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Old 07-14-2013, 04:17 PM
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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...
Default WWF 2001: "After the Invasion"

November 18, 2001

*** ROSTER ***

Defeated Kurt Angle on RAW, 8/10/01

Defeated Chris Jericho on RAW, 5/11/01

Defeated Test at Survivor Series, 18/11/01

Defeated Kurt Angle on RAW, 10/9/01

Defeated Bradshaw on SMACKDOWN, 1/11/01


ECW/WCW ALLIANCE SUPERSTARS (futures yet to be determined)


Defeated Hardy Boys at Survivor Series, 18/11/01


Defeated Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Lita & Molly Holly at Survivor Series, 18/11/01








After months of battles, it was a memorable night for Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation as they finally overcame the threat of the WCW/ECW Alliance to ‘survive’ the Invasion – and establish themselves as the true kings of the wrestling world. Since the early part of the Summer, the WCW/ECW Alliance, led by Shane McMahon, his sister Stephanie and the ECW leader Paul Heyman, have invaded the hallowed ground of the WWF with one intention – to kill off the WWF. For months, the momentum has swung back and forth but now, thanks to one victory in tonight’s main event, the WWF lives … and WCW and ECW die.

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP: Christian (c) vs. Al Snow
However, there were other matches on the PPV that were just as important. With livelihoods potentially at stake, many superstars knew that victory in their matches could either guarantee – or increase their chances, at least – of retaining their jobs regardless of the outcome of the main event. In the case of CHRISTIAN, the WWF European Champion, this was definitely the case. As an Alliance member, Christian knew that, should he retain a WWF branded title, he would be safe whatever the outcome. He opened the PPV with a title defence against one of the most popular WWF veterans, AL SNOW. In a back and forth contest, the European Champion finally hit the Unprettier to retain the gold and guarantee himself a job tomorrow. The relief on Christian’s face was clear whereas Al Snow would have a nervous wait; he needed a WWF victory later tonight to secure his job.

Tajiri (w/Torrie Wilson) vs. William Regal
One of the features of the Invasion from the WCW/ECW Alliance has been the defections of several WWF superstars - some disillusioned with life in the WWF, others through previous loyalties – to the opposition. In the second match of the evening, the former WWF Commissioner, WILLIAM REGAL would go one on one with his former protégé, TAJIRI. The ‘Japanese Buzzsaw’ remained loyal to the WWF despite the defection of Regal and quickly became a crowd favourite. Accompanied by his girlfriend, TORRIE WILSON, herself a defector from WCW to the WWF, Tajiri, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, was out to defeat his mentor in a non-title contest. However, things didn’t go to plan; Regal hit a Regal Powerbomb to get the 3-count and revenge on Tajiri for his failure to follow him to the Alliance. After the match, as a farewell gift, Regal hits the Powerbomb once more before also hitting the same move on Torrie. A despicable move from a despicable man but Regal didn’t care a jot as he walked away from the ring looking smug.

TITLE UNIFICATION MATCH: US Champion Edge vs. IC Champion Test
Up next was the first ‘unification’ match which would unify two titles and guarantee the winner, as well as two titles, a place in the new regime regardless of the winner of the main event. In a quirk of fate, the Alliance was represented in the match by WWF Intercontinental Champion TEST whereas the WWF’s representative would be WCW United States Champion, EDGE. Both men have been on a huge roll in 2001 and their singles careers appear to be rocketing skywards – but only one of them could guarantee his job here tonight in this match. In a terrific contest, both men traded their very best and hit several near falls before Edge surprised Test with a Spear that got him the win and made him the US and Intercontinental Champion. Whichever side won the main event, Edge was now guaranteed to be their champion – US or Intercontinental – whilst the other title would be dissolved.

Following that ‘unification’ of the titles, we had another one; this time for the WCW and WWF Tag Team Championships. However, this one would be contested inside a Steel Cage as long time foes, THE DUDLEY BOYS, Bubba Ray and D-Von, would defend their WCW Tag Team Championships against the WWF Tag Team Champions, Matt and Jeff, THE HARDY BOYS – with their title also on the line. A brutal contest was livened up further by the presence of STACY KEIBLER at ringside whose antics distracted WCW referee Nick Patrick enough to allow her chance to slide a table into the ring – the main ammunition of those damn Dudleys. However, the big twist came when one of the Hardys, Matt, managed to escape the cage and put them within touching distance of the win – if both men escaped, they would win the match. However, with Jeff now all alone inside the cage with both Dudleys, some speculated that this increased their chances of getting a pinfall on Jeff. The Dudleys looked set to take advantage as Matt encouraged his brother to make the escape until Jeff managed to counter and give himself the chance to climb out. With the pro-WWF crowd cheering him all the way, Jeff reached the top of the cage with both Dudleys down and out and a Hardy win seemed certain – until Jeff noticed D-Von sprawled over the table. His sense of entertainment took over, he stood up on top of the cage and – to the dismay of Matt – went for a Swanton Bomb to D-Von. However, D-Von rolled away and the Dudleys took advantage to get the pinfall as Matt tried desperately to get back in time but failed. A devastated Matt had to watch on as Jeff was stretchered out and the Dudleys escaped with both titles and job security.

