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Old 02-06-2012, 06:15 PM
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Default Week of 1/30/2012 - 2/5/2012


Smackdown got a 2.1, about the same as last week.

Monday Night Raw
Date: January 30, 2012
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentary: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole

We're past the Rumble now and Raw still has the same champion. The main thing going on tonight is that HHH is going to be evaluating Ace's job performance. Last night, Ace pretty much was perfect other than a few small errors, which makes me think something is up. Punk vs. Ziggler was a highlight of the show and I'd like to see more of it. Also the Chamber members have been announced already: Kofi, Miz, Truth, Punk, Ziggler and Jericho. Let's get to it.

After a quick Rumble video and the theme song, we're ready to go.

Ace comes out and shakes hands with fans and the announcers to keep sucking up. He talks about how it's ok to make mistakes as long as you don't make the same ones. Ace is looking forward to the evaluation. He talks about his performance last night and moves onto the “Elimination PPV.” We hear the aforementioned Chamber participants. Also it's Beth vs. Eve, Kofi vs. Miz and Ziggler vs. Orton. Finally, Punk vs. Bryan.

Cue Punk who leads us in the goodbye song. Ace wants an apology for not screwing Punk and being a man of his word. Punk talks about how bad of a job Ace has done and can't wait until HHH gets here and throws him out. We also get the Bart Simpson (I think) suck and blow at the same time line. Ace says he won't take it personal because the Board doesn't. He does offer a clean slate via a handshake but Punk says if you do that to the best wrestler in the world, it means you want to go to sleep.

That brings out Bryan for the big celebration as usual. After last night, Punk isn't much of a challenge. Punk again says he's the best in the world so Bryan says he's a role model as a vegan. He doesn't even eat meat. Punk wants to know what exactly Bryan eats then. Bryan threatens to shove the Pipe Bomb somewhere it shouldn't be. Punk says let's give the people a show and the best match in the world.

That brings out Sheamus to remind us that he won the Rumble last night. His words, not mine. He also reminds the champs they defend at the Chamber PPV and that Ace could be fired. Sheamus doesn't pick yet and gives Ace a little Irish proverb. Punk and Bryan shake hands.

Barrett is in a sky box to watch Orton's match.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

During Orton's entrance, Barrett says he'll finish the job on Friday. Barrett is doing commentary from his box in a way. Ziggler starts off fast and avoids a right hand. Randy takes it to the mat for a second with a headlock. Barrett reiterates that he'll take Orton out on Friday. Zigger hits a dropkick to the back and we take a break. Back with Ziggler holding a chinlock.

Orton gets up and avoids a corner splash but another dropkick takes him down for two. A neckbreaker sets up the sit-ups. Dolph goes up but gets crotched and a superplex gets two for Randy. Orton powerslams him down but the elevated DDT is countered and Dolph hooks the sleeper. They go to the corner again and Orton gets a slick rolling cradle for two. Fameasser gets the same for Dolph. Zig Zag is countered and we go to the floor. Orton throws him into the barricade and comes back in with the elevated DDT. RKO ends this totally clean at about 11:00.

New Hall of Fame inductee tonight.

We get a still package on the Kane/Ryder/Cena stuff from last night.

Ace is still talking to people in the back and asks Regal how his son is. Regal has daughters apparently, who are conjoined and locked in the attic. Somehow that's hilarious.

Brodus Clay vs. Tyler Reks

There's a disco ball in Brodus' entrance now. Reks actually gets in some offense, even getting Brodus down to one knee. Not that it matters though as Brodus comes back and What The Funk ends this in 1:04.

Punk is lacing up his boots when Bryan comes in. Punk asks about the whole vegan thing and Bryan explains about how it's about screaming animals and not putting poison in your bodies. Bryan asks about straightedge which Punk explains and says he doesn't claim to be a role model. He's just the best wrestler in the world.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan quickly takes over with a dropkick and double leg stomp out of the surfboard position. The announcers explain the Chamber as Bryan continues to control. He misses a high kick and Punk backdrops him to the floor. Punk drops an axehandle on him and they trade European uppercuts on the floor. Bryan throws him over into the timekeeper's area but Punk beats the count back in at 9.

