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Old 12-11-2016, 05:07 PM
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Default Meltdown 136

Copeland: Welcome to WZCW Meltdown! We are just weeks away as our biggest show of the year Kingdom Come draws closer and closer. Not only is our WZCW champion Mikey Stormrage in action tonight but we have a EurAsian title match as well-

Copeland: What is this?

Cohen: Conspiracy theory hour I’m sure.

The former world champion Garth Black makes his way down the ramp and into the ring paying the fans no mind whatsoever. He seems very focused and determined as he immediately demands a microphone once he is in the ring.

Garth: So I guess we now live in a world where there are no rematches huh? Mikey Stormrage or Matt Tastic got dozens of rematches every time they lost the World title but I seemingly can’t even get one! Well I don’t care if I’m not scheduled for this show, I’m not leaving this ring till I get the rematch for the WZCW World Heavyweight championship that I deserve!

Cohen: Things are about to get interesting

Tyrone Blades and Phoenix make their way out onto the ramp to a myriad of boos. Tyrone already has a mic in hand as he proceeds to address Garth.

Tyrone: I hate to break it to you but the only person who deserves a World Title shot is the man who time and time again proves he is the best in WZCW history. After tonight I’m going to defeat Mikey Stormrage but I’m sure Banks will still find a way to justify keeping me out of the Kingdom Come main event. I’m going to do what you couldn’t Garth, and that’s beat Stormrage.

Garth: Interesting you should say that considering the two of you couldn’t even win a match last week.

Tyrone: I’d say the same can be said of you.

Garth: Why don’t you come down here and we can decide who is right and wrong!

Tyrone: Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got better things to do and Phoenix will be taking care of you on Ascension so-

The Meltdown general manager Vance Bateman walks onto the ramp with microphone in hand.

Bateman: The both of you are holding up my show, so I’ll be quick and put it to you like this. Garth you are indeed the former World champion and deserve a rematch, and Tyrone you were the runner up in the Lethal Lottery and one of the very best WZCW has. So at Kingdom Come it will be Tyrone Blades vs Garth Black to decide the number one contender to the WZCW World title! Now both of you get out of here!

Bateman exits while Garth and Tyrone stare each other down. A few seconds pass before the Hollow Ones begin to make their way back up the ramp.

Copeland: Well a huge match has been set at Kingdom Come with World title implications!

Cohen: I’d hate to be the champ who has to face one of these two.

Copeland: Well Meltdown has only just begun folks! Coming up next we have Austin Reynolds vs Flex Mussel, stay tuned!
Old 12-11-2016, 05:08 PM
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The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing Vis Imperium, from New Jersey, weighing 240 lbs, Austin Reynolds~!

Austin walks down the aisle to no music as has become nearly customary to him. He enters the ring quickly to the crowd's boo's as he gets set for action.

Copeland: As we get set for the first match of the night here, Jack. I gotta wonder. What must be going through the mind of Austin Reynolds. Just a couple of months ago, he returned and was Elite Openweight Champion, satisfying his superiors. But now, he's having a bit of trouble.

Cohen: Austin is a veteran. And a decorated one. Known for being able to stay above sea level. I feel he can bounce back and tonight is a good night to do it.

His opponent, from Paris, France, he is the World's Healthiest Man, Flex Mussel!

Flex makes his way down the ring to mostly cheers. There is some boo's sneaking in but they do not stop Flex as he enters the ring.

Copeland: Flex has been after The Hollow One's since they put Ramparte in the sidelines. Chasing after them, but it seems that chasing has been getting someone caught in the crossfire several times. Flex might create an unneeded enemy out of Matt Tastic if this keeps up.

Cohen: So there's some colateral damage. Do you have any idea how much it would help Flex if he were to take out a Hall Of Famer?

Copeland: But he's not trying to take him out.

Cohen: Then he's a fool.

=Ding Ding Ding=

The bell rings and both men meet in the center of the ring where they lock up. Seeing who can take the early advantage, it seems the first move goes to Flex as he applies a Headlock, but is quickly whipped off by the ropes. Austin ducks Flex on the rebound and then catches him with a plain kick to the gut before brushing Flex by his head to the canvas. Austin looks at the crowd angrily triggering them to boo. Austin follows that up with a few stomps to his limps. Looking to soften the marvel of fitness. Flex gets back to a vertical base and grabs his arms, trapped perfectly for a series of headbutts right to the chest. Flex dropping to one knee once Austin lets him go, to try to catch his breath but the former Ratings Winner just boots him across the face. He follows it up with a Running Senton before covering and hooking the leg. 1....... 2....... 3-But Flex isn't staying down, he gets the shoulder up. Austin, slowly but surely stays on top of the man and whips him across the ring again. But before he can do anything, he's met with a Flex Clothesline. Seeing his chance, Flex executes two more before going for an Irish Whip but Austin puts on the breaks and thumbs Flex right across the eye, stopping his comeback flat. He then tosses Flex out of the ring as the referee admonishes him for his illegal tactic.

Copeland: Was that really necessarily? Is Austin really that unsure or desperate or bitter? I know he's been like this for a while, but I still find myself disappointed.

Cohen: Weren't you talking about being in a bit of a lull and needing to turn things around? Now you're complaining that he's not doing it your way? Gimme a break, he takes what he see's, Seabass. It's how he won the Openweight title.

Flex crawls back to the ring apron as Austin is busy with the nagging ref, but he spots his chance and Dropkicks Flex in the knee, knocking Flex back down and out, hurting his knee in the process. Smelling blood in the water, now Austin goes after the leg. 1, 2, counts the ref. Austin is stomping on it repeatedly and dragging Flex across ringside in front of the angry crowd. 3 He slams the bad leg against the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring, as he drags Flex toward the ring steps. 4 Detaching the top part and pining the leg under it. 5 Austin takes steady aim as the referee begs him to stop but just as Austin leaps off the ringpost to stomp Flex out, Flex is able to pull his foot out. 6, 7. Austin stomps on nothing as his adversary gets to his feet, slowly but steadily. 8, 9. Both men fight, trading blow but Austin pulls Flex, driving him head first onto the ring steps. Austin rolls into the ring, the referee, not pleased with Austin's actions, restarts the count. Austin orders him to just count as Flex seems completely out outside.

Cohen: It looks like Flex is down for the count. Bad leg, bad face. I don't think those protein shakes do well for endurance to pain.

Copeland: I wouldn't count Flex out, Jack.

1............ 2.......... Flex seems down and out as Austin waits for the count in a corner. 3........... Flex seems to show signs of life as Austin urges the ref to count faster. 4......... 5.......... Flex seems to start to come about, using the very steps he was thrown against to pull himself up. 6............ Austin seems restless as Flex pushes himself upward, crowd support coming about to motivate him. 7............... 8.............. 9............ Flex manages to get to a vertical base and rolls into the ring, frustrating Austin who grabs Flex but not to let himself be dominated again, Flex fights back with a couple of slaps to the face followed by a couple knee shots, right in the gut. Flex starts mounting the offense with a series of Clotheslines, lighting up Austin and the crowd as Flex shakes off the damage to his leg. He hits a couple of Jumping Knees before Gutwrenching Austin and tossing him over. He follows that up with a Vertical Suplex. Raising Austin up into the air and holding him overhead for several seconds before sending him crashing down and covering him. 1............ 2.........-But Austin kicks out. Austin tries to get up quickly but Flex catches him in an Abdominal Stretch, grabbing one of his legs for that added stretch.

Copeland: Flex seems to have turned things around, Jack. Austin is in trouble here.

Cohen: I feel a drug test may be in order here, Jack. I refuse to believe he was able to recover, Seabass.

Copeland: We....... Have drug tests every show. Even us here. Didn't you pee in the cup?

