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Old 07-17-2016, 05:30 PM
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Default WZCW Unscripted

Justin Cooper is seen battling with Vis Imperium

Titus Avison is seen smiling while an enraged Vee A.D.Z. looks on

Side by shots of Eve Taylor and Austin Reynolds fill the screen

Both Ramparte and Kagura can be seen reading from books

Theron Daggershield can be seen training with his buster sword

Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic, and Garth Black are seen brawling

* PYRO ** PYRO *
* PYRO ** PYRO *
* PYRO *

The camera pans around the sold out United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Signs showing support for various superstars are showcased, before a final shot of the Hell in a Cell is shown. The camera then cuts to the announce table.

Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the sold out United Center, we are live for WZCW Unscripted, the one night a year where the choice is yours. Jack, Cat, we have a huge slate of matches tonight, headlined by the dangerous and deadly Hell in a Cell, where WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage will defend against his best friend Matt Tastic and the bitter Garth Black.

Cohen: This is like Christmas for me Seabass. We have no idea what could happen tonight, and each match is like unwrapping a brand new gift under the tree. I for one want to see Dorian Slaughter destroy Flex Mussel in what is sure to be a brutal affair.

Connor: Not only do we have no idea what to expect, but neither do the combatants. Will we see a lumberjack match or a strret fight? First blood or TLC? This is the one night of the year where anything can and will happen, and I cant wait guys.

Copeland: Well let's not wait any longer. Let's turn it over to Truman Harrys, who has the first call of the night.
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Old 07-17-2016, 05:30 PM
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Harrys: The following match is for the EurAsian title and it is a....PURE RULES MATCH!

MMA Rules: 0%
Humiliation: 11%
Pure Rules: 89%

The crowd pop as the match type is unveiled.

Copeland: Well Seabass, we knew it would happen.

Cohen: Of course, it's THE match type and Titus Avison is the master of it.

As the Eminem theme music blasts through the arena Vee appears onstage after a somersault followed by him bouncing up and raising his hands high in the air. As he makes his way down to the ring he high fives fans and gets on the apron to springboard himself into the ring.


The crowd chant non more than Sara and his parents. Vee gets out the ring and goes up to his parents and gives them a huge hug. Sara gives him a kiss as the crowd makes an “ooooooh” noise then Cheers.

Vee climbs back in as he points to the three and mouths “This is for you”.

Connor: That is cute, the crowd are loving him and his parents are clearly emotionally moved.

Copeland: The next five seconds will be the longest of his life.

Cohen: Rightly so, I've heard legends why that is the case.

The boos echo round the arena, Vee's father shouting the loudest.

Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, the holder of the so called biggest prize in WZCW. From Keystone City, Kansas weighing 225 pounds, Titus Avison!!!

The camera cuts to the Titantron which shows Titus holding the title above his head. He's jumping up and down as he goes towards the ring.

Connor: Where is he?

The camera cuts back to the arena to show Vee A.D.Z in the ring by himself. The titantron shows Titus in a squared circle, but it's not that of the United Center.

Copeland: He's not here.

There is a split screen showing Titus Avison on the left and Vee A.D.Z. on the right. Vee looks confused, Titus has a huge smile on his face.

Titus: The mystery rule, I forgot to tell you. We know about Pure Rules but what makes it a plus? Why it's an empty arena match! I'm here in the All State Arena some half an hour drive. For months you've wanted to make your parents proud, you've wanted them at ringside to watch you fight. You've wanted them to see you battle for my wonderful belt and here they are in Chicago. Yet they're in the wrong arena, they won't see you lose tonight because it's just you and me tonight buddy.

The crowd boo as Vee looks dejected.

Titus: So there's a car outside, quick quick and see you late.

The feed cuts out as the crowd boos even louder than before.

Cohen: What a genius!

Connor: What a cold hearted guy he is.

Copeland: The EurAsian title match will be later on folks, seemingly in the All State Arena

Vee looks on from the ring, somewhat confused but far more angry. He turns to the ref and talks to him. He points and it seems they both exit together. Leon Kensworth comes out with a mic to talk to Vee who is by the ramp with the ref.

Leon: Vee, Titus says he's at the All-State Arena. Are you really gonna go meet him there?

Vee: YES!!! This man has been attacking me from behind and running away from me. I am not gonna let him get away like this. It's clearly a trap but it will be so much sweeter when I beat him and leave him demoralized. I'm going to the All-State Arena. This match is happening. Period. Let's go, ref.

The referee and Vee climb out of the ring as the camera cuts backstage.


We go backstage to where Becky Serra and Vance Bateman are standing with Ramparte and Kagura Joheki, there are a couple of security guards between them to make sure they don't come to blows too soon.

Bateman: We have the results of the polls for your match. Becky the envelope please.

Becky hands Vance a sealed envelope, which he slowly opens.

Bateman: With sixty eight percent of the vote, the Library Brawl wins out.

Both combatants nod their approval, a wicked smile on the face of Kagura.

Serra: Now if you will each follow me, we have separate cars to take you to the match location.
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Old 07-17-2016, 05:32 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2011
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Age: 28
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Flex emerges on stage in his patent Flex Fitness tracksuit, with a hood covering his head, and holding his duffle bag. The crowd gets begins chanting, stomping and clapping along with the famous Queen fight anthem, in an attempt to amp up the monsieur of muscle. He slowly lifts his head, looking out to the audience before heading down the ramp.

Harrys: For the following contest, the first competitor hails from Paris, France, and weighs 220 pounds; Flex Mussιl!

Copeland: Here is a man who tried valiantly to capture the Eurasian championship from the Hall of Fame legend Titus, in two consecutive, hard-hitting fights, but ended up falling short. In the midst of his second loss, his opponent tonight came up through the ring, and pulled him underneath, for reasons that are still relatively unclear.

Cohen: I thought Dorian Slaughter made it very clear on Meltdown, Seabass. He wants to expose Flex Mussel for the fraud he is, and make the fans understand that following him as they are doing right now is pointless. He has a catchy theme song, and I never get bored of rocking out to some Queen, but is that really a reason to get behind Flex?

Flex gets to the ring, climbs the apron and ascends to the turnbuckles, where he poses for the fans, looking out once more to everyone in the audience.

Connor: You sound as delusional as Dorian Slaughter. Why does Dorian care about what the fans think? He's a menacing, death-dealing reaper who got to the mountaintop by demolishing the competition, and ignoring the thoughts of the fans. Why target Flex, and more importantly, for the reasons he stated? There has to be something more here.

Copeland: Whatever the reasoning, Flex Mussel gets his chance to take some revenge on the backstage beatings and put Dorian Slaughter away here tonight, in either an I Quit or Last Man Standing match. Both extreme matches, but with the potential this feud of escalating beyond Unscripted, I think Vance Bateman made the right call in looking for an end to this feud tonight.

Flex jumps down, removing his tracksuit, hood, and body weights, putting them all into the duffle bag. He shoves the duffle bag underneath one of the bottom turnbuckles, and begins stretching. The fans are still firmly behind Flex, continuing to chant and stomp as the music dies down. Flex points out to the fans before looking directly at the ramp.

Loud boos begin ringing throughout the arena as Dorian's music hits the ring. The arena becomes darkened, leaving a single spotlight on the ramp, waiting for Slaughter to make his appearance.

Harrys: And his opponent, from Hell, Michigan, weighing 295 pounds, Dorian "The Angel of Death" Slaughter!

Connor: For Dorian's sake, he better bring the same mentality when he won the World championship. Flex is a tried and tested competitor here, and although this match will undoubtedly be no disqualifications, he'll need to be on his top game.

Cohen: Flex is only seasoned in the tag team department. As a singles competitor, he hasn't had anywhere near the same success as Dorian, a former World champion and Gold Rush tournament winner. Flex got eliminated early on in this year's tournament, and couldn't win the Eurasian title on multiple occasions. Dorian has nothing to worry about.

The dark arena continues to not let light through other than the single spotlight, but no presence makes itself known. Dorian does not seem to be coming out of the entrance ramp, making Flex a little question what Dorian is doing. The lights in the arena turn on, realising that Dorian is nowhere in the backstage area.

Copeland: I'm being told Dorian hasn't been seen heading to the ring. Where is he?

The crowd boos even more as they start thinking the match may not go ahead, as Dorian is not making his entrance. Flex has a confused look on his face; however, it quickly switches to a sudden realisation, forcing him to escape the ring fast. He runs around one side of the ring, right in front of the announcer's table, and looks underneath the ring. To Flex's surprise, it is just assorted weapons and random cables.

Copeland: WATCH OUT!


Dorian Slaughter had jumped over the barricade, attacking Flex Mussel from behind with a steel chair! The crowd boos heavily as Slaughter tosses the steel chair, and begins laying the boots into Flex, before mounting him and pummelling stiff punches into the face of the fallen Flex.

Cohen: What a genius! Flex thought Dorian might've been hiding under the ring, just like he did when he pulled Flex through the ring. However, Dorian used reverse psychology and simply waited for Flex to check, attacking from behind! Brilliant!

Connor: But he can do whatever he likes in the match, no matter the stipulation, so why the ambush?

Cohen: To end this match before it begins, much like Dorian wishes to end the Flex revolution before it begins. How poetic!

Dorian delivers one final blow before getting up, raising his hands in the air with a chorus of boos raining down on him. Referee Elizabeth Prince, who has been doing her best to warn and pull off Dorian during the assault, orders Dorian to get into the ring. Slaughter only smiles at the referee with a wicked grin, picking up the carcass of Flex, and throwing him into the middle of the ring. Slaughter grabs the chair he used for the assault, and throws it in. He goes underneath the ring, and grabs a pair of kendo sticks. He puts one of the ring, but keeps the other. He begins whacking it across the steel steps and ring post, breaking it up so shards of broken wood stick out.

Copeland: Whatever plans Dorian has for Flex, it is not going to be pretty.

Slaughter walks up the steel steps, and climbs into the ring. Referee Prince is checking on Flex, who is beginning to stir in the corner, searching around for Slaughter. Once he finds him, he keeps an eye on him as he struggles to his feet. Slaughter stands in the middle with the kendo stick, staring at him. Referee Prince gets in-between the two, warning Slaughter not to do any more damage. Slaughter says he'll oblige, and wishes to wait for the stipulation reveal. Referee Prince doesn't trust Slaughter, but she wants to start the match as quickly as possible before anything else happens, so she goes over to Flex and asks if he wants to continue. Flex nods as he continues to struggle getting to his feet, and Referee Prince asks for the stipulation reveal.


I Quit - 19%
The crowd realise that they may have goofed up their choice in picking last man standing as Dorian is the only one on his feet, with Flex unable to get up. Dorian's wicked grin goes from ear-to-ear as he watches Flex struggle. Flex cannot take the grin, and demands the referee the start the match, even though he is not on his feet yet. Referee Prince pleads, but Flex does not budge from his stance, calling for the match to begin. Referee Prince sighs, not looking at the timekeeper when she signals for the bell.


Almost immediately, Slaughter charges at Flex with the broken kendo stick, and whacks the middle of his stomach, before dropping the weapon again to pursue a barrage of strikes to Flex, who is trapped in the corner, and falls down to the ground.

Cohen: Thanks to the sneak attack and Flex's delusions of being able to compete from his position, I have a feeling this one will be over very quickly.

Connor: It was noble of Flex to request this match to start, but Jack's got a point here. This might be his undoing.

Slaughter continues to pummel Flex until he cannot block any more shots, and then throws a few more for good measure. Slaughter lets up, standing straight and looks down at Flex with a wicked grin. The crowd boos heavily as Slaughter picks Flex back up to his feet, and thrusts his own boot onto the throat of Flex, choking him in the corner. Flex tries his best to push away Slaughter's boot, but the series of strikes has rendered his ability to defend himself useless, and is forced to succumb to the pressure of the choke. However, before Flex can pass out, Slaughter let's go and allows Flex to catch his breath. Slaughter retreats to the untouched kendo stick, picking it up, and admiring its beauty. He heads over to the corner slowly, waiting for Flex to stop coughing, and applies the kendo stick to the throat of Flex, inflicting even more punishment to the wind pipes of Flex. Referee Prince is helpless to watch this beating, suggesting to Slaughter to let Flex fall to the ground so she can begin counting. Slaughter looks over at the referee, staring at her as he pulls the kendo stick away, and lets Flex fall to the ground. He gets closer to referee Prince and stares her dead in the eye.

Slaughter: Is this what you want?

Dorian Slaughter then turns to the crowd.

Slaughter: Is this what you want?! Is this who you follow?!

Referee Prince uses this time to check on Flex to see if he is still responsive before beginning her count... 1

... 2
... 3
... 4

Flex Mussel begins stirring, coughing and spluttering everywhere. He has enough strength to get on all fours, and reach out to the ropes, looking to use them to get to his feet. The crowd cheers at this, with Dorian Slaughter noticing.

... 5
... 6

Before Flex can get himself to a vertical base, Dorian grabs an arm of Flex and blasts him with a Hate Creation, laying down Flex back down on the ground.

Copeland: This has been completely one-sided. Flex hasn't thrown a single punch, nor has he stood on his feet without the assistance of the ropes or Dorian Slaughter forcing him to stand. All because of a cowardly attack.

Cohen: I don't know what you saw, but I clearly witnessed Flex trying to escape competing in this match by hiding underneath the ring. The so-called ambush, and this display of dominance, is the payment for committing such a sin.

Referee Prince has got up to a count of 4 on Flex, who again, begins to stir from the devastating clothesline. He is on all fours, heading to the ropes. He tries pulling himself up, back he is very slow at doing so.

... 5
... 6
... 7

Right before Prince can make the eight count, Flex decides it is best to go underneath the bottom rope, and get to a vertical base on the outside, stopping the referee's count. Dorian's wicked smile turns into a disgusted look, shooting a death stare at the referee for breaking the count on something so cheap.

Connor: Smart play by Flex. He couldn't get up, so he used the ring's height off the ground to get him to stand and break the count. Whether his continuation in the match was an intelligent choice or nor remains to be seen.

