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Old 12-30-2017, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Mighty NorCal View Post
It was a one time network special. So yes it was.
No it wasn't. Here is a listing of the 2017 WWE PPV events.

Royal Rumble
Elimination Chamber
Wrestlemania 33
Extreme Rules
Money In The Bank
Great Balls Of Fire
No Mercy
Hell In A Cell
Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Survivor Series
Clash of Champions

There's a lot of shows on that list. It contains some very good shows and even some bad ones. You know what I do NOT see on there? The Mae Young Classic. Why you might ask? It's not listed amongst the 2017 WWE PPV events because it wasn't a PPV. You can play the "Why because you said so?" card all you want, but that works both ways. The Mae Young Classic does not suddenly become retconned into becoming a PPV just because NorCal said so. The fact of the matter is that it was NOT a PPV. Period.

Originally Posted by Mighty NorCal View Post
That's just.....Flat out incorrect. The majority of the field is/was on the WWE roster.
There was not a single person in the entire list of participants who was in the WWE during the tournament. A few have had appearances in NXT battle royals or as jobbers, but nothing of major note. Sarah Logan did not make it to the main roster until after the tournament. So, unless you count someone being Miz's makeup artist or the two women who were once part of Adam Rose's Rosebuds, or Serena's run from 7 years ago.... A grand total of NOBODY from the Mae Young Classic was in the WWE.... AND none of the women from the main rosters were in the tournament. The event did not feature anyone from the WWE. Nice try.

Originally Posted by Mighty NorCal View Post
The OP asked if an all-women PPV would work. As has been demonstrated, it already has.
We've covered this. The women of Raw and Smackdown have never had a PPV event before. Neither have the NXT women had an all women's Takeover event. So as has yet to be demonstrated, we do not know. Hence the topic of discussion.

Originally Posted by Mighty NorCal View Post
We will see the majority of the MYC field again.
While I do agree with this being possible, that doesn't change the fact that the tournament did not feature women from WWE.

Originally Posted by Mighty NorCal View Post
Why would you say the MYC means nothing? I assure you it was ten times the significance of the 88 B show PPVs the WWE puts on every week.
I said that it means nothing in the grand scheme of things because it truly doesn't. At least with the Cruiserweight Classic and the UK Tournament the winner got something. The majority of the competitors were people who we might never see again, so why should the fans care? Had this been a tournament for ONLY women that legitimately were part of the NXT roster who would get an actual prize for winning it like a main roster promotion or something, then that would be different. However, Kairi got nothing and she could have gotten her title shot without this tournament.

Originally Posted by Da Prophet View Post
Firstly, 205 Live is a weekly show. We're talking isolated events for the sake of clarity. Even though the Mae Young Classic was spread out on release, it was still a one-off. In the Network model of WWE business, it counts the same of WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble. NXT Takeovers are the exact same thing. NXT itself is weekly but the Takeover events are just like PPV's in the old model of business. They count just as the Mae Young Classic does.
Just because it was a one-time event does not make it a PPV. NXT Takeovers are a little more gray. With that being said, The Mae Young Classic was not an all women's NXT Takeover, let alone an all women's WWE PPV. An all women's WWE PPV has to have WWE personnel in it. Otherwise it's irrelevant to the discussion.

Originally Posted by Da Prophet View Post
So what if it didn't feature the main women in WWE? It's still produced by WWE. It was one their Network. A Tim Burton movie is still a movie even if it doesn't feature Johnny Deep.
That analogy does not work. What you're looking for in such an analogy is whether a Tim Burton episodic series on Netflix without Johnny Depp (Not "Deep") counts as a movie. It does not.

Originally Posted by Da Prophet View Post
The use of the term pay-per-view in itself is flawed since that's not what these things are at this point. WrestleMania isn't a PPV, it's a Network Special just like the Mae Young Classic. Can you still get it on PPV? Yes. But you can also get WWE produced DVDs like Best Tag Teams Ever, and those aren't pay-per-views in any era. Simply remaining on a PPV platform doesn't mean it's a PPV. In the same way, NXT Takeovers aren't available for purchase on a PPV platform but I believe many would class them as PPVs.
You're completely contradicting yourself here. Wrestlemania is a PPV. Special events on the WWE Network are not. The Kevin Owens 365 thing was a WWE Network special. Is that a PPV? No. Same goes for the Mae Young Classic.

Originally Posted by Da Prophet View Post
If you still use the term 'pay-per-view' in regards to WWE than you're behind the times. Let it go.
The WWE still uses it. Guess they must be "behind the times" too. Until they completely stop saying "pay-per-view" on Raw and Smackdown then the terminology is still relevant.

To both NorCal and Prophet.... I often enjoy a good debate, guys, but I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

To everyone else, I rest my case. The WWE has yet to try a PPV (such as "Payback" etc) with only women from its main roster. They have also yet to attempt an all women's NXT Takeover. It has not happened yet because The Mae Young Classic is not a PPV. Until it does happen, we will never know if it would work out or not. I'd be interested in seeing it happen if they tried it due to the history being made.

"And that's the bottom line, because DAGGER DIAS said so!"

Originally Posted by Bernkastel View Post
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