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Old 07-14-2017, 08:27 AM
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Default Gold Rush: Callie Clark (c) versus Batti [Elite Openweight Championship]

Their first match was praised as one of the best matches ever. They went back and forth, challenger and champion, until they both had nothing left to give. The knee of Batti gave out and allowed Callie to claim her first ever title in WZCW. After Batti defeated Vee she has earned a rematch with the woman who took her title on Ascension. These two women do not like each other. Batti has been interrupted twice by Callie, once being left covered in red ooze and another barely escaping a brutal attack by the Clarks. Nobody has been able to successfully defend the Elite Openweight Championship since Austin Reynolds last held the title. Is the title cursed? Can Callie Clark do what no champion has done since September and defend the belt? Is this Batti’s revenge for all the horrible things done to her by the Clarks?

RP Deadline Monday 24th July 23:59 (Central).

Extensions available upon request.

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Old 07-20-2017, 07:43 PM
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Deadline is now Tuesday 25th July 23:59 (Central). No further extensions.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 07-25-2017, 04:50 PM
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What Do You Do When Everything Changes?:

After Ascension: Becky Serra's Office

Tonight was supposed to be a great night, a night we'd never forget. Tonight was supposed to be The Clarks night, the night we further our takeover. Gabi the Mayhem Champion and me, the Elite Openweight Champion, it was going to be glorious. We even had the photo shoot scheduled. But then disaster struck, those savages not only busted open my gorgeous sister to try and ruin her good looks, but she was put through sheets of glass on a table, and had to be stretchered out of the arena. I. Was. Furious. Not only was my sister seriously injured, but I couldn't leave with her because I had to referee that stupid #1 contenders match to see who my next victim will be, I was in no mood to deal with that loser Vee ADZ and def not in the mood to deal with Batti, that little twerp. So when they dared even think about putting their hands on me, I laid them both out and chose the winner, why face a new challenge when you can face someone you know you can beat? As soon as I got backstage I stormed right into Becky Serra's office, I needed to give her a piece of my mind.

Callie: Hey! Did you see what happened to my sister earlier tonight? How dare you put her in the ring with those savages! Now she's going to the hospital and she might be seriously injured!

Becky looks up, caught off guard but she shows no sympathy on her face.

Becky: Well I am sorry to hear that your sister is injured, I never wanna see anybody get injured but unfortunately that's the risk that comes with a Mayhem Rules Match. She knew what she was getting into and there's nothing I can do for you.

I was furious, who does this witch think she is?

Callie: Do you not know who we are? Gabi and I are the most valuable members of the WZCW roster, and you should consider yourself lucky to have me exclusive to Ascension as the Elite Champion! You should suspend those two and strip Obi of the Mayhem Championship as punishment! In fact forget suspending them, you should fire them!

I nodded in agreement with myself as I shot a look of anger and fury at Becky, who was clearly amused by my anger and looked to be holding back a laugh. She's lucky she's my boss or I'd be jumping across this table and beating some respect into her.

Becky: Nobody is getting suspended or fired and I certainly won't be stripping Obi of the Mayhem Championship. Nothing done in that match was against the rules and it's not like they went out of their way to purposely try to injure her. Now if you don't want your title defense against Batti to be made into a Mayhem Rules Match, I suggest you get out of my office.

How dare she threaten me, I really had to stop myself from jumping over the desk now, beating respect into Becky would be really fun, but no doubt she'd strip me of this championship and probably fire me, and this championship means more to me than most things in this world and even though most of the people around here disgust me, I love wrestling and there's no bigger stage to showcase myself than WZCW. I had to show restraint.

Callie: For the record, if you did that you'd have another superstar on the shelf because I'd finish the job on Batti's injured leg and more, but I'm going. But this isn't over you evil little witch.

I stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind me as I went. I put my championship over my shoulder and walked straight out of the building, I need to check on my sister.

The Next Day: Saint Joseph Hospital, Denver, Colorado

I had just arrived at the hospital Gabi was transported to from the show, I wanted to see her last night but the jerk faces who run this place wouldn't let me, totes rude. As I walked down the hall I eventually found Gabi's room, room 410. I walked in and found Gabi laying in bed, sleeping. Her arms were covered in bandages and she had a big bandage on her forehead, I felt so bad for her. As I walked over to her I gently called out her name and shook her leg lightly causing her to slowly wake up, she smiled upon seeing who was waking her up.

