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Old 08-04-2017, 11:56 PM
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Default Anniversary Show: Flex vs. Kagura vs. Logan vs. Keaton vs. Lynx (KFAD)

Kagura, Lynx, Logan McAllister and Mark Keaton won qualifiers to enter KFAD. They will be joined by Flex Mussel and the winner of the final KFAD qualifier!

This elimination chamber match allows the winner to challenge ANY champion at ANY time.

Deadline Monday 14th August 11:59pm Central Time. No extensions available.
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For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.

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Remarkable Mark Keaton folded The Toronto Moon and slapped it down on the seat next to him in the large studio. Electric Avenue blared from his leather jacket and he took the phone out.

"Sexiest man alive, who's talkin?" Mark searched for his cigarettes with his free hand.

A voice replied, it sounded like a bear had learned to talk, but the bear was also trying to sound tough,"Hey Mr. Keaton! You get any answers from the big boys about me yet?!"

Shit! I was hoping this was going to be Cooper, not THIS guy! Damn!

"Look dude," Mark flipped a smoke in his mouth and lit it, "the answer is no. I'm sorry man, I did everything I could."

The voice replied with muffled cursing. After a moment, he replied. "Aren't you in Vis Imperium?! You PROMISED me you had the inside track! What did they say?!"

"Look, I'll tell you some other time. I'll try Mr. Banks himself but I'm not making any promises. That's the best I can do for you man."

"Well I hope...."

But Mark already hung up rudely. A show official walked through the door, she had a cellphone pressed to her cheek and she looked stressed. She hung up her phone and got Mark's attention.

"We are on in fifteen minutes. We need you in your spot to get ready. Put out that cigarette!" She reached out and gently grabbed Mark's elbow. He stood and was led into a pitch black hallway that opened into a large studio with a few hundred fans in the audience. Several camera's were set up and Patrick "The Bulldog" Adams sat in his comfy red chair. Ready for his show.

I can't believe he didn't show up!!!!

Mark gave Patrick a head nod, the older gentleman gave him one in return out of respect. Mark was fitted with a mic near his neck. A team of make-up artists approached him but he waved them away.

"You guys can just piss off alright? Look at this face man! Do you really need to apply color to this? Sexiest man in Canada right now."

Patrick just smirked as the make-up team buzzed around him, adding colors here and there on his cheeks, checking that his hair was perfect. The man looked identical to Don Cherry, right down to his white goatee, except Patrick had bushier eyebrows.

"I trust we're not going to have another violent incident that we had on that deplorable Detroit News program awhile ago?" Patrick asked loud enough for Mark to hear as the make-up team finished the final touches.

"As long as you behave, I can't see anything going wrong."

They got the cue that the show was live in twenty seconds, the make-up team rushed off of the stage and the count down began.


The generic rock theme music blared and the crowd came alive.


The camera panned the crowd and worked it's way down to Patrick "The Bulldog" Adams, dressed in a sharp blue suit with white and gold cuff links.

"Welcome to the FIRST EVER episode of WRESTLETALK with Patrick Adams! As you guessed it, I'm Patrick Adams! My guest at this time is none other than The Greatest Canadian Hero himself, Remarkable Mark Keaton!" Patrick stood up and clapped, he reached out to shake Mark's hand, but Mark ignored it. The fans cheered loud for him.

"You must be walking on air right now Mark, coming off of a huge win at Gold Rush against the greatest wrestler in the history of the company, Matt Tastic."

"Believe it or not, I crushed Live Mas by myself! Stormrage is broken somewhere, probably in a hospital bed. Matt Tastic is licking his wounds somewhere in a Taco Bell restaurant bathroom, shaving and looking in a mirror. You see, I not only beat him physically, I wrecked him mentally as well. He'll never be the same man again."

"Come ON Mark! You can't be serious! He's lost before, he'll bounce back! He always does, give me a break with that changing his brain stuff, I'm not buying it and neither is the WZCW fan base."

Mark lit a cigarette, watching Patrick's face get red with annoyance, "Chill out man, what did we chat about before the camera's were rolling? Watch your tone with me, I'm Vis Imperium and we don't take disrespect kindly, dude."

"Moving on!" Patrick cleared his throat, the audience laughed.

"Coming up next at the ten year anniversary show, you'll be fighting for the King for a Day briefcase in an elimination steel cage match! What do you think of your first opportunity to go after the KFAD?"

"I'm not gonna lie Patrick, this has been a pretty lame year for RMK. I started out with a losing streak, won a match, then went on a crappy losing streak that even included losing to Vee A.D.Z WITH a tag team partner. A shitty tag team partner but that's not the issue. The issue was me. But now I'm back on track and winning again. The Matt Tastic win should count for two because of how awesome it was. Mr. Banks said he'd look into it. This match is my first shot at KFAD and I'm not gonna waste it. I'm gonna WIN this friggin match Patrick!!"

The crowd cheered and laughed as Patrick covered his face.

"Let's try to keep the cursing at a minimum because there's little kids watching this at home. You can't say the F-word on live television. Tell us a little about the opponents you'll be facing in the Elimination Chamber."

"Let's start with Kagura. The girl that beat me in Round One of the Gold Rush Tournament and eliminated me early. Don't you think for one second that I've forgotten about that let me tell you. I won't be coming out as Superbeast Mark Keaton, this is the original Remarkable One and I'm not messin around Kagura. I'm going to shoot right for you when I see you in that cage, revenge is a dish best served hot and there's nobody hotter right now than RMK baby, YA!!!" Mark jumped up, threw his cigarette and ripped his jacket off, he flexed his muscles for the cheering audience.

Patrick nodded as he got a signal from the producers.

"It's time for a commercial break, but when we come back, MORE Remarkable Mark Keaton!"

Mark sat down, he checked his cellphone for any new texts. There was none, he frowned and returned his phone to his jacket pocket.

"Hey, hotshot! I thought you said Justin Cooper was coming with you tonight? We have it advertised as Cooper and Keaton.You know it looks pretty bad when we screw up like this on our first episode when we can't even get both of our guests to show up....."

Mark listened to the man drone on and on about production costs and whatnot.... but he's right. Cooper DID promise me he'd be here tonight for this Wrestletalk program. He probably got hung up signing autographs or something. He'll be here before the end of the show, I just know it.

The red light came on and a quick countdown.....

"Welcome back to WRESTLETALK with Patrick Adams! We were just talking with RMK here about his KFAW opponents, but let's sidetrack just a little and talk about potential targets if you happen to win the King for a Week briefcase."

"It's King for a Day, you boob." Mark let out a jolting, singular laugh.

"Ha! I'm sorry, King for a DAY briefcase."

