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Old 01-02-2013, 09:32 PM
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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...

Welcome back to All Star Wrestling – results from December 14, 2012

World Title - Daniel Bryan (26/10/12)
Intercontinental Title – Brodus Clay (16/11/2012)
Tag Team Titles – Kane & John Cena (7/9/12)
European Title - Ryback (12/10/12)
Legends Title - Chris Jericho (19/10/12)

The show starts with Triple H coming to the ring with a mic. Triple H says it looks like we’ve set up one hell of a card for Supercard in two weeks’ time. There’s just one piece of the puzzle left to put in place, and that is who is going to be his partner against John Cena and Kane? Triple H says he has ruled out Kevin Nash, X Pac and the New Age Outlaws; though he does wish to thank them all for their efforts and they will be involved tonight in an eight man tag match against four of the contenders for the Intercontinental Title – Big Show, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Austin Aries.
Triple H says Cena and Kane aren’t off the hook tonight, and they will have to defend their Tag Titles once again, and tonight it will be against Christopher Daniels and Justin Gabriel. And just for the record, neither of those two will be Triple H’s partner either. Triple H says he isn’t known as the Cerebral Assassin for nothing, and he enjoys playing mind games, but all will be revealed next week. A Rocky chant starts in the crowd, countered by a Stone Cold chant, and Triple H just smiles to himself.
Triple H says with so many wrestlers getting ready for Supercard, tonight is an opportunity for some others in the back to show us all what they’ve got, and push for a spot in one of the three 20 Man battle royal matches at Resolution on January 25. And we’re going to start right now with the Usos against the British Invasion.

Doug Williams & Magnus bt Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso when Williams traps Jey in the Texas Cloverleaf for the submission win.

Zack Ryder comes to the ring and does his WWWYKI bit, before being joined in the ring by Big E Langston.

Big E Langston bt Zack Ryder with the Big Ending

Heath Slater makes his way to the ring and says he should be having a match at Supercard. He says it’s all about politics. Slater says it’s ok though coz he plans on entering himself in one of the battle royal matches at Resolution and going on to become All Star Wrestling Champion. Trent Barreta makes his way to the ring and tells Slater he has to earn his spot. Trent says he has busting his ass all year, and that he is a former European and Tag Team Champion, but he too doesn’t have a spot on Supercard. The difference between he and Slater though is Trent has respect for every single guy in the back who busts his ass each and every week to get to the top, and he’s going to teach Slater about respect tonight.

After a high flying match with a lot of near falls, Heath Slater hits the jumping Russian leg sweep and makes the cover. 1 2 3

Heath Slater bt Trent Barreta

Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring with a mic. He says he is blessed to still be here in All Star Wrestling, and he has had a great career, being a multi time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion. But he is still asked about the epic ladder matches, the chair matches and the table matches he has had over the years. He says in two weeks, it will be an honour to be on the same team as Bully Ray. Jeff says he has taken some beatings over the years from Bully so it will be a nice change to put a beating on his brother Matt and Christian, who just had to interfere a few weeks back. This brings out Christian who tells Jeff that no one wanted to see Jeff Hardy V Bully Ray at Supercard. Christian says this match needed some star quality, and Jeff should be thanking him for interfering and setting up the match everyone wanted to see. Tyson Kidd comes to the ring and says he has all respect for Jeff Hardy for battling his demons and coming back to the top of the tree once again. Tyson says he is the last man ever to be trained at the famous Hart Dungeon, and Christian should have some respect. Christian says he could beat Bret Hart any day of the week, which causes Tyson to get up in his face. Kassius Ohno comes to the ring and tells Tyson Kidd that he should be worried about their match at Supercard with Antonio Cesaro and Kurt Angle, instead of flying the flag for the Hart Foundation. All four men square off and we have an impromptu match.

Christian and Tyson start off and Tyson gets on top with his speed and agility, before Christian tags Ohno in who overpowers Tyson with a brutal clothesline. Ohno goes for a pin, but Tyson kicks out on one. Ohno whips Tyson into the ropes, who ducks another clothesline, and slides under Ohno’s legs. As Ohno bends down, Tyson catches him with a shot to the chin, and Ohno recoils as Tyson tags in Jeff Hardy. Hardy goes to work on Ohno in the corner with elbows and chest shots. Ohno pushes Hardy back into the centre of the ring and tags Christian in. Christian drags Hardy to his feet and hits a series of elbows, forcing Hardy back into his corner, where Tyson makes the tag. Kidd goes after Christian and knocks him to the canvas, before looking for a sharpshooter. Christian crawls to the ropes to break the hold and again tags in Ohno, who nails the rolling elbow KO out of nowhere and makes the pin. 1 2 3

Kassius Ohno & Christian bt Tyson Kidd & Jeff Hardy

Backstage, Batista is asked to respond to Sheamus nailing him with the Brogue Kick last week. Batista says Sheamus got lucky last week, and caught him off guard, but that won’t happen again. At Supercard, Sheamus is in for the beating of his life, and after the match, Batista will walk away satisfied that he came back to do what he said he was going to do. Beat Sheamus within an inch of his damn life.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Wade Barrett are in the ring awaiting their opponents. European Champion Ryback is out next, followed by Intercontinental Champion Brodus Clay, and then World Champion Daniel Bryan.

Rollins and Ambrose immediately go after Ryback, knocking him out to the floor, and battling up the ramp, effectively leaving this a handicap match for Barrett. Ryback and Bryan go after him, and the numbers game soon catches up. Barrett escapes the ring and gets deliberately counted out.

Daniel Bryan, Brodus Clay & Ryback bt Wade Barrett, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

After the match, Barrett gets a mic on the floor, and tells Daniel Bryan he isn’t going to waste his energy in a meaningless battle like tonight. He is going to save all of his efforts for two weeks’ time at Supercard, when he will become the next All Star Wrestling World Champion.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is asked about his Legends Title defence against Sting at Supercard. Jericho asks if anyone has been watching lately? Did anyone watch last week? Chris Jericho and CM Punk decimated Sting and ol’ Mick Foley didn’t they? The same way Jericho will destroy Sting in two weeks at Supercard. Jericho says he may just hang on to the Legends Title until 2015 when CM Punk is eligible to challenge, and that match would truly be the best in the world.

A triple threat match is up next, as contenders in the Intercontinental Title Elimination Chamber match make their way to the ring; Kofi Kingston, Damian Sandow and Dolph Ziggler.

Each wrestler size each other up before Sandow and Ziggler attack Kofi, knocking him into the corner. Ziggler launches himself at Kofi with a splash, and Kofi staggers into the middle of the ring to be knocked down by Sandow. Sandow makes a cover, but Dolph pulls him off. Sandow looks indignant and Dolph attacks him with a flurry of punches, knocking Sandow against the ropes. Dolph clotheslines Sandow over the top rope and taunts him from over the rope before turning around into Trouble in Paradise from Kofi. Kofi makes the cover. 1 2 Sandow grabs Kofi’s foot and puts it on the ropes for the save. Sandow gets back in the ring and now he and Kofi double team Ziggler. Sandow hits Ziggler with the Elbow of Disdain, before Kofi follows up with the Boom Drop. Kofi covers, but Sandow drags him up and tosses him over the top rope. Sandow turns back to Dolph who leaps up to put Sandow in the submission sleeper hold. Sandow starts to fade and the referee raises his arm. It drops once, twice….three times and the referee calls for the bell.

Dolph Ziggler bt Damian Sandow, Kofi Kingston

Backstage, Sheamus laughs off Batista’s threat to finish him. Sheamus says it is he who finished Batista back in 2010, and he will finish him again at Supercard. He says the Batista Bomb hasn’t been seen for two years, while the Brogue Kick was seen in full effect just last week. Sheamus gets serious and says Batista is going to be sorry he ever stepped back into All Star Wrestling, coz fella, I’ve retired your dumb arse once, and I can do it twice.

