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Arcade vBookie

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Old 09-01-2017, 09:23 AM
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Default MD 143 - Constantine, Titus & Blades versus Vis Imperium (Cooper, Keaton & LeBelle)

RP Deadline Monday 11th September 23:59 (Central).

Extensions available upon request.
Old 09-09-2017, 05:34 AM
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Match has been extended by 24 hours
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 09-12-2017, 04:36 AM
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Constantine cautiously opens the room that leads to his residence for the night. Keystone City, the home of Titus, was his destination and venue for Meltdown and Ascension this week. He would never admit it to anyone but as soon as he stepped off the plane to the beautiful city, he was put on high alert. Winning the Gold Rush Tournament had not come easy for The Power Trip. He had put his already battered body through hell in an attempt to get one more chance at the WZCW Heavyweight Championship and, more importantly, the man who held it. And now that he had accomplished it, he knew that the target had been placed firmly on his back once more.

Vis Imperium knew that Constantine was coming for them. And with the reveal fo Titus being the masked man all these weeks and months, a team had finally assembled with enough might, willpower and experience to finally take them down once and for all. Everything Constantine had wanted when he began the Gold Rush trail was now set out on the table for him.

But there was no way that Mr Banks would allow Constantine, Blades and Titus to take down Vis Imperium without a fight. Constantine knew all too well about the tactics that Banks and VI would seek to use to ensure that their time at the top didn't come to a crushing halt. Constantine felt their presence now more than ever and it was for that reason that he was so alert.

Slowly but surely, he makes his way around the beautiful hotel room with his eyes peeled and his fist balled up ready to strike at a moments notice. Through the kitchen and the sitting room, he apprehensively moves. As he moves into the bathroom and the bedroom, there seems to be no signs of life. Letting go of a massive breath, he finally begins to rest easy. Heading back into the kitchen, Constantine grabs his bags and begins moving them into the bedroom. Once there, he takes a few things from a suitcase and places them on the bed. Finally, he produces an ice pack wrapped in a foil like substance. He gives a slight nod as he makes his way back into the sitting room, throws himself down on the massive couch and slides the ice pack under his body until it is wedged against his back. Constantine lets out a sharp exhale as the cool liquid calms the pain in his battered body. After a moment of pure bliss, he reaches for the remote and switches on the TV. Without any hesitation at all, he is immediately confronted by the name of his tag team partner and home town hero – Titus.

Voice: This is Keystone City News, your number one bulletin show!

The flashy graphic soon disappears and the smiling faces of the two hosts. The man is fixing through some papers whilst the beautiful co-host welcomes us back from commercial.

Woman: Welcome back to KCN. In the next hour, we want to take a look at something that will probably raise some eyebrows. WrestleZone Championship Wrestling has rolled back into town this week after a log hiatus from this iconic city. And at the heart of the matter, there is a huge match scheduled between the nasty Vis Imperium and a team assembled of Hall of Fame superstars, led by our own Titus Avison.

The camera quickly shifts to the male host.

Man: Yeah, it has been a while since Keystone held a WZCW event but they have scheduled some great shows as a result. It will be the first time that Titus has returned to Keystone in a while and fans are already uncertain as to what role in the match the most famous man from Keystone will have. For the longest time, the Oscar Winner had been the perpetual hero but recent times have shown Titus to be a selfish and arrogant Champion. With a return to his home town and the chance to take down Vis Imperium for the betterment of the company that he made great, a lot of people are wondering just what Titus will show up.

With that, Constantine flicks the TV off – he had heard enough. The news was right, of course, it was a mystery as to what Titus would show up. He had been so bad for so long now it was odd to think of him being the one to help Constantine and Blades bring down Vis Imperium. Maybe he was just as sick of them as everyone else had grown to be? But questions still played on Constantine's mine about the motivation of the WZCW legend. Could he really be trusted?

But there had never been a team of wrestlers assembled from the Hall of Fame before – an honour bestowed upon Constantine that came right out of the blue. Something that had filled his eyes with tears and his heart with pride. He had given everything to this business and more – his life, his time and his body, all of which were suffering as a result. In the dark days, Constantine had often thought about upping sticks and leaving this whole nasty business in a puff of dust. But legacy had always been a driving force for The Power Trip. His father had taught him well and taught him early that “a legacy is the only thing a man leaves in the world”. The WZCW Hall of Fame was reserved for only the best that the business had to offer. For 8 years, Constantine had aspired to get there but never seriously thought he would make it. He had no wrestling training or experience when he decided to make his name in the wrestling business. So he would be lying if he said that it hadn't come as a shock or that it hadn't made him weep like a baby.

Still, as Constantine got up from the couch and made his way over to the mini-fridge, he couldn't help but think about the talent that his team for the night would have. Three Hall of Fame superstars in the one team against a blight that had suffocated WZCW for far too long. The sheer brilliance on Constantine's side of the ring could not be understated and Constantine knew that they could be victorious is everyone performed the way they should and that no one went into business for themselves.

