first to notice a change of view on the titantron. We see backstage in the parking lot area. Again we here the RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH as a pick-up truck comes roaring down the ramp into the parking garage. On the side of the truck is a large skull decal, and the fans know.. Stone Cold Steve Austin has arrived. There's a buzz among the crowd as the truck comes to a sudden halt. The buzz turns to all out frenzy as Austin steps down out of the truck, slamming the door behind him.

Flair and Regal watch on as Austin makes his way inside. He doesn't take more than 10 steps from his truck before he's suddenly approached by Johnathan Coachman with microphone in hand.

Coachman: "Stone Cold! ... Stone Cold! After everything that happened last night, what do you.. uhhhh!"

Austin cuts the interview short by shoving Coachman to the ground! This of course gets the audience even more worked up. Austin keeps marching, eventually past the camera who watches him open the nearest door and disappear inside. The titantron cuts back to Flair and Regal inside the ring. Regal doesn't seem to interested in Stone Cold's arrival.

Flair: "Ya know what Regal, that man up there might sign your petition. He MIGHT!"

This gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Flair: "But one thing I KNOW FOR SURE he wants.. is to fight."

No mixed feelings from the crowd on this one.

Flair: "Now me being the.. how did you word it, "incompetent"? Yeah, me being the incompetent leader I am.. I have a lot of, let's say mood swings. Sometimes it's so bad, I'll change my mind just seconds after making a decision. Like you versus The Hurricane tonight. That's cancelled. Get one of your buddies on that list to face him. I'm sure he'd be satisfied with that."

Regal nods in agreement. He clearly doesn't mind skipping out on the competition.

Flair: "I'm glad you agree. But whether you agree or not, tonight.... you face Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

The crowd explodes! Regal's eyes grow wide as he starts to plea with Flair to reconsider. Ric hands him the microphone and walks past him, only stopping to reach down and pick up his jacket.

Regal: "Flair! You.. Flair!"

Ric steps through the ropes and heads up the ramp. He looks to his right out at the fans and can't help but let out a "WOOOOOO!".

Regal: "Flair!"

William realizes Flair is done with the conversation and in a fit throws the microphone down to the mat. The camera holds on Regal's frustrated face before switching back over to commentary.

JR: "I guess we've got our main event for tonight King."

King: "See this is what I mean JR! Flair is drunk with power!"

JR: "Then why don't you go sign Regal's petition King! What Flair says goes, and tonight Regal has an extremely pissed off rattlesnake to deal with."

King: "Flair just wants to get back at Regal for starting his petition."

JR: "You might be right King, but Regal's made this bed and now he has to lay in it."

JR: "Well Regal has his hand full later tonight, but that's not all."

King: "Oh I can't wait. After beating that has-been Mr. Perfect last night at Backlash, KURT ANGLE is going to grace us tonight with his State of the Union Address! I wonder what he has to say JR!?"

JR: "We'll find out later tonight.."

We go backstage and see Matt Hardy making his way down a hallway. He gets a positive reaction from the crowd.

JR: "..but coming up next we got out first match of the night. Matt Hardy is in action, next!"

RAW fades to black and immediately goes to this..


The video ends and goes to black. There's a slash in the screen, like claws cutting through. There's a message on the screen..


The claws slash through a second time. Again there's a message..

The Rabid Wolverine hunts again. Another Chris Benoit return promo. The comeback from his broken neck is imminent, and we finally go to break.

We come back from commercial and we're inside the arena. The Hardy Boyz music blares through the speakers which gets an already hot crowd even more excited. Matt Hardy comes running out onto the stage. Usually he's accompanied by his girlfriend Lita, but this time he comes alone. Matt makes his way down the ramp and slaps hands with any fans reaching over the barricade. He slides into the ring and rungs to the far corner. He climbs up and throws up the Hardy Gun sign with both hands before hopping down and removing his shirt. Hardy's music eventually fades out and there's a pause as Matt and the fans await his opponent.

The titantron goes black.

A claw rips through the screen..


The fans start buzzing before a second claw rips through the screen..


The fans start screaming, but they're suddenly drowned out by the sound of Chris Benoit's music! The entire audience comes to their feet as the titantron switches over to Benoit's entrance video. It takes a few moments, but soon enough, Chris Benoit appears on the stage! Dressed to compete, Benoit makes his way down the ramp. He wastes no time getting down to the ring. He stomps up the stairs and slips through the ropes. His music eventually ends and the fans are on fire.


Benoit stands half way between his corner and the center of the ring. He maintains a serious demeanor even while behind showered with love and affection for the St. Louis faithful. Matt Hardy looks surprised, but remains confident. He nods and steps towards the center of the ring. He extends his hand. Benoit briskly walks to the center of the ring, almost nose to nose with Hardy. Matt holds his ground, and Benoit eventually takes his hand and shakes it. Both men separate and return to their corners. The referee calls for the bell.

Match 1
Matt Hardy vs Chris Benoit

When the bell sounds both men instantly come out of the corner towards the center of the ring. Benoit a little faster than Hardy. Matt goes looking for a tie up and catches a stiff knee in the gut which drops him to a knee. Benoit goes on the attack and beats Hardy down to the mat. Though the fans love Matt Hardy, they've been without Benoit for a year and quickly get caught up in his violent nature. The Rabid Wolverine never really loses control of the match. Matt Hardy gets his shots in and even comes close to pulling off a comeback, but Benoit reverses a Twist of Fate attempt into a nasty German Suplex that dumps Hardy on his neck. The groggy Hardy barely makes it to his feet without Benoit's help, but the returning superstar quickly yanks his opponent down into the Crippler Crossface! The fans roar as Hardy struggles to survive. After a few moments, he has no choice but to tap out.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Chris Benoit
The bell rings and has Benoit's music starts to play again, he still has the hold locked in. After a moment he releases and quickly gets to his feet. The referee goes to raise his hand timidly. Benoit looks at him as he slowly takes his arm and and raises his arm in victory. Benoit just looks down at Hardy before exiting the ring.

JR: "What an impressive showing by the returning Chris Benoit!"

King: "The Rabid Wolverine means BUSINESS JR! That was almost scary."

Matt Hardy gets to his feet with assistance from the official and the fans give him a nice round of applause before we go backstage.

We see William Regal. The camera is actually focused pretty closely on him.

Regal: "I hope you're ready. You are the man for the job. It's your time!"

The camera zooms out and we Regal is talking to Albert! The big man is dressed to compete and looks fired up.

Regal: "Go out there tonight, and finish what I started last night! Destroy that.. pitful, ugh, super hero."

Albert slams a fist into his open hand. He's been staring straight ahead but his gaze is suddenly captured by something off camera. Regal notices and quickly looks ahead.

Regal: "Now wait a minute.."

The camera pulls away and Mark Henry steps into view. Regal turns to stand side by side with Albert. There's a moment of silence. Albert and Henry's sights never waver as the two behemoths eye each other. Regal starts to push Albert down the hall way.

Regal: "No. No come on now you have a match."

Albert and William Regal step away and continue out of frame. The camera slowly focuses in on Henry and holds on him watching Albert and Regal walk away.

JR: "Well Albert isn't the only one with a match tonight!"

JR: "Ol' Regal himself went and stuck his foot pretty deep in his mouth tonight and now finds himself in our main event with one PO'ed Rattlesnake!"

King: "He didn't put his foot in his mouth JR, he spoke the truth! Now he faces the wrath of an unjust ruler, but that's the mark of a TRUE leader JR! Regal will meet Stone Cold head on tonight!"

JR: "I hope William Regal is as confident as you are King. Guess we'll find out later tonight!"

RAW goes to commercial.

The announce team welcomes us back to RAW.

JR: "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.."

On the screen we see Stone Cold Steve Austin's truck still out in the parking lot where he left it parked. Down in the corner of the screen it reads During the Break. There's a loud roar in the distance, almost like the sound of an incoming motorcycle.

JR: "During the commercial break, The Undertaker arrived to the arena."

The camera pans over to the entrance ramp into the parking garage, and sure enough a motorcyle comes riding down. It's the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker! And visible around his neck, is the World Title. The strap is fastened and hangs around The Undertaker head. The audience all boo as he pulls in and stops by Stone Cold's truck. He look at it, and suddenly the serious expression on his face changes as he chuckles. Undertaker revs the bike before driving past the truck and out of view.

King: "That World Heavyweight Championship looks GREAT on him JR! Don'tcha think?"

JR: "I don't see how The Undertaker can be in such a great mood after last night. Does he not realize there's a venemous rattlesnake in the arena just itching for some revenge?"

King: "The World Heavyweight Champion isn't scared of anybody!"


WWF's resident superhero The Hurricane comes rushing out onto the stage! He gets a nice reaction from the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. We're shown a replay of The Hurricane's match last night on HEAT with William Regal. Hurricane has his hand around Regal's throat for the Hurri-Chokeslam, but is blindsided by the brass knuckles which ultimately costs him the match. The replay ends and Hurricane is now in the ring. He was watching the replay on the titantron with the crowd. He shakes his hand and waives his finger as if saying "not this time" before hopping up on the second rope of the nearest corner and doing his Hurri-pose!

Hurricane's music fades out and is soon followed by the villainous tune of William Regal. Albert comes through the curtain though, but Regal does follow close behind. He still has the clipboard with him as the two make their way to the ring. Albert enters through the ropes but Regal goes over to the announce area to grab a microphone.

Regal: "Hurricane.. listen."

The fans start to boo before Regal can say much more.

Regal: "..don't listen to them Hurricane, listen to me! There doesn't need to be a fight tonight. Don't let Ric Flair keep throwing you to the wolves. Am I the only one who remembers what The Undertaker did to you a few weeks ago? Then tonight he let ME pick your opponent. He doesn't care about you Hurricane."

The fans boo even louder.

Regal: "But see, THEY care Hurricane. The fans care. And I know you care about them! If you really want to save these people Hurricane, then sign this petition.."

He reaches up to the ring, extending the petition to Hurricane.

Regal: "..and save the people of Earth from the tyrannical reign of Ric Flair."

The fans continue to boo as Hurricane takes the petition. He gives it a brief look before looking back at Albert who stands stoic a few feet away in the ring. Hurricane out at the crowd who plead with him not to sign it. Hurricane's head shoots back down at Regal, and he gives a THUMBS DOWN as he throws the clipboard out the ring down at Regal's feet. The fans approve! Regal looks appalled as he slowly brings the microphone up to his lips.

Regal: "Pity you feel that way."

He then drops the microphone and we switch over to the hard camera just in time to see Albert charge and club the Hurricane from behind. Hurricane drops and the referee quickly jumps in. He pushes Albert away before checking on The Hurricane. He crawls over to his corner and slowly gets up to one knee with help of the middle rope. He holds his head, but gives the referee the nod that he's still able to compete.

Match 2
The Hurricane vs Albert
(w/ William Regal)

The match begins and Albert charges again, but Hurricane quickly ducks out of the corner. Albert crashes into the turnbuckles chest first and stumbles back into a neckbreaker from Hurricane! Our hero quickly pounces onto Albert for the cover.


The big man throws Hurricane off him. Albert gets back to his feet and begins to thwart all of Hurricane's offensive attempts. He eventually floors Hurricane with a clothesline and the momentum of the match officially shifts. With William Regal watching on closely outside the ring, Albert begins to pick The Hurricane apart. He slams, throws, and hits The Hurricane with everything he's got.. but like a true hero, Hurricane won't die. Albert eventually positions Hurricane on the top rope and follows him up, now standing on the top rope with his opponent positioned for a SuperPlex. Hurricane realizes the where he's at and starts throwing body punches. They work enough for him to pull his head free, and he quickly slings his head forward, connecting with a headbutt that drops Albert down to the mat!

Outside the ring Regal slaps the mat demanding Albert to his feet which he does as quickly as possible. He stumbles around to find The Hurricane flying through the air and eventually crashing into him with a surprise Cross Body. Albert falls to his back and Hurricane quickly hooks both legs.


