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Old 08-04-2017, 11:56 PM
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Default Anniversary Show: Eve Taylor vs. Batti vs. Callie Clark (KFAD Qualifier)

Eve Taylor and Callie Clark have some history but Batti has been a thorn in the side of Clark. All three are looking to prove a point after Eve's loss at Gold Rush. The winner of this match enters the KFAD chamber, can either look to be Queen For A Day?

Deadline Monday 14th August 11:59pm Central Time. No extensions available.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 08-14-2017, 01:46 PM
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Backstage after Gold Rush:

I was walking backstage on my way out of the show, the Elite Openweight Championship still proudly in my possession after breaking the so called curse on the championship and beating Batti once again, proving I truly am better than her. Before I could head out though, I spotted Becky Serra standing with a crew member, time to begin rubbing my victory in the haters faces. I walked over and glared at the crew member, causing him to quickly walk away. I love having that effect on people.

Becky: Can I help you with something Miss Clark?

Callie: I just wanted to congratulate you.

Becky has a confused look on her face, not that that's surprising. I get the feeling she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Becky: Congratulate me? On what?

I smirked.

Callie: Isn't it obvious? Thanks to me beating Batti earlier tonight I'm still the Elite Openweight Champion. Which means I'm still exclusive to your show, lucky you.

I chuckled as Becky rolled her eyes, does she not appreciate the gift of Callie Clark being exclusive to her own show?

Becky: Oh that, yes I suppose you are, congratulations on your victory, the first defense is the hardest for that title it seems, so I guess the hardest part is over, but the target on your back is only going to continue to grow the longer you're champ.

Callie: Oh honey I've had a target on my back from the moment I've walked through the curtain for the first time. WZCW has had so many people wrestle for them over the years, but none of them are as famous, as important and as talented as me. I'm the total package honey, let the peasants paint the targets on me, I'll continue to knock them down and send them running with their tail tucked between their legs. Everybody around here, including you, is going to realize very soon I'm not just talk, I can back up every single thing I say.

I flipped my hair into the face of Becky, much to her annoyance. But I know better than to hang around too long and talk myself into trouble so I walked off, and headed out of this terrible arena, hopefully never to return again.

Two Days Before The 10th Anniversey Show: In A Car On The Way To The Hotel

I was sitting in the back of my chauffeur driven car, stuck in traffic on my way to the next 5 star hotel. Stupid California traffic. I took the time to scroll through my twitter feed, obvi my mentions have been blowing up ever since I beat Batti again, my loyal followers were bowing down to their queen and even the haters had to shut up and realize that I didn't just win this championship because of Gabi, suck it haters. It was in this moment, seeing my mentions blow up that I decided to do something nice for the fans, a very short Q & A. i tweeted out the following to let the fans know, along with a selfie, I may as well really make their day and let them see a new picture of me.

I'm stuck in traffic on the way to San Jose, let's go quick Q & A, top 3 questions get answered. No stupid questions or you get blocked!

Within seconds of me sending out the tweet, the replies came rolling in,granted most we're just praising how beautiful I am, as if I don't know, puh-lese. Finally a question came in that needed to be answered.

"Ahh Callie congrats on retaining your championship, I knew you could do it queen! Will you be calling yourself The Legend of Tomorrow for good?"
I made this girls day and not only quoted her tweet to reply, but threw her a like, flattery will you get everywhere sometimes.

Of course not, that was only for repping White Canary. Until they create a new character based off me to add to the show, I'm not a true Legend, at least not in the superhero sense.
Obvi the likes came rolling in on that tweet as I looked back to my original tweet and scrolled through the questions I was being sent before finding one to respond to.

"Anybody you want to cosplay as that's not in the Marvel/DC universe that you think might be hard to pull off?"
I got a little chuckle at the "hard to pull off" part, um does this guy KNOW who he's tweeting? I am Callie Clark, world famous cosplayer. There is no cosplay I can't pull off. But he did remind me, I should break out some of my non comic book character costumes soon, just not this week.

