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Old 05-11-2014, 12:47 PM
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Default WWF 2002: The Brand Extension

(presented by NotoriousMEAT & cmuk316)

As ordered by WWF CEO Linda McMahon and the Board of Directors, in response to the growing friction between WWF co-owners Vince McMahon and Ric Flair, the World Wrestling Federation will from here on out be representing its business through two separate brands, RAW and SmackDown. After personal conflicts between WWF Co-Owner Ric Flair and WWF Superstar The Undertaker, the Board found it necessary to return full ownership of the World Wrestling Federation to Mr. McMahon. Now after reviewing the situation and more importantly after speaking with Mr. Flair who has guaranteed he will refrain from anymore in ring action with active WWF Superstars, the Board of Directors find it only fair to give each owner full reign of control of their respective brands.

Therefor, Ric Flair will be in control of the RAW brand while Mr. McMahon runs things on SmackDown. The WWF roster will be split between the brands after the first ever WWE Draft, the results of which can be seen below. This brand extension takes full effect on Monday April 1st when WWF RAW emanates from Albany, New York. In order to avoid any future conflict, the Board has also decided to separate the WWF Undisputed Championship giving each brand it's own World Champion. Further details of this change are expected to be announced this Monday on RAW.

The only time the RAW and SmackDown brands are expected to interact are at the monthly WWF Pay-Per-Views. This is when the WWF as a whole will truly shine and each brand is expected to give their best, and prove superiority. The Pay-Per-View schedule for the next year can also be found below.

After a draft held at WWE Headquarters where Mr. McMahon and Mr. Flair alternated in selecting superstars, the rosters for the RAW and SmackDown brands are as follows..

Owner: Ric Flair
Commentary: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
D-Von Dudley
Diamond Dallas page
The Hurricane
Kevin Nash (nWo)
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Mr. Perfect
Scott Hall (nWo)
Spike Dudley
Stacy Keibler
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Trish Stratus
William Regal
X-Pac (nWo)

WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy & Chuck
WWF European Champion: William Regal
WWF Hardcore Champion: Maven
WWF Women's Champion: Jazz

Owner: Vince McMahon
Commentary: Michael Cole & Tazz

Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho
D-Lo Brown
Eddie Guerrero
Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Jeff Hardy
Lance Storm
Rob Van Dam
The Rock
Scotty 2 Hotty
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H

WWF Undisputed Champion: Triple H
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
WWF Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri
Old 05-11-2014, 12:48 PM
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TWITTER: @Son_Broku
Comedy Jobber For Life: AKA Santino
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Oklahoma
Age: 26
Posts: 310
NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...

Pay-Per-View schedule

April 21st, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri
Kemper Memorial Arena

Judgment Day
May 19th, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee
Gaylord Entertainment Center

King of the Ring
June 23rd, 2002
Columbus, Ohio
Nationwide Arena

July 21st, 2002
Detroit, Michigan
Joe Louis Arena

August 25th, 2002
Uniondale, New York
Nassau Coliseum

September 22nd, 2002
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center

No Mercy
October 20th, 2002
Little Rock, Arkansas
Alltel Arena

Survivor Series
November 17th, 2002
New York, New York
Madison Square Garden

December 15th, 2002
Sunrise, Florida
Office Depot Center

Royal Rumble
January 19th, 2003
Boston Massachusetts
Fleet Center

No Way Out
February 23rd, 2003
Montreal, Quebec
Bell Centre

WrestleMania XIX
March 30th, 2003
Seattle, Washington
Safeco Field

Old 05-11-2014, 12:52 PM
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TWITTER: @Son_Broku
Comedy Jobber For Life: AKA Santino
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Oklahoma
Age: 26
Posts: 310
NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...
Default RAW April 1st, 2002 (1/2)

April 1st, 2002
Albany, New York

The 8 o'clock hour strikes. The new WWF programming signature plays, signaling the show has begun. The first face we see is that of WWF co-owner Ric Flair. The "Nature Boy" appears in his office, sitting at a desk with his nameplate front and center.

Ric Flair: "Ladies and gentleman my name.. is Ric Flair. Tonight I'm not "co"-owner of the World Wrestling Federation. Tonight, just like so many other nights over the last 30 years, I'm THE man. Monday nights from here on out are McMahon free! A new era in the WWF is upon on us, and it starts tonight. THIS! ... is RAW."

Flair flashes a smile before we suddenly rip into the brand new RAW entrance video..

At the video's conclusion we quickly go inside the arena which is packed to the rafters with rowdy and excited WWF fans! We're greeted by the familiar voices of Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. JR thanks everyone for inviting the WWF into their homes and welcomes them to RAW live from Albany, New York. JR informs the viewing audience that he has no list of announced segments or confirmed matches for tonights show. It appears Ric Flair is keeping things very close to the vest tonight, which the King insists will make for an exciting night. No more time is wasted talking as the contestants for the night's opening match make their way to the ring.

First, the unmistakeable theme music of the Hardy Boyz! Matt Hardy makes his way out onto the stage flanked by his girlfriend Lita! Unfortuantely Jeff Hardy was drafted to the SmackDown brand, meaning the end of Team eXtreme and one of the WWF's most popular tag teams. But Matt Hardy's face shows that of a focused man, fully aware of the opportunities in front of him to become a true singles star! Next through the curtain is Matt's opponent for the evening and it happens to be the towering Canadian known as Test!

Match 1
Matt Hardy
(w/ Lita) vs Test

RAW kicks off with quick action as these two superstars don't spend too much time feeling each other out or chain wrestling. Test is looking for some ground and pound, but the quicker Hardy does his best to avoid the attacks and strike when he can. Classic stick and move. Despite his best efforts though, Test is eventually to put Hardy down with stick Big Boot! Matt stays resilient throughout a brief offensive beatdown from his larger opponent. Lita keeps to her own on the outside of the ring, she's here to support Matt, not fight his fights for him. With great support from the crowd, Matt is able to turn the tables by fending off a top rope superplex attempt from Test by pushing him down to the mat. Hardy follows that up with a huge Leg Drop from that top rope that seals the victory!

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Matt Hardy
The crowd is estactic as Matt celebrates his victory with Lita holding his arm up high. Ross praises Hardy for his fighting spirit while the ornery Lawler implies Matt won't amount to anything without his brother. As the victor and his girl exit the ring we go backstage to the parking lot area as a blacked out SUV pulls into the arena's restricted parking. Just as Ross questions who could possibly be inside, Scott Hall steps out of the vehicle which brings a hiss out of the crowd. With the car door left open, X-Pac slides out of the car behind Hall while Kevin Nash is seen getting out of the passenger seat. The trio all give a nod to each out and X-Pac lets out an annoying chuckle as the group leave the SUV behind them and head inside the arena. The nWo has arrived! With this we go to our first commercial break.

A WrestleMania X8 recap promoting the upcoming VHS and DVD release of the huge event runs right before we come back from break. When we do, we're inside the locker room where Lita is this hyped from the victory. Matt Hardy however has his eyes glued to a nearby TV set that's obviously playing RAW.

Hardy: "That. I want that."

Lita: "What?"

Hardy: "Hogan. Rock. Undertaker. Flair. Jericho. Triple H. All those faces I just saw. WrestleMania. I want that. I want my face, to be WrestleMania. Not just with Jeff. Not with ladders or chairs or tables. I'm ready for it."

Lita: "You're gonna get there Matt! I know it. This is your chance on RAW."

Lita embraces her boyfriend who is now smiling. Matt nods in agreement as we switch over and see William Regal walking down a hallway. He's in his gear and proudly wears the European Champions around his waist. The door he approaches is clearly labeled "RIC FLAIR" but before Regal can knock, Flair steps out of his office, almost surprised to see Regal in front of him.

Flair: "Regal what are you doin here? You.."

Regal: "Mr. Flair I know I know, I just had to see you."

Flair: "Okay, but.."

Regal: "Now I know this is your first night captaining the ship, and I know that power and the responsibility of total control can be well, overwhelming."

Flair: "Yeah?"

Regal: "And well, I don't know if you remember but I am a former WWF Commissioner and the leadership role is a position I'm very comfortable with. So if you need any advice or help at all, don't be afraid to ask."

Flair: "That's mighty kind of you Mr. Regal, but you do have a match literally right now. So how bout you focus on that, and I tell ya what. When the job is just getting to be too much for me, I'll come find ya. Maybe even let you run the whole show one night."

Regal: "Absolutely sir! Thank you."

William shakes Flair's hand then scurries away for his match. Flair chuckles and shakes his head before walking out of frame. Lawler proclaims that Regal is a leader he could follow and suggests that adding the former commissioner to his cabinet would be the smartest thing Flair ever did. A moment later Regal's music begins to play and the European Champion trots out onto the stage. He starts down the ramp when "WOOOOO!" rips through the speakers. Ric Flair's music interupts Regal's entrance and the confused Englishman stops dead in his tracks and turns to see his new boss come out with mic in hand. With a huge smile on his face Flair waives Regal over to him.

Flair: "Hold up hold up, come back."

The music comes to a stop as Regal and his forced smile approach Flair.

Flair: "Ya know William, it's really quite funny that you came and found me a minute ago, because I was actually out here on my way to find YOU! Now I know your European Championship isn't on the line, but I'm happy you brought the title out here with you tonight, because I'm gonna need you to hand it to me.. right now."

This gets a rise out of the crowd, they're not too sure whats going on and obviously neither does Regal who demands to know why.

Flair: "Now now, as valiantly as you and other great superstars have fought for that European Championship, I really feel that it's run it's course here in the World Wrestling Federation. I admit I was a little agitated to see the Intercontinental Championship drafted to SmackDown, but then I was struck with a grand idea. RAW is MY show. Not only can I create a new legacy, I can also continue one."

William Regal looks distraught as Flair reaches out for the European Champion. Regal doesn't let it go, and Flair all but yanks it away. Folding the the title's straps, Flair now holds the championship under his arm.

Flair: "As of now the European Championship, is retired. Beginning next week, I bring exclusive to RAW.. the United States Championship! Now nothing personal to Europe or it's amazing fans.. but the United States Heavyweight Championship has been a staple in wrestling almost as long as Ric Flair baby. Tonight I'm taking every available superstar who once held the prestigeous United States Championship, and they're gonna compete. Three 1-on-1 matches, which each winner meeting next week in a Triple Threat match to determine the brand new WWF United States Champion!"

The fans approve of the announcement with roar of cheers. William Regal on the other hand is completely flabbergasted.

Flair: "Now Mr. Regal, I was just informed that my new power can be rather overwhelming, so to make sure everything is fair, even though you have never been United States Champion, I'm going to allow you as incumbent European Champion to compete tonight in one of these matches for a shot at the title next week. Fair?"

Regal is obvioulsy irritated but has no other choice but to accept Flair's proposal.

Flair: "Excellent. Well your match is still next so, as you were."

William Regal's music again plays as Flair turns and exits the stage. Still not totally sure what just happened, Regal makes his way down to the ring for his qualifying match. "You think you know me.." the signature opening for one of WWF's most popular young stars, Edge! The canadian superstar emerges from the smoked, covered in his largel leather coat and hidden behind his sunglasses. With a huge smile on his face, Edge heads to the ring for an international battle to challenge for the U.S. title.

Match 2
United States Championship Qualifying Match
William Regal vs Edge

The suprising announcement and being suddenly stripped of his most prized possesion has clearly left Regal off his game. Edge takes the early advantage in the match and no matter how hard the rugged veteran tries, Regal just can't take control. Eventually Regal is able to sneak in a low blow! He immediately rolls Edge down into a pin with a handful of tights.... KICKOUT! Edge gets his shoulder up before the three and Regal just cannot believe it. He briefly argues with the official which gives his opponent too much time to recover. Regal turns and is caught with a spinning heel kick! Both men hit the mat, but make it back up to their feet together. Edge catches Regal with a gut kick, then drops him with the Edgecution DDT! William Regal's bad night just got worse as the ref counts the 3.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Edge
As Edge celebrates his victory we go to commercial. When we come back from break JR and The King recap Flair's big announcement and replay Edge's victory over Regal. Lawler cannot believe the injustice Regal just suffered and questions Flair ability to handle the pressure of running RAW. Backstage Flair is back in his office conversing with his friend and confidant Arn Anderson. They appear to be happy with the announcement of the United States Championship's return and like how things have gone so far on RAW. BAM! The sound of Flair's door busting open disrupts the conversation and soon after, The Undertaker steps into view. Flair and Anderson both come to their feet. Three weeks removed from their bloody WrestleMania fight, the boiling hatred between Undertaker and Flair is still very real.

