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Old 07-14-2017, 08:24 AM
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Default Gold Rush: Matt Tastic versus Mark Keaton [KFAD Qualifier]

Their best friends fought in the main event of Kingdom Come. After Mark Keaton broke the back of Mikey Stormrage, the same night of Matt Tastic’s return, their feud has only grown. Tastic has gone through doubts about his place in the company but the actions of Keaton have been like fuel to a fire. Keaton originally tried to screw Tastic out of Gold Rush but failed – after back and forth remarks by both men they shared the same ring during the RMK World Tour. Taunts and impersonations aside, this match is about the future versus the past. Mark Keaton was the Rookie of the Year and Matt Tastic is one of the greatest to ever compete. This match is about where WZCW will go in the future. Is Matt Tastic’s time over? Will Mark Keaton eliminate yet another legend? If the personal feud between the two wasn’t motivation enough, this match will be a King for a Day qualifier where the winner will enter KFAD at the 10 year anniversary show!

RP Deadline Monday 24th July 23:59 (Central).

Extensions available upon request.
Old 07-20-2017, 07:43 PM
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Deadline is now Tuesday 25th July 23:59 (Central). No further extensions.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 07-25-2017, 07:15 PM
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“Take a seat in the car, Mark.” Justin said. “I shouldn’t be more than an hour. Find some ice for that. It’ll stop the swelling. Nasty stuff. Accidents do happen though. Unfortunate but hopefully you’ll learn for next time, brother.”


Remarkable Mark Keaton watched Justin Cooper walk towards the building, his face still stung where the World Champion struck him. He was a mask of confusion as he turned around and walked across the street. The V.I staff driver completely ignored him as a newspaper dominated the driver’s side window.

Brother? My brother is not acting like his old self. What the hell is going on with him? Mark thought as he walked down the dark streets. The trees on the left side hung over and made the sidewalk even darker, and scary. The soft wind moved the branches and caused the street lights to move in ghostly shapes in his path. Mark’s brisk pace created a good distance from the rental car behind him. He shook his head and rubbed his cheek again. Why didn’t I punch him in the face? It’s what I WANTED to do! Anyone else and they’d get it, that’s for sure. There’s something different about him now, I can see it in his eyes. Could it be the pressure of the Heavyweight Title doing this to him? Ya, that’s gotta be IT man! Too much pressure from being at the top of the company.

An orange cat meowed really loud and ran across his path. He didn’t flinch and kept on walking, he was still lost in thought as watched a row of businesses in the distance get closer and the street becoming lighter from the glow of the halogen signs and window displays.

“Hey mista,” A homeless man piped up as Mark walked past, “you got a dollar?”

Mark kept walking. He totally knows this is the most important match of my life, right? I’m taking on Matt Tastic, probably the most decorated wrestler in the history of the company. I’m still a rookie in his eyes, he’s barely FLINCHED at my tactics the last two weeks! The RMK WORLD TOUR was designed to get in his head and THAT didn’t even work! I don’t even wanna know what Mr. Banks paid for that segment. I’m going to have to dig deep at Gold Rush and really get a dirty victory over this guy. I have to! There’s no other ending to this story.

“I said,” The homeless man returned from behind Mark and spun him around by his arm, “you got a dollar?!” He raised his dirty fist but Mark easily dodged it, the homeless man stumbled and fell right into a garbage can nearby, the can fell over and rolled out to the street, it turned and rolled quickly down the hill while the man screamed inside. But COOPER, I have to find out what’s going on with him. Maybe Mr. Banks has some kind of contractual hostage thing going on with him and he has to act like an asshole all the time. I wish I woulda paid more attention when Xander was explaining that stuff in the hallway outside Mr.Bank’s office. That shit bores me though. Mark could hear the distant clang from the garbage can stopping on something solid, followed by a loud, angry bark of pain from the aggressive homeless man.

He continued his brisk walk towards the business’s and the smell of fried food hit his nostrils.

This was supposed to be our second grand adventure for The Cooper and Keaton Gang - now with more Xander. But it’s not what I was expecting this time. Cooper seems to be wrapped up with this Legacy thing like he’s been hypnotized. Dammit, if I had my say, I’d be in his corner every match so he could GET that legacy goal. I’d make sure he never lost that title.

It’s what Cooper said….

“Oh, I know. You won’t be around to screw up. I don’t want you, Xander or Andrew anywhere near my match tomorrow. Get out of the freaking building for all I care. Just stay the hell away from me. You lot will prove your worth to me by winning your matches before I let you anywhere near me while I’m defending the World Championship. Got it?”