Cohen: That's what you're supposed to do in it?!

Flex tries to keep a firm grasp but Austin does manage to lever himself out of the hold and Hip Tosses Flex who has some problem getting up. He pulls himself up with the ropes but Austin capitalizes and Chop Blocks the leg, brushing Flex down to the canvas. Austin wastes no more time and pulls Flex to the center of the ring and applies Silence. Dead in the center, Austin has him dead to rights as Flex can't seem to have a way out. He raises his hand, thinking about tapping out, but he tries to reach for the ropes. His large frame allowing him to pull himself somewhat. Bit by bit he's able to gut it out and reach the ropes. Austin lets go of the hold but pulls Flex back to the center of the ring by the legs. Austin tries Silence again, but this time, Flex is ready and pushes him away. He gets back to his feet and goes for Spin To Win but does not get much rotations due to the leg. Allowing Austin to trip him again and attempt the Silence but Flex is too close to the ropes. So Austin opts for attempting End Of. Hooking the arm, but Flex gets out of it. He swings wildly with the Flexicution but misses and ends up on Austin shoulders who connects the Backpack Stunner. Austin raises Flex up again for End Of but he slip out the back. Austin turns around and BAM! Flexicution! Flex falls on top for the cover! 1........... 2......... 3!!

Here is your winner, Flex Mussel!

That came out of nowhere! He knocked Austin's lights out!

Cohen: Textbook definition of a lucky hit if I dare say so. Things seemed to be going Austin's way until that hit came out of nowhere in clear desperation. Flex better pray to that gym god. It helped him get out of a tight pinch.

Flex has his arm raised as Austin is helped out. Flex poses for the crowd that is mostly positive for him.

Cohen: I still think something here is not clicking. I don't think things with Flex and Matt Tastic are just gonna patch up.

Copeland: Well, time will tell there. Austin no doubt must not be pleased. Vis Imperium won't be happy with this set back.

Flex proceeds to grab a microphone as Reynolds his helped to back.

Flex: Look I've gotten a lot of questions a lot of looks lately so I thought I'd just clear some things up. Last week there was a miscommunication between me and Matt Tastic. And while he was in the wrong I by no means hold any ill-will towards him and his assault at the hands of the Hollow Ones was an accident. I let my temper get the best of me and decided to leave the ring and unfortunately for him he had no one to help. But to be perfectly honest I'm done with Matt Tastic and the Hollow Ones. I got my revenge for my fallen partner and best friend Ramparte and to be honest I'm onto bigger and better things. I just defeated one of the best wrestlers currently in this company. Dominated him in fact, just like I dominated Showtime Cougar before I retired him. I will no longer let my talent go to waste! I want a match at Kingdom Come!

Fans cheer as Matt Tastic's theme interrupts Flex but the bodybuilder isn't too pleased in the slightest. The soon to be hall of famer appears onstage with a microphone and quickly has his music cut.

Tastic: Sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help but hear my name in the back and decided to listen in. Then I heard you say you want a match at Kingdom Come and I just had to come out. You may not hold any ill-will towards me but in the last few weeks you've caused me a minor concussion as well as gotten me a beat down. So you can understand how I'm not exactly thrilled with you Flex. So since you want a match and I've got some pent up aggression, let's do ourselves both a favor and make it official: Matt Tastic vs Flex Mussel at Kingdom Come!

The fans cheer in approval for the proposed match idea but Flex doesn't seem to be so thrilled.

Flex: Before you so rudely interrupted me Tastic I was going to say I wanted a match worthy of my talent. And I don't mean to be harsh but you're not exactly the Matt Tastic of yesteryear. You're past your prime and you've lost a step or two. The company even realized it so they gave you a Hall of Fame spot so they can nudge you into a retirement.

The crowd boos at Flex words but they seem to have struck a cord in Matt.

Tastic: Ouch. Well I guess it's better to have lost a step rather than not making any at all! You see Flex I don't think you can truly make it on your own, that's why you've always needed friends. Ones like Ramparte, it's a shame however that the friendship won't last.

Flex: What are you talking about?

Tastic: After Lethal Lottery I was in the medical office getting checked out. And I happen to see an investigation file into Ramparte's injuries caused by the Hollow Ones. There was a security camera video that was marked unseen. Thought I sneak a peak to see what I'd be dealing with. I saw them beat Ramparte down but interestingly enough they weren't the only ones there. But I'd rather show you then just explain it.

Tastic points up to the titantron.

The Hollow Ones can be seen just finishing off their assault of Ramparte. As they walk away a shadowy figure can be seen walking towards Ramparte. The camera zooms in and it's Flex Mussel. He stands over his unconscious friend. He begins to pick him up only hit him with a Flexicution! He then picks him back up and delivers multiple Mussel Bombs on the concrete floor! Flex then runs away as he starts to hear Batti Otaku's voice in the distance.
Copeland: Why would Flex do that?! Ramparte was his friend?! Tag team partner!

The crowd boos thunderously at Flex as he's stunned and speechless.

Tastic: The Hollow Ones did quite a number on Ramparte but I suspect those multiple power bombs are the reason Ramparte can't walk. Good luck explaining that to him Flex.

Tastic drops the mic and walks backstage and fans continue to boo at Flex who's still in the ring as the show goes to commercial break.
Old 12-11-2016, 05:08 PM
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Backstage Leon Kensworth is stood near the entrance, he's looking at his watch and then directs his gaze towards the camera.

Leon: Good evening all. I'm awaiting the arrival of the holder of the biggest prize in WZCW. I am, of course, talking about...

???: ME!

The voice is that of Hall of Famer Titus Avison. Leon shakes his head.

Leon: I was talking about Mikey Stormrage, the WZCW Heavyweight champion.

Titus: Oh come on Leon, we all know what the top prize is.

Leon: Well tonight you defend your belt against an unknown person. How do you feel about that?

Titus: How do I feel? How do you think I feel? I'm furious. After passing a year and them refusing to acknowledge that I'm now against goodness knows who. You know what? I'm done.

Titus storms off kicking a trash can over on the way. He's clearly pissed but Leon Kensworth is more concerned with the arrival of champion Mikey Stormrage who has just entered the arena.

Leon: Ah great, Mikey buddy how are ya?

Nothing, Mikey looks at Leon and shrugs his shoulder. He walks up to Leon looking rather glum.

Leon: Mikey pal, how you feeling about your match with Tyrone Blades? It'll be a good opportunity to show the Hollow Ones what you're made of.

Mikey: I suppose so. See you later Leon.

Mikey walks past rather slowly and glumly. He looks like he has the weight of world on his shoulder, and probably does.

Leon: Well that's it from me, fellas?
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Harrys: The following contest is a singles match set for one fall!

As the music plays, the lights flicker red, before switching over to a blue, pulsating to the beat of the song. Logan appears at the top of the ramp with his head bandaged from the fight with Abel Hunnicutt last week. As a result Logan walks much slower to the ring and has his right arm also wrapped with protective tape.

Harrys: Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

Logan reaches the bottom of the ramp and slides underneath the bottom rope to enter the ring. He turns around and stares at the entrance ramp as he awaits his opponent for this evening.

Copeland: You can still see the injuries that Logan McAllister suffered last week. That epic fight between Hunnicutt and McAllister was so chaotic it spilt into the fans at ringside. It’ll be interesting to see how both men do after that wild brawl which saw both of them spill blood.

Cohen: Ah, Seabass! Logan McAllister couldn’t defeat Abel Hunnicutt so he assaulted him on the outside of the ring. A true coward. He’s so focused on regaining the Elite Openweight Championship that I doubt he even prepared for this match and it’ll cost him. One bad performance can see you drop out of the title hunt whether you’re the former champion or not.