Click for Spoiler:
Winner: The Hurricane
The fans seem surprised as they cheer for the victory. The Hurricane also seems surprised as he quickly rolls up to his feet and stumbles towards the ropes. No one is as surprised as William Regal who stares on in utter disbelief. The referee quickly grabs Hurricane's hand and raises his arm. Behind them Albert comes to his feet, an equally surprised look on his face. The surprised look turns to anger and he rumbles forward for the second time attacks Hurricane from behind. Albert begins to stomp away at Hurricane while the ref shouts and demands that he stops. This gets the referee pushed to the ground. William Regal gets up into the ring as Albert goes back to stomping Hurricane. Regal comes up behind Albert and begins to pull him away. This stops the assault, but at that moment, the booing fans quietly begin to cheer as MARK HENRY comes charging down the ramp. He stomps at the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before pushing up to his feet.

Just as they were backstage, Albert and Mark Henry's stare become deadlocked on each other. A buzz begins to build among the crowd. Are these two bulls about to collide? William Regal continues to try and pull Albert away. The only thing between these big boys is The Hurricane who's slowly pushing up to his feet. Mark Henry grabs him under the arm and helps him up to his feet. Albert tries going forward but William Regal now moves his whole body in front of Albert and again pushes him back. Henry and Hurricane stare Albert down as Hurricane holds his ribs. Just then.. Mark Henry turns and scoops The Hurricane up! The fans all let out an "OH!" before Henry turns and drops Hurricane with the World's Strongest Slam! The fans begin to boo as Mark Henry pushes up to his feet. William Regal starts laughing and releases Albert. Again Mark Henry and Albert look at each other. The two move towards each other and now stand in the center of the ring. Regal steps in between the two of them and raises up both their arms.

JR: "Damn it! Are you serious?"

King: "Regal said he had signatures JR! Two of those signatures must be Albert AND Mark Henry. William Regal is their leader now!"

Henry and Albert exit the ring but Regal stays behind. He stands over Hurricane, holding the clipboard high above his head.

JR: "William Regal thinks he can remove Flair and remove the chaos on RAW. But doesn't he realize this petition is bringing out a rebellious side in everyone involved? This is just another gang attack!"

King: "Wrong! This is a revolution JR!"

Regal exits the ring and follows Albert and Mark Henry up the ramp.

We go backstage where we find the WWF Tag Team Champions, Billy & Chuck. They're conversing of course with their personal stylist, Rico.

Rico: "Listen boys. Last week I was EMBARRASSED! Embarrassed by.. Mr. Perfect. Him tapping out to Kurt Angle last night was sweet, but I want my OWN payback! That's why I got you guys a match against him."

Billy: "Us versus Mr. Perfect?"

Rico: "Yes! And a partner of his choosing. And after the way Chris Benoit destroyed Matt Hardy earlier, I doubt you guys will have to worry about him. It will probably be a handicap match out there!"

Chuck: "Sounds good to me."

Billy: "We can handle that fossil. No problem."

Rico: "No one can beat my boys!"

Rico reaches down and slaps the Tag Team Championships that are wrapped around each man's waist before leading "his boys" away.

King: "We got the Tag Team Champions up next JR!"

JR: "I'd say those boys are LUCKY to still be tag champs after running into the APA last night at Backlash. But you're right. Up next.. wait a minute."

The backstage scene switches over to the door of WWF Co-Owner Ric Flair. The door is closed for the moment, but soon swings open slowly. Out walks Tommy Dreamer! The Innovator of Violence has a huge smile on his face as he slowly closes Flair's door behind him.

King: "What is that bafoon Dreamer doing here!?"

JR: "Did you forget already? Ric Flair made the trade last night that brought Tommy Dreamer to RAW."

King: "Flair's losing it. And what is that bafoon smiling about!?"

JR: "There's a good chance we'll find out soon King."

RAW goes back to commercial.
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Default RAW April 22nd, 2002 (2/3)

Before RAW returns, it's the SLAM OF THE WEEK! We're shown a replay last week of Mr. Perfect and Matt Hardy and Rico. Rico looks on as Kurt Angle abandons him but is scooped up and dropped with an Angle Slam by Mr. Perfect who is able to pick up the victory for his team. The commentary team mock Rico's attempt at taking on a WWF legend and the last scene is Rico laying motionless as Mr. Perfect and Matt Hardy celebrate their win.

We come back from break looking at Ric Flair's door, just as we were when we went to commercial. Suddenly Raven walks into view and opens the door without knocking. Flair can be heard in the background.

Flair: "Hey! What the hell Raven?"

The camera follows behind Raven into the office. Flair is stood up behind his desk. The camera comes in to the side to catch each man's profile.

Flair: "What Raven?"

Raven: "You know what Flair. WHY IS DREAMER HERE!?"

Ric Flair smirks.

Flair: "What? Do you have some kind of problem with Tommy Dreamer?"

Raven looks agitated. He looks down at the ground for a moment before responding.

Raven: "I'm sure you were too busy banging St. Louis sluts to watch ECW. But Tommy Dreamer and I spent YEARS killing each other there. Which is only a fraction compared to everything we've been through our whole lives. He HATES me! And I hate him."

The fans pop at the mention of Dreamer and Raven's bloody past. Flair continues to smile.

Raven: "Don't act like you didn't know."

Flair: "Of course I knew!"

Raven: "Then why!? All this talk about stopping the chaos on RAW and you bring the one man here who wants to destroy ME!?"

Again the fans cheer.

Flair: "That's EXACTLY why Raven. Talking isn't going to stop anything. Discipline isn't going to stop anything. You know how I'm going to get things under control here? Action! For every action, there's a reaction Raven. You just like so many others have turned RAW into anarchy. Well no more. Sometimes.. you gotta fight fire WITH fire!"

The fans love it. Raven just stares at Flair speechless.

Flair: "You brought this on yourself Raven. Not just you. The same will be true for the nWo. For The Undertaker. William Regal. Everyone. RAW is MY show. And it will stay that way. That's why tonight, you will face Tommy Dreamer! Now get the hell out of my office."

The fans love the announcement of Raven vs Tommy Dreamer! Raven continues staring at Flair. His expression never changes, and eventually he turns and leaves.

We go out to the arena where Johnathan Coachman is standing on the stage with microphone in hand.

JR: "Right now everyone I understand Coach is on hand for a special interview."

Coachman: "Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, Mr. Perfect."

The fans all cheer as Mr. Perfect's music begins to play. He walks out onto the stage, dressed to compete as his match is up next. With the white towel over his shoulder, Perfect approaches Coach and his music quickly fades out.

Coachman: "Mr. Perfect, last night you battled Kurt Angle in the match that most people are saying STOLE the show. Unfortunately you came out on the losing end of that match."

The fans all boo.

Coachman: "You had said on in an extensive interview on WWF.com that defeating Kurt Angle would complete your comeback and prove that you're still the best in the ring. Now that you've lost to Kurt Angle, what does that mean for your career?"

The fans again boo. Mr. Perfect smiles. He puts his hands on his hips and looks out at the crowd as he smacks on his gum before looking back at Coach.

Perfect: "I guess Coach.. that means I'm not the best wrestler anymore."

The fans disagree.

Perfect: "No, no.. that's ok. Come on guys, I'm not exactly on the right side of 40 here. "

The gets a chuckle from the crowd.

Perfect: "But when WWF called and gave me the opportunity to return at the Royal Rumble. I.. I didn't think that was a call I'd ever get. I vowed to make the most of the opportunity. But when my match at WrestleMania ended up getting bumped off the card, I'm not gonna lie. I was down. I wondered if I even belonged here in the WWF. But Kurt Angle.. he woke me up. He re-lit that competitive spirit. I may not be THE best anymore. But I am Perfect again. And I always will be."

Mr. Perfect has a big smile on his face and the fans can't help but agree and cheer him on.

Coachman: "Well you're back in action tonight. You have a match up next against the WWF Tag Team Champions. So who's your partner?"

Mr. Perfect's eyes grow wide and his big smile spreads.

Perfect: "I'm glad you asked Coach. I'm actually pretty excited. My partner tonight is.... Orton."

The fans don't know what to make of that answer. Coach seems pretty confused too.

Coachman: "Orton?"

Perfect: "Ready for a history lesson Coach?"

Mr. Perfect turns and points up at the titantron where an image has appeared.

Perfect: "That man up there, is Bob Orton. He made a name for himself throughout the 50's and 60's. He reached main event status and once challenged the great Bruno Sammartino for the WWF Championship."

The fans still really don't know what's going on. Coachman keeps the microphone pointed over at Mr. Perfect who continues on as the image on the screen changes.

Perfect: "Now here we have Bob Orton's son. That's "Cowboy" Bob Orton. He and the cast on his arm were a staple here in the WWF throughout the 80's. He was featured in the main event of the very first WrestleMania in the corner of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff."

The image of "Cowboy" Bob Orton gets a little bit of a reaction from some in the crowd. He's a more recent superstar who some recognize. The image on the screen disappears.

Perfect: "My partner tonight looks to follow in those men's footsteps, and continue the lineage of the Orton name in the World Wrestling Federation. Everyone please help me welcome my partner. He's from right here in St. Louis, Missouri!"

This of course gets a nice pop from the crowd.

Perfect: "Making his WWF debut.... RANDY! ORTON!"

Some very generic rock music begins to play as the name "Randy Orton" appears on the titantron. A good looking young man in blue biker trunks with yellow stripes appears on the stage.

Randy Orton approaches Mr. Perfect and extends his hand. Perfect takes the young man's hand and shakes it. Perfect gives Coach a nod and suddnely Mr. Perfect's music begins to play again. The two make their way down to the ring. Once in the ring both men go to separate corners. Perfect throws the towel up over his back and catches it with his other hand. Orton's righ hand grabs his left hand which is balled up in a fist and raises both arms in the air. Once both men are down they again shake hands and Perfect gives Randy a pat on the shoulder.

"YOU LOOK SOOOOO, GOOD TO ME!" First out of the curtain is Rico. Dressed in an interesting tiger pattern suit, the WWF Tag Team Champions follow close behind. Billy and Chuck take a little time to admire each other, but eventually get down to the ring. They hand off their title belts to Rico before the match gets started.

Match 3
Non-Title match
Mr. Perfect & Randy Orton vs Billy & Chuck
(w/ Rico)

Billy starts the match for his team, while the upstart Orton starts at Mr. Perfect's insistence. The two meet in the middle of the ring with a tie up. Billy quickly takes control and keeps it for a few moments. He toys with the youngster, chain wrestling into different wrestling holds and taking him down a few times. Billy eventually tags in Chuck, and the Tag Team Champions connect with a double team move before Chuck continues as Billy did, having his way with the rookie. Chuck hooks Randy's head and lifts him straight up into the air for a suplex. Randy kicks back though and falls to his feet in front of Chuck. He quickly leaps into the air and connects with a BEAUTIFUL Drop Kick that catches Chuck square in the face and sends him down to the mat. The fans pop and as Chuck scurries over to Billy and Rico to check on his face, Randy uses this opening to quickly roll over and make the tag to Mr. Perfect. The WWF legend comes in on fire and jumps into his opponent's corner. He knocks Billy off the apron and starts in on Chuck with right hands before pulling him out of the corner. Perfect is able to turn things in the favor of his team and stays on the offensive even after Chuck makes a tag to Billy. With things in firm control, Perfect tags Randy back into the match. Randy gets in some offense and eventually drops Billy with a DDT! Randy lays across Billy's chest for the pin attempt.



But Billy kicks out.

King: "Rookie mistake right there JR! Randy didn't even bother to hook ONE leg. Some mentor Mr. Perfect is turning out to be."