Not that they'd be hard to do, but I have a few cosplays in mind that will be really fun to do when the right time comes, totes different than any other cosplay I've done before. No teasers though!
I looked out the window, finally we were out of traffic and the hotel was in sight. I had time for one more question, good thing that's all I wanted to answer was one more anyway. As I was scrolling through the questions from my adoring fans, I noticed a question from a hater, a hater who doesn't even follow me! Normally I'd just block them and move on but this traffic put me in a bad mood. They wanna ask a stupid question? Fine, they get what's coming to them.

"Are you worried about possibly having 2 matches this week? If you can even beat Eve Taylor that is, she is the only person to pin you so far. If you couldn't beat her 1 on 1, I doubt you can beat her in a triple threat."
I. Was. Fuming. How dare this trash of a person question my ability, and imply that anybody has my number in this business. Sure Eve beat me before, and sure it's a triple threat now but that just means my odds of winning are higher, not lower!

No I don't worry about such stupid things, and how dare you imply I can't beat Eve Taylor! My goal is to pin her right in the middle of the ring because she's proved once and for all she truly is the choke artist I called her out for being. But if I have to, I'll just dispose of Eve and do exactly what I do best, #BeatUpBatti . Congrats on getting blocked though loser!
After sending my reply with the tweet longer app, I quickly went to this loser's profile, and hit that block button before they could even muster the brain cells to think of something to say back to me. That'll shut one hater up, the rest get shut up when I win this week, enter the King For A Day match, and turn that briefcase into Queen For A Day. As my driver pulled into the hotel parking lot and stopped the car, i tucked my phone into my pocket as he came around to open the door for me and get my bags. It was about time we got here, I needed to book a massage and relax before I make history in a couple days.

A Few Hours Later: A Hotel In San Jose, California

After my massage I felt totes relaxed recharged, ready for possibly having 2 matches in a couple days. I plopped down on my bed, wearing my super fluffy pink bathrobe from home instead of getting fully dressed again, thank god Bates brought this with him when he brought me Sid a couple weeks ago. I turned on the TV in the room and looked over at Sid, laying in his bed in the corner of the room as my phone began to ring. As I looked down at the phone I saw it was a request to face time from Gabi, of course I accepted the request and sat up a bit after muting the TV. Gabi's weary smile showing up on screen as she looked at me.

Gabi: Heyy sis, I see you're still champ. I knew you would be, Batti isn't in your league.

I smiled back at my sister, I could see the bandages still on her arms but thankfully the one on her head was gone, she was healing.

Callie: It was obvi I would be, Batti can't beat me and this week I get to beat her up again, maybe I'll make her cry again. How are you doing?

I laughed, as did Gabi. It was good to see her laughing again.

Gabi: I'm doing okay, my arms are still extremely sore but the cut on my head is pretty much gone. That would be hilarious if you make her cry again though, but she's not your main competition. You should worry more about Eve than Batti. I know you've been wanting a rematch with Eve ever since she knocked you out of the Gold Rush Tournament, but be careful, remember she has pinned both of us.

I nodded, I knew Eve was a dangerous competitor and one of the best female competitors to ever step into the ring. But there's a big difference between the last time we fought and this time, a difference that'll make all the difference.

Callie: I know, trust me I've been scouting her like crazy. But last time I faced her it was the beginning of the Gold Rush Tournament, a tournament she was one of the favorites to win, she thought she was finally going to prove she wasn't a choke artist, but once again she failed. She's feeling defeated right now, probably had herself a good cry after losing the finals. Plus unlike her and Batti, I won at Gold Rush, I'm still the Elite Champ. I'm a winner, they are losers, and it's time for someone new to get a shot, Eve winning would simply bore the fans. They know no matter how many times she gets near the top, no matter how many matches she wins, no matter how much they try to will her on, she's just gonna fail again and again and again!

Gabi quickly cut me off as she could see I wasn't showing signs of stopping talking, she always was good for stopping me from rambling too much. She lowered her hand as I stopped talking and pushed a few strands of hair out of her face.

Gabi: I couldn't agree more Callie, Eve is everything you claim she is. And you totes have the advantage with coming off a win where both of them lost at Gold Rush. But you seem over confident that Eve will be down after her loss, I think she's gonna be fired up and ready to try another climb back to the top. I've seen the talk online sis, everybody thinks she's gonna beat you and Batti, they still don't realize how good you are and you need to win to prove it once and for all. And don't forget about Batti, you might have her number but she's gonna wanna beat you more than anything, and might gang up on you with Eve. You need to watch out for that.