"What other targets could there possibly be? The one and only top prize in the company is obviously the Heavyweight Championship.But if my pal Cooper is still holding that prize...." Mark's mind wandered a bit..where the hell IS he anyway?!!! What kind of friend bails on a guy like this?

"...then probably the Eurasian Championship. I've had a thirst to get that puppy in Vis Imperium so our stable can be recognized as having every title in the company. Then, obviously I'd change it to The Great Canadian Championship."

The crowd cheered for that announcement.

"Interesting indeed Mark! Let's continue our conversation about your amazing opponents for the KFAD match!"

Mark nodded then lit another smoke, "Well, up next would be LYNX. I've never stepped in the ring with him. Here's a guy that's been sent back in time to prevent the world from exploding. He's got to fix these little points in time so...oh man! Can you even believe I'm describing a WZCW wrestler and not that guy from Back to the Future?! Dude!! Just for being stupid I'm eliminating him with The Canadian Clutch." Mark lit another smoke but realized he had two going in his mouth already so he threw two of them across the stage. T.V crews were quick to extinguish the smokes.

"Then there's stupid Logan McAllister! If there's one guy I hate in this match it's this turd wipe! I've already beaten this guy easily and I bent over backwards in our tag match at last years Lethal Lottery, I practically wrap the Elite Openweight Title around the fat bastards waste and what does he do? He LOSES the damn thing in the SAME night!! Screw him!! I don't care if he lifts weights now, has a butt ugly manager and shaved his disgusting face...he's still stupid Logan McAllister after all and I'm going to kick his teeth in!"

Mark spits on the stage then takes a drink of water. He wipes his brow then fixes his golden hair a little before continuing....

"Then you have Flex Mussel. Another wrestler who I've never stepped in the ring with. He claims that he's the fittest man in the fed right now. What? Has he seen my biceps? These legendary bad boys are the peaks of glory. I can't wait to grapple with this dude and show him who the REAL fittest man in the fed is. He'll have to change his little tag line to - Second or third fittest man in the fed. I can't wait to dropkick that bastard right in the face!"

A loud, singular guitar riff came from Mark's jacket on the floor behind his chair. He held up a finger and retrieved his jacket. He fished out his cellphone and looked at his new text....

Cooper: Mark. I have other things to do. I'm not interested in some low rate Canadian show.
Mark closed his eyes and shook his head. He gave Patrick a warning look and the host spoke up.

"Well Mark, I believe that's all the time we have left, I'm Patrick Adam's signing off for......"

"NO! We have a little more time Patrick! There's still one potential opponent I didn't talk about yet!" Mark jumped to his feet and ripped the mic off of his chest and held it to his mouth while he walked towards the camera.

"I'm talking about Eve Taylor.Every, single wrestling expert has her pegged to win her contenders match and then win the KFAD briefcase. Well Eve, I've got news for you. There's going to be one guy standing in your way when the smoke clears.That guy is the sexiest, rockin rollingest, fastest, strongest, smartest, dirtiest son of a bitch in WZCW. I eat chaos for breakfast,bedlam for lunch and slurp back some pandemonium for supper. I am the Greatest Canadian God of Wrestling and I will ride a lightning bolt right into the arena at the Ten Year Anniversary and set the place ablaze with my awesomeness. I will strike you down with The Voltron Suplex and you will be beaten and lay at the feet of Remarkable Mark Keaton!!!"

Mark flicked the mini microphone at the screen and stormed off camera.

Join WZCW now.

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Backstage at Gold Rush
St. Louis,MO

Goldman: That's one victory down, one to go Logan. In San Jose you shall become King!

Logan McAllister looked at his enthusiastic manager and couldn't help but crack a smile. After weeks and months of disappointment, he was finally on the right track, and with some decent measure of momentum for a change.

Logan took a seat in the locker room area, already changed out of his ring gear, having had his match early on in the night. Logan has been watching certain matches tonight with extreme focus. By the end of the night, Logan knew who his competition would be in the sure to be violent KFAD match. Mark Keaton, Kagura and Lynx all won their matches and would be given a chance at the briefcase.

Keaton would likely have Vis Imperium involved somehow, and the story involving Logan and Vis Imperium was one he just couldn't seem to escape. The mysterious maiden from Japan had been on quite a decent roll lately, and Logan knew her strikes stung.

Richard Goldman snapped Logan out of his zone, ruining his train of thought. Logan shot Goldman a perturbed look.

Goldman: Sorry Logan, but we've been here awhile now, and the maintenance crew would like to finish up. You've been watching these matches repeatedly since they've happened. Let's get out of here already. You going straight to San Jose from here? Or will you be flying back to Boston?

As if Logan hadn't heard him, he gets up, and starts walking towards his rental car, already loaded up and ready. Richard is quick to follow and again he is left alone in the parking lot as Logan wordlessly drives off into the distance.

Goldman: (to himself) He really needs to address this thing with his family. Otherwise he won't reach his potential and I'm not here to manage just another wrestler.

Richard pulls out his phone, going into his contacts and selecting "McAllister(Home)" After a few moments to gather his thoughts, He decides to press the call button....

Two Days til Anniversary Show
The Sainte Claire Hotel
San Jose,CA

Logan had been doing some insane amounts of film study lately. Having secured a bunch of match tapes, Logan had been watching every match his opponents have had since Logan debuted back at Unscripted in 2015. He was determined to know every last detail of how his opponents fought. How they approached certain situations and of course, what their weaknesses were.

There was one match which Logan had saved for last. It was the match that almost started him down the path of a WZCW washout. Of course it was the Lethal Lottery match. Having already become the Elite Openweight Champion earlier in the night, Logan had believed he was on the path to great things. Then it happened.


That imbecile Noah Ryder decided to cash in his case DURING THE FUCKING LOTTERY ITSELF!! With both the Elite and Eurasian champions in the ring, Ryder chose to target Logan, and POOF! Logan's reign as champion ended before it ever got a chance to start.

Logan could feel the anger beginning to boil up, because of that stupid case, Logan's world began crashing down upon him. Mentally he was broken afterwards, not knowing whether to blame himself, Ryder or the higher ups of the company for allowing such a cash in during the Lottery.

Week after week, Logan told himself he'd move past it, that there were more opportunities ahead etc, etc. But for whatever reason, Logan couldn't move past it, and it ate away at him slowly. With each successive show, Logan's motor and enthusiasm waned. He wanted to tell himself that it was because the fans began to doubt him, but they didn't. Logan kept thinking about the KFAD cash in, and it almost ruined him.

After his third, or fourth- hell even Logan wasn't sure how many times he flat out didn't show up to work, he was given an ultimatum. Show up or else. The message was clear. Either Logan wanted to be here or he didn't, and if he didn't, WZCW was more than willing to usher him out of the company.