Flair: "What do you want Taker?"

The Deadman removes his sunglasses and places them on his head, tucked behind his bandana. He glares at Arn Anderson before his gaze moves back to Flair.

Undertaker: "You finally have a chance to get me out of your life for good. You just had to let me be drafted to SmackDown. But instead.. you keep me here."

Flair: "What's your point."

Undertaker: "I'll tell you my point. I figure you drafted me for one of two reasons. No matter how many times I punched you in the head, you must still realize the legend I've built over the last 12 years on whether it's RAW or SmackDown.. the WWF is still my yard. Or. You wanted to keep me close so you could try and make me miserable."

Ric and Arn remain quiet. Flair's stare never wavers.

Undertaker: "I'm here to find out. I know the Undisputed Championship has been split. Are you gonna show me the respect I've earned and make me the new WWF Champion or RAW Champion or whatever.. because anything other than that.. well I'd take that as a personal insult."

There's silence. Tensions are high. Arn is now looking at Flair who is still deadlocked with The Undertaker.

Flair: "I guess you'll have to wait and see."

The Undertaker lets out a snort and lifts his head. Moving his neck his eyes soon shoot back down to Flair. It seems he's doing all he can to not strike his new boss.

Flair: "But if you want something to help you pass the time until then, I've got a hell of a main event for ya. Tonight.. you face your brother, Kane!"

It's impossible to tell if The Undertaker is upset with the match or not, his intenet expression remains the same. The fans cheer for the match announcement as Taker glances back at Arn one last time before grunting and leaving the office.

We go back out into the arena, and the historic tune of Mr. Perfect begins to play. He receives a mixed reaction from the audience. Even though the perfect one has been rather smug since his return to the WWF back at the Royal Rumble, he is still beloved by many fans who enjoy seeing such an iconic star from their youth gracing the ring today. It's announced the following match is another U.S. Championship Qualifying match. After Mr. Perfect comes Raven! The hardcore standout was at one point United States Champion in WCW. The interesting clash of a wrestling purist and an extreme legend is only overshadowed by the question of who's gonna join Edge in next week's title bout.

Match 3
United States Championship Qualifying Match
Mr. Perfect vs Raven

Mr. Perfect initially tries to wrestle with Raven, but the former ECW champion takes the FIGHT to Perfect. Though long in the tooth, Perfect can still hold his own and the match gets physical quick. After initially receiving a mixed reaction, the crowd grows more in favor of Mr. Perfect due in part to his opponent being Raven, but also out of admiration for his ability to stay in the fight. After loosening a turnbuckle pad previously in the match, Raven now succeeds in ripping the protective cover off and tossing it out of the ring, in clear vision of the official. The referee admonishes Raven is slips out of the ring to retrieve the pad. Raven too exits the ring and makes his way over to the time keepers table. With chair in hand, Raven re-enters the ring just after the ref who is having a bit of trouble re-applying the turnbuckle cover. Raven takes the opportunity to swing for the fences, but Perfect ducks the chair shot and kicks Raven square in the gut! Raven drops the chair and finds himself in danger of a Perfect -Plex. Raven reacts quickly and knee's Perfect in the gut then drops him with the Ravenflow DDT onto the steel chair! Raven pushes the chair out of the ring just as the ref finishes with the turnbuckle pad of course. The official jumps into position to make the count.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Raven
JR seems less than impressed with Raven's tactics in the match. He and Lawler recap the finishing moments of the contest as Raven doesnt waste anytime leaving. As Mr. Perfect slowly comes to, the live audience shows some respect for a hard fought battle. Unfortunately though, it's Raven moving on to the United States Championship match. As Mr. Perfect comes to his feet with his hand pressed to his head, the screen fades to black for a moment.

A return promo for the Rabid Wolverine! Chris Benoit has been out of action since June of 2001 after suffering a broken neck. When he returns, he'll be exclusive to RAW! This vignette sends up to commercial.

When we return we again recap Edge's victory earlier in the night over William Regal, and look back at Raven's win moments ago against Mr. Perfect. With that we now see Kurt Angle knocking on Ric Flair's door. Arn Anderson opens, and in the background Ric Flair can be heard saying it's okay for Angle to enter. Kurt and Flair exchange pleasantries before Angle gets right to it.

Angle: "The real reason I'm here Ric... Mr. Flair, is I know tonight you're going to announce your new Champion. I just wanted to make sure you knew I.."

Flair: "Kurt look, I appreciate you coming in here. I have a pretty good idea what you're gonna say and let me make something perfectly clear. I'm not here to GIVE anyone, anything."

Kurt's expression shows his disappointment.

Flair: "Now you have a match tonight, and it's a big opprotunity. You're competing for a chance to become United States Champion next week on RAW!"

Angle nods, but still doesn't seem satisfied. He grabs hold of the gold medal around his neck, almost as reassurance.

Angle: "I know. And I intend to win that match, and the match after that. I'll be United States Champion on top of being an American Hero. But Mr. Flair, as great as it is being an American Hero.. nothing beats, being WORLD Champion. You know that. So, when you have the chance if you could.."

Flair starts nodding.

Flair: "Oh I know Kurt, I know. But you may wanna go do some final warm-ups before your match later, don'tcha think?"

Angle finally takes the hint and turns his head, pausing for a moment before exiting the office. Flair and Arn converse quietly for a moment before the sound of bombs falling from the sky tears across the arena. Turns out it's the pyro for the Dudley Boyz! And after it crashes into the stage, Bubba Ray and D-Von come rolling onto the stage. Flanked by the Dutchess of Dudleyville Stacy Keibler, the dynamic duo waste no time in getting to the ring. Their opponents for the evening are none other than the WWF Tag Team Champions, Billy & Chuck. Accompanied by their stylist Rico, the champs find their way to the ring after an uncomfortable amount of time admiring each other, and the match gets underway.

Match 4
Non-Title Match
Dudley Boyz
(w/ Stacy Keibler) vs Billy & Chuck (w/ Rico)

The majority of the match is fairly back and forth. Though the Dudleyz are the more experienced team, Billy & Chuck didn't just find the tag team titles! But even the champs can lose control. The Dudley Boyz flow as such a well oiled machine and have their opponents on the ropes. With Chuck disposed outside the ring, the Dudleyz stalk Billy, no doubt setting up the 3D! Luckily for the champs, Rico isn't the type of stylist to stand by and watch, and he's quickly up on the apron doing all he can to get the referee's and Dudleys attention. While this works for the moment, Rico also grabs the attention of little Spike Dudley who comes charging down the ramp and yanks Rico down off the apron. He grabs hold of the stylist's head and runs up the steel steps before turning and dropping him to the floor with the Dudley Dog! Billy can't believe what just happened and turns away only to be lifted into the air, and quickly floored with the 3D! D-Von quickly jumps over to cover the fallen champion.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Dudley Boyz
The Dudleyz celebrate their victory as the Tag Team Champions lick their wounds outside the ring. We go backstage where Johnathan Coachman stands with mic in hand.

Coachman: "Please welcome my guest, former European Champion, William Regal."

The camera pans out to show Regal standing next to Coach, visibly upset.

Coachman: "Mr. Regal if you don't mind, could you tell us how you're feeling after everthing that's transpired here tonight between you being stripped of the European Champion, and losing your opportunity to beocome United States Champion?"

Silence. Frustration is written all over Regal's face. His bottom lip even begins to quiver as his breaths become louder and deeper. It looks like he's gonna explode!

Regal: "...no. I cannot."

With that Regal turns and walks away, leaving Coachman a bit perplexed. The fans though are eating up Regal's misery. JR and King have different feelings on the matter and again hype next week's championship bout. We're also reminded of tonights main event.

The Undertaker and Kane go 1-on-1 later tonight! We go to commercial.

The triumphant entrance theme of the only Olypmic Gold Medalist in WWF history brings us back from break as Kurt Angle makes his way through the curtain. Even with gold medals around his neck, Kurt's made it clear he won't be happy until he adds more gold around his waist. Though the pompous olympioan receives many jeers from the crowd, Angle pays them no mind. He's here tonight to prove himself. He wants to be THE champion. "Yo! It's me! It's me! It's D-D-P!" Diamond Dallas Page makes his way to the ring with a fair reception from the crowd. Even though he's all smiles, the former WCW United States Champion is fully aware of the opportunity in front of him tonight.

Match 5
Unites States Championship Qualifying Match
Kurt Angle vs Diamond Dallas Page

Kurt Angle is on the attack before the echo of the bell ringing even fades away. DDP is no scrub, but when an athlete the caliber of Kurt Angle wants to win this badly, very few men can prevent him from doing so. The match isn't exactly a squash, but Angle goes for the kill rather quickly. After an Angle Slam, Kurt looking to prove a point, then slaps on the Ankle Lock. DDP struggles towards the ropes for a moment, but inevitably falls short.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Kurt Angle
The fans begin to boo, and you can tell Kurt is eating it up. He insists the referee raises his arm and declares him the winner again after replays of his victory are shown over the titantron. "I'm the champion" Kurt can be heard shouting as he exits the ring. We go backstage where the collection of Dudleyz are rejoicing in their huge non-title victory over the tag team champions! Coachman steps in to try and get their reactions.

Bubba Ray: "We've been through a lot Coach, but not even as something as unpredictable as a Draft Expansion can slow down the Dudleyz. We're all here. I got my brotha! We got little Spike the biggest back up we've evah had! And even the lovely Dutchess of Dudleyville Stacy."

D-Von: "We're going to accomplish everything we want here on RAW. First those Tag Team Championships, but that's not all we want. And we will get what we want. We're by the far the superior group running through the WWF today. RAW or SmackDown. Because we're a family! Line em up, and we'll knock em down!"

Bubbay Ray: "And we WILL be starting with those Tag Team titles. Billy & Chuckles, consider yourselves on notice! Those shiny accessories of yours, are coming home to Dudleyville!"

D-Von: "Oh my brother! ... Testi..."

D-Von stops mid-sentence, unable to finish his signature sign off as all 4 Dudleyz stop and stare off screen. Before long, the nWo walk into view. X-Pac, Hall and Nash. There's a moment of silent uncertainty. No one knows what to expect from the nWo.

X-Pac: "So uh... superior? Think so huh?"

Stacy steps away as the Dudleyz, Spike inlcuded, step up to the nWo.

Spike: "You bet your ass."

Coachman now steps back as well, leaving the situation all together.

X-Pac: "Huh. Interesting."

Staredown. Who will fire the first shot. The nWo of course. Hall and Nash both lunge forward, striking Bubbay Ray and D-Von respectively. X-Pac and Spike begin going back and forth as the camera steps back a bit to catch the brawl. Bubba and D-Von get in very little offense, they were jumped and are kept on the ground. Spike actually finds himself getting the better of X-Pac, that is until big Kevin Nash grabs Spike by his shoulders and throws him into the wall! The youngest Dudley of only 150 lbs hits hard and lands on the floor motionless. Stacy screams the entire time, imploring the treacherous trio to stop. Scott Hall chuckles, pulling a toothpick from behind his ear and flicking it at the Dudleyz loyal valet. The nWo walk away glowing with pride as Stacy checks on her boys.

Terri Runnels is now posted in a different spot in the arena. She expresses her suprise at what just happened between the Dudleyz and nWo, but informs the audience that she has a guest of her own. That guest is Mr. Perfect.