Punk hits a belly to back suplex to set up the springboard clothesline which gets two. Bryan does his moonsault out of the corner and tries a cross body at the same time Punk does. They collide and as they're both down we take a break. Back with Bryan working on the arm which he kicked during the break. Bryan goes up but Punk crotches him and hits a rana after shouting BEST IN THE WORLD.

The running knee hits in the corner and Punk shifts to the good arm for the bulldog. I love subtle little things like that, even though Cole and Lawler pointed it out. GTS is attempted but Bryan heads to the floor. Baseball slide is attempted but Punk's suicide dive is countered by a forearm. Missile dropkick gets two for Daniel. Bryan fires off the kicks but Punk gets a sunset flip for two. BIG kick to the head of Punk gets the same.

They go to the corner again with Bryan trying a superplex. A headbutt puts him down and there's the Savage Elbow. Well not quite as he only points with one arm. GTS is countered into a crucifix but Bryan can't get the LeBell Lock. Slingshot puts Bryan into the corner and a high kick puts him down. And here's Jericho to interfere for the DQ at 15:04.

Jericho hits Punk with a Codebreaker and leaves him laying. He hit Bryan first though so Bryan wins.

Mike Tyson is going to the WWE Hall of Fame. This was on ESPN.com earlier today.

Truth comes out for commentary for the next match.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Miz talks about the handstand last night and how he'll be going to the main event of Wrestlemania no matter what. Miz controls to start with his usual basic stuff. Kofi avoids a charge and speeds things up a bit, but Miz takes him down with a double axe from the top. Off to a cravate and into the short DDT for two. Cole keeps asking about Little Jimmy and Truth gets annoyed. Kofi is in tights with question marks on them. Top rope cross body hits Miz for two. He tries the SOS but Miz escapes. Jumping forearm is almost countered into the Finale but Kofi shakes him off. Trouble in Paradise hits out of nowhere for the pin at 4:15.

Otunga comes in to talk to Ace and wishes him luck.

Same Rock video from last night airs. You know, for the wrestling fans that don't know who The Rock is.

Divas Title: Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix

Eve jumps her to start but the Glam Slam ends this in 30 seconds. Yep, this was pointless.

Kane pops up on the screen and says this could have been avoided if Cena embraced the hate. Cena keeps looking by Kane to Rock, and until Cena embraces the hate, there's no way Cena can beat Rock. Kane is going to continue punishing Ryder until the hate is embraced. Tonight, Kane is going to use Eve as a way to push that idea along. The fire goes off and Kane isn't at the entrance. Instead he's on the apron behind her. She screams and Cena comes out for the save.

The fight is on quickly and they go into the aisle. Cena fires back at Kane and rams him into the steps. He picks up the steps and takes Kane down with them, drawing a smile on John's face. There's another shot and Kane is in trouble. Cena loads up the announce table and sets for the AA as he laughs. Kane elbows his way out of it and runs through the crowd. Good segment as Cena has some fire to him (no pun intended) and you buy that he can beat Kane now, which is the idea heading into the Chamber so he can reach his destiny at Wrestlemania.

Time for Ace's evaluation. Ace says he's not nervous because he knows what he's done on Raw and that the fans have appreciated it. He's had to go through a self evaluation and has given himself a lot of 5's (the highest score possible). Ace goes on with this for a bit before HHH's entrance cuts him off. HHH says forget everything about the assessment and all that stuff because it's all about how Ace has grabbed the power and tried to make himself a star.

Ace tries to explain it and HHH says don't lie and make it worse. HHH talks about how this is a personal agenda to make Ace a star. That HAS to be a rib. HHH talks about people letting personal decisions cloud their judgment and having to be replaced. Ace says he'll do anything to save his job. HHH makes sure the word anything was in there. When Ace says that's right, HHH says apologize to the WWE Universe.

Ace apologizes to everyone and you can feel the corporate stooge in him coming out perfectly because he snaps this off like he's ordering dinner. HHH says the fans aren't going with it so how about Ace runs a gauntlet match against everyone in the locker room that wants a shot at him. That probably isn't fair though so how about Ace joins Vince's exclusive club. Ace is really shaken about it but puts on chapstick and gets on his knees.