Copeland: Two young talents going up against each other tonight. It’s exciting to see how they rank against each other.

Logan stands in the middle of the ring and cracks his knuckles watching the ramp for any sign of movement.

Harrys: And his opponent now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 225 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions... Remarkable Mark Keaton!

With an air of swagger known only to him and with the entire audience booing, Mark Keaton struts out onto the stage with not one but both WZCW Tag Team Championships over his shoulders. His golden curls fall gracefully down upon his forehead and Keaton’s teeth are perfectly white and sparkle under the spotlight. He begins walking down to the ring shouting that he’s the man and everybody wants to team with him.

Cohen: Do you think he’s found himself a partner, Seabass? I honestly don’t know if anybody other than Justin Cooper can deal with teaming with Keaton. His ego is so huge that you’ve got no room for the second person. He’s carrying both belts with him!

Copeland: It’s one of the biggest mysteries we have in WZCW. Who will join Mark Keaton? We will find out immediately following this match as I’m being told that Vance Bateman has informed Mark Keaton that either he names a partner or those titles are gone. No more time will be given so I’m sure Keaton will be aiming to have a strong performance in this match to build some confidence between himself and the new partner, if he has one.

Cohen: I still think you’d have a good run, Seabass. Go on and get in that ring to claim your title!

Keaton steps into the ring and holds both belts up while talking trash to McAllister. He hands the titles to the official, giving each title a kiss beforehand and then steps into a corner and removes his leather jacket.


The bell sounds and Keaton quickly rushes Logan, knocking him to the ground and driving a knee into his forehead. Keaton pounces, goes into the mount and starts delivering punches to the head of his opponent but the thick bandages around the head seem to be offering some protection. Digging his fingers underneath the bandages, Mark Keaton rips them off from around the head of McAllister and tosses the remains to the floor. A kick to the head immediately opens the wound from last week and McAllister goes crawling to the corner. Keaton will not let up however, he rushes to the opposite corner and charges forward delivering a dropkick. Quickly he gets back up, grabs Logan by the head and places him in position for the delayed piledriver. The crowd watch on as Keaton smirks arrogantly and lifts Logan up and delivers a hard piledriver. He rolls him over but does not cover. Keaton stands above McAllister who has no idea where he is, his head spinning and likely he shouldn’t have been cleared. The golden hair of Keaton is mixed with sweat as the Remarkable One pulls McAllister back to his feet and begins dancing back and forth while connecting with jabs.

Copeland: Logan McAllister is unfit to be in the ring. The brawl with Hunnicutt last week has left him unable to compete. This match should be stopped.

Cohen: He passed the medical test. It might be that Mark Keaton is just that damn good. The guy hasn’t been touched by Logan. It’s like he’s not even here.

Copeland: We can only hope that Keaton finds the sense to end this match before McAllister suffers a serious injury.

Keaton ducks a punch from McAllister and runs off the ropes, he ducks a second on the rebound, grabs hold of his opponent and spins him back around connecting with the VHS Lariat! The force so strong that Keaton stumbles forward, off balance, and then dives into the cover. 1... 2... Keaton jumps off. He smiles and shakes his head, this isn’t over that quickly. The reigning Tag Team Champion stalks McAllister who is struggling to stand, this golden viper smelling blood and he advances. With ease Keaton lifts McAllister onto his shoulders and spins him around quickly, over and over again. The crowd count along getting to ten before Keaton drops backwards with a Samoan Drop. He takes a minute to gather himself, the spinning also effecting Keaton but soon enough he is right back on the attack. He slips to the outside of the ring, stands on the ring apron and stomps his feet. Slowly, McAllister pushes himself off the canvas, clutching at his head where the bandages once were and gets knocked back down as Keaton flies high delivering a hard knee to the back of the head off the springboard. Keaton sits on his knees and spreads his arms out wide receiving a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Cohen: Logan McAllister cannot touch Mark Keaton. This guy is just so good. He’s running circles around the former Elite Openweight Champion.

Copeland: Keaton is having a party in that ring and McAllister showed up without an invitation. I can’t see this lasting much longer.

Keaton stands up and slaps Logan across the back of the head. He’s all smiles, arrogant as ever until Logan punches him in the mouth. The crowd is shocked and let out a massive cheer as Logan explodes forward but Keaton pokes him in the eye! Feeling his lip swelling up, Keaton grabs Logan and twist him around - A Very Rude Awakening! The neckbreaker sending a loud hush across the arena as Keaton turns Logan over and pushes his forearm across his face for the cover. 1... 2... 3!

Harrys: Here is your winner, one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions... Mark Keaton!

Copeland: A dominant performance by Mark Keaton tonight against a legit competitor in Logan McAllister. With ease we have just seen Mark Keaton defeat the former Elite Openweight Champion and he’s made a major statement tonight.

Cohen: Keaton is no longer living in the shadow of Justin Cooper. He’s the leader of this team and he has both belts to prove it. I don’t know who his partner is but they’re going to have to get in line and listen to Mark Keaton. Especially after seeing what we’ve just seen.

Keaton is handed both titles by the referee while Logan McAllister rolls to the outside of the ring and begins walking back up the ramp. Keaton stands proudly with all his gold and orders the referee out of the ring. He is then handed a microphone from a member of the ringside crew.

Copeland: It is time, ladies and gentlemen. What we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Mark Keaton will reveal his new tag partner, if he has one at all, right after this commercial break. Who will join Mark Keaton? Will he be forced to give up the titles? Stay tuned for all the action when Meltdown returns.
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Returning from the commercial break the crowd are booing loudly as Mark Keaton strolls around the ring. Two championship belts hanging over his shoulders, looking completely untouched by his match just moments ago with the exception of a cut on his bottom lip. Keaton parades around the ring waving the title belts and receives more jeers from the audience. Keaton stops in the middle of the ring and laughs, throwing his head back and falling to the ground.

Keaton: You all doubted me! I knew it. All week I’ve heard about how nobody would dare team up with the arrogant fool called Mark Keaton. You people thought I'd have to turn to the fans and bring one of you into this ring and crown you as champion. All of you have laughed and joked but look at me now. You people said I was the weak link to Justin Cooper. I’m no weak link! I’m standing here after destroying Logan McAllister, the man who is supposed to be elite, and now all of you idiots are waiting for my announcement. I’m the star.

He jumps back to his feet and adjusts the title belts as they slowly slip from his shoulders.

Keaton: All of you have been begging to join me. A bunch of no good fools all wanting to stand next to Mark Keaton. You all laughed at me before but now you all want to touch greatness and you can find nobody greater than Mark Keaton, baby!

The crowd boos and Keaton shakes his head.

Keaton: Shut up. This is my moment. This is my time in the spotlight and you idiots are not going to take that from me. I stood in this ring last week and exposed Mikey Stormrage for the loser that he is and at Kingdom Come he’s going to lose the World Championship to my best friend; Justin Cooper. On that same night Vance Bateman attempted to strip me of the WZCW Tag Team Championships... better luck next time Vance because you failed just like all of these people fail every single day.

Keaton laughs again and paces back and forth.

Keaton: Nobody can take these titles away from me. Nobody! I’m the greatest tag team wrestler of all time. I got thousands of messages with people crying and pleading for a chance. Well, Mark Keaton doesn’t settle. He doesn’t just pick anybody. No I needed a partner who was smart, strong, a proven warrior and somebody who had the ability to be a champion.

Slowly Keaton turns towards the entrance ramp.

Keaton: I was pushed to the edge of the cliff by Vance Bateman and nearly had everything taken from me. I needed a lifeline and one person saved me. One person stuck their hand out and they pulled me back and when I looked up I saw the man who deserved to stand beside me as one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions. When everyone else in this business would sooner have seen me lose everything, this man saved me and gave me the second chance I needed. I saw the man who has been through wars, has fought the best and has raised an Empire!