I nodded in understanding, she was right. As much as I was confident and skilled, even I will be in trouble if the two of them gang up on me and try to narrow the match down to the two of them. I'm going to need to avoid that, let them fight each other and sneak in when the time is right and get rid of one of them so I can beat down the other one. I might not be the best wrestler in the match, but I can be the smartest. Brains beat brawn all the time.

Callie: Hmm you're right I didn't think of that. Knowing how the two of them are I wouldn't be surprised if they do gang up on me and try to take me out so they can fight it out themselves. I might be good but I don't know if I'm good enough to overcome 2 on 1. My best bet is stick and move, try to make them fight each other and just come in to break up pins and sneak in a win. Or maybe I can take advantage of the fact it'll be no DQ, grab an equalizer and start swinging. What do you think would be the better tactic to use sis?

Gabi thinks for a minute, I don't normally look to her for advice but in a case like this I could use it.

Gabi: I say grab a weapon and start swinging. If you try to stick and run it could work but it might make them double team you quicker. But you don't have to worry about double teams if you just wreck them with a chair or a kendo stick. But no matter what tactic you use, make sure you continue to make everybody respect and fear the name Clark. I might be injured but you're not, and you're already doing a great job making a name for yourself, but winning King For A Day? If you did that there's no way anybody could doubt your greatness. Beating 7 different people in one night would prove your greatness.

I nodded in agreement, Gabi's right. Being the Elite Openweight Champion is great, it's huge. But holding that in one hand and the King For A Day briefcase in the other? THAT would be the perfect way to make the idiot fans respect the name Callie Clark, make the idiots that run this company consider me one of their biggest stars, and it'd let me continue to do what I'm here to do, make history, win championships, and make a whole lot of money. Before we could keep talking, Gabi informed me that her nurse, Danielle was in the room and needing to do some things with her so she needed to let me go. I thanked her for calling and told her I'd see her soon, when I bring the King For a Day briefcase for her to see in person. For now though it's time for everybody to feel the wrath of Callie Clark, your future Queen.
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Originally Posted by Miss Wrestling Invitational

To Whom It May Concern,

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the first annual Miss Wrestling Beauty Pageant. Fellow contestants will participate in a series of challenges to crown our first ever Beauty Queen of Wrestling. You would represent the country of Neo Japan if you chose to attend. Please consider us by emailing back with your size dimensions, any skits or props you may need for the Talent aspect of one challenge, and what your Talent would be as well. It is also required that you have a Cause in mind when it is your turn to speak. You would be allotted 3 minutes to do so.

We hope you join us and together we can provide the world with an event to remember!

Round One - Bikini Contest

"This is fuggin' ridiculous."

Batti Otaku adjusted her black and white bikini top in one of the many mirrors the pageant provided. She could barely contain her embarrassment in signing up - going red at the amount of cleavage she would be showing off to the world. It had been a rough couple of weeks for her, losing consecutive matches to a girl that bullied her and took a title she had just won. That Monday she read the invitation and decided she could use a distraction from WZCW. Maybe it would boost her confidence.

She looked at her chest from a mirror. Behind her she heard the other contestants snicker. One whispered that her top would slip off. Batti sighed, took out her hair clips, and pinned them to her backside. Her golden blonde hair bounced against her shoulders. It wasn't often she wore her hair down, and it reminded her that she wasn't an unattractive girl at all.

Pulling herself together Batti gave her reflection a wink and stepped onstage.

Round Two - Talent Show

The fangirl ran passed the curtains, her eyes full of tears. Batti jumped into an unoccupied dressing room and removed her bottoms. The top was still on the stage.

She quickly slipped into a shirt and skirt. "This was a bad idea," she said to herself. "What was I thinking?"

Batti didn't tell Ramparte about her invitation. He had upset her at Gold Rush by going behind her back and taunting her online. She told nobody, not even her stuffed teddy bear Captain Claws. She wanted to do things by herself, but now she regretted it.

Planet Funk knocked on the door. When she entered, she looked like she was stopping herself from laughing.

"Hey...you got like two minutes before you do your Talent. Uh...here is your top..."

Batti grabbed it without saying a word. The whole world just saw her boobs. Why should she go back out there?