Constantine: Ah, beautiful!

Picking out a bottle of 1970 Giuseppe Mascarello Barolo that he had requested prior to his stay, Constantine let a smile appear on his features. The time had finally come for Vis Imperium, there was no denying it. Justin Cooper, Xander LeBelle and Mark Keaton had lived too well for too long whilst everyone suffered underneath their heel. But now, the tide had turned against them and there was absolutely nowhere for Vis Imperium to run or hide. The net was closing around the three men that had treated Constantine so badly and retribution was the only thing on the new Hall of Fame superstar's mind. As uncorked the bottle and poured a glass of the ruby red liquid, he couldn't help but be pleased about the way things had turned out or the demise that Vis Imperium would suffer at his and his team mates hands. As he takes a sip from the glass, he closes his eyes and savours the taste and bliss of his hard work...

Constantine: Stunning.

Suddenly, there is a chap at the door. His guard was up once more...

Reinstate The Fox!
Old 09-12-2017, 04:07 PM
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I’m sick a dog at the moment, barely able to get out of bed, so here is the outline of what would’ve been a fantastic RP.

All three members of Vis Imperium are in a car and discussing the success of both Gold Rush and the Anniversary Show. Cooper is delighted that he has retained the title yet again and begins counting down the days before he will overtake Steven Kurtesy on the list of longest reigning champions.

The trip ends with them arriving at WZCW Headquarters. Upon entering the building Cooper leads them into the office of Mr. Banks. He has no appointment. Banks looks slightly annoyed at the interruption and the other two members of Vis Imperium aren’t as willing to burst into the office unannounced.

Cooper and Banks banter back and forth. Cooper focusing on how he did what Constantine could never do while leading Vis Imperium and that’s capture the World Championship. He says he is WZCW. Everything about the success of the fed is because of his hard work.

Banks asks why they are here. Cooper explains that he wants some insurance for the World Title match against Constantine. Banks is confused for a moment until Cooper is handed a briefcase by Keaton. The hinges are undone and inside is nothing, Cooper stands up and requests fifty-thousand dollars be put into this briefcase.

Banks laughs at the notion but Cooper slams his fist down onto the desk, demanding now. Banks asks why. Cooper reveals that he plans on putting a bounty on the head of Constantine. Fifty-thousand dollars to man or woman who can deliver a beating to the man once called the Power Trip. That way, come Unscripted, Constantine will not be 100% and Cooper is assured to remain World Champion.

And at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

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I once heard a legend of a man who strived to make the world a good place. He was a hero to all and had an amazing legacy. As Harvey Dent once said “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” I saw this with the legend. Yet as a villain he only grew. For 655 days that was the case. Yet all things change, eventually.

Justin Cooper, Xander LeBelle, Mark Keaton and Andrew Adonis are stood together in the ring. The crowd boo as Vis Imperium laugh.
Where have all the good men gone?

2007 Titus is shown smiling to the crowd in a ring. Cheers reign down
A flashback to John Constantine being brutally attacked and kicked out of Vis Imperium.
And where are all the gods?

Clips of John Constantine, Tyrone Blades and Titus being inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Clip of Blades being brutally attacked after his Mayhem loss by LeBelle and Adonis.
Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?

Lethal Lottery 2. Carmen Bratchny thinks he's won, he turns round. Roundhouse kick. He's eliminated. The crowd go crazy. Titus turns round expecting someone else. There's not. The bell goes. He drops to his knees and cries.
Keaton destroys Matt Tastic and makes it seem like the easiest win of his career.
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?

Clips of Red Mask around Keystone City.
Cooper defeating Flex is shown.
Late at night I toss and I turn

Titus' EurAsian win is shown.
Vis Imperium coming out as Titus flees the ring is shown. The awkward look between Cooper and Avison is apparent.
And I dream of what I need

Cut to Jones “His mask is Red you fucker” as the crowd go crazy.
The mask comes off. The crowd get electric. It's him! Red Arrow hits.
I need a hero

Keystone City, Kansas. Tuesday 12th September 2017. 9am.

Titus: Ah what a glorious day here in Keystone City, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. What could possible go wrong?

Titus leaves his house and strolls down the street he's whistling to himself as he hears a cry for help. He stops and turns around to see two kids pointing up the tree. Their cat is stuck there. The little girl asks Titus for help, he obliges. Titus climbs up the tree.

The scene cuts to Titus with not one but two cats in hand. It looks like this:

Click for Spoiler:

The male child turns to Titus and sees “jeez mister, thanks!” Titus hands the cats over.

Titus: With love, the Hollow ones.

Titus continues to walk. Did I mention he has an umbrella with him? It's rather relevant as it's about to rain. It does and an old woman appears out of nowhere. She's soaked. Titus hands her the umbrella.

Titus: With love, the Hollow ones.

Titus looks up, he catches himself in the shop window. He's wet but smiling. Is it a change of attitude or is it because he's a five time Oscar winner and one of the best actors the world has ever seen?