Oh you didn’t know? Your ass better call somebody!!! Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X Pac and Kevin Nash make their way to the ring for their match which is up next. Austin Aries is out first and gets in the faces of the Kliq, not backing down. Alberto Del Rio is out next and he waits in the corner. The Miz is next to the ring, followed by Big Show who makes a point of getting right in the face of Kevin Nash as the bell rings.

We start off with The Miz and Billy Gunn. Both are evenly matched, but Gunn gets Miz in a headlock and drags him over to the corner to tag in Road Dogg, who ships Miz into the ropes and nails him with a knee to the gut. Road Dogg drags Miz up and looks for the pump handle slam, doggy style. Dogg nails it and makes a cover. Miz kicks out on one, and tags in Austin Aries. Aries goes after Dogg with forearms and elbows, forcing him into the corner. Aries looks for the brain buster off the second rope, but X Pac breaks up the move. Aries dares X Pac into the ring, but Dogg tags in Kevin Nash instead. Nash towers over Aries, but Aries refuses to be intimidated and unleashes chops and kicks to Big Sexy. Nash eventually overpowers Aries and tosses him back into his corner, where Big Show makes the blind tag. Show and Nash square off and Nash starts talking trash while Show chests him across the ring back towards his own corner. Nash looks for a punch but Show blocks it and hits the WMD, causing Nash to fall to the mat, but not before X-Pac can make a blind tag. X-Pac tries to nail Show with his martial arts kicks, but Show swats him down to the mat. Aries, Miz and Del Rio get in the ring and start to attack Show from behind as this one breaks down. They all combine to hit Show with a triple DDT before Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Del Rio locks on the cross arm breaker, before they drag him to the corner. X-Pac nails show with the Bronco Buster, before they all drag Show to the middle of the ring. Miz, Del Rio and Aries hold Show down while X-Pac hits a splash from the top rope and makes the cover. 1 2 3

Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg bt Big Show, The Miz, Austin Aries & Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Brodus Clay comes to the ring and Miz, Del Rio and Aries escape the ring. Kevin Nash recovers and he and Clay drag Show to his feet and hit a double jack knife power bomb. Clay shakes hands with all of the Kliq before standing over Show lying in the middle of the ring.

Backstage, Sting is asked to respond to the comments earlier tonight by Chris Jericho. Sting simply says he has said all he has to say, and he will do all his talking in the ring at Supercard in two weeks.

Bully Ray comes to the ring followed by Kurt Angle. They are joined in the ring by Matt Hardy and Antonio Cesaro for a tag team match. Bully and Matt immediately battle outside of the ring and Bully slams Matt into the barricade as Cesaro and Angle square off in the ring. Cesaro takes Angle down to the mat but Angle counters and gets Cesaro in a reverse chin lock. Cesaro rolls through and captures Angle in a half nelson on the mat, as Matt recovers on the outside and leaps from the announce table to take down Bully Ray on the steel steps. In the ring, Angle breaks the hold and gets Cesaro set up for a German Suplex. Angle nails it and hold on to hit a second and then a third. Cesaro rolls away but Angle makes the cover. 1 2 Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro gets back to his feet and nails Angle with forearms and high knees before knocking him to the mat with a European Uppercut. Outside the ring, Bully has recovered and picks up Matt Hardy and hits the Bully Bomb on the steel steps. Cesaro meanwhile looks for the Neutralizer, but Angle crawls out of it and gets Cesaro in the ankle lock. Cesaro tries to make his way to the ropes, but Bully is there to stop him getting there. Matt Hardy comes back and nails Bully from behind before assisting Cesaro to the ropes, forcing Angle to break the hold. As Angle argues with Matt, Cesaro nails Angle from behind with an elbow to the head, and Angle turns around into another devastating European Uppercut. Hardy holds Angle’s legs out of sight of the referee as Cesaro covers. 1 2 3

Antonio Cesaro & Matt Hardy bt Kurt Angle & Bully Ray

Jack Swagger comes to the ring with a US flag and says he is the true All American American and at Supercard he cannot wait to raise two US flags and put Derrick Bateman to shame. Bateman comes out to the Real American music again, with a flag of his own, and says he is the true American Hero and he too cannot wait to drape himself in tow Old Glory flags at Supercard. Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a mic. Triple H says he appreciates how much both Swagger and Bateman love their country and how much both are prepared to defend the honour of the US flag at Supercard. He says that this match needs something else though. Something a little bit more special worthy of a Supercard bout. Something a little more American. Something more a little Real American. The music of Real American hits and Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring.

Hulk looks at Swagger and Bateman and says You know something brother? I appreciate the passion you both have for this great country. Nobody appreciates that more than the Hulkster. So when Trips called me up and said can I be a part of this match there was no way I could knock him back. So in two weeks brother, at Supercard, it’s going to be a Flag Match. Derrick Bateman and Jack Swagger in this very ring, with a special guest referee. The REAL American, Hulk Hogan. Triple H claps as the crowd goes nuts for Hogan.

CM Punk comes to the ring and starts saying how Mick Foley tries to portray himself as an outsider. He says Sting last week wasn’t his first tag team partner. Foley has always been ready to be a tag team partner when it suits, whether it’s The Rock, Terry Funk, Stone Cold Steve Austin or any number of other wrestlers. Punk says the whole idea of Foley being a loner is laughable, and he fully expects to encounter some of Foley’s colleagues at Supercard in two weeks. So tonight, he is calling out one of Foley’s forgotten partners to make an example of him, and teach Foley a lesson; that anyone interfering in their match at Supercard will be dealt with accordingly. So, let’s bring him out to the ring. Let’s bring out….Al Snow…

Snow tries to hook up with Punk early, but Punk counters into an arm bar and then a half nelson before nailing Snow from behind with punches and elbows to the back of the head. Snow falls to the mat and Punk drags him to his feet and hits the GTS for the cover and win.

CM Punk bt Al Snow

After the match, Punk stalks Snow before locking him into the Anaconda Vice. Snow is tapping out but Punk refuses to break the hold. Mick Foley runs down to the ring and CM Punk breaks the hold to square off against Foley. Both trade punches back and forth before the sound of the glass breaks, and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down the ramp! Foley and Punk stop in their tracks as Austin gets in the ring with a mic.

Austin says no one thought that Triple H could just bring back Hulk Hogan as a special guest referee and expect old Stone Cold to sit at home and watch now could ya? Stone Cold says he’s gonna be a better damn special guest referee than Hogan ever could, and in the match between Mick Foley and CM Punk he’s gonna call it straight down the line. And to prove it…..Stunner to CM Punk!! Stunner to Mick Foley!! Austin calls for some beers in the ring to celebrate as his music hits.

Christopher Daniels and Justin Gabriel make their way to the ring for their shot at the Tag Team Titles in the main event which is next.

John Cena and Kane come to the ring and we start off with Cena and Gabriel. Gabriel looks for some forearms and chops, but Cena overpowers him and has him against the ropes. Cena whips him across the ring and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Cena tags in Kane who picks up Gabriel and places him onto the top rope. Kane looks for a chokeslam, but Gabriel fends him off and hits a modified hurricarana off the top rope, before tagging in Daniels. Daniels hits the BME on Kane and covers. 1 2 Kane kicks out. Daniels drags the Big Red Machine to his feet and hits chops and kicks into a corner, but gets pushes back into the middle of the ring. Kane tags in Cena who nails Daniels with a shoulder block before doing the You Can’t See Me shtick and hitting the five knuckle shuffle. Cena lifts Daniels up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Gabriel rushes the ring only to be met with Kane looking for a chokeslam. Both Cena and Kane hit their finishing moves and Cena makes the cover. 1 2 3

John Cena & Kane bt Christopher Daniels & Justin Gabriel to retain the Tag Team Titles

After the match, Triple H comes to the ramp entrance and mock applauds.

As Triple H stands on the top of the ramp, Ric Flair’s music hits. Triple H smiles as Flair joins Triple H at the top of the ramp. Cena & Kane look on from the ring, and we may have found our last piece of the Supercard puzzle as All Star Wrestling goes off the air.

