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Old 01-04-2018, 01:40 AM
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Default AS 124 - War Zone vs. Vox vs. Randy Studd vs. Anthony Mancini [Mayhem Championship]

Round One of the Mayhem Throw-Down. Best RP is the Mayhem Champion, weakest RP is eliminated and the remaining two competitors advance to the next round for another shot at the title in a Triple Threat.

RP Deadline Tuesday 16th January 23:59 (Central).

Extensions available upon request.

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The camera turns on and we see Tony and Gino walking backstage after Tony's match against Wren and Kagura with Tony still wiping the red mist out of his eyes while Gino complains about the result.

"That was bullshit Ton'. Maybe we should take a page out of that Clark girl's playbook and get a petition started to ban that reverse roundhouse kick you got hit with. You may have a concussion." Tony looks over at Gino with a tired look in his eyes.

"Shut up Gino," Tony said with a shake of his head. "I don't have a concussion and we aren't starting a petition. We have more important things to worry about than whether Wren is allowed to kick people in the head or not. Now go get the car while I go shower and get my stuff out of the locker room."

Gino nods his head and heads off in another direction while Tony walks into the locker room. He goes to the corner where he left his stuff and starts tossing it in his gym bag while putting his shower stuff off to the side. After he makes sure he's grabbed everything he heads towards the shower when Constantine walks into the locker room and puts his WZCW World Championship on the nearest chair as he glances over at Tony with a slight narrowing of his eyes.

"Hey man," Tony said with an apologetic look in his eyes. "I just wanted to apologize for taking the L out there. I doubt that's how you wanted your first match as the new World Champion to end."

"Don't worry about it," Constantine said with a wave us his hand. "Once you've been around as long as I have you learn to roll with the punches. We may have lost but at least I still have this," He reaches for his title and lifts it into the air as Tony stares at it with hunger in his eyes. He reaches his hand out to touch it but before he can Constantine pulls it back and sets it on his gym bag. Tony gives it one last hungry look and walks into the shower. When he's done he walks out and noticing that Constantine is gone he just grabs his stuff and walks out to the waiting car.

"What the fuck took you so long man," Gino asks with an exasperated tone in his voice after Tony tosses his bags in the trunk and gets on the passenger seat. "I thought I was going to have to come in and dress you or something."

"Fuck off Gino," Tony said with a shake of this head. "Constantine came in as I was getting my stuff ready so I talked to him for a bit,". Gino nods his head and drives away from the arena.

"Was he pissed that you guys lost," Gino asks as he drives thorough downtown Mayagüez. "I bet he was pissed."

"Actually no," Tony said with a slight tone of surprise in his voice. "It looks like with retirement coming up fast he's calmed down quite a bit."

"Be careful around him," Gino said as the arrived at their hotel. "People like Constantine don't change their stripes." Tony get out of the car and grabs his gear out of the trunk but he can't help but think about the last thing Gino sad.

"People like Constantine don't change," Tony said to himself as he walks into the lobby and towards the elevator. "Am I in the same category of people as John Constantine?" Tony shakes the thought out of his head as Gino comes jogging up behind him. They get into the elevator and talk about random crap. They get to their room and get the rest of their stuff together and relax for a few hours before they have to go to the airport.

3 days later at a Planet Fitness near Aloha Stadium

"Holy shit", Gino nearly shouted as he came out of the locker room. "Did you see what your next match is"?

"Not if they just sent the message," Tony said as he motions for Gino to lower his voice. "I don't browse my e-mail while my friend is waiting for me." Gino ignores Tony's snide comment and hops excitedly as they walk to the weight room.

"They put you in the Mayhem Throw Down with Vox, Randy Studd and War Zone. The person who gets pinned is out of the tournament or whatever the fuck they want to call it and of course the winner is Mayhem Champion. The other two go into next week as the challengers."

Tony stops for a few seconds as he stacks a couple hundred pounds on the bench press bar and thinks about the opportunity. As he thinks of his opponents he sits down on the bench and lays down so he can get his hands situated on the bar. After he does a set of ten he sits back up and takes a quick sip of water as he talks a bit more.

"This is just what I need. Out of the four of us I've been here the longest but I have the least to show for it. Vox and Studd are the the last two men to hold the Mayhem belt and I've got nothing but a history of botching every single title match I've ever had. People have come to expect me to screw up every chance I get. Fuck I wouldn't be surprised if people consider the underdog in the match and expect me to be the first one to get eliminated."

Tony goes back and uses the angry energy he now has to do three more sets of ten before getting up and moving so Gino can do his sets. As he spots Gino he talks as he pays attention.

