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Old 08-04-2017, 11:55 PM
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Default Anniversary Show: Steamboat Ricky vs. Big Will

Two hall of famers. Neither have wrestled in years but after Chuck Myles reached out to both men for a one off return they couldn't say no! In the opening match for the night can the old guard show us some old school WZCW?

Deadline Monday 14th August 11:59pm Central Time. No extensions available.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 08-13-2017, 11:23 AM
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Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...Steamboat Ricky is a Television Champion...

**WZCW Hall of Famer Steamboat Ricky is shown sitting on the beach with his longstanding companion Polly sitting on a lounge chair within the world famous Tortuga RetAHHHRRRRRRRment Resort, sipping on some grog and catching some rays. Covered liberally with SPF 50, Ricky opens some mail that has piled up as he was out of town attending Pirate Con, the most famous pirate convention in the world.**

Ahhhrrrrr, Polly, let’s see what we have!

Brrrracck! Lots of mail! Lots of mail!

**Ricky notices one letter standing out from the rest, originating from the desk of Chuck Myles at WZCW Headquarters.**

Yarrrr, I wonder if it’s royalties from me WZCW Legends deal!

*Steamboat Ricky opens the envelope and pulls out a letter. It reads…*

“Dear Ricky,

As you probably know WZCW is approaching its 10 year anniversary…”
Yarrrr! I don’t know how many times I’ve gotta tell them scurvy lubbers that WZCW actually started in 2002! It should be the 15th anniversary!

Brrrack! Fake news! Fake news!

**Ricky continues to read…**

“…I know that you have long disputed the year in which the organization originated, but I’m sure the royalty checks make it easier to tolerate…”
Ayyyye! Treasure. Knowin the way to a pirate’s heart!

“This is going to be a terrific celebration, and we want to make sure that WZCW Superstars of every era are represented. And we wanted to give the fans a treat that they have never had before…a match of epic proportions…Once in a Lifetime…Steamboat Ricky against fellow WZCW Hall of Famer…Big Will!"

**Steamboat Ricky’s mind immediately flashes to imagining himself walking down the aisle in the main event with thousands of camera flashes happening all at once, beating Will 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring, standing in front of the stage amidst pyro to end the show**

Yarrr!!! Polly! I be hearing from miles away… “One more match! One more match!”

**Ricky continues to read the letter…**

“If you accept, this epic confrontation will take place…TO OPEN THE SHOW”
*A look of disappointment and humility washes over the face of Steamboat Ricky when he realizes that his match will be placed at the beginning of the card.*

Yaarrrr! Who am I kidding! It doesn’t matter where I’m at on the card…so long as the Hardcore Legend gets to come out of retirement to swing a few more chairs, barbed-wire oars, and trash cans at me enemies!

“…the match will be a STANDARD RULES match”
**Ricky looks stunned**

“…you see, since you last competed, we have learned a lot more about concussions and head trauma…so we can’t risk having you taking any chair shots or using weapons that might result in litigation for the company. But we are excited to invite you to the event and hope that you’ll accept!


Chuck Myles”
Yarrrr!! Standard rules!? No weapons!?

Brrrrack! You’re screwed. You’re screwed! Brrrack!

*Steamboat Ricky looks dejected momentarily. Then, his face suddenly perks up…*

Yarrrr!!! Polly…there be this sayin on the high seas… “it’s never too late to teach an old scallywag new tricks! I got just the idea!

*Steamboat Ricky gets out his pirate rolodex, flipping through the directory until he lands on “Hu Start”. Of course, Hu Start is legendary in the wrestling business for training wrestlers in the art of technical wrestling at his school “The Castle Prison”. Ricky dials Hu Start on his pirate phone…*

Ehhhhhh uhhh ehhhhh hello?

Yarrr! Hu Start! It be Ricky! I need a favor.

Ehhhhhh uhhh…Ricky huh? Ehhhhhh uhh….what da ya…..ehhhhhhh wuddaya want?

Yarrr!! Hu…I be having a one off match coming up with no weapons allowed! Yarrr! I need to actually learn how to wrestle! Can you help me, matey?!