Gabi: Hey sis, nice to see someone who isn't a doctor or nurse.

I smiled back at her as I dragged a chair over and sat down in it.

Callie: I wanted to come see you last night but I wasn't allowed in, how are you doing? What's the damage report?

I looked at Gabi with concern as she sat up in bed, feeling discomfort as she did so.

Gabi: I'm hurt but I'm okay. I ended up getting stitches to close the cut on my head, my arms are all cut to hell and hurt a lot, and my back hurts from going through a freaking table with glass on it. I guess I have a couple cuts there too but thankfully my costume helped protect it, and they said they are going to check me for a concussion later today. I have no clue when I can wrestle again but when I can, Obi and Blades are totes going to pay for doing this to me.

I nodded in understanding, the injuries are worse than I thought they'd be. I guess my plan to get her transferred to New York right away are going to have to wait. Poor Gabi is going to be stuck in this disgusting city for longer than she thought she would.

Callie: I'm so sorry sis, I tried to get them suspended or fired for you but stupid Becky just threatened me instead.

I rolled my eyes.

Callie: I have my own problems to deal with right now with defending my title against Batti and now I have to change my whole game plan now that I can't rely on you to help me in case of emergency, but down the road I might be able to get revenge for you on Obi and Blades. As for you, I want you to focus on recovering and getting the hell out of here, as soon as possible we'll get you back to New York so Bates can take care of you.

Before either of us could say anything, there was a knock on the open door. As both of us looked to see who it was, it was Bates. He always did have a habit of showing up when we mentioned him, I swear he's secretly Beetlejuice.

Bates: Miss Gabi, how are you doing? I saw your match and after talking to Callie I decided to come visit you. I figured you could use some cheering up.

Bates entered the room and handed Gabi a bag, with her arms injured she asked me to go through the bag for her. I of course agreed and pulled out a big bag of skittles, a couple bottles of dr. pepper and a tube of pizza flavored pringles. Gabi's eyes lit up as she saw her favorite snacks and her favorite soda.

Bates: I figured you could use some of your favorite junk food while you're stuck in here. I hope I didn't forget anything.

Gabi smiles and shook her head no at Bates.

Gabi: No you got it all, thank you Bates. You really are the best.

Bates walked over and hugged Gabi as I put the food and drinks down on her table near her bed and threw the bag in the trash. After the hug, Bates grabbed the other chair in the room and sat down as did I in the seat I was previously in.

Callie: I was just telling Gabi how we'll get her back to New York as soon as possible but for now she just needs to focus on recovering. I also told her that I'll try to get revenge for her after I finish dealing with Batti. But I have my hands full with Batti right now.

Bates nodded.

Bates: You shouldn't worry about revenge, you may not like Batti and what she stands for but she's a tough competitor and if you aren't focused entirely on her, there's a good chance she'll be able to beat you.

I nodded, as much as I hate to admit it, Batti is a very good competitor. After all she was good enough to win the title to begin with and she gave me a hell of a fight, honestly she came close to beating me. And now she's going to be even more fired up, I need to be on my game more than ever before when I step into the ring at Gold Rush.

Gabi: He's right Callie, Batti might be an annoying, delusional twerp living in a fantasy world of sunshine and rainbows, but she's a good competitor.

I again nodded.

Callie: You're both right, Batti is a good competitor and I need to bring my A game to beat her, in fact I need to be on my A plus game. I know she learned from facing me as much as I learned from facing her but the good thing is, she's got a distraction of her own to worry about. She had to stand there and watch her friend Tyrone Blades get brutally attacked after the match with you Gabi, I saw the heartbreak in her eyes as she watched helplessly as he was destroyed and beaten to a pulp. I might have my sister in the hospital but I know you're in good hands and you're safe now, and I know you're gonna be here rooting for me to come back and visit, the Elite Openweight Title still in my possession. Batti's gotta worry meanwhile if another person close to her is gonna end up in a wheelchair like her boyfriend. But what she should be worried about, is if I decide to put HER in a wheelchair!