"Vox and War Zone I've faced and beaten both of them in the same match back at Gold Rush so I'm not to worried about them. Randy Studd though is a bit of a different story. He wants that title back and will do anything to get it but I have some more than desire, I NEED to win. I need to win not only this match but all of them and walk out with the Mayhem Championship around my waist. I need to show everyone that Tony Mancini isn't a joke and deserves to be in this match as well as this company."

"You will Ton'. You'll show them all," Gino says as he finishes his sets. "This is a Mayhem Rules match so anyone can do anything they want which gives us the advantage. Both Vox and Studd don't have anyone to stand in their corner while the only people the Champ has are an old man and a stupid bimbo. We've caused enough Mayhem together to have the best chance at winning this thing."

Tony chuckles at Gino's last comment as they head to the next machine and they spend the next hour or so going from machine to machine as they talk about some of the mayhem they've caused together in the past. When they get done lifting Tony and Gino go grab a towel and head towards the sauna. Once inside they get the heat and humidity where they want it and relax for a few minutes. Once he is sure no one is coming in after them Gino looks over at Tony is concern in his eyes.

"I know you won't like this Ton' but I've got no choice," Gino said with a sudden look of deep concern on his face. "The Family needs you Ton'. You saw how shit-faced Leo was at the party not to long ago and it's only gotten worse since then. If it wasn't for Vito actually running things and me helping out when I'm not with you The Family would be gone and most of us would be at the bottom of the Hudson River wearing cement shoes by now. As it stands it won't be long before that happens anyway. All of us in the Inner Circle have talked and there needs to be a Mancini in the Don's chair so it's yours. Don't worry about Leo, if you make the right choice then we'll take care of him. When you're father was alive no one messed with us. Out of all five Families we were at the top. It'll take some work but with you in charge I know we can get back there."

Tony listens to Gino talk and leans heavily against the wall as he continues. By the time Gino finishes Tony is staring at him with utter disbelief in his eyes. "Are you fucking kidding me Gino," Tony asks him with a hint of anger in his voice. "Everything my father worked for is gone?"

"It's not gone yet," Gino says with conviction as he splashes more water on the rocks. "But it will be if you don't come back." Tony stares off in to space with hundreds of thoughts running through his head. Gino surprisingly leaves him alone instead of talking his head off like he usually does when he wants Tony to make a specific choice.

"I'm still not sure man," Tony said with a pained look on his face. "Part of me wants to save what my father built but another part is happy with not having to deal with all the bullshit. Henderson is already down my damn throat with what happened at the butcher shop and I've already had enough of that shit. Just give me a little bit more time and I'll have an answer for you but it may not be the one you're hoping for."

Tony leans back as he finishes talking and glances over at Gino who wants to say something but decides against it when someone else opens the door and walks into the sauna. The camera fades to black as the man sits by the door.
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"Welcome to the inaugural Speed Dating Throw-Down event. The way it works is simple; the men will rotate around the room, clockwise. The women will stay put. You've got three minutes to impress each other, then we ring the bell. Once the bell is rang, the man moves clockwise to the next woman. At the end, you punch the card 'Yes' if you'd like a date or 'no' if you wouldn't."

As the woman with a clipboard put down her microphone and returned to her position in the corner of the room, Randy Studd could feel the excitement brewing within them. Though he would never admit it publicly, his recent dating offers had been slim pickings. He knew, as he always would, that the women were intimidated by his physique. But here, here they had to give him an opportunity to show his softer side. Three minutes, and he was confident.

The bell rang and he took his initial seat. Opposite sat a young woman with hazel eyes and dark hair. He thought she was beautiful, but he knew he had to put the charm on. "So, how's it going?" He said, as smooth as a kitten's tongue, whilst leaning on the table, his shirt opened three buttons down to show his hirsute chest.

"Well, it was going well until about 10 seconds ago"

"What happened 10 seconds ago?"

Incredulous to his obliviousness, she responded "never mind."

"What's your name?"


"Where are you from?"

"I'm an Italian American from Jersey, but it's nothing like Jersey Shore"

"Oh so it's more like the Sopranos?"


"I know a guy, work with him actually, from your community."

She didn't even feign interest.

"I'm looking forward to beating him this weekend, actually. You see I'm a wrestler, and Mancini, do you know him?"


"Yeah well Mancini thinks he can beat me, but I'm going to show the Italian who the real stallion is."

Stunned silence. He continued.

"Yeah, my name is Randy Studd, and boy do I live up to it. I'm packing serious heat in the jock strap region if you know what I'm saying!"

"OH MY GOD!!! How could you possibly think that was ok to say. Talking about that is unbelievably inappropriate."


Saved by the bell, Randy got up and moved towards the girl he was supposed to see next. The woman with the clipboard approached him.

"Excuse me sir, where are you going?"