Logan stops the tape, getting out of the comfortable chair he had spent countless hours in and heading to grab a Coke. After grabbing his drink and cracking it open, he took a long swig from the can before sitting back down. The message had been loud and clear, and now in a stunning change, Logan found himself about to battle for the one thing that almost destroyed him. Win the KFAD match, and Logan would come full circle, leaving the arena with the case after eliminating all other competitors, allowing HIM to crush the dreams of some other unsuspecting person at his convenience.

There was a knock at the door and upon opening it, Richard walked in, and he immediately began talking

Goldman: Logan! Have you heard? Two more competitors are entering the match. Flex Mussel has been gifted a spot, presumably since he was the most recent #1 contender, and then the last spot will go to the winner of Batti v Eve v Clark. It has to be WZCW management trying to keep you from the case. But regardless of the obstacles, I know you shall prevail. I mean, Flex must still be sore from that hellacious match at Gold Rush, and the women have to compete twice in one night. I guess all I have to ask is, are you ready to become king?

As has been the case, more silence from Logan. He simply gets up and pops in another tape, this one a match involving Flex and Eve. Richard watches for a few moments before he decides to leave and let his client continue his preparations.

Goldman: Alright then Logan, I'll leave you to contin-

Richard stopped as Logan's phone began to ring, and seeing it was his son Hayden calling, he opted to just leave without any more words, shutting the door behind him.

Logan watched his phone as the screen changed to a missed call and continued watching his tapes.

10th Anniversary Show
SAP Center
San Jose,CA

Leon Kensworth: Ladies and Gentleman I'm here backstage, and I've just caught up with Mr. Goldman and his client and KFAD hopeful, Logan McAllister! So, Mr. Goldman, anything you'd like to say on behalf of your client?

Logan looks at Richard, fully focused and already in full gear and gives a short nod.

Goldman: Well Leon, I suppose you want our thoughts and concerns about the upcoming match. Allow me to appease your wants at this moment then.

Now I'm sure that when looking over the list of competitors, most will gravitate towards the likes of Flex or Eve Taylor, and almost nobody expects Logan to have much of a shot. Logan will be the biggest person in the match, having upwards of 50lbs weight advantage over everyone. Obviously, in WZCW size isn't everything, but this isn't a regular match, no. No it is in the chamber, a harsh destructive environment that makes my client feel comfortable. While this may be his first chamber match, Logan was in similar situations growing up in Boston, and a lot of those encounters had much more than championship opportunities on the line my good Leon. If Logan gets his way, he'll start the match off immediately, and Mr. Future, Lynx would be the second.

Leon: Umm so you want your client starting the match? And then having to outlast every single competitor in order to win? Most people say they want to enter last Mr. Goldman. Any reasons why Logan wants Lynx first?

Goldman: Leon those other people haven't been Logan McAllister. Tonight you will all see Logan stand tall as King. As for why Lynx? it's simple really, he irritated my client during their brief encounter at Gold Rush. This man from the future thinks he's here to save humanity from some evil or some yada yada bullshit. Word of advice Lynx, Fuck humanity, worry about escaping the chamber tonight.

Logan and Richard head down the hallway, before Richard turns towards the ring area, telling Logan he'll catch up with him. Alone now in the arena, Logan pulls out his phone and fires up his voicemail.

"Hey Dad, it's me Hayden. Just thought I'd try and say hi, but you must be busy. It's okay though. I'm doing well, and so is Brittany, but she complains about you not calling or coming home very much anymore. I miss you, but I understand why Dad. You've always wanted to make me proud, and I'm sure all of your attempts at making the top level in WZCW not working out has made you feel like you failed. Just know Dad, that I'm always proud of you and that your son has your back no matter what! So don't worry about things here Dad, you just do what you have to do to become successful at the next level. People may not expect you to win the KFAD, but did anyone think you'd beat Dorian Slaughter last year?? I love you Dad.

Logan lets the message end before ending the call.

Time to prove people wrong and ascend to the top flight of this company....or get stretchered out trying.
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August 20th, 2017
18:15 PM

Sixteen days had passed since Lynx defeated Yemrez Reqonic to qualify for a spot in the King For A Day match at the upcoming WZCW Anniversary Show. He had been invited to be a guest on a wrestling fan site's podcast that evening which would broadcast from the fan site for everyone to watch. Right now Lynx is in a lounge awaiting for his segment on the podcast to begin. There were three other guests before him and they were saving Lynx for last as he was the biggest name out of any of them. Lynx looks into a mirror on the wall and adjusts his blue plaid buttoned shirt, while his friend Doreen sits in a recliner nearby sending out last minute reminders of Lynx's appearance that evening to the fans on social media. Doreen looks at Lynx, who is still standing at the mirror even after he finishes re-adjusting his shirt.

Doreen: Are you nervous, Lynx? Doreen thinks you are being awfully quiet.

He turns around to face her.

Lynx: About the podcast? Nah. I've done things like this before.

Doreen: She wasn't talking about the podcast. She was talking about King For A Day.

The answer for a second there was going to be a definitive "no". However, Lynx stopped himself from saying anything off the bat, and takes a moment to really think about it before answering. Was he ready for this kind of a challenge? Every single person in the match he would be competing against at the Anniversary Show had held some kind of championship in the company before, including the three who would be competing for the final spot in the match earlier on the same evening. Some had even set records. Then after thinking it over, he answers.

Lynx: No. Each of the others in the match have had their time. They aren't fighting for a better future like I am and they don't have fate itself on their side the way I do. I'll address everything that needs to be addressed.

She nods in agreement with him and continues sending out social media updates for him on their Grand Dream account. A few seconds after that the door opens and a Productions man comes in. He looks like Kevin Kopelow from "All That". He doesn't have a name. What? Should he have been named Kevin because he looks like a guy named Kevin? No, that would be too simple. It would suggest that it's the same guy when clearly it couldn't possibly be. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago. It was such a good show originally. Then they brought in all those new people and replaced the entire cast. The original version of the show was so much better. Digressions aside, the guy who looks like Kevin did back in the 1990's has entered the lounge.

Productions Person: You're on next, Mr Lynx. Your segment starts in about-

Before he is even able to finish, Lynx cuts him off, finishing his sentence for him.

Lynx: Five minutes?

Productions Person: Yeah, actually. How did you know I was going to say that?

Lynx: Well, when you're a time traveler from the future you have insight into such things.

Productions Person: Good one. In all seriousness, please make your way to the studio now. Guy is going to announce you shortly. His last guest just finished their segment.

