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Old 07-30-2017, 07:23 AM
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The following contest is a King For A Day Qualifying Match!

Harrys: Introducing first from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura!

Kagura makes her way down the aisle as petals fall around the entrance ramp. She's all business as she enter with a serious look on her face.

Connor: Kagura was in the Gold Rush tournament. She lost in the second round, but then she was able to defeat the #1 Contender to the World Championship Flex Mussel mere days before tonight. By her own math, she shouldn't have to qualify for King For A Day, she should be second in line to that World title.

Copeland: Unfortunately, that's not how things work, but she's on the right track. The question is if she can ride that momentum to that big win.

Cohen: Momentum? She beat the #1 Contender on a surprise. That's an obvious sign that "momentum" is not worth much in this business.

Her opponent, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

Vee by his own accord, has not had the best track record lately. Tonight, he has the chance to turn things around.

Copeland: Vee's always one who seems to be on the cusp of breaking out. Perhaps today is his day.

Vee makes his way to the ring, pointing to the ring. He enters but as soon as he does, Kagura wastes no time and attacks him. She clobbers him in the back several times before referee Elizabeth Prince orders her to back off. She breaks and backs off, waiting for the bell to start as Vee gets himself ready. He's not pleased.

*Ding Ding Ding*

Right away, Kagura goes back to attacking but Vee fights back. He hits a Hook Kick, dropping Kagura to her knees. Vee throws a series of jabs but Kagura gets back to a vertical base and fires back with chops. Vee goes for the knee to the gut. A second one drops Kagura right back to her knees. Vee takes aim at the head with his jabs again, but Kagura catches one and slaps Vee right across the face. He takes steps back, shocked and stunned by the blow. He goes back towards Kagura and is met with a second slap across the face. Vee backs off again and Kagura explodes with a Clothesline, but flying over to the floor.

Connor: A lot of frustration blowing over tonight. Vee wants his breakout moment. Kagura feels she deserves better. But only one can win here and take the next step.

Outside, the two keep going at it, trading blows. Vee ducks a chop from Kagura and pushes her against the ring post. Kagura crumbles down to the floor as Vee gets up. The fans aren't pleased and boo him. He turns around looking frustrated about it.

Cohen: She attacked him before the bell unprovoked. The bells rings, she throw him outside and the fans are mad that she got thrown against the post? What hypocrisy!

Copeland: I just think its a case of fans liking Kagura more.

Vee rolls back to the ring and simply waits for Kagura there. Opting for a Count Out as Elizabeth Prince begins to counts. 1.......... 2............. 3........... 4........... Kagura begins to stur, pulling herself up as the crowd stomps hard for her. 5........ 6........... 7........... Kagura manages to slip into the ring as Vee waits for her to be ready. She gets back up and assumes her fighting pose, ready to go. Vee accepts and the two measure up again. This time they lock up with a Collar & Elbow Tie Up and push each other. Vee pushes Kagura to the corner, forcing the break up. Vee does so, slowly and cautiously, but the crowd boo's it. Vee gets distracted by it and Kagura places him in the corner and hits a series of Palm Thrusts before hitting one to the throat. Kagura follows it up with a Running Knee Strike onto the corner. Vee falls and Kagura turns him around and hooks the leg. 1....... 2....... 3-But no, Vee gets the shoulder up. Kagura brushes Vee with her boot, daring him to stand up and kicks him repeatedly in the temple. She runs the ropes for momentum, but Vee explodes with a thunderous Lariat, twisting her inside out and knocking her down.

Cohen: See what I mean about momentum?

Copeland: We we're referring to a figure of speech, Jack.

Kagura has a hard time getting up and as soon as she does, Vee executes a Tilt A Whirl into an Armbar. Kagura struggles for the ropes, biting her finger from the pain and not really being able to express it. Elizabeth Prince asks if she gives up, Kagura nods no and tries to drag herself to the ropes. Vee tries to hold her down but no dice. Kagura wraps her free arm on the ropes forcing the Rope Break. Vee lets go and gets up, waiting for Kagura who clutchs her arm and looking at him with anger. Vee approaches, Kagura tries to slap him, but this time it doesn't work, as he catches it and Judo Throws her. He wrenches the arm and twists it around as Kagura struggles to break free. Vee doesn't allow her to reach the ropes. He Hammerlocks her, but Kagura Snapmares her way free. Vee tries a Lariat again, but Kagura ducks it and hits a Sidekick, quickly followed by a Saito Suplex.

Let's Go, Kagura! Let's Go, Kagura! Let's Go, Kagura! Let's Go, Kagura!

Vee landed hard on the back of his neck. This could be the break for Kagura to shake off the damage to her arm, not to mention, that ring post shot.

Kagura hits a pair of elbow shots to Vee as he stands up. She throws Vee with her own Judo Throw, following it up with a Knee Drop. She applies a Chinlock, Vee gets out of it with a Snamare but Kagura keeps him from going anywhere with a Trapizeous Claw. She tries the Fourth Dance but Vee elbows his way free. Vee hits a Guyver Kick. Kagura staggers and Vee follows it up with a Quebrada and hooks both legs. 1......... 2..........- But Kagura manages to invert the pin. 1........ 2.........-But Vee kicks out. Both get up and Vee manages to hit the Mawashigiri, knocking Kagura down in the center of the ring. Vee see's his opportunity and drags her to the corner and places her in the Tree Of Woe. He goes across and climbs the ropes. He measures the distance and flies with the Coup De Grace but Kagura pulls herself up to avoid impact. Vee crashes as Kagura gets free.

Copeland: Vee had a chance.

Connor: I feel Vee sometimes takes the complicated route a bit too often and it might have just cost him here.

Kagura leaps off the ropes with a Knee Drop to Vee but he manages to avoid it. He tries a Reverse Frankensteiner, but Kagura responds right away with the First Dance and both collapse. The two drag themselves across the ring and on their knees slap each other repeatedly. Vee gets booed, Kagura cheered. Both get to their feet and Kagura charges. Vee tries the Moonsault Slam but Kagura aviods it. She responds with the Third Dance.

Cohen: She's gonna do it again!

1........ 2.......... 3-But Vee kicks out of it. Kagura is tired, clutching her arm and hits Vee with the Second Dance, the Wrist Clutch Exploder. She locks the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami. She drives Vee to the ground and bit to bit, Vee passes out, referee Elizabeth Prince calling for the bell.

Harrys: Here is your winner, Kagura!!

Cohen: See? She won with her momentum.

Copeland: More like her perseverance, fighting through pain. She started with every intent to win as soon as possible, but it unexpectedly backfired on her. Vee put up a great fight, fought fire with fire. But Kagura was able pull it off.

Connor: The fans were behind her. Firmly behind her. One more match and Kagura has the meal ticket to the top.

Kagura doesn't bother celebrating, quickly pulling away her good arm from the referee. At the least, she pats Prince on the shoulder before leaving. Focused on the one more victory needed as Vee is helped by attendants.

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