"To my next partner"

"You're next partner is the next girl clockwise"

"Yes, and I'm walking towards the clock now" He replied, pointing at the clock on the wall.

"That's not what clockwise means". She showed him to his seat, 2 minutes late and chaotic. The girl sat before him was a ragged but beautiful young woman.

"You remind me of a guy I work with called War Zone"

"That doesn't sound flattering"

"No it is, he's a champion, I'm a wrestler"

"Is he the world champion"

"Not exactly, and after I whip his ass, he won't be the champion any more. But after I've whipped his ass, I can come and do it to you in a slightly different way, if you catch my drift."

"I do, and I'm not interested"

"You know War Zone is a secret weapon, but I've got one of my own and it is locked and loaded and ready to shoot all over you.."


Stunned silence for the remaining 30 seconds followed.


Studd, after being pointed in the right direction by the clipboard woman sat opposite a girl with flaming red hair. She seemed more welcoming than the others and Studd played it cool.

"Hi, how's it going"

Studd looked at her name badge.

"I love the scottish accent, Ayoeef!"

"I'm Irish, and it's pronounced Aoife"

"I know an Irish guy, Vox, does a lot of charity work but loves to let you know about it, so boring"

"I think that's really interesting, actually."

"Yeah, yeah me too."

Silence for a while. Studd went to speak, but was careful not to talk about how big his genitalia was this time.

"You know, it's not about the size of the boat, it's about the motion of the ocean, and the Studd muffin is like a tidal wave when he gets going. You could sail my seven seas all night, and I'll make sure that the only Ireland you want to be on is a desert island with me, doing the wild thing under a palm tree."


A minute goes by.




The night progressed similarly. Eventually the woman with a clip board comes over to Studd. I'm afraid it's all over, and you only got one maybe.

"The Italian girl?"


"The ragged girl?"




"What was her name?"


"Her name was me?"

"No, it was me"


"Yes, I think you're cute"


"No, I feel sorry for you, but I'll give you a chance"


She gave Studd her number and he walked all the way home with a spring in his step.

WrestleZone Tournament, 2015
Old 01-16-2018, 09:16 PM
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Default The Great Gymnaisum G

The Great Gymnasium Garbage Fire

After WZCW Ascension Anarchy

You could only imagine the sheer joy Troy Excellence felt when War Zone stepped backstage, with the Mayhem title on his shoulders. It was like, the biggest weight in the world had been thrown off of his back and sentenced to a one way trip to death row. Vox had been vanquished, and in it’s placed stood a new empire. An empire that would hopefully last for generations to come: The empire of war.

Troy Excellence:
I knew it! I just knew you’d pull through!

Troy went up to the hulking monster and in a feat of true emotion hugged the living daylights out of him. Kimberly couldn’t help but clap for his sake as well. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Troy got off of his new champion as he prepared for his speech.

War Zone:
Friends...though the road was long, and the journey was ardous...in the end, the result is worth it. For with the help of you, General Excellence, my dear secretary Rollins, and the faith of Joseph and Dwight by my side...At long last: The empire of war...HAS BEGUN!

Yes, in just one match, War Zone went from struggling to win a match to winning his first what looked to be many championships. But he was not done yet, for he would then make an extraordinary claim.

War Zone:
And as long as my body stands on top of this land, I declare as of now, that I will remain Mayhem champion...FOREVER!

The notion was hailed quickly and suddenly. And it only served the flood works more when Kimberly herself got an idea.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
You know what this calls for? A full on extravaganza!

Troy Excellence:
Have my people call your people?

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:

And so Troy and Kimberly went off, discussing plans for their inevitable War Zone celebration, leaving the perfect soldier by himself, to study and reminisce on what was this far, his biggest triumph yet. And as he sat down across the backstage line, he knew that there was one person he had to thank. The man that made it all possible. And as he looked up in the sky, there was only one thing he could say.

War Zone:
Bless you McCarthy…

And all was right with the world.

The next day:

War Zone, having figured that he had missed quite a number of days training giving the whole debacle with his confidence, McCarthy and the eventual win at Ascension Anarchy, he figured that this would be the day he’d finally wind down and get back to some wholesome training inside the gymnasium.

So imagine the shock he received when he saw the gymnasium all covered with balloons and streamers, a table with delicious snacks and champagne for all to drink, the latest hits booming from the iPod of whoever ended up playing the D.J.

And then, the big shock. His three typical gym buddies, the same ones that once teased him for his alleged relationship with Kimberly, they were the first ones to congratulate him when he entered the scene.

Guy 1:
Hey buddy! Congratulations!

Guy 2:
We knew you had it in you from the start!

I never doubted you!