Terri: "Mr. Perfect, after a grueling match that you unfortuantely were not able to win tonight, the WWF fans showed you great respect for your effort. Do moments like that help soothe the sting of such an upsetting loss?"

Mr. Perfect looks down after hearing the question, very contemplative before chinning up to answer.

Perfect: "Well.."

???: "Are kidding me!?"

A hidden voice shouts, cutting Mr. Perfect off before he can really respond. Into view walks Kurt Angle.

Angle: "Is this what RAW is going ot be all about? We're gonna ask LOSERS how it felt to LOSE and if people liking them makes LOSING any less of a LOSS?"

Kurt scoffs. The fans in attendance reach a new bass level after Kurt's comments.

Angle: "While an Olypmic gold medalist has to jump through hoops to become champion. Has to earn championship opportunities. And on top of that, these people boo ME! What a joke."

Mr. Perfect doesn't show much emotion to Kurt's verbal attack. He still visibly a bit exhausted from his match, and seems somber all together.

Angle: "This whole thing is a joke. You! "Mr. Perfect", yeah. It's not 1992. You being a champion in 2002, that's the biggest joke of them all!"

The fans can't believe the disrespect Kurt is showing to a WWF legend. Perfect just shakes his head and walks away.

Angle: "That's what I thought. Now how would you like to interview a WINNER?"

Kurt turns to Terri who also simply shakes her head and walks away, which gets a small pop from the crowd.

Angle: "Really? How disrespectful!"

Kurt scoffs again and shakes his head. We leave this scene and now see a divided screen. On one side we see The Undertaker walking down a long hall way. On the other side, his opponent for tonight Kane is making the same walk, though his hallway has a dark red tint coincidentally. JR informs everyone that the two must be making their way to the ring, because our main event is next! And with that we again go to commercial.
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Default RAW April 1st, 2002 (2/2)

When we come back, JR reveals two confirmed matches for next week's RAW from Phoenix! The first Diva's action of the Ric Flair RAW regime happens next week when Molly Holly and former Women's Champion Trish Stratus will meet in a Number One Contenders match!

And of course after tonight's announcement and three qualifying matches.. Edge, Raven and Kurt Angle will meet next week in a triple threat match to determine the NEW United States Champion!

JR reveals that he thinks Edge has a great chance of winning while King of course is 100% behind Kurt Angle. A sudden BOOM! ends all conversation as fire explodes from the stage, signaling the arrival of the Big Red Machine Kane! The masked monster makes his way right down the ramp, adjusting elbow pad before stepping up to the ring. He slowly raises his arms before thrusting them down, which naturally causes fire to explode from all 4 ring posts. Just then, Rollin' by Limp Bizkit begins to play and the crowd turns brutally hostile. The Undertaker lliterally rolls out onto the stage on top of his motorcycle. Through sunglasses he takes a minute to peer out at the crowd. Unimpressed he continues down to ringside where he parks his bike after circling Kane outside the ring. With both competitors soon in the ring, our main event is underway.

Main Event
Kane vs The Undertaker

Neither man moves from their corner after the bell rings. You can already sense the familiarity. For a half a decade these two have been everything from bitter enemies to tag team champions. There's no personal differences for this go round, but The Undertaker is looking to prove a point to Ric Flair, and demolishing his brother would be one hell of a delivery. The match is anything but a wrestling clinic. Lots of strikes and heavy blows. The two know each other so well, that neither can really grab the upper hand. The Undertaker is violent, but doesn't have to cheat. The longer the match goes, the in favor things turn for Undertaker. For the second time in the match, Taker goes for his high wire falling strike known as Old School, but Kane knows all too well. He catches Undertaker by the throat! The fans rise, as does Undertaker as he's lifted into the air and dropped with a Chokeslam!



Undertaker gets the shoulder up! The crowd groans in disappointment. Undertaker gets back into the fight, working back to taking control. He eventually finds himself grabbing hold of Kane's throat. Perhaps for a Chokeslam of his own? No way. Kane breaks the grip by forcing his arm down into Taker's. Kane then follows up with a kick into his brother's stomach. He places his opponent's head between his legs and.. no. Kane's going to attempt a Last Ride ON The Undertaker! He lifts the phenom up.. and catches a fist for his troubles. Undertaker knows Kane well enough, and aims all his strikes at the top of his head, just above the mask. This drops Kane to his back, Undertaker falling with him. Taker finds himself in a half sitting half mounted position and just keeps punching. Each shot hits the same spot above the head and the ref begins to shout for Taker to end the assault. He eventually begins the 5 count, giving Undertaker that long to stop or be disqualified. Of course Undertaker halts. The repetitive strikes and length of the match alone leaves Undertaker sucking wind. But with one glance at his fist, he finds new energy with the visual of blood. Undertaker stays on the mat, hooking up a leg hoping that was enough to keep Kane down for the three.


Not yet! Kane shoots the shoulder up and Undertaker is livid. He wastes no time getting up to his feet. He brings his little brother up with him. Just above Kane's mask, the cut from Taker's assault is visible with trickles of blood making their way down his mask. Undertaker just glares at his brother while holding him up before forcing him down between his legs just has Kane had just done to him. The Undertaker lifts him high, holding him for just a second before flooring Kane to the mat with the Last Ride! Undertaker stares down at his brother for a moment before kneeling down and laying into the cover.


Click for Spoiler:
Winner: The Undertaker
Rollin' again plays throughout the arena. The Undertaker is announced the winner, but yanks his arm away and bucks at the referee when he attempts to raise his arm. The Undertaker watches his fallen brother roll out of the ring when "WOOOOO!" cuts off Undertaker's music and brings out Ric Flair. The crowd gets excited. Is Flair here to fight? Doesn't look like it. Over his shoulder he carries a championship he's been seen carrying many times. Formerly it represented the WCW Champion, but before being unified with the WWF Championship was rechristened the World Heavyweight Championship. Flair enters the ring as his music fades away. Undertaker keeps his distance. If what he thinks is about to happen is going to happen, he knows he doesn't wanna screw it up by doing or saying something to piss Flair off.

Flair: "As promised, I'm here to reveal the decision to split the Undisputed WWF Championship, and what that means for RAW. Well.. here it is."

Ric holds the championship in the air for the entire arena to see.

Flair: "The World Heavyweight Championship. A Championship that I have literally spilled buckets of blood all over the globe to attain and keep. When the board announced their intention to separate this title from the WWF Championship, I made it perfectly clear that Ric Flair's RAW, must have this championship. This ladies and gentlemen.. is the new symbol synonymous with greatness in the WWF. RAW's ultimate prize. The World Heavyweight Championship."

Flair's passion is building the crowd's excitement. But is he really about to.. award Undertaker the title?

Flair: "Now that we've answered that question, the only question left is.. who? Well, I'll tell you all right now. I'm glad your here big man, because the very first World Heavyweight Champion is going to be..."

Of course Ric pauses. Gotta build that anticipation.

Flair: "The Undertaker."

What!? IS the general reaction of everyone in attendance. The boo's alone could collapse the arena as The Undertaker can't even hold back an evil grin as he approaches Flair who's holding out the championship. Undertaker reaches for the gold.

Flair: "Or..."


The fans freak OUT! They are absolutely falling over each other as Stone Cold Steve Austin comes marching down the ramp. The Undertaker's grin has curled up into an expression of pure rage and disgust as he steps away from Flair and Steve who enters the ring. Stone Cold though closes the gap and gets right up in The Undertaker's face. Undertaker of course doesn't back down.

Flair: "Whoa whoa hey slow down now! We're not doing this right now. But in a few weeks at Backlash. Yeah, that's when you two can tear each other apart because it will be The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin.. for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

The fans love it! Even though they'd probably rather see these two collide right here tonight, they'll accept an epic Pay-Per-View main event.

Flair: "What I need you two to do right now, is each take a step back.. and shake hands."

The people know damn well that's not going to happen, and Flair probably does too. But it appears he wants to reassure and confirm his ability of complete control over RAW. Stone Cold doesn't move. The Undertaker doesn't move. There's plenty of jaw jacking back and forth between the two title contenders, but not much is picked up by the cameras.

Flair: "I want an iconic photo-op for the first RAW of the Ric Flair era. Now come on. Did you two hear me? I said step back and.."


Here comes trouble. The nWo make their way down to the ring. They've already left destruction in their wake tonight, with the tensions already in the ring, this powder keg could explode at any moment! The three enter the ring. Their arrival is the only thing that tear Austin and Undertaker away from each other as each retreat to a separate corner. Flair stands firm in the middle of the ring, refusing to stand down. The nWo arrive with mic's in hand.

Nash: "I'll tell ya Flair, if you're goal is to piss us off. Well you've done one hell of a job. First you draft us to RAW. Pulling us away from the boss we actually respect, Vince McMahon! Yeah, that's the WWF we wanna represent. Then, you leave us completely off the show, out of spite I'm sure. Now, with any three of us to choose from, you exclude us from a match to decide the World Heavyweight Champion."

Hall: "Stupid move Flair. Lemme ask you somethin. Did you happen to see what we just did back there? All we did was happen to disagree with that jolly group of jabrone's. So what do ya think happens when someone straight disrespects us?"

Nash and Hall both drop their mic's. Along with X-Pac, the three begin to circle the ring which forces Flair, Austin and Undertaker all to have to move putting the three of them on the opposite side of the ring. Not a single fan is in their seat as the battle lines have been drawn. As the nWo steps closer, World War III is about to erupt right in the middle of Albany... until The Undertaker falls to his back and rolls out of the ring. The fans condemn him for his cowardice as he stands off by the announcers table, more than willing to watch Austin and Flair be decimated. The two men stand their ground, outnumbered or not, it seems both have no problem fighting the nWo when from out of nowhere pyro shoots from the sky of the arena and slams into the stage, causing an explosion that could only mean one thing. The Dudleyz are here! Bubba Ray, D-Von and even Spike Dudley with chair in hand make a mad dash for the ring. The fans are going crazy. The Dudleyz come to their feet alongside Austin and Flair, the numbers no longer in the nWo's favor. The Undertaker looks to separate himself from the situation entirely as he walks away from the ring, even leaving his motorcycle behind as he leaves up the ramp. Realizing now that they are the ones outnumbered, the nWo turn and exit the ring which brings a chorus of boo's from the crowd. They stand outside the ring, shaking their heads and shouting. They have no problem talking smack now that they're safely outside the ring.. but it probably wasn't the smartest move as the Dudleyz still very heated from the backstage assault bolt out of the ring after Hall, Nash and X-Pac which causes the three to turn and hop over the barricade into the crowd, going to even further lengths to avoid a fair fight. In hot pursuit, the Dudleyz chase the nWo into the sea of people, eventually disappearing from view.

Flair appears flustered. He picks up his microphone and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Flair: ".. damn it! I'm not gonna have this type of chaos running RAW! Is that clear? I hope everyone hears.."

Austin kicks Flair! Right in the gut.. which he instantly follows up with a Stone Cold Stunner! The crowd is shocked. Did Austin really just drop his new boss? He gets back to his feet, passion burning in his eyes he grabs the World Heavyweight Championship on his way up. The Undertaker is still in the arena, now up on the stage where he was able to watch everything unfold from afar. Austin holds the World title out over the top rope towards Undertaker, as if daring him to come and get it. He then raises the title over his head and the crowd cheers! He drops the title near Flair's still body and calls for some beers. RAW goes off the air with Stone Cold smashing a few cold ones together before spilling the beer down his mouth.