I smirked an evil smirk, I'm not sure how distracted Batti will truly be but I'd like to think that I won't be any less focused than her. Just then there was a knock on the door, this time from a nurse.

Nurse: Hi there, I'm Gabi's nurse Danielle, I just wanted to check on her and do her vitals and check her bandages, do you mind leaving the room for just a minute?

Both Bates and I shook our heads as I took my phone out of my pocket.

Callie: Not at all, I just need to get a selfie with her first.

I stood next to Gabi, who rolled her eyes but I told her it was for our followers and she obliged my request as Bates walked out of the room. Gabi held up her arms to show her wounds and forced a smile as I flashed my best smile at the camera and took the selfie. I hugged Gabi real quick and told her I'd be back in a minute before walking out, joining Bates in the hallway and closing the door behind me.

Bates: Are you okay? I know it must be hard for you having Gabi in the hospital.

I nodded and sighed.

Callie: I think I will yes, I'm worried about her but it could be a lot worse and I know she'll recover. But it's going to be weird being without her, we've always done everything together and now I'm going to be on my own in WZCW.

Bates nodded in understanding.

Bates: I know it's going to be a new challenge for you, but this is also a chance to prove your doubters wrong. You said a lot of people said you only beat Batti because of Gabi being there to help, now's your chance to prove them wrong. If you beat Batti again and on your own this time not only will it prove you can beat her without help, but it'll help you prove that you truly are an elite competitor and a future top star.

I nodded as a smile crossed my face. Bates was right, this is a great chance for me to prove the haters wrong and show them that I'm as good as I say I am. That I'm a deserving champion and not just a fluke who can't win without her big sister around to help her.

Callie: You're right, this is the perfect chance for me to do just that. I am a fierce competitor and me winning the championship was no fluke, I'm simply better than her. And as far as those idiot fans, they're just jealous because I'm better than them too.

As we continued talking, I posted the selfie I took with Gabi on instagram, it instantly being posted to our facebook and twitter pages as well with the following caption.

Hello from the hospital, I know you've all been extremely worried about Gabi's condition after she was stretchered out of Ascension and we just wanted to let you know that she's in the hospital and slowly going to be working on recovering. But she will be out of action for an unknown amount of time. Cheer Gabi up and send her all your get well messages while I go prepare for the biggest match of my life. She needs your love, admiration and support right now. -Callie
After a few minutes of talking after posting the picture online, Danielle came out of the room and told us we were good to go back in to see Gabi. We thanked her before heading back in to visit for awhile. It's going to be hard to get back to visit as often as I'd like once I leave town for Gold Rush.

Three Days Before Gold Rush: Four Seasons Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri

I stood in my hotel room in St. Louis, unpacking my bags in the room for one I wasn't used to booking. It may be more expensive on my own but I still opted for the nicest hotel in town over the dumps WZCW books, all things fabulous are still a must. I hung up my costume for Gold Rush in the closet, I opted for White Canary,I always admired how badass Sara Lance was and it seemed fitting, considering I'm a Legend of Tomorrow in my own way. Plus I could use a little badass inspiration to help me defend my title. After hanging up my costume I went over to the bed, and opened the dog carrier I had Sid in after making a quick stop home to pick him up, I may not have Gabi with me right now but at least I have my fur baby.

Callie: There now you can roam free in the room and we can both relax.

I sat down on the bed and took a moment to pet Sid before he grabbed his tennis ball out of his carrier and plopped it down in front of me, I picked it up and lightly tossed it across the room as he quickly jumped off the bed and ran after it. As he did so I pulled my championship out of my bag and placed it down on the bed in front of me.

Callie: It's crazy that nobody has been able to defend this thing since Austin Reynolds. That's 4 different champions who couldn't hang onto this. But I think it's time to end that streak and give this title a permanent home. Logan McAllister, Noah Ryder, Xander LeBelle, and of course Batti. None of them could defend the Elite Openweight Championship, but I'm going to be different than all of them, I'm going to make the name Callie Clark even more memorable, I'm going to break the streak and be the first person in a long time to defend this championship, my championship. Because I'm simply better than all of them, especially Batti. Don't you agree Sid?

As if on cue, Sid barked. Of course it was probably because he was waiting for me to throw him his ball rather than agreeing with me but I'd like to think it's both. I picked up the ball and threw it across the room again and Sid happily ran after it.