War Zone knew it was all smoke and mirrors, but he said nothing of the matter. This clearly being the work of Troy and Kimberly. Speaking of which, the very next person he saw...was Troy himself, wearing perhaps the most ridiculous zoot suit he had ever seen, complete with a bowler hat and cane.

Troy Excellence:
Ah, War Zone! Glad you could make it. You wouldn’t want to miss your own party now would you?

War Zone:

Troy Excellence:
Me neither! Now come along, there are some people I want you to meet!

Troy marched happily across the gym, leaving a dumbstruck War Zone forced to follow. As much as he didn’t want to, he was finally going to meet the rest of Excellence Inc.

The first person they came across was from near the food table where another beefy man, while not as tall or overpowering as the ultimate soldier himself did have quite a bit of muscle on himself. There was also a bit a beard on him that made him stand out amongst the crowd. And as he was talking with Kimberly (who by the way looked absolutely stunning in that short cocktail dress), Troy came up to him with War Zone, the meeting of two men in order.

Troy Excellence:
Ah! Arnie!

Arnie Anderson:
(Sees Troy)
Hey, Troy! How are you my friend?

Troy Excellence:
Very good, How’s the family?

Arnie Anderson:
Just excellent!

Troy Excellence:
Say Arnie, I’d like you to meet someone very special. The new Mayhem champ War Zone.

Arnie Anderson:
War Zone? Ah, i’ve heard of him. (Sees War Zone) Hey War Zone! (Shakes his hand) Great show last week, really did a number on the guy. Almost made want to come there and break whatever limbs he had left!

War Zone:

For some strange reason, he felt the chilling breath of someone else, perhaps another muscular figure. He took his eyes over who it was that was breathing on him and saw a jacked specimen, though not as tough as War Zone, looked just as terrifying and ready to tear apart something if you asked him too.

Troy Excellence:
Ah Neil! So good to see you. I take it you’ve seen War Zone?

The new character looked at War Zone’s head, War Zone, unsure of what to expect from him extended his hand in the hopes that maybe he was a peaceful soul...well, he was peaceful and then some as he grabbed onto the hand of War Zone tightly and looked at him straight in the eye.

Neil Crowe:

War Zone looked at him, slightly baffled at the sight of this man. The two gazed in each other’s eyes and surveyed their height, weight and potential damage and it was only broken up when Troy entered in the conversation once again.

Troy Excellence:
Well, this certainly has been fun getting to mix and mingle with all of you, but now, I must head off.

War Zone:
Now? When the party has started?

Troy Excellence:
Of course! I’m off to speak to the gym manager, hopefully with my expertise I can turn this into a week long event with celebrities and musical icons like Bieber and Lady Gaga. You guys have fun with yourselves, it is your party after all War Zone. Enjoy it while either lasts! Kimberly will keep a good eye on all of you while i’m gone, isn’t that right?

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Absolutely, don’t you worry Mr. Troy, i’ll make a good head-coach for the team, yes!

As Troy left the scene seeing Kimberly make yet another reference to a pivotal movie role for her career, War Zone realized two things. One, he was going to be in for a long night: And two, If General Excellence was a bit silly...he was terrified at what General Kimberly would turn out like. And it looked as if it wouldn’t be long until he found out as she diverted everyone's attention to herself.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Hey hey people people! I’ve got a few announcements to make...first off, yes, this dress did cost me over a thousand dollars. And it really does enhance all of my curves. (Shows off her dress) Ok, enough gawking boys, second announcement? As your new headmaster of this celebration, I have only one thing to say...DANCE THE MOTHERFUCKING NIGHT AWAY!

Everyone cheered this decision and the D.J kicked it up to the unforeseen eleven, and just like that; the bodies surfed across the dance floor, all shapes and sizes, all kinds of colors, no matter what he did, this was what he would see. No matter where he turned, but it the old papa flailing about from Arnie Anderson, to the robotic like dancing of Neil Crowe, to the frat like nature of his training buddy and even the sultry stylings of Kimberly at her most conservative (which even that says much for her). The only thing War Zone could do was play along and nod his head rhythmically to the beat of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite as he realized a horrible truth…

It was going to be a long night.

A few hours later:

Have you ever had one of those moments where you really things got real personal, real quick and you have no idea what you thought just happened? Well, that’s exactly how War Zone felt after what had just occurred. He was lucky the cops weren’t called, otherwise he’d be facing some serious jail time.

What do we mean by that? We answer this with a question. Have you been at the part of a party where everyone is either drunk off their ass or verging that line outside of maybe one (Arnie) or two (War Zone) sober men? That was what it felt like.

During this time, Sam, one of the people who consistently frequented the gym had also turned up to be one of the most inebriated and for most of this party: He had been eyeing the most beautiful thing in this room, the relatively sober Kimberly Katherine Rollins (Very surprising given her reputation...And that is all we will say on the matter).