With excitement building further and further, there was another chance for WWF, WCW and ECW members to secure their safety when the “Immunity Battle Royale” followed. The premise was simple; be the last man standing in the ring and you would keep your job whatever happened in the main event. Before the match, TEST, angry at his loss to Edge earlier, attacked SCOTTY 2 HOTTY and took his place in the Battle Royale. With men like THE APA, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE, LANCE STORM ALBERT, THE HURRICANE, BILLY GUNN and TOMMY DREAMER also in the ring, to name a few, the action was intense from the start. A shock followed when former WWF superstar and sacked Alliance superstar, TAZZ made his return to the disgust of PAUL HEYMAN on commentary. In the end though, it came down to two: Test and Billy Gunn. Test managed to hit the Big Boot that knocked Gunn over the top rope and it meant that Test would be guaranteed a place in the company – Alliance or WWF – after all, a year of immunity guaranteed.

The penultimate match of the evening would crown a new Women’s Champion, whether it be an Alliance or WWF one, ready for the new era. With the title vacant since the Summer, a new champion was needed so [b]LITA[b], JACQUELINE and the inexperienced TRISH STRATUS would represent WWF, IVORY, MIGHTY MOLLY and the debuting JAZZ, last seen fighting the men in ECW, would represent the Alliance. Lita seemed set for the victory when she floored Ivory but Trish, knocked her over the ropes before hitting a Stratusfaction Bulldog on Ivory to stun the world by winning the title.

WINNER TAKE ALL: Team WWF vs. Team Alliance
And so it was time for the main event; a traditional 10-man Survivor Series elimination match where the winning team, Team WWF or Team Alliance, would ensure that their company would survive whilst the losing company would disband and die forever. Representing VINCE McMAHON and the WWF would be current WCW World Champion THE ROCK, CHRIS JERICHO, the ‘Brothers of Desctruction’ KANE and THE UNDERTAKER and finally, the giant BIG SHOW. For the Alliance, SHANE McMAHON would join the action whilst STEPHANIE McMAHON would watch ringside. Joining Shane would be Olympic gold medal winner and former WWF superstar KURT ANGLE, the man who first invaded the WWF at the King of the Ring BOOKER T, WWF Hardcore Champion ROB VAN DAM and finally, the current WWF Champion, the man who sold his soul at WrestleMania X7 and then again at the Invasion PPV, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. With rumours of Austin being in cahoots with Vince McMahon swirling, these were quickly put to bed as Austin went all out to destroy the WWF. Indeed, the Alliance made the first decisive strike when Big Show was hit with four finishers and eliminated first. However, a jubilant Shane McMahon was caught out celebrating too much and he followed after being hit with a series of finishers himself. At 4 on 4, things were still equal but a massive momentum swing was to follow as first Kane, eliminated by RVD, and then Undertaker, eliminated by Angle after a Stunner from Austin, left the WWF down to 2 men against the Alliance’s 4. With Rock and Jericho remaining, their recent problems had to be put behind them and they were, initially, as first Booker T was taken out by Rock and then RVD by Jericho to even things up once more. Down to two on each side, the WWF momentum continued when Kurt Angle surprised everybody by tapping out to the Sharpshooter from the Rock and suddenly, WWF had the advantage. Would Austin give it up and kill the WCW/ECW Alliance? No. He fought valiantly against the combined threat of Rock and Jericho and then managed to roll up Y2J to even it up as a singles match. Now, the problems between Jericho and Rock resurfaced as Jericho, fuelled by his ego, attacked Rock and left him down and out on the mat to the dismay of all the fans at ringside. When Rock kicked out, Jericho seemed to be going back to help Austin but thankfully the Undertaker reappeared to push Jericho back.

So, Austin for the Alliance, Rock for the WWF; a storied rivalry but which man would manage to outlast the other and save his company. Battle ensued, Stunners, Rock Bottoms and People’s Elbows flew but neither man could strike the decisive blow. As Austin built up for a Stunner to end it all, Kurt Angle came rushing out to seemingly help him … but then crashed the WWF Championship into the back of Austin’s head! Angle had delivered the momentum shift, had he screwed the Alliance at the last moment? Rock hit the [b]Rock Bottom[b] and the crowd counted along … 1 … 2 … 3! WWF survives! The Alliance dies! A heroic performance from The Rock and a timely intervention from Kurt Angle whose allegiance seems to be back with Vince McMahon and the WWF. As the celebrations ensued, Vince celebrated but for Shane, Stephanie and Heyman, their world had collapsed. The Invasion had failed.


PREVIEW | Monday November 19, 2001 | Charlotte, NC

After an astonishing Survivor Series, what will happen tonight on Monday Night RAW? With the WWF victorious over the invading Alliance, how will the new era kick off here tonight in North Carolina? What changes will we see? Find out tonight on RAW!

We already know that the show will open with the Chairman of the WWF, Vince McMahon, out to address the demise of the Alliance, his son and his daughter and the state of the World Wrestling Federation. Mr. McMahon is bound to be crowing after vanquishing the threat to his company and has already intimated that tonight will see some shocks and surprises as he seeks to punish those who fought against him. Nobody really knows how Mr. McMahon will react tonight but with several issues to be addressed – the WWF Championship, the angry WWF Commissioner Mick Foley, his ungrateful children and upcoming Vengeance PPV to name a few – it promises to be an unmissable night of action.