Sure enough, Guy is the name of the host of the podcast Lynx is appearing on. His full name is Guy Podcast. Much like Host Hosterson from the Apocalypse rally, Guy's parents sure knew what to name him in order for his future profession to make perfect sense. So.... Yeah. Lynx follows Productions Person into the studio where the podcast is ongoing. Lynx stops before he gets into the camera's range. There is a panel booth set up behind a large desk. Behind the desk is Guy Podcast the host of tonight's show. He looks just like Productions Person. They look almost identical even, but they are not related, oddly enough.

Guy: Alright everyone it's now time for our final guest this evening. A man from the future who surely will be a big part of his wrestling federation's future.... He is the founder of The Grand Dream and a WZCW superstar. Please welcome.... From Times Unknown.... Lynx!

A sample of Lynx's entrance theme "The Final Countdown" is played and he walks into the range of the camera, sitting down in the chair to the right of Guy Podcast. A replica of the WZCW Eurasian Championship is hanging on the wall behind them, next to that is a large monitor screen, and on the other side of the monitor is a WZCW Elite Openweight Championship replica. Lynx looks around at the decorations behind him and then at the host.

Lynx: It's a pleasure to be on your show, Guy.

Guy: The pleasure is all ours. You're easily the biggest name we have ever had on our show. So. You wrestle for WZCW, you guys have your 10 Year Anniversary event coming up. Tell us some more about that.

Lynx: Sure. So this is a very special event not just for the fans but for us wrestlers as well. It is intended to look back on the stars of the past, celebrating all that they accomplished, and also looking ahead into the future. It's going to be a night no one will ever forget.

Guy: Sounds like it will be a great event indeed. Speaking of the future.... Given that you're from the future yourself, would you say that you already know what the future holds for WZCW then? Who will win the King For A Day, when will they cash in the championship opportunity, and for what title? The world wants to know!

Lynx laughs at this. He runs into these questions in nearly every inteview he does.

Lynx: I know where you're going with this, Guy, and I have to say.... Sorry, but I won't be spoiling anything. You're going to have to watch the Anniversary Show and see for yourself what the future holds.

Guy: And what better way to address the future of WZCW than to bring back the prestigious King For A Day match. You'll be in this match, correct?

Lynx: Yes. I'm in it and it will be by far my biggest challenge yet. I'll be in there with five former Champions. All of my opponents have held either the WZCW Tag Team Championship or the Elite Openweight Championship before.

Both are quiet for a moment.

Guy: Have you done anything special to prepare? I hear you have a very unique diet. Does your diet play into your match preparation?

Lynx: Not really. What I eat is depends on what I am in the mood for. Look at tonight before coming here for the show, for example, I decided to eat at a restaurant instead of preparing something myself. I found this great local place where I got some of the best cheese fries I have ever had. Lots of shredded cheddar, delicious bacon, jalapenos, and green onions on top. Just the way I like it. Other nights I switch things up and make meals I couldn't get elsewhere. It has nothing to do with my preparations for a match though I do love a good meal.

Guy takes out some papers from a drawer at the desk. Guys looks down at the papers he is holding, then back at Lynx.

Guy: Alright. That brings us to some questions that fans sent in, knowing that you would be here tonight. Would you like to answer some of these questions?

Lynx: Yeah! Sure!

The screen behind them is now displaying an image of each of the three women competing for the final King For A Day spot. Eve Taylor, Callie Clark, and Batti.

Guy: This first question is from Chastity in Orlando, Florida. She asks "Lynx, you were unsuccesful in defeating Eve Taylor in the Gold Rush Tournament. You may be encountering her again if she qualifies for King For A Day. Eve is the favorite of many fans to qualify into King For A Day. How do you feel about having to potentially face her again?".

Lynx: Everything played out the way it was decided to by fate. Of course I wanted to win the Gold Rush Tournament. I would be lying if I said I didn't. My objective is to look after the fixed points in time at WZCW events. That was more important than actually winning the tournament was. Now, with Eve having lost to Constantine she proved yet again that her time will never come. Am I concerned about facing her? No. Not even in the slightest. She failed to win the Gold Rush Tournament just like she failed to obtain the #1 Contendership at Apocalypse against Flex Mussel, who is also in this King For A Day match. Let's also not forget how she failed to win the Lethal Lottery when everyone in this entire industry thought she was going to win it. By the time the Anniversary Show is over we will be able to add another failure to her list of shortcomings, failing to become Queen For A Day.

Guy: Chastity had another question for you. "Out of the three possibilities of Eve Taylor, Batti, and Callie Clark, who would you most like to see get added to the match with you?".

Lynx: Out of those three? I would most like to see Callie Clark get added to the King For A Day match. I'd want to be the one to eliminate her, and maybe I'll even take her title someday....!

He grins after saying this, but only for a second or two.

Lynx: Really, though.... Trying to win Queen For A Day while also worrying about who may dethrone her for the Elite Openweight Championship, that's a lot to concentrate on. I doubt Callie would be in the right mindset to win this match for that reason. Eve's the one who probably will win the qualifier instead, and I already spoke about Eve Taylor having the odds against her in big matches like King For A Day.

Guy: And what about Batti?

Lynx: She won't make it in. We know she can't defeat Callie, their Elite Openweight Championship matches showed that. Eve defeated Callie in the Gold Rush Tournament, so if Batti couldn't defeat Callie, then how is she supposed to defeat both her and Eve at the same time? Let alone go on to become Queen For A Day? Nope. Give me Callie Clark out of those three preferably, but it doesn't matter which one qualifies since none of those three are going to win.

Guy flips through his papers looking for another question. Lynx cracks his knuckles. The image of Eve, Callie, and Batti on the screen behind them changes to an image of Flex Mussel.

Guy: Here is a question sent in from Jean in Sacramento, California. She asks "Lynx, you've listed Theron Daggershield as your inspiration on other interviews before. One of your opponents at King For A Day is Flex Mussel. The same man who brutally attacked Theron on the Aftershock Award Show back in March. What are your thoughts on being in the same match as Flex?".

Lynx takes a deep breath before answering this one.

Lynx: I haven't forgiven Flex for that. Yes. It's true. Theron was my inspiration to come to WZCW. The first chance I get, I'm going to hit a Dimensional Vortex on Flex! For Theron! Flex winning may the worst possible outcome. Think about it. What's he going to do if he wins? Cash in on Justin Cooper only to lose to him again like he did at Gold Rush? Or is he going to challenge Titus and lose yet once more just like he did last year? No. That does nothing for the future of WZCW. I owe it to the fans and to Theron to not allow Flex to win this match.

Productions Person walks over to Guy Podcast and whispers something in his ear. Guy podcast gives Productions Person a thumbs up, before Productions Person walks offscreen.