Callie: You know my mind may be a little bit in two places, but Batti didn't look fully recovered from our match this past week, it would be a shame if someone finished the job and sent her to the hospital for a little bit wouldn't it?

I chuckled at myself as Sid brought the ball back and sat there wagging his tail until I picked it up and tossed it for him again, and again he ran after it as I continued with my train of thought.

Callie: Batti may think she's seen every trick in my book, but I always have another trick up my sleeve and I'll have one or two new ones up my sleeve for Gold Rush. Not that it'll be hard to trick her, I mean I did trick her into thinking I actually liked her back at Kingdom Come when she wanted to do those stupid childish pranks, but she was useful in helping Gabi and I gain some fame so she's not totally useless. She's just a totes naive little girl who lives in a fantasy world, but when I took this title from her I sent her crashing back to the real world, and the real world can really suck.

For a fourth time Sid brought me his ball, I picked it up and faked throwing it the first time, he still ran after it. I guess he's almost as easy as Batti is to trick. After the fake out I tossed Sid the ball, he tried to catch it in his mouth but just knocked it down instead.

Callie: After beating Batti once I know I can do it again, I've seen her best shot, I've taken her best shot, it's not so bad. Me at my best is better than her at her best, I am elite, she is not. I am a worthy champion, she is not. And simply, I want this title more than her, I need this title more than her. This title is going to help me change the world and rule the world. This title is going to help me prove all the haters wrong, let me get in each of their faces and say I told you so. Losing at Gold Rush ruins all of that and makes me look like a fluke, and I may be a lot of things but one thing I'll never be is a fluke.

Sid brought me his ball again, I could see he was getting tired so I picked it up and just tossed it a couple feet away, he walked over to it but ended up just leaving the ball where it was instead of keeping our game of fetch going.

Callie: You know it wasn't that long ago I was like Batti, a little girl with no self confidence. I was bullied when I was younger, a lot of people are. But unlike her I did something about it, I'm not that person anymore. I know I'm gorgeous, I know I'm great, I know I'm everything I say I am and everything my fans think I am, I am a queen! I am the girl who will kick your ass and you'll still be looking me up on instagram, dying with jealously because you can't get with me and you can't be me. But Batti? She's still that little weirdo, talking like a 5 year old and pretending to be something she's not and crying because things don't go her way. Puh-lese, the last thing WZCW needs is someone like that representing them.

I chuckled as I looked over at Sid, now curled up in a ball on the floor with his head down sleeping. I guess the game of fetch and the long trip tired him out.

Callie: I am a legend of tomorrow and I'm going to continue to prove that at Gold Rush. Only one person has managed to pin me so far and that's Eve Taylor, arguably the best woman to ever step foot in a WZCW ring, ironically she's also had the longest reign ever with this very championship, My only other loss was my debut and the tag champs pinned Gabi. All this proves is the only people who can beat me are the people considered the best around here, and Batti isn't on that level, she's not even on my level.

I picked up the championship off the bed and held it in my hands, it flashed me back to the moment I won it and how good it felt to hold it in my hands, the tears of joy I shed that night, it was one of the best moments of my life. When I put this title on the line I'm going to be in the fight of my life with a woman I can't stand, she's everything I'm not and everything I can't stand. Dumping red goo on her was hilarious, taking her title was amazing, but beating her again and sending her to the back of the line never to touch MY title again? That's going to be the sweetest moment of them all.
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Default Cola

"Good evening and welcome to the Ascension Edition of The Talk Zone! My name is Leon Kensworth and I'm joined here tonight with my reporting colleague Selena Anderson and our special guest Batti Otaku. Thank you for being with us, Miss Otaku."

"Very happy to be here, Leonchan."

She sat adjacent from both Kensworth and Anderson with a Wild Cherry Pepsi in hand. Batti took a sip and elegantly sat the can in front of her on the broadcast table. Selena looked like she would rather be anywhere but where she was. Kensworth adjusted his tie and continued.

"Let's get to it. Just moments ago you won a hard fought battle against Vee ADZ with Callie Clark as referee. It looked like the odds were not stacked in your favor before the bell even rang. How did it feel when Callie, your own personal bully, dragged you over Vee and counted you for the win?"