Heading into Survivor Series, the WWF Championship was in enemy hands as WCW/ECW Alliance member Stone Cold Steve Austin proudly carried it over his shoulder. Unfortunately for Austin, his job is now in jeopardy; the Alliance is no more and his title reign appears to be under consideration. With so many rumours swirling – Will Austin forfeit the title and leave wrestling for good? Will Mr. McMahon strip him of the title? Will The Rock’s win at Survivor Series and WCW Championship status mean he is handed the title? – nobody really knows what the current state of the title is. Nobody has seen or heard from Austin since he left the arena last night, it is, as yet, unclear whether he will show up tonight or even ever again in a WWF ring. The only way to find out is to watch RAW tonight!

With their defeat last night, the superstars of the WCW/ECW Alliance now find their positions under threat. In a WWF.com exclusive last night, Mr. McMahon announced that he now had their plight in his control – he could choose to take on their contracts or squash them. However, he did appear to suggest that any Alliance member was welcome to make their case tonight on RAW so we could see some of them show up. Will any of them appear? Or will the Alliance simply disappear out of the WWF picture for good? Find out tonight on RAW.

One WCW/ECW Alliance member guaranteed on the show tonight is Rob Van Dam, the WWF Hardcore Champion. It has been announced in advance that RVD will defend the Hardcore Championship tonight in a Hardcore Triple Threat Match – against both of the Hardy Boys, Matt and Jeff. It remains to be seen what will happen to RVD should he lose the title tonight and whether that would put his place in the WWF under threat but what is certain is that there is tension between Matt Hardy and his brother, Jeff. After Jeff’s mistake in the Tag Team Championship match at Survivor Series, Matt appeared angry and upset that his brother would put their jobs in jeopardy. Luckily, the WWF won and they kept their jobs but it could have worked out very differently. Will the Hardys patch up their differences tonight? Or will they, particularly with a title on the line, implode instead?

Another man who is thanking his lucky stars that WWF won last night is Scotty 2 Hotty. His place was in jeopardy after he was denied a shot at the “Immunity Battle Royale” when eventual winner, Test, attacked him backstage. Test, a WCW/ECW Alliance member, now has one year of job security and will be on RAW tonight. A match has been made – it will be Test up against Scotty and the chance for the ‘Master of the Worm’ to take revenge.

- Vince McMahon to open the show
- Hardcore Title Triple Threat: RVD (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
- Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Test

Originally Posted by BleacherReport.com
Officials in the WWF are said to be “delighted” to see the back of the Invasion angle so that they can now get back to what they do best. With so many critics of the storyline, many factors are being blamed – the overexposure of the McMahons, the dominance of the WWF superstars in the ways they won their matches and the lack of big name talent from ECW and WCW that led to defections of people like Austin and Angle. Expect to see the big names retained, the likes of Austin, Angle, Booker T and RVD in particular, as well as others that Vince McMahon is said to be high on. However, some of the ECW/WCW roster will now, unfortunately, be cut after failing to impress.

Rumours are reaching us that the upcoming PPV, originally named Vengeance, is set to be renamed tonight on RAW. More to come on that as we get it.

Updates on injured WWF superstars; Rikishi and Triple H are said to be close to returning after long injury lay offs. However, contract talks between WWF and another injured superstar, Chris Benoit, are said to have stalled and Benoit has been released. *
* I’m sure you understand why …

Talks between WWF and one of the major names from WCW that didn’t cross over to the Invasion angle are said to be close to a positive conclusion. Speculation is mounting – suggested names include Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Sting and Goldberg – over the identity of this star but the Royal Rumble has been pencilled in as a potential debut for him. One WCW superstar that is definitely coming to the WWF in the near future is high-flying Rey Mysterio after he agreed a deal last week.
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I'm so happy you decided to post your new project here GCB. This may be my favorite time period in wrestling (tail end of the attitude era and the transition to the new guard). I'm very excited to see where you take the company. Also hope you got my message about providing graphics for the project. Match graphics or even custom PPV posters. Anything that you think may help your thread just let me know. I'm in.
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#1Peep is looking to come up from OCW...

I'm glad you decided to start a brand new project so quickly after you ended your last one and especially since you picked this time period. There are a lot of ways you can go with this and a load of special talent to book. While it is a little disappointing to see you get rid of Benoit, I completely understand why, and it could at least open up room for some WCW talent that never got their chance in real life. I can't wait for this to get going and see where you end up; hopefully it lasts even longer than your 2010 thread!
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This definitely looks good. I always enjoy a good retro thread since my memory is a little foggy around this time period. Plenty of unanswered questions like who will be retained and this is what I'm looking forward to the most. Sad to see your other BT end but this one looks promising. Will be reading for sure!
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This looks like great fun. It's a period full of uncertainty as WWE is now the only company left and they've got their pick of pretty much anyone they like. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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This looks awesome man. Glad you see your back and i'm sure you'll put out some top notch work with this.

On a side note, I hope you push Raven, hes one of my all-time favorites and it'd be cool to see you book him.
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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...
Default November 19, 2001: RAW

Thanks for the support, folks.