Guy: Lynx, I was just told we had a fan who had called in asking to talk to you about one of your other opponents. We're bringing him on the line now.

Some feedback is heard, followed immediately by groaning by many behind the cameras because everyone hates feedback from sound equipment. It's got to be one of the most painfully annoying sounds there is. After the annoying feedback sounds go away, the image of Flex on the screen changes to an image of Kagura.

Guy: Are you there? Can you hear us, David?

A fan on speaker is heard responding.

David: Yep. I hear you. This is DAVID!

Guy: Hi David. Did you have a question for Lynx?

David: I sure do! Lynx, tell me what it's going to be like to be there in the ring when Kagura becomes the first Queen For A Day, avenging her loss to you in the Gold Rush Tournament?

Lynx laughs to himself out loud.

David: What's so funny?

Lynx: You remind me of another Kagura fan. Come to think of it.... His name was also David, actually. He was really angry too. I've been calling him "Angry David" this whole time. He sent all sorts of unproffessional things to my social media site's inbox about how he hates me. That guy had problems.

David: How dare you! You need to show me some respect! I'm the President of KFC!

Awkward silence for about two seconds.

Lynx: You run one of the world's largest fast food chains? Somehow I find that hard to believe.

David: No you idiot! Not THAT KFC! A better one! I was talking about the Kagura Fan Club! I am also the same David who sent you those messages before your match with Kagura at Meltdown 141.

Lynx: Ah. We meet again, Angry David.

David: It's not "Angry David", it's just DAVID!

Lynx: Ok, "Just David". I gotta tell you, I liked "Angry David" better. Anyway, to answer your question.... You're going to be very disappointed since Kagura won't win Queen For A Day. I'll make sure to eliminate her from the match myself, just for you.

David: You ruined Gold Rush for Kagura and now you're going to ruin her chance to become Queen For A Day too!? NO!!!! I HATE YOU LYNX!

Angry David hangs up as a loud click is heard over the speakers.

Guy: I take it there is some history between you two?

Lynx: He is just some angry internet troll who is a little too obssessed with Kagura for his own good. He got into an argument with one of the staff members at my Grand Dream web forum the other day in a wrestling thread regarding whether or not the year 2014 was a bad year for WZCW. Angry David made a post about how he thought Matt Tastic was a terrible WZCW World Champion and needless to say it did not end well for him. His account got banned for it. The guy literally hates everyone except Kagura. Making sure Kagura loses just to make this guy angrier would make winning King For A Day that much better. Are there any other questions from the fans?

Guy: Yes. Let's see.... Here we are.

The image of Kagura on the screen changes to one of Logan McAllister.

Guy: This question is from Troy in Austin, Texas. "Lynx, one of your opponents in King For A Day is Logan McAllister. Logan was known for a long time for wanting to work hard in the ring for his family. Do you ever wish your family could be ringside like Logan's has?".

This question caught Lynx unexpectedly. He had never known his parents due to them being in a point in time much further ahead than the present. Then, suddenly, Lynx is reminded of his conversation with Juss from the Estonian call center who helped resolve Lynx's benefits problem. Lynx does have a family member in this world! Juss had told Lynx that he had a cousin named Willy who had been named as Lynx's benefactor.

Guy: Everything alright, Lynx?

Lynx: Yes. Sorry. Just was taking a moment to collect my thoughts. You know, Troy's got a valid point in his question. I never knew my parents or my immediate family and thought I was alone in the world, a guest in this time period without any living family members, due to being from an unknown year in the future. I recently just found out that I have a cousin who is living.

Lynx looks directly into the camera.

Lynx: Willy, if you're watching, I want you to know that I'm going to make you proud. Now that I know I have family in this point in time, this one's for you.

Lynx looks at Guy again.

Lynx: Logan may have saved his career by defeating Bandit.... But this round he doesn't have an opponent that's going to drop off the face of the earth. No, he has five others in the match with him, all who want this opportunity, and all want to make their own families proud.

Guy flips through the papers and then looks at Lynx. The image of Logan changes to an image of Remarkable Mark Keaton on the screen.

Guy: Troy's second question for you was.... "Lynx, you'll be facing Mark Keaton. Do you think you can defeat him, given that he defeated Matt Tastic in order to qualify for King For A Day?".

Lynx: Keaton is a tag team specialist primarily. In this match it's every competitor for themselves. He won't have Justin Cooper, Xander LeBelle, or anyone else to tag in. Also, even if he did get past Matt Tastic to qualify for this match.... Keaton needs to worry less about throwing victory parties for himself and more about getting past guys like me who WANT this opportunity and are taking it very seriously. The party's over and the only REMARKABLE thing will be showing Keaton just what I'm capable of. See what I did there?

The image of Keaton is taken off the screen. It's not displaying anything anymore.

Guy: We have talked about a lot tonight. Any final thoughts from you before we end the show?

Lynx: Just one.

Guy: Go on.

Lynx: Winning the King For A Day match is a huge opportunity. The winner can choose from any of the major Championships. I could try to end the reign of Titus Avison if he gets past Tyrone Blades. I could become the most dominant Mayhem Champion since Vega. I could win the Elite Openweight Championship. I could even go after the biggest prize of them all. That's not one but FOUR different variables on the WZCW timeline that I could watch over simultaneously. As the King For A Day winner, I would have the single most useful item for a wrestler who is tasked with protecting the time space continuum. If even one of those championship belts were to fall off of its correct place on the timeline, it would be up to me to cash in on that title's champion and set us back on the timeline that prevents the apocalyptic disaster that would otherwise kill us all.

Guy: I see. So that is why you could not spoil what belt will get cashed in on. Otherwise it would cause unspeakable damage to the time space continuum?

Lynx: Precisely. Thanks for having me on the show, Guy.

Lynx and Guy Podcast shake hands as the show goes off the air. He makes his way back to the lounge where Doreen is still sitting, posting on The Grand Dream's social media accounts for Lynx. She has two red envelopes by her.

Doreen: Lynx, you had a visitor while you were on the show. These are for you. They were given to Doreen to pass on to you by a man named Ian.

Lynx: Ian? I don't know anyone by that name.

Doreen: Neither does Doreen. Ian is not the original sender, he was a messenger.

She hands him the two red envelopes. Each is sealed and they both have a message written on them. One reads "To: Panther" and the other reads "To: The Fans".

Doreen: Ian said that the "Panther" one is specifically for you and that you can read it whenever you wish. The person who sent them wants you to take the "Fans" one, and read it out loud live on WZCW's Anniversary Show. Out of respect to the sender, Doreen was told by Ian that the sender does not want you to even open the "Fans" letter until you read it at the show.

Lynx: Let's have a look at the one that's mine then.