Ehhhhhh uhhhh. Well uhhhhhhh, you know uhhhhhh, I’ve got a guy here ehhhhhhh, at the ehhhhhh Castle Prison…ehhhhhh…his name is uhhh MEAN. Ehhhhhh Mean Dalenko. And uhhhh…he uhhhhh…yeah he can ehhhhhhh teach ya.

Yarrr!!! Excellent! I be sailing there immediately!

**Steamboat Ricky and Polly load up their ship and set sail for Calgary, Alberta Canada. Unfortunately for our hero, he didn’t realize that Calgary was landlocked in the middle of Canada, and he was forced to take an Uber from Vancouver to Calgary. Once he arrives to The Castle Prison, Hu Start greets him and takes him down to meet Mean Dalenko.**

Yarrrr!! Pleased to meet ya, Mean!

*Mean Dalenko looks at Steamboat Ricky with an icy glare.*

Ehhhhhh, he ehhhhhhh uhhhh, doesn’t talk. He just uhhhhh, ehhhhhh stares at ya, and uhhhhh, ehhhh, puts ya in holds.

Yarrr! Works for me!

So uhhhhh ehhhh Ricky…what uhhhh, what ehhhh real wrestling holds do you know?

Yarrrr! The Boo Box! Tis the only one I know! I added it to me arsenal during the era when every wrestler had to have a normal AND a submission finisher!

Ehhhhh uhhhh, well let’s start with some ehhhhh uhhh armbars.

**Hu Start shows Ricky how to perform an armbar, and then he instructs Ricky to put the move on Mean Dalenko. Ricky attempts to place the hold on Dalenko, but Mean almost immediately breaks the hold and puts Ricky in a one-legged crab.**

Ehhhh uhhhh…Rickyyyyyy, uh, you gotta ehhhhh…show a little more heart than that.

Yarr! Real wrestling be a hard feat, matey! Where be an announce table to slam someone through??

Ehhhh uhhhhh, you gotta forget that uhhh ehhhh hardcore stuff. Why don’t we uhhhh ehhhhh…try your hand at ehhhh escaping some holds?

**Malenko has Ricky in his own finishing maneuver, The Boo Box, and Ricky is writhing in pain. Almost instinctively, Ricky crawls looking for the ropes to break the hold, but then he realizes that this isn’t a match and that they aren’t in a ring. Out of the corner of his eye, however, he sees a long, black bag that says on the front of it “Kendo Sticks, Property of Bleve Stackman”. Ricky crawls and crawls, closer and closer to the bag…until he finally reaches the bag. He opens the bag to pull out a Kendo stick, and he strikes Malenko in the back. He then hits Hu Start in the stomach and then the back, making sure not to strike him in the head or draw any blood, lest there be outcry from Chuck Myles and TV Network executives. Once past Dalenko and Hu Start, Ricky stands at the top of The Castle Prison**

Yarrr!!! I’ll forever be The Hardcore Legend, mateys!!!

**Steamboat Ricky and Polly get back in the Uber that transported them from Vancouver to Calgary. Ricky flies his car flag “Jolly Roger” with pride as he calls Chuck Myles on his pirate phone, alerting Mr. Myles that he accepted the challenge and would be at the “10th” Anniversary Show. Ricky then instructs his Uber driver to head back toward the ship so that he could make arrangements to prepare for his return.**
Old 08-13-2017, 07:04 PM
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TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...TheOneBigWill is being held back by Triple H...
Send a message via MSN to TheOneBigWill

The camera opens on two children, a boy and girl, playing in a nearby field, laughing, chasing one another through the tall grass. As the camera zooms in, the children begin running toward a house. We follow them in, as the girl turns around and places her finger up to her lips.

(Girl)- "Shhh, follow me, he'll never find us in here!"

The girl quietly walks through the house, as the boy follows her. They come upon a door; as the girl opens it, a slight breeze of air is released. Dust and cobwebs are covering shelves inside the room. The boy seems scared to go in, but the girl insists.

(Girl)- "You want to hide, don't you?"
(Boy)- "Yeah, but this is Dad's room. He doesn't want anyone to go in here!!"
(Girl)- "That's why it's perfect! He'll never find us in here!"

As the children wander through the forgotten room, the camera pans around to see tons of old wrestling memorabilia. The children look for a place to hide, as we hear another noise off in the distance.