Suddenly some of the crowd start piecing together who the mystery partner is and they are all shocked.

Keaton: Ladies and gentlemen, my new tag team partner...

Click for Spoiler:

Copeland: OH MY GAWD! It cannot be who I think it is...


Copeland: The battles beaten Cooper and Keaton against Vis Imperium have been some of the most violent matches ever. Now it appears that Constantine has joined forces with Mark Keaton. Ladies and gentlemen, history is being made right now as John Constantine is seemingly about to be handed one half of the WZCW Tag Team Championships.

Cohen: I... how did this happen? Has Keaton joined Vis Imperium?

The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as John Constantine appears at the top of the stage in a black suit and is flanked by Abel Hunnicutt and Austin Reynolds. Collectively known as Vis Imperium the three men begin to march down to ringside with Constantine having a wide grin on his face. The crowd is totally stunned considering that Mark Keaton pinned two of these three men to win the titles back at Lethal Lottery. Constantine makes his way up the steps and enters the ring, Hunnicutt steps over the top rope and Reynolds slides underneath the bottom rope. All three men line up and Constantine steps forward and shakes hands with Mark Keaton. They exchange a few words which we can’t pick up on the audio and then it happens.

Mark Keaton hands Constantine one of the title belts. The crowd is furious and rains boos down on the four men in the ring. Keaton hands the microphone to Constantine and steps backwards, standing next to Hunnicutt and giving the monster a thumbs up.

Constantine: Surprised? I would think so because you people fail to see the bigger picture. I told everyone that I would find a way to regain the WZCW Tag Team Championships and right on time I’ve done just that. I found a way to get back what was rightfully mine and as it stands I don’t see Justin running down to this ring because he knows I’m right. He knows that this title belongs in the hands of Vis Imperium and that the tag division needs Vis Imperium, especially considering the four pretenders who will try to take these titles from us at Kingdom Come. No matter which team wins on Ascension, they will end up losing to us on the grandest stage of them all.

Keaton claps his hands together, Hunnicutt is stone faced and Reynolds looks completely bored.

Constantine: I’m sure you’re all wondering what this means. Well, it means that Mark Keaton just stepped up. Mark, would you come here.

Quick as can be Keaton marches forward and Constantine places a hand on his shoulder.

Constantine: I’ve fought you. I know what a strong competitor you are and that is what Vis Imperium is built on. We have no need for the weak and no place for those who fail to do as they are required. You have gone from a rookie, to a champion and now you are one of us. Ladies and gentlemen might I present to you not only one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions but also the newest member of Vis Imperium; Mark Keaton!

Keaton: Thank you. I’m honoured to be part of this group and to learn from you. You helped saved everything I worked so hard to achieve and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Constantine pats him on the shoulder.

Constantine: You are very welcome. You have made the right decision and together, all of us, shall conquer this business like never before. I once taught your mentor, Justin Cooper, and I taught him everything he knows. It is because of my teachings that Justin is in the main event and if you do as I say, I can help you reach those same heights. You are strong and what you did last week, confronting Mikey Stormrage, it showed me that you have no weakness. You are exactly what Vis Imperium is about.

Adjusting the title, Constantine begins to turn around and walks towards the remaining two members of Vis Imperium.

Constantine: Strength is the most important thing because Vis Imperium is only as strong as its weakest link. And who would that be? Huh, I wonder who the weakest link would be. Any ideas... Austin?

Just mere inches away from each other Constantine tilts his head and chuckles. Reynolds doesn’t break his gaze and stares right into his eyes.

Reynolds: I don’t know. When was the last time you wrestled? It's been a few weeks. To me that sounds like a weakness.

Constantine: Funny, it would seem that I’m the one with the gold and here you are all brooding and pathetic after another loss.

Without blinking an eye Reynolds goes forehead with Constantine and the crowd erupts.

Reynolds: Go on, try your luck.

Constantine begins to back away and raises his arms up in the air.

Constantine: I have no wish to fight you. You need not fear me, friend. Him on another hand... well you can’t control a monster.

From behind Austin Reynolds is blindsided by Abel Hunnicutt cracking him across the back of the head with a forearm. Constantine and Keaton circle the fallen man while Hunnicutt clobbers him across the back as Reynolds tries to get up and defend himself. A stunning turn of events as Vis Imperium, now officially Constantine, Abel Hunnicutt and Mark Keaton, are attacking Austin Reynolds. All three men begin to put the boots to Reynolds who is getting mauled. Reynolds grabs hold of Constantine’s leg but Keaton pulls him away and rakes the eyes. Blinded for a moment Reynolds stumbles back and gets nailed with a big boot from Abel Hunnicutt. While Hunnicutt continues to punch, kick and claw at Reynolds, both Constantine and Keaton slip to the outside of the ring where they approach the announce table.

Copeland: Oh no, come on guys. Don’t do this now. You’ve done enough to the poor guy. Austin Reynolds doesn’t deserve this.

Cohen: Move out of the way, Seabass! They’ll send that monster after you next if you get on the wrong side of Vis Imperium. Believe me, I find you annoying sometimes but I don’t think I’d do this to you.

Copeland: Watch out!

Suddenly Hunnicutt throws Austin Reynolds from the inside of the ring to the hard floor below and he crashes down with a loud smack. Hunnicutt steps over the top rope and turns to Constantine who gives him some orders. Keaton jumps in and hammers away at Reynolds, the man’s face covered in scratches and cuts from the assault. His left eye nearly closed shut and his lips busted wide open. Reynolds clutches at his back as Hunnicutt grabs him by the throat and shoves him into the announce desk, slamming his back into the solid edge of the desk.

Copeland: I thought he was going to split in two right there.

Cohen: Abel Hunnicutt is a monster. He doesn’t give a damn about Austin Reynolds and right now he’s about to extinguish the weak link of Vis Imperium.

Hunnicutt climbs onto the table and pulls Reynolds up after him. With a look of disdain on his face, Hunnicutt lifts Reynolds up onto his shoulders and has him in position for World’s End. The crowd hold their breath as Hunnicutt drops down onto his knees and Reynolds’ head spikes into the table... but it doesn’t break! Keaton jumps up and down cheering, Constantine stands to the side and as Hunnicutt steps off the announce table, leaving Reynolds’ lifeless body, Constantine grabs him by the shirt and screams “Do it till the damn thing breaks!”

A single nod is the only response that Hunnicutt gives and he turns back to his target. The crowd are begging him to stop, security rushes down to ring trying to stop him but Keaton and Constantine stand guard and refuse to let them pass. Hunnicutt rips off his shirt and slaps his chest violently leaving red marks across his upper chest.

Cohen: He better hope that table breaks. If not, Hunnicutt will just keep driving Reynolds’ head into it over and over again.

Copeland: This can’t go on. Hunnicutt is going to break Reynolds’ neck.

With a wild look in his eyes Hunnicutt lifts Reynolds up again. He doesn’t just drop down onto this knees this time but instead leaps into the air and comes crashing down onto the announce desk causing it to shatter. Reynolds is crushed underneath his weight and Hunnicutt is slow to his feet. The monster looms over the brutal scene and places a foot on Reynolds, raises his arms in the air and lets out an almighty roar of victory. Keaton and Constantine wave him over and the three of them begin making their way up the ramp.

Copeland: What we have just seen is the beginning of a new force in this business. Austin Reynolds has been kicked out of Vis Imperium. He is no longer in the group and he’s been replaced by Mark Keaton. Not only has Keaton joined the group but he has named Constantine as one half of the new WZCW Tag Team Champions. The man who Keaton beat to win the gold at Lethal Lottery. I cannot believe it.

