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Old 04-14-2018, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Sexcellence of Sexecution View Post
Of course they are, this isn't news. The WWE was, is, and always will be a carny operation. Now they are just a publically traded carny operation. The WWE has never actually had integrity, they just have reactive PR management. There are obviously countless example of double standards when it comes to the Hogan situation specifically. The Ultimate Warrior saying horrific things about gay people and being honored with an annual award because no one in the mainstream media seems to have picked up on it or care anymore. Roddy Piper literally wrestling in black face. The entire Triple H/Booker T angle where Triple H said that Booker had "nappy hair" and tried to tip him a dollar in the locker room. Then he beat him.

But take all of that and put it aside. The msot damning thing about the WWE, and the McMahon family in general, is their affiliation with the current White House. It cannot be understated. Linda McMahon is literally in the cabinet of Donald Trump. The same Donald Trump that questioned Obama's birth certificate on the basis of his skin color and clearly nothing else. The same Donald Trump that made the "good people on both sides" argument when white nationalists killed a counter-protester. The Trump that encouraged police brutality against minorities, and physical violence against black protesters at his campagn rallies. The same Donald Trump that has had praise heaped on him by David Duke, former leader of the KKK, and countless other white nationalists. The guy that had an overt white nationalist in his cabinet in Steve Bannon (who has written directly racist and factually incorrect articles for Breitbart regarding blacks, Jews, latinos, you name it). The same Donald Trump that mocked a diabled reporter openly, said reprehensible things about latino Americans, talked about Pocohontas in front of Native American WW2 heroes, the list goes on and on and on and on and on. By ANY reasonable standard this is an objectively racist and prejeudiced president. TO an unprecedented degree for the modern era of the United States.

That is the guy this family supports. Not just to the level of giving him a vote. To the level of participating in his administration, being part of his cabinet.

They don't view racism and lying as problems. It's who they are.
Didn't know you would bring your politics onto this site.

The McMahons have been friends with Trump for years. They are not supporting the current President as much as they are supporting an old family friend.

I heard that McMahon and Trump became friends because Trump was one of the few millionaires who didn't act embarrassed at how Vince McMahon made his millions. They have been friends for over 30 years, and Trump Plaza hosted WMs 4-5, and a match at WM23 involved Trump (his feud with Vince around then was just a work, in case you didn't know).

Did you object to Trump going into the WWEHoF, or being part of those Wrestlemanias, or once being GM of RAW? Or is it since he became President for the opposite side than the one you support, leftie?

I don't see how Vince's associations with Trump contradicts what he did to Hogan (BTW, I think Hogan's ban is ridiculous, and more attention should be paid on the illegal invasion of his privacy, but people would rather get offended by things few cared about 20 years ago). I suppose you think Trump going after Obama was because he was black, and not because he was a Democrat.

No, the hypocrites is every single person "throwing stones" at Hogan, and people like Moolah, when there are things in their life they pray never comes out, or else others will think less of them. No-one is perfect, though a lot seem to think that they are.

He who is without sin.......
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