His eyes are closed and he's puckered up. HHH laughs and says “You're really going to do it aren't you you freak?” Instead, Ace is fired and HHH is running Raw again. HHH sets to wish his well in his future endeavors.....and a gong sounds. The lights go out, fire comes up, and the Undertaker is back. I don't know if Ace is officially gone or not but HHH said the Board said HHH could run Raw again anytime he wanted.

Taker stares down HHH and slowly walks to the ring. Well there's Wrestlemania and the shot at 20-0. Taker circles HHH and they stare each other down. This is a LONG overrun as it's 11:15. He looks up at the Wrestlemania sign and then at HHH then hits the throat slit. A very long staredown and more looking at the sign follows and then HHH pats him on the shoulder to a lot of booing. HHH leaves and Taker looks at the sign again. His music plays us out.

Randy Orton b. Dolph Ziggler – RKO
Brodus Clay b. Tyler Reks – What The Funk
Daniel Bryan b. CM Punk via DQ when Chris Jericho interfered
Kofi Kingston b. The Miz – Trouble in Paradise
Beth Phoenix b. Eve Torres – Glam Slam


Raw got a 3.6, way up from the last few weeks.


Date: February 1, 2012
Location: Qwest Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Commentators: William Regal, Josh Matthews

We're continuing with this show because someone up there hates me. This week we continue with the Titus Is Evil story as Alex Riley ran in for the save last week because...well because someone had to I guess. Other than that we have Bateman, Maxine and Curtis promising to get along for the purposes of.....I have no idea. Let's get to it.

This didn't come up until Thursday for some reason.

Here's Titus to open the show. He says that the fans are being good and quiet like small people. The best thing they can do is shut up according to him. He gets on to Riley very quickly and says that he's ready for him. Here's Darren Young of all people who says he hates being here. Young says they have unfinished business. Titus says the only unfinished business Young should have is with his barber.

Young talks about how he's respected Titus lately and extends his hand for a shake. Titus doesn't care about respect from the people or from Young. Titus seems to be stumbling over his lines in this. Percy comes out and yells at Titus and calls him stupid. Them are fighting words pardner! Young calls him into the ring and as Watson gets ready, here's Riley to even the odds. The following is exactly what you would expect: brawl, Striker, tag match main event.

Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barretta

Yes please. Tyson takes it to the mat quickly and gets some two counts but Trent bridges out. They fight for control and Tyson sends him to the floor where he hits a suicide dive. Back in an enziguri sends Tyson to the corner. A running elbow in the corner knocks Kidd back but Trent walks into a spin kick for two. Trent hits his corner stomp and a running knee gets two. They go to the corner and Tyson gets crotched. Trent goes up and tries a rana but Kidd rolls through for the pin at 4:10.

Striker is in the back on the phone when Hawkins and Reks mess with him. The screen messes up during this. Hawkins and Reks want matches, so Striker says next week everyone licensed gets a match. That's about it.

Here's Slater to brag about ending his losing streak last week. We get a clip and as Bateman brags, here's Bateman. Slater wants to see the clip again but instead Bateman makes fun of him. “I didn't even know you had a finisher.” Neither did I actually. Bateman says it was almost as impressive as the Undertaker's Streak. Slater talks about how he's won three titles and has main evented Summerslam and all that jazz.

Bateman says he has a career highlight reel of Slater which is nothing but stills of him losing and the word loser over the top, including Horny winning the over the top rope challenge. A brawl starts and Slater is knocked to the floor. Cue Maxine who kisses Bateman and that's about it.

Maxine vs. Alicia Fox

We get a clip from three weeks ago that set this up. They immediately go at it and head to the mat. Curtis comes out and the distraction lets Alicia get a rollup for the pin at 41 seconds. Someone please explain to me why this division exists.

Five minute video on Cena that aired at the Rumble.

Maxine and Bateman go looking for Curtis and Kaitlyn finds it ironic that Maxine is always looking for Curtis. Kaitlyn says she's looking out for Bateman because they're friends but Maxine doesn't buy it. Curtis comes out of a door after they leave and smiles.