Matches confirmed for Supercard, December 28
Daniel Bryan V Wade Barrett (World Title)

Brodus Clay V Big Show V Alberto Del Rio V The Miz V Austin Aries V Dolph Ziggler V Damian Sandow V Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Title) Elimination Chamber Match

Ryback V Seth Rollins V Dean Ambrose (European Title Match)

John Cena & Kane V Triple H & Mystery Partner (Tag Titles Match)

Chris Jericho V Sting (Legends Title Match)

CM Punk V Mick Foley (Stone Cold Steve Austin – special referee)

Sheamus V Batista

Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray V Matt Hardy & Christian (TLC Match)

Kurt Angle V Antonio Cesaro V Kassius Ohno V Tyson Kidd (All Titles #1 Contender Match)

Derrick Bateman V Jack Swagger (Flag Match) (Hulk Hogan – special referee)

Tune into All Star Wrestling next week. Ten matches every week!!

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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...

Welcome back to All Star Wrestling – results from December 21, 2012

World Title - Daniel Bryan (26/10/12)
Intercontinental Title – Brodus Clay (16/11/2012)
Tag Team Titles – Kane & John Cena (7/9/12)
European Title - Ryback (12/10/12)
Legends Title - Chris Jericho (19/10/12)

We recap last week’s three big returns to All Star Wrestling – Hulk Hogan who will be the special guest referee in the flag match between Derrick Bateman and Jack Swagger; Stone Cold Steve Austin, who will also be a special guest referee in the match between CM Punk and Mick Foley; and Ric Flair, who joined Triple H at the top of the ramp as last week’s show went off the air.

Tonight we start with Flair’s music hitting and the Nature Boy making his way down to the ring with mic in hand. Flair says he knows what we’re all thinking. That Ric Flair is going to partner Triple H next week at Supercard in the match against Kane and John Cena for the Tag Team Titles. Flair says he is going to clear up this misconception right now. Flair said he came back to All Star Wrestling to stand alongside Triple H, and to be a part of Supercard. But he didn’t come back here to wrestle. He just came back here to be in Hunter’s corner. Flair says he knows as much as anybody about who Triple H is going to choose as his partner. But he sure is looking forward to the ride tonight as we find out who it’s going to be.

This brings Kane and John Cena to the ring and they get in Flair’s face. Cena asks Flair why he bothered to come back. To stand in a corner and watch? Why didn’t he just stay home and watch it all on TV? Cena says he and Kane are going to humiliate Triple H next week no matter if his partner is Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Ric Flair or anyone else. Flair gets in Cena’s face, and says nobody ever, ever has humiliated Triple H and Cena won’t be the one to start. Cena says to Flair how about he humiliates him right here tonight then? Cena calls Flair out for a match tonight. Flair gets flustered and takes off his jacket and tie and does a big WOOO! in Cena’s face. Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring looking pissed.

Bryan says Supercard is always the premier event of the year, but the World Title match is the main event of Supercard, and all of these has beens returning to All Star Wrestling are taking the spotlight away from the World Title at Supercard. He tells Ric Flair that he should just get out of his ring and go back to the retirement home where he belongs.
This brings out Triple H, who gets in the ring and tells Daniel Bryan he has a point. He says let’s bring the spotlight back onto Daniel Bryan. Triple H says Daniel Bryan will be in tonight’s main event as a warm up to Supercard. Bryan starts to do the NO chant, but Triple H tells him to settle down as it won’t be for the World Title. He says tonight Daniel Bryan will team up with Kane. And their opponents will be Triple H….and this man…

Wade Barrett comes down to the ring and starts unloading on Daniel Bryan. Kane tries to save Bryan, but Triple H nails him from behind and turns him around straight into a pedigree. Cena goes to look on Kane, but gets double teamed by Triple H and Ric Flair. Bryan and Barrett brawl up the ramp as Flair locks Cena into a figure four leg lock. Triple H steps back and laughs at Cena as Flair is screaming to Cena that if he wants a match, he’ll get one later tonight!

Jey Uso comes to the ring accompanied by Jimmy Uso. They are followed by Doug Williams. In a match of contrasting styles, with Williams trying to keep Jey on the mat, Doug catches Jey mid air from the top rope and nails him to the canvas and sets up the Texas Clover Leaf submission move for the win.

Doug Williams bt Jey Uso

Backstage, Ric Flair runs into Kurt Angle, and says he knows Angle effectively retired him at Supercard last year, and Flair has kept his word and hasn’t wrestled since. So if Angle wants him to pull out of the match with John Cena tonight, he’ll do so out of respect for Angle. Cena walks by and overhears and tells Flair he can’t believe he is already trying to weasel out of their match. Angle looks at Cena, then at Flair and tells Flair he has Angle’s blessing to go old school on his ass.

Trent Barreta and Richie Steamboat square off next against Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Steamboat and McIntyre start off and McIntyre uses his superior height and strength to get the upper hand. Steamboat makes the tag and Barreta flies around the ring, taking McIntyre off his feet. Slater tags himself in, but can’t keep up with Barreta who nails Slater with an elbow from the top rope and makes the cover for the win.

Trent Barreta & Richie Steamboat bt Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre

Backstage, we see Brodus Clay talking to Kevin Nash and X-Pac and saying he has the toughest match of all at Supercard – seven other men inside Elimination Chamber. Brodus says the odds are stacked against him and he could lose his belt without even being pinned. Nash says he knows a way to even things up a little, and let him talk to the boss.

Santino Marella is in the ring for a match against Big E Langston. Santino tries to get in some early offense but is beaten in a squash match as Langston hits the Big Ending.

Big E Langston bt Santino Marella

Christopher Daniels and Justin Gabriel come to the ring and Daniels says it’s a travesty that they do not have a match at Supercard next week. He says they intend to show their displeasure with whoever has the guts to face them right here right now. Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson make their way to the ring accompanies by D-Von. Titus and Gabriel start things off with Titus pushing Daniels back against the ropes and hitting him with some chops to the chest. Daniels escapes through Titus’ legs, and hits a dropkick to the back of the knee causing Titus to fall to the mat. Daniels tags in Gabriel and holds Titus down long enough for Gabriel to climb the ropes and hit an elbow and go for the cover. Titus kicks out on two and manages to tag in Watson. Percy goes right after Gabriel, and knocks him down with a shoulder tackle before hitting ShowTime and making a cover. Gabriel also kicks out on two, and crawls to his corner to tag in Daniels. Daniels ducks a shoulder block and jumps up onto the ropes and nails Watson with the BME. Daniels makes the cover. 1 2 3

Christopher Daniels & Justin Gabriel bt Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson

Mick Foley comes to the ring with a mic. He says he was goaded into his match with CM Punk at Supercard by being accused on an alleged injustice at Battle Royal which simply did not happen. Foley says he doesn’t mind too much as he is looking forward to getting his hands on Punk and making him stop whining, and start squealing like a little girl when he gets stuck in the Mandible Claw. Foley says what he doesn’t look forward to is another stunner from guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin. Foley says he and Austin go back a long long time, and he doesn’t appreciate what happened last week. Foley calls Austin to the ring and he demands an apology from the rattlesnake.

Austin comes to the ring and says he has never apologised for anything is his damn life and he ain’t about to start now. He says Foley is right – they go back a long time, and Foley should know that Stone Cold does whatever the hell Stone Cold wants. But he says he felt a little bad about what he did last week to Ol’ Mick. He says he went home and had a beer to think about what he did. Then he had another beer. A third beer. A Bloody Mary. A vodka. A fourth beer. And then it came to him what he should do. He tells Foley he’s not going to do him any favours at Supercard next week and he’s going to call it straight down the line. But he is going to do Mick a favour tonight. He says he is going to talk to the boss and see if can get CM Punk a little warm up match for tonight. Foley likes the idea, and Austin says let’s toast it with a beer. Austin and Foley share a beer in the ring.