I’m tellin’ you babe, we’d be the perfect couple!

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Uh yeah, and i’m telling you: No we wouldn’t.

Of course we would! (Stumbling over a little, hanging onto Kimberly with his left arm) Think about it, we’d be the hottest couple on the red carpet, you and me, we’d take the international-league world by storm!

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
I don’t even know you, so if you’re thinking about second base, how about actually getting to know a bitch?

Kimberly tries to walk off, but Sam is a persistent man, and he knows a lot more than we think he does, so when Sam wants to ‘show a girl a good time’ and they won’t let him, he’ll find a way to do so. In this case, he takes advantage of her noted beauty and makes it his own.

Well what if this so-called bitch who i’ve apparently never met starts to sway their sexy ass of theirs at you as she’s walking away?

War Zone watches the scene unfold from not too far, he knows Sam’s reputation and he’s ready to get involved if necessary. With Kimberly, her aggravation only seems to be growing the longer Sam pesters her about relations, she turns around and keeps her fists clenched: Trying to restrain herself from punching the daylights out of Sam.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
(Clearly reaching her limit)
First off, this is how I normally walk in high heels, five hundred dollar heels mind you, and second, even I wanted to flirt with someone, it still wouldn't be with someone like you!

(Starting to lose his cool)
Now listen-

By this point, War Zone has seen enough and decides to be a peaceful diplomat between the two feuding parties, he gets in between the two before things can escalate any further.

War Zone:
Excuse me, Mr. Sam, am I right? But it seems that you are harassing this poor young woman, and I think she would very much appreciate it if you cease your alcohol fueled charades.

Robbie, bro. (Hiccup) It’s not a game. I’m trying to show a fine lady the time of her life!

War Zone:
Be that as it may Sam, She does seem to be in the mood for such a thing.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Yeah, that’s right. Because unlike you, War Zone actually knows how to treat a lady properly.

Oh please, don’t think they’ve forgotten the rumors about you two goin’ steady.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
(With a very whiny glaze in her voice)
Oh my god, we are (stomps her left foot) NOT!

War Zone looks on, obviously; there was no way he could act with so little facts known. He needed to know more.

War Zone:
(Whispering to Kimberly)
How long has this man been doing this?

Kimberly Katherine Rollins
(Pouting, complete with the trembling lips)
All night. It was really cute beforehand, but now it’s driving me insane.

War Zone:
I’m not surprised. Sam has been like this for many years, not many a soul like him. The only reason he is even allowed here is because he has covers of Playboy magazines. I never heard of a Playboy myself, but I hear it’s not exactly what I think it is.

(Eavesdropping on the conversation)
Hey big man, if ya done with the broad: I would to ask her a few questions.

War Zone:
Not now Sam, it is clear that you have gravely upset her and I believe she would like it if you were to leave her be. (to Kimberly) Now, Kimberly; you know you don't have to stay. I will be most happy to take you home immediately if you feel that-

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
(Trying to calm herself, voice shaking)
No no...I’m fine. (Deep breathes) How’s my mascara? (War Zone starts to answer and...oh you know the drill) Don’t answer that one. (Fans herself with her hands and takes some more deep breaths in and out, finally, she seems calmer) Ok…what are your questions?

I just don’t get why you don’t want someone like me...I mean, see: I’ve got everything! I got muscles, I got charisma (pronounced: ker-iz-uh-ma), I look friggin' amazing on a poster: And you...well, look at you. You’re a goddess, your face, your hair, your movements, god, just looking at your body makes me wonder what it is you have to offer. If we got together, we’d be the biggest power couple the world has ever seen! So what I want to know is that why you wouldn’t...wait a minute…

War Zone and Kimberly look on, it seems that Sam is starting to come to his senses by chance? But of course not! That would be boring, and the life of the Ultimate Soldier is never boring. So the next best thing happens and Sam begins to ask Kimberly a question, in the softest, most tranquil voice he had ever seen in.

...Is it because i'm one of them isn't it?

War Zone:
A what?

I'm one of THEM. That's you don’t want to date me.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
The hell are you talking about?

You don't know...you seriously don't know?

War Zone:
(To himself)
Here we go...

(Getting riled up)
Yeah, it’s all because of that big debacle we had two years ago ain’t it? I wouldn’t be shocked. Ever since then, all these motherfuckers out there have had it out for me. Whatever opportunity I had to make a living? Apparently that’s out the window because people get uptight when their viewpoints are judged.