What even was her Talent?

She stepped out of the dressing room and waited for them to announce Neo Japan.

Batti took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to turn this to her advantage.

"Think chickadee, think!"

She had an idea, sorta, a horrible one. With all the cyber-bullying and the obvious viral videos that were sure to come out with her indecent exposure, why not run with it?

Click for Spoiler:

Round Three - Speech

The audience were in an absolute UPROAR. Feeling much more better about herself, Batti Otaku stepped back into the backstage area completely in the nude. Every lady wrestler that poked fun at her for her bikini were stunned now. She smiled at herself, happy that all her time working out seemed to payoff. She wasn't going to win and she knew it, but now she was having fun.

Ironically, she felt like a queen.

Dudleyville and Land of The Rising Sun tried their damndest not to look at Batti in all of her glory. Dudleyville stammered that everyone's speeches were next. Land of the Rising Sun kept her gaze on Mother Russia who was busy talking to Parts Unknown. Batti thanked the girls and placed her bare ass in a chair.

She went to work busily applying eyeliner. "They ain't seen nothing yet," Batti chirped. "All y'all finna get a Batti Clap Back."


With microphone in hand, Batti cleared her throat and batted her eyelashes.

"Thank you. My name is Batti Otaku and yeah, I'm naked. I'm bearing it all for the world. That's what some of you wanted to see, isn't it? Why even have things like bikini contests but to give guys stiffies? I said it. So here I am, cutting out the middle man.

But I'm not here just to show this A+ body. Many women in this country, no, this world have to deal with being tormented on a daily basis. They're bullied in schools, they're bullied in markets, streets, parks, and even churches. They're told they're simply not good enough - that there are prettier girls than them. Smarter than them. More talented than them. What better place to talk about these problems than a Beauty Contest? What better way to get my point across than to force the cameras to look at me? To make your hungry eyes just eat me up. Well, feast the fugg' away!

Eve Taylor knows this trade better than anyone in wrestling. Always, everywhere, cameras are on her. What kind of life is this? ...to starve yourself. To make yourself throw up in a bathroom to keep weight down. To lose what makes you You because the modern standard for beauty is demanding."

The Emcee told her she had to wrap up her speech.

"No, I'm reclaiming my time. We got this far without security dragging me away, so you stand there and just stare at my tits while I drop this truth. Eve Taylor isn't a horrible person. She isn't. But her modeling career is one of the shallowest careers imaginable. It's this concept of beauty that has made Callie Clark the biggest bully in WZCW. They both represent how a woman "should" look. How a woman is "expected" to act. Screw that! Women are women. We sweat. We fart. We wake up in the morning with crazy hair and no make up. See this ass? I pinched a loaf a few hours ago. Yeah, I'm beautiful, but not by how you define me, but how I define me. I'm not Eve Taylor. I'm not Callie Clark. What I am is real. I'm not saying Callie or Eve are fake, but when they walk a stage chanting talking points like "World Peace!" "Feed The Children!" "Cure Cancer!" or post selfieselfieselfieselfieselfie after goddamn selfie, they're not being authentic. Yeah, it's nice to want world peace. But what the fugg' is some tiny fakesmiling cunt going to do to make it happen, sit down and talk with the POTUS? The UN? Just another hot take among many. Don't kid yourselves. When was the last time a beauty queen made a difference?"

Batti was in her element now as she paced the stage and kept her eyes on the front row.

And why is it popular to have a phone shoved in your face all the time? Why this desire to be looked at 24/7? How many filters, angle shots, lighting tricks. etc. do we need in order to feel pretty?

Love yourselves. That's my Cause. My speech. My company is having its 10 Year Anniversary, and you know what this chick is gonna do? Eat pizza. Drink a beer. Play Cards Against Humanity with Action Saxton or something. Eve and Callie can bicker about who should be the next KFAD entrant, but I'm telling you now they're not Queens. I am.

I don't need a briefcase to prove it, but if it just so happens I win and somehow I get it, things are going to get interesting. VERY interesting. I already know what I'd do, and believe me, it's never been done before. I'm here to bring the excitement, obviously. Hell I may even wanna cash in nude. Can you imagine Justin Cooper's face? Or Constantine's?