Notorious: Thanks for the offer. Might take you up on that. Will PM you soon.

#1Peep: Understand about Benoit, was a great wrestler. However, I can't use him - IMO, it's just wrong.

JAM: I really enjoyed the "Invasion" and the ending of it was full of possibility. In hindsight, it wasn't great but I'm enjoying booking it so far.

Equimanthorn: Cheers fella. I've got lots in mind. As ever, I've already got an idea for well down the line (WrestleMania X8 main event is set in my head) and I think there is so much talent with the ECW/WCW entries, it should be good.

Rated R: I did like Raven's 2001 run but I'm not an "expert" on him. I'll see what I can do with him.

Right, here is the first part of the first show. As I said in the General Discussion, I've now discovered that I can break the show up. So, that is exactly what I'm going to do. GCB


Monday November 19, 2001 | Charlotte, NC

***** START VIDEO *****

RAW begins with a video showing the highlights of last night’s Survivor Series main event. It begins with clips from the “Invasion” angle from Stone Cold Steve Austin’s turn on the WWF at Invasion, the return of The Rock at Summerslam to become the WCW Champion, Kurt Angle’s momentous, emotional victory over Austin at Unforgiven just weeks after September 11th and then the arguments between Vince McMahon and his ungrateful children that resulted in the “Winner Take All” match being arranged between Team WWF and Team Alliance. We see the eliminations of Big Show, Shane McMahon, Kane, Undertaker, RVD and Booker T before we see the final four: Chris Jericho and The Rock for Team WWF; Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle for Team Alliance. Clips from previous RAW and SMACKDOWN events where Rock and Jericho’s relationship began to disintegrate are shown interspersed into the highlights and we hear Heyman’s comment that it is “Stone Cold and Kurt Angle who WILL get along against the Rock and Chris Jericho who CAN’T get along!” However, we see Rock eliminate Angle with the Sharpshooter before Austin rolls up Jericho to eliminate him as well. We see Jericho’s attack on Rock and Taker having to prevent him from attacking him more. The action moves on between Rock and Austin with several near falls and big finishing moves before we see Angle turn up and smack Austin in the back of the head with the WWF Championship to allow Rock to hit the Rock Bottom and win the day for the WWF. The video ends with Rock and Vince McMahon celebrating and a knowing look passing between them as Jim Ross exclaims that the Alliance is no more.

***** END VIDEO *****

No pyrotechnics tonight; RAW starts with the entrance of the Chairman of the World Wrestling Federation, the man whose company last night ‘survived’ …


Vince McMahon walks down the RAW ramp with a swagger, an exaggerated swagger after last night’s victory, he has a huge grin on his face as he plays to the crowd. The crowd reciprocate, many are bowing to the Chairman, they are delighted that the WWF was able to finally end the threat of the WCW/ECW Alliance. As McMahon steps into the ring, he grabs a microphone and begins to address the crowd. They cheer every word as Vince welcomes them all to Monday Night RAW … hosted by the World Wrestling Federation! He thanks the fans for their support during the “Invasion” and says that he is delighted to announce that the WCW and the ECW are now defunct. He says that all the WCW and ECW wrestlers are now unemployed and that their contracts have passed to him; if they wish to continue working in the wrestling business, then they need to convince him to keep them on. He begins to list names of WCW and ECW stars that he could keep – he jokes about Shawn Stasiak first – before questioning whether the crowd would like to see Rob Van Dam sign with the WWF. The crowd cheer and Vince McMahon says that he is no fool; RVD will stay with the WWF even when he is no longer the Hardcore Champion. He goes on to state that RVD will defend the Hardcore Championship tonight in a Triple Threat against both Hardy Boys, Matt and Jeff. McMahon moves on to mentioning Booker T – the crowd react negatively to this suggestion. Next, Vince mentions that there are some WCW and ECW superstars that he cannot fire, that are protected: Test won the Immunity Battle Royale last night to earn a whole year of protection; the Dudley Boys are the Unified Tag Team Champions; Christian is the European Champion … and Stone Cold Steve Austin is, whether he likes it or not, the WWF Champion.

The mention of Austin gets the crowd split 50/50 – half of the crowd boo and jeer him for his attempts to destroy the WWF but half are excited to see whether Austin will show up here tonight. Vince says that Austin is a special case – he could strip him of the WWF Championship and fire his ass right now should he wish. However, he is giving Austin, and all the other ECW and WCW wrestlers, a chance to convince him they deserve their shot in the World Wrestling Federation. They have until the end of this week’s SMACKDOWN to persuade him to retain their contracts …

*** KURT ANGLE ***

Out comes Kurt Angle with red, white and blue pyro exploding all around him. He heads down to the ring to a mixed reaction after his turn on the Alliance last night. As he heads to the ring, JR throws to a replay of the moment when Angle struck Austin with the WWF Championship and he staggered into the Rock Bottom. In the ring, when the replay is over, Angle shakes hands with the Chairman and they embrace. McMahon declares Angle to be the “Saviour of the World Wrestling Federation” and says that he is responsible for the company still being alive. Angle says that he cannot accept all the plaudits – the crowd like this comment – and that there is one other man that needs to be thanked for the World Wrestling Federation’s victory. The crowd in the arena begin to chant “Rocky! Rocky!” as Angle builds it up further … and then declares that he wishes to personally thank Vince McMahon himself for having the brilliant plan in mind all along. The crowd are not happy but Vince likes this and he once again shakes hands with Kurt. He suggests to Kurt that the WWF will always be indebted to him and that he is willing to offer Kurt whatever he wants in return. Angle speaks about the WWF Championship and suggests that Austin should be stripped of the title. He goes on to say that he should be awarded the WWF Championship instead …