Tyson Kidd comes to the ring to meet Kassius Ohno as we’re reminded about the unusual stipulation in the four man elimination match at Supercard next week between these two men, Kurt Angle and Antonio Cesaro, with each competitor being rewarded with a title shot – the title dependent on when they get eliminated in the match. Tyson uses his experience in the Hart Dungeon to tie Ohno up in knots early, but Ohno powers out of every hold and eventually knocks Tyson down to the mat. Ohno picks Tyson up and hits a spinebuster, before grabbing him by the head and slamming his head repeatedly into the mat and making a cover. 1 2 Tyson kicks out. Ohno throws Kidd out of the ring and tells the referee to start the count. Tyson drags himself back into the ring on seven, sliding under Ohno and bouncing off the ropes to hit a missile drop kick from behind, forcing Ohno to drape against the ropes. Kidd climbs to the top and nails Ohno in the face with another high flying kick. As Ohno tries to get to his feet, Tyson climbs high again and knocks Kassius down with a flying elbow. Tyson goes for a cover, but Ohno kicks out. Tyson then grabs Ohno’s legs and looks to lock in the sharpshooter. Ohno makes his way to the ropes, but Tyson drags him back into the middle of the ring, forcing Ohno to tap out.

Tyson Kidd bt Kassius Ohno

Backstage, both Kevin Nash and Steve Austin are in Triple H’s office. Austin says he wants to make it up to Foley by putting CM Punk in a match tonight. Triple H says fine, Austin can choose Punk’s opponent. Nash says Brodus Clay needs some kind of advantage as the current Intercontinental Champion. Triple H asks him what he had in mind. Nash suggests an over the top rope battle royal match between the other seven competitors in the Elimination Chamber match. Triple H says he likes it. He likes it so much, it can be up next.

Austin Aries is first to the ring, followed by Damian Sandow, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Brodus Clay comes out to join the commentary team. The match starts with everyone going after Big Show, just as they did last week. Show swats them away, nailing Kofi with a head butt and Aries with a huge clothesline. Kofi reels around into Sandow who hits him with the strait jacket neckbreaker. Sandow and The Miz pick Kofi up and throw him over the top rope. As Sandow taunts Kofi, Miz rolls Sandow over the top from behind. Aries and Ziggler are fighting it out in one corner, while Miz goes back to attacking Big Show, as Del Rio watches on. Show lifts Miz up for the chokeslam and hits the move on Miz over the top rope with Miz falling to the floor. Aries and Ziggler are nailed from behind by Del Rio who tries to lift them both over the top rope. Big Show hits a spear on Del Rio from behind; the momentum forcing Ziggler and Aries out of the ring. Show waits for Del Rio to get to his feet and hits him with the WMD knockout punch. With Del Rio unconscious, Show picks him up and drapes him over his shoulder, lifting him over the top rope and onto the floor. Big Show is the last man standing and stares down at Brodus Clay who gets to his feet at the commentary table, but doesn’t move towards Big Show.

Big Show wins Battle Royal match

Backstage, Stone Cold is in CM Punk’s locker room. Punk says he too would demand an apology, but he knows there is no point. Punk tells Austin to tell him who his opponent is so he can get on with being the best in the world, just like he will prove next week when he takes out the broken down, ravaged carcass of Mick Foley. Austin just looks at Punk and says What? Punk says What? Austin says Sheamus! Austin smiles and walks away, leaving Punk fuming.

We stay backstage to see Bateman and Swagger arguing over who is the true American Hero, when they are interrupted by Hulk Hogan. Hogan says HE is the Real American and has been since Hulkamania started running wild nearly 30 years ago. Swagger says he was just a baby and didn’t see Hulk at his best, but he sees the fire in Hogan’s eyes and he knows an All American American when he sees one, and tells Hogan that he and Swagger are one and the same. Bateman tells Swagger babies shouldn’t play with fire and walks off, leaving Swagger and Hogan looking confused.

Antonio Cesaro makes his way to the ring, followed by Kurt Angle. They lock up and Cesaro has Angle in a half nelson, before chopping across the chest. Angle reverses it and replies in kind. They both go to the mat and conduct some classic chain wrestling before Cesaro locks Angle in a wrist lock on the canvas. Angle bridges out of the hold and the two square off again. They go for the test of strength, which Cesaro wins. He head butts Angle in the chest, before pushing him against the ropes and hitting a European uppercut. Angle’s lip is split and he wipes the blood from his mouth which fires him up. Angle unloads on Cesaro with forearms and elbows, before grabbing Cesaro and hitting a German Suplex. Angle covers, but Cesaro kicks out on one. Angle whips Cesaro into the ropes and hits a high knee, and then goes for the Angle Slam, but Cesaro counters, and hits a side Russian leg sweep on Angle and covers. Angle easily kicks out and both men are back on their feet staring each other down. They hook up again and Cesaro has Angle in a side headlock, but gets pushed to the ropes and shouldered to the mat. Cesaro bounces back up, but is knocked down again by Angle. Angle goes for Cesaro’s ankle, but Cesaro makes it to the ropes. They trade blows across the ring again until Cesaro knocks Angle down with a high knee followed by another European uppercut. Cesaro climbs the ropes as Angle regains his feet and hits the flying European uppercut from the top rope. Cesaro picks Angle up for the Neutralizer, but Angle slides underneath and grabs Cesaro’s ankle and locks in the ankle lock. Cesaro desperately reaches for the ropes, but Angle has it locked in tight, and Cesaro is forced to submit.

Kurt Angle bt Antonio Cesaro

Batista joins the commentary team as Sheamus comes to the ring for his match with CM Punk. Punk refuses to start the match and leaves the ring, leaving Sheamus taunting him from the middle of the ring. Batista jumps up from the commentary table and gets in the ring to deliver an awesome Batista Bomb to Sheamus. CM Punk decided to get back into the ring and makes the cheap cover. 1 2 3

CM Punk bt Sheamus

After the match, CM Punk goes to leave as Sheamus rolls out of the ring, but Stone Cold’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Austin hits a stunner of CM Punk, and calls for a couple of beers. Austin and Batista share beers in the ring, before Sheamus sneaks back in and hits a massive Brogue Kick on Sheamus. Sheamus calls for another beer and drinks with Austin. CM Punk looks on with disgust as he leaves the ring.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is asked about Sting saying last week that he would do all of his talking next week in the ring. Jericho says he is the master of 1004 holds, and he will put on a clinic for Sting next week. Jericho says he is the Legends Champion, and he sees a few Legends here tonight, but nobody, not Hogan, not Stone Cold, not Ric Flair, and certainly not Sting can beat him for the Legends Title.

John Cena makes his way to the ring, followed by the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, returning to the ring for the first time in a year. They go to lock up but Flair hits Cena with a thumb to the eye before giving the crowd a WOOO!! Cena recovers and knocks Flair down with a shoulder block. Flair bounces all over the ring and goes to the corner and begs off Cena. Flair gets back to his feet and hits another thumb to the eye and whips Cena into the corner. Flair hits Cena with chest chops before strutting in the ring. Cena explodes out of the corner and knocks Flair down again, before hitting the five knuckle shuffle. Cena looks for the STF, but Flair counters and spins it around so he has Cena in a figure four leg lock for the second time tonight. Cena tries to get to the ropes but can’t get there. Cena rolls around onto his stomach reversing the hold. Flair starts to look to tap out, but Cena breaks the hold and applies the STF. Flair is thrashing around in the ring looking for the ropes, but the hold is locked in tight. Triple H makes his way down the ramp but it is too late as Flair taps out.

John Cena bt Ric Flair

After the match, Triple H and Cena go blow for blow in the ring until Kane makes his way down to help Cena. Triple H goes after the Tag Team champs, and is joined in the ring by Wade Barrett to even things up. The referee orders Cena out of the ring as Daniel Bryan makes his way down to join the chaos in what is supposed to be our main event.