Titus has opted against an interview to talk about Anthony Manicni seeing as it was Mancini's birthday yesterday. Instead it's time to see Blades and Jones.

It cuts to their room, Titus is now dry and kitted in Hollow Ones garb. The advantage of being Titus in Keystone is everyone loves you, so he has aquired a room key. He swings the door open to see Blades and Jones.

Titus: What's up fuckers?
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.

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The WZCW owner MR.Banks office door slammed loudly as the WZCW Heavyweight Champion stormed out of the office, not at all pleased with the answer he was given. An office worker dropped his stack of papers out of shock and a small cry of a woman was heard as Cooper stormed down the hallway. Keaton opened the door and Xander followed him, with Adonis in tow. The rocker opened his mouth to call after Cooper, but the veteran was already slamming his finger on the call button inside the elevator. Big Bad Roady stepped in Keaton's path, dressed head to toe in ripped demin, as usual.

"Hey Mr. Keaton," the huge man breathed out, "Did ya tell Cooper and your pals about me yet? Can I come down to the ring with you or what?"

Keaton held his hand up and tried to walk around the 457 pound behemoth, "Hold on a sec BigRoad, I need to talk with the champ for a second!"

Keaton made two steps past BigRoad but it was too late, the elevator doors closed with the image of Cooper cursing and growling right before they shut.

Xander and Adonis started a conversation between themselves and made their exit in the opposite direction. They were clearly in a hurry to get to their next appointment for the day.

Keaton jammed his fists into his hips and let out an audible sigh. Dozens of office workers stared at him now, expecting some kind of outburst, something to further entertain their otherwise boring day. He looked at them, some peeking over their cubicle, others pretending to keep busy but looking hard sideways. He wondered what the hell they even did there day to day. What function could a wrestling stable have outside of wrestling anyway? Was V.I a global marketing giant or what? These people were doing V.I marketing for crying out loud! He watched Big Bad Roady rudely grab a submarine sandwich off one of the workers and chow down on it. He smirked. He wanted to tell Cooper to keep BigRoad in the dark about the real answer to his application. Who wouldn’t want this giant man as his back up? He used his influence in V.I and changed the report on him, Mark made BigRoad look unready to wrestle on the roster with words like - Red Flag- and - doctors report - when in reality, he was cleared to wrestle. Keaton didn’t want to end up standing on the other side of the ring someday vs the giant of a man so he said he was cleared to be his bodyguard instead. It wouldn’t be long before the big man found out the truth, but he would do anything to hide it for the time being. He strolled up to BigRoad, who was just polishing off the rest of the sub, pickles and lettuce sat on his chest now.

“Alright BigRoad. I got a big match with V.I at Meltdown. We’re taking on a three tier Hall of Fame team dude. I have to get my mind in a state of chaos for this match. Let’s go cause some trouble.” Keaton slapped him on the chest, sending the pickles and lettuce to fall to the tiled floor. BigRoad screamed at everyone to get back to work, they listened and scrambled to their cubicles to continue their day.


2 Hours Later……


The 1985 Ford SVO Mustang slid sideways to a smoking stop in front of the red traffic light. The car was painted black with a red V.I painted on the hood with white skulls running along both sides of the car.

“I’m sorry!” BigRoad yelled in the passenger seat, a chocolate milkshake had splashed all over the dash and windshield on his side.

“That’s alright! We can bill the clean up to V.I. As soon as I find that damn credit card. I think it fell under the seat man.” Keaton ran his hand through his sweaty blonde hair and it stuck straight up, he laughed and searched under his car seat for the credit card. He reached under and felt around, he pulled out an empty chip bag then searched more. The light changed and he called off his search, he slammed his foot on the gas and they roared through the intersection. Keaton maneuvered the car through traffic, weaving in and out, cutting people off, screeching the tires, making smoking, daring turns and narrowly avoiding collisions. Keaton smashed though a bus stop then ramped over a curb, he put the car up on two wheels and made another crazy right turn. They came to another red light and he slammed on the brakes. BigRoad was losing his mind laughing in the passenger seat, having the time of his life. Keaton let out a big laugh then continued his search under the seat. He felt something smooth, like a plastic case. He pulled out a black VHS tape. On the front of the case was a ripped piece of white paper and it was held there with two strips of tape.

- Norman Blip - Private Investigator- For Mark Keaton-

A car honked behind him, Mark dropped the tape and drove down the street. He pulled into a parking space and turned the car off. He picked up the tape and opened it, there was a blank VHS tape inside with no marking on the label.

“Norman Blip,” Keaton snapped his fingers, “Norman Blip, where have I heard that name before?”

“Are we going to the club for a fight or what?” BigRoad growled, he was sweating pretty bad in the hot car.

Keaton picked up the VHS tape and frowned, “Nah, I have to see what’s on here. Probably a porn or…” Keaton slapped the side of his head in realization, “NORMAN BLIP! My old agent with the painted face disease! He must be into private investigating now!”

“That’s right Mark.” Norman said as he sat up in the back seat.