RAW Quick Results (April 1st, 2002)
1. Matt Hardy def. Test
2. Edge def. William Regal (U.S. Title Qualifyer)
3. Raven def. Mr. Perfect (U.S. Title Qualifyer)
4. Dudley Boyz def. Billy & Chuck
5. Kurt Angle def. DDP (U.S. Title Qualifyer)
6. The Undertaker def. Kane

Upcoming Pay-Per-View

April 21st, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri
Kemper Memorial Arena

*Confirmed Matches*

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

*More TBA*
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WWF SmackDown! April 4th 2002 - New Beginnings

Welcome to the Jungle

SmackDown begins with a recap of all the main draft picks including, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Chris Jericho and The Rock. The intro package plays and Vince McMahon is in his office with a grin on his face. The Vin man announces that as of this moment Triple H has been scheduled to defend his title at Backlash and his opponent will be the winner of tonight's four man tournament! The huge matches include The Rock facing off with a mystery opponent and Hulk Hogan going one on one with the former champion Chris Jericho. Vince says SmackDown is the premier brand in sports entertainment and the SmackDown dynasty starts tonight! Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Rochester New York which will play host to the new era of the WWF. With that being said right now there's cruiser weight action as Tajiri takes on Billy Kidman!
1. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Tajiri (c) vs Billy Kidman

With both men having made their entrances and the extremely covered up Torrie Wilson in traditional Japanese attire at ringside we are underway. Tajiri delivers offence in the best way he knows how and that's by delivering some evil kicks that just rattler Kidman and send him flustered into the corner where Tajiri continues to unload with brutal kicks and chops. Kidman turns the tide however with a picture perfect drop kick which sends Tajiri tumbling to the outside. Billy then gestures to the crowd and soon enough he hits a huge dive to the outside which floors both men on the outside. Kidman gets up first as Torrie makes no attempt to help her 'boyfriend'. Kidman goes to put Tajiri back in the ring but he escapes and sends Billy straight into the steps with a huge clatter. Tajiri then brings the action into the ring.

Tajiri then begins to unleash his signature moves on Kidman with great effect. He hits a dragon suplex as well as more aggressive kicks and even locks in an octopus stretch but Kidman manages to escape. Billy goes for the BK bomb but Tajiri counters it with a flip over DDT once again Kidman manages to kick out of to a decent reaction from the crowd. Tajiri then hits a shinning wizard and signals for the buzz saw kick but Billy ducks and springs off the ropes with a cross body but only manages two. Kidman tries to hit a BK bomb but Tajiri counters with a bulldog. Tajiri signals to Torrie and then spits green mist in the eyes of Kidman! The referee then disqualifies Tajiri as Torrie has refused to distract the referee.

Winner: Billy Kidman via DQ at 8:07

Highlight from the match

After the match Billy looked pissed and as Tajiri is admonishing Torrie he springs up on the Japanese native and hits a BK bomb and goes up top for his signature shooting star press but Torrie pulls Tajiri out of the ring. She then makes her way up the ramp as Tajiri stumbles in pursuit. Cole and Tazz raise a number of issues such as Kidman's sure fire rematch and just what is going on between Torrie Wilson and the cruiserweight champion. Cole then hypes the one night #1 contenders tournament with Rock vs a mystery opponent being scheduled with in the first hour.


Automatic Rematch?

Chris Jericho barges into Vince McMahon's office demanding to know why he has to face Hulk Hogan and then The Rock/mystery opponent tonight when he has an automatic rematch. Jericho is on the verge of exploding as Vince retorts telling Jericho that this is a new age now and things like automatic rematches no longer exsist. Jericho calls it a travesty of justice and says that at the very least Triple H should not have the night off. Vince agrees and Triple H tonight will face Christian. Jericho calls it a start before leaving only slightly less angry as when he came in. With that we head to the ring.

If I could be serious........

Lance Storm is in the ring and he has a Canadian flag with him and attempts to start his promo but as usual is just showered in boos and he calls America a disgrace and says he could beat any American at any time of he so wanted to. He calls America a disgrace and the poor man's Mexico. These comments bring out The Big Show to a good reaction. Big Show says he doesn't hate Canada but he hates the jackasses who come to America and criticise it. Show says that Storm said he could beat any American at any time and last time he checked he was American so Storm should face him right now. Despite Lance Storm's original objections the bell rings and are second match is underway.
2. Big Show vs Lance Storm

Show starts with some big slaps before Storm almost instantaneously bails to the outside to catch his breath. Back inside the ring again and Show unloads with some more power moves punctuated by a side walk slam. Show then goes for the choke slam but Storm counters into a neck breaker which gets a surprisingly close near fall. From here Storm begins to take control and starts to work over Show with various strikes and kicks and keeps the big man off his vertical base which Tazz notes as a sound strategy. Storm even manages to suplex the big man to a pop from the crowd before covering him but still only garnering a two count. Storm then hits a spinning wheel kick and a super kick but these won't get the win. Storm's frustration as Big Show counters and hits a gorilla press slam. Show goes for a huge choke slam but Storm counters again and locks in the Maple Leaf. With nowhere to go Big Show has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Lance Storm at 5:41 via submission
Cole and Tazz put over the huge (pun intended) victory that Lance Storm pulled off and Big Show looks very angry that Storm caught him in the hold that time. Cole announces that up next the WWF Tag Team Champions Billy and Chuck will be here and they are facing Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty. Cole also shills the big #1 contenders tournament to come and Christian vs Triple H as well as the fact we will be hearing from the champ after the break.


As soon as we come back Rikishi and Scotty are in the ring dancing as there usual jovial selves. Their music cuts out and Billy and Chuck with their stylist Rico come out to big heat and Cole and Tazz bury them and say that because they're the tag champs they can appear on either show but due to the fact that they're from Raw they stand absolutely no chance whatsoever against a superior SmackDown team. The two teams face off in the ring as the bell rings.
3. Billy and Chuck (with Rico) vs Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty

Billy and Scotty start and they lock up but Billy gets the advantage and starts to unload on Scotty with some heavy shots. He tags in Chuck and the two double suplex Scotty but only manage a two count. Chuck then works over Scotty some more with big strikes and a string of side slams and suplexes but can't out him away. Chuck tries a cross body from the top but he misses and both men are down. Rikishi and Billy get the hot tag and the big Samoan has the advantage at first but a Samoan drop back fires and Billy hits the fame asser. Rico distracts Scotty while the two hit the code red on Rikishi and Chuck covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Billy and Chuck at 4:16 via pinfall

Cole and Tazz are furious at these Raw punks coming onto SmackDown and winning and to make matters worse they're now beating up Rikishi and Scotty with their three on two advantage. However soon enough the music of the APA hits and Bradshaw and Faarooq hit the ring and Billy, Chuck and Rico bail. Cole applauds the two for sticking up for SmackDown and Tazz wants to see these teams fight as we cut to the back.

Cerebral Champion

In the back Triple H is in his wrestling gear with his WWF Championship slung across his shoulder and his eyes focused on the camera. Lillian Garcia is with him and asks ' The Game what's going on in his mind right now with him facing Christian later on and who his potential opponent at Backlash could be. His reply goes something a bit like this:

" Well Lillian in terms of Christian I ain't worried a bit. I've faced plenty of people with more talent than him and I've always kicked their ass so I expect nothing different tonight. Prove me wrong Christian, prove me wrong. Lillian you mentioned Backlash and this whole one night tournament idea and the fact is that I've already beaten Rock and Jericho numerous times and this mystery guy I'm sure if he wins then I'll be able to handle him. When it comes to Hulk Hogan, he's man who I have a great deal of respect for but lets face it he's at an age where he shouldn't be able to contend for the WWF Title. So whoever wins the tournament tonight will have to play the game at Backlash and they will not come out the victor. The fans are behind me and I've never been surer that I'm the best wrestler in the WWF today!"

Triple H leaves as Michael Cole hypes are first tournament match of The Rock vs a mystery opponent being right after this break.


And The Opponent Is......

The Rock then comes out following the break as Cole reiterates the fact that this match is the first in this one night 4 man tournament and that the Rock's opponent is still yet to be announced. Rock then gets into the ring to a thunderous reaction and poses to the fans before taking the mic and announcing that he has 'finally come back to Rochester!' Rock hypes the fact that it's been a year since he last held the WWF Championship and tonight he's gonna whoop his mystery opponents ass as well as Hulk Hogan in tonight's main event because he know that Hulk is gonna beat Chris Jericho. Rock says to bring out the jabroni who's facing him so he can make him family's before he sends him back to where he came from. These comments bring out Paul Heyman.

Heyman calls Rock an idiot and says that he's been on top in the WWF for too long and that's he's lost sight of who the real talents are in wresting and that's the new blood. Heyman says Rock will leave the arena tonight in an ambulance and Paul takes a page out of Vince McMahon's book and guarantees it. Rock gives Heyman some of his signature catchphrases but Paul refuses to loose his cool and just smiles and calls Rock an idiot and encourages him to lap it up because this is his last ever WWF appearance. Brock Lesnar then comes out and charges straight into the ring with Heyman in tow as Brock clotheslines Rock as the bell rings.

4. TOURNAMENT 1st ROUND: The Rock vs Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)

Brock is already just unleashing all of his fury on Rock with heavy shots and Cole marvels at the pure power of Brock. Lesnar then tosses Rock across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Brock then attempts an F-5 early on but The Rock counters and hits a float over DDT and covers but only gets a two count. The Great One then tries a Rock bottom but Brock counters and hits a spine shattering power bomb which only gets a two count. Brock the hits a fall away slam that hurtles The Rock over the top rope and to the outside. Brock on the outside slams Rock onto the steel steps before setting up the announce table and getting the Rock onto it. Brock tries an F-5 but Rock counters and tries a Rock bottom but Brock counters and hits an F-5 as the referee counts both men out.

Result: Double count out at 4:44
Brock then picks Rock up again as Heyman laughs. Brock then F-5s Rock on the outside again before bringing him back in the ring. Brock then gets the steel steps into the ring and gives him yet another F-5 onto the steps before security comes out to restrain Brock as the medics take Rock away as the announce team have gone silent as we fade to commercial.


End of an Icon

We see footage of the brutal attack from Brock Lesnar to The Rock and Cole informs us that Rock has left the building in an ambulance while Lesnar and Heyman have been escorted out of the building. Vince McMahon is backstage and he announces that Chris Jericho vs Hulk Hogan later tonight will determine who faces Triple H for the WWF title at Backlash.

Sucka Say What?

Booker T is in the back with Lillian Garcia and she asks about his match tonight with Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam. Booker says that he's gonna kick RVD's punk ass tonight but then gets interrupted by Goldust who proposes an alliance. Booker asks why the hell he'd so that and Goldust whispers something in his ear. Booker calls Goldust a freak and leaves as Goldust looks dejected.

Christian is then making his way to the ring taunting the fans and he's wearing Canadian themed tights. Triple H then comes out to a big pop with the title and gets into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle. Triple H and Christian square up to each other as we are ready to go.

5. Christian vs Triple H

Triple H goes straight after Christian with his signature punches and sends Christian into the corner. Triple H charges at the corner but Christian gets his feet up and smacks Hunter in the head. Christian the goes on the offensive for a short while with some inverted DDT like manoeuvres before heading up to the top rope and going for a missile drop kick but Triple H counters it and hits a high knee. Hunter then tries a spine buster but Christian counters and hits a front suplex before hitting some more of his signature offence before attempting an unprettier but Hunter pushes him away into the turn buckle and on the rebound hits a double A spine buster but still only manages a near fall. Hunter then attempts a pedigree but Christian counters into a back body drop and hits a splash off the top rope for two. Christian tries the unprettier but Hunter counters and hits the pedigree and covers for the win.

Winner: Triple H at 6:01 via pinfall

Triple H then celebrates in the ring as the announcers hype Rob Van Dam vs Booker T and the #1 Contenders match between Chris Jericho and Hulk Hogan with the winner facing Triple H at Backlash.


Latino Heat!

As we come back from break Booker T is getting into the ring and there's moderate heat for him as the announcers recap his bizarre encounter with Goldust a little earlier. Rob Van Dam, the Intercontinental Champion then makes his way out to the ring to a great pop as the fans chant his name in time with his posing as Mr Thursday Night looks supremely confidant as usual which Booker looking incredibly focused. Before the bell rings however familiar music hits and here comes Eddie Guerrero to a mixed reaction with his first WWF appearance in around a year. He then joins the announce team as the referee signals for the match to begin.