Cena stays ringside, as does Flair, as the referee regains control, and Triple H and Kane start things off. Kane gets the upper hand and pushes Triple H against the ropes, before a clothesline knocks him over the top rope onto the floor. Flair tells Triple H to get back in the ring, and The Game does so, wailing away on Kane with chops to the chest and elbows and forearms to the side of the head. Kane is forced across the ring, where he makes the tag to Daniel Bryan. Bryan unloads on Triple H, yelling NO with every shot, as we are reminded Bryan thinks he should be in the spotlight at Supercard as World Champion and not Triple H. Triple H makes a tag to Barrett, who uses his size advantage to overpower Bryan and knock him down with a clothesline. Bryan jumps up and then jumps at Barrett and is looking for his guillotine choke sleeper hold. Barrett flails around the ring enough for Triple H to tag himself in and he pushes Bryan over the top rope while still holding on to Barrett. Barrett gets to his feet and throws Daniel Bryan into the steel steps, before picking him up and hitting the Bullhammer on the floor, before picking Bryan up and sliding him back under the bottom rope. Triple H goes for a cover. 1 2 Kane is in to break it up. Cena and Flair argue outside the ring, distracting Triple H. Daniel Bryan goes for the schoolboy roll up and gets a two count, before tagging in Kane. Kane and Triple H trade blows again, as Barrett goes around the ring to attack Daniel Bryan again. Bryan and Barrett brawl around the ring and end up going through the crowd, as Cena tries to get in the ring to assist Kane. Flair knocks Cena to the ground though, as Kane walks into a pedigree. Triple H makes the cover. 1 2 Kane kicks out again. Triple H drags Kane to his feet and nails a second pedigree and makes the cover again. 1 2 3

Triple H & Wade Barrett bt Kane & Daniel Bryan

After the match, Cena pulls Kane out of the ring and they go to make their way up the ramp but are blocked by Nash and X-Pac. Triple H gets a mic and says he still has one piece missing from the puzzle that is Supercard. Flair joins Nash and X-Pac on the ramp and out to the back as Cena and Kane join Triple H in the ring. Triple H says they know now that Ric Flair will not be his partner next week at Supercard. They know it won’t be Kevin Nash or X-Pac; Billy Gunn or Road Dogg. Triple H says it’s time to reveal who his mystery partner is. At Supercard, for the Tag Team Titles it’s going to be John Cena and Kane against Triple H….and this man….

The lights go out. A gong is heard, and the crowd go wild. A blue light shines on the ramp and The Undertaker makes his way down the ramp slowly and gets in the ring to stand beside Triple H. The challengers get in the faces of Cena & Kane and you can feel the tension in the ring as All Star Wrestling goes off the air.

Matches confirmed for Supercard, December 28, 2012
Daniel Bryan V Wade Barrett (World Title)
John Cena & Kane V Triple H & Undertaker (Tag Team Titles)
Brodus Clay V Big Show V Dolph Ziggler V Kofi Kingston V The Miz V Austin Aries V Damian Sandow V Alberto Del Rio in an Elimination Chamber match (Intercontinental Title)
Ryback V Seth Rollins V Dean Ambrose (European Title)
Chris Jericho V Sting (Legends Title)
CM Punk V Mick Foley (Stone Cold Steve Austin guest referee)
Sheamus V Batista
Kurt Angle V Antonio Cesaro V Kassius Ohno V Tyson Kidd (#1 Contender match for World, IC, Tag & Euro Titles)
Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray V Matt Hardy & Christian (TLC Match)
Jack Swagger V Derrick Bateman (Flag Match – Hulk Hogan special referee)

Tune into All Star Wrestling next week – ten matches every week!
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Welcome back to All Star Wrestling – results from December 28, 2012

World Title - Daniel Bryan (26/10/12)
Intercontinental Title – Brodus Clay (16/11/2012)
Tag Team Titles – Kane & John Cena (7/9/12)
European Title - Ryback (12/10/12)
Legends Title - Chris Jericho (19/10/12)

And welcome to SUPERCARD 2012

We start with The Real American music playing and out comes Hulk Hogan in a red and yellow striped referee’s uniform. Hogan panders to the crowd as we start the show with the flag match. Jack Swagger comes out first brandishing an American Flag, and places it in his corner as Hogan looks on. Derrick Bateman is out next also carrying a flag, and wearing USA long pants. He places his flag in his corner, and strips his pants off to reveal US Flag trunks.

The bell rings and they hook up for a test of strength, with Swagger forcing Bateman to the mat and paint brushing him in the middle of the ring. Swagger lets Bateman up and they go again, this time, Bateman catching Swagger in a half nelson. Swagger counters and reverses the hold and pushes Bateman into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Bateman quickly regains his feet and bounces off the ropes again, launching himself into Swagger and both men crash to the canvas. Bateman is up first and moves towards Swagger’s corner and the flag, but is caught by Swagger who Irish whips him into his own corner. Swagger follows up with a high knee and reaches over for Bateman’s flag. Bateman manages to push Swagger back down to the mat, and then climbs the ropes looking for the high elbow. Bateman connects and rushes over to Swagger’s corner looking to take the flag, but is caught by the ankle by Swagger. Swagger locks Bateman into the ankle lock and Bateman starts to tap out. Hogan is yelling at Bateman saying there are no submissions in the match as Bateman screams in agony. Swagger eventually breaks the hold and goes to Bateman’s corner and starts to take the flag. Bateman drags himself over to grab Swagger’s legs and try to stop him. Swagger kicks Bateman away and goes back to the flag. Bateman launches himself with one last effort at Swagger, but it’s too late as Swagger grabs the flag and starts to wave it all over the ring. Hogan declares Swagger the winner. Bateman gets back to his feet and salutes Swagger, before hugging Hogan and leaving the ring. Hogan invites Bateman back into the ring and all three do Hogan’s crowd pandering as Real American plays them off.

Jack Swagger bt Derrick Bateman

Backstage, Seth Rollins and Drew Ambrose are talking tactics in their European Title match against Ryback which is up next. It looks like it might be a glorified handicap match.

Rollins and Ambrose are in the ring, and are followed by Ryback. Ryback is attacked by both men as soon as the bell rings and they trap him in a corner, unleashes chops, elbows and knees, before Ryback comes back and overpowers them both, pushing them both back to the mat. Ryback picks up Rollins and clotheslines him over the top rope and turns his attention to Ambrose. Ryback measures Ambrose up in the middle of the ring and hits him with a huge chop to the chest. Ryback hits a belly to belly suplex and goes for a cover, but Ambrose kicks out on two. Ryback drags Ambrose to his feet and looks set for the meat hook clothesline, but Rollins gets back in the ring and catches Ryback with a kick to the back of the knee, causing Ryback to buckle to the mat. Rollins knocks him to the canvas with a standing drop kick and goes for the cover. 1 2 Ambrose in to make the save. Rollins looks at Ambrose and asks him why he broke it up, and Ambrose drops down to cover Ryback. Rollins breaks it up on the one count, and now Ambrose and Rollins trade blows in the middle of the ring. Ryback recovers and takes them both down with a double arm clothesline, before picking them both up and looks for Shell Shocked. Ambrose manages to jump down just as Ryback hits it on Rollins. Ambrose hits a missile drop kick to the head of Ryback, shaking him enough for Ambrose to sneak in and cover Rollins. 1 2 3 Dean Ambrose is the NEW European Champion. After the match Ryback glares at Ambrose and starts to go after him, but Ambrose escapes with the belt. Ryback turns his attention back to Rollins and hits Shell Shocked again.

Dean Ambrose bt Ryback and Seth Rollins to become the NEW European Champion

Backstage, we see Kurt Angle and Tyson Kidd talking about their #1 contenders match with Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. They both agree to look out for watch other during the four way match later tonight.