Keaton and BigRoad screamed in unison.

Norman smiled, his face painted as usual in little purple triangles coming down under each eye, he was dressed in a dark brown suit, perfect for P.I work.

“I don’t have a lot of time. I’m on a 24 hour case for a woman looking to find her lost necklace made of pearls. Watch the tape Mark, you’ll learn quite a bit there. Consider this a free call, I owe you one for making me a pile of cash in Detroit.”

“What’s on it?” Mark held the tape up, but Norman was gone, he leaned over to look in the backseat, but the P.I had made his exit quickly, he noticed his pack of smokes was gone now too.

“I think he took yer smokes boss.” BigRoad muttered as he popped a mint in his mouth.

“Ya, ” Keaton smirked, “good ol Blip.”


2 hours, 24 minutes and 10 seconds later…..

Mark Keaton and BigRoad parted ways as the giant man had his own hotel room. He threw off his leather jacket and tossed it on a nearby chair in the cheap room, it was dimly lit with one bed, a dresser and a small 20 inch television. He took a VCR and hooked the wires to the back of the T.V and put it on the dresser. He moved his left arm in a 45 degree angle and picked up the VHS tape. He turned towards the television and took one step on the carpeted floor, making no sound as he passed through dozens of dust particles in the air, they moved out of his way as he took his second step. He slowly lifted his arm, bringing the VHS tape closer to the VCR. He took another step and licked his lips as he was only inches away from putting the tape inside the VCR now, it made a rattling noise. Mark cursed and opened the box, he removed the tape with no label and threw the case on the bed. The case bounced and rolled off on to the other side. It landed on the floor, barely making any sound, next to an old sock. Mark slid the tape in the VCR, it made a clicking noise and lowered, then made another clicking noise as it played. Mark turned and walked through more dust particles then sat on the bed. The bed lowered a little, the old springs clicking and grinding with Mark’s weight shifting on it. He let out a breath and scratched his elbow, waiting for the film to start. The static on the screen slowly started to wind to the right and off the screen as the contrast got a bit brighter. Mark waited a little longer, he started to hum Jump by Van Halen and play a little air guitar, he pouted his lips. The screen flickered and a very tiny text started to grow, he couldn’t make it out yet as it took a long time to get bigger. He kicked out his leg and jumped off of the bed, he started screaming the Jump lyrics now and jumping around the room.

“For fuck sakes Jeff!!! Can we just get on with it?!!! Stop screwing around!!”

I apologized to Mark and made him sit down again on the bed to watch the television. There wasn’t a damn thing Mark could do about it either, I was in control of all things!


Sorry! Where was I? Oh yeah, Mark watched the television screen. The words - Norman Blip Tapes- were visible now. The screen flickered again. Now there was an image of Titus Avison’s early career. Mark’s face changed to one of evil intent, he nodded and studied the screen closely. The Eurasian Championship was on his mind and he was about to get an inside track of the man he’s heard legends about.


Join WZCW now.

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Tyrone: Seriously man, what the fuck? The only thing y'all have cared about in the past year and a half is yourself? What makes you think I'm letting you in to the Hollow Ones?

Titus: To put it bluntly Tyrone...you need me whether you like to admit it or not. And I'm not gonna be the scapegoat like your last partner in this group.

Tyrone gets right up in Titus' face, the two Hall of Famers staring each other down as Jones remains leaning back against the wall, puffing on his cigar quietly.

Tyrone: I tried to do good things for Phoenix, Avison. I got him sober, and in a good place in his life for the first time in years. You don't fucking say his god damn name do you understand me?

Titus stares at Tyrone for a moment before backing up, putting his hands up.

Titus: You're right, you're right, that's on me. But the fact remains Blades, that right now you got Cooper and a few pests swarming around you at all times. I can help with that. You know exactly what we can do if we ever got on the same page. They can't stop us. And I'll be fucking damned if I let those idiots run around thinking they run WZCW. This is my WZCW god damn it.

Tyrone sighs as he falls back into his chair, lighting a cigarette as he slowly inhales, releasing the toxic smoke into the air, clearly bothering Titus as he waves it away from his face.

Titus: Do you two really gotta smoke?

Tyrone: Do you really gotta play pretend Hollow One? Yes Titus. I have to smoke. Because not only do I have Banks trying to have those Vis Imperium bitches run roughshod over me, but now I got your pompous ass in my business now. Titus, we ain't ever seen eye to eye, so why do you want to help me now?

Titus: If I recall, you actually owned WZCW. And though I had no intention of getting in the middle, I was looked to as the leader to stop you from getting full control.

Tyrone cracks a smirk as he exhales, specifically aiming right at Titus' face.

Tyrone: And if I recall correctly, you got piston chopped half to death by my walking humanoid robot.

Titus grits his teeth, absentmindedly reaching up and touching the top of his head where he got busted open from that infamous match.