Flex is holding himself up using the bottom rope as Dorian Slaughter slides to the outside. He approaches Flex and drives the sole of his boot into the stomach of Flex, before grabbing him and throwing him into the barricades. Dorian delivers a pair of kesagiri chops, before finishing up the combination with a heart punch. Flex falls onto the chest of Dorian, with Slaughter doing his best to keep him held up. Not finished with him, he places Flex on top of the barricade before climbing on the barricades himself. He grabs the head of Flex, and does his best to slowly pick Flex up to a standing position. It takes a while, as the limp body of Flex, and the awkward positioning of standing on the railing of a barricade, makes it difficult for Dorian to get him to stand. When he eventually gets Flex up, he hooks Flex's head under his arm, and looks to deliver a nasty DDT; a modified Fall of Man on the barricades. However, as Slaughter looks to lock it in and drop Flex's head, the survival instincts of Flex kick in, and he does all he can to prevent the DDT drop. Surprised, Slaughter tries more torque and attempts to overpower Flex, but once again, Flex refuses to go down. Slaughter clubs Flex a couple of times across the back, rendering his last ditch defense useless. Slaughter uses his free arm to raise it in the air, eliciting boos from the crowd, as he looks to finish Flex. Despite all the damage Flex has taken, he somehow finds a way to counter Flex, and PERFORMS A BACK BODY DROP TO SLAUGHTER, WHO LENDS SPINE FIRST ONTO THE TOP RAILING! The crowd comes to life as Flex drops to his knees, and because of the thin railing, Flex does not land both knees on the barricade, and awkwardly falls into the audience, dropping onto the chairs of evacuated fans from the front row, resting across three of them. Slaughter clutches his back in pain as he rolls over, and hits the ground.

Copeland: An excellent counter by Flex! That might have saved him the match.

Connor: But does Flex have anything left? This was his first move in the match, and I doubt he has any energy to mount any significant offense.

Referee Prince has surveyed the damage and decides to begin the count on both men. Slaughter stirs on the ground whilst Flex does his best to catch his breath.

... 1
... 2
... 3
... 4
... 5

Slaughter is back up to his feet, thanks to the very barricade that hurt him, and makes his way over to where Flex is still downed. He reaches over the barricade to grab Flex, but instead is greeted with a steel chair to the face! Slaughter staggers backwards, falling to a knee and clutches his head, checking for signs of blood and looking to get his bearings. Flex manages to pulls himself up using the barricade, and readies the steel chair in hand. As Slaughter lifts his head to look at Flex, the monsieur of muscle throws the chair as hard as he can, connecting to the face of Slaughter, knocking him down to the ground. Flex collapses onto the barricade, still recovering from the beating.

Cohen: If there was one moment where Flex had the chance to turn the tides, this is it. He has to go big, or he'll be going home for a long while.

Flex lifts his head slowly, looking at the position of Slaughter, and an idea runs into his head. Flex does his best to ascend onto the railing of the barricade once more, trying not to fall off by balancing himself properly. He straightens his legs and looks up at Slaughter, who has recovered, grabbing the ankles of Flex. Mussel manages to shake off Slaughter, kicking him back. Slaughter flinches before running at Mussel, who receives a nasty kick to the face, stunning Slaughter in place. Flex looks down at Slaughter, tightens his muscles and lets out steam through his nose, before bending over, clutching at the stomach of Slaughter, and slowly picking him up off the ground! SOMEHOW, FLEX PICKS UP SLAUGHTER FROM THE GROUND, LIFTS HIM UP BY HIS STOMACH SO HIGH INTO THE AIR, AND DELIVERS A GUTWRENCH OVERHEAD THROW, STRAIGHT ONTO THE FLOOR! Both men crash onto the thin pads with a sickening thud, causing both of them to be laid out on the floor. The crowd is cheering loudly, in shock and awe at the sheer strength of Flex to lift a man like Slaughter after taking such a heavy beating. Slaughter looks hurt, and Flex is completely exhausted, as referee Prince checks to see the status of both men.

Copeland: What an impressive feat by Flex Mussel! We knew he is strong, but that was almost superhuman! How does he still have the ability to do that?

Cohen: The will to win, and not succumb to the Angel of Death. When you're pushed against the wall with nowhere left to hide, your instincts kick in and you'll do whatever you need to in order to survive.

Connor: But did that cost Flex in the long run? He seems completely drained, but Dorian doesn't look right. He took a nasty hit to the spine, and this is another big impactful move to the spine. If Flex can dig deep and find something, he may end up pulling out the victory.

Cohen: He needs to beat the count of 10 first, CC.

Referee Prince begins to count...

... 1
... 2
... 3
... 4

Slaughter begins to stir, finding it difficult to get up. Flex is still grounded. The crowd begins rallying behind Flex with some cheers, before beginning the "We Will Rock You" stomping and clapping.

... 5
... 6

Slaughter manages to get up almost to a vertical base, but he is struggling to stay there. Flex starts to move as the stomping and clapping gets louder and louder with each passing second.

... 7
... 8

Flex is on his all fours as Slaughter has caught his breath, standing up by himself, although clutching his back.

... 9

As the referee goes for the 10, Flex manages to barely stand on his feet. Slaughter clutches his back and looks directly at Mussel, who taunts the Angel of Death, asking for him to bring it. Slaughter looks infuriated at Flex, and is almost about to burst from the blood boiling underneath his skin.

Copeland: How is he standing, let alone begging for more?!

Slaughter goes in for a strike, but Flex blocks it and fires back with his own. Slaughter tries again, but the same thing happens again. Slaughter goes for a third, yet Flex connects with his shot first, and then continues to lay into Slaughter on the outside. The crowd cheers loudly as the shots go from a controlled pace, to rapid fire. Flex finishes up with a big European uppercut, knocking Slaughter back into the barricade, looking for some safeguard. However, Flex manages to keep up the attack, and charges at Slaughter with a jumping knee lift. Flex connects, but this energy expenditure keeps Flex from capitalising on the move for a few seconds. Slaughter is dazed from the shot, and cannot counter this predicament. Flex branches away from Slaughter, and stumbles over to the steel chair he threw at Slaughters face, and wields it in his hands, taking a wild swing at Slaughter. The steel cracks over Slaughters face, busting him open. Red trickles from the forehead of Slaughter, and Flex takes advantage, using the chair once more, smacking him in the head. Slaughter is unable to defend himself, allowing Flex some time to recover more.

Connor: Flex is taking the fight to Slaughter, and his shots are dealing more damage. Slaughter is going to lose a significant amount of blood if he doesn't stop Flex.

Cohen: And he has to do it soon. Flex is still tired from the attacks, and one good counter play will turn the tides once more.

Flex tosses the chair away before grabbing Slaughter, dragging him by the head and putting him into the ring. Slaughter immediately rolls onto his stomach and does his best to get to his all fours. Flex takes a second or two, before heading to the steel steps, and ascending into the ring this way, to keep himself at a vertical base. Referee Prince doesn't count Slaughter as he is already up to one knee, struggling to stay there. Flex enters the ring, and grabs the clean kendo stick, using it to keep himself steady. Slaughter looks up and sees Flex holding the stick, knowing exactly what is coming next.

Flex lays into Dorian Slaughter with many shots from the kendo stick, as many times as he can, as quickly as he can without toppling over or exerting himself to the point where he will collapse. The crowd cheers with every shot, getting louder and louder. Flex waits before delivering the final blow, staggering back as he raises the now almost broken kendo stick into the air, cracking it over the bloody head of Dorian Slaughter, snapping the kendo stick in half. It is a sickening thud, and the shot causes blood to run out a little faster than before; however, Slaughter is has yet to drop to the ground. He remains on his one knee, trying his best to not fall and be counted out. Flex has fallen back to the ropes, using the second rope to keep him standing. He looks over at Dorian Slaughter, who refuses to go down, and takes a few breaths.

Mussel stands up straight, looks directly at Slaughter, and calls for the end of the match. He goes over to Slaughter, puts his head in-between his legs, and does his absolute best to lift Slaughter up, slowly getting him up and delivering a Mussel Bomb to the corner turnbuckle, letting go and allowing Slaughter to crash into the turnbuckles. Slaughter catches his back, and falls to his knees, using his all his strength to keep himself on all fours, not falling down to the ground. Flex is on his knees as well, and looks at Slaughter who refuses to fall. Flex uses a surge of energy to get to his feet, slowly, and grab Slaughter once more, lifting him slower than before, somehow managing to set up for another Mussel Bomb, planting Slaughter into the canvas. Slaughter looks to be dazed and out of it, but after seeing the refusal of Slaughter throughout this match, Flex does not deem this enough to finish Slaughter. With his final bit of strength, Flex lifts Slaughter into the sky, higher than before, and delivers a HIGH IMPACT SITOUT MUSSEL BOMB DIRECTLY INTO THE CANVAS, PLANTING SLAUGHTER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Slaughter is rendered unconscious, and is not responsive, whilst Flex is absolutely exhausted. Both men lay in the middle of the ring, with referee Prince checking on both men, most concerned about Slaughter.

Connor: The last amount of strength Flex had in his body after taking such a beating at the start of the match, and he used it on his finisher that has put many competitors away. Will this be enough?

Copeland: Slaughter isn't moving, and I doubt he'll be able to get up. If Flex can somehow get to his feet before a count of 10, this match will be is to take.

Cohen: A big if, Seabass. As CC said, he used the last of his strength. He probably has nothing left.

Referee Prince begins the count...

... 1
... 2
... 3
... 4

Flex is the only one to start move, doing his best to shove the dead legs of Slaughter draped over his own to the side, and begins crawling to the ropes for assistance. The crowd is firmly behind Flex.

... 5
... 6
... 7

Slaughter is showing some signs of life, whilst Flex is desperately trying to pull himself up to his feet. He is struggling, and the veins from his muscles are popping out from underneath his skin.

... 8
... 9

Mussel is almost at his feet, and Dorian tries to move but he cannot do it.

Copeland: Flex is about to do it!

As referee Prince counts the 10, Mussel pulls himself to a vertical base, managing to stay standing for a couple of seconds, keeping him on both feet for enough time for Prince to call the 10, and officially end the match.

Flex immediately drops down to his all fours, relieved the match has ended and he has picked up the victory. The crowd cheers wildly for Flex as his music hits the arena. Slaughter is still on the ground with blood from his forehead still prominent. Referee Prince helps Flex Mussel to his feet, and raises his hand in the air.

Harrys: Here is your winner... FLEX MUSSEL!

Copeland: What a display by Flex Mussel tonight! He overcame the ambush, the constant beat-down, and nearly being choked into passing out several times, and picked up the victory on an intent Dorian Slaughter.

Cohen: Slaughter performed some amazing reverse psychology to start things up, kept the pressure on Flex, and even when Flex mounted the comeback, Slaughter refused to fall until Flex used every bit of energy to destroy him.

Connor: Regardless on your thoughts before the match, it was a valiant effort by both men but it was the monsieur of muscle who ended up victorious, picking up the victory. Hopefully after that performance, this feud has come to an end early, and we can start looking towards the future, the Lethal Lottery.

Flex rolls to the outside of the ring, and raises his hand into the air to some more cheers. He slowly walks up the ramp, struggling to stay on his feet, as referee Prince continues checking on Dorian Slaughter, who is only beginning to stir.


We return from a commercial for the latest line of WZCW action figures.

Copeland: Well this is certainly unexpected.

As the theme music of the owner of WZCW plays the crowd and the commentary team immediately take notice as they know something important is about to take place. Mr. Banks walks down the ramp with purpose before entering the ring and procuring a microphone.

Harrys: Please welcome to the ring, the owner of WZCW, Mr. Banks!

Banks: Sorry for the interruption WZCW universe but I couldn’t wait in the back any longer. And I shouldn’t have to, after all I own this company anyway. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve begun some serious thinking about the state of WZCW. So in lieu of that I’d like to invite Vance Bateman and Becky Serra out to the ring right now.

Bateman makes his way down the ramp very cautious and nervous about what Banks may have to say. As he gets near the ring his music is abruptly cut off and followed by Serra’s.

Serra walks down the ramp much of the same way her Meltdown counterpart did. She enters the ring and anxiously waits for Banks to continue talking.

Banks: I’ve been the owner of WZCW for a long time now. And as I’ve watched both programs the last couple of weeks I’ve realized we need to shake things up. And after all this is Unscripted. So I thought what better a show to announce certain changes on. I’m paying you both a handsome amount of money to run Meltdown and Ascension respectively. However, despite having different general manager’s the shows still seem like they’re the same thing. I want that to change, and I want to see which of you is better at not only entertaining these fans, but also thinking outside the box. So I think it’s only fair that I give you both your own separate toys to play with. So as of tonight the EurAsian championship will be exclusive to Meltdown and the Elite Openweight championship will be exclusive to Ascension. For the last year now those championships have been highly coveted, sought after, and respected in this company. Let’s see which one of you can make the other even better than they already are. Who knows, soon enough those might not be the only things that are exclusive.

Banks drops the mic as he exits the ring and his theme music plays. Bateman and Serra look to each other nervously and then with irritation as they start sharing some choice words.

Connor: Wow, well whoever leaves Unscripted tonight the EurAsian and Elite champions will now be Meltdown and Ascension exclusive.

Cohen: Banks really wants some healthy competition between this general manager’s now.

Copeland: It’ll surely be interesting to see how that affects the company…
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Blackjack Theron's

1+ Up Challenge

Theron walks out with a long overcoat and sunglasses on. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple lights flash as his song plays. The pyro goes off as he pulls out his prop sword and does an intricate slash with it. He then walks to the ring and rolls his d20 before entering, jumps into the ring, takes off his coat and glasses before throwing a Jack of Hearts out into the audience.

Theron asks for a microphone and receives one.

Theron: Gladiators! Death Delvers! Bards and Guards! Welcome to the first ever 1+ Up Challenge.

His introduction is met with heavy cheering. Theron smiles to the audience in attendance and continues.

Theron: Moments ago we all found out who my opponent would be. And I have to tell you- I am truly honored to face this gladiator. It will be the contest of the ages! To start the festivities, please welcome Neil Ranger---

Noah Ryder comes out to a thunderous ovation. He pounds his chest enthusiastically and screams out a few verses of his theme music. He hops down the runway, making sure to clap hands with as many people as he can in the front row. He slides into the ring and gives Theron a brief nod before running to the nearest corner. He leaps onto it and raises his arms up. The fans are fired up.

Harrys: And his opponent, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder !!!