The next match is the TLC match. The winner is by pinfall or submission, and tables, ladders and chairs are all legal. First to the ring is Matt Hardy, followed by Christian. They are followed by Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray. Christian and Jeff start off as the bell rings. Christian takes Jeff to the mat and holds him down with a well-placed knee to the back while holding on to Jeff’s wrists. Christian comes down heavily with the knee and Jeff rolls towards the ropes. Christian panders to the crowd while Jeff uses the ropes to get back to his feet, and he launches himself at Christian with a shoulder block. Both men now trade blows, before Hardy nails Christian with a missile drop kick and goes for a cover. Christian kicks out on one and rushes to make a tag to Matt Hardy. Matt and Jeff square up, with both reluctant to make the first move. Jeff decides to tag in Bully Ray, who goes straight after Matt, forcing him into the corner and nailing him with knife edge chops to the chest. Matt slumps in the corner, and Bully Ray goes outside and under the ring, and brings out a table. Bully Ray sets it up next to the ring apron, and gets back in the ring, where Matt has recovered. Matt hits a swinging neck breaker on Bully and goes for a cover. 1 2 Bully kicks out, and now Matt goes to the outside and drags a ladder out from under the ring. He sets it up on the outside and starts to climb as Bully slowly gets back to his feet. Matt gets about halfway up the ladder before launching himself at Bully Ray knocking him flying back to the canvas. Matt takes his time to recover enough to make a cover, and Bully kicks out on one and makes a tag back to Jeff. Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits a flying elbow on Matt, before dragging him up for the twist of fate. Outside, Christian is climbing the ladder and as Jeff makes the cover, Christian flies into the ring to break the cover off the ladder. Bully Ray gets back in the ring and all four men go at it. Bully knocks Christian out of the ring to the floor, and Christian grabs a steel chair. He jumps back on the ring apron and swings at Bully who ducks, and pushes Christian back off the ring apron and through the table outside. Bully and Jeff then turn their attention to Matt and double team him. Matt ducks the double clothesline and escapes the ring and climbs the ladder again. Jeff jumps outside and also starts to climb the ladder. Jeff and Matt slug it out at the top of the ladder, before Jeff manages to push Matt off hurtling back towards the ring. Bully Ray catches Matt in mid air and delivers a devastating Bully Bomb before making the cover. 1 2 3

Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy bt Matt Hardy & Christian

Backstage, Wade Barrett is asked about his most recent matches with Daniel Bryan where he has been forced to submit. Barrett counters that the difference tonight is that the World Title is on the line. Barrett says he doesn’t know how many chances he may get at becoming World Champion, so he plans to take it tonight, and there is no way that he will quit tonight.

The next match is the Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental Title. Coming to the ring and entering the chambers are Alberto Del Rio, Austin Aries, Kofi Kingston and Damian Sandow. Out next is Big Show, followed by The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Intercontinental Champion, Brodus Clay.
The bell rings and Miz and Dolph immediately square up, leaving Show and Clay to trade monster clubbing blows in the middle of the ring. Show throws Clay right into the chamber holding Del Rio and it shatters as Del Rio comes out to face Show while Clay tries to recover. Miz hits a swinging neck breaker of Dolph and then hauls him for the skull crushing finale, but Ziggler reverses it and hits Zig Zag and goes for a cover. Just as he does, Kofi’s chamber opens and he breaks up the count, before hitting s aeries of high flying kicks of Ziggler. On the other side of the ring, Show has Del Rio monstered in the corner and hits elbows, causing Del Rio to fall into the ring. Show goes for a cover, but Kofi and Miz break it up and double team Show, as Sandow enters from his chamber. Sandow immediately tries to cover Brodus, but Clay kicks out on two. Clay gets back to his feet and knocks Sandow down with a running shoulder block. Sandow gets up as Clay comes again, and Sandow pulls Dolph in front of him, and the force of Clay knocks both Ziggler and Sandow down. Austin Aries’ chamber opens and now all eight men are in the match.
Clay goes to cover both Dolph and Sandow, but Aries breaks it up and starts to nail Clay while he is still on the canvas with kicks to the head. Big Show breaks that up with the knock out punch and Aries falls to the mat. Clay crawls over to make the cover. 1 2 3 Aries is eliminated. Sandow and Dolph recover and they team up to take on Miz and Kofi, while Show drags Clay to his feet and looks for another KO. Del Rio jumps up and grabs Show’s arm, and Clay kicks at his knees to force Show to the mat. Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker while Clay unloads with punches to the head, and Show is forced to tap out. Big Show is eliminated. Meanwhile, Kofi is on the top rope and flies at Sandow, only to meet the head butt of Brodus Clay. Kofi falls to the mat and Sandow makes an easy cover. 1 2 3 Kofi is now eliminated. Clay turns his attention to Sandow, as Ziggler looks for a sleeper hold on The Miz. Clay tosses Sandow into the corner and looks for a running splash, but Sandow moves out of the way. As Miz starts to fade in the sleeper hold, Sandow starts to trade blows with Del Rio in the middle of the ring. The referee raises the arm of The Miz once, twice, and three times, and fails to see Sandow land a low blow on Del Rio who falls to the mat. The Miz is eliminated, while Sandow quickly covers Del Rio and gets a three count. Alberto Del Rio is also eliminated. We are left with Dolph Ziggler, Brodus Clay and Damian Sandow. Sandow and Dolph team up and go after Clay, but he knocks them down with a double arm clothesline. Dolph rolls out of the ring and Clay picks Sandow up and tosses him into the ropes. Clay looks for the Funk It splash, but Ziggler is back in the ring, and hits Clay with Zig Zag. Ziggler covers. 1 2 Clay kicks out. Sandow is up and hits the elbow of disdain on Clay and makes a cover. 1 2 Ziggler pulls Sandow off Clay and goes for the cover himself, but Clay kicks out on one. Sandow goes after Ziggler now, and locks him up to hit the straight jacket neckbreaker, and makes a cover. 1 2 3 Dolph Ziggler is eliminated. Sandow gets up and panders to the crowd, but walks right into a spear from Brodus Clay who makes the cover. 1 2 3 Brodus Clay retains the Intercontinental Title.

Brodus Clay bt Damian Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Big Show and Austin Aries to retain the Intercontinental Title

A shot of the rafters sees Sting looking over the events of the night, baseball bat in hand.

Backstage, Mick Foley is asked about his match with CM Punk later tonight. Foley says the time for words is over. Punk calls himself the best in the world, but Foley is the hardcore legend, and tonight, CM Punk is going to find out all about hard core.

Sheamus enters the ring, followed by Batista. They hook up as the bell rings and look for a test of strength early, with both men trying to out muscle the other. Neither man budges from the middle of the ring, and Sheamus gets Batista in a head lock, but is pushed to the ropes, and met with a shoulder block by Batista. Sheamus doesn’t budge, so launches himself off the ropes to hit Batista with a shoulder block of his own, but Batista stays firm. Sheamus goes to punch Batista, but it’s blocked, and Batista unwails on Sheamus. Sheamus is forced against the ropes and Batista clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Batista showboats in the ring as Sheamus recovers, and goes after Batista again. Sheamus gets him in the corner and delivers high knees. Batista gets out of the corner, but gets tied up in the ropes, and Sheamus looks to deliver some clubbing blows. Batista hits Sheamus with a low blow boot and Sheamus falls back to the floor. This time Batista goes after him, and whips him into the steel steps. Batista picks up the steps and drops them onto Sheamus before getting back into the ring. Sheamus slowly recovers and beats the ten count, using Batista’s legs to haul himself back to his feet. Batista looks to pick Sheamus up for the Batista bomb, but Sheamus ducks behind and uses all his strength to hit Batista with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Both men are down, and Sheamus slowly crawls over to make a cover. 1 2 Batista kicks out. Sheamus drags Batista back to his feet and hits White Noise and again makes a cover. Batista again kicks out on two. Sheamus gets up and shows he is looking for the Brogue Kick, as Batista makes his way to his feet. Batista ducks the Brogue Kick and lifts Sheamus up to hit the Batista Bomb. 1 2 Sheamus somehow kicks out. Batista looks on in disbelief, as he goes outside the ring and grabs a steel chair. He gets back in and the referee warns him off. Batista goes to nail Sheamus with the chair but instead eats a Brogue Kick and the chair. Sheamus makes the cover. 1 2 3.

Sheamus bt Batista

After the match, Sheamus panders to the crowd, as Batista slides under the ropes and makes his way back up the ramp. Sheamus tries to get Batista to come back into the ring to acknowledge the crowd, but Batista brushes it off to boos from the crowd.