*** THE ROCK ***

As he strides out into the arena, the WCW Champion looks infuriated at what he has just heard. The crowd cheer and yell as Rock walks with a purpose into the ring, there are no salutes for the crowd at this point, he simply grabs a microphone and interrupts the little conversation in the ring. Rock says that whilst Angle made a timely intervention, he was in no doubt that he was going to win the match for the World Wrestling Federation anyway and that he was the one who had battled the odds, for the WWF, for over fifty minutes. Rock says that he is the WCW Champion but he wants to be the WWF Champion – and he wants to earn it like a man. Angle tries to interrupt Rocky but he is quickly cut off, “It doesn’t matter what you think!”. The People’s Champion goes on to say that tonight, it doesn’t matter which WCW wrestlers or which ECW wrestlers come to see Vince, the millions and millions of the Rock’s fans all want to see one thing – they want to see Rock kick Kurt Angle’s ass!

McMahon takes a moment to compose himself but he doesn’t respond well to Rock. He suggests that Rock was on the verge of defeat and that, had it not been for Kurt Angle, tonight’s RAW would be produced by WCW and ECW instead. He says that Kurt Angle has the right to decide whether or not he faces Rock tonight; Angle agrees, surprisingly, and says that he is going to prove that he is the WWF Champion in waiting by defeating Rock once and for all tonight. McMahon announces that the main event is official: KURT ANGLE vs. THE ROCK! Rock says he is delighted with the news … AND THEN PROMPTLY ROCK BOTTOM’S ANGLE DOWN TO THE MAT!

As the crowd explode with noise, Vince McMahon objects but a threatening look from Rock is enough to force him to back off. As McMahon walks away, Rock’s music ringing around the arena, he looks annoyed with Rock and his actions here tonight. JR recaps the main news though; tonight, one on one, it will be Kurt Angle vs. The Rock!

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Default November 19, 2001: RAW (cont)


RAW returns with JR hyping up the words of Vince McMahon from earlier and the confrontation between the man who fought to the death for the WWF last night, The Rock, and the man who is claimed to be the “saviour of the WWF”, Kurt Angle. Tonight’s main event is confirmed by JR once more. The arena is ready to witness the first action of the evening and the lull of noise is broken by the entrance of …

*** TAZZ ***

Cheers for the arrival of Tazz who returned to the WWF at Survivor Series last night during the “Immunity Battle Royale” – JR throws to a clip of Tazz attacking the slimeball, Paul Heyman. However, when Tazz comes out, he is not wearing his usual wrestling attire; he heads towards the commentary desk and joins JR who is sat alone waiting. Tazz puts on the headset and announces that he is JR’s new commentary partner on Monday Night RAW and that he hopes they work well together as a team in the future.

*** SCOTTY 2 HOTTY ***

Out comes the “Master of the Worm”, Scotty 2 Hotty, but he is not his usual jovial self here tonight. As he heads towards the ring, there is no dancing and no jiving. He simply shakes or slaps hands with a few members of the crowd as he approaches the ring. JR and Tazz discuss the attack that Test sprang on Scotty last night that took him out of the “Immunity Battle Royale” and how Scotty is lucky that the WWF was able to survive in the end. JR reminds us that Test could have cost Scotty his job had the Alliance won the main event.

*** TEST ***

The muscular frame of Test heads out to jeers and boos. However, Test doesn’t appear to care. He smirks and laughs as he heads towards the ring and can be heard calling out to the fans that “Nobody can touch me!” and that he could “smash your teeth in right now” to one fan in particular. JR informs us that Test has an iron clad contract for a year, the WWF has no option but to honour this contract regardless of Test’s actions during his time here. However, Scotty has had enough of waiting for Test and he exits the ring and rushes towards him to launch an attack. The referee protests as Scotty catches Test unaware and staggers him back, a flurry of right hands from the irate Scotty as he smashes Test over and over in the face. In the end, Test manages to get his knee up into the gut to stem the flow and he rolls into the ring away from Scotty. He follows and the bell is rung …

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


As Scotty rolls into the ring, Test kicks him hard in the back and begins to stomp away and dominate against his much smaller opponent. Test’s power proves to be too much for the former “Too Cool” member and Scotty ends up covering up at times. The story of the match focuses on Test’s apparent lack of respect for the referee’s power – several times, he is heard to shout at the referee that there is nothing he can do. During one of these arguments with the official, the referee threatens to disqualify Test who gets right in his face. The official doesn’t back down though and shoves Test back – right into the path of Scotty who plants him down to the mat with a Bulldog. Test is on his back and the crowd go wild as Scotty prepares himself and begins to hop around the ring … W … O … R … M … WOO-WOO-WOO! SCOTTY HITS THE WORM ON TEST! Test is down and out, has Scotty got an upset win here? He hooks Test’s leg …