Percy Watson/Alex Riley vs. Titus O'Neil/Darren Young

Watson vs. Young starts us off. Watson sends him to the floor and hits a perfect plancha to take him out as we take a break. Back with Riley in control of Young and getting two off a clothesline. Percy comes back in and knocks Young to the floor with a dropkick. As they get back in, Young hits the belly to back on the apron for two. Titus comes in for the first time and puts a neck crank on Watson.

Young comes back for a neckbreaker which gets two. Titus brings the power back in and chinlocks Watson, but gets caught in the corner and Watson makes the hot tag to Riley. He cleans house and hits the elevated DDT for two on Young. O'Neil breaks it up and everything breaks down. Titus gets a blind tag and hits the Clash of the Titus for the pin at 9:33.

Tyson Kidd b. Trent Barretta – Sunset flip off the top rope
Alicia Fox b. Maxine – Rollup
Titus O'Neil/Darren Young b. Alex Riley/Percy Watson – Clash of the Titus to Riley


Impact Wrestling
Date: February 2, 2012
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

I was going to make a bunch of jokes about being in England tonight but I'll try to find something funny to say instead. We have two shows in London before heading back to Orlando for Against All Odds on the 12th. I don't think many matches have been announced officially yet but for the most part you can guess a lot of them which is fine. These shows outside of the Impact Zone are always interesting, so let's get to it.

We open with a video of the fans who talk about how awesome wrestling is.

Hogan will be back tonight.

Roode and Ray open the show. The place looks great. Ray talks about how the fans aren't going to see Hardy tonight because they took care of him last week. I think that was done because Hardy has visa issues due to the legal history. Roode says it's great to be back in Ireland. He insists it's not them that sucks and praises himself and Ray. I think the fans are chanting for D-Von.

Roode calls out Storm and here's the Cowboy. Ray gets between them and there's Sting's music. The ring looks a lot smaller than usual. Sting says he talked to Hardy yesterday and Jeff will be back at Against All Odds. Sting announces the four way main event that I think we all knew was coming for the title at the PPV. As for tonight, Storm gets both of them in singles matches.

Garrett calls his trainer who will be here tonight.

Samoa Joe/Magnus vs. Crimson/Matt Morgan

Non-title here and it's a Buckingham Brawl which is a new twist on things: there's a coin flip to start and the winners get to be in the ring without having to tag, meaning it's a handicap match in a way. Crimson starts and the numbers game starts up quick. The non-champions dominate for the opening minutes with a power/speed combination.

They set for their double team combination out of the corner but Crimson takes Joe down and Magnus jumps into a suplex. Hot tag brings in Morgan and everything breaks down. Crimson is sent to the floor and the Carbon Footprint misses in the corner. That allows Joe and Magnus to hit their finishing sequence on Morgan and the middle rope elbow gets the pin at 3:56.

Eric Bischoff is here.

Here's Eric in the ring. A kid flips him off at ringside. Eric says he thought the British people were civilized. He says he's here to burst the bubble of Garrett with a little dose of reality. Eric asks Garrett to come to the ring and then demands it. The arena is a very different setup as the entrance is on the hard camera side, making it almost like the old MSG setup for those of you familiar with it.

Garrett gets here and Eric tells him that no matter who is training him (remember that Eric knows who it is) it's not going to matter because Garrett is never going to be good enough. Garrett asks why Eric doesn't take it up with the trainer and Eric says that the trainer will never be here. The trainer (presumably) calls Garrett and Garrett doesn't look that pleased. The trainer is here tonight and wants to speak with Eric.

Mark Haskins, a British guy that was in some X-Division series that was put on last year, talks about how he's here to do whatever it takes to win. He says he'll win the title.

Mark Haskins vs. Austin Aries

This is non-title I believe. The entire front row has its back to the ring for somer eason. Aries takes him to the mat and the fans still like Aries more than the hometown boy. Haskins is sent over the top but he skins the cat into a headscissors to take over. Aries skins the cat as well but Haskins dropkicks him down. Haskins sets for a plancha but Aries slides in. A springboard attempt is countered, resulting in Haskins being crotched.

A top rope shot to the floor takes him down even more and the fans are all for Aries. Back in and Haskins gets crotched again. A low dropkick misses and Haskins starts his comeback. A monkey flip puts Aries down but a second is countered. Haskins nips up and runs the ropes for a springboard crossbody. A cutter gets two on the champ.