Backstage, Kassius Ohno is talking up the chances of him and Antonio Cesaro again being the tag team champions, as well as one of them becoming World Champion at Resolution. Cesaro cuts him off saying tonight there is no tag team and it is every man for himself. Cesaro leaves abruptly, leaving Ohno looking disconsolate.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring to defend his Legends Title. Sting’s music hits but he is nowhere to be seen. A rafter shot sees Sting still watching on from above, and Jericho taunts him to get into the ring. Jericho tells the referee to ring the bell and start counting Sting out. The referee obliges and gets to a seven count before the lights go out. When they come back on, Sting is standing in the ring behind Jericho, baseball bat in hand. Jericho turns around to eat the bat and the referee calls for the bell for a disqualification. Jericho stops him and says let’s make it a no DQ match. The referee calls for the match to be restarted. Jericho goes outside the ring and picks up a chair. Sting goes after him and swings the bat which Jericho blocks with the chair. Jericho throws the chair away as Sting swings again, only to hit the steel steps. Jericho uses the barricade to launch himself at Sting and kicks him onto the steps. Sting drops the bat and Jericho uses it to push Sting to the floor. Jericho gets back into the ring and demands the referee make the count. Sting gets back in the ring on six, but Jericho reaches into his trunks and nails Sting with brass knuckles. Jericho makes the cover. 1 2 3.

Chris Jericho bt Sting to retain the Legends Title.

After the match, Jericho points to his head saying he is always thinking, as the commentators speculate whether Jericho had intended this to be a no DQ match from the opening bell.

Backstage, CM Punk says Mick Foley may be a hardcore legend, but he is also an old bitter has been who has no idea what he has got himself into tonight. CM Punk says after tonight, Mick Foley will be forced to retire for good. Foley comes into shot attacking Punk and dragging him from the backstage area towards the ramp. Punk tries to retreat, but Foley is all over Punk and rolls him down the ramp towards the ring, as this match gets underway. Foley throws Punk in the ring, but as he tries to follow, Punk hits a baseball slide to the face, knocking Foley to the floor. Punk climbs the ropes and hits the elbow drop from the top rope to the floor onto Foley. Punk now taunts Foley, asking him just hardcore he is, and pulls a chair out from under the ring. Punk starts to hit Foley across the back with the chair. Foley recoils and takes five shots before falling to the floor. Punk goes under the ring and finds a garbage can and tosses it into the ring. Punk drags Foley into the ring and puts the garbage can over his head. Punk picks up the lid and waffles the bin three times causing Foley to fall again with the can still on him. Punk goes to the outside again and finds a kendo stick and comes back into the ring and slams it into the garbage can. He rolls Foley out of the ring and washes his hands saying he has taken out the trash. Foley makes it back in before the ten count and surprises Punk by throwing the can at him. Punk catches it but Foley hits a dropkick nailing Punk to the floor. Foley slowly staggers back to his feet and grabs the kendo stick and returns the favour to Punk. Foley goes under the ring and pulls out the bag of thumbtacks and sprinkles them over the canvas. Punk has managed to get out of the can and wheels Foley around and hits him with knees to the abdomen. Punk lifts Foley up and hits GTS on Foley onto the tacks and makes the cover. 1 2 3

CM Punk bt Mick Foley

After the match, Punk grabs a mic and tells the crowd that that is the garbage that Mick Foley is known for. He says it isn’t wrestling. It’s garbage. Punk says he is the best in the world, and he plans on proving it by winning the Resolution challenge and once again becoming All Star Wrestling World Champion.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is asked about his World Title defence against Wade Barrett later tonight. Bryan says he has beaten Barrett to submission on more than one occasion, so does he think there is any chance of Barrett beating him tonight for the World Title? NO! NO! NO!

The following match is the #1 contender, elimination match. The rules are as follows. The first man to be eliminated either by pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification will become the #1 contender for the European. The second man to be eliminated will be the #1 contender for the Tag Team Titles with the partner of his choice. The last man eliminated will be the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title, and the winner will become the #1 contender for the World Title. All of these matches will take place on January 25 at the Resolution Pay per View.

Kurt Angle is first out to the ring, followed by Kassius Ohno, Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Cesaro and Angle start off, with some old school chain wrestling, before they break and go for a test of strength. Cesaro overpowers Angle and ties him up in knots again, before Angle can break and get Cesaro in a full nelson, and drops him face first to the canvas. Angle goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out and rolls over to tag in Kassius Ohno. Ohno tries to overpower Angle and knocks him down with a flying forearm. Angle gets back to his feet though and hits Ohno with an elbow to the back of the head. Angle hooks Ohno up for a German Suplex and follows up with two more before covering Ohno. 1 2 Cesaro makes the save. Angle questions Cesaro and tells him to get back in the ring. Cesaro goes back to the apron, and Angle tags in Tyson Kidd. Tyson hits a dropkick on Ohno before bouncing off the ropes to hit another flying kick to the head, knocking Ohno down. Tyson goes to bounce off the ropes again but Cesaro makes a blind tag. Tyson nails Ohno with a high knee to the head and makes a cover, but the referee tells him he is no longer the legal man, and Cesaro sneaks in to make the cover. 1 2 3 Kassius Ohno is eliminated. Ohno looks pissed at Cesaro as he leaves the ring as Cesaro again tells him it’s every man for himself. Tyson gets back in and starts to unload on Cesaro, but his enthusiasm gets the better of him, and Cesaro ducks a high knee and delivers a very European uppercut to Tyson and makes the cover. This time Angle is in to break it up and he argues with Cesaro before leaving the ring. Tyson turns Cesaro around and drags him down to the mat and looks for an ankle lock. Cesaro tries to kick out of it, but Tyson grabs Cesaro’s legs and puts him in the sharpshooter. Cesaro inches towards the ropes as Angle taunts him, but Cesaro eventually gets there and Tyson breaks the hold and tags in Angle. Angle immediately goes for the ankle lock on Cesaro’s weakened leg, and again Cesaro has to find the ropes to break the hold. Cesaro hobbles over to tag in Tyson, but Kidd drops down to the floor to avoid the tag. Cesaro walks into a belly to belly suplex from Angle who makes a cover. 1 2 Cesaro kicks out. Angle can’t believe it, and launches himself off the ropes for a flying shoulder tackle, but Cesaro moves out of the way and throws Angle into the opposite ropes. Cesaro waits for Angle to get to his feet and hits another uppercut, knocking Angle down. Cesaro gets Angle set up for the Neutraliser, and hits the finisher before Tyson Kidd can get in for the save. 1 2 3 Kurt Angle is next eliminated. Tyson Kidd climbs the ropes and goes for a high risk elbow, but is caught by Cesaro’s Very European uppercut. Cesaro taunts Kidd by grabbing his legs and tying him up in a sharpshooter, Tyson’s own finisher. He drags Tyson into the middle of the ring until he is forced to tap out.

Antonio Cesaro bt Tyson Kidd, Kurt Angle and Kassius Ohno

Backstage, Ric Flair is talking to Triple H about how is going to be in his corner tonight and help him win the Tag Team Titles. Undertaker comes in and tells Flair he better just stay out of his way. Taker says he doesn’t like Flair, and he sure as Hell doesn’t like Triple H after the 18 month war they had that ended at last year’s Supercard. But he likes what Kane has become even less, and tonight he is going to put his brother back onto the right path. Flair says he knows all about wars ending at Supercard. He reminds Undertaker that he was forced to retire this time last year after losing to Kurt Angle, so he knows how much it means to get the win tonight. He tells Undertaker he will stay out of his way, but he will always have Triple H’s back. Taker leaves, and Triple H says he appreciates everything Flair is trying to do, but it may not be a good idea to piss the dead man off. They make their way to the ring for the Tag Titles Match.

