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Old 08-05-2017, 12:06 AM
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Default Anniversary Show: Matt Tastic vs. Sparx

Who is Sparx? It is believed he hails from Greece and wanted a match with Matt Tastic. WZCW management have agreed and we are ready to go.

Deadline Monday 14th August 11:59pm Central Time. No extensions available.
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For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 08-14-2017, 03:59 PM
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a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...
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We see WZCW legend Johnny Klamor sitting next to a window of a passenger ship. We can see a lovely bright sky and a clear blue ocean over his shoulder.

Klamor: “The show is stateside, why the hell have I been flown to the ass end of Europe to meet a rookie?”

Johnny puts his forehead into the palm of his hand and sighs at his own misfortune.

Klamor: "I am the premier journalist in the company; I should be at the beck and call of Vis Imperium, bringing the world the breaking news of the superstars who actually matter in WZCW."

His grumbles are barely discernible over the whir of the motors.

Klamor: “That I have to spend three hours on a boat because the plane company screwed up in Athens. Banks will hear about this, someone is going to get sued.”

He darts for the nearest door to head outside.

Klamor: “Ugh, I’m going to hurl.”

An hour later the boat pulls into the small dock in the bay of Santorini Island. Looking slightly green and with shades on, Klamor looks around. It’s relatively quiet.

Klamor: “OK so this no-name arranged to meet me at the docks but there’s no one here. That’s a little insulting”

The town in front of him climb steeply into a wide mountain range and the bay extends in a crescent on either side. It’s a beautiful sight although Klamor is in no mood to appreciate it. A few moments later, a scooter pulls up and a young man jumps off.

???: “Mister Klamor?”

Klamor: “Who’s askin’?”

???: “My name is Nikolis Nikolaidis. I am the one going to the WZCW soon. I think you may have been told to come and see Sparx but you can call me Nike.”

Klamor: “You’re the guy I’ve been told to come all this way to see? You’re a kid, how did you get on to WZCW Anniversary Show?”

Nike: “I’m sure you have many questions and I am happy to ask them all. Please, allow to me to take you to a feast organised in your honour?”

Klamor beams. It’s the first time he has smiled since he entered Greece.

Klamor: ”For me? Why, I’d be delighted? How? Where?”

Nike: “My scooter can manage the trip. And we live on the westernmost ridge of the island. Up there.”

Nike points to the mountains behind him. Klamor smiles weakly as he forces himself to resist any reaction.

Klamor: “Sure. Where’s my helmet?”

Nike: “Yeah, about that...”

Klamor sighs....

A few hours later, Johnny is looking out over the island from the very same right that was pointed out to him earlier. The sun is setting and causing a most beautiful vista. Behind him the sapphire blue Mediterranean stretches into the distance.

He looks over and sees Nike amidst a small group. He seems to be directing them and taking charge. Klamor walks over.

Nike: “I’m sorry for not taking the time to speak to you but I wanted to ensure our preparations are complete. Can I interest you in a gyro wrap?”

Johnny eyes light up as he realises how long it has been since he has eaten and snaffles up the offer of food. Nike gestures and the snack arrives immediately. Klamor takes a large bite but as he senses his chance, he asked the question with a mouth half full.

Klamor: "So you & WZCW, how did that happen?”

Nike: “My people had this old belief that our little island of Santorini was the spark of all civilisation, that our great volcano proved the birthing ground of the world. One great explosion heard around the world. Now we have outgrown that old understanding of the world but there is one part of my ancestors that runs deep even today; even though she may be dormant, the spirit and energy of Santorini’s original explosion carries each and every one of us through life. We are a feisty bunch, most Greeks are by nature but when you’re from Santorini, your fire burns a little brighter.”

Klamor looks both bemused and intrigued but he is enjoying his wrap enough that he allows the young man to continue. A few yards away a large bonfire is being lit and Nike gazes at it, which Klamor notices.

Klamor: “So all that I’ve been told is that you’re Greek and your thing has something to do with fire.”