They both sit down on the leather couch in the lounge. Lynx opens up the letter labeled "Panther" and reads it. Doreen leans over and reads it with him as well.

Click for Spoiler:

This is the first contact I have made with anybody in the World Gladiatorial Combat Federation since my departure after Empire Rally 8. I've been watching shows when I can, so I know about your entry in the upcoming King's Contendership Battle. I hear I inspired you as a gladiator. It's an honor. I wanted to offer some advice. I once competed for the King's Contendership as well. I was a rookie then, much like you are today. That match had fierce warriors that I battled. My opponents were Drago Cromwell, Spades Clubheart, The Cutting Tool, Triple S, and Beardacus. I was not on the level of any of those gladiators at the time. Beardacus went on to win the battle and then successfully won the World Gladiatorial Championship from Tiberius Scorch using the King's Contendership Bag Of Holding.

I do not want you to make the same mistake I made, Panther. Do not underestimate your enemies. You've defeated Kaitlyn Onyx before. I know you can do so again. Focus on eliminating the bigger threats first, like Frank Physique. That way you can focus on others like Lokarion Kemultt or "Not Bad" Wallace Lancaster if they still remain towards the end of the battle. As for the final entrant.... If you prepare mentally for all three then it does not matter if it ends up being Ella Teague, The Bat, or Mint Morrison who joins the battle. You can do this, Panther! You must!

I am serving overseas with Clerics, Favored Souls, and Paladins sharing the news of salvation in the nations of the world. There is still more work to be done out here. I would like you to carry on my legacy until I am able to return, by winning the King's Contendership. I also ask that you bring the other letter and read it out loud live for my fans. I ask this as the gladiator you looked up to. Thanks in advance for this favor. Perhaps we will meet one day soon. Until next time, may the Triforce guide you to victory.

~ "Blackjack" Theron Daggershield

Lynx and Doreen look at each other and then both look at the other letter. The one that is labeled "To: The Fans".

Doreen: What could possibly be in that other letter?

Lynx: Doesn't matter. I'm going to do everything I can to make his requests a reality. Reading this letter to his fans, but also winning King For A Day. It's my time, Doreen.
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While my World title reign may have been short lived. My victory and subsequent legacy has never been more validated, and I will not let corporate politics stop me from achieving my true purpose.

Charles: So have you been reading Flexís tweets since Gold Rush?

The assistant to the world renowned body builder walks into the living room and approaches Maria Mussel as she is curling dumbbells. She barely acknowledges him as she continues her workout.

Maria: I told you not to interrupt my workout Charles.

Charles: Yeah I know but Iím getting a bit concerned. Heís been in the basement the last like two weeks with Svetlana and we havenít seen him at all. And from these tweets itís like Gold Rush didnít even happen.

Maria: You know Flex, he has a massive ego, this is probably just his coping mechanism. Heíll snap out of it once he hears about his match.

Charles: But you donít think itís weird Svetlana just immediately took him away after the match and locked him away in the gym?

Maria: Honestly Iíve been hearing a lot of sounds and noises from down there and truly donít want to know what type of freaky shit theyíre doing.

Charles: Look I just donít trust this chick, she only showed back up in his life to ride his momentum and now sheís probably in the basement riding his-

???: Testicular fortitude?

The amazonian like Russian fugitive Svetlana towers over Charles from behind as he gulps and meets her eyes to chest.

Svetlana: You were referring to Flexís genitals yes? Is Flexís loyal comrade jealous?

Charles: Well...I was gonna say riding him...but I meant like forcing him to work out...not sexuallyÖ

Maria: Look can you show him that Flex is fine so he can stop bugging me?

Svetlana: That was already my intention. Follow me.

Flexís mentor leads Charles and Maria down to the basement gym where she opens the door revealing the fitness freak in a way neither of his allies have ever seen him before. Just finishing a massive bench press veins are protruding out of other veins in a way that doesnít look comfortable at all. Flexís already muscular framed has been jacked up remarkably and he almost doesnít look like the same person at all. As he turns around both Maria and Charles are shocked to see Flex has almost morphed into another form. The bodybuilder poses to show off his new physique.

Click for Spoiler:

Flex: New and improved amiright??!?!?!

Maria: Umm yeah...you really changed...in the last two weeks.

Svetlana: He has made tremendous strides. Impressed are you not?

Charles: What did you give him Steroi-

Svetlana immediately puts Charles in a headlock choking him off.

Svetlana: We do not use the S-word you swine!

Flex: Itís okay Svetlana, let him go. Itís completely understandable to doubt the legitimacy of this body. After all itís not unattainable to those of your stature. But trust me when I say Svetlana and I have worked hard to perfect myself and have tapped into parts of my anatomy I didnít know existed.

Maria: EwÖ

Flex: Release your mind from the gutters you fool!!! And listen to the decree of your World champion!!!

Svetlana releases her grip on Charles and he begins circulating air into his lungs again as Flex continues.

Flex: As you know my victory at Gold Rush against Justin Cooper did come at a price.

Maria: Victory?

Flex: Yes, it may have been short lived but it was win that will live in infamy regardless of the aftermath.

Maria: Flex...what do you think happened at Gold Rush?

Flex: To be perfectly honest, I donít remember much after Cooper busted me open, but thanks to helpfulness of my Queen Svetlana she has informed me that after I hit the Mussel Bomb and defeated Justin Cooper I was immediately stripped of the World title and my win stricken from the record books. Though the sheer overwhelming attendance, PPV buys, and website traffic forced them to realize they couldnít fire WZCWís hottest star.

Maria: Uh huh...so just how hard were you busted open?

Flex: Iíve been knocked into another state of mind Maria, one that isnít slave to the materialistic nature that this country promotes. You see regardless of what WZCW wants to acknowledge Iíve won the World title, Iíve proved Iím the best in this company, and over the last two weeks Svetlana has me realized that Iíve lost focus of my original goal. And that is making the World a healthier place. You see no matter how healthy I was I could always be healthier, we as a human race can always be HEALTHIER. So you see through intense twenty four hour training, supplements, diets, shakes, rigorous massages Iíve have become the ultimate version of myself. But I donít intend to be the only one in this Godly form of health. I must do what I was put on this Earth to do, and that is clense the World of FATASSES!!!!

Maria: But does this mean youíre giving up on WZCW?

Flex: Not a chance in hell, in fact WZCW is the key to saving this world from high cholesterol and heart failure. You see WZCW is influential to people all over the country, and Iíve realized that I became too obsessed with my own success that I wasnít looking out for the people. And during this time our country has come under the power of inept government, immigrants bringing highly carbonated toxins, and climate change the likes of which weíve never seen.