Haskins goes up for a Shooting Star and lands Lesnar style, landing right on his head. Since he's pretty much dead, Aries hits the brainbuster and holds onto him, flipping over to hook kind of a dragon sleeper hold but with Aries behind and under Haskins and pulling back on him for the tap at 4:45.

Eric Bischoff is yelling on the phone about getting a cab and Sting comes to bring him back inside.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Feeling out process to start and Storm takes over. He takes Roode to the mat but the champ heads to the floor to avoid a Last Call. We take a break and come back with Storm hitting a facebuster but walking into a clothesline. There's going to be a Star Wars Special next week. As long as it's not the Holiday Special I'm all good with that. Spinebuster gets two. Storm comes back and they slug it out.

Roode goes up top but Storm gets in a big right hand to slow him down. Storm's trunks have something that looks like the Brahma Bull on it. Storm snaps off a rana to send both guys down. Storm starts his real comeback and hits a Backstabber for no cover. Top rope elbow gets two.

Russian legsweep by Storm is countered into the Crossface but Storm rolls into the ropes. Roode sets for the Payoff but Storm counters into the Eye of the Storm but Roode counters as well. There's the Payoff but it only gets two. Storm comes back with a Codebreaker to avoid a belt shot. He loads up the Last call but here's Ray to break it up. That opening allows Roode to spear Storm for the pin at 13:50.

Post match Ray gives Storm a Rock Bottom onto the title belt. Sting makes the save.

Tara vs. Gail Kim

Tara is #1 contender but from what I can tell, this is non-title. Tara takes over to start and strips her top off for the standing moonsault. Gail takes over with some choking and a knee to the back for two. She hooks a leg lock by bending Tara's leg over Gail's neck then a clothesline gets two.

Mike thinks if Tara beats Gail here, it might be an advantage for her going into the rematch at the PPV. A missile dropkick misses for Gail and Tara hammers away. Powerslam (called a snap slam by Tenay) gets two but Rayne runs in for the...not DQ. She ran into Gail but it doesn't count for some reason. Widow's Peak ends this at 4:57.

Here's Garrett to reveal the trainer but Eric comes out with Gunner. Eric talks some trash and to not a ton of shock, Hogan is the trainer. The fans of course love him because he's an old school guy and if you're loved once, you're always loved. Hogan and Garrett beat Gunner up for a bit while Eric stands there. Gunner is knocked to the floor and Eric is terrified and runs. Of all the people that Hogan could give a rub to, they picked Garrett Bischoff?

Hogan and Garrett talk about how they're coming for Eric.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm

This is Storm's second match of the night and he has bad ribs. Ray works on the injury with some hard shots before draping Storm over the top. Off to a camel clutch for a few moments and then a slam. Here comes Roode and we take a break. Back with Sting coming to the ring with a cricket bat and Ray holding Storm in a bearhug.

Ray lets that go and hits a big boot followed by some elbow drops for two. A splash gets the same. The middle rope backsplash misses and Storm starts his comeback. He wins a nice countering sequence on the apron and a middle rope cross body gets two. Ray tries to grab Storm but gets knocked into the referee. Sting chases Roode out of the ring and the Last Call beats Ray clean at 14:00.

Magnus/Samoa Joe b. Crimson/Matt Morgan – Middle rope elbow to Morgan
Austin Aries b. Mark Haskins – Reverse Dragon Sleeper
Bobby Roode b. James Storm – Spear
Tara b. Gail Kim – Widow's Peak
James Storm b. Bully Ray – Last Call


Impact got a 1.2, down slightly from the previous few weeks.

Date: February 3, 2012
Location: Qwest Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Well I'm another year older and Smackdown hopefully is a little better than last week. Last year there really weren't any long matches to be seen. Bryan is still champion and tonight we find out who he'll be defending against inside the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. I think I like the three week build better for this as the match is set tonight so what's the point in drawing it out when the Chamber sells the show? Let's get to it.

Do you know your enemy? Mine is too much cake.

