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Old 07-24-2017, 01:19 PM
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sikkbones is looking to come up from OCW...sikkbones is looking to come up from OCW...sikkbones is looking to come up from OCW...sikkbones is looking to come up from OCW...sikkbones is looking to come up from OCW...

Originally Posted by AnthonyM4 View Post
Do you guys agree with me about the stuff I mentioned that happened between the finger poke of doom and Russo coming in? That stuff was bad. It was stuff like that which never got them the lead in the Monday night wars again. Other things I forgot to mention were the No Limit Soldiers and the Kiss concert. I like Kiss, but nobody cared for that segment and it drew a terrible rating. The No Limit Soliders sucked and what saved those segments was Curt Henning's brilliance(I loved the Rap is Crap song). I can't believe they gave that no talent Swoll $400,000! That company was run by idiots!

The kiss segment was supposed to get the kiss demon over...

Which is probaly up there with the gooker in terms of bad ideas...

Gene didn't care.. He probably got a huge royalty every time his likeness was on TV.

the Five Moves of doom?
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Old 07-24-2017, 06:50 PM
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FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...

It amazes me how quickly things fell off for WCW, but I think a lot of the groundwork was laid with a very bad (yet still profitable) 1998.

The NWO factions war was bad....why did all the second stringers who had no business being part of an elite force to begin with all get sent to one team ? (Was it so Nash & his Red & Black could get wins over the Black & White without ever beating Hogan ?? Why did the factions fued almost all year & Nash never crossed paths with Hogan ?)

Brett Hart's horrible booking: Was he NWO or WCW ? Was he R&B with Nash or B&W with Hogan ? He fueded and teamed with Flair, Luger, and Sting and wrestled against and teamed with Hogan, his character never had a purpose, a clear agenda, and seemingly switched alliances almost every other week. Hart couldnt have been more devalued if WCW had tried

Sabotaging Goldberg: He's the hottest guy in the entire industry not named Austin, and one of the legit mega stars (very few) on the roster who wasnt wrestling 10 (or more) years ago. His undefeated streak was one of the year's biggest stories. He won the World Title in dominating fashion in July, then watched Hulk Hogan & the NWO Black & White main event the next three PPV (July, Aug, Sept) ? WHAT ??? In most cases Goldberg got little storyline time on TV in those months and while he was allowed to main event some Nitros he didnt get near the storyline the WORLD CHAMP should have, the WCW Champ a mid carder on PPV. Even Halloween Havoc (one of WCW biggest 4 shows annually) he only shared main event status with Hogan vs U. Warrior (then didnt even get a match on the Nov PPV). Bouts against Sting & Big Show which could have been epic were forgotten throwaways on Nitro with no build & no post match story. By the time Starrcade came around Goldberg was so thoroughly weakened as champ he needed to lose (was that Hogan's creative control at work)

Suing Ric Flair: WCW got plenty of attention in newspapers and magazines (and a lot of unwanted protests, include organized boycott of TBS sponsors online) but it didnt help the product at all (unless you consider the ratings push when he returned "good for business").

Still, after all of that, WCW was doing quite well. Starrcade did very well, better than any WCW PPV all year & better than almost all of WWE events. Nitro ratings were high (including those two 5.0 ratings in early 99). You had a HOF roster of injured stars nearing a return to TV (Sting, Hart, Savage, Luger, all of whom were on IR at the end of 98). Interest in the newly reformed NWO was high, especially their quest to regain power (in the storylines they had recaptured the World Title but Ric Flair was WCW President and tormenting them at every step) and Goldberg was way over, fans invested in seeing him run through the NWO, especially Nash & Hogan, once & for all. And then post SuperBrawl we got...

David Flair turns on his father: After so much of Flair's return centered on his family this was nonsensical, poorly executed (not one scene of dissention between them) and it was attributed not to David's alleged "daddy issues" but to being seduced by some girl no one knew (Torrie Wilson). Really ???

This was supposed to lead to the infamous double turn: Except fans didnt want to see Flair as a heel (and didnt accept it early on, fans not caring if Ric beat up David since he turned on him and not caring much about his screwjobbing Hogan out of the title given how many times Hogan & The NWO cheated). Fans didnt want to see Hogan as a face either, but worse, just two months in after non stop promotion as the company's biggest storyline this immediately killed the reformed NWO storyline, killed the fans buzz in Flair's return, and effectively rendered Goldberg's title loss meaningless, after all who cares if there was a nefarious NWO plot to steal the title off him if soon after the group disbands, Nash turns face (again), and other people have the title ?? Talk about canibalizing your product

Continued Devalue of Goldberg: By the time SuperBrawl came he was already being pyshed into secondary stories away from Hogan & Nash. A month later after the "double turn" he was down further. Its hard to believe Goldberg never got a full fledged NWO fued, never got his big money match up vs Hogan, and his re match with Nash was a little hyped mid card bout on a mid year throw away PPV. Unreal

Of course the WCW midcard never had any direction, and much if it was given only marginal storyline time. Talent like Jericho & Mysterio were grossly ignored while very over stars like Steiner & Bagwell got lost in the shuffle. The fact Steiner even stayed as over as he did is a credit to his charisma in his Big Poppa Pump personna.

Do we even need to mention how little they did with Brett Hart after he came back ?

This is a great example in ignoring massive amounts of money, no one will ever really no why, ultimately I blame Bischoff because no matter what Hogan may have wanted or how Nash tried to book EZ E was the man in charge and he rubber stamped every nonsensical interest killing decission.

Its a shame because when I think of Hart, Savage, & Sting all returning with what was in place leading into SuperBrawl I can easily see a year's worth of epic programming....and we got none of it!
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Old 10-17-2017, 07:46 AM
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V/CV/ is looking to come up from OCW...

There was nothing wrong with the fingerpoke of Doom and WCW was never hanging on a final breath we already know the reason why WCW went out of business is because Time Warner AOL pulled the plug & the only reason why WWF had some steam during this time was because they were appealing to the Young and the brainless attitude generation.
Everybody wanted to see WCW Excel and everybody wants to see WCW back now because it was the best wrestling the best presentation the best production the best everything.
This is not opinion this is fact the ratings showed it enthusiasm showed it in the mainstream flow of Hollywood.

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