(Girl)- "QUICK! He's in the house, come over here!!"

The boy quietly rushes over to the girl, as they both duck behind a shelving unit that has half a dozen different photos, and trophies placed on it. As the camera pans around, we see a shadow appear in the door way. A mysterious figure that slowly opens the cracked door, and begins to pear in.

(Guy)- "Gabrielle? Christian??" The guy calls out. "Are you in here? What have I told you about coming in here?"

As the guy begins to walk slowly through the room, the slight lighting in the room reveals it to be Big Will. As Will walks into the room, he brushes his hand along the dust covered cabinet nearest to the door, wiping away the dust to reveal a glass display of what looks like Championship titles. Big Will walks closer to the shelving unit the children are ducked behind, as he flips on a switch, turning on bright lights throughout the room, startling the children enough to give away their location.

(Will)- "I found you!" He yells, as the girl comes out first.
(Girl)- "DAD!!! That's not fair, you turned on the lights!"
(Will)- "Why did you come in here?"
(Boy)- "Because you never come in here anymore, we thought you'd never find us." he says, as he comes out from behind the shelf. "Why don't you ever come in here, Dad?"
(Will)- "Because there is nothing in this room for me anymore. It's all apart of my past, it's history." he says, as he holds up one of the photos, looking deeply into it.
(Boy)- "Why haven't you ever told us about this before? What is all this stuff? It looks so cool!!" the boy exclaimed, as he runs over to the Championship display case.

Will walks over, still holding the photo frame, as he flips another switch turning on the display case lights.

(Will)- "These are all from my wrestling years, Christian. Those are all the Championship titles and accolades I've accomplished in my career, when I was a wrestler. These are all the different photos of the memories I've made from wrestling over the years." Will motions for the children to come sit down next to him, as he retires to a reclining chair large enough for all of them to sit in.

(Will)- "This photo was taken from the first WZCW PPV I was ever apart of. It was called Civil Revolution. I won a ladder match that night, to become the first ever Elite X Champion." he said, as he holds up the photo.
(Gabrielle)- "Will you tell us about how you won?"
(Will)- "You're really interested in hearing about these stories?"
(Both children)- "YES!!!"
(Will)- "Well okay.." he said, as his memory begins to flash back to the match..

Big Will shows signs of movement, as he crawls out of the broken tables that he was put through, as he slowly begins to pull himself back up, off the floor & sliding back into the ring. As Big Will pulls himself up, he notices all three men, laying outside the ring. He then looks back at the ladders in the ring. He grabs the closest one to him, & positions it directly under the Elite X Championship, as he very slowly begins climbing up the ladder. The fans boo wildly, as it doesn't look like anyone will stop him.

Suddenly, movement starts happening in the pile of Hasheem, Gus & El Guerrero, as Gus is pulling himself up, using the apron, only to slide into the ring. The fans begin chanting "Gus" as he starts slowly climbing the opposite side of the ladder. As both Big Will & Gus are trying their hardest to get to the top first, Heidi comes rushing back down, as she slides into the ring.

Heidi sets up the second ladder, next to the one Big Will & Gus are on, as she looks at Gus & cheers him on! Heidi then climbs up the side Gus is on, as she starts pushing him up the ladder, only to out of nowhere deliver a low blow to Gus?!?!?! The fans gasp, as Heidi then climbs up next to Gus, only to deliver a DRAGON DDT to him, off the ladder!!!!! Big Will is left alone on the ladder, as he reaches the top, he reaches up & grabs the Elite X Championship, pulling it down, off the rung it was on. The officials call for the bell, as Big Will falls off the ladder, holding onto the Elite X Championship!!

Copeland: What the Hell??? Dont let a match like this End like that.
Cohen: See that what im talking about. You leave the extra baggage in the locker room. Gus main squeeze just screw him other than in the bed

As the official slides into the ring, pointing at Big Will & raising his hand,As Harrys holds up a mic. & proclaims... The WINNER of the match, & FIRST EVER, ELITE X CHAMPION... 'THE ONE' BIG WILL!
Will sits on his knees, looking down at the Elite X Championship, as he holds it with both hands, it looks as if he's crying. He then gets to his feet, with help from the official, as he turns to look at Heidi, who's standing over Gus. Heidi turns toward Big Will, with a devilish look on her face, as Big Will smirks back at her. Heidi walks over to Big Will, only to leap up into his arms, as she begins kissing him!!!! Big Will holds Heidi, who in turn holds up the Elite X Championship, as they both turn to look back at Gus, only to laugh. They exit the ring, as the officials have come out from the back, to check on Hasheem & El Guerrero who're barely showing movement, while the official in the ring is helping Gus up, who's asking what happened.