Nike: “We’ve always played with fire, it’s at the centre of our best festivals and it’s the first thing that we are taught respect as truly dangerous but we don’t fear it. I danced with fire as a child, started fire-breathing as a teenager and before I finished puberty I would regularly perform with it in front of hundreds when they came to see the travelling circuses that I joined. Then I came back to Santorini.”

Nike: “I love performing in front of a crowd, it’s something that I was encouraged to do and I don’t know how to shy away from it. I’m not that fond of this bit, you know; the actual talking. Wrestling is something that I’m so new to but I love it. I guess I explode a bit under the bright lights and revel in it, that’s what Sparx is – the expression of my personality on the big stage. I’d hate to be scared. I don’t have the experience of Matt Tastic but I’ll just do the best that I can with the time that I have. He’s been through so many wars, he’s done pretty much everything that there is to do. I’d be honoured to have even half the career that he has had."

Johnny is focussed on demolishing the wrap that he doesn’t even bother showing his aversion for Tastic.

Nike: “Has he faced anything like me? He won’t care will he? I’m going to look like a fly to him. Maybe a fly that spits fire but the Super Saiyan of WZCW is not going to bother himself with me, the world knows how good Matt Tastic is in a WZCW ring. I can’t believe I’m facing him on the WZCW 10th Anniversary show. That’s huge.”

Klamor: “Nike, that wrap was delicious, what was in it?”

Nike: “Just normal Greek things, olives, salad, feta. Oh there was a special twist borne out of Santorini, goat.”

Johnny gulps deeply, the last mouthful of goat flavour gyro sliding down his larynx. Nike grins proudly.

Klamor: “Man I hope Tastic kicks your ass...”

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The more I think about it, the less I care about how it happened. I just care about it happening. I can think of any excuse in the book, but at the end of the day, I failed. Sure, Mark used a chair. But as a long standing veteran of this profession, I have to ask. Why the fuck did I not do it first? What supernatural force stopped me from using something so commonplace in wrestling? A sense of morality? Sometimes it doesn't matter how many years you wrestle. You let emotions guide you into a wall. Learning to guide those emotions is something you never permanently learn.

At Gold Rush

Swinging doors swing hard as a beaten Matt Tastic drags his humiliated carcass to the back. Mark Keaton has advanced to King For A Day at the 10th Anniversary Show. Matt has been left out. And he knows what that means. A reporter from the local press approaches Matt, microphone in hand and asks him. A short, skinny, pale man with a rather nasally voice.

Reporter: Mr. Tastic. Mr. Tastic. I must ask you after this recent encounter. Your return to action on Pay-Per-View. You've lost. Since returning from Kingdom Come and at Kingdom Come, you've only managed to obtain one victory. What is your mindset right now? Is it possible that-

Matt stops walking and turns to the reporter. Not pleased at all. He stares holes through him.

Matt: What's possible? Retirement? That I lost my edge? Don't sugarcoat your words. Be straight with me.

Reporter: Well...... Are you contemplating retirement?

Matt: Fuck off.

Matt shoves the reporter, knocking him down before walking away. Some people come to aid the reporter and help him up.

Aid #1: I'm so sorry, sir. He's not normally like that.

Aid #2: He's always such a nice, good guy. I didn't expect him to be a jerk like that.

Reporter: It's fine. I get it. He's frustrated.

Matt is seen off in the distance and flips chairs away, displaying said frustration.


Matt gets into his locker room and checks his phone and see's tons of messages.

"Hey, amigo. You were screwed. As your friend, I should've been there to help as a friend."

"Ay 'mijo. I hope you're doing good after that."

"Dude, we're the goat go?"

"Amigo, please answer the phone."

Matt just tosses the phone against the wall, breaking it.


It is the office of WZCW oficials with Kenneth Banks sitting in his desk and Becky Serra across as they speak.

Banks: So we got, Alhazred, Big Will, Steamboat Ricky, Gordito, Saboteur, all these guys for the show. It's gonna be great.

Serra: Yeah. This feels like it will be a very special night. Some of the current roster guys won't be able to wrestle sadly, but they seem to be happy to just sit back and watch the older guys have one night back for old time's sake.

**Knock Knock**

Someone is at the door and the two oficials look at each other. Serra sighs as Banks looks at her seriously.

Serra: Come in!