War Zone:
(Getting concerned, he has never seen Sam get this upset before)
Sam...it has nothing to do with-

Hey! Big guy, you’re one to talk. You keep blabbering on about you shouldn't be complacent on what the past was and focus on what lies ahead. Well how about this Future-Man? Your precious idol Ike? He's dead!

War Zone is shocked. Appalled in fact. He had heard his president be called many nasty names over the years, ‘radical’, ‘fascist’, ‘insane’, ‘A madman’. But until today, no one had ever told him that his president: The very man that approved of his very existence...was no longer with the living world. He stays silent for the rest of this conversation.

Yeah, that doesn’t make you feel good does it? Knowing the truth like that?

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Sam, this is really turning un-

And what about you? Yeah you, huh? You probably think i’m some piece of shit because I want to do something outside the status quo; you’re probably thinking, “Oh look at this asshole, strutting in with his posters and signs warning about what he thinks is inevitable, all that propaganda!” And ever since then, everyone in this world has made me out to be this evil person: Even those who were once my closest friends don’t acknowledge me because of who I voted for! And you know what? You’re probably a part of the conspiracy.

Other people at this point have taken notice of Sam and Kimberly and peak in around a circle like a school brawl was about to happen.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Sam...what are you saying?

Guy 1:
Whoa...Sam...calm down man.

Guy 2:
Bro, you’re about to get whipped good...

Yeah, that’s right, you're a part of this! You're ALL a part of it! Each and everyone of you, Because apparently i’m in some sort of conspiracy where everything I love and hold dear is taken away from me because I think differently from you. LOOK AROUND YOU KIMBERLY! (Points to Guy 1) You think alike, (Then Guy 2) You think alike, (Then War Zone) You likely think alike, (points to Arnie and Neil) And you...WELL I DON’T KNOW YOU TWO, BUT YOU PROBABLY THINK ALIKE TOO!

Arnie Anderson:
(muttering to Neil)
Wonder what’s up with him?

You’re all puppets! ALL OF YOU! A slave to the establishment! (pronounced: Es-tab-liz-uh-mint) (Quieter now) But you know what (closes up to Kimberly, in a stalker like matter)...it doesn’t have to be this way. We can still be together, and it all begins with you.

Sam grabs onto Kimberly’s hand, very tightly. Finally, Kimberly can take no more and as she slaps Sam away from her; she screams out,

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:

Sam stands by, shocked that Kimberly would dare to slap her. Everyone watches in suspense, wondering what it is that will happen next...But all Sam can do is smile. A rather twisted smile as he laughs maniacally.

Stupid bitch...Maybe you're right. Maybe I don't need to date someone as overrated as you. There are plenty of other, much hotter women out there. I heard that Liv Morgan's chick's single, I can take her career to new heights. Torrie Wilson? That's another option! Stacey Keibler, Pamela Anderson, Iggy Azalea...There's one thing they all have in common Kimbs...they're way hotter, and MUCH more talented than you EVER will be.

War Zone looks on, in rage. He could not believe what Sam was saying to the secretary...HIS secretary. But what really drove him over the edge was how she looked. Here she was, her hair done, wearing a red cocktail dress with high heels, the rising actress and seeming sex symbol: Now on the brink of an emotional breakdown, just blinking away the tears as the abhorrent words drove into her heart. He couldn’t take it anymore...It was time to act.

War Zone:

Sam looks drunkenly and sees War Zone, charging up to him like a freight train with a target on it’s hands. He smirks, urging him to bring it on. War Zone, having watched Kimberly get pushed around by Sam snaps, clobbering him with one of the most skull-ratting punches you’ll ever see. Sam goes down on the floor, but is somehow not knocked out; the alcohol making him immune to most pain.

War Zone:

(drunkenly getting up)
Oh, you wanna fight pretty boy? Let’s fight!

Sam gets in a few strongs punches on War Zone, but it’s not long until War Zone gains the clear upper hand and bludgeons him with lefts and rights, fists and hands, hits and punches. Though Sam manages to get a couple lucky hits in, It’s a straight up fist fight with War Zone taking an undisputed lead. Some question whether or not to get involved, but for two, they see it as a long time coming as shown by the smiles on their faces.

Guy 1:
Oh yeah! He’s taking him down to Sesame Street, U.S.A!

Guy 2:
Been a long time coming my friend! ‘Bout time someone taught him some respect. (Guy 1 and Guy 2 high five each other)

War Zone finally has enough of Sam and decides it would only be best to end his suffering by grabbing him by the throat, taking him slowly and steadily to the food table, which at this point is nearly low on food and drink, he snarls at the DJ who runs away; not wanting to get involved in the brawl. He then looks at Sam, his eyes becoming portals to hell on Earth.