The official points up the rampway to Gus, as he looks up to see Big Will & Heidi standing at the top, only to kiss again. Big Will points at Heidi, then to Gus, followed by holding up the Elite X Championship & pointing to himself, as Gus has a expressionless look on his face. The camera fades out...
(Gabrielle)- "Who's Heidi? That isn't Mommy's name."
(Will)- "No, no, it's not. She was another performer. That was a long time ago."
(Christian)- "Does Mom know about this other girl?"
(Will)- "Yes, she knows about my wrestling career." he said, laughingly.

Christian jumps up, and rushes over to a giant trophy showcased atop the shelf they ducked behind. "What's that?" he says, as he points up to the trophy.

(Will)- "That's a trophy I had made to immortalize my first ever Lethal Lottery win. It was very special for me, because it was right here in Toronto."
(Gabrielle)- "Will you tell us how you won??"
(Will)- "Well, okay, but you must know that this was a special kind of match. The only way to win was to eliminate everyone else, forcing their feet to touch the floor.." he said, as his memory begins to flash back to the match..

Suddenly, as Ricky turns around, Will attempts a Willennium, however Ricky catches it and spins Will around. Ricky goes for a clothesline, but Will ducks, Will turns around, as Ricky clotheslines Will up and over the top rope, Will's feet swing to the floor, as Ricky throws his hands up in victory!!!!!

The officials on that side of the ring are watching Will, as hes swinging back and forth, Will's left foot hits the floor, but he continues to keep his right foot off the floor. Ricky believes he's won, as the officials are signaling no. Will 'skins the cat' as he brings himself back into the ring, as Ricky has no idea. Ricky is on the far side of the ring, in the corner, with his back to Will.

Will rushes in, as Ricky suddenly turns around just in time to back body drop Will up and over the corner turnbuckles, sending Will all the way over the ring post, as Will flips and crashes on the arena floor with his feet hitting the steel steps!! The official on that side is rushing to Will.

Ricky's music suddenly erupts over the Sound system! Ricky raises his arms, as he runs to the opposite side of the ring, climbing the turnbuckle and posing with his arms raised in victory. Thousands of Canadian's booing like crazy! Suddenly, Will comes from out of nowhere from behind, hitting Ricky in the back, and shoving him off the turnbuckle, down to the arena floor. The officials jump into the ring, and call for the bell, as Ricky's music cuts off.

Both officials raise Big Will's hand, as the announcer addresses the audience.

(Announcer)- "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. The rules of the match stated that a winner is determined when all 29 other opponents have been eliminated, with their feet hitting the arena floor. The official outside of the ring, has determined that while Big Will's body hit the floor, his feet hit the steel steps and did NOT, DID NOT, touch the arena floor. Will carefully picked himself up, and walked back up the steps, without touching his feet to the floor, reentering the ring and eliminating Steamboat Ricky.

Therefore your Winner of the 2008 W.Z.C.W. Lethal Lottery Match. 'The One' Big Will!!!!!" "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd erupts over the sound system, as the arena and the fans inside erupt with a HUGE, MONSEROUS ovation!!!! Ricky is on the outside of the ring, demanding an official tell him what just happened.

Apparently, only one of Will's feet hit the floor. The official is explaining this to Ricky, as he seems pissed off and heads toward the back. Meanwhile, Big Will has tears in his eyes, as hes on his knees in the middle of the ring, with every person in the arena on their feet cheering him on! Big Will will advance to Kingdom Come, in the Main Event to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!
(Christian)- "Wait, you cheated??"
(Gabrielle)- "No, Christian, didn't you hear his story? He never touched the floor. He out smarted Ricky, and won! Dad's so smart!" she said, as she gets up and walks around the room, looking at the different photos and Championships.