Copeland: The King For a Day winner himself! Noah Ryder by an overwhelming fan vote. They really want to see the best bring the house down tonight.

Cohen: I don't see why we didn't get John Doe. These people are idiots. And Veejay was shafted.

Connor: No, the audience wants to see a briefcase holder take on a former World Champion. Respect their vote, Jack.

Cohen: Lot of good it's doing them. Do you think Noah forgot he is the KFAD?

Copeland: I'm sure he knows and is biding his time. A victory against Theron here would definitely cause our World Champion to be cautious.

"The Natural 21" and "The Unforgettable One" stand together in the ring. Theron brings the mic back up to his lips.

Theron: As your host, it will be an honor besting you here tonight.

Noah Ryder laughs and responds.

Noah: As your guest, it will be an honor to see you try.


They circle one another, looking for the slightest misstep to put in the first offense. Theron keeps his eyes locked onto Noah, but waves his arms up and down to get the crowd clapping in rhythm. The look of determination on Noah Ryder says it all- he wants to prove himself against "The Natural 21". Noah makes the first move by locking up with Theron. Blackjack Theron struggles, but is able to force Ryder to the nearest turnbuckle. Referee Katie Shepard breaks them up, which Theron is more than happy to do. Daggershield works the crowd again but this time crosses his arms in the form of an "X". Noah Ryder smiles and nods, respecting the showman. He locks up with the D&D player again, pushing him across the ring and to the opposite turnbuckle. Katie again with the breakup. Theron clutches to the post while Noah taunts Theron by pounding his own chest to the rhythm of the audience's clapping. Daggershield smirks and gives him a thumbs up.

Copeland: A lot of respect among these two individuals it seems. They're letting each other be themselves for a moment. Got to like the sportsmanship.

Cohen: They can't be buddy buddy for long. It's a match.

Connor: I agree with Jack. A win here can mean a lot to either man.

The competitors get serious as they lock up for a third time. Theron Irish Whips Noah into the ropes, he rebounds, Theron leaps into the air and grabs Noah by the head with his legs, and takes him down with a standing Hurricanrana. Ryder bends unnaturally and crashes to the mat. Daggershield gets back up and drags Noah to the center of the ring. Noah slaps his hands away and delivers a barrage of chop/punch combos over and over and over again to his opponent's chest. The Hero of Mystra guards his torso from a final chop as Noah runs the ropes. An Elbow Smash drops Ryder on his back. Theron takes a breather.

Cohen: The hell are you doing? Finish him!

Copeland: You used to wrestle. You know how chops can take the wind out of you. Taking a small pause won't hurt anything.

The gamer drops a knee into Noah's midsection. Ryder reels in pain. Theron takes his time sizing up Noah before applying an Arm Bar submission. He wrenches it with a brutal fervor and Ryder cries out. Theron twists and rocks back and forth. Katie kneels down, asking Noah if he is willing to quit. He shakes his head no. The former World Champion applies the hold ruggedly and and screams for Noah to give up. The Unforgettable One refuses. Instead he reaches out for the ropes. He misses it by inches. Noah rocks back and forth with Theron to try and get closer. To no avail. Katie moves in closer, sensing that the end may be near sooner than expected.

Connor: This would be a pretty decisive victory if Theron makes Noah tap out now.

Copeland: Not so. Theron is one of the best wrestlers err gladiators on the roster. There's no shame in quitting now.

Ryder grabs hold of the bottom rope! Katie calls for the rope break and Theron lets go. The two combatants scramble to their feet to be the first person up. Noah beats the gamer and delivers a straight kick to the head of Theron. He doesn't go down but is dazed instead. Noah continues building an offense by picking the former champion up and nailing a Half and Half Suplex. He releases the move but crawls for a cover.



And Theron with the kickout. The Unforgettable One now with a submission- a sleeperhold. It's expertly applied, causing the Open Challenge host to cry out in agony. Ample time is taken but Theron touches the ropes with his feet.

Connor: Move after move it appears they are on equal footing.

Cohen: For once I agree. It could take a lucky break to secure a winner here.

Both men back up and Noah runs the ropes. He attempts a Sling Blade, but misses. He turns around and encounters a Critical Hit but Ryder pushes Theron away in the nick of time. Noah moves in front of Theron as he is getting up and goes for a snapmare...and it connects. Daggershield tastes a dropkick followed by another pinfall. Katie counts for a 2. Noah grabs Theron for a headlock, but Theron reverses it into an Atomic Drop. The Hero of Mystra keeps his sights on Ryder, sprinting towards a close turnbuckle and climbing it. A missile dropkick! It misses but RYDER COUNTERS THE MOVE WITH A SLING BLADE!!!

Copeland: Holy shit he did that in mid-air!

Cohen: Language, Seabass. This is a family program.

The audience are in an uproar as they applaud the display of athleticism. Noah favors his back, placing one arm over it as he slowly gets up. He sees the down Theron and smiles. He goes for the same turnbuckle Theron used and slowly ascends it. Noah focuses in on the kill, leaps, and lands with a Dragoon Jump! Using Theron's own signature move against him, he drives a fist into Blackjack's skull. He quickly makes the cover.




Theron kicks out again! Noah grimaces, but regains composure. He grabs Theron, Theron slides out of his clutches, spins around to face Noah's back, and executes a Blue Thunder Bomb! Noah's move has Noah pinned.




Noah gets an arm underneath the bottom rope. Blackjack Theron pushes him away, unsure on how to keep his opponent down for the count.

Cohen: Still think they're besties?

Connor: They've read each other's playbook for sure.

Copeland: I think it takes a deep admiration for an opponent to use a move like those flawlessly. Some level of respect is surely present.

The competitors crawl to opposing sides of the ring and use the ropes for leverage. They get to their feet and lock eyes. Exhausted, Theron tries to catch his breath. Noah leans against the ropes, his back still bothering him from before. Fans in the front row clap in appreciation of their skill. Both men limp cautiously towards each other until they are in the center of the ring. The amnesiac draws first blood, reaching an arm around Theron for a headlock takedown- no! The Pass Out and it sends Blackjack Theron headfirst into the canvas. The move caused a tremor that ran up Noah's back and he screamed in blind panic. Ryder wrapped an arm arm around Theron's leg, hooking the pin.




A KICKOUT! Theron kicks out of Noah Ryder's finisher. The look on his face is of absolute dismay.

Copeland: I...I can't believe it.

Connor: Incredible.

Noah backs away. Theron uses his elbows to move to a set of ropes. He reaches them, and leans against a corner post. Theron holds on to the ropes by the tips of his fingers. He gives Ryder a knowing grin and nods, as if communicating something to him that no one could hear. Noah nods back and rushes towards him. He plants a Blow Ryder across Blackjack Theron's cheek! Theron goes down and Noah pins him for the fourth time in the match.




Harrys: Here is your winner, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

Copeland: Amazing. The King For A Day answered The Hero's Call and he delivered.

Cohen: It took both of Noah's biggest weapons to make the former champion lose, though. Have to give credit where credit is due.

Connor: Something's happening here, guys. Shut up and watch!

Noah Ryder gets a prop sword from underneath the ring and slides it inside. He picks it up and waits for Theron Daggershield to get up. Once he does, Noah raises the sword into the air. The Hero of Mystra is on his feet, but barely. He eyes Ryder suspiciously.

Noah grabs Theron ...and gives him the sword. Surprised, Theron seizes it. Noah extends an hand out for Theron to shake. He gazes at the hand, back at the sword, and at the hand again. He grips the Warblade tightly and shakes Noah's hand. The audience give off a sigh of relief and continue to voice their support for both men. They raise each other's hand in victory.

Noah calls for Theron's music to play again as he goes to get his own Warblade. The two men spar for a moment with the swords before standing still with blades crossed, giving fans a chance to take their picture. The swords form an "X".


WZCW principal owner Kenneth Banks is seen walking through a corridor backstage. He stops and greets various backstage workers, except Backstage Bob, who he leaves hanging on a high five. He gets to his office and opens the door, and when he looks inside there is a shocked look on his face. The camera slowly turns to reveal the inside of his office.

The office is absolutely torn to shreds. Spray paint and graffiti line the walls, books are torn asunder with pages strewn across the room. Pictures are broken and the shattered glass lies on the floor. He walks inside and finds a knife stabbed into his desk. The knife is holding a note in place. He pulls the knife up and drops it on the floor and reads the note, his face telling a story of horror and disgust.

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Harrys: The following tag team contest is set for one fall….

Copeland: Time to find out the stipulation for the tag title match

Tornado Tag– 41%

Tables Match - 53%

Normal Rules – 6%

Harrys: And will be a tables match for the WZCW tag team championships! Each member of the team must be put through a table for the other to be victorious!

Cohen: Yikes, not going to be a great night for cooper.

Connor: The odds certainly aren’t in his favor with this stipulation…

As Verdi begins, lights begin flickering through the infinite darkness of the blackened arena. The music continues to pick up as Constantine walks on stage with his arms stretched wide in defiance. The arena is rattled by the sound of drums blaring through the speakers. Soon after that Abel walks through the curtain being flanked by Steven Holmes. All three men stand united together on stage before they begin to make their way down the ramp and to the ring.

Harrys: Making their way down to the ring, the challengers, accompanied by Steven Holmes, Abel Hunnicutt and Constantine, Vis Imperium!

Cohen: Two former world champions and an up and coming monster against one man? This is a slaughter I’m not even going to be comfortable watching.

Copeland: While the odds are indeed on the side of Vis Imperium I wouldn’t count Justin Cooper out just yet.

Justin Cooper walks on stage with both tag team belts draped over his shoulder as he hesitantly walks down to the ring alone. He stops at the end of the ramp and raises both championships high in the air

Harrys: And the champion, he is one half of the tag team champions…Justin Cooper!

Connor: Yes you heard him right folks, Justin Cooper is only half of the tag team champions and he indeed defending the tag team titles alone. His partner Mark Keaton will not be here to help him defend the belt. The sole champ is going it alone tonight.

Cohen: In a tables match against two practically three opponents tonight. Hope Cooper likes wood.

Copeland: Going to pretend you didn’t say that last part Jack, regardless. It’s an uphill battle to climb and one that may shorten Cooper’s career.

Justin Cooper hesitantly enters the ring and hands the tag team title to the referee. He raises the belts high into the air for the crowd to see and then hands them off to the timekeeper. He then rings the bell and Constantine and Abel immediately charge at Cooper in the corner. The sole champion wisely ducks under the bottom rope and exits the ring. Vis Imperium exits to continue the chase. Cooper sprints around the corner but Holmes waits on the other side attempting to cut him off. Cooper ducks a wild swing from Holmes and nails Abel! Abel is stunned and irritated but Constantine continues going after Cooper. The champ turns around and drops Constantine into drop toe hold sending the former world champion face first right into the barricade! Holmes yells at Abel to focus and attack Cooper. The big man sets his sights on Cooper and the champion slides back in the ring. Abel follows and Cooper immediately begins to stomp away on Abel. The strikes unfortunately do not have much an effect as Abel is still enraged. Abel charges and throws Cooper into the corner and begins hitting multiple Fists and forearms on a trapped Cooper. Abel then puts Cooper on the ropes and Irish whips him. Constantine can be seen getting on the apron attempting to enter the action but Cooper preemptively hits a forearm knocking him back down to the floor. Holmes goes over to check on while Abel charges at Cooper once again. The champ pulls down the bottom rope sending the big man hurdling over the top rope and landing right on top of Constantine and Holmes!

Copeland: Things going much better for Cooper than I think anyone could have imagined!

Connor: Vis Imperium shockingly not on the same page tonight.

Cohen: I’m shocked Cooper hasn’t been buried in wood right now.

Cooper begins taunting Vis Imperium who are trying to recover on the floor while the fans begin cheering his underdog actions. Vis Imperium eventually gets to their feet and Holmes calms down both Constantine and Abel who are furious and feel embarrassed. Holmes tells Abel and Constantine to relax and corner the ring and they do just that trapping Cooper inside. Holmes begins to slowly get on the apron as Constantine and Abel do the same on the other aprons. Cooper quickly realizes the predicament he’s in and things are not looking good for him. Sinister looks develop on the faces of Vis Imperium as they stand on the apron. Before they can enter the ring however the lights go off…

Click for Spoiler:

Copeland: What the hell is going on?!

The lights come back and single spotlight shines in the ring. No Cooper to be seen but instead it’s someone else….Mark Keaton! Fans begin to cheer wildly as Keaton has an electric guitar with him and begins delivering a solo that stops Vis Imperium dead in their tracks! All three men are confused as to what’s happening and Keaton finishes off his solo to a massive ovation.

Connor: Mark Keaton has returned!

Copeland: The tide of this match may have just turned immensely!

Cooper pulls Holmes off the apron and down to the floor; Keaton rams the guitar into Abel stomach stunning him on the apron. Constantine quickly enters the ring and begins hammering away on Keaton. Constantine tries to hit The Axis but Keaton slips out and nails a picture perfect dropkick! Cooper slides back in the ring with three hard well placed elbow drops directly to Constantine’s chest! The tag team champions get to their feet pose together to cheering fans until Abel enters the ring and clotheslines both men from behind. He picks up Cooper and throws him shoulder first into turnbuckle which such velocity Cooper falls out onto the floor. He then picks Keaton up in the corner and begins delivering repeated chops to the chest. While this is happening Constantine slides a table under the ring and reenters the action. He instructs Abel to set up the tables as he wants a piece of Keaton. He begins to deliver boots to the gut until Keaton falls down to the bottom turnbuckle where Constantine delivers even more stomps. As Abel finishes setting up the table Constantine picks Keaton and puts him on the top rope. Both Constantine and Abel get to the top rope and get into vertical suplex position and check to make sure the table is still in perfect position. They launch Keaton off the rope looking to end the match but Cooper sprints into the ring and moves the table just in time as Keaton hits the mat with a devastating thud. Constantine swears as he realizes the match isn’t over. Abel quickly gets to his feet and walks aright into a hip-toss from Cooper. As the champ turns around however he walks right into a Lariat from Constantine. With everyone else down Constantine picks up the table and sets up vertically in the corner. Constantine picks up Cooper and begins hammering him with right hands. He then Irish whips Cooper with all his force towards the table. Cooper can’t stop his momentum and can sense this might be the end-but at the last second Keaton dives and tackles his partner to the ground before he can hit the table!