6. Booker T vs Rob Van Dam

Booker and Van Dam straight away start exchanging shots with Booker getting the advantage and flooring the whole Dam show. Booker tries an early axe kick but RVD sends him to the outside and then hits a cork screw plancha onto Booker and poses to the fans. Eddie sarcastically applauds RVD at ringside and calls him a joke of a champion. RVD brings T back into the ring and hits a few more big kicks before trying for a rolling thunder but Booker dodges and comes back with a side slam and takes control of the match.

Booker then unloads on Van Dam with some of his signature offence such as a Harlem side kick and a missile drop kick but neither manage to put RVD away. Booker then does a spinaroonie and tries a Book end but RVD counters with a tornado DDT before hitting the rolling thunder. At this moment Goldust makes his way to ring side as Eddie Guerrero buries him on commentary. RVD goes for a big kick on Booker who blocks it with a Harlem side kick and then goes over to Goldust. The two start arguing with Goldust insisting that he is trying to help Booker while the referee tries to separate them. This opens up the chance for Eddie to interfere and he clocks Van Dam with the Intercontinental belt. Booker eventually turns round and sees the prone Van Dam and hits the axe kick for the win.

Winner: Booker T at 7:55 via pinfall
After the match Booker celebrates and Goldust joins him in the ring but the two face off with each other while Eddie Guerrero clocks RVD with the belt again. He then goes to hit Booker but Goldust throws himself in front of Booker and takes the shot! This allows Booker to book end Guerrero as we head to commercial break with the announcers hyping the main event.



Backstage and Lillian Garcia is on the scene once again and this time she is joined by Jeff Hardy. Lillian reveals that Hardy requested this time and that the mic is his. Hardy gets the mic thanks Lillian and says something a bit like this:

" Earlier tonight Brock Lesnar came out here and destroyed one of the greatest of all time a living legend in The Rock. You know Heyman said something that got me thinking and that's that it's a new era now and time for the young guys. And you know what Paul your right it is time for the young guys to step up but it doesn't have to be Brock Lesnar, Paul. It needs to be guys that the fans respect guys like Rob Van Dam, Billy Kidman and myself to name a few. Paul you may have run one company but that's gone Paul and your client Brock Lesnar is intimidating, he is dominant but he isn't unbeatable I mean we've barely seen him compete yet. So Brock I wanna face you as soon as possible and then we will see who's ready to step up and who fades into the night!"

Hardy salutes the fans and walks off as Lillian throws back to ringside with Cole and Tazz. With that being said it's almost time for the main event as Hulk Hogan for the first time ever faces off with Hulk Hogan. With that being said here comes the Hulkster!

Born and raised in the US of A

Hulk Hogan comes out draped in the red and yellow which gets a big pop for the fans. On his way to the ring Cole mentions that it's been 9 years since Hulk Hogan last held WWF gold and if he beats Chris Jericho tonight he's one step closer to regaining the title he lost to Yokozuna in 1993. Hogan then gets the mic and says its goos to be wearing the red and yellow instead of the black and white but there's one more colour that he wants and that's gold! Hogan also mentions that he heard what Lance Storm said earlier and while he did impressively beat the Big Show, the USA has still got a lot of great superstars who will line up to kick Storm's ass. These comments bring out Chris Jericho.

Jericho calls Hogan a sun burnt dinosaur and says that he shouldn't be worried about Lance Storm but that he's gonna be made an ass clown of by Y2J in front of the entire world on television right now. Jericho says that the closest Hogan will get to holding the gold again is buying a replica belt so he should really start saving up. Hogan calls Jericho an idiot for underestimating phimosis and the largest arms in the world. Chris laughs off these comments and says that those arms were the largest in the world 15 years ago and now Hogan is just some washed up piece of crap who doesn't know when to quit. Hogan says he's beaten plenty of punks like him over the years and Jericho says he a gonna name every former champion he's ever beaten as we go to break with the main event match coming up next.


7. #1 Contenders Match: Chris Jericho vs Hulk Hogan

Jericho starts the match by doing some Hogan like poses which Hogan just laughs at and unloads with some big punches that send Chris to the floor. Hogan follows him outside but Jericho gets the advantage and sends the veteran flying into the ring post. Jericho then taunts to the crowd before throwing the Hulkster back into the ring. Jericho then begins to go to town on Hogan with some nice flying forearms and various suplexes concluding with a bridging northern lights that manages a 2 count. Jericho then places Hogan in the corner and begins to chop away to various 'woo' chants before hitting a bulldog from the corner which gets another two count as Jericho mouths off to the referee. Jericho then hits some more of his signature moves highlighted by a double under hook back breaker which again gets two. Jericho goes for the lionsault but Hogan moves out of the way!

Hogan then begins to shake and stand up as Cole proclaims that he's Hulking up! Hogan then no sells some of Jericho's shots and hits some of his own rattling the Canadian. Hogan then goes for a big boot but Jericho grabs his leg and turns it into the walls of Jericho! Hogan is struggling as Chris wrenches in the hold but somehow Hogan made it to the ropes! Jericho tries the walls again but Hogan deflects him and hits a huge suplex from the rebound off the ropes which sends Y2J into the corner. Hogan then rams Jericho's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly before hitting a big boot. Then with crowd behind him he hits the leg drop and covers........ But the referee is being distracted by Lance Storm and Christian! Hogan then goes to take care of the two but Jericho catches him from behind with a lethal kick. Seeing the opportunity Jericho hits the lionsault and covers! 1.....2....3!

Winner: Chris Jericho at 11:21 via pinfall

Highlight from the match

After the match Jericho celebrates over the fallen Hogan while Storm and Chrsitian admire their handiwork and leave from whence they came (through the crowd.) Triple H then comes out and stares Jericho down from on the stage while Chris poses like Hogan in the ring as we fade to black.

April 21st, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri
Kemper Memorial Arena

*Confirmed Matches*

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Championship
Triple H (c) vs Chris Jericho

*More TBA*
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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...

Just a couple of thoughts after your first two shows, fellas.

First of all, good job with the first two shows - they're interesting and really solid. I don't like commenting on storylines after one show so I won't - I'll save that for a later PPV - but my pet peeves were fine - formatting, grammar, punctuation etc ... Just make sure you check little things before posting, i.e. links to images and such. The two confirmed matches for Backlash are big news and I like how both of you are featuring some of the mid card guys and elevating them from the brand split.

It's also interesting to see two quite different styles in the same BT. One thing I would question is that you do know what the other is going to do? You don't want to clash with things. There were a couple of things about SMACKDOWN that I have gripes with though - Brock Lesnar's debut didn't really work for me; it set him up as a badass but a 4-minute match wasn't needed. You could have had The Rock vs. somebody and have Lesnar destroy them both if you wanted to put him over big. The fact you then set a feud/challenge with Jeff Hardy, who isn't The Rock or his calibre, seemed a little bit of a comedown. Also, Hogan - needed a promo. Coming off that huge WM18 moment, I think something should have been done for Hogan other than simply a loss to Jericho in the main event.

Short thoughts, I know. Will post more later when the storylines develop further. Good starts though. GCB
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Originally Posted by GCB View Post
Just a couple of thoughts after your first two shows, fellas.

First of all, good job with the first two shows - they're interesting and really solid. I don't like commenting on storylines after one show so I won't - I'll save that for a later PPV - but my pet peeves were fine - formatting, grammar, punctuation etc ... Just make sure you check little things before posting, i.e. links to images and such. The two confirmed matches for Backlash are big news and I like how both of you are featuring some of the mid card guys and elevating them from the brand split.

It's also interesting to see two quite different styles in the same BT. One thing I would question is that you do know what the other is going to do? You don't want to clash with things. There were a couple of things about SMACKDOWN that I have gripes with though - Brock Lesnar's debut didn't really work for me; it set him up as a badass but a 4-minute match wasn't needed. You could have had The Rock vs. somebody and have Lesnar destroy them both if you wanted to put him over big. The fact you then set a feud/challenge with Jeff Hardy, who isn't The Rock or his calibre, seemed a little bit of a comedown. Also, Hogan - needed a promo. Coming off that huge WM18 moment, I think something should have been done for Hogan other than simply a loss to Jericho in the main event.

Short thoughts, I know. Will post more later when the storylines develop further. Good starts though. GCB
Hey GCB thanks for the comments. Just on the whole Brock Lesnar debuting/Hulk Hogan not addressing The Rock, this SmackDown was not the first one after WrestleMania, a couple of weeks had already past so Hogan would have already addressed The Rock and Brock had already debuted. On the subjecting of clashing don't worry we've already gone through each other's plans at least for the short term. Once again thanks for the compliments on both our shows.
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My bad. Apologies.
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Default RAW April 8th, 2002 (1/2)

April 8th, 2002
Phoenix, Arizona

We see the closing moments of last week's RAW. Ric Flair makes his World Heavyweight Championship announcement. Austin and Undertaker stand nose to nose. The nWo interrupt. The Dudleyz even the odds. And after everyone else flee's.. Austin hits Ric Flair with a Stone Cold Stunner as audio of Flair saying "I'm not gonna have this type of chaos running RAW!" plays over the clip. Austin holds the World Title out at The Undertaker with Ric Flair laying motionless as Jim Ross screams "We're on the brink of an all out war!" closes out last week's recap.

RAW comes onto the air and before JR and King can welcome us, bombs drop! Pyro crashes into the stage causing an explosion of even more pyro and as the smoke fades, out come the Dudley Boyz! Bubba Ray and D-Von with Stacy Keibler and Spike Dudley make their way down the ramp as Lilian Garcia announces our opening contest of the night is for the WWF Tag Team Championships! After a non-title victory over the champions last week, it seems the Dudleyz have earned a shot at the titles they promised last week they would be coming for. After the events of last week, not only defeating the Tag Team Champions, but the run-ins with the nWo, the entire Dudley family is giving off a greater feeling of intensity and focus. "You Look Soooo.. Good To Me!" Out next are the WWF Tag Team Champions Billy and Chuck. With them as always is their personal stylist Rico. JR implies that the titles will be switching hands tonight if the champs haven't done their homework and fix the mistakes they made 7 nights ago.

Match 1
WWF Tag Team Championships
Billy & Chuck (C)
(w/ Rico) vs Dudley Boyz (w/ Stacy & Spike Dudley)

D-Von and Billy start the match and quickly things are in favor of the Dudleyz. As if becoming champions again weren't enough motivation, the Dudleyz claim at superiority was challenged last week when they were jumped backstage. Despite winning more tag team championships than they care to count, the Dudleyz again have something to prove. The Dudleyz for the most part stay in control of the match. But the Tag Team Champs have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. With the assistance of Rico, they're able to prevent Bubba Ray from ever tagging into the match. Having enough of the interference, Spike Dudley ATTACKS Rico! The two men brawl, well Spike brawls. Rico keeps trying to run. The stylist runs up the ramp before jumping off the side and disappearing behind the stage with Spike right behind him. With the odds even, Stacy screams as loud as she can, begging D-Von to finally get the tag. Chuck tags Billy back into the match but before he can step into the ring D-Von slaps Bubba's out reached hand and the crowd errupts. Bubbay comes in like a house of fire putting both Billy and Chuck down on the mat any time they try to stand back up. The Dudleyz take full control. Bubba eventually tags D-Von back in after disposing of Chuck outside the ring. Billy stands alone as the challengers set up for the 3D! The fans rise, they know whats coming.. but the screen goes grey! The sound of static rips through the arena and anyone watching the titantron can see the picture skipping out. It's the nWo! X-Pac and Scott Hall rush to the ring as Kevin Nash follows behind. Bubba Ray and D-Von's attention immediately turn towards the outside attack. Hall and Pac slide into the ring and immediately start exchanging blows with the Dudleyz. The referee instantly calls for the bell, ending this match.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: No Contest
Round 2 of the Dudleyz and the nWo is on. The referee tries his best to break up the fight but his attempts are hopeless. As the Dudleyz fight with Hall and X-Pac, Kevin Nash grabs a steel chair from outside the ring. When he turns to enter the ring, Stacy stands before him. Nash chuckles then pulls the chair up as if he's going to strike the Dutchess of Dudleyville! Stacy screams and ducks away, allowing Nash to enter the ring. Nash first strikes D-Von in the back with the chair which drops him to the mat. He then turns and hits Bubba Ray square in the head! The fans hiss as the assault continues. Punches, stomps and chair shots continue. Referee's and backstage officials circle the ring demanding the nWo stop, but none dare to physically try. Then all of a sudden the fans begin to cheer, the camera shifts and we see Spike Dudley perched on the top rope unbeknownst to the nWo. X-Pac is the first to turn and is caught with two boots to the chest as Spike shoots down a Missile Dropkick! He quickly gets to his feet.. only to be floored with a sick chair shot that wraps around his head. The wind is sucked out of the arena as the assault continues. As Hall and Nash pile the Dudleyz up in the center of the ring, X-Pac retrieves a bottle of spray paint from underneath the ring. He slides back into the ring as Nash dumps Spike on top of Bubba Ray and D-Von. Hall rips the shirt off Spike's motionless body as X-Pac shakes the can. With an evil chuckle he leans down and sprays "nWo" across Spike's back in black paint. This finally seems to be enough for the nWo as they soon exit the ring which causes the referee's and officials to part like the red sea. The trio take their time leaving up the ramp, soaking in every boo as if it feeds them. JR condemns the three for their actions and wonders how Ric Flair plans to maintain control of RAW as tensions continue to rise.