Randy starts to pull Billy up off the mat, but Billy grabs a handful of Orton's trunks and falls pack, throwing Orton face first down into the middle turnbuckle. Orton stumbles back up to his feet and turns with his hands over his face. Billy takes advantage and leaps up, wrapping his leg around the back of Orton's head and driving his face into the mat with the Fame-Asser! Billy hooks both legs for the pin.


Click for Spoiler:
Winners: Billy & Chuck
Rather than break up the pin, Mr. Perfect watched from the apron hoping maybe Randy would kick out, but wasn't so lucky. Perfect's head drops. He's not disappointed in Randy, but you never want to lose. Perfect enters the ring as does Chuck and Rico. Perfect goes to check on Randy and help him to his feet. Rico hands the titles off to his boys and gleefully celebrates their victory. Mr. Perfect has Randy up and their exiting the ring when Rico starts shouting at Mr. Perfect and holding up an "L" with his fingers, calling Mr. Perfect and Randy Orton losers. Billy and Chuck laugh on. Randy Orton steps forward and shoves Rico back! The fans "ohhhh!" while Billy and Chuck just looked stunned. Rico looks disgusted. He pulls down on his suit jacket then steps forward and SLAPS Randy! Again the react and again Billy and Chuck are laughing. Randy Orton looks down while holding his face. Mr. Perfect reaches for Randy's arm, but Randy lunges forward and tackles Rico! Randy starts throwing wild punches down at the stylist who tries his best to cover up. Mr. Perfect quickly pulls Randy off of Rico while Billy and Chuck slide out of the ring and pull Rico out with them. The Tag Team Champions assist Rico up the ramp as he holds his head. Mr. Perfect watches the three leave and actually starts to chuckle. He looks back and Randy and raises his arm as Orton's generic rock music begins to play.

JR: "A very interesting debut for that young man Randy Orton."

King: "Glad to see that Mr. Perfect is teaching this kid to be a sore loser! There's no room for that kind of behavior here JR!"

JR: "That's your opinion King. I personally can't wait to see more of Randy Orton."

We again go backstage to Ric Flair's office. He's looking at a TV off to the side of his desk that's playing RAW. On the screen we see Mr. Perfect and Randy Orton in the ring. Behind Flair stands Arn Anderson.

Anderson: "Kid has some potential."

Flair: "He does."

Flair stares at the monitor for another second, then turns in his chair. He now sits straight at his desk. Arn is standing to his left, but Flair never looks at him.

Flair: "Arn."

Anderson: "Yes Ric?"

Flair: "Go find The Undertaker. Tell him to come to my office now."

The fans start buzzing. Arn Anderson on the other hand looks a little concerned.

Anderson: "You sure about that Ric? I don't know if Undertaker coming back here is.."

Flair: "I'm damn sure."

Anderson: "You got it."

Arn leaves the room and Flair watches him leave. JR questions why Flair would call for The Undertaker as we go to commercial.

We come back from break looking at the packed arena. Raven's music begins to play and we switch over to a few of the entire stage. Raven slowly comes walking out into view. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks around at all the fans before continuing down the ramp. Raven makes his way inside the ring then turns and falls into the far corner before sliding down into a seated position. Raven has an anxious look on his face as we go to a replay from Backlash last night. Their post match images after Edge had defeated Raven. We see Raven low blow Edge as he stood in the corner holding up both the United States and Hardcore championships. We then see Raven setting Edge up for another Ravenflow DDT. But the next image shows Dreamer hitting Raven from behind with the Kendo Stick, then again in the face. An image of a little blood streaming down Raven's face is shown, before finally a picture of Edge hitting Raven with another Spear. The replay ends and we see Raven. He's looking up at the titantron. He just saw the same pictures, and now his foot is tapping.

Suddenly Raven's music is cut off by the music of Tommy Dreamer. Tommy gets a nice reaction from the crowd as he comes stomping down the ramp. He looks ready to fight, and Raven notices. He pushes up to his feet as Tommy slides into the ring. Both men charge each other and collide center ring. They fall to the mat and fists are flying. The referee tries to separate the two but is unsuccessful. The two superstars roll under the bottom rope and right out of the ring. Dreamer more or less lands on Raven which gives him the advantage as he connects with a few uninterrupted shots. He gets to his feet and brings Raven up with him before throwing him as hard as he can towards the barricade. Raven's stomach crashes into the wall and he tumbles over into the crowd. Tommy Dreamer follows behind, stepping over the barricade. Dreamer is caught off guard as Raven takes a cup from a nearby fan and throws beer in Dreamer's face! Tommy goes to wipe his eyes, but Raven grabs a handful of hair and starts throwing punches into Tommy's head. It takes a moment for Tommy to regroup, but he eventually reaches out and does the same.

The fist fight continues. Up the aisle the two go. Raven attempts to whip Dreamer into a wall, but it's reverse and Raven himself crashes into the wall and crumbles down to his hands and knees. The fans near the scene are hyped and loving every second of the fight. Tommy gets caught up in their emotion and throws out both arms and lets out a scream with his signature pose. Surrounding fans do the pose as well. Tommy reaches down and grabs as much of Raven's hair as he can. He pulls him up to his feet and sets him up for the DDT, but Raven drops to his knee's and thrusts his arm up between Tommy's legs for a low blow. Tommy falls to his knees while Raven stands back up. He quickly throws his leg out and kicks Dreamer in the face. Tommy falls over to his side and Raven turns and takes off through the fans. He eventually disappears out of the arena. There's some drool coming out of the corner of Dreamer's mouth. The low blow has left him in agonizing pain, but he starts pushing up to his feet.

Match 4
Raven vs Tommy Dreamer

JR: "Well so much for that match. Raven wanted no part of Tommy Dreamer."

King: "Why should he JR? Raven left that cesspool called ECW and became a WWF Superstar! Now the ghosts of ECW's past have come to try and ruin his career. It's not fair. Ric Flair is out of control."

Backstage Kurt Angle has his back turned to the camera. In front him though is a monitor. Visible on the monitor are the closing moments from his match last night. He has Mr. Perfect in the ankle lock, and the legend has no choice but to tap out.

Angle: "Hahaha yes! Tap out!"

Terri Runnels steps into view with a microphone.

Terri: "Kurt. If I could have a word."

Kurt looks over at Terri surprised. He pauses the the video playing on the monitor before turning to face her.

Angle: "Did you see that last night? Mr. Perfect.. tapping out. I could watch it forever."

Terri: "Yes Kurt. It was an amazing match. But what about tonight? You're giving a State of the Union Address. What do you intend to say?"

Angle: "Look Tori. This isn't going to be some cute speech. Unlike the President of these United States, Kurt Angle is a true American Hero. And unlike the President, when I address the Union.. it won't just be a bunch of hot air. I'm going to get something done. Something I deserve."

Kurt starts rewinding the tape and presses play just as he's applying the Ankle Lock on Mr. Perfect.

Angle: "You'll just have to wait and find out."

He goes back to watching.

Terri: "Thank you Kurt."

Angle: "Come on you son of a... TAP!"

We go back to Ric Flair's office. He still sits at his desk and is on the phone. Out of view the door can be heard opening. Ric looks up, and Arn Anderson steps into frame. He looks at Ric, then walks behind his desk and stands by his side. Ric lets whoever he's talking to on the phone that he'll have to call them back. He hangs up the phone and looks up at his friend. Arn gives Ric a nod, and at that moment the door can be heard opening again. In walks The Undertaker. He steps to the desk, and Flair comes up to his feet. Undertaker stands proud with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder in perfect view of the camera for the whole world to see. Through his sunglasses Undertaker stares at Flair, who is looking right back. But eventually Flair stares down at the World Title. There's a new name plate across the bottom of it that reads "Undertaker".

Undertaker: "What's wrong? You mad that it looks better on me than it ever did on you?"

Ric's eyes shoot back up at Undertaker.

Flair: "Thank you for coming Taker."

Undertaker: "What do ya want Flair?"

Flair: "Are you in a hurry? You shouldn't be. In case you haven't noticed, you don't have a match tonight."

This gets a mixed reaction from the audience. The Undertaker smirks.

Undertaker: "I'm alright with that. The World Heavyweight Champion deserves a night off."

Flair: "It's not a night off Taker. You have homework."

Undertaker: "Homework huh?"

Flair: "Yeah. I want you to pay attention. I told someone else just a little bit ago that RAW is MY show, and it's going to stay that way. I'm prepared to fight fire with fire."

This gets a nice pop from the crowd. But Undertaker doesn't appear too impressed.

Undertaker: "Good for you Flair. I'm sure Raven is really sorry."

Flair: "So you did see! Good. That's good Taker. But that's not all. If the nWo come out of hiding, they'll learn the same lesson. Tonight William Regal will learn the same lesson. My hand has been forced. I'm done letting the inmates run the asylum."

The Undertaker just shakes his head. He removes his sunglasses and places them on his head tucked behind his bandanna.

Undertaker: "You bring me all the way over here to threaten me Flair?"

Flair smiles.

Flair: "No way Taker. Just wanted to make sure you do your homework. You should pay special attention to the main event. I'd hate to be William Regal when Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to that ring."

The Undertaker scoffs.

Undertaker: "I ain't scared of Austin. Not one bit. I beat him last night just like I said I would. That's why I'm World Heavyweight Champion!"

Ric continues to smile.

Flair: "Well I'm glad you're not scared Taker. That would make for a very disappointing rematch."

Undertaker: "What rematch?"

The fans start cheering.

Flair: "Your rematch. Against Stone Cold Steve Austin. For the World Heavyweight Championship!"

The fans cheer even louder! Undertaker just stares at Flair, his upper lip curled up.

Flair: "You versus Stone Cold, NEXT WEEK ON RAW.. in a LUMBERJACK MATCH!"

Undertaker: WHAT!?"

The crowd roars.

Flair: "No BS this time big boy. I'm gonna have every available RAW superstar around that ring. The nWo can't help you now."

The Undertaker huffs and puffs before turning his head like he's cracking his neck. He stares a hole through Flair.

Undertaker: "I don't need any damn help."

Flair: "We'll see."

The World Champion grunts and leaves the office. Flair is all smiles and behind him Arn is as well.

JR: "What a blockbuster announcement!"

King: "No! No! No! This is ridiculous. Undertaker already beat Stone Cold! He's the World Heavyweight Champion!"

JR: "He's gonna have to do it again if he wants to stay World Heavyweight Champion. What a main event that's going to be next week!"

This sends us to another commercial break.

JR: "Folks if you're just joining us, or if perhaps you missed what happened before the break.. Ric Flair called The Undertaker to his office. Among other things, he informed The Undertaker that next week on RAW he'll be defending his new World Heavyweight Championship!"

JR: "It's official. In a rematch from Backlash, The Undertaker meets Stone Cold Steve Austin. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line, but this time, it's a LUMBERJACK MATCH!"

King: "In other words, it's totally unfair! Ric Flair should be treating The World Heavyweight Champion better than THIS!"

JR: "It's absolutely fair King. The Undertaker isn't carrying that World Title around tonight if it's not for the interference of the nWo! That won't be the case next week. He'll have to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin on his own!"

King: "You're assuming Stone Cold is gonna get past William Regal tonight JR."

JR: "Well you're right. That World Title rematch is next week. But tonight Stone Cold will be in action against William Regal."

JR: "Regal threw his petition in Ric Flair's face at the top of the show and promised to have Flair removed from power in the WWF. Flair responded by setting up this main event for tonight!

King: "An absolute abuse of power JR. Ric Flair couldn't handle a little bit of truth being thrown at him, and now William Regal is being fed to Stone Cold to let out all his aggression and anger on. It's unacceptable!"

JR: "Like I said earlier King, if you have such a big problem with Flair, why don't you go sign that petition?"

King: "Maybe I will."

We get a look inside the ring where we see Test! He's dressed to compete and stands in the far corner of the ring.

Yo! It's me, it's me.. it's D-D-P! The camera swings over to the stage where see Diamond Dallas Page come walking out. He has a huge smile on his face as always before throwing up the Diamond Cutter hand sign. He throws his arms down, shouting BANG!, before making his way down to the ring. Once both men are in the ring, the match gets underway.