Goodness, I'm a live wire and I will show you all what I'm made of! So go ahead, take a picture. Upload me to Youtube, Pornhub, whatever the hell gets you off. I'm giving you permission. Nobody shames me tonight. I'm the one empowered, because you know none of those bakka bitches in the back would do what I just did. Record this."

Batti extended her arm out, turned her palm downwards, and dropped the mic. She shrugged at the judges, not really caring if she wins the pageant. Her mind was on the Anniversary show, and whether or not she was strong enough to take on Callie, Eve, and possibly the entire KFAD posse. Just as the police came, she struck a pose for the smartphones.

She was one goofy girl with a chip on her shoulders where she wanted gold to be. The scantily clad woman only smiled as they threw her out.

Originally Posted by Hunter S. Thompson
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
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Eve Taylor laid motionless on the hardwood floorboards of her studio apartment. The bright lights shining intensely into her eyes, enough to obscure anyone's vision; yet, Eve stared directly into the light as the spotlight showcased the real Eve Taylor. The Eve Taylor that was behind all the cosmetic products, fancy clothing, and stage persona she put on: the pathetic supermodel who was wild enough to indulge in fantasy. The idiotic little girl who thought that by putting on a belt and saying she wants to be the best she would get be gifted these distinctions on a silver plate. The light shone bright enough to cause searing pain through her head, reminding her that this life wasn't a game of roleplays. You couldn't just look at a superhero and dress up like them to gain their confidence. You are not allowed to revel in their memories and make them your own. You have your own.

But just like the stubborn bratty princess, Eve Taylor didn't want to revel in her own memories. There was nothing for Eve to revel in. No happy memories for her to celebrate. Nothing nostalgic for her to smile about. Everything she had experienced was meant to suppressed, not brought out as the theme of the party... but lo and behold, Eve Taylor didn't have a damn choice. It was the Anniversary show for WZCW where everybody would be recognising the greatest moments in history! Where legends of old come back to soak in the adulation of the fans for one final time. Where new players come to appreciate everything that came before them. Where everybody comes to the show with a smile, looking to entertain the fans. Well, Eve was smiling, but she wasn't doing so in remembrance. She was smiling at how foolish that idea sounded to her. Could you imagine: being thankful for everything that's happened to you? Such a laughable notion!

The people aren't going to be looking at Eve Taylor with great interest. There will be no smiles heading by the way of Eve. She might get a some cat calls by the few incredibly sexist horny pigs in the audience, but most people will look at her with disgust. When they are reminded of the name Eve Taylor, they will not recall the great things that she has achieved. No, not at all. They'll just remember the failures she's accrued over the last year. Over her entire career. Over her entire life. She won't be revered. She'll be hated and detested by the people she looked to win over with her impressive skills. Oh how long that lasted! She spent a year fighting tooth and nail to protect the Elite Openweight championship, calling out every conceivable person on the roster, and beating them. Challengers, friends, foes, World champions, and legends... she beat them all; however, after one or two important losses, the hopes and dreams Eve Taylor instilled in the fans turned to disappointment and pitiful looks as she has to earn her way inside yet ANOTHER contendership (of sorts) match for her to get a World championship opportunity. And to because fate likes to play with their victims, it was against the two most recent Elite Openweight champions. Oh, what a cruel mistress! Batti and Callie Clark. Really? Eve Taylor had to go through these two aspiring young girls to qualify for the King for a Day Elimination Chamber? There were so many horrible layers to this joke that Eve couldn't do anything else but let out a sarcastic chuckle. Shall we list them off for you?

Firstly, let's discuss the story behind all three competitors in this match. This should be very easy to figure out, so there is no point beating around the bush: Eve, Batti and Callie, in that order, have all been the Elite Openweight champion. In fact, Callie still remains as such. The only thing that would make this match more complete is if Kagura was involved, the first ever female Elite champion, but allow us to continue. Eve Taylor has already proven herself to be best champion for this particular title. She holds the record for being the longest reigning in history. Remember how Eve Taylor beat all those people? Yeah, this is when that happened... so to relegate Eve Taylor back down to this level? What is the story here? What is the moral? Is Eve Taylor not good enough to get past the Elite Openweight division, and her dreams of becoming World champion are merely dreams because they'll never come true; a fabrication manifested in her own mind? Or should Eve Taylor go back to her roots where her success really began, revisit the past, and revitalise herself to become the dangerous competitor she used to be?Eve Taylor turned her head to the other side where her dear friend, Senshuken, was staring back at her. Senshuken was not amused with how his old friend had turned out to be. He looked as disgusted with her as everybody else.