JR also mentions that we haven't seen the last of the nWo tonight as he announces tonight's main events. First, a rematch from WrestleMania X8 as Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on the nWo's Scott Hall!

Then of course after the event's of last week. The European Championship was retired and the return of the United States Heavyweight Championship was announced. A series of qualifying matches followed which brings us tonight.

Raven. Kurt Angle. Edge. All three men former United States Champions. All three will try and reclaim that gold tonight. But only ONE will succeed. As the referee's, officials and Stacy Keibler check on the Dudleyz we go backstage. We see The Undertaker! JR says Big Evil is making his way to the ring and announces that he has been allowed to choose his own opponent tonight to warm up for his title match at Backlash! JR and King speculate who he may choose, and King hopes Undertaker calls out Flair and whoops on him again! With this we take our first commercial break.

When we come back we see the door of the man in charge Ric Flair. Johnathan Coachman is posted right outside the door and says no one has spoken to Mr. Flair all day, but he hopes to get his reactions to Stone Cold's actions last week and what the nWo has already done here tonight. We then go over to Terri Runnels who is chasing down Kane!

Terri: "Kane! Kane! Can I have a word, please?"

Kane stops and turns.

Terri: "Are you heading out to the ring? Are you and your brother The Undertaker going to face each other again tonight?"

Kane: "Look! My brother has been on a 6 month tear in the World Wrestling Federation. Using fear and violence to try and get the resepct he feels he deserves. I've stayed out of his way, I've let him do whatever he wanted. Well last week he put me down, and he beat me down. Fine. But I'm not staying down. I'm gonna beat him here tonight, and after Backlash whether it's him or Stone Cold that walk out as World Heavyweight Champion I want them to know.. I'm coming for them!"

Kane turns and continues his march towards the ring.

We go out to JR and King at ringside. JR questions whether The Undertaker would really want to face his brother Kane again here tonight, but suggests it'd be a slobberknocker of a match! King thinks Kane should learn his place as the runt little brother and show his big brother some respect. Just then, "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit begins to play and out rides The Undertaker. The fans boo The Phenom upon arrival, but he could care less. Undertaker rides his motorcycle down and circles the ring. He parks the bike and leaves his sunglasses on the seat. After entering the ring, he demands a mic.

Undertaker: "Whether you've noticed or not, I'm usually pretty pissed off. But after last week I gotta say. I'm in a pretty damn good mood. Watching Ric Flair lose all control in just one night was entertaining as hell. He thinks he got under my skin by not giving me the World Heavyweight Championship. He thought that putting me in a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin was supposed to be some kind of punishment or payback. Huh. I know I haven't been WWF Champion in a while. But does anyone care to remember who I beat the last time I became champion? Yeah. It was that bald headed, booze stinkin redneck. And in two weeks I'll do it again. And I'll be, the World.. Heavyweight.. Champion."

The fans strongly disagree. They begin shouting "WHAT!?" every time there's a pause in The Undertaker's speech. But Undertaker is unaffected.

Undertaker: "But let's not forget about tonight. Ric Flair is so flustered by everything that happened last week, he couldn't even be bothered to find me an opponent. Instead I have to find my own. No problem. I hear there's someone back there behind a mask that's looking for opportunity here on RAW. You wanna be Champion huh? You think you're ready for The Undertaker? Well tonight's you're lucky night son. You know who you are. You wanna be a hero!? Getcha ass out here. Let's do this."

The Undertaker lets out a snort and tosses the microphone out of the ring. He turns and puts his back into the far corner and faces the stage. The crowd waits in anticipation for Kane to come out and hopefully this time shut his brother up!


Wait, what? The Hurricane!? The fans let out a groan. Not out of disdain for The Hurricane, but rather for The Undertaker's cowardice! The Hurricane makes his way out to the stage, but as always, the WWF's resident superhero exudes confidence as he approaches the ring. A small grin curls up in the corner of The Undertaker's mouth as his hand picked opponent enters the ring. The Hurricane stands proud in the middle of the ring with both fists on his hip when BAM! Hurricane is kicked right in the jaw with a big boot from The Undertaker. The Hurricane's music comes to a sudden stop and the referee jumps in front of The Undertaker demanding he return to his corner and wait for the match to start. Undertaker does so, the smile on his face a little bigger. The ref checks on Hurricane who has retreated to his corner. The referee asks The Hurricane if he's ready, he even asks if he's really sure, and both times The Hurricane emphatically answers YES! The ref calls for the bell.
Match 2
The Undertaker vs The Hurricane

The Undertaker charges across the ring and crashes into The Hurricane, smashing the hero between his opponent and the turnbuckles. The Undertaker steps back and allows The Hurricane to fall. The fans continue to boo as Undertaker helps Hurricane up and quickly hoists him up on his shoulder. He turns and drops Hurricane's face into the top turnbuckle which causes him to stumble back towards the center of the ring. When he does he's met by another big boot from The Undertaker. The Undertaker goes for a pin cover, but lifts The Hurricane's shoulder up after a 1 count. Undertaker is just toying with his opponent. The assault continues for a few minutes and every time Taker goes for a pin, he himself breaks it up. Big Evil whips Hurricane into a corner and the ropes and turnbuckles may be the only thing holding Hurricane up. The Undertaker charges towards the corner much like he did when the match started but right before he gets to the corner, Hurricane drops down out of the way which causes The Undertaker to ram himself chest first into the top turnbuckle. The Undertaker stumbles backwards and trips over The Hurricane who was down on all fours. Whether it was an accident or a premeditated offensive maneuver, The Hurricane has his first opening of the match and knows he has to take advantage. With the people firmly behind him, Hurricane pulls himself up to the top rope. He slowly rises and stands straight up on the top rope and again does his hero pose. As the fans cheer him on, The Hurricane takes off! He dives and catches The Undertaker off guard with a cross body that sends both men down to the mat with The Hurricane on top of The Undertaker the referee quickly drops down to make the count.


Undertaker immediately kicks out. But momentum is still in The Hurricane's favor. He's hurting, but he knows he's fighting for something greater than himself. Both men get to their feet and The Hurricane throws out his hand and with a SLAP! his hand wraps around The Undertaker's neck. Could it be!? A Hurrichokeslam!? No. When Hurricane's hand hits The Undertaker's throat, he really did wake up the devil. Taker's eye's grow wide with utter disbelief as he quickly strikes The Hurricane in the head with a solid punch. This breaks the hero's grip and open's him up to be grabbed by The Undertaker. Around the throat no less. The Hurricane is quickly lifted high in the air and thrown down with a hard Chokeslam! The Undertaker doesn't go for the cover though. He shakes his head and picks The Hurricane back up. Our hero isn't moving as The Undertaker positions him between his legs. He lifts up him into powerbomb position then hoists him high over his head before slamming him down to the mat below with a Last Ride! Again The Undertaker just stands over his fallen opponent. He looks at him for a moment before letting out an unimpressed laugh. He places one foot on The Hurricane's chest, and the ref counts 1.. 2.. 3!

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: The Undertaker
The Undertaker is announced the winner. The referee goes to raise the Undertaker's hand but he rips his arm away and shoves the referee to the mat! He then looks down at Hurricane for a moment before picking him up yet again. He holds him up for a moment, shouting a few insults before spear chucking him through the top and middle turnbuckle right into the ring post. Hurricane falls through the ropes out of the ring, bumping off the ring apron before hitting the floor. The Undertaker follows him out of the ring and helps him back up before throwing him as hard as he can into the barricade which scoots back a little from the impact. The fans hate Undertaker. But he still doesn't care. The Hurricane is dead still. Undertaker takes his time. He shouts at Lillian to get her ass up and takes her chair are she scurries away. He grabs Hurricane by the hair with one hand and slowly drags him up to his feet once again. After folding the chair he puts the top of it into Hurricane's throat. We've seen this before. He put the Hardyz out of action with this same assault. Taker waits only a second before throwing the chair down to the ground, the top of it driving right into Hurricane's throat. The hero drops back to the mat with both hands around his throat, his loud gasps for breath can be heard even over all the heat from the fans. The Undertaker walks away as a few referee's start checking on Hurricane. He approaches his bike and picks up his sunglasses. He puts them on his head and takes a seat as medic's come rushing past him. He stops for a moment and watches them appraoch Hurricane, and for some reason, this gets a rise out of the Deadman. He takes his shades off and rushes back over to the scene. He scares everyone away from Hurricane then turns to the announce table. He rips the top cover off and starts yanking out the monitors. Undertaker is hell bent on destruction and making an example of The Hurricane. JR and King step away to a safe distance. JR screams for somebody, anybody to stop this madness. And his plea's are finally answered when BOOM! Fire errupts from the stage. The Big Red Machine has seen enough. Undertaker stops dead in his tracks and turns to the stage where his brother has wasted no time making his way down the ramp. Kane starts circling to the ring to where his brother currently stands, but Undertaker takes off walking the opposite direction. As Kane reaches the announce area, The Undertaker is now back to his bike. Kane contemplates chasing his brother for a moment, but decides to stay near Hurricane and the team of medic's to make sure Undertaker doesn't try and continue his attack. Taker shakes his head before mounting his bike and riding away. Replays are shown of the victory and the post match assault. After the replays we seen Hurricane now on a stretcher. With a neck brace on for protection, the team of medic's roll Hurricane to the backstage area. JR does not condone the actions of The Undertaker here tonight, and again questions just how Ric Flair intends to regain order over RAW as things continue to spiral further out of control.

JR let's us know we're heading back to commercial break but when we return it'll be for Diva's action! The King is a tad excited.

Before RAW returns we see the RAW Slam of the Week! It briefly recaps Ric Flair's U.S. Title announcement last week, and Edge's victory over the incumbent European Champion William Regal to qualify him for tonight's big title match. Now back from break we go backstage where Terri Runnels is standing by with Edge himself.

Terri: "Edge, last week you scored a huge victory and your steady roll of momentum brings you to Phoenix with a shot to become United States Champion. What are you thinking going into tonight's match?"

Edge: "Ya know Terri, what I'm thinking about right now, is history. Not just the almost 30 year history of the United States Championship itself. But my history with the United States Championship. Like how I was the last man to hold that championship before it was unified with the Intercontinental Championship 5 months ago. I also think about who I beat to win the United States Championship. You remember who that was? I sure do. It was Kurt Angle. One of my opponents tonight. And history.. history is going to repeat itself. Because I'm going to beat Kurt Angle. I'm also going to beat Raven. And I will walk out of RAW tonight with the championship I technically, never lost."