Copeland: The teamwork between Cooper and Keaton tonight is doing wonders in terms of saving each other from the table.

Constantine swears again as he becomes more frustrated. He gets to attack Keaton but the champ scoops him up into a fireman’s carry and begins an Airplane Spin! He then sets him down with Constantine becoming loopy and he’s met with a European Uppercut from Cooper! And finally a Samoan drop from Keaton! Abel then hits a big boot on Keaton taking him down. Cooper tries to hit Your Final Verse but Abel delivers multiple elbows to escape the move and pops Cooper up to hit a Superiority Reflex! Cooper rolls around on the mat holding his jaw in pain until he sees Keaton beginning to stir in corner…right in front of the table! Abel charges at Keaton looking to tackle him but Keaton drops to the floor and Abel hurls himself right through the table! It breaks in half burying himself under the wood!

Connor: Is Abel eliminated?

Cohen: No! NO WAY! Abel put himself through the table!

Keaton begins to raises his arm in victory but the referee quickly informs him the match is still continuing and that you must actually put your opponents through the table. Keaton sighs and tries to over to check on Cooper who is still recovering. But before he can get to his feet he’s blasted in the back with a steel chair from Constantine! The former world champion delivers repeated chair shots to the back of Keaton until he seems practically life less. Constantine sees Cooper beginning to stir and he goes over to flatten with him the steel chair. As he raises above to his head to smash down on Cooper the champ quickly gets a double leg takedown and begins hammering away with hard elbow strikes to Constantine’s head. Cooper picks up Constantine looking to hit The Remix but Constantine ducks the clothesline and nails The Axis! All four men are now down but only Constantine is showing any signs of life.

Copeland: With Abel still down and through the table in the corner Constantine may be all by himself in this match.

Cohen: With what transpired I still like his chances.

At that moment Steven Holmes slides a table into the ring and begins yelling at Constantine to get up and take advantage of the situation. Constantine shakes out of the cobwebs and does just that. He gets to feet and begins setting up the table in the middle of the ring. He picks up Keaton and tries to hit The Axis through the table but Keaton fights out and hits a snap suplex right into the turnbuckle! Keaton seemingly has new life within him as he picks up Cooper and begins slapping him repeatedly so he wakes up. Cooper gets a bit irritated but eventually comes to his senses. Keaton picks up Constantine and chucks him towards Cooper. Keaton gets to the rope as Cooper sets Constantine up on the table. The champs look to hit Dysfunctionality until Holmes gets on the apron and crotches Keaton on the top rope! Cooper lets go off Constantine and delivers a low drop kick to Holmes causing him to fall face first on the apron! As he gets to his feet out of nowhere Abel rises from the ashes and delivers a clothesline sending Cooper to the outside! He then grabs Keaton from the top rope and launches him into Constantine who catches him for the Collateral Damage right through the table!

Connor: Just brutal!

Cohen: And here is the beginning of the end!

Copeland: Keaton has just been put through the table which means if Vis Imperium can get Cooper through one they will be the new tag team champions!

Fans boo as the ref checks on a fallen Keaton and Vis Imperium regroups in the ring. Both Abel and Constantine look to each other and see Cooper trying to recover behind the Spanish announce table. At that moment Constantine instructs Abel to go get Cooper while Constantine goes outside to get another table. As Abel slides under the bottom and heads towards Cooper the last remaining champ pulls out a kendo stick from the announce table and begins cracking Abel over the head with it repeatedly! Blood begins to pour from the face of Abel as Cooper is relentless! Repeated shots to the face over and over that an imprint can be seen on Abel! Constantine finishes setting up the table inside the ring and notices this. He goes and grabs Cooper from between the second and third rope but Cooper turns around nails him in the face with stick so hard it breaks in half! Constantine falls down to the mat holding his face in pain. Cooper wills himself to go under the bottom rope as fans begin to cheer him back into this match. He picks up Constantine and delivers The Remix! He turns Constantine almost inside out as the former champ is not moving. He sees his partner Keaton still out between the other broken table and he goes over to him and begins slapping him repeatedly! The tables have turned as Cooper keeps doing it till Keaton is practically brought back to life! Still aching in pain Keaton is able to get to his feet with the help of Cooper. Keaton then gets to the top rope off pure adrenaline as Cooper gets Constantine on the table. Anticipation reaches a fever pitch as Keaton leaps from the top rope and delivers Dysfunctionality crushing Constantine through the table!

Copeland: Things have been evened up! It’s down to Cooper and Abel!

Cohen: Keaton shouldn’t have even been able to hit that move! He was eliminated!

Connor: No DQ in a tables match Jack!

Both Cooper and Keaton get to their feet and realize a damaged Abel is all that is standing in their way of victory. The champs exit the ring on different sides and quickly begin digging under the ring. Cooper pulls out not one, not two, but three tables! He chucks the first two under the bottom rope but before he can put in the third Abel comes up from behind and clobbers him! On the other side of the ring Keaton pulls out a fifteen foot ladder! He throws it under the bottom rope and then begins hi fiving fans not aware of what’s happening on the other side of the ring! Abel sets up the table on the outside and picks up Cooper looking to hit a tombstone right on the table! Keaton notices this and then gets back in the ring and hits The PPV dropkick right to the outside sending Abel who’s holding Cooper right into the barricade. It takes a little bit for the champs to recover but they do and try to put Abel through the table with a vertical suplex! Before they can lift him up however Holmes runs over and begins attacking the champs with a title belt! He nails them in the back and then throws both back inside the ring. He quickly follows and tries to hit them both with the championship again but he misses! They both takedown Holmes by the leg and lock in the Double Single Leg Boston Crab! Holmes screams in pain and taps but the champs refuses to let go!

Cohen: Somebody stop them! They could be breaking Holmes legs!

Just as the champs begin to crank back even harder on the submission hold Abel enters the ring looking to save his mentor! He goes for a wild clothesline but Cooper sees it coming and hits Your Final Verse! Holmes rolls outside of the ring in pain and unable to stand! Keaton sets up the ladder as Cooper begins setting up the two tables! Keaton is climbing high to the top as Cooper is struggling to get Abel up and put him in position for Dysfunctionality! But at the last possible second Constantine nails Cooper in the head with Keaton’s guitar! Cooper falls to the floor busted wide open! Keaton is too high in the air to help and Constantine shoves the ladder and Keaton falls twenty feet to the floor through a table on the outside! Constantine yells at Abel to wake up and big man is just barely to get to his feet and put himself and Cooper on the two tables. Constantine gets to the top rope as Abel gets Cooper in tombstone position! Constantine leaps off the top and Vis Imperium nails the Spike Piledriver through two tables!

Harrys: And here are your winners, AND NEEEWWW WZCW World tag team champions! VIS IMPERIUM!

Cohen: Elimination! What a perfect name for the finisher and the ending!

Copeland: Hard fought match by Cooper and Keaton but in the end the numbers game was just too much for the now former champions.

Connor: Cooper and Keaton had this match won multiple times it wasn’t for Holmes!

Cohen: But it was no DQ right Cat!?!

The ref awards Vis Imperium the tag team titles as they hold themselves up on the rope bloody and beaten. They go outside to retrieve Steven Holmes before making their way up the ramp as more officials come down to check on the well-being of Cooper and Keaton. Each completely unconscious through tables. Vis Imperium get to the top of the ramp and hold their newly won championships high in the air before heading to the back.


All of a sudden the camera goes backstage and we see Tony Mancini and Gino Rizzoli walking around backstage and talking.

Tony Mancini: We both know it doesn't matter what stipulation these fans choose I could take Manson out with one hand behind my back but it doesn't hurt to have a bit of an insurance policy you know what I mean?

Gino Rizzoli: I know what you mean Ton but who are we going to find to help you? There is no one here tonight that's going to want to, not with everything they've got going on. Hell even Backstage Bob said no when we asked him.

Tony just shakes his head and keeps looking around when all of a sudden his eyes land on the last people he expected to see leaning on boxes and talking to each other.

Tony Mancini: Hey you're Darren Bull and Donny J right? You guys are just the people I'm looking for. How would you like to make some good money for a bit of work tonight?

At the word money their faces light up and Darren starts talking.

Darren Bull: I can't speak for West here but I'm always down for making some easy money, what do you want us to do?

Tony Mancini: It's simple, I have a match against Luke Manson tonight in either a Street Fight or Lumberjack match and whatever the match type is you two will take him out.

Darren Bull: That's it? I did that shit for free when I was a member of Ricky Runn's Swag Pack when he was WZCW Champion but if you want to pay me I won't say no.

Joe West: I would love to. It's about time these new punks learn why Darren Bull is still a name to be feared.

Tony claps both men on the shoulder and pulls them in close and whispers to them as they walk down the hallway with Gino right behind them keeping an eye out as they walk back to the dressing room.
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Copeland: We have word that the competitors in tonight's Library Brawl are just minutes away from their destination. Cat, Jack, any last words on this first of it's kind match?

Cohen: A nerd match between a couple of nerds, I can't wait to see this library torn apart though. I think Kagura will use her experience to come out on top in this one.

Connor: I have no idea what to expect in this match, but I've got to go with Ramparte. He has nothing to lose, and often those with nothing to lose are the most dangerous.

Copeland: In keeping with the library theme, there will be no commentary in this match as to keep the feel authentic.


At first, there was darkness.

And then, light.

The double doors that marked the entrance of the cavernous building creaked open, the guttural noises of ancient hinges echoing to the rafters above. The darkness that shrouded the interior was broken by a single beam of sunlight, revealing the place to be a large and grand library, its maze-like shelves packed from ground to ceiling with tomes. A silhouette stood in the beam of light emanating from the outside world, visible for only a brief moment before the doors closed behind him with a dull thud.

The click of the lightswitch being flipped was followed by the flicker of fluorescent bulbs bursting into light and illuminating the grand space and the person standing in it. It was of little surprise that Ramparte was the first to make it to the library, and as his eyes adjusted he stepped forward dressed to complete and inhaled the familiar musty smell of ink and paper. Though there was no crowd, no "Ramparte Row", the recluse could not help but feel at ease by the presence of so many books. In a sense, this was his home. A small look of relief flitted across his face, though his eyes were hard with the knowledge of what was to come.

He walked forward past the checkout desk and past the alcove containing an ancient IBM desktop computer and stopped just short of the rows of studying tables. On either wall and just beyond those tables were bookshelves upon bookshelves, some of which extended past the second story and almost to the ceiling. A noise behind the man made him pause as the doors again opened and the referee for the upcoming contest, Elizabeth Prince, entered. She walked briskly up to Ramparte and began the customary pre-match inspection as the two awaited his opponent.

It didn't take long for Kagura Joheki to make her entrance. Both of the doors of the library parted and she walked in as gracefully as a river and just as impossible to tame. The light in her eye screamed confidence as she held a book of her own close to her chest. She was, of course, already dressed to compete. Making her way to the official she handed her the mystical object and surveyed her surroundings. Spacious, well-equipped, and versatile. Not the most traditional stage for the shrine maiden, but a worthy battleground for this final fight.

"All right, I want the two of you to remember one thing," Prince said as she laid Kagura's book down and began her pre-match inspection. "This may be a different kind of match, but it is still a match. It won't end until I count a pinfall or a submission, got it?"

She held her hands out, separating the two who stared daggers at each other. Ramparte's chest heaved with barely-contained emotion, his eyes heavy. Kagura stared back, her gaze not leaving his face. She smirked.

Though there is no bell to ring, Elizabeth Prince made the motion and jumped backwards as Kagura and Ramparte immediately tore at each other. They locked up and shoved each other this way and that, Ramparte on the left and Kagura on the right. Ramparte struggled noiselessly, hoping to overwhelm with a pure power advantage, but the wily Joheki had other plans in mind. After their furious stalemate, her right hand snaked forward onto Ramparte's neck and jabbed into one of his meridian points. It wasn't much, but it was enough to give her the upper hand as Ramparte's face contorted and his base shifted just enough for Kagura to back him towards the wall.

Ramparte's back collided with one of the bookshelves that lined the perimeter of the library and he winced furiously, the resulting smack of flesh on wood echoing throughout the building. His head whipped backwards into the books and dust fell softly from one of the higher shelves. Kagura released the hold and sprung backwards, as lightly as is to be expected of a dancer. She whirled forward looking for a chop but was met by a sudden book to the side of the head. She crumpled to one knee, her head throbbing, and looked up at Ramparte who held a hardcover copy of The Art of War in his hand. He raised it for another shot but Kagura dodged to one side and got back to her feet. Deciding to fight paper with paper, the shrine maiden fumbled for a book of her own and withdrew her own copy of Sun Tzu's classic. The two stood face-to-face, each holding their weapon high.

A clock behind the librarian's desk ticked softly.

Suddenly, Kagura lobbed her book directly at her opponent's face. The writer raised an arm which was met by the sharp point of the book's cover. The heavy cardboard left Ramparte with a nasty scratch, and he dropped his stinging limb just in time to see Kagura lunging towards him again with a snarl. Ramparte posted up, ready to deflect her, but the dancer ducked his clubbing forearm and latched onto the meridian on the underside of his elbow. Ramparte bellowed noiselessly at the intense pain and Kagura wrenched his arm again and again.

"Scream!" she taunted but they both knew he could not. In response, Kagura dragged the recluse towards the staircase as he thrashed against the insidious hold. His resistance only made Kagura go for the other and tighten her grip, but just before the two began to ascend the velvet-covered steps Ramparte wrenched his arms free. Wasting no time he struck hard with his still-throbbing forearm and landed a massive blow into the chest of the surprised shrine maiden. Ramparte winced in pain, but the impact was enough to send Kagura reeling back just enough to create enough room for another, and another, and another, each one causing a louder and louder smack that echoed throughout the library. Kagura reeled both from the blows and from the hatred in the wordsmith's eyes as the back of her foot collided with the first step.

Kagura stumbled but as Ramparte drew back for another blow she managed to jump and using her trademark agility leapt two steps at once. Ramparte charged forward and Kagura dodged nimbly to one side, sending the recluse up several steps on momentum alone. She snuck up behind him and snaked her arms under her opponent's and crossed her hands, forcing Ramparte's head down and causing his neck to twist in a painful and unnatural way. Ramprte mouthed noiselessly again and again as Kagura kicked the back of his right leg with her boot. The collision of the tip of her toe on Ramparte's Achilles tendon made the bearded man stumble up the stairs. Kagura's firm grip and bizarre hold was enough to keep her on top as she wrenched Ramparte's neck violently to the left and with one final kick to the back of the kneecap she sent the alrger man to his knees.