Match 5
Test vs Diamond Dallas Page

Both men wrestle a fairly clean match. Test spends the majority of the time on offense but appears to get frustrated when he's unable to put DDP away. The former WCW World Champion is able to fight his way back and turns the tables on Test. He still ends up in Test's grasp though as Test goes for a Pumphandle Slam. The crafty veteran is able to slip free though and falls in front of Test. He quickly grabs him by the head and goes to nail the Diamond Cutter! But Test pushes him away and lets him fall to the mat on his own. DDP gets up as quickly as he can but is instantly floored with a big boot that sends any and all saliva in his mouth flying into the air. DDP hits the mat motionless and Test follows through with the pin attempt.


Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Test
Test gets to his feet as his music begins to play. The referee goes to grab his arm, but Test yanks it away and bucks at the ref who turns and flees. Test turns towards the announce area and starts shouting for a microphone. Lilian Garcia hands him hers and his music cuts out. The young Canadian gets his breathing under control.

Test: "That.. was my FIRST win on RAW!"

The fans actually boo this statement.

Test: "That's fine. I don't care if you like it. But you know who loves it? A GREAT man. A GREAT leader. He's my leader. And soon he'll be all of yours."

The fans boo even louder.

Test: "WILLIAM REGAL gave me a good slap of reality! I've been sitting here for a MONTH waiting for my opportunity. Waiting for Ric Flair to give a crap about me. When instead.. I should have been TAKING my opportunities!"

DDP rolls out of the ring and the referee assists him in leaving the ringside area. He's holdings his jaw and shaking his head, still clearly shaken up from the big boot. Test notices DDP leaving.

Test: "Heh.. yeah. That's what I'm all about."

He points over at DDP.

Test: "I'm not here to make ANYONE ELSE look good. If you get in my way, that will be you.. trying to remember what day it is while you count how many teeth you have left in your head!"

Test throws the microphone down and glares at the hard camera. His music begins to play again as we go to a replay of him leveling DDP with the big boot!

King: "Test has seen the light JR! What a historic night!"

JR: "Historic.. or sad? How many superstars are getting drunk on William Regal's kool- aid?"

King: "The only person drunk around here JR.. is RIC FLAIR! He's drunk with power. Well and probably Stone Cold. He's always drunk."

JR: "I'm gonna be drunk if I have to listen to you keep complaining about Ric Flair."

King: "Wait JR! It's time!"

JR: "Almost King. Off the heels of his victory last night against Mr. Perfect, Kurt Angle is going to deliver his State of the Union Address. Kurt has promised to actually "get something done"? What does the Olympic Champion have to say? We'll find out next.

RAW goes to commercial.
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Default RAW April 22nd, 2002 (3/3)

Before RAW returns the Backlash logo and graphic flashes across the screen. In the corner of the screen it says "Last Night". It's a replay from the closing moments of Kurt Angle vs Mr. Perfect.

Kurt quickly kicks Perfect in the back of his bad knee which drops him down. Kurt grabs Perfect and lifts him off one knee up and slams him down with the Angle Slam! Angle immediately grabs Perfect by the foot and for the third time applies the Ankle Lock submission. Perfect isn't crawling or trying to get out. He barely moves with one arm just reach out.


Is he gonna tap?

The fans are cheering him on. They're begging for Perfect to find a way out just one more time and truly complete his comeback story.

Mr. Perfect extends his arm out as far as he can..
and taps out.
We see Kurt Angle celebrating his victory before the replay ends and we return to RAW.

We're looking at the arena, and immediately noticeable is the change to the ring. The mat has been covered with a red velvet mat or rug. There are red, white and blue streamers wrapped around all the ring ropes, and American flags hang down over the ring posts on the outside of the ring. Soon Kurt Angle's theme begins to play and the Olympic Hero makes his way out onto the stage. Dressed in track pants and one of his own Kurt Angle T-shirts, he stops at the top of the ramp to throw up his arms. Pointing up at the sky, he's surrounded by blasts of red, white and blue pyro. After three blasts Kurt makes his way down the ramp and the camera closes in. As always his Gold Medal is around his neck and proudly on display as it rests against his chest. Of course the fans let Angle know what they think of him, chanting "You Suck" in tune with his music. Kurt enters the ring and approaches a podium that is set up in the middle. There's a microphone waiting for him, and after a few moments Kurt allows his music to fade out and he takes the mic. Kurt isn't able to speak right away though, as the fans won't stop booing him. But he's all smiles.

Angle: "Please. Please."

Kurt's looking for the raucous crowd to calm and listen to him speak. But this only enrages them.

Angle: "Look! I know you guys wanna watch that replay of Mr. Perfect tapping out in the Ankle Lock for the rest of the night. And hey, so do I! But we can't. There's important business to discuss."

The fans just boo more. But eventually it does quiet enough for Kurt to talk over them.

Angle: "Despite the problems this country faces, I'm still very proud to be American and to be a citizen of these United States!"

This gets a nice pop from the patriotic crowd.

Angle: "The same can be said about Monday Night RAW. This brand has been drowning in adversity since the brand extension took effect."

The fans now again boo.

Angle: "We've all been subject to gang warfare, questionable leadership.. and now a fraction of the superstars are looking to secede from RAW and the Flair regime. But I still believe in the RAW brand! There is still hope for WWF's flagship show."

At this point Kurt's getting mixed reactions. Most the fans can't stand him. But others can't help but acknowledge the chaos on RAW.

Angle: "I'd like to share a story with all of you. Back in 1996, our country faced dark times with no one to look up to. But one summer day in the heat of Atlanta.. a hero emerged. He defeated the best the world had to offer and stood above them all, as an American hero!"

Kurt is obviously referring to his Gold Medal victory at the 1996 Olympics. The fans have heard this story too many times to care, and again boo Angle.

Angle: "Fast forward six years, and what's changed? There's no guiding light for all you to follow. To believe in. RAW has become a dark place. A chaotic place. A place.. that needs a hero. Kurt Angle.. is that hero."

The fans just keep booing. A small "You Suck" chant picks back up, but Kurt pushes on.

Angle: "I've always been your hero. Your champion. But as the darkness grows I'm forced to step up more than before. I have to go above and beyond anything I've ever done to rescue RAW! Just like in 1996 when I saved America and stood tall with the Gold around my neck.."

Kurt holds up his Gold Medal.

Angle: "..the only way I can save RAW is to conquer all those who look to tear us down, and be left standing when the dust settles.. with GOLD!"

Guess what the fans do? They boo.

Angle: "UNDERTAKER! STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! I, Kurt Angle, challenge which ever one of you wins your rematch next week. I challenge you to a match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day!"

That's big news. The fans are excited for the possible main event of the next Pay-Per-View.

Angle: "I shouldn't have taken no for an answer last month when Ric Flair put me out of the title picture. I should have fought harder for all of you. Your American Hero needs to be your Champion. And I will be! At Judgment Day I.."


Kurt Angle is cut off mid-sentence as the entrance music of United States Champion EDGE rips throughout the arena. The fans all roar with applause as the young superstars comes jogging out onto the stage. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, but his electric smile can be seen from a mile away. With the U.S. Championship over his shoulder Edge continues down to the ring where he joins Kurt Angle. As Edge's music fades out he asks for a microphone, but Kurt doesn't seem to happy that he's been interrupted.

Angle: "Hey! What are you doin? Get outta here. I'm addressing America!"

Edge chuckles and finally takes the mic that's handed to him. He walks back Kurt over to the side of the ring facing the stage. He pushes his sunglasses up onto his head and is looking right at Angle.

Edge: "Kurt, Kurt, Kurt.. you got it ALL wrong buddy. These people already have a champion to be a proud of. A champion that's proud to represent them! And Kurt, you're lookin at him."

The fans cheer Edge on. He's definitely their champion.

Edge: "Now I understand you.."

Angle: "NO! Stop, shut up!"

The fans fall right back to the boos.

Angle: "You've got these people brainwashed! HIM!? HE is YOUR Champion?"

Kurt points at Edge, and the fans cheer in approval as he holds up the United States Championship!

Angle: "Oh my gosh. This is worse than I thought. Guys.. he's CANADIAN! He's not one of you! He can't be your hero. He's just using you! This man is a fraud! You need me! America needs me, hell.. the WORLD needs me!"

Edge just chuckles at Kurt's comments.

Edge: "You crack me up man. Did you already forget how I became the United States Champion? I beat you Kurt."

This gets a big pop from the crowd.

Edge: "I pinned you in THIS ring, 1. 2. 3. I'm not a fraud. I didn't steal anything. I've EARNED everything I've ever had or won in this business. And I won't pretend that you haven't done the same thing. You're a hell of a competitor Kurt. But do you really think you can just come out here and claim a championship match? I think not."

Angle: "I don't care what you think Edge! Neither should these people. I'm sure you were pretty banged up from you little hardcore fight last night. But after that, I WRESTLED Mr. Perfect. I BEAT Mr. Perfect. I made Mr. Perfect TAP OUT and I proved ONCE AGAIN that I am THE best wrestler in the World. I'm the only hope these people have to return RAW to it's former glory."

Edge: "Some of that may be true Kurt. Hell all of it may be true. But you know what else is true? You.. haven't beaten ME!"

The fans are basically being pulled back and forth. They cheer with every point Edge makes and boo at just about anything Kurt says.

Angle: "I'll beat you right now damn it!"

Edge: "Oh I'd love to, but I have a more civil idea. A grander idea! Next week. You and me. Kurt Angle versus Edge in a Number One Contender's match. The winner goes on to Judgment Day to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

The fans LOVE this idea.

Edge: "What do'ya say Kurt? Think you can stand tall against me? You willing to earn it?"

Edge extends his hand. Kurt looks down at the hand then back up at Edge. The fans are chanting! They're imploring Kurt to take the challenge...


Wait. Ric Flair? The fans just keep on cheering as the man in charge of RAW comes walking out onto the stage. With microphone in hand, Ric remains on the stage. His music fades out but fans continuing Woooing around the arena.

Flair: "I just had to come out here. You two got this place ROCKIN!"

The fans just keep cheering.

Flair: "Kurt I uh, I appreciate you wanting to save these people. But I think I speak for everyone when I say all you care about is YOURSELF and becoming World Champion."

This pops the audience even more. Kurt shakes his head and insists he wants to save RAW!

Flair: "But I can't say I agree that giving you a World Title match is the way to do that. I definitely agree with Edge that a World Title match should be earned. And that's exactly what you're going to have to do. But Edge.. I'm sorry man. That's no an opportunity I can give you right now."

Edge looks confused, and so are the fans. A pocket of them start to boo.

Flair: "It's nothing personal. I think you're awesome! You've already exceeded all my expectations. But you're the United States Champion, and I need you to focus on being United States Champion. Especially with everything going on."

The fans boo some more as Flair reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. He opens it up.

Flair: "I was faxed a full copy of the complaint William Regal has filed against me that goes along with his petition. One of the first things listed is the "unjust stripping of his European Championship" he goes on to babble about you and the United States Championship. Edge I need you. Next week on RAW I can't give you that Number One Contender's match because I already have one signed for you. Next week, I want you to shut William Regal up!"

The fans start to cheer again. Edge still seems a little put off, but he listens.

Flair: "I want you to go out there and beat him again, One-on-One. Disprove all this talk about him losing to you last month being unfair and unjust. You do that, and I'll make sure you pushed up to the front of the line for an opportunity to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship."

The seem satisfied with Flair's reasoning and Edge nods in agreement. Kurt Angle though just starts laughing. He waves bye at Edge but Edge points back at him. The two are exchanging words away from their microphones, but it seems Edge is promising Kurt he will be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Edge exits the ring and heads up the ramp.