Titus: Getting back to my point, the fact is whether either of us like it or not, we're the pillars of WZCW. They try to hold us down as relics instead. And that jackass Cooper walks around like he's God's gift to wrestling. That's my job, not his. But everyone in that locker room looks up to us to set things right. You've taken it on your shoulders, but you're only one man. And while Jones here is rather imposing, he's gotten punked out enough times.

Jones: Watch yo self Avison before I punk you out.

Titus: No offense naturally. What I mean is you know that I am more than Keaton and Xander Lebelle combined. The greatest Eurasian Champion and the greatest World Champion. I truly honestly believe in your cause Tyrone. I can't stand back anymore and let Banks and Vis Imperium try to control everything. WZCW is for the people, not for some rich snobby cunt.

Tyrone looks over at Jones for a moment, raising an eyebrow before the two break out laughing, Jones doubling over as Tyrone throws his head back as Titus looks at the two oddly.

Titus: What's so funny?

Tyrone: Dude you don't honestly believe any of that shit do you?

Titus: Fuck no, but it sounded good didn't it?

Tyrone wipes away a tear from laughing so hard as he sits back up in his seat, throwing his feet up onto the table as he takes another drag.

Tyrone: Ight Avison, you got us to laugh. And you do got a point that I've needed numbers to help on my side for quite awhile now. Batti wants to jump in but that's not a battle for her to fight, not at this stage of her career. We're a bunch of jaded motherfuckers who've been chewed up by this industry, ain't no need to push her into that right away. Fact is Avison, if you're legit about this, then we're stronger than Vis Imperium.

Titus: That sounds fucking great Tyrone. I hope you don't mind I got us a six man tag match at Meltdown. You, me, and Constantine. Now I'll take point....

Tyrone: Let me just slow your roll their son. See there ain't no leaders in the Hollow Ones. We all equals here, so there's no taking point on anything ya got it? You wanna be part of the crew, you follow crew rules. I like the initiative getting that match, ain't nothing better than to punch those fools square in the mouth, but we discuss strategy as equals round here ya hear me?

Titus: Yeah...yeah I got it. But let me make one thing clear Tyrone. I am not your typical lackey like in your other groups. You try to tell me what to do, it's not going to end well for you.

Tyrone: Right back at ya Avison. So with that being said....

Tyrone stands up, grabbing a bandanna from his back pocket before folding it properly and holding it out for Titus, who accepts.

Tyrone: Welcome to the Hollow Ones.

Titus takes the bandanna and looks at it before putting it around his face and tying the back tight before the two legends shake hands.

Jones: Awww now ain't this fuckin' special? Just melts your heart.

Tyrone and Titus turn around simultaneously looking at Jones as their eyes narrow at him.

TyTus: Shut the fuck up Jones!

Jones simply shakes his head as he ashes his cigar and leans over a chair, looking at the newly formed partnership.

Jones: Funny. Now I heard you say y'all got Constantine in on this?

Titus: I figure why not make our team even more of a powerhouse?

Jones: Then I say we crash his swanky ass hotel room, what better way to start the night out by being a few uninvited guests?

Jones cracks a smile as Titus and Tyrone share a glance, and a simple head nod as the three men bump fists before the scene fades away. It returns to inside a large hotel in Keystone City. The three Hollow Ones saunter down the hallway, hoods up and bandannas covering their faces.

Jones: Yo Avison, you sure this the right floor?

Titus: Jones, I practically go anywhere I want to in Keystone City.

Tyrone: Yeah? So why'd you need to slip a fifty at the desk?

Titus: I just wanted to tip the hardworking man at the desk this late at night.

Jones: You realize it's like 9:30 right?

Titus: Is it? Ah man I should get some sleep soon. Gotta get my beauty sleep for my photo shoot tomorrow. I took the liberty of designing some of my own Hollow Ones gear to sell.

Tyrone visibly winces as Jones cracks up laughing as they walk up to a room door. Tyrone knocks first before trying the door handle.

Tyrone: Ayo Johnny boy! Room service is here!

Jones turns to Titus as Tyrone continues knocking at the door.

Jones: You know we getting a slice of that merchandise money right?

Titus: Wait what?

Suddenly the door opens as Constantine stands before the Hollow Ones, though not instantly recognizing them.

Constantine: Can I help you?

Tyrone lowers his bandanna, revealing his face to his former rival, a wide grin on his face.

Tyrone: So I heard from a little birdie we teaming up at Meltdown, figure what better way then to have a meeting of the minds then crash your hotel room. Seriously Johnny boy, your fam ain't here are they? Don't wanna wake up the baby...

Constantine: No, they're at home, come on in guys, I was just trying to ice my back.

Constantine opens the door more and walks in to the very large hotel room. A living room and kitchen lead in from the door, while a large jacuzzi suite moves off into the other side. Titus and Tyrone flop down on the couch, as Constantine gingerly sits down in the recliner, an ice pack pressed to his back.

Constantine: Let me just get this out of the way. I don't know what your aim is Titus. But I got my eyes on you.

Titus: Says the man that helped start Vis Imperium and the fucking shit we gotta live with. I know your history too John.