Charles: What does that have to do with peopleís health?

Flex: The obese draw more heat from the sun therefore affecting our ozone layers, Iím trying to save the damn polar bears! Unfortunately the people of this country brought this on themselves, and Iíve realized a democracy does not work. But a monarchy will.

The monsieur of muscle walks over to a bench and proceeds to put a crown on top of his chainmail covered head.

Flex: You will now refer to me only as King Mussel. And the land you are currently standing on his FlexMerica!

Maria: Youíve got to be kidding me.

Flex: I do not joke about the well-being of my loyal subjects and their home!!! Sometimes to save a country you must demolish it from within! Mussel will rise again!! And to symbolize the newly born nation under King Mussel I am not declaring myself FlexAmerican World Champion.
The bodybuilder pulls out a title belt from under a workout machine and proceeds to strap it around himself. It shines in the light almost blinding Charles.

Click for Spoiler:

Flex: This will be a symbol that you can strip me of your fake American high blood sugar championship but I am the champion and King of our REAL country!!!

Maria: Youíre dead serious arenít you?

Flex: Iíve never been more serious in my entire life. And speaking of Kings that brings me to our next piece of business. The King for a Day. There has never been a more fitting time and place to assert my dominance. The tenth anniversary of WZCW will be a landmark occasion and the briefcase will bring me one step closer to unifying this torn country.

Svetlana: No one will stand in your way.

Flex: Oh but there are those who wish to stop the progress of this newly formed nation. Whether it be the misguided Mark Keaton who thinks he can ever step out of Cooperís shadow. The only reason he was even able to defeat Matt Tastic is because I broke his spirit at Kingdom Come and he hasnít been the same since. Mark Keaton is only doing what Iíve already but with bad hair and less style. Poor imitations will not be accepted in my Kingdom. And neither will selfishness. Logan McAllister is a one hit wonder who was only champion because someone else won it for him. He does not deserve a place in this match and Iíve already beaten him before and Iíll do it again. And speaking of people Iíve beaten before Kagura probably thinks sheís riding a wave of momentum after beating me and earning this spot, unfortunately for her FlexMerica will not accept immigrants who only wish to cause detriment to our culture. So once again I must decimate her and prove that sheís just not as good as her hype suggests.

Svetlana: What of the time traveler?

Flex: Ah yes, Lynx. Not someone I know much about but if his time travel abilities are to be believed I can only imagine he is an enemy of the future sent back to destroy and stop the uprising. Almost like a Terminator of sorts. This must mean Iím John Connor, this means Iím the keyÖ

Maria: Youíre forgetting the triple threat that will determine your last opponent.

Flex: Your King does not forget anything!!! Iím well aware of the threat that each Eve, Batti, and Callie pose. Callie however is unproven champion, only able to defeat Batti who was never in my league to begin with. And letís be honest, Iíve defeated Eve Taylor and the truth is she chokes at every big opportunity given to her. Failed to win Lethal Lottery, failed to become number one contender, and failed to win the Gold Rush tourney. As good as she is sooner or later being the ďbeing the first woman to do this and thatĒ schtick is going to get old, and supermodel looks donít last forever. These competitors are formidable but they do not hold a candle to healthiest man alive. You see Iíve been given a greater purpose than each and everyone of them whether they realize or not. You are all my loyal subjects and with your help we will make the world greater, but first, we need to MAKE THIS COUNTRY HEALTHY AGAIN!!!

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave
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ĎWe all have dreams. When I was a little girl my dream was to become a priestess, and learn the teachings of my clan. I became a wrestler to support my family. It was easy money. And I soon learned that I was good at it. As I honed my craft, I began to fall in love with it. To the point that my aspirations in life changed. But I didnít want to abandon my old dreams. So, I simply took them with me. People look at me and they ask ďWhat are you?Ē Am I a shrine maiden, or am I a wrestler? The answer is that I am both.í

A pause as I held out my arm. Iím dressed in the traditional outfit of a priestess, a white kimono and divided red haori, with wooden sandals on my feet.

ĎThis is not a gimmick. This is who I really am. There are no tricks. This is the result of the dream that I pursued before I came to WZCW. And Iím here because Iíve got another dream that Iím chasing. I want to be the best. I want to reach the pinnacle of the industry. I want to become the strongest in the world. I want to become world champion.í


Fast forward three years later, and nothing has changed. That voice of mine echoed with the same sentiments that I held when I first came to WZCW. Back then I was young, naive, and untested. I had but one ally, and his name was Sasuke Gozaburo. He was a brute of a man with little patience. He was famous in our country for his past accolades as a wrestler. Reluctantly he took me under his wing. He taught me more about this business than I ever cared to know. Wrestling could be a dark and lonely place, because beneath the surface lay a world filled with liars, cheaters, and monsters. Itís hard to maintain any sense of morality and honor in a place like this. You quickly learn that without allies itís impossible to keep yourself afloat in the sea of chaos. You realize that your dreams are heavy and weigh you down as you kick to stay afloat.

ĎI found that out the hard way. When I won the Elite title, I got a small taste of what it was like to be a champion in the major leagues. And naturally, I wanted more. Sasuke had been there to guide me, but I was outmatched and outgunned by the competition. I wanted my opponents to take me seriously. I wasnít some novelty brought in to amuse fans on the undercard. I was a serious competitor, so losing that title so quickly burned me up inside. I hated that feeling.í

Thatís when I started to drown. I suppose it happens to everyone the first time they get knocked off a perch. You either swim, or you suffocate as the weight of the water begins to choke the life out of you. I heard from many people in the business that wrestling was the type of place that would chew out dreamers and spit them out. Especially those that wanted to climb the mountain and go all the way to the top. And that frightened me.

ĎThe number of scumbags that existed on the minor circuit were few. Everyone was in the same boat. We werenít famous. Nobody knew who we were. We were all starving. And because of that no was willing to screw over the other. I had to endure months with low pay because the gates in my area were lousy. I had to travel all over the country and work my butt off to make ends meet. I wasnít the ace of my promotion. I had a place on the card, and I knew where it was. I couldnít afford to fight for something better. And thatís not a new story; most wrestlers in WZCW had to go through that. Iíve spent three years here in the major leagues. I achieved fame. In the small town that I am from, my first name is more recognizable than my last. I earned a small fortune. I could retire tomorrow and be financially secure.í

Those of us in WZCW are like minded individuals. We all share a passion for wrestling. And we all dream of leaving a legacy that people remember. It doesnít matter if we were good people that fought for justice and the betterment of our competition, or if we were dirt bags that stepped on toes, burned every bridge that we had, and spit on everyone in the process. Scaling the mountain was the only thing that mattered. The 15 pounds of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. Manage to hold it, and thatís what cements your legacy. History would only remember those that climbed the to the top. And thatís a difficult reality to face once you make it to the major leagues of wrestling.