That’s what really got on my nerves, dude. We used to joke about him winning the world title and pushing everyone away. This is supposed to be a brotherhood. This is really pissing me off.

Mark angrily pushed his way into the closest business on the street. He stomped up to a well polished bar and sat on the bar stool. The place was jumping and he could hear a heavy bass thumping from the huge speakers set up near a stage in the back. He raised his finger to the bartender and he was serviced quickly. He ordered a beer and got it promptly. He turned the cold beer in his hand and started to peel the label off as his wheels spun more. I’m to blame for his shitty attitude lately, that HAS to be it! I haven’t done SHIT this season worth noting, it’s time to change all that at Gold Rush, it’s time to take out Matt Tastic like I took out that fat Stormrage.

"This guy is KILLING me tonight! He's friggin horrible! Every song he has to announce that he's - MR. 305, MR WORLDWIDE- then he does that annoying oooh noise. I can't take it anymore."

Mark nodded and watched the owner/bartender pour a few shots for a group of young women.

"I dabble in Rock and Roll dude. Let me run a set for you." Mark winked and stood up from the bar, he ran his hand through his blonde hair and lit a smoke as he walked through the booing crowds to the stage.

He jumped on the stage and grabbed the mic off of the short singer.

"Hit the bricks kid, time for the man to entertain the masses." Mark towered over Pitbull, the singer was intimidated and made his exit.

"I dedicate this first song to Matt Tastic....HIT IT....!!"

"Are we having fun now?!!" Mark screamed into the microphone, his shirt and jacket long gone and his body covered in sweat, the crowd cheered enthusiastically.

"Good! But before I continue, I just want to say a few things. You might not know me, but my name is Remarkable Mark Keaton. I'm a rock and roller from Canada and a wrestler in WZCW. Coming up at the next PPV I'm taking on the legendary Matt Tastic in a one on one match. The winner advances to the KFAD match for the briefcase that I could cash in for a chance at any title in the company. In the last PPV, I completely destroyed Matt Tastic's really fat friend, Mikey Stormrage. This big, Taco Bell eating son of a bitch. Matt Tastic wasn't happy about that so he's vowing revenge on me. Now that gives me the chance to kill the Live Mas team on my own. When Tastic is in a body cast, laying in a hospital bed next to his broken friend Stormrage, the PARTY will start for Vis Imperium!! Then, when I win the KFAD briefcase...I'm going to target the ONE title that has eluded Vis Imperium. The one title that has been held by the same wrestler for nearly 600 days. The one title that will be around MY waist when I cash in the briefcase! I don't give five shits who has the title when this happens! Now...on to the next song....."

Mark banged his head as Runnin with the Devil started up. He started singing and working the stage, the crowd was getting more and more into it as they danced and roared. But deep inside Mark's head, he couldn't stop thinking about his upcoming battle at Gold Rush.

I can picture it now, Gold Rush is in full swing, it's time for Remarkable Mark Keaton vs Matt Tastic......

Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...oh what's his name again? Harrys has to look at a piece of paper, he clears his throat then continues....he's probably going to lose anyway...Natt Tastic...sorry about your entrance music, we lost the C.D...

Natt Tastic walks out on the stage with no music or video on the Titantron. The fans are completely quiet. He walks to the ring and an old woman jumps up and loudly tells him that he sucks. Natt takes a drink of soda and enters the ring. Referee Akiyama is highly suspicious of Natt and starts aggressively checking him for foreign objects.

Harrys: And his opponent, he's from Toronto Ontario Canada, weighing in at 263 pounds, the two time tag team champion, the rookie of the Year, the man with the best biceps in WZCW, the overly sexual, rock n roll god and my favorite wrestler on the entire planet....REEEEMARKABLEEEEEEEEE MAAAAAAARK KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETON!!!!! !!! KEATON!!!!!!!

Fireworks explode all around the tron and stage, the fans go nuts and immediately start an RMK chant. The fireworks continue to explode all over the stage....

5 minutes later....

The fireworks come to an end and Dire Straights are lowered from the ceiling with flames shooting out from the stage they're standing on, they are blaring out Money for Nothing live. The fans are going crazy as the band lands just off to one side of the center stage.


The entire tron wall crumbles to the ground as a giant, metallic T-Rex crashes through it. The giant Transformer-looking monstrosity let's out a primal roar and rears back it's head, it let's out a huge wave of fire towards the stage, a big mushroom cloud explosion erupts were the fire landed. Remarkable Mark Keaton emerged from the explosion wearing his leather jacket and pants, but with LED lightning all over it. Mark unstraps his electric guitar from his back and plays along to his entrance music. The ramp to the ring is now covered in thousands of thrown panties, making it impossible to traverse. Mark points his electric guitar at the ramp and a huge comet shoots from the end and creates a flaming path. He slams his guitar into the stage and a huge lightning bolt carries him down the ramp to the ring. He does a front flip and lands in the middle of the ring.