"Honestly Leon, I don't know how to feel. I don't know what game she is playing at, but I'm dying to find out." Batti pauses to get her thoughts in order. "I guess I'm a little angry. Vee didn't deserve to lose that way. I don't owe whoever called her a thank you. If anything I want to take the title away from her more. No self-respecting champion should play like that."

"Then again," Selena interjected, "Callie would have never been referee in the first place if you had retained against her. Everybody knows being a special guest has its privileges. You'd be a silly girl to think she wasn't going to have fun with it just a little."

"Silly? Is it silly to want a fair fight? Am I silly for thinking the Elite Openweight Champion should be somebody with integrity?"


"Please, let's remain civil here," Kensworth warned them.

Selena smirked. "Agreed. But we are here to give the viewers what they want, correct? Then let's change course here for a moment. After your match something truly special happened. Your friend, Tyrone Blades, was savagely beaten within an inch of his life. You came down to the ring. Care to remind us and the fans what transpired next?"

"H-he told me to walk away."

"Ah. Wait wasn't that what you did to your boyfriend back on Ascension 109? Wow 10 episodes later and you're still turning your back on the ones that need you the most. How is it that Callie is a bully but you're not some coward?"

The #1 contender flushed beet red. She sat still in her seat and looked down. Selena continued pressing her.

"You of all people should have felt the need to strike back, though. Ramparte is crippled because you just stood there, watching it happen. Who knows if Tyrone is healthy enough to compete at Gold Rush, in a First Blood Match of all things. Why did you run away?"

Batti remained silent as Selena stared her down. Leon cleared his throat.

"Why should fans cheer for a coward? Why should you be the Elite Champion and not Callie Clark, for who, as far as I know, has never backed down from a fight?"

"Let's keep this civil, please. I don't think Miss Otaku is comfortable answering-"

"Then why the hell is she here?" barked Selena.

She stammered. "I'm...I'm just trying to do the right thing. Tyrone told me not to interfere. I held back so much to keep from attacking Vis Imperium. When it was Rammikun, I wasn't a wrestler. I had no experience fighting and didn't know how to defend myself. But now I can, and I'm going to make it right when I get my hands on Vis Imperium and Flex Mussel, the man that crippled my boyfriend."

She sighed and looked towards the cameras. "I don't forget. I'm going to take the title and together Tyrone Blades and Batti Otaku are going to rage a war the likes WZCW has never seen. Mussel. Callie. Imperium. This girl has a list like Arya Stark."

"You claim you don't forget, but you called Ramparte your boyfriend. Are you sure about that?"

Batti opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. She eyed Selena questioningly.

"Errm we do have some footage of a previous incident Ms. Anderson is referring to, but as this is more of an interview, I don't think it'd be professional to show viewers."

Selena Anderson rolled her eyes and took a sip from her water bottle. "Obviously you don't care about ratings, Mr. Kensworth. We're sitting beside a coward and a loose cannon. Roll the surveillance vid. The people have a right to see who Batti really is."

Batti gazed at Leon, not understanding what was going on. He sighed, and nodded reluctantly.

Originally Posted by Live Backstage Cam

"This is all just part of a test," Ramparte explained, steering his wheelchair closer to her. She veered away. "I am your coach. You must be able to handle all criticisms both physical and cerebral. That's the way WrestleZone Championship Wrestling is. All I'm trying to do is toughen you up."

Batti trembled. "By posting insults towards me?!? I...I can't believe you'd do such a thing!"

Ramparte turned his gaze to the floor.

"I knew you'd find out sooner or a later. But please baby, understand that my intentions were good. Before Callie Clark, you were this whimsical random greenhorn but now through social media I have made you a tough woman to face. Callie Clark is going to have her hands full when she deals with you after all the torment and bullying."

"You bastard! I didn't need a lesson from you to know what it's like to be a naive bimbo. Obviously you've shown me that's what you think of me - the girl that's trying to get revenge FOR YOU. I'm just some punching bag for you. Some whipping girl because I became a singles champion and you didn't."

"...you don't mean that."

The former Elite Champion walked off and slammed the door.
Batti Otaku stared at her Pepsi.

"Wanna fill us in on why you and your boyfriend were fighting?"

