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Old 06-09-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by cawsnallthis View Post
I love being a nonbeliever. It's hilarious. Just the concept of a group of people that believe in a big all powerful, all knowing being that lives in the sky, feeling morally superior to the ones that think its an amazing crock of shit just makes me laugh my ass off.
And this has to do with coming out of the closet on something how? Were you once one of those people who believed in an omnipotent, omniscient Being at one time, or had to tell devout believers that were family members or close to you that you no longer did? Because that's what this thread is about, not finding it 'funny' that you're a non-believer.

I'll give you this much though: I'm not a fan of those who make it their mission to act 'morally superior' to another human being because of a belief system. Specifically, a Christian-based one. Why? Because the Scripture that is claimed to be the Word, the Bible, has several case and point examples where it essentially shames the person who acts this way. Case in point, Isaigh 64:6:

'All of us have become like one who is unclean,
and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;
we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.'
In other words, simply doing good or even being morally superior to another person isn't enough, or what God is looking for.

Throw in the fact that for the most part, the ones that don't believe are generally more tolerant of the ones that do.
Where do you get this? Is it based on scientific research of some kind, or credible surveys? This statement couldn't be more speculative if you tried.

Further, you make a wonderful case for the 'tolerance of non-believers' when you find "hilarity" and "laugh your ass off" at those who believe in the aforementioned all-knowing, all-seeing God.

And let's not muddy the waters here. I've seen a paradigm shift in my own belief system over the past few years, and I've not been shunned or had one friend or family member look down on me, or shut me out of their life because they suddenly became better then I, lest you simply group me an 'intolerant believer'.

I just think your point of view is quite ignorant.

And the ones that do believe and base their entire religion on the concept of forgiveness generally aren't even slightly tolerant of the ones that don't believe at all.
Again, where do you get this from? Scientific studies? Research? Surveys? Or you experience with a small group of people?

You want tolerance from a certain group of people, but you're overtly critical and intolerant towards those same people. If you've been shown intolerance because of your lack of beliefs by those who do, I can understand the frustration and feelings that those people are being hypocritical. But wouldn't the best way, the tolerant way, in fact, be to show that you are unaffected by it, or to have a conversation with the people that have "wronged you", and explain why you choose to 'not believe' the way you do?

It's a delicate balance, a tight rope act, when dealing with 'coming out' regarding your beliefs, whether it be one way or another. It wouldn't be easy for the Christian family, I assume, to hear that their son has converted to Islam, and the penalty of the opposite could be much worse.

For me, everyone in my family essentially believes. I'm the closest thing to a 'skeptic' as you'll find, ranging from my parents to my wife. Me? I still believe in a lot of Christian principles and the like, but my faith wasn't what it was two years or even a year ago. Fortunately, my family and my wife understand my viewpoint. It may not be the easiest thing on them, but they respect the decision I've made regarding my lack of church attendance. I thought it would be a difficult thing, both with my parents and my wife, but I haven't lost any lunch invites with my family after they've gone to church on Sunday, nor has my wife withheld sex.

If the latter one happens, I might start going again.

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Old 07-01-2013, 02:48 AM
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I came out as a teenager...

I graduated at 15 from High School and got into college at 16. I met this really hot girl and we hit it off immediately. I spent 6 months talking, flirting and hanging out with her until we finally went out on a date. Our first date was great and the rest was history... Problem was she didn't know about my age. I was 16 and she was 21. In the second term, she actually became 22. I decided to not tell her because I was going to scare her away.

She was very moral, and very religious, and I had gotten to know her enough to know she would not be okay with a 6-year age difference. After being together over a year,we were serious enough that I had to tell her. She was outraged when I told her and we didn't speak for about 2 days, but she admitted that the damage had been done. She loved me, and even though she probably wouldn't have gotten into the relationship at the beginning, she was stuck with me now. I apologized, but we just buried the topic. Her family had a harder time accepting it than she did, but eventually it all worked out. In fact, we're still together til this day.

I came out as a (non)-virgin...

When I was a freshman, I was kinda lucky that my first girlfriend was a borderline NYMPHOMANIAC. We did it all. Every entry her body had, every position she could bend to, every thing I could think of. I was 13 years old and having the time of my life. Then her parents found out, and there was this huge bullshit scandal, and we broke up and she changed schools. Til this day, she still blames me and hates my guts even though I never did anything wrong.

Well, anyway, point is that after that, I had rough rebounds with other girls until I got a girl pregnant. She had an abortion without telling me, and that made me freak out and make me want to get my shit together. I pretty much abstained for the rest of the year until I got into college.

I had a one night stand in first year, but other than that, I was pretty much determined on "conquering" the girl from #1. Anyway, we spoke for months before dating, but we never delved into our sex lives. She's religious so she was waiting for marriage, but she didn't necessarily expect me to. However, being a first-year, she assumed I was young, and because I hadn't dated anyone during the whole 1st-year, she just thought I was a virgin too. Once she told me in passing that we were both virgins, I had no idea how to react. I personally thought she must have had experience being 21 and all, but I guess I learned the full-force of her religiosity.

Anyway, I didn't tell her, even AFTER I told her about my age and AFTER we had sex. She eventually figured it out on her own due to me not being shy or inexperienced, etc. She asked me about it and I told her the truth and that drove her insane. Waiting for marriage was a big deal for her at the time, and she thought that God or whatever would make an exception because we would stay together forever.

She cried and argued and didn't trust me for a long time, but we got through it. In fact, it's hard to actually regret it... She told me that had she known I was experienced, she would have felt stronger about waiting for marriage, because I already had a taste or whatever.

(I still never told her the extent of my sex life though... That's just irrelevant.)

I came out as an atheist...

"Coming out" as an atheist doesn't make sense to me. To me, people should feel embarrassed to come out as religious instead. Why should anyone feel like they should hide the fact that I don't believe in sorcerers, magic and fairytales? Anyway, as I've already said, she was super religious, so I didn't tell her I was atheist until we were a few years together. I would go to church with her, eat the bread, say the prayers, and do it all to keep her happy. Eventually, I had to give a speech at a medical seminar, and I commented on how the concept of faith was antithetical to the scientific method. I went on a tangent on how most religious concepts would be debunked by science due to proof, but that didn't mean people shouldn't believe what they wanted to believe.

Anyway, she came up to me afterwards and told me that some of my speech was offensive and I just cleared up that I'm a man of science. And even though God's existence would be spectacular and how a a heavenly afterlife would be awesome, I can't believe in things just because it's convenient to believe in them. She actually broke up with me because of it, but we then got back together and she told me she could put up with it as long as "our kids" are raised catholic. I agreed...

It's been almost 10 years and I still haven't told her I don't want kids. Wait til she finds out about that one...

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