Triple H comes to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair. He is joined by The Undertaker, who is having his first match since last year’s culmination of a feud with his partner tonight, Triple H. Kane’s pyro goes off and he comes down the ramp to be closely followed by John Cena. All four men stare down in the middle of the ring, with Kane and Undertaker getting right in each other’s faces. It’s going to be Cena and Triple H to start things off. They lock up and Cena goes for an arm bar, but Triple H easily pushes him away. They lock up again and Triple H gets Cena in a headlock but is pushed off into the ropes and hit with a shoulder block. Triple H stands his ground, and Cena works off the ropes for another shoulder block. Triple H again stands firm, so Cena goes for a third time. This time though, Triple H reads the block, and gets a boot up into Cena’s face. Cena stumbles backwards and Kane makes the blind tag. Kane and Triple H trade blows in the middle of the ring, with Kane getting on top, forcing Triple H into the corner. Kane throws Triple H out of the corner onto the canvas and makes a cover, but Triple H easily kicks out. Kane walks over and has a stare down with The Undertaker, before walking into a kick to the gut from Triple H. Hunter makes the tag and The Undertaker gets in the ring to face off with Kane. Taker pushes Kane in the corner and unleashes soup bone elbows and forearms. Kane turns it around and throws Taker in the corner and hits him with a flurry of punches to the gut before being pushed back. Kane makes the tag to Cena, who tries to take The Phenom down with another shoulder tackle, but to no avail. Taker picks up Cena and tosses him to the outside, where he is greeted by Triple H who throws him into the steel steps. Kane goes around to make the save, and helps Cena back into the ring. Cena tries to get Taker off his feet with some kicks to the knees, and Taker falls to one leg. Cena tags Kane back in who knocks Taker down with a clothesline. Kane climbs the ropes as Taker gets back to his feet and nails him again with a giant clothesline. Kane goes for a cover. Taker kicks out on one. Kane scoops Taker up and delivers a sidewalk slam and again covers. 1 2 Taker kicks out. Kane again scoops Taker up and looks for the tombstone piledriver. Triple H gets in the ring to try to make the save, but is met with a big boot from Kane. Cena gets in the ring and picks Triple H up and delivers the Attitude Adjustment just as Kane nails Undertaker with the tombstone piledriver. Flair tries to get in to break the count but it’s too late. Kane makes the cover. 1 2 3

Kane & John Cena bt Triple H & Undertaker to retain the Tag Team Titles

Backstage, we see Antonio Cesaro watching a monitor with great interest as the World Title Match makes a start.

Wade Barrett enters the ring first, followed by Daniel Bryan. They go to lock up, but Bryan decides against it and returns to his corner. This happens a couple more times before Barrett has had enough and monsters Bryan in the corner. Barrett is taking Bryan apart, and throws him out of the ring. Barrett goes outside and chases Bryan around the ring but is met with a drop toe hold into the steel steps. Bryan gets back in the ring as the referee begins the count. Barrett gets back into the ring on six, and tries to overpower Bryan again. Bryan uses his speed to counter every move, and ties Barrett up from behind, putting on a choke hold. Barrett starts to fade, and the referee asks if he submits. Barrett gets a new lease of strength and flips Bryan over his shoulders and makes a pin. 1 2 Bryan kicks out. Bryan latches onto Barrett from the mat and applies the No Lock. Barrett refuses to tap out and tries to make his way to the ropes. Bryan locks it in tight, and Barrett can’t escape. Barrett refuses to tap and passes out from the pain causing the referee to stop the match.

Daniel Bryan bt Wade Barrett to retain the ASW World Title

After the match, Daniel Bryan celebrates over a prone Wade Barrett, as Antonio Cesaro is seen watching on from the monitor backstage.
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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...

OK it's been six months since I posted my ASW results here. Two kids under two and a new job will do that. But I want to talk about how we book.

Following on from my SUPERCARD, I went on to have Antonio Cesaro win the World Title; Rollins & Reigns eventually win the tags, and kept Jericho and Ambrose with the Legends and European. I worked the IC onto Cody - still not sure why ha ha.

My question, as I still book every week, and tomorrow have my THUNDER ROAD PPV is this. Do we book to our own drum, or do we book as dictated by WWE TNA ROH etc.? I feel like I should drop the World Title from Cesaro just because he isn't getting over in WWE(I have him booked against Kane) but part of me wants to wait to see if WWE finally recognise his talents and give him MITB.

Same with Roman Reigns - I didn't rate him at all, but I had to move my Tag Titles from The Real Americans (Swagger & Bateman) and Reigns & Rollins were obvious. Did I really? Could I still book Bateman? **Spoiler alert** I'm having Shield drop the titles tomorrow coz I book them as faces and think they are better chasing. I plan to book them to win them back at my UNLEASHED PPV in August, but who knows how Vince will book by then.

So my question for all you bookers is...do you book to your own drum; do you book trying to anticipate what WWE TNA ROH is doing; or do you book reactively as face/heel changes weekly?

I'm really interested to find out.
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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...


Probably my favourite card of the year but damn hard to book.

The rules are simple - there are three battle royal type matches on the card, with each winner facing off in a triple threat match later on the card to determine the #1 contender for the ASW World Title.

The idea is that with 20 men in each match, it allows for new rivalries to surface which can then play out over the ensuing months. I also keep my five title matches on the card, which means I need 72 wrestlers for the card. This year was a bit of a stretch.

However, the title matches are as follows.

ASW World Title - Daniel Bryan (C) V CM Punk
Intercontinental Title - Bray Wyatt (C) V Kane
Tag Titles - Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (C) V Chris Hero & Matt Hardy
European Title - Christopher Daniels (C) V Jack Swagger
Legends Title - Chris Jericho (C) V Kurt Angle

The Resolution matches are as follows

Group One - Triple H, John Cena, Batista, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Kofi Kingston, William Regal, Goldust, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, X Pac, Adrian Neville, Xavier Woods, Magnus, Conor O'Brian, Rick Vicktor, Mojo Rawley. Christian was to be the 20th man but I wrote him out this week. The 20th is now a surprise.

Group Two - Antonio Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Damian Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Leo Kruger, Big E Langston, Austin Aries, Bo Dallas, Titus O'Neill, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Fandango, Tyler Breeze, CJ Parker, The Miz, Mike Bennett, Trent Barretta

Group Three - Sheamus, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Ryback, Brodus Clay, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, RVD, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Alexander Rusev, Mason Ryan, Sami Zayn, Mark Henry, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Eric Carter, Mick Foley, Bobby Fish

I am a little over a week away (Jan 31) and I have no idea who should win each group, let alone who should become the new #1 contender.

So, who do you think should win? Go to the poll and vote!

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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...

I think I made a big mistake.

After Resolution, at which the three winners were Ambrose, Cena and Cody, I decided to focus on a more indie/rookie show.

I still have Triple H V Batista, but that bores me now since Batista's WWE return.

I still have Cena V Cody, as the two losers in the triple threat match at the end of Resolution.

I started booking Rusev and Mojo Rawley, and am now stuck with Rusev V Big Show and Mojo V Sheamus at my next PPV, Payback on March 28.

My only other match not for a title is Cesaro V Reigns. Cesaro has already been my ASW World Champion so a win over him would be awesome for Reigns. But does it make him the #1 contender? Or does the winner of this go against the winner of Cena & Cody?

My five title matches are as follows...

ASW World Title - Daniel Bryan (C) V Dean Ambrose
IC Title - Bray Wyatt (C) V Seth Rollins
Tag Team Titles - Luke Harper/Erick Rowan (C) V Sami Zayn/Adrian Neville
European Title - Hiroshi Tanahashi (C) V AJ Styles V Bobby Fish V Jack Swagger V Christopher Daniels V Chris Hero
Legends Title - Kurt Angle (C) V Chris Jericho

I have focused so much on my lower card this time that I'm not sure how the top tier is going to work out.

I have three weeks to work it out. Who wins? Who loses? Suggestions?
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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...

It's SUPERCARD time again. The 38th Supercard which is supposed to be my end of year best card. I have my Champion Bray Wyatt V Dean Ambrose, my Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match with Team 3D V Usos V Wolves V ReDRagon V Stardust/Goldust V Harper/Rowan; my Legends Title match between Jeff V Matt V Mystery, and my Intercontinental between Rollins V Even Bigger Mystery.

The one thing I don't have (at least in titles) is an opponent for Rusev for the European Title. Who should it be?

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