Cohen: Vis Imperium has just got even stronger. They’ve removed the weak link in Austin Reynolds and now they have the tag titles. I doubt Reynolds will ever be the same after that attack from Abel Hunnicutt.

The medical team begins making their way down to help Austin Reynolds. At the top of the ramp Vis Imperium stands proudly; Abel Hunnicutt in the middle, Constantine to the left and Keaton to the right with both holding up their WZCW Tag Team Championship.
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Vance Bateman is in his office working at his desk. There is a knock on the door.

Bateman: Come in!

The door opens and Tiffany Wyatt walks into the room, carrying a black binder. She sits down in a chair in front of the Meltdown General Manager.

Bateman: Yes, Tiffany. What can I do for you?

Tiffany: I have come on Theron's behalf seeking confirmation on if he will get his Eurasian Championship match against Titus at Kingdom Come.

Bateman: Titus would have to accept the match in order for me to book it. Theron provided his challenge last week, I need an answer from the Eurasian Champion himself.

Tiffany: I see.

Vance begins going through the paperwork on his desk again for a moment and then looks up to see that Tiffany is still there.

Bateman: Why are you still in my office? I have work to do.

Tiffany: I also came for a secondary reason. Mr Bateman, allow me the opportunity to suggest a stipulation for the match. If, of course, Titus accepts Theron's challenge.

Bateman: I'm listening.

She opens up her binder and takes out a paper to shows to Vance, he looks at it.

Tiffany: This is the match type that would fit the situation best. Theron does refer to Kingdom Come as "the biggest battlefield of them all", you know. It is a perfect opportunity for everyone involved to benefit from it, especially the fans who would get to see this match.

He hands the paper back to her and she places it back in her binder.

Bateman: I'll think about it. Titus has to accept Theron's challenge first though. Speaking of Theron, his match with Matt Tastic is about to begin. So if I were you, I would go make sure he is prepared.

Tiffany: Yes sir. Thank you.

She closes her binder and exits the room. Bateman continues his paperwork at his desk.
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Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The newly announced Hall of Famer makes his way out to a thunderous response from the crowd. He head nods to a few die hard fans wearing Tastic shirts before making his way down to the ring. He’s all business tonight.

Harrys: Harrys: Introducing first, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

Cohen: Tastic must be very proud of himself tonight, what a disrespectful invasion of privacy he displayed earlier tonight.

Copeland: You mean showing the WZCW universe what Flex did? I think we all had a right to know.

Cohen: What Flex and Ramparte do in their spare time is their own business. Tastic had no right to air their dirty laundry.

Copeland: Regardless, Tastic is out to prove tonight that he is by no means washed up, but his opponent has something to prove as well.

The arena lights up with approval as the former World champion appears on stage. Multi-colored lights flash all throughout the arena as he poses on stage with his prop sword. Pyro blasts in the background before he rolls some dice on the ramp and he then proceeds to make his way down to the ring. He enters and poses on the turnbuckle one more time before setting his sights on Tastic.

Harrys: And his opponent, "The Natural 21", Blackjack Theron!

Copeland: Theron has thrown down the challenge to the EurAsian champion Titus Avision for a match at Kingdom Come. It remains to be seen if Titus will accept or if he’ll be champion by the end of the night.

Cohen: Of course Titus will be champion, and if he does accept which he doesn’t have to by any means, he’ll continue to be champion, because this the era of EurAvision!

The bell rings and both men feel each other out a bit before deciding to lock up in the middle of the ring. Tastic gets the upperhand and forces Theron into a corner. Tastic goes for a right hand but Theron blocks and shoves Tastic back into the center of the ring. The former world champion then charges at the Invincible one but Tastic meets him with a spinning heel kick stopping him in his tracks. Tastic then immediately picks up Theron and attempts to hit the Headache Driver. Theron won’t go down easy however as he headbutts his way out stunning his opponent long enough to follow up with a elbow smash sending Tastic back into the turnbuckle. Theron charges and nails a corner clothesline. He runs back to the middle of the ring and then charges again and nails an even harder corner clothesline. He goes to the center of the ring looking to hit the maneuver one more time but as he gets to the turnbuckle Tastic gets a boot up stunning Theron and sending him backwards. Tastic then goes to the second rope and leaps at Theron only to be met with another devastating clothesline in mid-air! Theron hooks the leg immediately 1...2...Tastic kicks out!

Copeland: Theron has the upperhand so far but with both men having something to prove tonight that can change in an instant.

Theron doesn’t let up on the attack as he hits a few knee drops on Tastic to make sure he stays down on the mat. He then goes to the top rope looking to hit the Dragoon Jump but as he gets to the top Matt rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside. Theron hops down back to the mat and goes to follow him. Just as he exits the ring however Tastic immediately slides in the ring and uses an incredible amount of speed to bounce of the ropes and nail Theron with a Tope Atomico! He then picks him up, chucks him inside the ring, and leaps up on the top turnbuckle as he waits for his opponent to stir. Theron makes it to his feet only to be met with a top rope hurricanrana! Tastic flips him and cradles him for the pin! 1...2...Theron reverses into a pin of his own! 1...2...Tastic pops out and nails a spinning back kick to a seated Theron! Matt then picks Theron up and once again looks to hit the Headache Driver but Theron wraps his legs around Tastic’s so he can’t complete the move! Tastic lets go and just as he does Theron hits a dragon screw! Tastic quickly crawls to a corner while clutching his leg in pain but Theron has no intentions of letting up. He yanks Tastic away from the ropes, picks him up, and drops his injured leg on his own knee. Tastic yells out in pain and Theron stops again on the injured body part. Theron tries to repeat this one more time but Matt does his best to stop it with wild chop and strike combo. He hits Theron enough times to stun him so he’ll let go but he can’t do much one leg. Theron snaps out of his daze and looks to regain control but Tastic meets him with a lariat neckbreaker and now both men are down on the ground!

Copeland: That maneuver may have just saved Tastic this match but he can’t capitalize due to leg, who will regain control?

Cohen: With any luck they’ll both lose.

Instead of going for the cover Tastic instead crawls to the ropes and uses it to pull himself up. He begins trying to regain feeling in his leg. Theron begins to get on his feet too and shake out the cobwebs. Theron charges at Tastic but he pulls the top rope down and Theron goes barrelling out to the floor. Tastic then tries to go for another Tope Atomico but is met with a brutal elbow smash from Theron! Tastic sent backwards into the middle of the ring and Theron hops onto the top rope. He then leaps high into the air and nails a Dragoon Jump! His elbow connects perfectly to Tastic’s chest and he hooks the leg! 1...2...Tastic just barely kicks out! Theron sees no the other option but to go for his finisher. He signals for the Critical Hit using the X symbol with hands. Some fans cheer this while other Tastic fans attempt to warn their hero. Theron picks up Tastic and attempts the Critical Hit but Tastic reverses into a backslide pin! 1...2...Theron kicks out but Tastic pops him right into the air for a pop up gut buster! Theron clutches his midsection in great pain as Tastic does to his leg. The incoming hall of famer however is still able to get to his feet first and picks Theron up for a vertical suplex! He nails the maneuver but doesn’t let go! He rolls through and nails an overhead belly to belly suplex! He hooks the leg! 1...2...Thr-NO! Theron kicks out!

Copeland: What is it going to take for either of these men to win!

Tastic pounds the mat in frustration. He sees Theron on the ground and hears fans chanting his name as well as Screw Attack. Despite his injured leg Tastic decides to risk it all and go for the high risk maneuver. He goes for the springboard corkscrew senton but Theron moves! Tastic misses and crashes to the mat! Theron then immediately locks in the Ace of Spades! Theron begins to crank back on the sharpshooter in the middle of the ring! Tastic doesn’t have anywhere to go but fans are pleading for him not to tap. Tastic doesn’t have the strength left to make the crawl towards the ropes. He’s not sure he has any other option, his hand looks to come down for the tap-but NO! He uses it grab one of Theron’s legs. He then contorts his body and rolls through the sharpshooter into a cradle pin! 1...2...Theron pops out! And right into a Headache Driver out of nowhere! Tastic drapes his arm over Theron! 1….2….3!