The fans are eating it up. They can tell Edge believes in Edge. And the fans believe in Edge.

Edge: "Tonight I make history and become the WWF United States Champion!"

Terri: "Thank you Edge."

The confident young superstar walks away and we go back out to the ring where Molly Holly is already in the ring. After Lillian announces her, out comes Trish Stratus. The former champion came up short in her attempt to regain the Women's Championship at WrestleMania in her hometown. But that was a Triple Threat match. If she can win tonight, she gets Jazz 1 on 1. Before the match can start though, the Women's Champion makes her way out onto the stage. With the Women's Championship around her shoulder and the undivided attention of both Trish and Molly, Jazz walks down to the announcers table where she joins Ross and Lawler on commentary.

Match 3
#1 Contenders Match
Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus

Molly has spent the bulk of her time in the WWF as a valet. But the girl can wrestle. Her and Trish jockey for position in the early going, with Trish eventually gaining the upper hand. Though Molly gives it a good effort, she's never really able to take control away from Trish who eventually puts her opponent down for good after some Stratusfaction.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Trish Stratus
Trish and Jazz just seemed destined to continue to collide over the Women's top prize. Jazz leaves the announce table as soon as Trish gets the 3 count. As the referee raises Trish's arm in victory she's grabbed from behind by Jazz. The champion hooks both of Trish's arms and looks to be locking in the Bitch Grip! But Stratus knows it all to well and is able to yank her arms away. Now free she quickly turns around and kicks Jazz in the stomach. She grips the champion's head and starts to go for Stratusfaction again, but Jazz pushes her away and rolls out of the ring. The champ grabs her Women's Title off the announce table and retreats back up the ramp as Stratus shouts that she's taking back her title.

We go backstage where Terri is right outside the Trainer's Room door. She hopes to get an update on The Hurricane when Kane walks up. Before he can enter the room, Terri again asks him for a few words.

Terri: "Kane why did you go out there tonight? Why did you help The Hurricane?"

Kane's breathing hard. He's still obviously worked up from what happened out in the arena.

Kane: "Tonight my brother showed me his true colors. Now we've had our differences in the past, but there's where all that is, in the past. For the last few years we've fought side by side for both pride and championships. But he's changed. He's no longer the "American Bad Ass". He's a coward."

The fans let out an "oooooh" in unison.

Kane: "He was too big of a coward to fight the nWo last week. He was too big of a coward to fight me tonight. And he was too big of a cowards to take his victory like a MAN. If he ever agree's to face me again in that ring.. the monster, will make him a man."

Kane walks away and enters the trainers room, presumably to check on Hurricane. We go back to Coachman who is still waiting outside Ric Flair's door. He again states that NO ONE has spoken to Mr. Flair all night, and how he feels about everything that's happened here tonight is still unknown. Three matches down, and three post match assaults have followed. He hopes to speak with Flair very soon. The camera zooms in on the nameplate on the door, "RIC FLAIR" as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial in the same place we were when we went to break. With Coachman outside Flair's office. He's seen waiting patiently when William Regal approaches and knocks on the door.

Regal: "Mr. Flair... Mr. Flair I really must have a word!"

Coachman: "Excuse me, William Regal. What is your business tonight with Mr. Flair?"

Regal turns away from the door and looks at Coach with a bit of disgust, as if, "Who are you to talk to me?"

Regal: "My business with Mr. Flair is MY business. When I want you to know something, I'll be bloody damn sure to let you know, but until then bugger off!"

Regal returns to knocking, but is getting no response whatsoever.

Coachman: "Not that it's any of MY business Mr. Regal but.. don't you have a match like, next?"

Regal is in his gear, and looks back at Coach, again with disgust. He looks back at the door then down at the floor for a moment before walking away mumbling to himself. Again we go from Coach to Terri who has another guest. This time, it's Raven.

Terri: "Raven the one time you were United States Champion in WCW.. you held the title for only, one day. Is tonight you opportunity at redemption?"

Raven scoffs.

Raven: "Redemption? Yeah, as if my goal for the last 4 years has been to reclaim the United States title. My goal for the last 4 years, has been to get to the top. I don't care about the United States Championship. You know what I care about? Main eventing RAW. Defeating Edge. Defeating Kurt Angle. That championship is just another stepping stone to the top. I've floated around the WWF for far too long. There are plenty of guys out there who didn't get drafted by either brand. And now they have no job. That's a wake up call. For some reason and I don't care why, Flair drafted me. I'm either gonna make him proud he did so, or make sure he lives to regret it. Either way, I'm done floating around here. Tonight isn't about the return of the United States Championship. It's the rebirth, of Raven. Quote the raven.. nevermore."

Raven extends his arms and stares straight into the camera. We go back out to the arena where William Regal makes his entrance. He stands in the ring only staring out at the crowd as Matt Hardy's music hits the speakers. The fans go bonkers! As always with his girlfriend Lita by his side, Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Match 4
William Regal vs Matt Hardy
(w/ Lita)

The rugged veteran Regal is clearly still upset about the events of last week. When the bell rings his takes the fight right to Hardy. The match starts as more of a brawl with Matt doing everything he can to hold his own, but the more physical things get, the more the match falls in Regal's favor. But despite Regal's best attempts to ground his young opponent, he can't keep Matt from flying. Hardy's high risk fast paced offense helps him take control of the match. Hardy eventually has Regal right where he wants him and connects with the Leg Drop off the top rope! He goes for the pin, but Regal gets his foot on the bottom rope. No worries, Matt gets Regal up and sets him up for the Twist of Fate, but Regal pulls away and quickly thumbs Hardy in the eye. The official shouts at Regal who takes off towards the ropes. He returns to Hardy who is still covering his eye, and catches him in the jaw with a knee lift that drops his opponent. Regal takes advantage, pouncing on a down Hardy and locking in the Regal Stretch! Hardy fights, trying his best to claw towards the ropes, but eventually has no choice but to tap.

Click for Spoiler:
Winner: William Regal
Regal takes a moment before he finally releases the hold. Lita quickly slides into the ring to check on Matt as Regal stands and his announced the winner. The vicious look on his face slowly fades away as the referee raises his arm. He looks back at Hardy before raising his nose and exiting the ring. Right before we go to commercial we again go backstage hoping for an update from Coachman but we don't see Coach. He's gone, and Ric Flair's door is open. We fade out to break as JR asks where Flair could be?

We come back and see Kurt Angle backstage. The fans instantly boo and jeer the Olympic Gold Medalist. On a nearby monitor he's watching a clip from an episode of RAW late last year. It's when he won the United States Championship. Terri steps into view to see if Kurt has a moment.

Terri: "Excuse me Kurt. Is watching this helping you prepare for your match tonight?"

Angle: "First of all Tori, I'm always prepared. This here, is when America's Hero become America's Champion. And that's what I will be again after tonight. It's what I have to be. You know what happened after I won the U.S. Title? I took down the Alliance by myself and kept the WWF alive!"

Kurt is referring to when he betrayed the Alliance and assited the WWF in winning the Winner Take All match at Surivor Series. Something Kurt and Mr. McMahon revealed as a secret plan all along.

Angle: "Tonight I win the United States Championship, then put the WWF on my back AGAIN when I go become the World Heavyweight Champion! Oh it's true, it's DAMN true!"

Kurt shoo's Terri away and rewinds the clip back to the beginning so he can watch his victory again. But he doesn't get the chance as Mr. Perfect steps into view. Gripping the towel around his neck, Perfect stares at the monitor then up at Kurt as Angle asks just what in the hell he wants.

Perfect: "I just wanna give you some advice Kurt."

Angle: "Advice? YOU wanna give ME.. advice?"

Perfect: "I do."

Angle: "Oh I can't wait to hear this."

Perfect: "You put a lot of pressure on yourself Kurt. Now I know you're no stranger to pressure. I mean, you're an Olympic Gold Medalist. But that was six years ago. And it's been well over a year since you were WWF Champion."

Angle: "What's your damn point Perfect? Where's this, advice?"

Pefect: "You said.. you kept the WWF alive all by yourself. But what have you done since then Kurt? You failed to become the first Undisputed Champion. You lost the Royal Rumble. I remember, I was there. You found a way to steal the title shot for WrestleMania.. but managed to screw that up in less than 24 hours. And ultimately failed to main event WrestleMania for the third year in a row."

Angle: "I don't have time for this.."

Perfect: "Don't choke!"

Angle: "What?"

Perfect: "That's my advice for you. Don't choke. Tonight really is your chance to get back on track. Gold cures all ills. But if you choke out there tonight. If one of those up and comers gets the better of you. I mean, where do you go from there? It's a slippery slope down the mountain Kurt. Don't choke."

Perfect smirks and walks away. Kurt looks pissed! And concerned. He throws the remote to the ground as we go to ringside. The King proclaims Kurt Angle will once again be America's Champion when he wins here tonight. JR and King then start to breakdown the upcoming match. The WrestleMania Rematch between Stone Cold and Scott Hall when they're suddenly interrupted..


All of a sudden here comes the man of the hour, Ric Flair. There's been a dozen questions tonight about not only what he'll do, but where's he's been, perhaps he's ready to answer those questions. Ric Flair enters the ring and motions for a microphone. He waits for his music to die down before he finally speaks.

Flair: "I'm not too proud to admit that last week, things go a little out of hand and I, well I lost control. I knew that was a risk I was taking when I drafted the nWo. I knew when I drafted The Undertaker that he would hate me even more. And I knew, when I drafted Stone Cold Steve Austin that he had a problem with.. authority."

The fans cheer. Maybe they have a problem with authority too.

Flair: "There's been a hundred questions since last week and about a hundred more since we went on the air tonight so I'm gonna make this short and sweet and go down the list. First, the nWo. The nWo and the Dudleyz obviously wanna fight. And I'll be damned if I let that fight tear RAW to the ground. So at Backlash, in a Six-Man tag team match, it will be the entire Dudley family against the nWo! Feel free to tear each other apart then."

The fans love it! JR puts over that a war is heading to Kansas City in two weeks.

Flair: "The Undertaker. Tonight your actions were borderline criminal. Nothing you did from the moment you rode into this arena until the moment you rode out were actions befitting of a World Champion. But you seemed pretty happy that someone left on a stretcher at your hands. Well I KNOW someone who isn't too happy with you at all. The Big Red Machine, Kane. No body fights like family, and next week I'm gonna give your brother a chance to feed you some of your own medicine Undertaker. Because you and Kane will go 1 on 1.. in a Stretcher Match!"

Again the fans show Flair they approve of his decisions with a huge ovation.

Flair: "Finally. Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'd like to address you man to man, so if you would, please.. come on out here."

The fans begin to buzz. Did Flair just call out Stone Cold Steve Austin? Be careful what you ask for.. *Glass Shatters* Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin to a deafening reception from the live audience. Austin's match is next, so he comes out in full gear ready to fight. But will that fight be BEFORE the match? Austin hits the ring and makes sure to climb all four corners, throwing up the middle fingers each time. He steps down from the last corner and turns right towards Flair.

Flair: "Austin... Austin. Look. I didn't call you out here to fight. I can't fight anymore. I don't fight. I'm a business man now it's no secret. I didn't call you out here to punish you either. But, I did call you out here.. to warn you."

The fans ooooh and aaaawe in anticipation for how Austin might react to a warning.

Flair: "It's not a threat. I just need you to understand, that what you did to me last week. That's not how things work around here anymore. I can't have it. I will be respected on RAW. I have to be. I've never done anything to you Austin. I'm fully aware of your value to this company. I don't wanna change you. I'm not ashamed of you. I wanna strap the rocket to your ass and watch you take RAW to new heights!"

There's a pause. Looks like cooler heads may prevail. Hard to tell if the fans are happy about that though.

Flair: "Do we understand each other?"