Scotty looks on in disbelief – he cannot believe that Test kicked out of the Worm. He refocuses himself though and climbs to the top turnbuckle instead and flies off, looking to hit a big Diving Crossbody … but Test catches him! The brute force of Test is too much …Test readjusts Scotty on his shoulder and …PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Test nonchalantly covers Scotty …


(via PINFALL at 04:15)

The crowd boo as the cocky Test holds his hand up in victory and smirks at them. The boos ring around the arena but Test isn’t interested. He laughs at the crowd and then suddenly rushes over at Scotty again … BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Test’s music ends again as he kneels over Scotty and begins to shower him with hard right hands to the face. Scotty is in no fit state to resist and the officials stream out to try and stop Test who shoves them away and continues with his onslaught. Intent on the destruction of Scotty, Test exits the ring and grabs a steel chair before coming back into the ring. He stands over Scotty with an evil glint in his eye and raises the chair to strike …



*** EDGE ***

The crowd roar as Edge comes flying out from backstage with the Intercontinental Championship belt, that he defeated Test for at Survivor Series, strapped around his waist. Edge throws the title belt down as he approaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope to confront Test who has backed away from Scotty and is now eying Edge while he holds the chair. Edge rushes towards Test who swings the chair at him, Edge ducks under it and hits the ropes … SPEAR! Edge takes Test down with a Spear! Grabbing the chair that Test has dropped, Edge looks to go after Test with it but Test, wisely, exits the ring clutching his gut. As he leaves, he looks down at the Intercontinental Championship before looking back at Edge who is still desperate for Test to return to the ring. However, Test backs away and Edge is left to console Scotty instead who he helps up to his feet.

The action moves backstage where we see Undertaker and Kane, the “Brothers of Destruction”, in the locker room. Undertaker appears to be preparing for action and he is speaking to his brother when a tentative Chris Jericho walks in. Undertaker looks at him sternly, he is still unhappy over the actions of Jericho last night when he attacked the Rock and almost cost the WWF the match. Jericho tells Taker and Kane that he let his ego get the better of him, that he temporarily forgot why he was out there and that he let his pride get in the way of his professionalism. Jericho seems genuine and apologises to both Kane and Undertaker, he says he respects them both so much and that he would never deliberately put their futures and careers in jeopardy. He thanks Undertaker for stopping him from making a terrible error of judgement last night and says he intends to prove himself in the future. Undertaker and Kane consider Jericho’s words and then Taker offers his hand to Jericho. They shake hands and Taker says that Jericho’s actions last night were downright stupid but that he respects the fact that he had the balls to come in and apologise. He tells Jericho that if the WWF had lost last night, if Jericho had cost him his job, then he would have found him and killed him. Taker warns Jericho to think about his actions a little more and then tells him that he needs to apologise to the WWF fans as well who almost lost their company last night. Jericho vows to apologise right here tonight and thanks Taker and Kane for their time.

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Default November 19, 2001: RAW (cont)





The arrogant Christian heads out patting the European Championship that is strapped around his waist to a negative reaction; however, Christian looks a little subdued this evening after the ECW and WCW Alliance lost last night. He walks to the ring as JR reminds us that Christian, last night, defeated Al Snow to retain the European Championship and to guarantee his job here tonight. However, Tazz mockingly tells us that Christian’s actions over the past few weeks and months have not been forgotten – and tonight he pays for his actions as he faces this man …



*** BIG SHOW ***

One of the five men who wrestled for the survival of the World Wrestling Federation last night, Big Show walks out looking focused and proud. With the WWF still in business, he salutes the fans and makes his way towards the ring with a smile on his face. As he approaches the ring, he stops and looks at Christian who is stood with a worried look on his face as he awaits the big man. Show shakes his head in amusement and then steps up onto the ring apron before stepping over the top rope and into the ring. JR confirms that Vince McMahon made this match before RAW came on the air tonight as ‘punishment’ for Christian’s part in trying to destroy the WWF. Tazz suggests that Christian’s brother, Edge, who we saw earlier tonight, might be enjoying watching the TV right now as the referee signals for the bell.

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *




Christian is apprehensive as the bell rings … and it proves to be with good reason. Big Show was on a real roll as he was named on Team WWF before the Survivor Series and he starts out like he means business afterwards too. Christian’s initial attack is ended with a huge boot to the face before Show goes to work and dominates his much smaller opponent. The European Champion is battered in the first few minutes of the match, his chest red with the slaps of the Big Show, and he ends up using delaying tactics to stay out of the way of the monster. In the end, Show comes out of the ring and continues to dominate until Christian avoids a hard right hand … and Show clotheslines the ring post. Back in the ring, Christian tries to take advantage and he hangs Show’s hurt arm over the rope before using a range of striking moves to further exacerbate the injury.