Harrys: And here is your winner, Matt Tastic!

Copeland: Tastic proving why he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame with yet another remarkable victory against a game Theron.

Cohen: Tastic’s luck never seems to run out.

The ref raises Tastic’s arm in the air as he’s on one knee. The ref helps him up but he tells him to check on his opponent. Tastic then limps to the corner and celebrates on the top rope.As Theron is being helped to the back by the ref Tastic gets the crowd to clap for Theron and his efforts. Before long however two figures hop the guard rail and slide into the ring behind Tastic! It’s Flex Mussel and his assistant Charles! Before Tastic even realizes Flex chop blocks Tastic’s injured leg!

Copeland: What’s Flex doing here? Why is he doing this? What has gotten into him?

Cohen: I don’t know but I’m starting to like it. It’s the old Flex Mussel!

Tastic rolls around the ring in pain as Flex and Charles stand over their fallen enemy mocking him. Flex goes to grab a mic as Charles dumps a protein shake on Tastic’s back as fans boo. Charles then grabs a bag he brought into the ring with him and pulls out a metal shake weight!

Cohen: Oh he’s got some dangerous intentions with that. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Flex: You can boo all you want but the simple fact is I don’t care what any of you think anymore! I don’t need your approval and I’ve never needed it! Yeah I’ll admit, I hurt Ramparte! I’m the real reason he can’t walk! And I’m proud of it! I wasn’t going to let him overshadow me. Just like I wasn’t going to let Tastic overshadow me last week. You could’ve just taken your beating and walked away Matt but you couldn’t just leave well-enough alone. So now in front of all your adoring fans I’m going to make sure you don’t walk again either!

As Flex continues to gloat and berate fans Tastic actually gets to one knee and nails a unknowing Charles with a low blow! He grabs the shake weight out of hands as he falls to the floor. Flex hears his superfan fall to the floor and turns around to see Tastic holding his training object/weapon. Tastic attempts to swing at Flex but the bodybuilder exits the ring just in time and runs up the ramp to the stage. Tastic is fuming and sees Charles attempting to his recover so he clocks him right in the face with the metal shake weight! He throws it down before picking up the mic.

Tastic: Earlier tonight you said you wouldn’t have a match with me because I’m washed up. If that wasn’t motivation enough to prove you wrong Flex what you just did has brought out a side of me you’re going to regret messing with. I might soon be a hall of famer, but I have so much more left in the tank than you will ever have! You pissed off the wrong person Flex!

Tastic then throws down the mic, picks up a bloodied Charles, and drops him with a headache driver! Fans cheer for him as Flex angrily watches from the ramp. As the cheers grow louder Flex immediately storms off backstage while Tastic yells from the ring.

Copeland: Well we’ve seen the true colors of Flex Mussel tonight, but he may have just awoken a beast inside Matt Tastic.

Cohen: We all have our darker parts inside us, and I think these two men might have unleashed each others, and it’s going to be fun to see them collide.
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The parking lot of the arena is shown and Justin Cooper, dressed in a suit, is on the phone and stops near the steps.

Cooper: I see you now. Just bring the car around and we can go.

A black car appears from the far side of the parking lot and makes its way over to Cooper, coming to a stop in front of him.

Keaton: Hey, wait up.

Cooper turns around and sees Mark Keaton running over to him with his WZCW Tag Team Championship around his waist. Keaton and Cooper hug, Cooper pats his former partner on the back and opens the backdoor of the car.

Cooper: Proud of you, Mark. You did really well out there tonight against Logan. Even I didn’t think you’d beat him so easily. You’ve come a long way.

Keaton: I had a great teacher.

They both smile. Cooper turns to enter the car but stops when he notices something in the reflection of the car window. He turns around and standing next to Mark Keaton is Constantine.

Cooper: John. Congratulations are in order I believe. You would do well to trust this kid. Mark might be hot headed sometimes but he’s loyal and he’ll go to the end of the world for his friends.

Constantine: I don’t let just anyone into my world. You have to show a certain level of ability, you know that much, Justin. Mark has done great things already as a rookie and now as part of Vis Imperium he'll achieve things he couldn't even dream of. I haven’t had the chance to congratulate you however on your Lethal Lottery victory. Very impressive and what is a Justin Cooper triumph without it being shocking.

Cooper chuckles and runs his hand along the car.

Cooper: We both ended up getting what we wanted. Things usually have a way of working out in the end.

Constantine: That they do.

Keeping their eyes on each other Constantine slowly extends his hand. Cooper hesitates but ultimately shakes Constantine’s hand before getting into his car and leaving the arena. Keaton and Constantine, the now reigning WZCW Tag Team Champions, turn back and head into the backstage area.

Copeland: Why was Justin Cooper even here tonight? He has no match on the show.

Cohen: Very interesting. Probably just came to see his friend compete.

Copeland: Stay tuned to Meltdown as we have a lot more coming up.
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Titus Avison makes his way out to the ring looking furious, he walks straight past the crowd who are a mixture of booing and laughter.

Copeland: Well Titus doesn't look too happy tonight.

Cohen: Why should he? He's being made to defend his belt against someone he's had no time to prepare for.

Copeland: When you're champion you should be able to defend against anyone.

Harrys: Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one for and it is for the EurAsian Championship. In the ring, from Keystone City Kansas he is the EurAsian champion. Titus Avison.

The crowd boo and Titus refuses to lift his belt above his head. He calls for a microphone.

Cohen: Looks like he has something to say.

The crowd boo louder as Titus Avison waits for them to quieten down. They don't. He speaks.

Titus: For 382 days the EurAvison era has existed in WZCW. I have faced all comers and have quashed them. Yet here I am, in a ring ready to face someone I don't know. To say I'm annoyed is an understatement.

The crowd cheer at the thought of Titus being annoyed.

Titus: At every corner Shawn has tried to stop me. He's failed. He's had his girlfriend try and get another match with me. He's failed. He is a man who thinks he can defeat a hall of famer. He did that tonight. He failed. So I'm ready for my match. Yet for Blackjack Theron the worst outcome for tonight is I lose. You see he doesn't want to win the EurAsian belt. He wants to make a name for himself. Do people care he's a former world champion? What will make him stand out is ending the EurAvison era yet tonight someone else may well do that. So, as pissed off as I am, bring out my opponent please.

The crowd goes nuts as Blackjack Theron's music hits.

Copeland: Looks like Theron's got his wish and tonight is the night.

Cohen: I can't believe Bateman would do this!

The crowds cheers slowly die down as they realise that no one is coming out to the ring. Titus gets back on the microphone.

Titus: What? My opponent is not Theron Daggershield?

He pauses and starts to laugh.

Titus: I know that. I'm not annoyed, I've known my opponent all along. As Bateman said he didn't set the match but it was Banks who did. I'm a four time Oscar winner, of course I can act pissed off when I want. It's all been an act.

The crowd is furious at this and start throwing things. Titus begins to do a Truman Harrys impression.


Copeland: Son of a...

Cohen: BWAHAHAHAHA! He played us all.

Men at work plays round the arena as Bruce Irwin makes his way to the ring. Backstage you see Theron and Tiffany looking at this on the monitor. It looks like they're discussing making their way out.

As Bruce is in the ring the bell goes. He goes for a punch to Titus who ducks. He kicks him to the midsection and gives a Tit-drop. Bruce Irwin falls to the mat but rather than a pin Titus Avison climbs up the top rope and goes for the...