She wasn't done. Her boots dug into the back of the recluse's legs and for the first time since their standoff earlier Kagura smirked again. She wrenched Ramparte's neck again and brought his face to the banister of the grand staircase and rubbed his face on the knobbly wooden posts that connected the handrail to the carpeted steps. Elizabeth Prince watched in horror as Kagura Joheki drew back again and smashed Ramparte's head into the space between the posts not once, not twice, but thrice. Finally, come the fourth time, Ramparte's bruised head crashed between two poles and left him trapped.

"Go on, scream!" Kagura taunted again. Ramparte struggled to free his head as Joheki darted down the steps. He twisted to see what was coming but to no avail. He was trapped, well and truly. He heard Kagura return and managed to crane his neck just enough to see the shrine maiden holding one of the chairs from downstairs high above her head. His eyes grew wide as he struggled again to free his head from the banister. Kagura laughed her haunting, room-filling laugh at Ramparte's fruitless efforts to make noise and brought the chair down on his unprotected back. With a crack, the shrine maiden slew the spider, and the chair shattered into splinters.

At the impact, Ramparte jerked so violently that he freed his head from its prison and in the process brought the posts with him. They clattered and fell to the ground as his bearded face grew an ashen white at the pain coursing through his body. So stunned was he by what just happened he didn't have time to notice Kagura running up to him. The judo expert dropped her hips, seized her opponent's wrists, and with an exclamation lifted Ramparte off his feet and threw him up the stairs with a suplex.

Ramparte was the partner in the Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto, and he bounced off the stairs and lay motionless, eyes glazed over. Kagura dived on top of her opponent and referee Prince bent down to count this bizarre cover.

"One!" she counted, her hand ricocheting off the thinly-covered concrete. "Two!"

But to Kagura's surprise, Ramparte managed to turn in such a way that his shoulders were off the steps. The shrine maiden looked nonplussed as Prince pointed at the two fingers she held up, and when she turned back to her prey it was too late. Ramparte shoved off of the stairs using his feet and scrambled further up them, finally getting to a vertical base. He aimed a kick at the shrine maiden, who dodged. She was no longer smirking. The two followed each other up the stairs, Ramparte walking backwards and Joheki walking forwards, neither daring to make the first move. It was fitting, then, that as Ramparte reached the top they both moved simultaneously.

The pair lunged at each other, referee Prince ducking out of the way as they locked up again. This time, however, it was Ramparte who managed to gain the advantage as as quick as lightning he caught a surprised Kagura with a suplex of his own, snapping her backwards and launching her into a squat-yet-sturdy bookshelf back-first. Kagura yelped angrily in pain and surprise as she ricocheted off the shelf. The shelf groaned ominously and books cascaded from it, striking the shrine maiden's skull. She yelped again and was pulled roughly upwards by Ramparte. The writer glanced around quickly, his eyes alighting on a small display of literary classics on top of the shelf. Impressive hardbound tomes sat neatly in a row, and Ramparte gingerly moved three copies of Paradise Lost aside while keeping his other hand clamped tightly on the scruff of his opponent's neck. Kagura, still dazed, tried to struggle, but Ramparte slammed her face into the hard wood of the bookcase.

Kagura lay face-down and limp between the two sets of books, and the writer got a nasty look in his eye. He backed away, slowly, turning once to Prince who said nothing. Steeling himself, and rushed forward and brought his foot up, slamming his big boot into the copies of Paradise Lost and slamming Kagura's head in between the two stacks of books with a crunch.

Kagura Joheki screeched in agony and fell to the ground on all fours. Sweat poured off her brow and her face contorted in agony. It meant nothing to Ramparte, who lashed out with his foot and laid her out with a crushing stomp to the side of the head. He went for the cover, his wild hair cascading over his grim features.

"One!" Prince counted. "Two!"

But Kagura kicked out. She rolled to one side and struggled to get to her feet, her hand flying to her still-smarting head. She stumbled, breathing heavily, looking around for an opening or an escape. But Ramparte was on the war path as he grabbed one of the heavy books littering the floor. The House of the Scorpion may be considered light reading to the most scholarly, but in the hands of the wordsmith it was anything but. He charged towards Kagura, his eyes alight with the fires of vengeance, but just as he was to deliver a hefty strike with Farmer's classic, Kagura bent over backwards to dodge. Ramparte winced as his stomach collided with an antique wooden chessboard and seizing the opportunity Kagura straightened up and delivered a vicious knife-edge chop to the nape of Ramparte's neck. The blow stopped the recluse short and his grip on the book faltered. With a horrible rending noise, the weathered and well-read tome's binding split, scattering pages to the wind.

Quick as a flash, Kagura used Ramparte's remaining momentum to twist him and get his feet off the ground. She dropped her hip and twisted the bearded man, whose eyes grew wide realizing what was coming. In less than a second his fears were confirmed as the judo expert tossed him onto the chessboard with a smooth hane-makikomi. Ramparte couldn't scream, but he could feel the chess pieces scattering under his back and the impact his flesh on the wood and metal His back arched as the pieces that remained on the table dug into his flesh, leaving behind horrible scratches. He writhed at every bishop, every knight that dug into his skin. It was agony and his eyes slammed shut top cope with the pain.

When he finally opened them, Kagura had vanished. The wordsmith glanced around trying to ignore the lacerations on his bleeding back, and it wasn't until he looked up that he realized where the shrine maiden had gotten to. Kagura Joheki stood high, high above him at the top of a rolling ladder attached to the shelves that lined the walls.She looked to be measuring for something, but balked as she realized that Ramparte had rolled off of the table. She glanced around, reassessing the situation, but to her surprise Ramparte didn't head straight for her ladder but darted to the right. She lost sight of the bearded man for a moment, and it was one moment too many. There was the sound of wheels and metal scraping against oak and Joheki turned to see Ramparte on a ladder of his own coming closer and closer as he used the shelves for leverage. The ladders collided with a clang that rocked both opponents, causing them to wobble dangerously.

The position was precarious, but that wasn't going to stop either of them. Ramparte struck first with a punch aimed directly at Kagura's throat. Kagura choked as the blow landed flush but that didn't stop her from hitting a throat thrust of her own. Back and forth they went, trading throat chops that grew in intensity, leaving both competitors coughing and gasping for air. Finally, Ramparte reared back for his final blow but in a moment of shocking lucidity brought his foot up instead and stomped on Kagura's left ankle.

The shrine maiden made another high-pitched exclamation and drew her left foot up just sharply enough to wobble. Ramparte seized the moment and, looking wildly down at the chessboard below, grabbed Kagura in a uranage-esque grip and thrust her down off the ladder, sending her plummeting.

Kagura screamed.

Her back hit the chessboard and with a crunch the table broke off to one side, sliding off of the pole that kept it anchored into place. Her back arched as the chess pieces dug into her own flesh, leaving their own tears and impressions. Before she even had time to process it, however, the wind was knocked clear from her lungs as Ramparte landed on top of her with a huge splash from the ladder. The two bounced at the impact, metal and wood digging deeper into Kagura as she struggled to regain her breath. Elizabeth Prince slid in to count the pinfall as the unkempt Ramparte attempted through his exertion to hook the leg.

"One! Two!"

With a scream that left Prince and Ramparte's ears ringing, Kagura powered out. She glared at Ramparte as she attempted to struggle to her feet, hatred etched in every pore, in every look, in every blood vessel, in every shuddering gasp. The wordsmith yanked her roughly to feet, causing the shrine maiden to sputter, and with a massive burst of adrenaline he yanked her arm and sent her flying towards the barricade of the second-floor overhang with an irish whip. Kagura crumpled, leaning over one side of the guardrail at the collision, still struggling to recover from her tumble. Red ran down her back in rivulets. Again, Ramparte was loathe to let her gain any kind of respite, and he lunged for the shrine maiden and lifted her up by the legs.

Kagura stared at the vast expanse beneath them. There were books, a table, and a dizzying drop to the floor below. It was all that could register in her mind before with a final heave Ramparte tossed her over the barricade.

As Kagura disappeared over the edge, the wordsmith fell to his knees. Prince recoiled in horror at Ramparte's actions, but doing her job as an official went to check on the bearded man. His hair hung in his face, limp and matted with sweat and the blood still pooling on his back. His chest heaved. Distracted as he was by his breather, Ramparte didn't notice Prince go over to the overhang to check on Kagura. Summarily, he didn't notice the lack of the sound one would make if they had fallen down a story onto a table.

Kagura Joheki clung to the overhang, dangling with nothing below her but an endless void with a sharp stop. With a last-ditch effort she managed to heave herself up and slide back over the guard rail. She inhaled to calm her racing heart and took a moment to stare at the bruised and battered recluse. When Ramparte finally realized who was behind him, it was too late. The shrine maiden clamped her arm to Ramparte's throat and locked in a sleeper hold that the recluse had no chance of getting out of. It may not quite have been the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami, but it was enough to leave the already winded Ramparte gasping for air as the dancer wrenched him towards the stairs. Every impact on the velvet steps tightened the hold, and Kagura began to yell in his ear.

"Say you submit!" she crowed. Ramparte did not - could not - do anything of the sort, and for his efforts or lack thereof was rewarded with another tug down the stairs. "Say it!"

Ramparte was fading, his head lolling to one side as referee Prince checked his eyes. Kagura yanked and wrenched, stomping on step after step, but the light in his eyes refused to fade and so the match continued. Prince dodged as Kagura reached the bottom of the steps and threw Ramparte into the same bookshelf where they had started the match. Ramparte coughed and struggled to turn around. From inside an alcove near the entrance he heard the sounds of a scuffle, of shifting metal and plastic. The wordsmith rose and started to move forward but the black streak that was the lightning-quick Kagura beat him to the punch, slamming an ancient computer keyboard onto his head. The input device buckled and keys flew off with alarming speed and in all directions. Kagura tossed the piece of equipment aside and it clattered across the floor, more keys popping off of it as it skidded away. Ramparte staggered backwards, past the study tables, and Kagura seized him and with a whirl tossed him into one of the standalone bookshelves in the center of the room.

As the recluse collided with the shelf it rocked ominously, teetering back and forth. It held strong, but from above heavy reference books cascaded downwards, narrowly missing Ramparte and the shrine maiden as they landed on the long table with several heavy thuds. Ramparte glared in defiance at Kagura, but the bitter violence and energy expended in this match was catching up to him as the blood ran from his back to his legs and stained the still-teetering bookshelf.

Kagura smirked and grabbed Ramparte by the shoulders, her fingers digging into the meridian points on the top of his pectorals. The recluse shuddered and gaped at the pain but it was short-lived as Kagura drew him up and slammed both of her fists with full force into his heart.

The Fifth Dance of Ameratasu Omikami was elegant, but it was not beautiful, and it sent Ramparte back full force into the bookshelf. Like a mighty redwood, the bookshelf fell backwards, colliding with the one behind it and causing shelf after shelf to topple. Books rained from above like a hellish firestorm, some landing on the carpet, others on the table, and still others striking Ramparte and Kagura as they attempted to dodge. The crash of ancient wood hitting ancient wood and book after book falling to the floor drowned out any sound, and once the mayhem cleared Ramparte lay slumped against the wreckage of the first shelf. A cut on his forehead, courtesy of The Divine Comedy, began to bleed.

Kagura laughed and motioned for Elizabeth Prince to make her decision. Ramparte coughed as Kagura grabbed his arm and leg and dragged him onto the floor, unaware of the strange black substance dripping down the corner of his mouth. She went for the pin with an air of finality, hooking his leg.

"One!" Prince counted.


But against all odds, against all sanity, Ramparte managed to lift a shoulder up. The eyes that had been glazed over just a moment before now shone brightly with a vicious hunger, a wild desire to come out on top. Kagura, on the other hand, looked shocked and furious as she glanced from Ramparte to referee Prince.

"It was two!" Prince said. Kagura growled under her breath, but when she turned back to Ramparte she was met with a sudden blast of black ink from the recluse's mouth.

Kagura screeched and reeled back as the mist seared her eyes. She clawed at it as best she could but it seemed to stick there, burning and stinging and enveloping her in darkness. Ramparte watched as the shrine maiden thrashed and got to his feet, the black ink still dribbling from the corner of his wild snarl. He got to his feet and seized the shrine maiden, looking around wildly. Ramparte was a man deranged, a lord of flies incarnate as his eyes alighted on the table just in front of them. Kagura was still blinded as he thrust her onto the table and climbed up himself, dragging her to her feet.

The two shared their wild, matted hair, their dripping blood, their battered and bruised faces. They were almost mirror images of each other in that regard, though in this case, only one could have the upper hand.

Ramparte stared into the bleary eyes of Kagura Joheki, and inside himself emotion boiled over. It ran rampant behind his eyes and ran to his brain as he tightened his grip on the shrine maiden's shoulders. And in that moment, he did the one thing he could.

He screamed.

He screamed, and he screamed, and he screamed, a guttural and inhuman cry that emanated not only from his bowels but the bowels of hell, a cry that spoke of months of agony and frustration, a cry that echoed throughout the destroyed and desolate library as he wrenched Kagura's arms up and shoved her down with a double underhook facebuster.

There was a sound of thunder.

The table cracked in two, the books and wrestlers on top of it proving too much for the cheap wood. Kagura's head struck the ground and Ramparte's knees followed as the two collapsed with the splinters and pages of table and tome.

It was fitting that he called it the Denouement. As his vision returned to normal, Ramparte collapsed on top of his opponent and Elizabeth Prince braved the wreckage to count the pin.




There was, again, no bell to ring, but as Ramparte struggled to his feet, aided by Prince, his face was a mask of emotion. Grief, happiness, relief, exhaustion, pain, fear, freedom. All flashed across his features as Prince raised his arm and the blood dripped down his brow.

"I've made my decision," Prince said, "and by pinfall, the winner is Ramparte."