ENDING: Unfortunately for Christian, whilst this attack is proving adept at slowing Show down, it isn’t putting the big man down and several times, Christian narrowly escapes a counter. It appears a matter of time before Show catches him and when he does, he shoves the European Champion hard and backwards – Christian falls back into the turnbuckles and looks worried again. Show waits for Christian to get to his feet and goes for another clothesline, with his weaker left arm, but it is clumsy and Christian avoids it. He springboards off the ropes and over Show, looking for a Sunset Flip, but he cannot drag the big man down. Show reaches down and drags Christian up from the mat before tossing back down on his back with a crash. Show signals with his hand that it is time for the Alley-Oop … he sets it up and lifts Christian but his arm isn’t functioning properly and Christian reacts instinctively … TORNADO DDT! Show’s head is planted down on the mat, Christian senses his opportunity.


Big Show powers out with ease!

Christian looks worried by this and he resorts to attacking Show with right boots to the back and shoulders as he tries to get up from the mat. However, Show is able to fight up and he catches Christian’s right foot under his arm. He grabs Christian by the throat and the crowd roar as we seem set to see Show finish the match. However, Christian retaliates by pounding at the injured upper right arm of the Giant, Show releases him and Christian drops to his knees. Out of view of the referee, Christian strikes … BLATANT LOW BLOW! CHRISTIAN WITH THE LOW BLOW – AND THE REFEREE MISSED IT! Christian smirks as Show crumples to the mat, the referee looks suspicious but he didn’t see anything. Show hangs over the middle rope and this gives Christian another opportunity to try and make his advantage tell. He stands on Show’s back and chokes him over the middle rope, this time the referee sees everything and threatens to DQ him. Christian leaps off at the count of four before showing off to the fans as he claps his hands together. He waits for Show to get to his knees and then he goes for it … Killswitch time? No. He cannot turn Show around, Christian cannot lock his finishing move in. Big Show shoves Christian into the ropes and he falls through to the outside.

Frustrated, Christian grabs a steel chair and re-enters the ring with the referee waving his arms in protest. Show is getting back to his feet now and Christian shoves the referee aside and lines up a chair shot that there is no need for. As Christian sets to swing, the referee continues his protests but there is no stopping Christian … or is there? Show suddenly grabs Christian around the throat again and yells out as the chair falls out of the European Champion’s hand. CHOKE SLAM! BIG SHOW FINALLY HITS THE CHOKE SLAM ON CHRISTIAN!


(via PINFALL at 07:37)

As “Big” restarts around the arena, Show salutes the crowd who cheer his victory. He is gingerly raising his right arm in victory but it is clear that Christian hurt him with attack that he targeted the arm with. The cameras suddenly switch to the stage where we see the WWF Chairman, Vince McMahon, walking out grinning with a microphone in his hand. He signals for the music to be faded before speaking. Vince announces that he is pleased with Big Show’s efforts tonight, he says he will be rewarded on SMACKDOWN this Thursday. Show looks interested but Vince turns his attention to Christian who he accuses of trying to run the WWF out of business after the WWF gave him his big break in the first place. Vince tells Christian that whilst Show is to be rewarded, his punishment has only just begun. This Thursday, on SMACKDOWN, Christian will defend the European Championship … against the Big Show! The crowd love this idea and Show raises his eyebrows in acknowledgement. However, Christian’s reaction is close to a tantrum, he kicks the ropes in fury over this. But there is nothing that he can do about it. Show signals that he will soon be the WWF European Champion and Christian, clutching the belt, looks incredibly worried about the situation he has found himself in this Thursday.
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Default November 19, 2001: RAW (cont)


RAW returns with X-Pac backstage looking for somebody. The crowd boo X-Pac – during the invasion, he was one of the few WWF guys that was getting cheered against – as he seems to be a little frantic. He looks in several rooms and areas before finally spotting who he was looking for: Albert. X-Pac makes his way over towards Albert, his former partner in the X-Factor group, and he tells him that he has a problem. X-Pac says that tonight he is being forced to face the Undertaker one on one – and he could use some help out there. X-Pac claims that Albert’s best time in the World Wrestling Federation was in their previous run as the X-Factor and that, particularly without that “loser” Justin Credible holding them back, they could reform now and dominate the World Wrestling Federation. Albert considers X-Pac but he doesn’t look convinced so X-Pac tries to persuade him further. He tells Albert that last time he was the muscle that protected the team; this time they will team up and win Tag Team gold instead. Albert tells X-Pac that he will consider things but X-Pac doesn’t look convinced that he has persuaded the big man as he walks away.

The camera switches to Vince McMahon’s office where we see the chairman laughing and chortling. He is speaking to his wife, Linda, and he brags about the look on Christian’s face before the commercial when he gave him the news that he would face Big Show on SMACKDOWN with the European Championship on the line. Linda listens and nods before they are interrupted. The crowd boo as the face of Booker T appears in the room and Vince’s eyes light up as he sees that another Alliance member is back looking for a job. Booker tells Vince McMahon that during his time in WCW, he knew who the best wrestling company was. He says that his treatment in the WCW and ECW Alliance was wrong; Shane McMahon discarded him the minute Stone Cold Steve Austin joined the Alliance when he should have stayed loyal to him. Booker tells Vince McMahon that Shane made massive mistakes and he was planning to find a way to speak to Vince anyway about switching sides. Booker tells Vince that he is, after all, the “5 Time WCW Champion” and that he would be crazy not to give him a place in the WWF. McMahon considers him for a moment and then asks Booker a question: “Do you think you are better than Austin?” Booker replies in the affirmative and says that if Austin were here right now, he would prove it. Vince’s eyes light up. He clearly has a plan. Vince tells Booker that he will be given a job in the World Wrestling Federation – as long as he locates Stone Cold and ensures that he returns to the WWF before the end of this week’s SMACKDOWN. Booker looks horrified at McMahon – JR claims that Booker T shouldn’t have said what he said about Austin now. McMahon wishes Booker good luck and then exits to leave Booker looking around aghast as we heads back to the ringside area.