Constantine: You come into my hotel room that i so graciously welcomed you into, and you start accusing me of being shady? Really Tyrone, what are you doing here with this moron?

Tyrone sighs as he stands up before Titus can even get to his feet, placing his hands between the two of them before clearing his throat.

Tyrone: Listen, we all are in agreement that those jackasses gotta go. Whether it's because they kicked you out John and you got a title shot, or because you want the spotlight on yourself Titus, or because the man that bankrolls them decided to tear my god damn family apart, we all got the same goal in mind. Destroy Vis Imperium. John, I'm gonna vouch for Titus here, he's on our side, and got us a match with them fools, us three against them. We good?

Tyrone holds his hand out, as Constantine stares over at Titus before the two nod to one another and he shakes Tyrone's hand. Tyrone smiles as does Constantine but he soon grimaces. Jones meanwhile, has the fridge open and starts grabbing all the little bottle of alcohol.

Jones: Hey uh....y'all don't mind if I take these right?

Constantine, Tyrone, and Titus all look back at Jones, an aghast look on John's face while Tyrone places his hand on his forehead.

Tyrone: Jones...I seriously cannot take you anywhere.

Constantine: Do you know how much they charge for those things?

Jones: I'm good for it, I'll pay you back when my manager's pay comes in, right Tyrone?

Tyrone sighs, and in one fluid motion withdraws a large stack of cash and tosses it to Constantine who catches it without even looking and places it in his pocket.

Constantine: Do you just enjoy giving me your money Tyrone?

Tyrone: Look, I really thought McGregor had a puncher's chance, not my fault you gave me such great odds. It was a worthwhile gamble.

Constantine: Uh huh, and the Vikings?

Tyrone: You just need to stop offering me odds whenever my team is playing and I'm drinking.

Jones: Speaking of, let's get our drink on fellas now that everything's paid for, right Tyrone?

Jones has a shit eating grin on his face as he tosses a bottle to Tyrone. He catches it and looks down at it for a moment before shrugging.

Tyrone: Oh what the hell, Avison, you in or you gotta go get your beauty sleep?

Titus stares at Tyrone for a moment, gnashing his teeth before turning to Jones and snatching a bottle.

Titus: Gimme that!

Jones: Mr. Constantine, what is your preference?

Constantine: Oh I was well ahead of you fellas. I just cracked open a bottle of wine.

Jones: Ah I see you got a bottle of vintage 1970 Giuseppe Mascarello Barolo. Carry on sir.

The three other men all snap their heads back at Jones, who's busy spinning the top off a bottle of vodka. He looks up at them and shrugs his shoulders.

Jones: What?

Tyrone: Since when in the blue hell do you know everything about wine?

Jones: I knew a guy in prison. Rich motherfucker who always had these expensive wines brought in. Might as well play enforcer for the dude that can get you drunk on the daily.

Constantine: I suppose that's fair enough. Hey Titus, what made you decide to join the Hollow Ones?

Titus: I felt as one of the pillars of WZCW that it was my duty to stand up alongside a fellow Hall of Famer and take the company back from these fuckers.

Constantine: Uh huh, you just wanted to join so you could swear isn't it?

Titus: Well....mostly that yeah. It's fucking awesome!

Constantine laughs but soon grimaces in pain as he holds his hand to his lower back. Tyrone quirks an eyebrow at him as Constantine shakes his head.

Tyrone: Not as easy as it used to be to heal up is it?

Constantine: No....between my back and my knees. It's a lot of the reason why I'm getting out of the game soon. I don't want be that guy that can't lift his kid or walk when I get older.

Titus: I got a full team on call at all times myself. Costs a pretty penny but it's well fucking worth it.

Constantine: That so? Wish I could, this hotel room is nice but I don't have Academy Award winner money like you do.

Titus: I wouldn't expect you to.

Tyrone: Listen Johnny Boy, I got a solution for you. You remember that big Aussie motherfucker that was in WZCW awhile back? Turns out he became some major yoga teacher. What was his name again.....oh right Bruce Irwin!

Titus: Bruce FUCKING Irwin?

Tyrone: The very same. Dude's got a program called Gator Yoga. Craziest shit I've ever seen, but it works wonders for your back and knees man.

Constantine: You're kidding?

Tyrone: Nah man, let me show you.

Tyrone gets up, clearly affected from the alcohol in his blood. He stumbles into a stance, before stretching long and back with his arms behind his head. A pop can be heard from his back as the three others watch intently.

Constantine: Hell, couldn't hurt to try.

Titus: Yeah let me get in on this.

Titus and Constantine soon stand up as well as they stretch just like Tyrone.

Constantine: Man this is actually working!

Titus: To think I spend all that money when I could just get Gator Yoga from Bruce Irwin

Tyrone: Told y'all. Now check this out!

Tyrone soon leans forward and brings a leg up and over, almost touching his leg. Titus and Constantine look at each other and shrug their shoulders before they try. Suddenly all three's plant legs give out and they stumble and crash into one another, spilling the bottle of wine.