Secondly, how about the implications of winning? As much as everybody looks to disregard Eve's ability to win big matches, she undoubtedly contains the fortitude to climb her way to that position. Every time an important match was come before Eve where the fans have rallied behind her, it involved a series of matches - or perhaps, one major match - to propel into that position. "Qualifying matches", if you will. When she looked to win the Lethal Lottery, she came off her historic championship reign. Before she faced Flex Mussel in a number one contenders match to face the World champion, she put her own career on the line against Celeste Crimson in a dream match at Kingdom Come. And right before her most recent defeat to John Constantine, a man she has much difficulty with as a competitor and attempting to find the goodness in his heart, she ploughed through the Gold Rush tournament... one of those matches being against Callie Clark, whom she eliminated in the first round. Why all this mention? Well, consider this: how pissed would you be if the person who eliminated you from the Gold Rush, or defeated your lover for the Elite championship at Kingdom Come, managed to go on and lose the big match you were so ready to win? How do you think Batti and Callie Clark must feel on the inside when Eve Taylor lost? It could have been them in the main event. They could've realised their hopes and dreams, but the selfish nature of Eve Taylor sucked that victory out of their life, and went on to do nothing with those crushed goals. Eve Taylor hasn't changed at all. She just wants the spotlight, no matter what it costs.

And finally, how can the fans truly believe in Eve Taylor? Time and time again, Eve has shown herself to be an unreliable person to place one's faith. Whilst Eve wasn't looking to start her own religion, or be the saviour of the entire company, Eve was looking for the people to know in their minds and their hearts that Eve could get to the top. She could one day hold that championship, and it would be a realistic expectation. All Eve wanted was for people to discuss the possibility of her being in the big picture, and how she could be considered a person to be remembered. That's all she wanted. It wasn't a big ask like Constantine has done by pleading to everyone for some form of forgiveness for his unforgivable actions. It was not like Tyrone Blades who looks to rally everyone behind him in his quest to take down the nasty evil man, a person who he used to be. And it wasn't even as shallow as Justin Cooper taking out every insurance claim to force feed the audience that he is truly the best to ever exist. All Eve Taylor hoped was for her name to be mentioned... and after everything she has done, that was sounding like the greatest ask from any fan. Hell, even if, by some miracle, that Eve Taylor qualified past the rivalry of Batti and Callie, and then managed to defeat five other hungry competitors inside the chamber, there still wasn't a guarantee that Eve could win the World title. If Eve had the briefcase, and she cashed it in like an opportunist, people would call her a hack. If she cashed it in for a proper match with fair warning, then the same problem would arise with the fans not believing in her.

No matter how you wish to analyse this Anniversary evening for Eve Taylor, there is only one memory that will remain: Eve Taylor is the greatest choke artist in the history of WZCW. All these opportunities for the supermodel, and all she could do was show us how to look good whilst choking. For the first time in this models' career, Eve Taylor could talk the talk... but she found it very difficult to walk the walk. A model who couldn't walk down the fashion runway: no wonder the fans saw her as a complete joke! And yet, this wasn't the big joke! Yes, it might sound ridiculous, but there was something even bigger to laugh at.

You want to know what was even funnier than this: Eve Taylor was willing to try again! HAHA! Can you believe that?! This absolutely horrible wrestler who has the speciality of choking at the grandest stages and the biggest matches is going to try again! She's going to try again at the 10th Anniversary show of WZCW - possibly the biggest stage of all time up until this point - and she's going to attempt to win not one, but two matches to win the King for a Day briefcase inside the Elimination Chamber! That sounds hilarious! How does someone like Eve Taylor possess the ability to even conjure up that feeling? Why would she even bother with saying those words when she knows she won't be able to convert in the end? After all this analysis that has no doubt run through her head over and over again? Why the hell would Eve Taylor even dare show up to the event, and give it a try?