Cohen: RED COMET!!!

Titus covers Bruce. 1...2...3.

Harrys: The winner of this match and still EurAsian champion. Titus Avison.

Copeland: This is a farce.

Theron and Tiffany appear at the top of the ramp as Theron has a microphone in hand.

Copeland: Thank goodness.

Theron: Tidarthian!

Titus: Whoa there buddy, I've just had a match. Let me guess you want me to make a decision on whether to fight you? Maybe I should ask the crowd.

The crowd cheer.

Titus: Who wants me to put my title on the line against Theron?

The crowd cheers with Tiffany encouraging the crowd to cheer louder.

Titus: Who would rather let Doug Crashin get his chance?

The crowd boos.

Titus: Okay! I've made my decision, it's not because of them though. It's because of your performance against Matt Tastic earlier. If you can fail to one Hall of Famer, why not again? So yes I'll face you at Kingdom Come for the belt!

The crowd pops louder and Tiffany whispers something to him.

Titus: Sorry, sorry! I forget you don't understand. You see Tidarthian will face you at Empire Rally and I will defend the World Gladiatorial Combat Federation Global Championship against you. Why you may ask? You failed against Leonaros Moonshadow so you will against Tidarthian!

Theron suddenly sprints down to the ring and slides in. He starts brawling against Titus and gets the upperhand. Titus is unprepared as Titus is given a Critical hit. Theron then hits in The Ace of Spades as security rush the ring to separate the two.

Cohen: What a cheat!

Copeland: Indeed, Titus Avison is. Tune in after commercial as we have Mikey Stormrage against Tyrone Blades!
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Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening and scheduled for one fall!

The crowd is a mix of boos and cheers and Tyrone's music hits and the house spotlight shines around the arena looking for the hooded superstar. Finally Tyrone is spotted coming from behind the announcer's.

Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

Tyrone slides into the ring, his trademark black bat in hand. He points to the entrance ramp and takes a few check swings before he pulls his hoodie and bandana off.

Copeland: There is some history between the two competitors in tonight's match.

Cohen: Who doesn't have history with Tyrone?

Copeland: There is a special history between Tyrone and Mikey though. They met in the co-main event of Kingdom Come Six, where Tyrone became the first and still only man to ever beat Mikey by submission.

Cohen: And full credit to Stormrage, as much as it pains me, but he didn't tap that night. He fought until his body literally shut down from the pain and he passed out.

The crowd roars at a defining tone in the sold out Phillips Arena for their champion as green strobe lights begin to flash throughout the building.

And his opponent, from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at 325 pounds, he is the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, MIKEY STORMRAGE!

Copeland: Few men in WZCW can elicit the response of the Crown Prince of Gaming. Just listen to this crowd. You have to wonder how he is going to be mentally however, as rumor on the street is that Eve Taylor walked out on him just days ago.

Cohen: It looks like Mikey is still soaking in the approval, as he has yet to step foot onto the stage. That or he is grief banging his way through French Polynesia.

Indeed, the champ has yet to appear despite the ovation he is receiving. The crowd begins to die down, their reaction going from glee to confusion as Stormrage is nowhere to be seen.

Copeland: Maybe play his music again?

As Mikey's music continues to play with no sign of the World Champion, Tyrone finally snaps and grabs the mic from Harrys, signaling for the back to cut the music. He leans against the ropes facing the entrance ramp, before cracking up laughing.

Tyrone: Stormrage I expected this type of attitude from Banks. He's been ducking me for months now. But you Mikey, y'all were supposed to be the guy that comes out here flying down that ramp with all these fans roaring out in applause for their world champion. But why is that Mikey? Why do they cheer for you? This moronic commentator over here, that's right I'm looking at you Copeland, would say because you're just like them. Fat, lazy, and completely incapable of taking care of yourself!

The crowd boos as Tyrone walks around, salivating in the hatred being thrown his way, his arms spread out wide as he yells out asking if he was lying.

Copeland: Well that was completely uncalled for.

Cohen: Tyrone is absolutely right about you Seabass!

Tyrone: It's a wonder you even know how to get dressed in the morning. Oh wait, that would require you to actually change your god damn clothes for once. Trust me, I've been in the ring with you. But now that I'm done with your typical sophomoric insults, Mikey Stormrage, you're nothing more than a cuckold! Did you not learn a god damn thing when I put you fell for the easiest tactic in the book? Did you honestly think my bitch of an ex wife would have fallen for you like that? That she was some poor innocent victim to my machinations? And yet here we are again Mikey. You sit back there in the locker room crying and pouting because Eve Taylor may have actually developed some sort of intuition in that space case head of hers and realized you were nothing more than an anchor. But like always, you're looked down upon as a charity case so she let you down easy. In fact, the moment she sees you at your weakest, she'll strike and tear your beating heart out of your chest.

The crowd continues to boo as Tyrone continues to stare forward into the camera, brushing his hair back briefly before picking his bat up and pointing it towards the entrance ramp.

Tyrone: That's of course if you decide to show up and get the beating of your life tonight Mikey. If you don't get your ass out here then my boys Mr. Jones and Phoenix will lay her out and deliver her right to your dressing room in a body bag. This isn't a game any more Mikey, and you don't get to be the big hero today. Management would LOVE for you to be that guy so they can sell more shirts, after all you're living the fantasy of all these idiots in the stands, the boy who refused to mentally grow up becoming world champion. But I'm the reality of it all. I'm the one that lives and breathes this god damn industry for better or worse in my own life. I'm the one that's up at 5 am every morning, fucking bleeding just to stay at the top. I don't get to roll out of bed and maybe change my fucking socks like you do and have management see you as some sort of messiah to these fat fucks and get every opportunity handed to you. Just when we had someone like Garth Black ready to make a change in this company, they give the belt right back to you. You see Mikey, you don't deserve to be on my level, in fact you're one of the cancers causing WZCW to falter like it has. They've tied their hopes and dreams onto you and you'll drop to the bottom of the ocean. I'm the one that carried this god damn company on my back, dragging it to the top of the mountain. When I ran this shit, you weren't even good enough to be the janitor that swept my office!

The boos intensify as the whole arena has begone showering Tyrone with jeers. A sadistic grin forms on his face as he looks out at the crowd before turning and leaning against the ropes towards the entrance once more.

Tyrone: Prove me wrong Mikey. Prove to me you deserve to even stand opposite of me in this ring. It's been two years since we clashed at Kingdom Come, and you're still the same ignorant fool. You haven't changed. I grew jaded. I became aware of the strings pulling all of us. I cut mine, let me cut yours. I'm tired of waiting here. I'm tired of you moping around and being a disgrace to that championship that so many of us have bled for! So Stormrage, grow a fucking set and come fight me like a man!

Tyrone throws the microphone to the ground outside the ring as he spins his bat in his hand, trash talking the crowd as the fans become near riotous in nature. With no sign of Mikey still Tyrone drops and rolls under the ring, picking the mic up once more.

Tyrone: You had your chance Mikey, now Eve pays the price for your cowardice!

Tyrone is about to exit the ring but stops as he notices something. Finally, after some time, Mikey makes his way onto the stage. He isn't in his usual ring gear, instead he is in what appears to be the same clothing he wore the day before. It is wrinkled and heavily stained. He is slumped over and lethargically dragging the title on the ground behind him as he makes his way to the ring.

Copeland: Never in all of my time as a commentator for this great company have I seen someone come out so unprepared. It is clear that something has gotten to Mikey Stormrage.

Cohen: It better not be Eve. Trust me Seabass, women just aren't worth it. I should know, I've been married three times.