Constantine: Ahhhhhhh my back!


The three legends lay on the ground writhing in pain as the scene fades away. It comes back to later in the night, all four men clearly intoxicated. Tyrone checks his phone and stands up.

Tyrone: I'm..I'm gonna get some fresh air y'all I'll be back.

Tyrone walks out onto the deck, breathing in deeply before lighting up a cigarette and inhaling deeply. He looks down at his phone while exhaling.

Tyrone: Meet me at the gym tomorrow...Batti. Huh, guess I never did follow up after my pity party.

Tyrone looks out at the Keystone City skyline as the scene fades away, returning to the gym as Batti is in the ring, working out intensely. She runs the ropes hard and tumbles around when suddenly a voice comes from one of the corners.

Tyrone: Prepping hard I see.

Batti turns to see Tyrone laid out on top of the ropes, his hands behind his back and his bandanna wrapped around his face. Batti smile wide as she rushes over and gives him a hug.

Batti: Blades-sama! I didn't even hear you walk in.

Tyrone: You looked pretty deep in thought, didn't wanna break your concentration, and who doesn't love a grand entrance?

Tyrone slips off the ropes and onto his feet as he pulls his bandanna down.

Tyrone: So.....I saw your performance at the pageant last week. Gotta say you were lookin' good girl.

Batti blushes widely before she laughs, trying to look modest.

Batti: Well...if you got it flaunt it.

Tyrone: Ain't nothing wrong with that, I'd have voted for ya.

Batti: All I woulda had to do Blades-sama was wink at you and you'd vote for me.

Tyrone: True true. So, y'all wanted me to meet you here.

Batti nods as she checks the tape on her wrists before looking up at Tyrone.

Batti: I know we left the other night kind of up in the air.... but I really do want you around to keep training me Blades-sama. I've been improving since you've helped me, did you see me in the King For A Day match? I almost won!

Tyrone: Indeed I did, and you did very well. That's a match even I haven't won, so you got just as close as I did. At least you didn't have a fluke beat you like me. Fucking Corey Payne...

Batti: What was that?

Tyrone: Nothing, nothing. Just a bitter memory that I took care of a long time ago. Listen Batti, I absolutely will keep training you, that would never be a question between you and I.

Batti beams as she nearly tackles Tyrone, hugging him tightly as he hugs her back, struggling to keep his balance.

Tyrone: Whoa! Whoa! Easy now girl.

Batti: I'm just so happy you want to train me still. I thought maybe after the other night, you wouldn't want me to help you against Vis Imperium.

Out of Batti's vision, Tyrone's smile slowly fades as he sits down, Batti sitting right next to him as he brushes his hair back.

Tyrone: Batti, I need you to do something for me.

Batti: Anything Blades-sama, except maybe repeating my pageant performance.

Tyrone: I want you to focus on your own career right now. Don't worry about Vis Imperium, I got that handled.

Batti's smile disappears from her face, her eyes lowering to the ground, idly playing with a loose piece of tape on her wrist.

Batti: Tyrone.....I know i can help you against Vis Imperium. With you training me, I can be a force they won't expect.

Tyrone: Batti...

Tyrone slowly places his hand under her chin, lifting her head up to look at him before brushing her hair back for her.

Tyrone: You are helping. By being ready for when Vis Imperium is gone and this company is in a far better place for you. The old guard has got this, we're going to open the world up to you and everyone else getting their feet wet. I've been through every war Batti, ever since I started in WZCW I've been a part of the power struggle. I became jaded because of it. I hated this business. I hated almost everyone in it. I don't want that for you. I want you to enjoy your career, to enjoy being out there and putting on a show for the fans. I'm the one that walks out there thinking I have to kill or be killed. You just said it yourself Batti, you were this close to winning the King For A Day. And it's becaused you focused on your career, and not the war I'm fighting. So keep doing that, and you'll be a champion.

Batti nods her head, wiping a single tear away quickly before a smile forms on her face.

Batti: I get it Blades-sama. But just know if those Bakka bitches try to hurt you again, I won't hesitate to kick their head off, especially that slimy Xander Lebelle.

Tyrone smirks at the fiery response of his protege. He drapes an arm around her as he looks all around the gym.

Tyrone: Always an interesting day in my life Batti, but you certainly make it brighter. Well, what are we waiting for, we got the gym to ourselves, let's get to it.

Tyrone gets up and helps Batti up to her feet, the two looking to one another for a moment, catching each other's gaze. Tyrone suddenly spins and whips Batti into the ropes, catching her off guard. As she bounces off the ropes he goes for a clothesline. She ducks under and comes off the rebound but Tyrone catches her with a simple hammerlock. Batti struggles against it, but she looks up at Tyrone, who simply smiles and winks at her before she slips out from underneath it and sends him into the corner. The sparring session continues as Tyrone can't help but think that things are going right for once. The scene cuts to black for several moments.