(Gabrielle)- "Why is this one at the top?" she said, while pointing to a replica of the World Heavyweight Championship.
(Will)- "Because that's the greatest Championship in wrestling history. It's called the World Heavyweight Championship, and it meant you were the absolute best guy in the business at the time you held it."[b]
(Both kids)- "WOW!!! You were the best in the business?!?!"
(Will)- "Well, I thought I was." he said, with a slight chuckle.
(Christian)- "Tell us how you won the Championship!!"
(Will)- "Well, okay.." he said, as his memory begins to flash back to the match..

The original official on the outside of the ring is coming two, pulling himself up as Will and Rios are once again back to their feet. Rios tries another wild punch, only for Will to duck underneath and get behind Rios, delivering a german suplex. The secondary official slides down to make the count, while the original official is counting on the opposite side.. both men have their shoulders down.. 1................................ 2................................ both men suddenly shoot their shoulders up!!!

Will gets to his feet, as he stumbles toward the corner, only to once again signal out for his finishing move. Waiting on Rios, who is losing a lot of blood, as Rios stumbles around, Will once again attempts a WILLENNIUM, only for Rios to catch Will's foot, spin him around and kick him in the gut, going for his own finisher, the PERFECT SHOT! Will suddenly trips Rios' up by sweeping his feet, then rolling into a cradle pin, as the official makes the count. 1................................ 2................................ 3!!!! The fans erupt with cheers, as Rios kicks out just right after the 3 count, seemingly stunned at what's just happened!!


Cohen: "Yeah, as much as I don't like it, both men really gave it their all tonight."

Will rolls over, looking at the official, as Rios is glaring and shaking his head no. The official signals for the bell, as the fans are going crazy. Rios gets to his feet, as he's arguing with the official about the count, only for Will to remain on his knees, just staring in disbelief that the match just ended.

(Harrys)- "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match.. AND NEW.. WORLD.. HEAVYWEIGHT.. CHAMPION!!!!! 'THE ONE' BIG WILL!!!!!!"

Rios is livid as the official takes the Championship and walks toward Big Will, to present him with it. Rios suddenly grabs the Championship away, shaking his head no as the entire crowd erupt with boos. Will gets to his feet, both men barely able to stand, as both officials are asking Rios to give the Championship to the new Champion. Rios just stares at the title that was his for so long, only to nod his head. Rios shoves the nearest official out of the way, only to grab Will by the arm and pull him to the center of the ring.

Rios takes the Championship and places it on the shoulder of Big Will, only to then raise his arm, as Rios acknowledges the new Champion!!! Rios begins clapping, as he then extends his hand, only for Will to look at him questioning for a moment, then Will shakes Rios' hand as both men embrace in a hug. The fans erupt with cheers as pyro shoots from all around the stadium!!!
(Both kids)- "WOW!!"
(Gabrielle)- "Did you cry?"
(Will)- "I might have.."
(Christian)- "Why don't you wrestle anymore??"
(Gabrielle)- "Yeah? We wanna see you wrestle!"

Will moves the children off his lap, as he stands up and walks over to a window.
(Will)- "Well this was all in my past. I'm a Hall of Famer now, my wrestling years are long behind me."
(Both kids)- "Awww.." the kids say, with clear dejection in their voices.
(Christian)- "I bet it would've been so cool to be able to tell everyone our Dad is a great wrestler."
(Gabrielle)- "Yeah, I wish you'd wrestle again!"

Gabrielle picks up a pair of old wrestling boots, bringing them back to Will, as she hands them to him.. "I've never seen these before, do they still fit you?" Will takes the boots from her, as he looks down at them.. "I don't know if they would anymore.."

Both children turn and leave the room, as Will continues to look out the window, before looking back at the Championship case, then down at his wrestling boots. As Will walks over to the case, he raises his hand to the World Championship and brushes it downward.. before reaching over to the nearby stand, and picking up his cell phone. Will begins to dial a number..

(Will)- "Hey, it's Will.... yeah.... I wanted to talk to you about something.... no, not quite a comeback. Just something I still need to see if I can do." The camera fades to black.

Be Happy, Have Faith, Believe That ALL Things Are Possible

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There are a lot of retards in this world, it only takes one of them to lick an elevator button for all of us to be fucked.
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