ĎWhen I found that book a little over two years ago, I thought I had found a short cut. An elevator that would take me straight to the topÖí

I paused.

ĎÖBut I was wrong. However, I never once lost sight of my dream. Even once I became cursed and fell into the deepest, darkest Hell imaginable. Thereís always some sort of price to pay for power. There are no short cuts. I realize now that everyone that has ever climbed that mountain as done it through their efforts alone. Doesnít matter what path they took to get there, in the end it was their skill, ability, and sheer force of will that placed them at the top. I thought that if I borrowed those from someone else that had already been at the top, then I could do it too, but I was wrong. That was my mistake.í

In flashback form, a much darker form of Kaguraís persona materialized. Dressed in black shaman robes, her crooked smile appeared deranged, and her eyes mirrored those of a soulless demon. This was Kagura Joheki; an evil specter born from absorbing the power of the book itself.

ĎEven in that form, I had not abandoned my goal. Even though I craved the sustenance of the souls of those around me, existing only to destroy, I still wished to climb that peak. I claimed that my ďdreamĒ then was to seek perfection, but those desires werenít mine. Joheki was the result of two souls trapped in one body, and my will was stronger. I realized that the bookís power would not help me climb that summit any faster, so I broke the chains that held me in place. The price I paid for breaking the curse cost me my voice. But through all that I never faltered.í

Another flashback, this time images of Kagura fighting Titus appeared. Despite giving it her best effort, she came up short at the end.

ĎMy loss to Titus was frustrating. I put everything that I had into winning, and I still lost. That defeat taught me a lot about the strength of my own willpower, and how much it took to keep going. The Gold Rush tournament was bittersweet. I came in an underdog, and wound up losing to an opponent that I had already defeated before. I hated losing. Itís something that must be accepted as natural, but the feeling of one crushing defeat after another does weigh heavily on the spirit. It literally feels like youíre drowning. I had to ask myself, if I retired right there, what would be my legacy?í

I gritted my teeth. I clenched my fist. My lips turned into a scowl.

ĎThat of a failureÖí

My eyes turned dark with rage.

ĎIf I retired today, history would remember me as a novelty act. A shrine maiden that thought she could wrestle? How laughable. As it stands my career doesnít match up to Eve Taylorís. Not even close. Even newbies like Batti Otaku and Callie Clark seemed to be doing better than I have been. I hated that feeling. I hate being treated like an underdog. I hated having to fight tooth and nail for scraps on the undercard. Every loss having to crawl my way back up, hoping for another opportunity to come my way, only to come up short time and time again. But thatís fine. I could lose a thousand times and still pick myself back up, because thatís the kind of will I have. As I tread water in this ocean of despair, my body being weighed down chasing this seemingly impossible dream of mine, my hand will always be reaching for the surface. I will struggle; even if I have no one in my corner to help me. Even if the Gods themselves abandon me. I will struggle. Because Iím fighting to prove that I am not a failure.í


At WZCWís 10th Anniversary show there would be another King for a Day match. Six wrestlers will be locked inside a giant steel structure 15 feet high and 36 feet in diameter. It was going to be a madhouse. Kagura stood by a replica of the very first chamber, now on display at the SAP Center in San Jose for the show, that took place all the way back at the very first Kingdom Come.

ĎI took part in one of these hellacious matches two years ago, at Kingdom Come 7. That seemed like such an eternity ago. On paper, it might seem as if I have some sort of advantage, as Iím the only person competing this time that knows what theyíre getting into. However, nothing can prepare you for this type of match. You must be the last person standing to win, and to do that you must defeat five others inside that cell. Itís the ultimate endurance test.í

She slid her hand along the outer steel structure. Its cold shell bringing back gruesome memories of pain long since forgotten.

ĎSix people will enter, and five will have their dreams crushed. I have been inside this demonic structure. I know what it feels like to have my skin ripped apart by the chain link sides. Iíve felt the agony of my bleeding flesh smacking the steel floor. This structure is unforgiving. If Izanami no Okami had a playground, this would be it.í

Including her, four others had been announced as participants for this awful monstrosity. The winner would earn the right to challenge the world champion to a match any time they wanted.

ĎI have waited years to finally prove that I am capable of finally climbing that mountain. I have gone through Hell trying to get an opportunity like this, and I do not care if I must do it again. Flex Mussel, Logan McAllister, Mark Keaton, and Lynx. I have defeated every single one of these men. I do not fear any of them, because I know that on my best day none of them can beat me. My last potential opponent could be Batti Otaku, Callie Clark, or Eve Taylor. If I were a betting woman, Iíd be preparing to face Eve Taylor. Like me, she is also a failure. How many opportunities must she get after she keeps coming up short? And unlike me, her resume is padded. Sheís been far more successful than I have ever been. And thus, sheís had more chances to fail than I have. But I refuse to have this opening at finally reaching the top be stolen from me by a loser. You wonít win Eve, not this time. I refuse to keep suffering in the undercard, while watching you choke yourself out of a world title shot that should be mine.í

Kagura grabbed the bottom of the steel chain link side and grips it so tight that her hand began to bleed.

ĎIn the off chance that Batti or Callie do manage to win the preliminaries, I have the same message: Youíre going to be locked inside with a hungry animal. Iím going to do everything that it takes to win. It will take an otherworldly force to stop me. Even if I must fight against all five of you at once, I refuse to lose. Thatís how much achieving my dream means. I refuse to go down in history as a failure. I am tired of sinking. I am tired of struggling against the odds, wondering when my next big break will come. This is my chance to cement my legacy. To show the world who the real Kagura is. That Iím not some small-town country bumpkin, and that I truly belong among the elite of this industry.í

She lowers her bleeding hand and wipes the blood on her face. Done thinking out loud, she opens her mouth to speak in her native tongue. Her raspy voice is proof that the curse that once bound her had finally been broken.

ďI have already endured a nightmare that has taken years off my natural life, so even if another piece of me dies inside of that cage itís worth it if I can achieve victory. All this time I have been waiting for an opportunity like this one. All I must do is win this one match. Win the King for a Day crown, and Iíll begin my ascent to the top. Victory may label me by my gender or my race, but none of that matters. For a long time, I have been drowning. I have struggled in vain against the watery grave fate has prepared for my career. But I will not lose this time. This time I will break these chains. I will kick to the surface and prove that I am destined to be the next world champion.Ē
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Bernkastel you have successfully trolled me for a long time.. just wanna tell you that you are a VERY good troll. You made me wanna punch you in the face and strangle you
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