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Old 11-07-2012, 08:38 AM
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SpecialFNK is looking to come up from OCW...SpecialFNK is looking to come up from OCW...SpecialFNK is looking to come up from OCW...

I don't usually notice if someone is that bad on the mic. I've seen people talk about Jeff Hardy is bad at promos, but he seems good enough to me.

I'm not suggesting that a lot of in ring involvement should be reduced. I think one of the biggest memories of Hulk Hogan was the leg drop he did on Randy Savage when he turned on WCW. or the leg drop on Iron Sheik when he first won the WWF title. but I also remember things about Hogan that were not in the ring. like when Andre ripped off his necklace on Pipers Pit. not specifically, but many promos Hogan did with Mean Gene where he would talk about his 24 inch pythons, telling people to say their prayers and eat their vitamins, and say whatcha gonna do when Hulk Hogan runs wild on you.
if one was to think back at big moments from wrestling, most of them will come from something inside the ring. but I think it's the story lines that make what happens in the ring more exciting.
when I think of the most exciting time in wrestling history, to me that was the early days of nWo. it was exciting because it was so unpredictable and you never knew what was going to happen. it was the story lines more so than what wrestling they were involved in. I don't really remember many/any classic wrestling matches involving the nWo. I remember nWo beating the shit out of the Giant, and then the Giant joining nWo because he was allegedly paid with money from Ted Dibiase.
to me it's also about how a match ends. for example I don't remember much about the match between then WCW champion Goldberg and Kevin Nash, but I do remember Scott Hall using the taser wand on Goldberg which allowed Nash to get the victory. there are many moments I remember that were epic because of how the match ended, rather than all of the wrestling moves done during the entire match. IMO that's what makes the matches entertaining.

if I remember correctly 2 of the highest rated Impact shows were the Impact after BFG 2010 when Hogan turned heel, and then after BFG 2011 when Hogan turned back face. I think those were 2 shows filled mostly with promos.

take a recent story line with Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. Aries was talking in the ring with Hardy about his new custom title. next episode Aries attacks Hardy and takes the real title belt with him. next episode Hardy says there match at TP will be a ladder match. all that happening has added much more excitement to their match at TP. the match is important, but it's all that happens before that has made it exciting. a ladder match isn't your typical wrestling match, but having a ladder involved makes it more exciting/entertaining.

you obviously can't have a show with mostly promos.even casual/general fans want to see some wrestling, but I don't think they care if it's 2 guys putting on a great "wrestling" match or if its 2 guys with spots here and there. Jeff Hardy often gets described as someone with only a limited number of moves, but he is still exciting and entertaining to watch.

as for Eric Young. EY in a serious typical wrestling style match. why would I want to watch that? I don't remember what wrestling moves EY does, or even what his finishing move would be. but EY doing funny things, like locking up with the ref, now that's funny and entertaining to watch.
I also think part of what makes EY funny and entertaining is the way he looks, like having the big beard. when I think of EY right now, the beard is something that comes to mind.
Old 11-07-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by SpecialFNK View Post
I don't usually notice if someone is that bad on the mic. I've seen people talk about Jeff Hardy is bad at promos, but he seems good enough to me.
Surely you must notice something. I mean, someone who's astonishing at promo's (CM Punk, Steve Austin, Bully Ray, Anderson) just doesn't compare with someone who has no idea how to interact with the crowd (Amazing Red, Rob Terry.)

Just look at the show TNA did in Philadelphia. Team 3D were heels, but the crowd were cheering for ALL the old ECW wrestlers regardless. Except for Team 3D, Ray did one piece of promo work on camera, and the crowd turned on him instantly. Ray is a master at working the crowd.

The in-ring stuff is meaningless without the storylines and promo's to back it up, I agree there. The fact that Hogan was so over despite the fact that he's pretty average in the ring at best shows that technical stuff is not the whole deal.

Originally Posted by SpecialFNK View Post
there are many moments I remember that were epic because of how the match ended, rather than all of the wrestling moves done during the entire match. IMO that's what makes the matches entertaining.
Don't remind me Terrible end to the match, terrible end to Goldberg's streak. Some of my favourite parts of that era, was learning Goldberg wasn't as one-dimensional as everyone thought... Vs Glacier when he avoided a low kick with a backflip, When he first rolled through into the Leg bar. Against Raven (I think, though it could have been a different member of the flock) when Goldberg used the Legtrap chokeslam. When he tagged with Rick Steiner there was some superb spots in that match.

I think the Ladder stipulation for Aries/Hardy at turning point is because Hardy, and everyone involved with TNA knows that falling off ladders is all Hardy can do nowadays

EY's comedy skit stuff has been great, but it's been what, 2 years since he got 'concussion' from suicide kicking him off the turnbuckle. It's time for something new for him. He can do serious stuff.

As for moves. Recently his finisher has been a Top rope elbow drop. But he's used the Death Valley Driver before. On multiple opponents at once. Including 3 at a time in a 6 man tag match with the Prince Justice Brotherhood. Ryback uses his finisher on 2 people, the internet goes crazy. EY's done it loads of times and managed to do it on 3 and gets nothing

While he was with 'the band' he was using a cradle piledriver as a finish.

And also the Youngblood Neckbreaker.

EY's 200 times the Talent Jeff Hardy is. I'm not suggesting that EY should be main eventing (Although about a year ago he DID pin the champ (Sting) in a tag team match, and then had some matches with Sting, Anderson and a few other main event level guys.)

But EY's been a great performer, and a great worker, in every place TNA have put him.
Old 11-07-2012, 11:22 AM
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I'd love to see Eric Young stay. Very entertaining, and probably in the top 10-15 in-ring performes in TNA as well.