"Because no matter what, I must not give up!"

Slowly, Eve Taylor rises from the floorboards into a seated position, almost as if she has breathed new life into her soulless body. She looks around and sees that she is sitting in the middle of her own wardrobe, and possibly the world's largest one at that. Every inch of these clothes racks and dressers are filled to the brim with clothes that Eve Taylor has worn in the past. Every conceivable piece of item imaginable hangs in this wardrobe, and they all stare back at the half-naked Eve Taylor.

"As much as I fight for everybody in the world to believe in Eve Taylor, and view her with high regard, I must not concern myself with what they think. Every negative thought and claim that is thrown my way I must wear with pride. For anyone to believe in me, all of my failures and flaws need to be visible to the world. The people require knowing what makes me human, and they require knowing that I am just like one of them aspiring to be the best. I can't get to the top without defeating my demons, and destroying everything that holds me down. I need to show to the world my problems, and I need to wear them for all to see!"

The reinvigorated Eve Taylor picks herself up from the floor, without any help, and stands on her own two feet. She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes, and smiles. She hopes that this will be with the feeling that will happen at the Anniversary show after the show ends, with the briefcase in her hand. But, before Eve gets ahead of herself, she opens her eyes to set herself back to reality. The dream has crossed over to the real world yet. She needs to earn that moment. To do so, as she said, she must show the world that she is nothing more than a flawed human being. She isn't Wonder Woman like Callie Clark would have you believe when she cosplays. She isn't some whacky weeaboo who is beloved by the crowd for her silly antics. She is a real woman with real aspirations and who wants to prove herself as a real competitor. Eve walks forward to the mirror, and looks at herself in the mirror, to the audience of one.

"This is the only audience I need. The person who stares back at me through the looking glass. I want the person on the other side to smile at me, and know that, despite all my shortcomings, I'm still dedicated to my craft and that I could one day be the best. But, I must not kid that audience who stares at me. They must know that I have failed before."

Eve looks down underneath the mirror where her accessories dresser stands. She opens up one of the drawers, and reveals some black velvet neck apparel. Three of them to be exact. She looks at herself in the mirror one more time, before looking down and grabbing the first one. She wears it on her neck.

"The Lethal Lottery."

She grabs the second, and wears it on her neck

"The number one contenders match at Apocalypse"

She grabs the final one, positioning it on her neck.

"The Gold Rush tournament."

Eve looks once more at herself in the mirror.

"Three times I failed."

Three chokers on her neck.

"Three times I choked."

She rubs her neck as she finds it hard to breath.

"For the three times I have failed, I wear these three chokers. These will act as a reminder to the entire world that I acknowledge my mistakes, and that I know I have let them down. I am not a superhero. I am an average woman. I will make mistakes. I will fail. But unlike a superhero, I am perfectly fine letting the world know that I have made a mistake. I am not a coward who hides behind the power of others like Mark Keaton. I am not lying to you about my own future like Lynx. I am not the person who is living on thin ice like Logan McAllister... I am not anyone else who is in this match: I am Eve Taylor, and I am here to remind the world, on the day of the WZCW Annverisary, just exactly who is the greatest wrestler in the world. She may not be perfect, but at least she is honest. These three chokers I will wear on my neck I shall wear with pride. These three chokers will remain on my neck until I have redeemed myself from the losses I have incurred. These three chokers shall be kept worn over my neck until I have won back the audience."

Eve points to the first one.

"This choke I will remove when I win the qualifying match between Batti and Callie Clark. I remove this when I prove I still belong."

She points to the middle one.

"This choke I will remove when I win the Elimination Chamber, and I defeat someone like Flex Mussel who was awarded his position despite his loss. I remove this when I prove that I could be the best."

She looks at the last one, but does not point.

"This last choke will remain on my neck. This one does not deserve to be removed... not until I become the World champion, and I become a damn good one. It will not be enough to win the title."

Eve Taylor steps back from the mirror. She looks at herself and she knows exactly who she is.

"I am Eve Taylor. I am the Choke Artist. And this Choke Artist is not going to stop until everyone feels what I feel: I will not stop until I choke out everyone on my path to becoming the best. If I have to choke the dreams of Batti, Callie, and the rest of the King for a Day competitors to do it... then so be it."
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