Flair extends his hand. Austin just looks at it. Half the fans want him to shake, the other half are begging for another Stunner. But the screen goes grey. The picture starts to riff.. and out comes the nWo. The fans boo as both Austin and Flair turn to face the trio. Scott Hall leads the way as his Nash and X-Pac follow. Less than a month ago these two clashed on the biggest stage of them all, and tonight they go at it one more time. Hall enters the ring. Flair exits the ring, but doesn't leave. He stands near the announcers table as the match gets underway.

Match 5
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall

There's nothin pretty about this match. These two just fight. In the ring, out of the ring and with very little interference. The one time the nWo do try to interfere, Flair quickly shouts at the referee who then ejects both Nash and X-Pac from ringside! At first the two don't leave, but Flair steps around to their side of the ring and simply points and says, "Go". There's a brief stare down before the Nash and Pac finally leave. This sends the match into commercial.

When we return Hall is in control. He's wearing Austin down, and is closing in on possible victory. The referee has given a lot of leeway in this contest, allowing some excessive physicality to slide without disqualification. Hoping to finish things for good, Hall hits Austin.. with a Stunner! He quickly follows with the pin.


Close, but Austin isn't done yet. Hall gets a bit frustrated and argue's with the ref. Realizing that's a waste of time, he signals for the end, extending both arms as Austin starts pushing up to his feet. Hall gets Austin's head between his legs then lifts up over his head, he's going for Razor's Edge!.. but Austin slips down and falls behind his opponent. Hall quickly turns and finds a kick to the gut for his troubles which instantly turns into a Stone Cold Stunner! Austin doesn't waste a second in hooking the leg.


Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold's music plays in victory. But the moment doesn't last as Kevin Nash and X-Pac make their way back down the ramp. Austin quickly notices them and turns ready to the fight. The two approach the ring, but Ric Flair quickly rolls into the ring. He comes up to his feet behind Austin with a steel chair in head. He steps beside Austin, which catches Stone Cold off guard, but he soon realizes Flair is standing WITH him. The two look at each other for only a moment before their attentions turn back to the nWo. Nash and X-Pac take a moment to consider what their best move would be. There's a definite buzz. The fans want the fight they didn't get last week... but they won't get it this week either. Nash reaches in and grabs Scott Hall's foot, pulling him towards them and out of the ring. The trio retreat up the ramp as Austin and Flair hold their position. Once the nWo is at a safe distance, Austin turns to Flair. Ric drops the chair, and the two just stare at each other. Again, Flair extends his hand. Again, Austin just stares at it. The fans are in agreement now that they'd like to see these two legends shake hands when in the corner of the screen, The Undertaker is seen sliding into the ring. Ric Flair doesn't have time to react before BAM! A wicked chair shot to the back of Stone Cold's head connects! Ric Flair immediately picks up his chair, and with Austin down on the mat between them, The Undertaker and Flair have a stand off. Just when it seems these two may start swinging for the fences, The Undertaker throws his chair down at Flair's feet, then exits the ring. The fans boo as Undertaker bails in the direction from which he came. Flair drops his chair then falls to a knee and checks on Stone Cold. The Rattlesnake is resilient and eventually rolls from the ring and walks out on his own, leaving Flair by himself in the ring. Even with his best attempts to restore order, RAW is still surrounded in chaos.

JR informs everyone that coming up next, is our main event.

He tells King it's prediction time, but Lawler sticks with his original pick Kurt Angle. Believe it or not, Jim Ross agrees and states as always, Kurt Angle will rise to the occasion. But the only way to find out is to stay tuned. We go to commercial.
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Default RAW April 8th, 2002 (2/2)

As we come back from break, we shown a recap from the main event of the King of the Ring pay-per-view almost one year ago. Stone Cold Steve Austin defending the WWF Championship against Chris Jerich and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat match. The highlights come to an end with Chris Benoit being carted out of the arena. On that night, he suffered a broken neck. For the first time we see footage of him in the hospital. He's on a bed being prepped for surgery and is soon rolled down a hallway. He disappears behind the surgery room door and the screen goes black. A moment of silence is broken by a clip similar to the one in last week's video package of Benoit screaming. The screen goes black again. Jim Ross hypes the impending return of the Rabid Wolverine to RAW.
"You think you know me?" and out comes Edge. A replay of him defeating William Regal last week is shown as he makes his way to the ring. Soon after him comes Raven. A replay of his victory last week is shown as well. A surprise victory over Mr. Perfect. And finally, Kurt Angle. The odds on favorite marches to the ring as his quick victory over Diamond Dallas Page from last week is replayed. All three men stand ready in the corners. For the first time we see the United States Championship as the referee for the match holds up showing, showing everyone what's on the line. Once a staple of WCW, the title has been re-branded with a WWF logo. The ref hands the title off and calls for the bell. Our main event gets underway.

Main Event
United States Championship
Edge vs Raven vs Kurt Angle

A triple threat match with historic implications. Kurt Angle and Edge are no strangers. They've been allies for most of their careers, but have faced off a few times over the last year. Raven is the wildcard. He brings an extreme ingredient to the match and where Kurt and Edge could be having a pure wrestling bout, his fighting style may turn the whole thing on his head. The match starts with Kurt going right after Edge. A strategy that Raven agree's with. The two heels quickly gang up on the clear fan favorite and begin to work him over. Edge soon finds himself backed into a corner doing his best to defend the beating. Angle starts stomping away as Edge sits against the bottom turnbuckle. Raven steps in a gets a few kicks, but Kurt pushes him away and continues his attack. Raven is offended and shoves Kurt away, this time allowing him to get in some offense. Kurt slaps Raven on the shoulder and the two start popping off before Raven throws the first shot. Angle and Raven come to blows which gives Edge the time he needs to regroup. Angle quickly takes the fight to the mat, slinging Raven down with a single leg take down. Kurt sticks to the mat game. Moving around Raven applying hold after hold. He eventually moves up behind Raven into a headlock. Raven has no plans of wrestling Kurt Angle, and starts throwing elbows up at Kurt's head, which eventually grants him freedom. Raven comes up this feet and continue's throwing hands. He has Kurt pinned against the ropes and takes a few steps back, then charges. He goes to clothesline Kurt over the top rope, but Kurt ducks then back body drops Raven over the top rope down to the floor. Kurt turns to yell at Raven, but is then quickly roll down into a school boy pin by Edge!


A quick kick out. Kurt gets to his feet, but so does Edge who drops Kurt with a clothesline. Then another. Then a third. Edge is turning the match in his favor quickly goes to the top rope. He waits for Kurt to stand before leaping out and connecting with a big missile drop kick! He goes down for another pin, but Raven slides back into the ring and quickly drops down onto the two men before the ref can even get into position to count. He clubs away at Edge who pushes up to his feet. Edge gets vertical and starts throwing hands with Raven. Edge actually gets the better of the exchange and turns to hit the ropes, but Raven grabs a handful of hair and yanks the young superstar down to the mat. The ref gets on to Raven, but he ignores it as he drops an elbow down into the head of Edge. Raven gets up then drops a knee, again down on the head. Before Raven can strike again though, Kurt Angle picks the ankle from behind and drops Raven to his stomach. Kurt quickly applies the Ankle Lock, and he could be getting out of here early with the victory. He doesn't have it in long though as Raven front rolls out of the submission and shoots Kurt through the ropes and out of the ring. Raven follows Kurt out of the ring and looks to take this fight to the outside. Raven tries to attack Angle, but Kurt quickly gets back to his feet and starts throwing hands. Raven withstands the assault and whips Kurt into the corner of the barricade. With the brawl moving even closer to the fans, the fans attention is actually in the ring as Edge is climbing to the top rope. Unbeknownst to Angle and Raven on the outside until they turn to see Edge falling from the sky. He crashes into both of his opponents with a huge cross body. All three men are down on the outside and we take our last commercial break of the night.

We come back and as with most Triple Threat matches, the control continues to shift. Neither man keeps the upper hand for very long. But as time goes on, the match seems to go more and more in Kurt Angle's favor. The vicious competitor stays on top of Edge and Raven and when one starts to turn the tables, he's back on the offensive in moments. The match takes a turn though when Angle dodges a Spear attempt by Edge, who instead connects with the referee! Edge can't believe he took out the ref, but is quickly grabbed from behind and thrown back with a hard German Suplex from Angle! Kurt pulls down the straps, he's ready to finish off Edge. Angle waits for Edge to stand back up but is quickly blindsided by a Raven who slams a trashcan lid right into Kurt's head! Angle goes down and Raven turns to Edge. He swings, but Edge ducks. He comes back up and sends a kick into Raven's gut that he follows up with Edgecution! Angle is down, and Raven is down. But Edge can't capitalize with the ref out of commission. He tries to wake the referee by yanking up on his shirt, which does get a stir out of the official. Edge turns to see Kurt getting to his feet. He charges and connects this time with a Spear! He hooks the leg, hoping maybe the ref can make the count. The official is slow dragging himself into position but eventually starts his count.


Angle gets the shoulder up. The delay definitely worked in Kurt's favor. Edge gets to his feet and is quickly grabbed by Raven who's trying to end things with the Ravenflow DDT! But Edge bullrushes Raven into the ropes, sending the his opponent through the top and middle ropes and down to the floor. Edge hangs on to the middle rope for a moment, but is quickly snatched up by Angle! Kurt has hold of the ankle and pulls Edge back to the center of the ring! Edge is fighting with everything he's got. He eventually rolls over to his back and pulls Kurt in towards him with his leg, quickly rolling him down into a small package pin!


Both men get to their feet. Angle charges Edge who ducks out of the way. Kurt collides into Raven who has gotten back up to the apron, but is now knocked back down to the floor. Kurt turns to find Edge soaring at him with a spinning heel kick.. but Kurt catches the ankle! Edge falls back down to the mat, again caught in the submission. Edge is scratching and clawing his way towards he ropes, but it's a long ways. Edge tries to roll over again but this time he kicks Kurt. Angle doesn't lose his grip though. He falls to the mat but rolls right back up to a knee with the Ankle Lock still locked in tight. It looks like Edge may tap, but in one final effort he pushes up and gets his one free leg under him. He starts to stand, and Kurt rises wit him. With the last bit of energy he can muster, Edge leaps and turns, connecting a big enziguri into Kurt's head! Both men hit the mat. They have a moment to catch their breath but quickly start to get up. Edge can't put too much pressure on his ankle, but adrenaline keeps him going. He takes a few steps then lunges at Kurt going for a third Spear! Kurt is able to avoid this one, but Edge hits Raven through the top and middle rope, again knocking Raven down to the floor! Kurt is planted behind Edge. The fans see it coming. Edge pushes himself away from the ropes and Kurt latches on! He throws Edge up, he's going for the Angle Slam! But Edge falls behind his opponent. Kurt quickly turn and catches a kick to the gut before BAM! EDGECUTION! Edge hits Edgecution! He falls on top of Kurt and hooks both legs.


Click for Spoiler:
Winner: Edge (New United States Champion)
"Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie blares throughout the arena and the fans go crazy! The referee quickly hands Edge the United States Championship and Edge goes right to the corner. He climbs up to the middle rope and holds the title up high in victory. A replay of the final sequence is shown as Edge exits the ring. Edge now stands on the stage holding the title up with both hands. Raven sits outside the ring against the steel steps, visibly frustrated at how things went down. Kurt is now on his knees. Both hands cover his face. He did it. He choked. RAW goes off the air with Edge celebrating with his new championship.

RAW Quick Results (April 8th, 2002)
1. Tag Team Championships: Billy & Chuck (C) vs Dudley Boyz [No Contest]
2. The Undertaker def. The Hurricane
3. Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly (#1 Contender match)
4. William Regal def. Matt Hardy
5. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Scott Hall
6. United States Championship: Edge def. Kurt Angle & Raven

Upcoming Pay-Per-View

April 21st, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri
Kemper Memorial Arena

*Confirmed Matches*

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Championship
Triple H (C) vs Chris Jericho

Six-Man Tag Team Match
nWo vs Dudleyz

*More TBA*

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