Angle: "Well everybody there he goes, "YOUR" Champion. I told you he wasn't here for you! Me! Kurt Angle. I'm the Hero you deserve. I'm going to take that World Heavyweight Championship, and I will save RAW!"

Edge makes it to the top of the ramp. Flair extends his hand and Edge shakes it. Flair says something reaffirming to Edge without the microphone and Edge exits through the curtain. Flair turns his attention back to the ring.

Flair: "Slow down Kurt. At any point did you hear me say that YOU are the number one contender?"

Angle: "But.. Edge can't.. I already issued the challenge! I don't care what you say FLAIR! I challenged Undertaker or Stone Cold and I bet they'll accept."

Flair: "Right there! That's the problem! No one cares what I say. That's why I'm done talking. I've told everyone tonight I've gonna fight fire with fire. And you're no different Kurt. I don't know what the World Title match is going to look like at Judgment Day, but I can promise it won't involve YOU being HANDED a title shot."

The fans keep cheering. Angle looks dejected. You can see the wheels turning behind his eyes. What can he say to convince Flair that he's the right superstar to challenge for the title?

Angle: "Okay Flair, how about.."


Kurt Angle is cut off again.. this time it's CHRIS BENOIT! The fans all come to their feet. The Rabid Wolverine comes marching out onto stage and walks right past Ric Flair. He goes down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Benoit pushes up to his feet and makes his way towards Kurt. Chris pushes the podium over and it tumbles to the mat. He pushes his body right into Kurt and now the two men stand nose to nose. Kurt stumbles back a bit before stands his ground and pushes back against Benoit. The two are jaw- jacking and the fans are freaking out! Benoit starts making motions around his waist that he wants to be champion.

Flair: "Whoa! Whoa! Everybody just calm down. Ha ha. I think I just had a great idea."

Benoit and Angle step back a bit. They're no longer nose to nose, but remain face to face.

Flair: "I can't say that I'm any closer to knowing what the World Title match at Judgment Day will be. But I do know that AT Judgment Day. We're gonna have Kurt Angle.. versus Chris Benoit! In a Number One Contenders match! That sounds good to all of you?"

The fans roar in approval! Benoit's expression doesn't change, but Kurt slowly shakes his head. It's not what he was hoping for when he came out here, but it's better than nothing. He has an opportunity.

Flair: "Then it's official. You guys try not to kill each other before Judgment Day."

Flair's music starts to play and a big smile spreads across his face. He turns and exits through the curtain, leaving Benoit and Angle behind in the ring still shouting at each other.

JR: "Wow what an announcement! Ric Flair has made not one but TWO huge matches! Next week Edge will take on William Regal, and our first official match for Judgment Day will be a Number One Contenders match between Kurt Angle and the newly returned Chris Benoit!"

King: "Flair should have just given Angle the title match, it's not long he doesn't deserve it! Do you need to see that clip of him tapping out Mr. Perfect again JR?"

JR: "No I was there last night King. I saw it first hand. What I can't wait to see is these two lock up in a few weeks in Nashville. It's gonna be incredible!"

We go backstage and see a huddle of superstars backstage watching one of the monitors. William Regal is front and center, and he actually has a smile on his face. Surrounding him are Albert, Mark Henry, and Test. The three superstars who in one way or another pledged their allegiance to Regal tonight and most likely the three superstars that he has gotten to sign his petition so far.

JR: "Yeah Regal may be smiling now, but I'm not sure how long that'll last."

King: "Why does everyone assume that William Regal is going to have such a huge problem with Stone Cold tonight? Yeah he's angry, but Regal is tougher than most JR."

JR: "This may be the first time all night that I've agreed with you King. There's been a lot of talk about matches for next week, but we're far from done here tonight. Still to come, William Regal with take on Stone Cold Steve Austin. And that ladies and gentlemen is our main event!"

We take another commercial break.

RAW returns with JR and King briefly recapping Kurt Angle's State of the Union Address and the ramifications that came from it. They stop talking once they're interrupted by the music of the WWF Women's Champion, Jazz! The champion wastes no time making her way to the ring, but she's not alone. Coming out alongside her is Molly Holly. The two enter the ring and Jazz hands the Women's title off to the referee.

Out next is Lita! Perhaps the WWF's most popular diva. She makes her way out onto the stage but doesn't go much further. A few seconds later, her music is interrupted by the music of Trish Stratus! The former Women's Champion joins Lita on the stage and both make their way down to the ring. All fours Divas keep their distance until the bell rings.

Match 6
Jazz & Molly Holly vs Lita & Trish Stratus

The Diva action for the night kicks off with Molly Holly and Lita. The two Diva's exchange holds for a moment before Lita takes the upper hand with her fast paced offense. Molly is a little in over her head and eventually tags in Jazz. Lita looks to take the same offense to Jazz, but the Women's Champion is having none of it and looks to ground Lita. She's successful for a while, but eventually gets caught off guard by an Enziguri to the head that gives Lita the opening to tag in Trish! The former champ comes in hot off the tag and dives right onto Jazz. She throws a few wild right hands then eventually gets Jazz back up and into a corner. Molly moves down to try and attack Trish but catches an elbow for her troubles that drops her down to the floor. Jazz uses the distraction to take advantage, but it doesn't last long and Trish has Jazz reeling. Now near her own corner, Trish is able to connect with the Stratusfaction bulldog! When she kicked off the ropes, Lita reached over to make the blind tag. After Trish connects with the bulldog she quickly rolls out of the way juts in time as Lita comes crashing down with a big Moonsault! Lita hooks both legs for the pin, and gets the 3!

Click for Spoiler:
Winners: Lita & Trish Stratus
Lita pins the Women's Champion! Lita and Trish worked together like a well oiled machine and both look ecstatic as the referee raises their arms in victory. We're shown a brief replay of the Stratusfaction-Moonsault combo that put the Women's Champ away. Lita and Trish are all smiles in the ring as they watch Jazz retreat up the ramp with her title. JR questions if Lita has jumped to the front of the line for a Women's Title shot.

We're only a few minutes away from our main event as we go backstage. We see Ric Flair and standing before him is a group of arena security.

Flair: "Listen boys. In this match tonight between Stone Cold and William Regal, I don't want anybody involved BUT Stone Cold and William Regal. No Undertaker. No nWo. None of Regal's new goons. I want ALL of you on red alert. Keep your eyes and ears open. Anything can happen out there.. but I don't want it to. Got it?"

All the security guards give Flair a nod and he dismisses them. JR and King hype the main event that will be coming up right after the break.

JR: "Welcome back to RAW everyone. That was the last commercial break of the evening and we're just moments away from our main event. But a lot has happened tonight that's going to effect the next couple of weeks here on RAW! For example, next week's main event!"

JR: "In a return match from Backlash, The Undertaker will meet Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Heavyweight Championship. But this time.. it will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH! No interference and no chaos this time around."

King: "No chaos? Do you even here yourself JR? The ring is going to be surrounded by all the RAW superstars! During a World Heavyweight Championship match! That doesn't sound like chaos to you?"

JR: "It sounds like they're going to be there to prevent chaos King. But that's not all next week."

JR: "Ric Flair was made fully aware of the petition and complaints made against him tonight by William Regal and company. In response not only did he put Regal in his match coming up next against Stone Cold Steve Austin.. but next week he'll meet the man everything started with. Edge's chase of the United States Championship started with a win over Regal on the same night Regal's European Championship was retired. Flair has requested Edge "shut Regal up". Will he do it?"

King: "Read my lips JR. Not a chance! William Regal has started a revolution to better RAW. You can't shut up a revolution. It's only a matter of time before Edge and everyone else is following suit."

JR: "Edge was pretty busy tonight, interrupting Kurt Angle's State of the Union Address and spurring a conversation that revolved around earning the World Heavyweight Championship match that Kurt Angle was simply asking for. The returning Chris Benoit didn't have much to say, but he threw his hat in the ring so to speak, and that has given us our first match for Judgement Day."

JR: "In four weeks Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle will meet in Nashville to determine a number one contender for the World Title. These two are no strangers to each other, and with so much at stake, they're sure to pull out all the stops to come out victorious."

King: "Chris Benoit can pull out whatever he wants. But the results will be the same as Backlash. Kurt Angle's opponent will TAP OUT, and Angle will continue his quest to save RAW! He's a true hero JR!"

The commentary team's conversation comes to an end as the music of William Regal starts to play. For the first time tonight Regal appears dressed in his ring gear. He comes to the ring alone, but of course carries with him the clipboard that holds the petition to remove Ric Flair from power on RAW. Regal gets to the ring and quickly motions for a microphone.

Regal: "Stone Cold. I know you're about to come down here but I just needed to say something to you before you did."

The fans start booing. They've been dying to see Stone Cold all night and are quite frankly sick of William Regal talking.

Regal: "What I have here is a petition. If I can fill this petition with signatures, then Ric Flair will be.."


The. Arena. EXPLODES! As Austin comes marching down to the ring in full ring gear the St. Louis faithful welcome him with a shower of applause and middle fingers. Austin gets to the ring in no time and as always hits all four corners. Each time he throws up his arms and flips the birds high. He hops down out of the fourth corner and removes his vest. He throws it out of the ring and starts to approach his opponent.

Regal: "Wait! Austin just listen to me! A superstar of your magnitude signing this petition would go a long way in helping get rid of Ric Flair for good! He's proven himself to be an unstable, incompetent leader for the RAW brand! Please, just look at it."

William extends the petition out to Austin, who quickly slaps the clipboard down to the mat and reaches his right arm out to flip Regal off. The fans pop big as Austin turns way and walks to his corner. Regal appears very frustrated as he picks up the clipboard and hands both it and the microphone back out of the ring.

Main Event
William Regal vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

The bell rings to start the match, but before either man can take a step..

"Rollin" by Limp Bizkit suddenly blares throughout the arena. Everyone's attention is turned towards the stage as new World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker makes his way out onto the stage. Usually he rolls out on one of his many motorcycle, but tonight Undertaker arrives on foot. He slowly makes his way down the ramp with the World Heavyweight title over his shoulder. He's about half way down the ramp when the security team that Ric Flair was speaking with before the break comes rushing down the sides of the ramp, and form a human wall at the bottom. The Undertaker comes to a halt. He stands mid-way down the ramp with his arms crossed. Though sunglasses cover his eyes, he's peering down towards the ring. It seems he's come to watch the match. Or maybe just to watch Stone Cold Steve Austin, as Ric Flair insisted.

Austin is standing on the ring apron now just BEGGING Undertaker to come down the rest of the way to the ring when he's suddenly blasted from behind by Regal. Austin hits the floor and rolls up behind the security wall. Regal follows him out of the ring and approaches Austin, but Stone Cold pops back up and starts throwing wild punches. A few connect, but Regal is quick to throw a knee up into Austin's gut which stops the Rattlesnake in his tracks. Regal takes hold of Austin's arm and whips him as hard as he can towards the ring steps. Austin meets the steel shoulder first and falls to his side. The referee has been counting the entire time the superstars have been brawling outside, and after the count of 6, Regal pulls Austin back up to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Regal follows in after him and quickly goes for a pin.


Austin emphatically kicks out! Regal remains on the offensive for a few more minutes, but Austin is able to catch Regal off guard as he charges in with a Thez Press. He tackles Regal to the ground and starts peppering him with right hands. Austin takes full control of the match and is ping-ponging Regal all over the ring and even outside the ring a few times. After about 5 solid minutes of Regal getting his butt whipped, his new associates suddenly calm walking down one of he aisles through the audience. Test leads the way with Mark Henry and Albert following close behind. The security team is on their toes, and half of them the wall at the bottom of the ramp and stand in front of the barricade as the group of disgruntled superstars approach. This now leaves four security guards in front of Taker, and four superstars plus the barricade between Test, Henry and Albert.