He had won. Ramparte stared into the sky, tears mingling with blood, which mingled with sweat, which mingled with ink, creating a viscous concoction as the recluse stumbled towards a wall to finally take a breather. Kagura still lay motionless in the wreckage of the table.

They say that tragedy always strikes when one least expects it. But to wait for a man to stand before striking him down seems almost crueler than dealing the fatal blow while he lies on the ground. Ramparte leaned against the wall and, breathing deeply, turned to the official. He tried to raise his voice to thank her for her duties.


Ramparte looked around, confused. He tapped his throat and tried again.

Again, nothing.

Nothing, nothing, and nothing. Only deafening silence emanated from the recluse's throat as he tried and tried again to speak.

From under the wreckage of the table, though, came laughter. Quiet at first, and then growing louder in volume as Kagura Joheki laughed her haunting laugh. Oh, how she laughed, filling the room with a violent cacophany of noise, and as a distraught Ramparte rushed to the wreckage where it was coming from to demand she return his speech, he stopped short and fell to his knees in agony.

Kagura Joheki had gone, leaving only her laughter behind.
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Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!

Lumber Jack – 53%

Street fight – 47%

Harrys: And will be a Lumberjack match!

Connor: Interesting match choice, depending on the lumberjacks this could either seriously hurt or help either competitor.

Soon after the match type is announced multiple men start to emerge from the curtain and begin to head down the ramp. Upon closer look it seems like those men are actually former WZCW superstars. Joe Mason can be seen standing alongside Joe West, Hunter Jackson, Arashi, Scott Williams, Barrett Stratton, and taking up the rear Darren Bull. Most receive no applause or reaction whatsoever except for the older fans who recognize them and are laughing.

Cohen: Wow...WZCW’s finest have seemingly all returned here tonight….

Copeland: Well I guess management had to find someone to be the lumberjacks...

Luke comes out and stares at the crowd with a smile on his face. He walks down the ramp, high fiving as many fans as he can. As he gets closer to the ring he stops and begins survey the area. With all the lumberjacks firmly around the ring and none of them particularly looking friendly he knows he may be in for a rough night. Regardless, he brushes past Darren Bull and Joe West to enter the ring and begins waving to more fans.

Harrys: Introducing first from Queens, New York, weighing 212 pounds, Luke "The Man" Manson!

Connor: Manson might just have the opportunity tonight to finally get rid of Mancini once and for all.

Cohen: But can he overcome him and the lumberjacks surrounding the ring?

Copeland: Not to mention the reinforcements probably being brought in by this man.

Tony Mancini enters from behind the curtain flanked by his bodyguard Gino Rizzoli. As he walks down the ramp he can be seen giving inappropriate hand gestures to fans as they boo but he stops dead in his tracks as he gets near the ring and notices all of the lumberjacks attempting to seem intimidating. Gino steps in front however and clears a path for Mancini to enter the ring.

Harrys: And his opponent,from Little Italy, weighing 275 pounds, Tony Mancini!

Cohen: Difference between Mancini and Manson tonight is that at least one man is going to be outside the ring watching Tony’s back. Manson is flying completely solo tonight.

The bell rings and the ref quickly gets in front of Mancini and begins to check him for foreign objects. He pulls out things such as screw drivers, steel pipes, a small bowl of pasta, and other ridiculous object hidden god knows where and begins to chuck them outside of the ring. All quickly procured by Gino of course. While all of this is happening Tony is taunting Luke who is like a caged animal ready to pounce. The ref takes one last object and goes to throw it outside but as he does Tony launches out of the corner like a missile with a picture perfect running knee catching Manson off guard! He then throws him between the bottom and second ropes and the lumberjacks begin stomping away! Luke tries to cover up but Joe West and Darren Bull stomp on his every body part with Mancini relaxing in the corner. Once he feels enough damage has been done he orders Gino to get him back in the ring. Gino does just that he forcefully gets in between West and Bull, much to the irritation of the former WZCW competitors, and chucks Manson back inside the ring.

Connor: This might indeed be easy pickings for Mancini tonight.

Mancini immediately goes for a nonchalant cover. 1..Manson kicks out. Mancini stays on the attack and begins pounding away on Manson. He picks him up and chucks him into the corner. He Irish whips Manson into the opposite corner but Luke bounces right off the turnbuckle with a running clothesline taking Mancini down. Mancini pops right back up and runs into another clothesline from Manson. He tries to mount a comeback one more time but Manson delivers another clothesline this time turning Mancini inside out! Luke picks him up and tries to get in position for the Mandriver but Mancini counters with a back body drop...but Manson flips and lands on his feet. Everybody seems to be shocked by that reversal including Manson! Mancini gets irritated and charges at Manson but Luke pulls down the bottom and all of Mancini’s momentum goes barreling over the top rope and down to the floor!

Copeland: Tony is about to receive the same punishment his opponent did!

Arashi and Barrett Stratton head over towards a fallen Mancini and look to dish out some damage but Gino quickly interferes and quickly chucks Tony back inside the ring much to displeasure of the fans and the lumberjacks. Tony tries to catch his breath and regroup in the corner but the moment he gets to his feet Manson meets him a corner splash! He then goes to bounce off the ropes and delivers a big foot knocking Tony between the middle ropes and to the floor! This time Joe Mason and Hunter Jackson look to be ones to attack but Gino once again swoops and chucks Tony back in the ring.The fans begin to boo louder but he starts antagonizing them with offensive gestures. While he’s distracted by the fans Manson delivers a baseball slide right into Gino’s back sending him face first into the barricade! While his back is turned however Tony chucks him over the top rope and down to the floor! Soon enough in the blink of an eye Joe West and Darren Bull have ran over and began stomping away on Manson. As they furiously stomp away they’re eventually stopped as Hunter Jackson interrupts and throws Manson back in the ring. West and Jackson share some choice words before eventually going back to their opposite sides around the ring.

Cohen: Man the Kings of Hate really have some hard feelings toward Manson.

Connor: And Gino is doing everything in his power to keep Tony from feeling the effects of these lumberjacks.

As Manson gets to his feet back in the ring Mancini meets him with a Belly to Belly suplex and goes for a cover. 1...2...Manson kicks out. Mancini then gets him up in DDT position but Manson tries to muscle his way out until Mancini hits multiple knees to the gut and then nails the DDT. He then quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...another kickout! Mancini begins to get frustrated and then props Manson up for a bear hug. As Mancini squeezes the life out of Manson the fans try to will Luke back into the match. And soon enough it starts to work as Manson begins delivering right hands to Tony’s head. Mancini tries to hold on with everything he’s got but Manson soon starts delivering head butts and before he knows it he’s broken Mancini grasp! Mancini goes for a wild clothesline out of desperation but Manson ducks and hits a backdrop suplex! Mancini gets up and rushes at Manson to walk right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a cover 1...2...Mancini kicks out! Manson tries to get Mancini in position for the Mandriver once again but Tony takes him down by the legs and looks to catapult him into the turnbuckles! But as he launches him Manson lands on his feet on the second rope. Mancini gets to his feet only to be with a devastating flying forearm! Manson hooks the leg! 1...2...Thr-NO! Mancini kicked out!

Copeland: These two competitors are really putting it all out on the line tonight to really show they should not be overlooked.

Manson begins to pull Mancini into position and goes to the top rope looking for the ManSault. Tony is able to recover just in time however and scale the top rope to stop Manson. He tries to get him into position for a suplex off the top but Manson delivers repeated forearms until he reverses the superplex and sends Mancini into the ropes stomach first. But because of that Manson gets crotched himself! Soon enough both men fall to the floor on opposite sides of the ring. West and Bull immediately begin to stomp away on a defenseless Manson but when Arashi and Stratton set their sights on Mancini Gino once again shoves them back and chucks Mancini into the ring. This time however Arashi and Stratton begin beating down Gino right to the floor. Soon enough however they’re interrupted by West and Bull and throw Arashi and Stratton into the barricades. As Mancini is recovering on one knee on the ropes he gives the thumbs up and they reciprocate.

Connor: Mancini has bought off the Kings of Hate!

Cohen: What a career low even for them…

As Mancini orders them to get Manson back in the ring West and Bull are blindsides by Jackson and Mason who begin brawling with the two men. While Mancini is distracted Manson sneaks back in the ring with a rollup! 1...2….Mancini just barely kicks out! Both men pop up and Mancini charges at Manson but he throws him over the top rope right into the hands of Scott Williams. The unknown former jobber begins hammering away on Mancini while everyone cheers! He throws him into barricade after barricade! The referee yells from inside the ring to get Mancini back in the ring by while he’s distracted Gino gets in the ring and clobbers Manson from behind. Then Arashi and Stratton get in the ring and attack Gino. The Kings of Hate then enter and start attacking them. Jackson and Mason soon enter the even the odds. Before we know it everyone is in the ring brawling!


As everyone continues to trade shots in the middle of the ring Scott Williams gets to the top rope delivers a crossbody splash knocking down everyone and even sending Arashi and Gino barreling to the outside! Tony was cleverly waiting on the outside and enters sizing Manson up for the W.G.T. Manson gets to his feet and just as he turns around Mancini charges at him for the spear but at the last second Manson dodges out of the way and Mancini gores Darren Bull in half! Manson quickly grabs Mancini and delivers the Mandriver! He hooks the leg! 1...2...Thr-GINO PULLS OUT THE REF AND SHOVES HIM TO THE GROUND! Right after that Arashi spits black mist in his eyes blinding him. West pulls Manson off the cover and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Jackson clotheslines himself and West over the top rope and they land on Arashi! Scott Williams head over toward Mason who’s getting to his feet but Mason preemptively hits him in the face with golden coins busting his nose open and sending him outside the ring!

Copeland: Is that the Jew Gold?!

Mason tries to nail Mancini but in a split second Gino knocks him out cold in one punch. It’s quickly revealed that Mancini had the brass knuckles on his hand! He can see Manson beginning to stir. He’s about to knock him out with the knucks but Stratton delivers a low blow! Mancini falls to his knees. Stratton then charges at Manson in the corner but Luke gives him a back body drop causing him to land on everyone on the outside. Manson grabs Mancini and delivers the Mandriver! He then goes to the top rope and delivers the ManSault! The ref enters the ring, Manson hooks the leg! 1...2...3!

Harrys: And here is your winner, Luke Manson!

Connor: What a victory in a very chaotic match.

Copeland: There was bodies everywhere in that one but somehow Manson came out on top when the odds weren’t in his favor.

Cohen: I honestly don’t know what I witnessed.

Manson begins to celebrate with the fans as he goes up the ramp as the referee tries to sort out the chaos around ringside.


Backstage Stacy Madison is seen walking toward a private locker room. She knocks on the door and is greeted by Steven Holmes. He invites Stacy in, where she sees Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt celebrating with champagne. Austin Reynolds is lacing up his boots across the room.

Stacy: Steven, you have already seen two thirds of your stable win gold tonight. Can Austin Reynolds knock off Eve Taylor and her near historic title reign?

Holmes: Stacey, my flower, Vis Imperium is here to rule WZCW, and we will do just that. First it was Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper, next it will be Eve Taylor, and soon, the entire company.

Stacy: What do you say....

Holmes: No more questions sunshine. We have some prepping and celebrating yet to do.

With that Holmes pushes Stacy out of the room and closes the door in her face.
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Copeland: Jack, earlier you said that Unscripted was your favorite time of the year. Well my favorite time of the year is just around the corner.

Cohen: You must be talking about the Road to Kingdom Come, Seabass

Copeland: Right you are Jack. And the first stop on that road is fabulous Las Vegas in the Thomas and Mack Center.

Connor: I can think of no better city to host the Roulette Rounds, where literally anything can happen.

Copeland: Are you feeling lucky?

Cohen: Yes. But you know who probably wasn't? Vee ADZ.

Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have just gotten word. Vee ADZ has arrived at the empty All State Arena with referee Keith Morse where the Eurasian Championship will be contested in a Pure Rules Match. An Empty Arena Pure Rules Match basically. You have 3 chances at Rope Breaks. Should you use closed fists twice in the match, a Rope Break is taken away from you. You have until the count of 20 to get back in the ring rather than 10. And finally, the title can change hands on a Disqualification. Cat, Jack. I don't know about you, but I feel in this kind of environment and with his attitude, Titus may take it too far.

Cohen: I doubt it. Lets face it, Seabass. That title means everything to him and he's done everything he can think to keep it. This is all clearly planned out. I feel Vee stepping into this is a mistake. A big one.

Connor: Maybe so, but at the same time, it seems it's the only way he would get his title match. Management loved the idea and Titus was already out there. So Vee had to either go after him or just not get his match. He says he want's to demoralize Titus by beating him at his own game. Which would be an amazing victory. The question is if he can get it. But with all that said, we take you to the All State Arena.

Vee and referee Keith Morse march through the parking and into the arena area where they spot the ring. Titus Avison stands in the middle with his title around his waist, arms crossed as Vee from the entrance looks on defensively. The match hasn't even started yet. Vee makes it to ringside and meets with Titus as the ref enter and is handed the title.

Titus: I knew you'd come.

Vee carefully enters the ring and keeps his distance. As Keith explains the rules.

Keith: OK, men. This match is for the WZCW Eurasian Championship. It is to be contested under Pure Rules. That means both of you have 3 opportunities at Rope Breaks. Closed Fists get you a Warning the first time and afterwards cost you a Rope Break. You have to the count of 20 to return to the ring as opposed to 10. The title can change hands by Disqualification or Count Out. Are you both clear?

Titus: Yes, yes.

Vee: …........……….Yes.

Keith: OK, the begin!!

Vee looks on apprehensive as Titus uncrosses his arms ready for battle.

Titus: Why so tense, sport? It's Pure Rules. It's the opposite of a No Holds Barred match. It's even more rules than normal.

Vee: I know how you fight, Titus. I know better than to drop my guard, regardless of the rules.

Titus: Well…………. You're not wrong.


Titus instantly punches Vee right on the bridge of the nose.

Keith: Hey! That's a warning!!

That doesn't slow Titus though who proceeds to place Vee in an Ankle Lock. He torques the ankle of Vee awkwardly as Vee screams in pain and Titus smiles, pleased with his action.


Keith: Do you want to quit?!

Vee: NOO!!

Titus: I know this match better than anyone! Give it up now! Save yourself the pain!!