Matt Tastic comes in, somber. Clutching a towel over his shoulders and slowly makes his way inside. Serra has him sit down on a chair.

Banks: Mr. Tastic. Rough night I take it.

Matt doesn't bother looking at either of them, just looking to the side. An awkward silence fills the room as the two stare at Matt waiting a response that's obviously not coming.

Serra: Well. We asked you to come here for several things. See, things about you have us worried lately.

Matt continues to seemingly not paying attention. Serra looks on exasperated and Banks waves at Serra to continue.

Yes. Well. The thing is we've had an issue with your performances lately. Basically, we're not pleased Matt. Before Kingdom Come we understood you were burned out. We gave you time out to recover and rest. You'd been performing for so long with no time off we thought it was only fair. That when you came back, you'd be back into form. But you haven't.

Matt sneers but stil ignores her.

Serra: Matt, we kind of expect a bit more from the most decorated wrestler we have. As such, I have a bit of bad news.

Matt finally turns his eyes towards Becky.

Serra: You're off the Anniversary card. I have nothing for you right now. We don't have an opponent with most guys on the active roster choosing to take the night to watch the veterans.

Matt snarls at that statement. Thinking to himself.

Matt (thinking): So you're telling me I'm being left off the 10 anniversary of WZCW. That no one cared for the idea of wrestling me. Well. Fuck them.

Matt gets up and tries to walk away. Serra and Banks look at each other surprised but Serra's not done.

Serra: Matt! Stop! Aren't you going to say anything? Talk, tell us what's wrong or anything?

Matt stops and turns around. He seems about to talk but thinks about it. He seems about to leave but the phone rings and Banks answers it. He doesn't speak to whoever talks but he tells Matt to stay as he hangs up.

Banks: So it's come to my attention that you shoved someone in the local press. Matt, what the hell is wrong with you? That's grounds for a lawsuit. Matt, you're lucky that the reporter isn't pressing charges. Otherwise-

Matt: Otherwise what, Banks? You gonna fire me? Fuck off.

Matt leaves, slamming the door behind him and leaving Serra and Banks surprised with his attitude.

Matt said nothing because as mad as he is about being left off the 10th Anniversary Card, it's his own fault. He's underperformed and knows it, so he has no choice but to swallow his anger.


Matt sits in the locker room. All packed up and ready to head out but as he gets up to leave, Becky Serra walks in. Matt seems a bit shocked seeing its the men's locker room.

Matt: You can't be-

Serra: Like you, I don't care about it. Matt, what's wrong with you? Shoving random people isn't your thing. Are you frustrated? Please, if anything is causing you to misstep, tell me. What's bothering you, Matt? I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong?

Matt just crosses his arms and says nothing. His eyes, avoiding eye contact with her. He senses her concern, but what can he say? Nothing has really prevented him or caused him to underperform. He just has.

Serra: I hated the idea of letting you out of our 10th Anniversary. So we got a new guy who accepted the match with you. It's not much as far as being impactful, but being realistic, you've made a career out of scraps. I know you can bounce back because you've done it to stick it to me. So when I saw you slam that door earlier, it gave me confidence and let me know that you know what's wrong and want to fix it. Your opponent's name is Sparx. He's a Greek Showman.

That just stumped Matt.

Matt: A....... A what?

Serra: A showman. From Greece. His description reads "he would be considered a Mexican luchadore for his aerial capabilities but has mixed in some high impact moves". I figure an actual Latino would see what's wrong with that.

Matt: Yeah. That doesn't make a lick of sense. Why would "Mexican" describe a Greek wrestler? *sigh* Don't hold your breath for a thank you, Serra. I was just planning to sit the show out. But you gave me an opponent. I'll just let my frustrations out on him.

Serra: If anyone can make an impact, it's you. Just don't hurt people you aren't supposed to hurt.

Matt: Serra, don't tell me what to fucking do. I know who I am and I know what I'm supposed to do. OK? Now get the hell out of here. It's the male locker room.

And so, Matt sets off to the 10th Anniversary Show. Matt was there for 7 of those years. He's been through highs. He has to get out of the lows now. Before he teeters off.
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