Austin pays all the outside distraction no mind. He continues to work Regal over. At no point does Austin even try and pin Regal. Just has Flair had predicted, Austin was taking all his aggression and anger out on Regal. Austin has Regal pinned down in corner and after stomping away and starts pulling Regal up to his feet. Regal is desperate and quickly thrusts his thumb up into Austin's eye. Austin turns away and the referee immediately admonishes Regal. William plays innocent and grabs hold of Austin's arm. He pulls him into a headbutt which connects. Austin stumbles back and falls to a knee. William Regal completely oversells and flops back, colliding into the referee. Regal is trying to play the headbutt strike off as an accidental headbutt, and it's apparent to everyone watching that he used it as a way to take the referee out of the equation momentarily. The ref is on both knees holding himself up on the middle rope. But that's all the time Regal needs. He digs into his trunks and pulls out the BRASS KNUCKLES!

Austin is back up to his feet and turns to find Regal. The old brawler lunges forward, throwing a left hand. Austin quickly ducks under and comes up behind his opponent. Regal quickly turns to find two middle fingers, then a kick to the stomach. He doubles over, only to have his head grabbed and get dropped by a Stone Cold Stunner!! Austin yells at the ref as he rolls over Regal for the pin attempt. The ref takes a second, but eventually jumps into position.


Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Again the audience explodes in applause and now celebration. As soon as Austin's music begins to play he pushes up to his knees and rips the brass knuckles off of Regal's fist. He throws them out of the ring and mounts Regal before going to town on him with right hands. This sends Test, Mark Henry and Albert into a frenzy as they quickly jump over the barricade and bull rush the security team with ease. The three men slide into the ring and tackle Austin! At that moment the remaining security guards who stand in front of Undertaker abandon their post and hit the ring to try and break up the assault. The other four guards eventually join them and now all eight have restrained Regal's comrades. Stone Cold starts pushing up to his feet when suddenly..

The screen goes grey.

There's some static.

Finally in a voice deeper than any other you've ever heard before speaks the words "NEW-nuh-nuh NEW! WORLD! ORDER!"

The crowd doesn't know what to do! They're all freaking out. The security team is already having a hard enough time restraining three pissed off superstars in the ring. The Undertaker is still up on the ramp and slowly turns to see the nWo making their way out onto the stage. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac all arrive and start down the ramp. They come to a stop, all three in front of The Undertaker. The Undertaker's arms drop to his side. He holds the World Title in one hand during the stare down. But eventually.. the nWo walk past him. They head down the ramp towards the ring and all Undertaker does is turn his head over his shoulder and watch them leave. The nWo all stand outside the ring.

Regal: "Retreat! Get out NOW!"

The color suddenly returns and the nWo's music fades out. Regal has recovered outside the ring and has a microphone. He shouts for his guys to bail from the ring, which they eventually do. After Test, Henry and Albert leave, the security team turns and forms a full wall along the ring ropes facing the nWo. Regal and his boys go back over the barricade and leave through the crowd as Nash, Hall and X-Pac step up on the apron. Nash counts the number of security guards jokingly. But before either side makes a move, Stone Cold lunges over the security guards and catches Nash in the face with a right hand! The fans pop huge, but the fight is on! Half the security guards turn to restrain Stone Cold, but Hall and X-Pac quickly enter the ring and charge the other security guards. Nash eventually joins them in the ring and the nWo and Austin are now fighting.. security guards. They're going to get rid of everyone in their way, then destroy each other!

At that moment, Ric Flair along with Arn Anderson comes sprinting down the ramp with steel chairs in hand! They fly right past Undertaker and slide into the ring. Arn connects with a chair shot into the back of Scott Hall while Ric Flair swings wildly at Nash and X-Pac and honestly anybody in his way as everybody but Stone Cold clear the ring. The bodies of security guards are laying all over the ring side area as the nWo regroup at the bottom of the ramp. The Undertaker is still half way up looking on as Ric Flair and Arn Anderson defend the ring with their weapons as Scott Hall lay on the mat. Austin realizes what has happened and stands behind the both of them. He's exhausted, and eventually he and Flair's eyes lock. Flair isn't stupid. He's been stunned more than once already and keeps the chair locked and loaded ready to swing. There's a tense stare down when suddenly, Austin takes a large steps forward and quickly kicks Scott Hall in the gut as he gets to his feet before hitting him with the Stone Cold Stunner! Hall flies back towards the ropes, and his nWo brethren reach in and pull him out of the ring. The nWo leave through the crowd with X-Pac screaming back at Flair and Austin. The Undertaker turns and leaves up the ramp, soon disappearing behind the curtain. As RAW comes to a close Flair and Arn leave the ring also heading up the ramp leaving Austin.

JR: "Ric Flair has made great strides tonight in regaining control here on RAW, even putting himself in harms way! There's a great turn in power slowly shifting here on RAW, but the stakes get even higher next week for all involved. Especially that man Stone Cold. Can he become the World Heavyweight Champion!?"

Stone Cold calls for a few beers and RAW goes off the air with him smashing them up the corner and pouring the cans down towards his face, trying to catch as much in his mouth as he can.

RAW Quick Results (April 22nd, 2002)
1. Chris Benoit def. Matt Hardy
2. The Hurricane def. Albert
3. Billy & Chuck def. Randy Orton & Mr. Perfect
4. Raven vs Tommy Dreamer - NO CONTEST
5. Test def. Diamond Dallas Page
6. Lita & Trish Stratus def. Jazz & Molly Holly
7. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. William Regal

Upcoming Pay-Per-View

Judgment Day
May 19th, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee
Gaylord Entertainment Center

*Confirmed Matches*

Number One Contenders Match
Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

*More TBA*
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OK, fellas, time for some thoughts. Apologies Iíve taken a while to get round to it, Iíll be honest, Iíve not been reading much here; Iíve been on a different forum thatís a hell of a lot more active. However, I do enjoy reading your show so Iíve taken some time over the past couple of days to catch up and I thought Iíd give you a few thoughts on the PPV and then on NMís RAW. Here goes.

I enjoyed the PPV but there were two major things that bugged the hell out of me with it; I think Iíve picked you up on this before, CM, but the grammar is really off-putting and I ended up skipping most of your matches and simply reading the final paragraph. Itís a shame youíre putting so much effort into writing these matches and segments but you canít spare five minutes to use the grammar/spellcheck facilities on Word or something just to get that bit right. Whilst itís CMís responsibility to check this and sort it, Iíd also suggest that NM needs to get involved here too. Offer to proofread it for him? Your show, bar the odd error, is not a problem grammar wise and I donít skip through your stuff so much and definitely not the main event stuff. Your biggest problem, CM, is the homophone words Ė your/youíre, there/there/theyíre etc Ö Your user name suggests that youíre a CM Punk fan; in that case, take a look at these - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13FV1GaA20I and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y4zxcSuwlI Ė as a starting point. If you donít correct the grammar for me, sort it on the off chance that Mr. Brooks might read your show!

The other thing is something I also alluded to in my first feedback back after the first couple of shows Ė whether or not you know what the other is doing. On TV and at the PPV, there were/are too many run-ins and after match assaults for my liking and I think if you were clued up completely about each otherís work, youíd notice that before posting.

With a PPV having now gone, Iím not worried about commenting on your storylines; I loved the Angle/Perfect stuff especially the segments with Angle looking for a partner. Love that Perfect looked strong despite his loss to Angle but thatís a great platform to launch Angle into the main event picture once again. I loved the goofball heel Angle so much and I think when WWE made him that tad more intense and serious, it kindaí damaged him a little particularly post WM 20. I also enjoyed CMís use of Hogan and Showís feud set up to elevate Christian and Storm and I hope this means that they will be more than Jerichoís lackies moving forward. NM is doing a great job on RAW of causing chaos for Ric Flair and thatís a really interesting side note to a lot of feuds, where is it all leading for Flair? Regalís petition, Undertaker as his World Champion, Austin hitting him with Stunners, the NWO clearly not respecting him; I sense Flair getting back in the ring at some point but itís been done well so far. The subtle change CM has made to Jericho has been done well and the title defence for HHH, whilst necessary, didnít bury Jericho and itís not unrealistic that he could challenge again at some stage. Taker/Austin was the match of the night for me and I was glad you went with Taker rather than Austin. I sense that Austin might have something else coming down the line that means, for now, he doesnít need the World Championship and Taker is a solid enough guy to run as World Champion.

Storyline wise, things I donít like Ė both on RAW Iím afraid, NM. The whole Big Show and Hogan thing was utterly predictable, you could see it coming a mile off. Whilst I donít mind Show and Hogan feuding Ė personally think Show should go over too Ė it was the set up that didnít work for me. Too obvious it was coming. The second thing is Benoitís returnwhich Iíll touch on in my RAW feedback in a moment. You can probably guess why.

Overall, this is the best thing on BT right now Ė unfortunately, your only competition right now is Falk who is doing something completely different anyway. With so little happening here though, I think your show has to go from good to outstanding to keep people coming back and reading it. It doesnít surprise me that youíre struggling for feedback and reviews because your show is just good. Itís solid and itís fine but it has to do more. CM needs to fix the grammar and you need to stop relying on after-match assaults so much as a pair. Chaos for Ric Flair can be done in different ways other than assaults. Theyíre losing their impact; count how many times somebody has been left laid out or sent to hospital and youíll see what I mean. Donít get me wrong, thereís a lot of good stuff here, guys, itís a perfectly acceptable read Ė but it lacks something for me that will make me come back and check it out regular.




OK, Notorious, moving on to RAW and Iím going to write this as I go. Coming off the first PPV, this is the telling time now as to whether this is going to stick and become a top, top show or not. Most BTís fail to reach the first PPV and, of those that do, most of them fail to move much further. Is this going to fizzle out now? Or is it going to be up there with the great past shows of Peep/Theo, Prophet, JAM and myself? Letís see what RAW brings us.

One thing I forgot to mention above was that I really enjoyed the NWO vs. Dudleys feud and I am glad it is getting a mention to open RAW here tonight. It would be easy now to move Nash into the main event picture but I hope you resist that for now and continue this feud which could elevate the likes of DíVon, Bubba and X-Pac into US Championship level. Here we go though with Flair, I like how youíre causing chaos for him although I have issues with the way youíre doing it as Iíve already mentioned. Regal interrupting Flair with his petition was the red herring of course to set up for Austin, nicely done. Iím intrigued as to how Austin continues here on RAW as there will always be a temptation to have him in the title picture Ė which you could easily do at the PPV still Ė but there are issues with NWO and Flair too. If youíre going Austin vs. NWO in some form, it needs to be done in an interesting way as Hall vs. Austin wasnít great at WM18; like I say, Iím intrigued to see how this goes down.

OK, here goes. Benoit. I know people have different opinions but, for me, I find it utterly distasteful to use him and that vignette video in particular. Listen to the words in it with knowledge of what happened a few years later. Chris Benoit the wrestler, I had all the respect in the world for and he was in my list of favourites. However, even if youíre writing 2002, itís 2014 and we know what he did. Heís a murderer. He killed innocent people and I think his use in this BT is in extremely bad taste. Just my opinion of course, Iím guessing your opinion is different and thatís why youíre using him. I donít expect you to change your plans but Iím not gonnaí read his matches or segments and it could put me off completely. I wonít be alone. Maybe Iím a little over-sensitive but I donít think his wrestling career deserves to be glorified over the his vile actions as a man in the last days of his life. I just think it is wrong.

Ha, Hurricane defeats Albert. I can only assume that any future plans for Albert are null! I am finding this a little strange re: Regal; heís in a fairly high profile angle with the Ric Flair petition and the match against Austin but heís fussing around over Hurricane? Nice swerve with Henry though, a Henry/Albert team would be a good with Regal so maybe I need to revise my thoughts on Albert.

Nice way to introduce Randy Orton with Perfect although Iím a little confused re: Perfect. Comments saying heís no longer the best but is perfect donít really work for me, the beauty of Perfectís character in the 90ís was that he believed in himself as being perfection. I donít think the humble approach worked for him there, I prefer his brash, confident, ďperfectĒ character a whole lot more.