Vee fights to make it to the ropes, but he stops as he's about to reach. Realizing that would cost him a Rope Break, he instead tries to turn. He does so successfully and pulls Titus in before he pushes him away. Unfortunately, Titus is still holding on to him.


Vee is left with no choice but to grab the rope to break the hold. Titus backs off immediately, celebrating what his maneuver accomplished as Vee clutches his damaged ankle.

Keith: That's one Rope Break for Vee. You have 2 left.

Vee: Dammit.

Titus:Hahaha! I thought you were supposed to be the smart fighter.

Titus tries to reach for Vee who is trying to kick him away. Having a hard time to get back up after the Ankle Lock. He slips under the ropes and gets out of the ring, letting him get to his feet easier. It takes a bit but he's able to get proper footing. He does have a bit of a misstep now though.

Titus: Come on. Hobbling away? I took you for a challenge.

Vee: You lured me to this building. Don't be such a bitch. Asking you come outside is fair play.

Titus goes from jolly to angry with the foul language as he goes outside, circling the ring. Keith starts counting.

Keith: One! Two! Three!

Titus follows the hobbling Vee who seems to be running away from Titus. But once he makes the corner, he grabs the ring post and swing around, managing to get in between the ropes and right through outside again and actually Dropkicks Titus as he's about to turn. Keith continues to count.

Keith: Four! Five!

Vee takes advantage and tosses the stunned Titus across the empty ringside area. No event means no barricade and no chair across the court area. Titus falls down scraping the floor as Vee gains a burst of adrenaline and charges toward Titus.

Keith: Six! Seven! Eight!

Vee runs and hits Titus with a Shinning Wizard. Driving his knee across the Oscar winner's face, knocking him down. Vee also falls, with the bad footing, but the blow to Titus was far more damaging as Vee makes his way back to the ring.

Keith: Nine! Ten!

Vee: Come on, Titus! You talk about me being a coward, you lured me in here, you cheapshotted me and abused the rules. Either get back in here, or the rules are gonna abuse you.

Keith: Eleven!

Vee: How did that sound? I thought it was kinda cheesy.

Keith: Twelve! It kinda was.

Titus: You're a twat!

Titus manages to get back up and makes his way to the ring, not happy at all at this point losing his advantage. He gets in and tries a punch, seemingly out of rage, forgetting the rules, but it's blocked by Vee.

Vee: Come on. I thought you knew the rules.

Vee proceeds to deliver a series of open hand slaps across the face of Titus. He backsteps trying to get away from the onslaught but to no avail. He continues to backstep until he reaches the ropes, that causes Keith to signal for a Rope Break.

Keith: That's a Rope Break. Step away Vee. You both have 2.

Titus: WHAT?! You!!

Titus charges but this time gets a Mawashiguiri right across the face, dropping him on the ground like morning papers. Vee shoots the half and hooks the leg.

Keith: 1………. 2……….. 3- NO! Shoulder is up. Only 2. The match continue.

Vee looks on at his fallen foe but isn't about to let him rest. He front facelocks Titus and pulls him up, his bad ankle avoiding being flat on the floor to alleviate pressure. He goes for a Bicep Slicer but Titus realizes that puts another Rope Break in danger and Arm Drag's his way out of it. He kicks Vee in the gut and plants him face down on the mat with a straight DDT. Quickly he makes a body press cover.

Keith: 1…….. 2……… 3-No! Just 2. Shoulder is up.

Titus: That was a slow count! Speed it up.

Keith: Don't make me disqualify you.

Titus quickly goes for the bad leg and stomps on it before going for the Ankle Lock again.

Titus: Wake up!

Vee: Ahhhh!!

Keith: Do you give up?!

Titus: He does! He does!

Vee: Hell no!!

Vee once again turns around as he did the first time and pulls Titus in. This time though, instead of pushing him away, he actually cradles him for a Small Package. Keith quickly drops for the count.

Keith: 1………….. 2………… 3-No! He got out. Match continues. Both men are on their knees and exchange forearm shots with each other. Each blow as stiff as a paddle as they keep hitting.

Titus: Why? Won't? You? Give? Up?

Vee: I. Will. Take. That. Title!

Vee pops up to his feet, seemingly ignoring his bad ankle and leaps into the air, hitting a Huricanrana that sends the Champion hurling across the air, back first against the turnbuckle. Titus' back ricochet's off the corner before he falls to the mat on his neck. Vee gets up and hobbles over to Titus, who clutches his neck. He grabs the legs and fights to pull him up but does manage to place him in the Tree Of Woe. Titus realizes the danger he's in as he tries to untie himself. Vee hobbles across to the other end and starts to make his climb. He measures Titus but The Man You've Heard Legends Of manages to get out of the turnbuckle. That stops Vee as he thinks his next move. Titus staggers to his feet thinking he's now safe but turns to Vee still on the turnbuckle.

Vee: Hey, Titus. What killed the dinosaurs?

Titus: The flood?

Vee leaps off the ropes with a Plancha catching Titus and flattening him. Vee hooks the leg but before he does…..

Vee: A meteor.

Keith: 1…… 2……. 3-No, shoulder is up. That joke was kind of weak too, Vee.

Vee: Dammit.

Vee doesn't waste time as he sees Titus get up. Despite the leg he hits a pair of clotheslines for momentum, running the ropes. He hits a pair of Dropkicks, both with just the good leg. He hits a Judo Throw before applying a Fujiwara Armbar to Titus who immediately starts screaming in pain.

Titus: AHHHH!! Let me go!!

Vee: Then tap!

Keith: Do you give up, Titus?

Titus: No, I don't bloody give up!

Titus has no choice but to scramble and reach the ropes, breaking the hold.

Keith: Titus has used his second Rope Break. 1 left for him, 2 for Vee ADZ.

The match continues now as Titus gets out of the ring to create separation. He walks all the way to the bleachers, taking advantage of the large, open space. Vee doesn't stay behind for long though and goes after him. He makes his way across, his at this point kept steady by adrenaline. Titus gives him a forearm and Vee responds with his own. Both men engage in a violent exchange of forearm shots as the referee counts.

Keith: 1……….. 2………… 3……… 4…………. 5………….

Both men continue to brawl when Titus suddenly pokes Vee in the eye and turns him against the bleachers. He then proceeds to hit a punch, right to the jaw. Seemingly behind the ref's back. But Keith says otherwise.

Keith: 6………. 7………… 8……….. Hey! Titus, I saw that! Closed fist! That's your second warning and your last Rope Break. You're lucky I don't disqualify you for the eye poke!

Titus: You've got to be kidding me!! Now all of the sudden you have eagle eyes?

Keith: 9………… 10………...No crowd. 11……….. 12……….

Realizing the danger, Titus begins to make his way to the ring, but is held by Vee, who whips him across against one of the gate walls. Vee hobbles his way towards the ring as Titus tries to get back up.

Keith: 13………… ………...14…………. 15…………….

Vee makes it back to the ring and gets up as Titus struggles just to get going.

Keith: 16………………… 17…………….. 18…………. 19……….

Titus begins to sprint as soon as the count reaches that high and manages to just slide in at the last second. Right away, Vee goes on the attack with more clotheslines but Titus kicks the bad leg and runs the ropes. However he is immediately caught and tossed with the Moonsault Slam. Vee then goes to the top rope.

Vee: Death from above, Titus. It's coming.

He is about to leap for the Airborne End but just in the knick of time, Titus gets up and almost as if it was an accident, he stumbles against the ropes, causing Vee to lose his footing. Titus lowers him and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. He follows that up with a Knee Drop right on the forehead. That causes Vee to stagger and Titus measures for the Tit Drop. He goes for it but Vee avoids it. He drags Titus to the mat with another attempt at the Fujiwara Armbar but Titus is quick to roll out, sensing the danger since he no longer has Rope Breaks.Vee attempts the Armbar again but this time Titus sees it coming. He kicks Vee in the gut and surprises him with a Tit Drop. Titus quickly hooks the leg, the happiness is almost audible.

Keith: No! It doesn't count!

Titus: What?! What in the world are you talking about?

Keith:His arm is under the rope. It's a Rope Break. You're both out of Rope Breaks.

Titus can't believe it. Vee was able to place his arm just right to avoid the pinfall. But while it saved, the match, now it's anybody's ballgame. He goes for Vee's ankle but right away, Vee counters away from the hold with a forward roll. Immediately, Vee hits Titus with another Mawashiguiri and Vee hobbles to the top rope. He measures Titus from the top rope. He takes his time as his foot is giving trouble and he has to adjust. After some time, he finally leaps into the air with the Airborne End but Titus moves out of the way. Immediately as Vee ricochets off the canvas, Titus hits the Tit Drop and grabs the ankle yet again, applying the Ankle Lock. He torques the ankle viciously, now knowing Vee can't break out. Vee struggles. His senses staggered from the ricochet and the Tit Drop, he scratches and claws his way to the ropes as Titus screams at him.

Titus: TAAAAP!!!

Keith: Do you want to give it up, Vee?!

Vee doesn't respond, just wanting to escape the pain without giving up. Not realizing reaching the ropes won't end it. He finally does and seems to have a sigh of comfort. But the pain still resides and the truth dawns on him. He can now see Keith waving that the ropes aren't valid. So Vee has no choice and tries to pull himself out of the ring. But Titus pulls him in to the center and drops to the floor with a grapevine across the leg.

Titus: It's over, Vee!!

Keith: Vee, respond or I will stop the match!!

Vee is left with no choice. He taps.

Keith: Let him go, Titus. It's over.

Titus: Yesyesyesyesyesyes!!! Yes!! Yes!!

Keith: The winner of this match and still Eurasian Champion, Titus.

Titus skips away. Happy as can be after his plan succeeded. Keith tends to Vee who just looks on disdraught.

Keith: You did your best, man.

Vee: I don't want to hear it. I set out to do this, knowing the consequences and I failed. I can't deny it. Tonight, Titus was the better man. Maybe if it had been a normal match it would've been different. But that's not how things panned out. And I'm not making any excuses.

The scene cuts away…..
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The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Title Shot - 52%

Four Corners - 30%

#30 in Lethal Lottery - 18%

Introducing first, from Leeds, England, welcome back, James Howard!!

James Howard makes his way out to a mixed reaction. He looks on to the crowd, puzzled by the split crowd. Some glad to see him back, others still remembering how he was last time. He makes his way down to the ring.

Mr. Howard had some strong words for McAllister about him bringing his family on tour.

Copeland: I don't really get it. Is that really any of James' business?

Cohen: They're scheduled to wrestle, Seabass. James was asked what his thoughts about his opponent were, he answered.

His opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, he is the Son Of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

Logan makes his way out to the ramp where Brittany kisses him goodbye and Hayden high-fives him before he walks down to the ring.

Cohen: Well, Howard wasn't kidding. There they are. Again.

Copeland:What exactly is the problem? Would you not have your family with you?

I think the issue is that it's more straining to go from state to state constantly.

Both men circle the ring prepared and set to go. The referee Katie Shepard has the bell ring to start.

*Ding Ding Ding*

Right away, Howard dashes and chops the leg of McAllister, flipping him over. Logan clutches his leg quickly as the pain sets in. Howard does not react to the damage he caused but he does take his time as he goes and grabs the leg of Logan. He hits a couple of elbows to the now hurt leg as Logan scrambles for the ropes. He does get them making Shepard intervene. Howard does stop and backs off as Shepard checks the leg. Logan pulls himself up with the ropes. He's clearly hurt but can stand on it fine. He puts his weight on it and seems set to go as Howard takes his time. Once Shepard says Logan is fine to go, Howard paces to his opponent. Both stare each other in the center of the ring. Now more alert, Logan stays on the defensive observing Howard who looks for another opening. He dashes again, but this time Logan is prepared and stops Howard before he can hit the leg again. He catches him in a front facelock. He holds Howard down who tries to push his way forward. Logan tries to push back but his footing falls bit by bit given the hurt leg. Howard pushes him to the ropes where Shepard has to separate them. Howard backs off calmly but he does a sweep kick to the bad leg. Logan holds himself up with the ropes.

Howard has a sound game coming in and going for that leg. It's already giving McAllister issues. Him being the less experienced guy, this may cause a problem.

Cohen: Maybe his girl can kiss and make it better?

Do you have to be such a jerk? Besides, that's supposed to be the mother.

Logan brushes his leg to circulate the blood. Howard once again charges but this time, rather than playing defense, Logan decides to counter Howard's offense with his own offense and does a forward roll which manages to brush Howard off the floor, tripping him. Logan has a bit of difficulty getting back up and Howard manages to get up too. He turns and sees Logan charging at him, so Howard gets out of the ring. Logan stops as Howard paces the ring. Fans in the front row try to heckle him but he doesn't pay attention to them. Logan goes out of the ring for Howard who just gets back in. As Logan tries to get back in, Howard grabs the leg and pulls it, knocking Logan down. He elevates it and slams it down, hurting it. Logan clutches it and Howard goes for it again. But this time, Logan tries Howard's tactic and rolls out of the ring. Howard doesn't seem to fall for it though and stays in the ring. Logan takes his time though as he tries to get blood flowing on the leg again. Shepard does count though and it's at 5 but Howard does not pursue. Logan goes to return to the ring and Howard reaches out, grabbing Logan's hair. But that leaves an opening for Logan who pulls the legs from under Howard. He then drags and drops Howard out of the ring before he himself rolls into the ring. He measures as Howard gets back to his feet. Logan tries a Wrecking Ball Dropkick and hits Howard pushing him towards the barricade. He goes for him as Howard holds himself. Logan tosses him towards the ring apron, hitting the steel beams that hold the ring together. Logan can be seen limping a bit as Howard braces himself with the barricade, feeling the blow he just took. He rolls himself to the ring, laying on the canvas as Logan tries to rest a little.

Logan seems to be getting back in the fight, but that early Chop Block has left his leg in bad shape.

Cohen: Well, it's a solid gameplan. And it's working for Howard.