War Zone:
Call my president dead will you...treat my secretary like meat will you...disrespect your fellow American brothers will you...I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

And with one mighty roar, he lifted Sam up and chokeslammed him down the table, breaking it into pieces. He glares at Sam, yelling at him to get up. Still somewhat conscious, Sam dizzily sees War Zone; or at least, he tries to see him: It’s pretty hard to do so when your eyes are looking in every direction under the sun. But once he sees him, he tries to get away. But Warzone grabs him by the legs and literally drags him up and on his shoulders. It is clear what he aims to do, he aims to show him the Nuclear Winter. He is poised, the rest watch with anticipation, War Zone goes for the kill…


Everyone takes a look at who and where the voice came from. It’s Troy Excellence, furious at what he is seeing. He looks at War Zone, War Zone looks at them: Not willing to give in. Troy is the first one to break the silence.

Troy Excellence:
War Zone...let this man go NOW.

War Zone appears conflicted, should he let Sam go and listen to his general? Or should he finish the job and run the risk of getting into more trouble? Troy repeats his demand, more emphatically than last time.

Troy Excellence:
Damn it War Zone...I’m not going to repeat myself...PUT...HIM...DOWN.

War Zone looks at Troy, he then looks at Kimberly, he looks at every single person in this room right now. He is silent, closing his eyes; more than likely getting advice from his idol Joseph McCarthy or his president Dwight Eisenhower. Finally, after what seems like an eternity. He decides for once to be merciful...slowly dropping him down and letting him go free.

Sam appears stunned and grateful that War Zone would sacrifice him like that, then he looks at Troy; and gets a rather nasty glare on his face. He stumbles upward and slinks his way up to him.

Man, you don’t pay me enough for this. (He turns to everyone else) Fuck all y’all! (he smiles smugly and struts his way out in a drunken fashion)

War Zone appears baffled by what has just happened as he comes closer to Kimberly, Sam mentioning to Troy that he wasn’t paid enough? What did that mean? Why would Sam be paid to do anything? What was the whole point of this endeavor? Sure enough, he got his answer; as the voice of Arnie rang out in approval.

Arnie Anderson:
Now THAT is the kind of carnage a Mayhem champion should create!

Neil Crowe nods in agreement as Guy 1 and Guy 2 applaud, War Zone is still confused by what has occurred and why everyone is cheering him. He didn’t even get to unleash the Nuclear Winter onto Sam. What had he done that was so praiseworthy in this moment?

And then, another voice. Now what was happening?

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Hold the phone! (Stands up, shaking in fury) You mean to tell me this whole Sam stalking me for the entire duration was nothing more than a cheap stunt just to show these fools how good of a Mayhem champion he is?!

Troy Excellence:
(Cheshire cat smile)
Well...not necessarily. Think of it as a predecessor of what’s to come…

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
You...YOU…(angry scream of frustration)

Kimberly storms off in a huff, everyone watching as the actress walks away, her evening ruined thanks to Troy's shady moves. War Zone keeps his confused look throughout the whole charade and it’s not until Troy comes up to him that breaks out of it.

Troy Excellence:
Well done champ.

And just like that, he leaves. And so does everyone else. Once again, War Zone is alone.

1:00 AM:

That evening, War Zone tried to get some sleep, hopefully to quell away the memories of the party gone tragically array; but he couldn’t. The idea that Troy would basically set this entire thing up just to sell him as a dominant force...It made him feel like a corporate mule.

So you can assume the reaction on his face when just when it looked like he was FINALLY about to doze off when he saw who it was that was calling him on his cell-phone.

War Zone:

Troy Excellence:
Hey, uh...War Zone...you feeling alright?

War Zone:
General Excellence, I appreciate your concern: But you have done quite enough for-

Troy Excellence:
(A hint of remorse)
That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Look, i’m real sorry about what happened earlier with the party and the guy and the...well, you know. I just wanted to show my clients the kind of destruction you could do. The response I got from them, it was exhilarating: One of the proudest moments of my career…

War Zone:
It come with a price...our secretary is quite upset at you.

Troy Excellence:
I know...I tried calling her several times. Nothing.

War Zone:
You must’ve really angered her.

Troy Excellence:
That’s not the point…

War Zone:
...Then, what is?

A brief silence falls and then, Troy speaks again.

Troy Excellence:
War Zone...Listen to me carefully...Now that you’re the Mayhem champion, you have to be aware of your opponents at all costs: Those guys you’re about to go up against. They’re no easy task. Milenko is a sadistic being who will take pleasure with any kind of weapon. Tony will use whatever tricks he can use up his sleeves to achieve victory and Randy? Well, he’s Randy. Anyone with that name has probably done something right with their career. So you have to be watchful of every move made, it doesn’t matter who it is, be it friend or foe. Yes, even our secretary: You have to be leery of trusting anyone. If they say they’re on your side, don’t believe them: Because that is living proof that they aren’t. They only say it, because they know when the time comes...they’ll backstab you.