"Someone was cyberbullying me from my Facebook. Usually people just say mean things in Comment Sections or on Public Forums, but never directly to my account. Not one that doesn't even have my real name on it. That was the first clue that the person that harassed me knew me personally. I tracked the IP address, and it was from my own laptop. Second red flag. I asked Ramparte backstage and you've seen the rest..."

Kensworth stopped Anderson from her retort. "We understand if you don't wish to speak about your relationship. You're here to discuss your fight, not your love life, and you have both of our apologies for airing that."

Batti grimaced but waved it off. She took another swig from her Pepsi and licked her lips.

"Goodness I love these things. Eh, it's fine. To be honest it feels good to get it off of my chest. In fact, I'd like to publicly state right now in this moment Ramparte and I are taking a break. I will not condone any form of bullying, constructive or not."

She waited for a reply from the interview personnel, but they were both too shocked to make a comment, so she continued. "At Gold Rush I am fighting against bullying. I am going to stand up to Callie Clark and show the world that we do not need people like her being our champion. She is a shallow mean girl that has spent too much time caring about how others perceive her. Believe me, I've been where she is now when it comes to the internet. But no more! She showed me in our last match that she is willing to do anything to get and keep her followers. Callie Clark is one hell of a fighter. But I am saying right now that she does not care about her fans. Only that she has them. When I was Elite Openweight Champion, all I wanted to do was celebrate with the crowd. To have parties and cake and balloons and beach balls. I was trying to give back. Callie Clark would never do what I did. She isn't a champion. She's a bakka bitch with a gold accessory."

Selena Anderson stiffened. "Well, the championship IS around her waist and not yours."

"A problem I hope to remedy very soon."

"But why?" she whined. "Does she scare you or something? You can't take a little red ooze or a few parties crashed here and there? This is WZCW, not Chuck E. Cheese's. We aren't for kids."

"...did you just call me a kid?"

Leon Kensworth shouted for them to be civil a third time. Batti Otaku rose from her seat in rebellion.

"You know what? No. Fuck you. You do nothing but put down the people you're trying to get a scoop from, Selena. People like me don't matter to people like you. I get that. Why you want or have this job is beyond me but I'm a fighter, inside and outside of the ring. Want a WZCW article? How about this - Batti Breaks A Bakka Bitch."

She grabbed her can of Wild Cherry Pepsi and poured it over Selena Anderson's head! Anderson cried out loud, too surprised to get up from her seat right away. Kensworth quickly jumped out of his seat to check on his colleague as Batti flung the can out of the camera's steady gaze. She quietly left the Talk Zone.


She seemed startled, but soon returned the kiss. It felt liberating to feel the warmth and care of a man that didn't have some hidden agenda for her. No, Tyrone and Batti were on the same side in the same battle for WZCW. She had to make him proud by securing the gold from Callie and taking the fight to the higher ups.

But to move on from Ramparte...to move on so soon...

"No....no I can't do this. Blad....Tyrone., I can't" She pulls away from him, though her arms remain wrapped around him as pain pierced her face. He reached up and wiped away her tears, brushing her hair away from her face as Blades placed his hand on her cheek. She reached up and clasped her hand over his.

"I still love Ramparte....even after what he's done. If this were any other lifetime, perhaps......"

She leaned in and whispered to him. "Tyrone, I know you're hurting right now. I know you're physically hurt as well. But I will be by your side and fight this war with you. You have helped me grow as a wrestler, and as a person. You've given me so much, but my heart belongs to another right now. I'm not ready to give that up for good just yet. You're stronger than all of Vis Imperium. It's why I want to fight by your side. Your strength and courage despite being at a disadvantage is what inspires us all. When it's said and done, you will do the right thing. I know you will."

Batti kissed Blades's cheek, their eyes catching each other once more. She looked down for a moment before pulling away. "Tomorrow Blades-Sama, meet me here and we will train all day." With a wink and a smile, the perky confidence returns to Batt as she skips out of the ring and makes her way out of the gym, leaving him alone in the dusty old gym in the decrepit old ring.

When she shut the gymnasium's door, she crumpled against it. Ramparte...Blades...emotions enveloped her.

"No...I must focus on Callie Clark! I will deal with men some other time. There's a bakka bitch in need of breaking."

Originally Posted by Hunter S. Thompson
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
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