With Love,

The feed cuts back in suddenly to a shot of Titus, Tyrone, and Jones standing on top of a building in Keystone City, Jones holding a flag with the Hollow Ones' crosshairs on it.

The Hollow Ones

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"This fire could use more kindling."

The slick-haired man in the suit held his bare hands to the fireplace of the American embassy. It was rare for him to take off his gloves, but the recovery process since Gold Rush had left him feeling strange since the day he bled at the hands of him.


It had gotten to a point that he could not bring himself to even think of his name, lest he be overcome with anger. That man ruined his chance to prove himself, redeem his constant losses to him, prove Vis Imperium and his place in it were not farces. Yet, none of that could happen, and the portrait he painted for the occasion in which he would break him open, was left incomplete, hell, in the other room. He never found a moment to find a place to put it since Gold Rush, so the representation of that man who beat him, was left following him, almost a perfect metaphor for how his victories would haunt him forever.

An employee of the embassy piped up. "Monsieur LeBelle, we are incredibly sorry, but the fireplace is at its limit, and this room's temperature is very dangerous at the moment...This place is hotter than hell itself."

"Is that so?" Xander asked, with a huff. "Very well."

He had to settle, what a pity. Placing his gloves back on, he sat down in a bright red chair, facing the flame, slouching slightly so that he could relax and bask in the warmth. This place was not the LeBelle manor, not even close. Even Christmas time at that place would never as cold as this room felt, although it helped when your fireplace was 10 feet tall, and eighteen feet wide. Settling for disappointment is all he seemed to do these days, however.

"Then, I'd like one last favor from you, Hernando. There is a portrait in the back room, next to the parakeet. Please, take it, and place it next to the flames."

"Yes, sir."

In no time flat, the employee returned with the portrait, lying it next to the fireplace. Xander stood up straight, touching that painful bit of forehead where he had struck a blow. His grip tightened around the cane that was Xander's own undoing. Every part of him shivered with fury, and yet he felt the need to speak up.

"I am not a foolish enough man to mistake a portrait to be the real deal, but I know that you will give me the time of day, and personally I would much rather be in the company of an inatimate object than him. Call it sad all you would like, but everyone needs a pillow to scream in every once in a while." He said, forcing a laugh to keep himself composed. "You are a vile man, Tyrone. You have been an anarchist antichrist to this promotion, slowly plummeting it to its grave. That disgusting picture I painted of you is what you are to me, a filthy, ugly, mistake of nature. Many men have passed through these walls, yet no one is as boorish as you. It's nothing to pride yourself on, nothing anyone should pride themselves with."

Xander's gaze turned back to the cane he hit him with.

"Yet...I must admit, you have been immortalized. As a champion, as the face of WZCW, as a Hall of Famer. Your accomplishments always exceed what anyone expects from you. I hate that I envy you."

Xander stood up, pointing at the frame with cane.

"I have dedicated my life to living it in a way that makes myself your antithesis, and yet you will always be better than I am, in the eyes of the public, and in the face of history. The world will always remember its Ty Burnas, whether or not they know him as that or Tyrone Blades. Just like they will always remember the Tituses, and the Constantines, because their places are already carved, and Cooper is not far from them. I am supposed to be Vis Imperium, and yet, I am living in a world where my name is the least of anyone's worries. Without queston this is all your fault."

A blow came from his cane to Xander's distorted interpretation of Tyrone.

"All I ever wanted in life was to be remembered. We're all living life dying. Every second that ticks away is valuable, and yet I'm stuck here farther from my goal than I ever thought possible. The skills I have should make me the king of this place. Nothing about this makes any sense! You are an unbelievable farce. I..."

Another strong blow from his cane, this time knocking the painting into the fire. Deep breaths to calm himself down came as he finally finished his conversation...or was he? He ended the conversation prematurely, how could The World's Greatest Mind mistake when his conversation should end? This was his fault no doubt. He was responsible. Not even the world's greatest mind could figure out the secret to becoming remembered? Impossible.

"Everything you or those two at your side ever had I could see myself having when I closed my eyes. An undefeated streak? A title reign that lasted forever? Gold, after gold, after gold, after gold, after gold, after gold, after gold, after gold. But it hasn't happened. You have done something to me, I know it. I will expose you for what you are. I want to prove that people like you don't get happy endings. If I can't stop you, ANY of you from getting what you want, then I can at least outgrow you, beat the realm of possibility. There's only one man who can decide how it is that he can beat you in that field, and HE IS RIGHT HERE!" Xander pointed vicously at himself. "...But only after I start over."

Xander looked around the corner of his chair to his latest finished portrait, just a few hours ago, 'A Story of Triumph', one he realized was perhaps a little premature, but if he succeeded, then it meant his genius was back on track. Cooper standing over Constantine, Mark standing over Titus, and last, but not least, Xander finally, after a whole year, getting his wish, and standing on top of Tyrone. When he looked at that image, Tyrone had no more power over him. He took one last look at Tyrone's gaze, as it sizzled up in the fireplace.

And strangely, he felt much warmer now.
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