War Zone listens intently to every word Troy is saying, his expression changing from one who is unimpressed to one of almost savagery: Perhaps imagining the wicked ways he could maim his opponents to extinction.

Troy Excellence:
Now tomorrow, we’ll go over strategy for how we should take on these challengers. No matter what happens, you must pay the closest possible attention to every instruction. Every detail. Every crook and nanny. And if you do, I can assure you: The empire of war will last forever.

War Zone:
Yes my general...thank you for this talk.

Troy Excellence:

War Zone goes to turn off his cell, but before he can: Troy comes up with one last question.

Troy Excellence:
Oh...one last thing.

War Zone:

Troy Excellence:
That McCarthy guy...he seemed like real special person in your life. Tell me, how did he play a role in our recent success?

War Zone:
My general...a master, never reveals his secrets.

Troy Excellence:
(Light chuckle)
You’re right. I should have figured as much...Oh well. I’ll leave you be now. Good night.

War Zone:
Good night General Excellence.

And that was that. He put away his cellphone, headed back to his bed, got under his covers...and drifted fast asleep: Legend says, he was dreaming of how he would crush his opponents, not just tonight, but every night for the rest of his career.

But as for what McCarthy said to War Zone that fateful night, that put him on this track to success? Well friends, the answer remains a mystery. All we can say is that sometimes, you have to take your opportunity, no matter what the cost is.

Cat of Controversy, Writer of Wrestling

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[INT. Past midnight. The scene takes place in Vox’s personal gym.]



Gareth (Vox’s assistant): VOX, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!




Gareth: You’ve been down here since 6 am…





*Gareth looks to Vox from behind. Vox is lifting weights on a bench press. The camera stays behind him, shooting so we see the top of his head.*

Vox: Stop interrupting me.

*Vox resumes working out*





*Vox stops again*

Vox: I got my arse kicked the other night. I was embarrassed. I can’t let that happen again. I need to be the BEST. Less time beggin’, more time trainin’.

*The camera pans around to face Vox as he still lay on the bench. The camera picks up the amount of weight he is lifting, equaling to 225 lbs.*

Gareth: Have you been doing this all day?

Vox: Well…not just this…I’ve done a bunch of other exercises, too. …And not just today. Ever since I healed up from getting my arse kicked I’ve been going at it like this.

Gareth: Well this is a bold strategy, be so sore you can’t feel anything or lift your arms. That’ll get you to the winner’s circle! I swear to God, I can’t even take a vacation.

Vox: Have you ever loved? Better yet, have you ever adored?

Gareth: Well yes, I…

Vox: Before you answer, let me tell you what the word “adore” truly means. It’s something deeper than love. It means to love something so much, you fear it. You worship it. It is EVERYTHING to you.

Gareth: Yes, you remember. Julie.

Vox: Of course I don’t remember Julie.

Gareth: She’s my wife.

Vox: Didn’t you get divorced?

Gareth: No…we’re just on a break.

Vox: And unfortunately because of this conversation, I’m on a break too.

Gareth: So what is it you loved, that you adored? That silly little belt.

Vox: Hey man, for starters it’s not a belt-it’s a title. Secondly, no. I adored the way it made me feel. I was on top of the world. I was getting more donations than ever for that unfortunately short amount of time that I had it. And I need it back. I will do ANYTHING to get it back. I don’t care if I have to beat War Zone to death using Tony Mancini’s stupid kid as a blunt object, while the other two slip in Mancini’s tears while watching his son play the role of “Club” in “How to Get Seal Fur” and in the aftermath of Randy Studd thinking of touching a woman’s boob for the first time since he was breastfed. I will do ANYTHING to get it back. It completes me in a way I never thought possible.

Gareth: When was the last time you ate?

Vox: You know, time is an abstract concept…

Gareth: When?

Vox: Do protein shakes count?

Gareth: No.

Vox: I’m not sure…but probably longer than some of the people I get donations for…

Gareth: You know, Julie always says…

Vox: Hey Gareth, I’ve got an idea. How about you think about Julie and go pump off, and I’ll keep pumping iron. Sound good?

Gareth: NO! You need to eat.

Vox: Fine. You’re gonna have to help me though.

Gareth: Help you with what?

Vox: Spot…

Gareth: A spot of tea? That sounds lovely.

Vox: No, you moron. Spot me.

*Vox resumes working out with an even greater vigor than before*




*Gareth goes to leave upstairs*


Gareth: (Quietly to himself) I don’t get paid enough for this…

"Intensity: Give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that." - Ron Swanson.
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