Copeland: Here he is Jack, easily the best wrestler in WZCW today. Remarkable Mark Keaton. This should be an easy match for him.

Cohen: You got that right Seabass! Mark should win this under a minute! I just saved 10 percent by switching to Geiko!

The bell rings and Natt runs towards Mark, but remarkable as he is, he just holds his hand up. Natt stops as Mark shouts to the fans that he loves them. The crowds explode and confetti fills the ring. Natt tries to rally the fans but gets a paper cup off of the head. Mark hits him with a jab, Natt does a backflip and falls over the top ropes. Mark flexes in the ring. Akiyama quickly runs over and warns Mark to put away his dangerous weapons, but realizes it is just his amazing muscles.



Natt slowly crawls in the ring. Mark gives him an eye rake and Natt is busted wide open. He uses one hand and performs The Voltron Suplex with no effort.




Harrys: The winner of this match, omg I love you sooooo much....MAAAAARK KEEEEEEEEEATOOON!!!

The ring filled with screaming fans as they carry Mark around in celebration. RMK stole the show at Gold Rush single handedly.

I'm pretty sure that's exactly how it's gonna go down...

15 minutes later........

Mark walked out of the business light and into the darkness again, the tree cover seemed worse on the way back somehow. He could barely see the sidewalk in front of him, the street lights barely piercing through the branches. This is where I’m going to have to go against Matt Tastic, I’m going get evil on this bastard. I can’t worry about Cooper when we’re so close to the show. I’m going to rip at his face, make him bleed then break his damn back on the ring apron just like his fat friend at the last PPV. That slimy, ugly, good for nothing bastard Tastic won't do a damn thing against Mr. Pay Per View! Ha! He will lay broken and beaten, he will beg at the feet of Remarkable Mark Keaton!!!

Mark did a fist pump as he crossed the street, he had a new focus and his face didn’t sting anymore. He snuck by the V.I employee trying to wedge a garbage can out from under his bumper, he jumped in the backseat. He watched Justin Cooper strutting along, done of his business and a big, shit eating grin on his face....

Maybe everything is alright…….

Join WZCW now.

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Old 07-26-2017, 02:12 AM
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Lost in the fog. I walk a blind path. I don't know who I am anymore. As years have gone by, as my legacy was built, my identity crumbled. Left behind by time, searching desperately for ways to just hang on and not fall off the beaten path that I myself broke ground on, building the business that I now fail to evolve in. Wrestling is indeed a very, very cruel mistress.

I reflect on the world. Is it round? Is it flat? My personal belief is that it's Triangular. Starting life in point A, climbing up to point B. The top of the world. Where everyone wants to be. And then, you fall to point C. Back to the bottom. And so, you travel the world.

What was my point? Oh, yeah. I'm lost and have a big Pay-Per-View match.

The days had passed since losing to Justin Cooper. All my bravado after making the challenge to Mark Keaton. El Amigo, whoever the hell he is, said he wanted to help prepare me. He kinda sorta helped me a few weeks ago. And truth be told, what exactly do I have to lose? I've already trained alone. I can only go so far by myself. Maybe friends are what I need.


“I'm telling you, this will help him.”

“I know he needs help. I just don't think it's this kind of help.”

“Trust me, my friend, he will benefit greatly from this.”

“How so?”

“What do you mean by 'how so'? How could this not help Matt? My friend, have you never seen a great, cheesy sports movies?”


Me walking in to the conversation was a questionable decision.

Matt: “So what exactly are you two debating?”

El Amigo turned to me. Despite the fact that he has a mask on and I can't really see his expression, I could feel it. It pierced my soul.

“Today, I'm going to make you truly realize who you are Matt. I will make you see your greatness once again. Now, come with me, my friend!”

I have no clue why he's on about “friends” so much.

As we step through to the backyard a convoluted training area has been set up. Poles to climb, weights to lift, the whole shebang.

Amigo: “Ok, my friend. Before I can truly help you unlock your maximum potential, we must prepare your body. You will train here. And to do that, GRANPA will guide you.”

Matt: “I don't feel too hot about this. Granpa never really given me any training outside of a gym. Plus, what good will guide me through all this basic stuff? I mean, I can do it on my own. What's the point?”

Amigo: “What's the point? What's the point? I'll tell you what's the point. Or better yet, Granpa will. Hit it!”

Matt: “Hit what?”