Mikey stops at the foot of the ramp and looks up at Tyrone, who looks confused himself. Stormrage drops the World Title on the floor before letting out a heavy sigh and climbing into the ring. Referee Jun Akiyama has a talk with Mikey, who doesn't appear interested in the match.

Copeland: The champ appears to be in no condition to fight here tonight.

Cohen: He is the Heavyweight Champion of the World, he needs to be ready to go each night.

As the referee talks to Stormrage, Tyrone paces around the ring, waiting for the bell. It looks like Stormrage mouths the words "I don't care" and the referee shrugs and calls for the bell to start the match.


Tyrone charges out of the gate, and Stormrage just stands there looking uninterested. Tyrone pulls up and almost looks concerned.

Cohen: Go on and finish him off.

Copeland: It appears that the rumors of Stormrage being deeply depressed are true. He just stood there as an enraged Tyrone Blades charged full speed.

Stormrage looks up and urges Tyrone forward. The two men are face to face but Tyrone refuses to engage until Stormrage slaps him hard across the face.

Stormrage: C'Mon! Finish this! End me!

Tyrone obliges and connects with a vicious superkick, then he connects with a vicious running knee to the head. Click Clack! Stormrage collapses and Tyrone makes the cover.


Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Tyrone Blades!

Cohen: What the hell was that?

Tyrone rolls out of the ring, but not before grabbing his black bat and attire before he disappears through the crowd once again.

Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, in all my time as a sports broadcaster, I have never seen anything like this. Tyrone literally beat the World Heavyweight Champion with one move, and the champ didn't even try to defend himself. In fact, he urged him on. Something is severely wrong with Mikey Stormrage and I for one am worried about his mental well being.

Stormrage lies back on the mat and as the referee comes to check on him he simply rolls over, as if trying to avoid him.

The referee backs away, exiting the ring through the second rope while Mikey Stromrage rolls onto his knees. On the canvas next to him sits the World Heavyweight Championship, the golden plates sparkling under the lights and the jewels reflecting back at him as Stormrage picks up the belt. His gaze is focused on the title belt, his head lowered, seemingly defeated and unaware of his surroundings. The crowd begins to scream, some jumping up off their seats and pointing, trying to get the attention of Mikey. No matter how much they yell Mikey doesn’t look up until it’s too late.

Steel smacks across his back and the title belt is throw across the ring as Mikey feels pain shooting through his body. The cold steel comes crashing down against his back again and this time Mikey falls, his hands failing to break his fall and his face meets the canvas. The crowd watches on in horror as the steel chair is repeatedly slammed into the defenceless World Champion.

Copeland: What the hell is he doing out here? What is the meaning of this attack? This is disgusting. Somebody has got to do something.

Cohen: Who is going to save him? Eve Taylor isn’t here tonight. She’s on Ascension and Austin Reynolds may have helped but he’s been sent to the hospital by the same men who are taking out the World Champion right now.

Copeland: Mark Keaton has snapped, ladies and gentlemen. He joined Vis Imperium earlier tonight and now he’s destroying the World Heavyweight Champion whilst Abel Hunnicutt and Constantine watch on. Why are they doing this?

Inside the ring Mark Keaton throws the steel chair to the mat and turns Mikey over. He begins striking Mikey across the face with closed fists, drawing blood from his forehead. Constantine slowly climbs into the ring and begins ordering both Keaton and Hunnicutt around. Towering over them all Hunnicutt pulls Mikey to his feet, holding him from behind with his arms tangled, and moves him towards Constantine. The Power Trip unbuttons his shirt as to not get blood on it, hands it to Keaton who hangs it over the top rope and proceeds to unload punch after punch into the head of Mikey Stormrage. Each shot causes a loud crack to echo throughout the arena, many of the fans in attendance having turned away from this act of violence. Unable to watch a defenceless man get attacked by a pack of wolves like Vis Imperium.

Keaton switches but this time he drives his knee into Mikey’s stomach and begins to slap him across the face while laughing. His golden hair mixed with sweat, Keaton walks over to the chair and picks it up. With a smile on his face Keaton places the tip of the chair against Mikey’s forehead, brings it back and instantly Mikey collapses with his eyes closed shut. Crack.

Copeland: God damn it! He’s just sent that chair into Mikey’s skull. This is sickening!

Cohen: This is what happens when you face Justin Cooper. Friends are everything and it appears an alliance has been formed between Justin Cooper and Vis Imperium. I mean, Mark Keaton joined earlier tonight. Are you going to believe that Cooper has nothing to do with this assault? He must have known. We saw him earlier, he had no match, and he had no reason to be here tonight unless this was his masterplan. Justin Cooper has fooled the world into believing he is a hero but tonight has proven he is just as villainous as ever before.

Copeland: I don’t know if Justin Cooper had anything to do with this attack. I hope not. I hope that we’re going to find out that Cooper knew nothing and this was all Mark Keaton’s work and that of Vis Imperium. I believe that Cooper is a changed man and I’m not ready to call him a liar because of the actions of Vis Imperium.

Cohen: Oh please! Justin Cooper is a villain. We all know it. Mikey Stormrage is the only thing standing in his way of becoming WZCW World Heavyweight Champion so Cooper formed an alliance with Vis Imperium, he gave them the WZCW Tag Team Championships by getting Mark Keaton to bring in Constantine and they’ll help deliver him the World Championship. It’s genius!

Copeland: I cannot believe it. I will not believe it.

Stormrage begins to stir, his face masked with blood as he tries to crawl towards his championship. The belt only inches away when suddenly Constantine steps on his hand. Stormrage yells out in pain as Hunnicutt lifts him up again, kicks him in the stomach and delivers a European Uppercutt. Mikey, already on wobbly legs, stumbles backwards for a moment, unable to see due to the blood dripping into his eyes and is nailed with Collateral Damage from Constantine.

Mikey Stormrage lays on his back, unable to move with pain piercing his entire body. The crowd are silent as they watch their fallen hero helpless on the canvas with Vis Imperium standing over him. Constantine motions to both men and they begin exiting the ring. When Hunnicutt and Constantine reach the bottom of the entrance ramp they turn back and notice that Mark Keaton remains in the ring. He kneels next to Stormrage and turns him onto his stomach. Keaton points to the World Championship just inches away and yells for Mikey to reach. “Do it, Mikey! Reach for it. I thought you were World Champion? What is a World Champion without his belt? Take a good hard look because Kingdom Come will be the last time you ever hold that belt, I promise you and we’ll take it by any means necessary.”

Copeland: I'm in shock by what I've seen tonight. The real question we have to ask is did Justin Cooper know about this attack? What part, if any, did he play in Vis Imperium assaulting the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. I hope that this man is true and isn't with these wolves because anyone willing to do something like this isn't worthy to be World Champion.

Cohen: As I said before I believe this was his masterplan. I think he had this planned from the moment he won Lethal Lottery. Mikey Stormrage has no friends. Cooper said it last week, Mikey Stormrage has nobody willing to support him. James Howard, Matt Tastic and even Eve Taylor. Where are they? None of them are willing to fight with Mikey Stormrage, he's toxic and has turned all of them away. Cooper meanwhile has gathered friends and formed an alliance. I'm telling you, Cooper is in on it!

Copeland: Well the contract will be signed on Ascension for the World Championship Match so Justin Cooper will have to answer for this assault even if he had nothing to do with it. I wonder how Mikey Stormrage will react. I hope he is going to be fit for competition. We need medical out here right away to check on him.

Keaton jumps up to his feet and exits the ring leaving Mikey Stormrage is struggle his way forward inch by inch towards the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. The blood on his face drying, the belt just a fingertip away but Mikey Stormrage is exhausted and has nothing left. His arms falls short and his eyes close, his body unable to move any further with the championship just out of reach as the show fades to black.
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