Logan gets back in the ring and hits a couple of fists before whipping Howard across the ring. He leaps for a High Knee but in mid-air, Howard brushes him, hurting the damaged leg. Logan gets on his knees, trying to stomach the pain, but Howard starts to lay in the solid kicks right to the chest. After several of them, one to the side of the head seemingly knocks Logan cold. Howard makes the cover, not hesitating. 1…….. 2……… 3-But Logan gets the shoulder up at the last second. Howard doesn't waste any time though and hooks a Butterfly Lock, holding down Logan to the canvas as he tries to eat away at his stamina. Logan fights to break free, Howard does his best to pin him down. Logan does manage to get one foot and starts using his leverage to break free but Howard quickly hits a German Suplex and bridges for a cover. 1………. 2……… 3-But Logan breaks out before 3. He gets to his feet before Howard who tries a right hook, but it's blocked. Logan then tosses him overhead with an Exploder Suplex. Howard staggers and Logan doesn't slow down. He rushes and hits the High Knee he attempted earlier, this time being successful. He brushes the leg as Howard is up but groggy. Logan follows it up with a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. He goes for the Boston Suplex Party but Howard mule kicks the bad leg to avoid it. Howard hits a pair of Muay Thai knees and dashes for momentum but is caught with a Fallaway Slam. Howard pulls himself up by the corner and is instantly hit with the Boston Strong Splash. He turns and goes for the Logan Lock but Howard struggles and reaches the ropes.

Copeland: Logan almost had Howard there. Logan is building momentum despite the leg.

Cohen:I don't think it'll hold up.

If Howard doesn't get back to his feet, he won't hold up. Logan is starting to dominate.

Howard gets back to his feet and Logan goes for him and whips him across the ring to the corner where he hits the Shinning Wizard and follows it with a Bulldog. He hooks the leg, 1……. 2……… 3-But Logan gets the shoulder up. Howard right away stomps on the leg. He attempts a Heel Hook but Logan pulls him in. He punches Howard and gets back to his feet, he hobbles as Howard attempts a Roundhouse Kick but Logan ducks and hits a Gernan Suplex. He keeps holding because its time for the Boston Suplex Party. Another Suplex its as Howard seems glazed. Logan attempts the third one but the leg gives him issues. Logan raises Howard a bit but Howard manages to roll forward for a Victory Roll. 1……… 2……… 3-But Logan kicks out again!

Connor: Logan just will not stay down!

I won't lie. He's hanging in there. Particularly by one leg.

Howard seems frustrated at this point and gets to his feet. Logan can't though. Howard tries to pull him up but Logan can't stay standing. He tries the Tenzan Choke but Logan rolls him off. Howard kicks him in the back of the head and hits the TKO and follows it up with the Tenzan Choke. This time managing to lock it in. Logan struggles as the referee asks if Logan wants to give up. Logan refuses as he attempts to reach the ropes with his one free arm. He can't The ropes are too far away. He continues to fight but the pressure is mounting. Logan struggles as Howard yells waiting for the seemingly inevitable tap out. But Logan, still fighting, starts stretching his leg and manages to hit Howard's back with his knee. Howard begins to lose his grip suddenly, Logan's legs manage to stretch far enough to wrap the neck of James Howard as stretched back from the pain of the knee shots. Logan manages to flip him away. Howard lands by the ropes and holds them flabbergasted that Logan is still fighting him off and managed to toss him away. Howard charges in and Logan manages to get up and catches Howard. He hits the Boston Massacre! 1…….. 2………. 3!!

Here is your winner, Logan McAllister!!

What an impressive win by Logan. He struggled through it, he was in pain, but he did not give up. He did not quit. And some way. Some how. He got the victory. In impressive fashion.

Howard had an effective gameplan. But that whole Boston Strong was more than a phrase for Logan. I feel had it been anyone else, Howard would've won.

I'm impressed He managed to sneak his way though. Let's see who he's gonna challenge.

Logan has his hand raised as Howard is exiting the ring. The crowd cheers for Logan as he takes the reaction in.


Eve Taylor is backstage, warming up. Every few seconds she stops to whisper something to her Senshuken. As she is stretching, Mikey Stormrage walks past, still in his civilian clothing, his title belt hanging out of his bag.

Mikey: Hey champ!

Eve stops and turns to face Stormrage.

Eve: You aren't going to ask me for a pre-match blowjob are you?

Mikey: No, I just wanted to say good luck tonight. That and sorry for how I treated you last time we had an extended one on one. It was inappropriate. I just tend to say stupid things around pretty girls. So what do you say? Apology accepted?

Stormrage extends his hand, which Eve shakes while smiling.

Eve: Apology accepted. And don't worry about it. I say lame things around handsome men all the time, and I'm sure I said some lame stuff around you.

Mikey turns a bit red as they shake hands.

Eve: Good luck tonight big guy.
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Harrys: The following contest is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!

Cohen: It's fight time ladies and gents, let's find out the stipulation.

TLC - 20%
Ladder - 60%
First Blood - 20%

The crowd cheers as a ladder match is revealed as the chosen stipulation.

Connor: You have to think this stipulation will favor the champ, as it was a devastating fall off a ladder that started the end of Reynolds' original run here in WZCW.

Copeland: Greta point Cat, but Reynolds has shown a new fire since he came back to WZCW, so I think it will be anyone's game tonight.

A ringside tech walks down the ramp with Eve Taylor's WZCW Elite Openweight Championship in hand. Not far behind is Austin Reynolds, who is booed heavily. Reynolds climbs into the ring and watches as the referee hangs the title and calls for it to ascend above the ring.

The crowd cheers as Eve Taylor's music hits and the champ makes her way onto the stage.

Harrys: Introducing the champion, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

The arena darkens, save the single spotlight that shines down on Taylor. Eve makes her way down the ramp, her head lowered. She gets to ringside and slowly looks up at her championship belt hanging high. She rolls into the ring and throws her hands in the air, flames shooting from the turnbuckles as she does.

Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell before sliding out of the ring and the match is underway.


Taylor and Reynolds both eye the title hanging above, before they switch their gaze to each other. They come together in the center of the ring and tie up. Reynolds, being the bigger man, overpowers Eve and manages to take her down with a headlock takedown. He works the hold, before he masterfully switches to an arm wringer. He works the arm, but Eve manages to use her long legs to get to her feet, Reynolds still locked onto her arm. Eve adjusts just enough and rolls through, breaking the hold. Reynolds is quick to latch onto Eve again though, and manages to secure a waistlock. He lifts Eve and slams her down face first onto the mat. Using seemingly new found amateur wrestling skills, Austin floats over and secures a north south headlock. Eve works back to her feet a second time, Reynolds refusing to let the hold go. Eve starts to throw short punches to the midsection, trying to get Reynolds to break the hold, but he keeps firm. She does manage to back him into a corner and begins to ram him back firts into the turnbuckle, her head safely slipping between second and third turnbuckles. Once the hold is broken, Eve takes a moment to shake out her head, before she starts to connect with vicious knife edge chops to the chest.

Copeland: You can hear those shots echo throughout the arena.

Cohen: I'm more impressed by the display of technical prowess that Reynolds showed early. If he can wear Eve down, this match is his.

Connor: It will be hard to wear her down if he is stuck in the corner eating those chops though.

The knife edge chops light up the chest of Austin Reynolds, turning it bright red. Eve, feeding off the crowd, climbs to the second turnbuckle, and begins to rain down punches to Reynolds. The crowd counts along.


Reynolds grabs Eve's legs and slips out though, then he connects with a dropkick that causes Eve slip and hit her head on the top turnbuckle. She doesn't drop to the ground though, so Austin connects with a belly to back suplex. He follows this up by dropping a quick elbow, then a second, then a third, and a fourth. He leaps and drops a fifth elbow, right to the heart of Eve Taylor. He then looks up at the title hanging above before rolling out of the ring and searching underneath it. He throws some coolers aside before he pulls out a ladder. Just as he finishes pulling it out, he is hit in the face with a baseball slide from Eve. She is still clutching her chest as she walks over to the staggered Reynolds. She connects with a forearm to his face, before she grabs him by the back of the head and smashes his head into the announce table.

Cohen: I'm about ready to get out of here.

As Jack Cohen hides behind Sebastian Copeland, Eve smashes Reynolds' head into the table a second time. The dazed Reynolds stumbles around before Eve throws him into the barrier. Eve then grabs a bottled water from the earlier cooler and takes a ladylike sip before she throws the bottle at Austin, who is down and holding his shoulder. Eve grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring. She looks back at Reynolds, who is still on the ground, before she slides into the ring herself and sets up the ladder. After some adjustments, Eve begins to climb to retrieve her title.

Connor: You go girl!

Copeland: Try to stay impartial Cat.

Eve is fingertips away as Austin slides into the ring and shoves the ladder over. Eve, showing grace, manages to land on her feet, but a vicious clothesline to Reynolds takes her down. Reynolds then walks to the the nearest corner, but not before stepping on the forehead of Eve. He hops to the second rope and then drops an elbow onto the champ. Eve rolls out of the ring and Reynolds grabs the ladder and sets it up directly underneath the title belt hanging high. He puts a foot on the bottom rung, and grips the sides of the ladder, his knuckles turning white, clearly hesitating.

Cohen: What is he waiting on?

Copeland: Remember Jack, the last time Reynolds set out to climb a ladder, he came crashing down at Kingdom Come Four, and his neck hasn't been the same since.

Slowly, Reynolds begins to climb, but he only gets a few steps before Eve is back in the ring, thanks to a springboard High Heel Kick, which knocks Reynolds off the ladder, but the ladder falls onto Eve herself, leaving both competitors down. Both Eve and Austin crawl to opposite sides of the ring and both slip under the bottom rope. As each combatant catches their breath and gets to their feet, they look around. Austin begins to charge at Taylor, he leaps off the stairs, but his leg issues prevent him from getting enough speed and Eve catches him with a big boot, putting him down. Eve then kneels next to Reynolds and begins to throw numerous forearms, trying to soften him up enough to get back into the ring. After ten forearms, Eve rolls away and into the ring. As she begins to set up the ladder, she notices one of the locks has bent from abuse and it wobbles under her weight. She climbs down and looks under the ring for another ladder, which she finds. Just as she is sliding it out, Reynolds chop blocks her, forcing her down. Reynolds shakes out his head, before he rolls Eve into the ring. He then positions her next to the ring post and sets up for a figure four, using the post for leverage.

Cohen: Brilliant move by Reynolds. Eve can't climb a ladder if she can't walk.

Copeland: It does appear that Reynolds has traded in his high flying style for a more grounded methodical approach.

Connor: Look at Eve, doing her best to fight, but the pain on her face is evident of the damage being done.

Reynolds keeps the hold secure, Eve screaming in pain. Finally, knowing he can't win this way, Austin releases the hold. Eve clutches her legs as Reynolds grabs the ladder on the outside and slides it into the ring. He takes the shoddy ladder and places it in the corner. He sets up the new ladder and begins to climg. Again, he shows some apprehension, which allows Eve to get to her feet. She begins to climb the opposite side of the ladder, trying to slap some feeling into her legs as she climbs. Both get near the top and they begin to throw hands. Each throw bombs, trying to knock the other off the ladder. Eve manages to slip a punch and grab Reynolds by the back of the head and drive his head into the top of the ladder. She then begins to throw big forearms, dazing Reynolds. She then pushes Reynolds off the ladder, and he hits the mat. Eve hears the roar of the crowd and forgoes grabbing the belt, and instead climbs to the top step. She shrugs before she jumps, looking for a Stilleto Stomp. At the last second, Reynolds rolls out of the way, leaving Eve to crash into the mat. She manages to perform a sweet combat roll, and manages to avoid a majority of damage, but she leans in the corner and clutches her leg.

Connor: Quick thinking by Eve to avoid completely crashing and burning.

Cohen: Even quicker thinking by Reynolds to avoid getting hit by a big impact move.

With Eve in the corner, Reynolds gets to his feet and runs and connects with a backsplash. He allows Eve to stumble out of the corner before he connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Not satisfied with the amount of damage he has done, Reynolds grabs Eve by a handful of hair and drags her to her feet. He drags her by the air and sets her up in the corner with the ladder. He takes a running start and again looks for the backsplash. Eve manages to get out of the way at the last second, leaving Reynolds to crash into the ladder. He lets out a scream of pain as Eve shakes out her legs, appearing to have gotten enough feeling back in them to continue normally. She takes the good ladder and rams it into the chest of Reynolds. The sound of Reynolds being sandwiched between two ladders is sickening. Eve rams the ladder into his midsection a second time. A third time. A fourth time. With Reynolds slumping over Eve throws the ladder aside. She then Irish whips Reynolds across the ring. She then gets a running start and connects with a double chop, further redening the chest of Reynolds. Eve then positions Reynolds leaning through the ropes. She then climbs onto the apron, and begins to execute picture perfect knee lifts to the longtime veteran.

Connor: Eve appears in complete control at this point.

Copeland: I think you speak too soon Cat.

Just as Cat spoke, Reynolds managed to slip through the ropes and push Eve off the apron. He stumbles back and grabs the good ladder. He sets it up and begins to climb. He shows an increased sense of urgency and climbs faster than before. Eve is quick to get back to the ring, but Reynolds is at the top of the ladder. He has his hands on the title belt just as Eve pushes the ladder over, leaving Austin clinging to the title belt suspended above the ring.

Cohen: Come on Austin! Pull it down, you got this!

Copeland: Austin Reynolds stuck in a precarious position.

Connor: And it looks like he is in for a fall soon.

Eve grabs the ladder and climbs to the top, Reynolds still clinging to the title. She leaps at Reynolds, and knocks him down, but the title is still in his grasp. Austin Reynolds is the new Elite Openweight Champion!

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and the new WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Austin Reynolds!

Copeland: I can't believe it, Eve Taylor knocked the title straight into the hands of Austin Reynolds.

Cohen: Haha, Austin Reynolds is back!

Connor: Damn it. Eve's streak as the longest reigning champ we had is over.

Reynolds slowly gets to his feet, clutching his newly won title. He looks to the stage where his Vis Imperium teammates are standing, holding their newly won gold as well, applauding Reynolds. He rolls out of the ring, taking one last glance back at Eve, who is sprawled out inside the ring.


A split screen shows Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic, and Garth Black each in their locker rooms, prepping for their big fight.

Copeland: The devil's playground, the most sadistic structure in WZCW history, will decide which of these men will walk out of here tonight as WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Connor: Stormrage, the reigning champ. Tastic the Gold Rush winner. Black, the anti-corporate upstart. All vying for the richest prize in the game.

Cohen: This won't be pretty, but from where I'm sitting, it will be fun.
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