Did I mention that I love goofball Angle?!

OK, Dreamer vs. Raven didnít interest me at all. Iíve enjoyed the bits youíve had so far with Raven Ė loved the Hardcore Championship steal from Maven Ė but having a fight because theyíve got previous in another now defunct company? Not for me. Youíve got to give me a reason to be interested and I donít think you have.

Nice little promo from Test and he aligns himself against Flair too. Test had so much potential in 2002 with the whole ďimmunityĒ thing and I think that could still be used. If he attacked Flair and he was fired but then pulled the immunity card, thatíd be a great way for him to really get under the skin of Flair here. I was always a Test fan but Iíd like to see the push that the WWE started in 2001 and pulled out of in 2002 given a fresh bit of momentum here.

Fuckity-fuckity-fuck. Was loving Angleís promo and Edgeís interruption and then you pulled out Benoit. Meh. Standard Divas stuff, looks like Lita is next up for Jazz. More Flair? I know he is the GM of RAW but Iím starting to get a little sick of him now!

The aftermath of the main event was mental and so chaotic but Flair is taking charge a little with how things went down. Not really sure how much it advanced things between Austin and Taker but glad to see their title match will be on RAW which should mean weíre going to get some advancement on how things are going to work out going forward with them as the next PPV approaches.

Reading this back, Iíve been pretty critical but I think Iíve said what I felt at the end of each segment and how it interests me as a reader. For me, thereís still not enough to get excited about, itís still just a good, solid show and it lacks a really interesting storyline to really hook me in. There is potential in some stories, i.e. Flairís struggle to earn respect as the GM, the NWO's presence and Taker/Austin but I just think you need something thatís going to make people sit up and take notice of it and really want to come back and read this as soon as the next RAW is posted. Iíve read other threads youíve done and simply producing a decent show is not really where youíre at no more; youíre completely adapt at the basics of a show and now you need to come up with something to show that this is awesome and that youíre the man here on BT. I donít know, I just havenít felt it yet; RAW just seems very formulaic right now.

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NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...

Thank you sir. The one thing I will say in defense of some of my creative choices are I have long term plans for almost everyone featured on my show, and if you ask anyone who's worked with me.. I'm very finicky when it comes to details and being realistic. I'm trying to get where WWF was at this time, to where I want it to be. Some of my stories may have a slow burn before they finally explode! Which I guess could be off putting to readers. Still appreciate the kind words and critiques. Really hope you keep reading.

PS- in regards to Chris Benoit.
I understand where you and anyone who feels the same way are coming from. But again it comes back to my annoying desire to be as realistic as possible. Benoit was still around in 2002 and was on the rise. In my 2007 thread I almost booted up before this one, I did erase him as it took place mere months before everything that happened, but for this time period he was too vital a character for me to leave out completely. I hope you can understand that side of it from me and not let his future use in my show hinder the overall product.

Thanks again brother.
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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...

Originally Posted by NotoriousMEAT View Post
Thank you sir. The one thing I will say in defense of some of my creative choices are I have long term plans for almost everyone featured on my show, and if you ask anyone who's worked with me.. I'm very finicky when it comes to details and being realistic. I'm trying to get where WWF was at this time, to where I want it to be. Some of my stories may have a slow burn before they finally explode! Which I guess could be off putting to readers. Still appreciate the kind words and critiques. Really hope you keep reading.

PS- in regards to Chris Benoit.
I understand where you and anyone who feels the same way are coming from. But again it comes back to my annoying desire to be as realistic as possible. Benoit was still around in 2002 and was on the rise. In my 2007 thread I almost booted up before this one, I did erase him as it took place mere months before everything that happened, but for this time period he was too vital a character for me to leave out completely. I hope you can understand that side of it from me and not let his future use in my show hinder the overall product.

Thanks again brother.
I don't think it's off-putting, I just think that in setting up for big things in the future, which I'm guessing means Summerslam, you've got to have enough in the current stuff. Like I said, don't take the criticisms too much to heart as the show is good, it just needs a bit more to make it excellent. I think some of the stuff seems a bit repetitive with all the attacks and stuff and there isn't a story that is set apart from the others.

As for Benoit, I understand realism but I think Benoit needs to be made an exception; if you have to keep him for realism, do that but then have him fail to recover from injury and retire him or something. That keeps it realistic. What I think bugs me is the push he's going to get here. It won't stop me reading but it does put me off and I don't think I can read the segments glorifying him. Sure, great wrestler at that time but his actions as a man mean he doesn't deserve any recognition for that, IMO.
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WWF SmackDown April 25th 2002 - Champions Collide
*** Video Package ***

We begin SmackDown with a recap of the events of Backlash first the unsuccessful Intercontinental Championship defense by Rob Van Dam which resulted in Eddie Guerrero capturing the title as well as Goldust accidentally screwing over Booker T. Jeff Hardy's gutsy performance against Brock Lesnar is also highlighted although the beast's ultimate victory is given plenty of attention. After this we see the UnAmericans attack Hulk Hogan and throwing him off the stage followed by his eventual return only for Big Show to tag himself in and loose the match. After the recap of Show turning on Hogan and him being carted off on a stretcher we see Triple H retaining the WWF Championship over Chris Jericho in the no holds barred match. We cut to the SmackDown Intro!

*** End Video Package ***

Top of the Totem Pole

SmackDown opens up with the traditional pyro and fanfare as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to SmackDown as the fallout from Backlash will be felt tonight. The owner of SmackDown Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring to an overwhelming negative reaction as he looks around power walking to the ring. Vince steps in the ring and grabs the mic as goes to speak.

"At Backlash I will hand it to Triple H, he did impress me with his title defense against Chris Jericho. However here on SmackDown I want there to be constant competition. I want Triple H's title defences to become harder and harder so his defense at Backlash will be a walk in the park compared to the WWF Championship match at Judgement Day so right now I would like to invite out the champion Triple H!"

The Game makes his way out with the WWF Title slung over his shoulder as the fans give him a warm welcome. He poses on the turnbuckles before grabbing a mic. He tells Vince that he's willing to face anyone on the SmackDown brand so whoever his challenger is he'll beat him because he's the best in the business. Vince laughs and says that at Judgement Day he won't have to worry about one challenger because he will have to face four of them! And that match will be a ladder match. Hunter seems to be pleased with the announcement and asks who his challengers are. Vince reveals that a two qualifiers will take place as Rob Van Dam faces Lance Storm and the new Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero will face....... Triple H and if he wins he gets in the match. Hunter says he'll kick Eddie's ass as the announcers hype tonight's huge matches as well as the Judgement Day Match.


As we come back the UnAmericans are making their way to the ring. Christian gets the mic and talks about how they killed Hulkamania and that their soon gonna bring the WWF Championship into their camp at Judgement Day. Lance Storm goes to speak but Rob Van Dam interrupts him and makes his way to the ring as the first qualifying match gets underway right now!

1. Judgement Day Qualifier: Lance Storm (with Christian) vs Rob Van Dam

The match gets off to a quick start as the two ECW alumni begin to exchange stiff kicks as Tazz recounts that these two actually faced each other on the first ECW pay per view, Barely Legal and that it was Rob Van Dam who won on that night. RVD has the advantage right now as well as he hits a rotating leg drop and goes for the rolling thunder but Lance rolls out of the ring and consults Christian but this time wasting costs him as RVD dives into the both of them resulting in all three men being layed out at ring side. Lance Storm actually manages to recover first as it seems Christian took the brunt of the punishment and before RVD has the chance to recover Lance rams him into the steel steps and heads into the ring expecting a count out victory but RVD makes it back just in time only to be met with a German suplex by Storm. Lance goes on a long period of offence but never quite manages to put RVD away.

Storm then tries for the super kick but RVD catches it and in reply gives a big spin kick sending the Canadian crashing to the canvas. Rob then hits the rolling thunder to a big pop and covers......... but only manages a two count. RVD heads up top but a momentary distraction by Christian allows Lance to hit a superplex on Mr Thursday Night. Lance then locks in the Maple Lead and just about manages to crawl to the ropes before having to tap. Lance then goes for another super kick but RVD ducks and hits the Van Daminator sans chair. Rob climbs the ropes and kicks Christian off the apron who was distracting him and nails the five star frog splash. He covers.... 1..... 2..... 3!

Winner at 9:51, Rob Van Dam

Highlights from the match.

RVD joins Triple H in the ladder match at Judgement Day! He celebrates as the UnAmericans leave in disgust. Cole and Tazz hype the next match which is Tajiri vs Kidman round 2 in their best of 5 series for the cruiserweight championship!


Odd Couple Continues

Backstage Lillian Garcia is with Booker T. She asks him about the whole debacle with Goldust costing him the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash and the fact that tonight he has to team with him against Chris Jericho and the Big Show. He replies:

" Goldust did cost me the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash and I would be lying to ya if I said I wasn't pissed off. I know what your trying to do Goldust and quite frankly I don't care about your insecurities of always needing a friend of whatever but you are looking in the wrong place and especially after what you did at Backlash. I presume it was McMahon's stupid idea to team us up tonight but the team is strictly business you got that! We may be tag team partners Goldust but we ain't friends. As for Chris Jericho and Big Show I hope your ready for a Texas sized ass kicking now can you dig that!"

Booker leaves as we see Goldust appear from the background and walk into view shaking his head. We head over to a brief recap of the Backlash pre show where Billy Kidman gained a 1-0 advantage over Tajiri in the series of the cruiserweight championship after the Japanese Buzzsaw accidentally spit mist in the eyes of Torrie Wilson. Tajiri is already making his way to the ring dragging his cruiserweight championship in one hand and Torrie Wilson in the other. Kidman comes to the ring shortly afterwards and we are on!

2. Match 2 in the best of 5 series for the Cruiserweight Championship: Tajiri (c) vs Billy Kidman

The match gets off to a hot start as Kidman dives straight into the ring and takes out Tajiri with a cross body and the two start exchanging holds as Cole hypes that this kind of cruiserweight action that is exclusive to SmackDown. Kidman chucks Tajiri to the outside and goes to dive through the ropes but Tajiri gets his feet up and nails Kidman in the face with a huge kick that sends him tumbling to the outside. Before Kidman has a chance to recover Tajri hits a trademark Asayee moonsault that floors Billy while Tajiri taunts to the crowd and rolls Billy back into the ring.

Tajiri then begins to work over Kidman with his standard evil kicks and finishes up with a double under hook suplex which seems to be a cause for concern for Torrie Wilson who's at ring side. Tajiri then locks in the tarantula on Kidman but he escapes and as Tajiri charges at him lifts the Japanese native up for a BK bomb. Kidman heads up top but Tajiri is too fast and hits a Frankensteiner. Tajiri covers but only gets two. He wastes no time nailing a brain buster but again only manages a two count. Tajiri looks to spit the mist again but Torrie stops him! Tajiri looks like he's about to kick her but he ducks and Billy accidentally hits her. He then turns around and gets nailed with a Buzzsaw kick for the win.

Winner at 8:21 and levelling the series 1-1, Tajiri

Highlights from the Match

After the match before the medics can attend to Torrie, Tajiri slings her over his shoulder and charges to the back. Kidman looks tired and angry back in the ring as Cole hypes that the Big Show will speak about his actions at Backlash next.


Big Hero

As we come back an incredibly angry Big Show is making his way to the ring as the fans heavily boo the worlds largest athletes as replays of his attack on Hulk Hogan at Backlash play over the titantron. Show grabs the mic and now with a more smug expression on his face goes to speak:

"You fans aren't meant to be booing me! Don't you understand what I've done. I've become your hero. I vanquished Hulkamania forever because its a selfish old concept that breeds hatred. It should be illegal to be a Hulkamaniac! It's like a disease and all your pathetic little minds have become infected with it. Don't you see that I helped you by eliminating Hogan at Backlash. You can all recover and move on because that's what I did at Backlash, I moved on from believing the bs that Hogan has been sprouting for so many years. I singled handedly fought the UnAmericans because of his dumb ass mistake and then when he decides to rejoin the match it ends up costing us the victory. This isn't about America anymore Hulk this about the idea that your some kind of hero becuase your not Hogan. You are nothing and I'm the hero now. I get to be in movies now Hulk, I get all the girls, the merchandise and I get the key to your proverbial palace of Hulkamania. I'm gonna enter that place and burn the son of a bitch to the ground and build a new one that will be twice the size and will reflect the huge legacy I've created! I am your hero now and if you don't like it then I dare you to stop me!"