One training montage later, I dropped to the ground in exhaustion. I wondered to myself how this would help me prepare for my match with Mark Keaton. So I asked.

Matt: “*huff* *huff* OK. That's done. What did it accomplishe, Amigo?”

Amigo: “Ah. It accomplished some. And by some, I mean it put your body in top shape. You must train body and mind, my friend. This is merely step one of your re-awakening, my friend. Step two will be much harsher. It will put your mind to the ultimate test. Are you ready?

Matt: “Granpa just made me lift a ship. Lets just go.”

And so we left. El Amigo took me to a broken down building, just behind, was a ranch full of farm animals. I stared at them as Amigo headed into the building. He screamed out.

Amigo: "PATO! SAL!"

He called out for someone. In Spanish, oddly enough. Didn't know he could. Then someone emerged.


Turns out it's someone I knew. It's old friend Vancel. An old friend from school who became a peacher then got ousted for watching anime. Apparently its the work of the devil. Go figure.

Vancel: "Ah! My Amigo! And El Amigo! A pleasure it is indeed. I suppose it's time. Time for your realization, Matt."

And so he walked over and past us. And he..... untied a goat. He guided it to a large, empty space and stood it there.

Vancel: "OK. Matt. You've had a hard time the past few months. El Amigo is a mutual friend who wishes only to help you. Now Matt. What I ask of you, will sound ridiculous. But I guarantee that it is all to remind you and show you the way. What way you ask? Well the way back to what you used to be. And the way it will take you to the future. You said for months you had no direction. You've clearly lost your way. But that's fine. Because today we will remind you. Or more specifically, he will.

Vancel pointed at the goat. And I was perplexed.

Matt: "What do you mean?"

Vancel: "Sit. And look at him. Dead in the eyes."

I sat in front of the goat. And stared.

Vancel: "Matt Tastic. It's about time you look at yourself. To stare at yourself. That you remember just exactly who you were, who you are and who you will always be. Matt Tastic. The only 4 time Mayhem Champion. The most times a single Championship was won by the same person. A former Elite Champion and Eurasian Champion. The first man to win the World Heavyweight Championship via Lethal Lottery. A former two time World Champion. A Kingdom Come headliner after being left out of the card. You. Do you not realize who you are? Matt Tastic! You will face Mark Keaton but you worry. Why? You're superior to Titus. You're superior to Ty Burna. You're superior to Constantine. Superior to Mikey Stormrage. Superior to Justin Cooper. Matt Tastic you're the most accomplished professional wrestler in WZCW's History. This very year, you were inducted to it's Hall Of Fame and yet, you're career still hasn't come to an end. Matt Tastic? Do you see it? Do you see who you are? Who are you? Tell me! Tell me who you are!!"

Matt: ...................I...........................

"Tell me who you are! Reveal what you truly are, Matt! What the world must come to know! I know the truth. We all know the truth. Confess it! Admit it to yourself! Remind yourself of what you set out to be, what you became and what you shall forever be........

Matt: "I am.........."

Vancel: "Yes......."

Matt: "I am!"

Vancel: "Yes!"


Vancel: "Remember who you are!!"



And so I remembered.

The day has gone by. And now, I recall. Who I am. What I've always known. Since my return, I've done nothing but doubt myself. Thinking I lost it. That I lost my edge. But now I remember. You can never take away the past. And there's always time to grow the future. No matter what Keaton does, he could injure me like he did Mikey, but he's not erasing Mikey's legacy and he can never erase mine. Keaton.

Keaton, you climb a mountain I've been to the top of several times. You might be the future, but I am timeless. I've people come and go while I've stood my ground being told over and over I'm not good enough but I do the same thing over and over again. And that's walk up to them, flip them off and prove them wrong, boy. Cabron, you think you're going places because you have, what's it called? Biz? Vis? Piss Imporium? Yeah. You're all cocky and arrogante because you get that big group of pato's behind you, huh? Big deal. The Apostles Of Apocalypse, Pale Riders, The Elite, bitch if I didn't know any better, I'd say this is fucken Dragonball Z with all these big pendejo groups coming in to try and take over the world. But unlike you, I have two big fucken Namekian Dragon Balls dangling between my patas. All you seem to have is Puar. You think you're tough jumping people from behind. You think you're tough because you take them out. Mama'o, join the lot because they all come in thinking they're hot but then they start to sweat when they feel real fucken heat and mama'o I got plenty of Latino Heeeaat for you.

And so, I got something. A text. Our match is now to qualify for King For A Day. King For A Day? Another accomplishment, yeah. But I'm already History's Greatest. All I'll do is add to my legacy. So come. And learn that everyone succumbs to history. Unless they become it.
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