The gimmick seems to throw people off, but with the TV show.. we can see he truly is whacky and it's just an extension of his personality that's been amplified. That's fine. And I would have loved to see him get a World Title run, all you gotta do is serious him up a bit. Maybe have him go heel, but keep his whacky loose cannon self, and then he'd just end up hurting people all the time. Being a loose cannon and such. It'd work.
Old 11-08-2012, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by SpecialFNK View Post
I'm not saying take out all wrestling. but a TV show with say 80%+ in ring wrestling is just boring and there's no entertainment other than to the small percent of wrestling fans there are still watching.
you need wrestling, but it's the other areas that make the show watchable to other viewers. promos and story lines are a big plus.
when I watch a wrestling show I'm more interested in what happens before the match and after the match. that's what is entertaining to me. the match itself to me wouldn't make a difference if it's great in ring wrestling between 2 guys who are great at wrestling moves, or if it was just a spot fest with only a handful of big moves.

one of the biggest wrestling icons in history is Hulk Hogan, but he certainly wasn't known for his wrestling ability.

you can take a great in ring wrestler, but if he's weak in areas like promos/mic work/image then he's just not going to be much good.
you can take someone with average wrestling ability, but someone who is good at promos/mic work/image and he can still become a star.

selling merchandise is great, but if you no longer have a TV show because it was canceled due to really bad ratings the merchandise is not going to make much money.
Unfortunately, what you're proposing is the blueprint for sports-entertainment, not pro wrestling. If Eric Young were in WWE, all he would need to be is a comedy act and he would work for a long time with that company. However, he's apart of TNA, which is most certainly a pro wrestling company. TNA is watched primarily by an audience that wants to view fake competition, with a quick promo here and there to set the mood and excite the spirit. That particular audience is slowly returning, so it would be a shame to switch mentalities now. Therefore, if Eric is to stay around TNA, he needs a spotlight put on his wrestling talent. His persona will fall in line as he's able to commit more time to being a serious wrestler and, I think, will still retain his comedic sensibilities but in more manageable dosages. So therefore, I hope a deal is reached and Eric Young stays.
Old 11-08-2012, 06:17 PM
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Default The EY leaving? Hmm...

If he's leaving........Let him go.

I enjoyed Eric Young during his run with Team Canada until now. Though Young career is mostly highlighted through low brow and often funny comedy. He was very good in the ring and was a former X-Division champ, and a former Television/Global champion. Young was one of the TNA originals. I like how he is expanding his resume to Hollywood and beyond. Good for him. If he's leaving I say let him go. Plus this may be a tell tale sign that TNA needs to drop and discontinue the Knockouts Tag Team titles. Focus on bringing the Knockouts division back to a higher ground. I had high hopes for him during his World Elite group. Fucking Eric Bitchoff buried him backstage on live television.

Now I've read and heard the rumors about that fat punk Bruce Prichard saying that woman's wrestling doesn't belong anywhere on T.V.(Piss-break as everyone calls it), did he not get the memo that the Knockouts at one point were out drawing the men? Hmm?

"Hey Bruce maybe we should try that again, huh?"

Plus ODB is feuding with Tara which gaining a whole lot of traction.
TNA has been going strong for 10 years, and it will be around for another 10. Sorry VKM/Marks, not for sale.
Old 11-09-2012, 02:51 PM
Pink Hole Slam Pink Hole Slam is offline
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Pink Hole Slam is looking to come up from OCW...

I am standing up for the Impact Zone here.

Would it be great if TNA could take the show on the road? Absolutely. Do they want to do this? Of course they do. Every talent, every high ranking official echoes this sentiment. There is a lot of stuff that goes into this. Its not as easy as just saying "okay, lets do this".

With that being said I think the Impact Zone takes way too much shit from the IWC. Are there tourists there from Universal? Of course. But there is also a LARGE fan base that shows up every week to support TNA and their favorite TNA wrestlers. They spend money that goes to both Universal ($15 parking fee before 6PM if you're a FL resident and I am sure the concessions are split) and TNA (merchandise and VIP packages). It just so happens that these people are Hardy, Sting, and Hogan marks.

You bring up the crickets for Aries? People in the Impact Zone were going crazy for Aries when he was wrestling Roode and Bully Ray. They're booing him now because he is a heel in a feud with one of (if not THE) most popular guy in the company. On top of that, Aries is designed to be a heel in this situation. TNA doesn't want people cheering for him!

Its aggravating to see the bulk of TNA's problems blamed on the venue for their show. I think their lack of depth and creative problems are way more pressing than the venue the show takes place in.
Old 11-09-2012, 11:21 PM
Ovaltine Ovaltine is offline
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Ovaltine is looking to come up from OCW...

I a glad he is leaving. He was seldom funny (maybe once in a year) and had an annoying gimmick. However, I can see how he would appeal to small children. He is goofy and has a funny voice. If Impact was a childrens show I'd make him the Champion! But it isn't it is scripted wrestling that is trying to (FINALLY!) be a wrestling company. Hereis hoping that they drop the dead weight and stick to being an alternative to RAW because God knows Raw isn't bringing in big numbers anymore either. So, why copy something that is failing. It isn't logical! As for the Impact Zone... ugh! Whenever Impact Wrestling is on the road it feels like REAL show. The crowd is alive and cheer for the right guys. There have been so many great episodes of Impact where the audience is dead! Often I am watching bthinking to myself this crowd is draging down the product. If this were a live show the crowd would be going bat-shit crazy over what is happening! The Impact Zone is 100% why Imapact is not competition. They need to start going n the road every Thursday night! It may take a bit of time, but if they do that it will be a step in the righ direction!
I was a fan of WCW, NWA, AWA, WCCW and UWF... there was no way in hell I would ever become a fan of the WWE. That company lost it's balls when they got the F out!

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