Show throws the mic as the commentators note that Show has completely lost it. Chris Jericho makes his entrance next and despite last night's loss he looks pretty positive as he gets in the ring. He shakes Big Show hand and semi-sarcastically calls him a hero. Goldust is out next reluctantly followed by Booker. Before the unlikely partners make it to the ring Big Show storms to the outside and takes out Booker so Goldust starts brawling with Show. Booker begins to recover and the two begin to double team the giant until Chris Jericho joins the brawl as the four men continue to fight. Cole hypes that these two will have a tag match after the break.


3. Booker T and Goldust vs Chris Jericho and Big Show

As we come back from break we get a brief recap of what happened during the adverts as eventually the brawl was calmed down and the match began. Right now Chris Jericho are in the ring exchanging moves. Booker hits a vertical suplex and tries a Harlem side kick but Jericho ducks. Booker then turns round and walk straight into a spinning sleeper slam before Jericho tags in Big Show. The giant wastes to time hitting a side walk slam and tries a choke slam while screaming that he's a hero but Booker counters and hits a DDT. He then tries the axe kick but Show lifts him up and tries a power bomb but Booker drops behind and tags in Goldust. He has little time to get started however as he walks straight into a big boot from Big Show.

The match becomes a lot more one sides from this point as the big hoot seems to have stunned Goldust and thrown him off his game. Show hits a side slam as Jericho hits an elbow drop while Booker is accidentally distracting the referee. Jericho is now tagged in and following a close kick out he locks in the walls of Jericho on Goldust. Goldust is nowhere near the ropes and doesn't have the strength to fight out so desperately crawls to make the tag and manages to make it and kick Jericho off. Booker unloads on Y2J with side kicks and even hits a missile drop kick. Booker does his signature taunt but before he does the spinaroonie Goldust tags himself in. Booker goes to yell at him but instead Goldust does the spinaroonie. Booker almost looks impressed but this show boating costs them as Big Show charges in and hits a double choke slam levelling both man and hurling Booker outside. Jericho locks in the walls on Goldust and he has no choice but to tap.

Winners at 12:03 (including break), Chris Jericho and Big Show

Booker T and Goldust before the match

After the match the heels celebrate while an irate Booker T recovers on the outside. Goldust crawls to ringside to talk to Booker but he's already limping up the ramp as Goldust tries to keep up. The announcers hype up the stakes in the champion vs champion match later tonight.


In at the Deep End

As we come back from commercial we head straight to Vince McMahon's office where Maven is standing by. McMahon enters arrogantly as usual and puts his hand on Maven's shoulder and says:

"Maven I traded you to SmackDown because I saw something in you kid. I reckon you could become a star. So tonight you have a golden opportunity to elevate yourself from 'Tough Enough winner' Maven to 'Future World Champion' Maven. Of course your task will not be easy and no one else has it done since he arrived in the WWF but I believe you can do it Maven I reckon you've got a shot at beating Brock Lesnar! Now get out there kid and make yourself famous. Oh and that match starts right now!"

Maven looks completely stunned as he hears Brock Lesnar's music hit,as we cut to the entrance way where Brock Lesnar is coming out with Paul Heyman by his side and has a sick grin on his face. After they get in the ring Maven reluctantly comes out onto the stage and makes his way down to the ring. He gets up on the ring apron and looks hesitant but gets in the ring as the bell rings.

4. Brock Lesnar vs Maven

Maven gets bowled over straight away by a huge inside out clothesline from Lesnar. Brock starts pummelling away on a grounded Maven before picking him up and dumping him down with a power slam. Brock then hits a release German suplex and again stomps away at Maven. Lesnar hits a fall away slam and a few other offensive manoeuvres before going for a power bomb. However Maven counters into a roll up and gets two! Maven hits a few offensive moves before heading up top but Brock catches him and slams him down not once, twice but three times! One F-5 later and it's over!

Winner at 4:02, Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman gives advice to Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman claps at ringside and screams at Brock to do it again which he does planting Maven with a second F-5 as the announcers admonish Lesnar's actions. Heyman gets in the ring as Brock stands next to him looking defiant.
Heyman then gets on the mic:

"Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and what you've just witnessed is just the latest in a long line of beat downs that my client Brock Lesnar will continue to give as long as he's in the World Wrestling Federation. Jeff Hardy isn't here tonight and you won't be seeing him for a while because Brock Lesnar destroyed him like he destroyed Maven just now. No one on SmackDown can even compare to Lesnar and it's only a matter of time before he becomes WWF Champion. Now Brock I want you to destroy Maven again!"

Brock goes to pick up Maven again until the music of the APA hits! Brock dumps Maven out of the ring as Faarooq charges down the ramp and walks straight into a fall away slam from Lesnar. However help is at hand as Bradshaw makes his way to ringside and he's got a steel chair in hand! Brock then grins at Bradshaw as he leaves the ring. Bradshaw contemplates chasing after Brock but instead tends to his partner as Brock and Heyman leave up the ramp as Cole hypes the main event that happens after the commercial as Eddie Guerrero faces Triple H and if Eddie wins he's in the ladder match at Judgement Day.



Following the hype video for Batista we cut back to Vince McMahon's office where the UnAmericans barge in and demand a tag title shot. Vince asks them to explain why and they point out their victory over Hogan and Big Show at Backlash but Vince counters and mentions Storm's loss to Rob Van Dam earlier in the night. Christian raises the fact that they are the best team to bring the tag titles to SmackDown and Vince agrees and guarantees them a title shot in the near future. The UnAmericans both shake Vince's hands as they leave the office celebrating

Backstage elsewhere Rob Van Dam is leaving the arena but is blindsided by Eddie Guerrero! The new intercontinental champ batters his predecessor with the title belt that sends him to the floor and guarantees that he won't ever take the Intercontinental Championship from him and he'll make sure that in the ladder match he never even gets close to the WWF Championship because he's going to win it and become a double champion. And that is a guarantee.

We cut back to the arena where Cole and Tazz recap Mr McMahon announcing this historic title match at the top of the show in the spirit of competition. A recap of Rob Van Dam beating Lance Storm and qualifying is also shown. Triple H makes his entrance to loud cheers and looks as intense as usual. As he poses on the turnbuckle Eddie Guerrero cockily makes his way to the ring wearing his Intercontinental Championship belt with pride. He gets in the ring as the bell rings.

5. Judgement Day Qualifier: Triple H vs Eddie Guerrero

The two champions are in the ring and they begin to slowly circle each other. Eddie feigns going for the first move but eventually they go face to face. Hunter is staring intensely at Eddie just waiting for him to make a move. Guerrero goes to shake Hunter's hand but instead cockily smirks before slapping Triple H right in the mouth. Hunter then goes for a clothesline which Eddie ducks and Trips turns around and gets surprised with a monkey flip but Hunter soon recovers and gets straight back onto his feet and another stand off ensues. Eventually Hunter makes the first move and hits a successful high knee which downs Eddie as Triple H punches him on the canvas. Guerrero recovers quickly and pushes Triple H off into the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl head scissors on the rebound but before Triple H collapses to the mat Eddie delivers a brutal back breaker. Eddie then drop kicks Triple H to the outside and dives over the ropes leaving both men laid out on the floor as we head to break.

The start of the match


As we come back highlights of the break are shown where Eddie has been mostly in control save for a few hope spots by Triple H. Eddie gets Hunter in the corner and knees him in the back a few times and then tries a German suplex but Hunter goes behind and tries a back suplex but Eddie lands on his feet and as Triple H turns around Guerrero synchs in a front face lock and hits a bridging Northern Lights suplex and has Trips shoulders pinned to the mat!






Hunter resiliently kicks out much to the annoyance of Eddie. Arrogantly Eddie beats his chest while shouting 'Viva La Raza' much to the fans behest. Guerrero locks in an arm bar and wrenches back on it as hard as he can but eventually Triple H begins to recover and stands up and gives Eddie a back breaker. Triple H then whips Eddie into the ropes and tries a face buster but Eddie catches him with a tilt a whirl DDT planting Hunter's face right into the mat. The impact of this move sends Triple H rolling to the outside.


Guerrero looks at the crowd and gestures cheekily to them before hurling himself over the ropes with a cross body nailing Triple H.



Both men are wiped out on the floor.


Guerrero is up first and he rams Triple H right into the guard rail.


Eddie then Irish whips Hunter right into the steel steps!


Guerrero then cockily makes his way back into the ring antagonising the fans as Triple H is still laid out.



Hunter is beginning to get up but Guerrero believes that he's already qualified for the match at Judgement Day.


Hunter is grasping onto the apron, but does he have enough left in him?



Triple H makes it back into the ring but Eddie sees him and starts hitting the three amigos but on the third one turns it into a devastating brain buster! Eddie covers:






Again Triple H powers out as the Intercontinental Champion looks unable to put away the WWF Champion. The announcers put over that this is Eddie's only chance to qualify as Guerrero frustratingly locks on a chin lock plotting his next move. He tries a power bomb but Hunter counters with a back body drop which sends Eddie to the apron. Triple H charges at him Latino Heat greets him with a kick to the gut. Eddie spring boards over the apron and attempts a diving attack but he gets caught by the game who nails an impressive double a spine buster. Triple H covers!







Now it's Eddie's turn to show a bit of perseverance as he kicks out of one of Triple H's signature moves. The champion looks frustrated as we cut to Vince McMahon in the back seemingly watching this match with keen interest. Back in the ring Triple H is signalling for the pedigree but Eddie dodges it and drop kicks Hunter to the outside. The referee goes to check on Triple H allowing Eddie to undo the turn buckle padding. Triple H quickly gets back in the ring and Guerrero tries whipping the game into the exposed steel but it gets countered and Eddie eats the steel. The referee notices the undone padding as Triple H goes for the pedigree but again Guerrero worms his way out of it and heads up top. The referee is doing the padding back up as Triple H also climbs the turnbuckle but Guerrero catches him with a LOW BLOW! Eddie chastises the crowd and delivers an awesome frog splash right to the gut of Triple H. With the referee finally having done up the padding Eddie covers Hunter!








Winner at 19:26, (including commercials) Eddie Guerrero

Eddie wins! Guerrero pulls one over on the game albeit bending the rules slightly and qualifies for Judgement Day. Eddie slithers out of the ring as Triple H begins to recover and the champ looks irate as Eddie makes his way to the stage where Vince McMahon steps out with a huge grin on his face. He shakes Guerrero's hand and takes the mic.

"Triple H, you've been on top far too long here in the WWF and on Vince McMahon's SmackDown I don't want you on top. I drafted you here because I wanted you to prove me right that you didn't deserve your position and low and behold you lost to the intercontinental champion here tonight. Which is why I am announcing right here, right now that you Mr Guerrero will clash again in singles action in two weeks time except then it will be for the WWF Championship to see who heads into the ladder match with the title around their waist. This is SmackDown where their is competition not chaos!"

Vince smiles as Triple H looks pretty pissed off and invites Eddie back into the ring. Guerrero mouths 'not tonight esse' and leaves. SmackDown ends with Triple H irate in the ring as the announcers hype the huge title matches in the future.

Judgment Day
May 19th, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee
Gaylord Entertainment Center

*Confirmed Matches*

Number One Contenders Match
Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

WWF Championship Ladder Match:
Triple H (c) vs Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam vs TBD vs TBD

*More TBA*

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