*** X-PAC ***

Looking wary, X-Pac makes his way out and down towards the ring – alone. JR reminds us about X-Pac trying to persuade Albert to rejoin him earlier tonight but says that it looks as if Albert is refusing to help X-Pac here tonight with this match. Tazz reminds us that this is X-Pac’s comeback match here tonight after a couple of months out of action thanks to injury – he doesn’t envy X-Pac’s task on return! X-Pac gets into the ring and taunts the crowd a little though he remains subdued and keeps looking to the stage area waiting for Albert.


One of the WWF’s finest and most popular superstars heads out on his motorbike to a huge reaction as always. Stopping on the stage, Taker pounds his chest before motoring down the ramp and circling the ring as X-Pac watches on in a panic. Undertaker stops the bike as JR and Tazz discuss Taker’s pride in the WWF and how he fought so hard to ensure it survived the WCW/ECW Invasion. JR introduces comments from Taker that were filmed earlier backstage …

THE UNDERTAKER: So the WCW and ECW Alliance is gone and the World Wrestling Federation has survived. I’ve been here in the WWF for a long time, I sure as hell wasn’t going to stand back last night and see it die. That’s why I confronted Jericho when he lost his damn mind, that’s why I gave my all to fight for Vince McMahon and all of the fans. But now, now it is time to focus on myself. It’s been too damn long since I had the World Wrestling Federation Title around my waist and I intend to change that. So, Austin, Rock, Angle, whoever Vince decides to give the belt to – a word of warning. I’m coming for you, son.
Undertaker is in the ring and is ready to fight; he shadow boxes in preparation whilst X-Pac waits in the corner still looking very apprehensive about the contest. The referee signals for the bell.

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


X-Pac’s desperation to get away from this match as quickly as he can is clear as he rushes out of the corner towards Taker and tries to catch him off guard straightaway. Using his trademark kicks, X-Pac staggers Taker with this quick start and looks to be getting some kind of upper hand … until Taker responds by catching his leg and lifting him high into a modified spinebuster that leaves X-Pac writhing on the mat. Once he has weathered the early storm, there is no doubt over who is going to win this – it’s just a case of how long he takes to do it. After walking the top rope with “Old School” and then hitting a big boot to the face of Pac, Taker signals that this is all over. He grabs X-Pac off the mat and sets him up … LAST RIDE! UNDERTAKER CRASHES DOWN X-PAC WITH THE LAST RIDE! This one is over …


(via PINFALL at 03:04)

A dominant performance from Undertaker who seems to be backing up his words from before the match – he says he is focused on winning the WWF Championship and if this is anything to go by, it shouldn’t be too long. JR and Tazz hype up the achievement and remind us that X-Pac is no pushover; to beat him that quickly is a very impressive feat. However, as Undertaker stands taking in the cheers of the crowd, there is a commotion behind him. CHRIS JERICHO! What is he doing there? And why does he have a steel chair? BAM! STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK OF TAKER’S HEAD! The crowd are looking on stunned but there is no doubt about what the reasoning for this is. Jericho drills the chair into the stomach of Undertaker who doubles up in pain before Jericho whacks him again on the back. Taker is down and Jericho is looking pleased with himself when there is suddenly a red explosion in the arena …

*** KANE ***

Here comes the Big Red Monster, Kane! He rushes down to the ring and Jericho looks over with worry as the Big Red Machine steps up onto the ring apron. The lights return as he steps into the ring and makes a beeline for Jericho who is still clutching the chair; Jericho exits the ring and Kane looks over the ropes at him furious when X-Pac makes the attack on him. X-Pac launches a series of kicks to Kane that stun him for a moment but then he grips the throat of X-Pac and things change once more. Kane lifts X-Pac high looking to hit the Choke Slam … BAM! ALBERT CRASHES INTO KANE FROM BEHIND TO MAKE THE SAVE! The crowd are booing like crazy as Albert and X-Pac lay down a beating to Kane on one side of the ring, on the other side, Jericho has returned and is smashing the chair over the back of Taker over and over again. Officials steam out to the ring but Jericho threatens them with the chair before he drops it on the mat and he locks up Taker from behind … BREAKDOWN! JERICHO HITS THE BREAKDOWN ON UNDERTAKER AND SMASHES HIS HEAD DOWN ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! A trickle of blood runs down the forehead of Undertaker as X-Pac and Albert drag a battered Kane to his knees … BALDO BOMB! ALBERT HITS THE BALDO BOMB ON KANE! There is a nod of appreciation between Jericho and the reformed X-Factor as Jericho’s music, “Break the Walls Down”, hits in the arena and the three of them look mighty pleased with their actions here tonight. As they exit the ring, Kane comes round a little and he crawls over to check on his brother who is still face up on the mat looking beaten.


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