Teddy is in the ring to open the show. He says there's going to be a Smackdown Elimination Chamber match as well and here are the participants: Bryan, Barrett, Big Show, Rhodes, Orton, Henry. Those are the top guys on the roster so I can't really argue with them. After Teddy gives us a brief explanation of the rules, here's Henry. He complains about having a one in six chance at the PPV and demands a title match one on one tonight. Teddy says be thankful you're in after losing the cage.

He follows that up by saying Henry is out of the Chamber and gets no title match tonight. Henry gets in Teddy's face so Teddy suspends him indefinitely. Henry says that if he's suspended, he's going to earn it and grabs Long's tie. Cue Sheamus who makes the save. They stare each other down and Sheamus kicks his head off and Henry heads to the floor.

Henry leaves and Teddy asks Sheamus if he knows which champion he'll face at Mania. Sheamus isn't sure yet but will announce it after the Chamber. Cue Cody who says he did all the work in the Rumble and eliminated the most people but Sheamus got the win and the glory. Cody is going to take that momentum into the Chamber and become the first dual champion since the Ultimate Warrior. Teddy makes Sheamus vs. Rhodes right now.

Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus

This is joined in progress after a break but I don't think we missed much. Cody tries to come out of the corner but gets caught in a rolling fireman's carry slam. Out to the floor with Sheamus still in control. Cody manages to dropkick him into the post and hits the Beautiful Disaster off the barricade. Moonsault press gets two for Cody and he hooks a crossface kind of move. Sheamus fires back and a powerslam gets two. They go up and Sheamus knocks Cody off and hits the flying shoulder. Brogue Kick misses as does the Beautiful Disaster and Sheamus loads up the move Finlay called the Celtic Cross for the pin at 5:17.

Cody is still at ringside after the break.

Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico

No match as Cody runs in for the beatdown and is joined by Hunico and Camacho. Khali comes out for the save. Hunico takes the Pubjabi Plunge.

Drew is in the back and Teddy says it's too predictable when Drew is in the ring. Why does Drew have a job still? He leaves and Santino comes in. Santino comes in and suggests a new tag team: SantinHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Duggan comes in and we get stereo USA/ITALIA chants. They leave and Aksana comes in. Sex jokes are made and Duggan says HOOOOOOOO!

Mike Tyson Hall of Fame video.

Santino Marella/Jim Duggan vs. Epico/Hunico

Epico vs. Santino gets us going. Off to Duggan quickly who does nothing of note but clothesline. Back to Santino who does all of his usual stuff. Santino loads up Cobra but Rosa distracts him and the Backstabber from Primo ends him at 2:42.

Back from a break and Cole is in the ring to interview the champ. Cole says that he doesn't like to admit it, but Bryan survived. Bryan takes the mic and says this is about him. He succeeded on Sunday and calls himself a role model. Bryan talks about how being a vegan is a good thing and the fans are killing themselves by eating meat. He says he's healthier than everyone in the building without clogged arteries and a lack of heart failure. Everyone should be a vegan but the fans say he sucks.

It isn't fair that he has to be in the Elimination Chamber, especially against someone that he's dominated like Big Show. Big Show is a failure in both the ring and in life due to him running over AJ. If Teddy doesn't take him out of the Chamber, Bryan is going to the Board of Directors and Teddy may join Johnny Ace on the unemployment line. So Ace is officially gone?

Cue Big Show who says he would have been here sooner but he was in the back finishing a steak. Bryan has been calling himself a role model but it doesn't matter if you tell people that. Show says Bryan has been lucky and a pompous jerk. After the Chamber, he'll still be a jerk but he won't be champion anymore. Bryan pokes him in the chest and says that he's overcome the odds over and over again. Show goes right at him and the beating is on. He chokeslams Bryan and AJ comes out in a neckbrace. She stops the big right hand and leaves. Bryan promises to keep her safe.

Beth and Natalya are doing Hindu squats and the stupid joke/gimmick that Natalya started last week continues. Give me a break.

Beth Phoenix/Natalya vs. Tamina/Aksana

Glam Slam pins Aksana in 43 seconds.

Tamina breaks up a Sharpshooter by Natalya post match with a superkick and hits a Superfly Splash to leave her holding her ribs.

Don't be a bully.

Great Khali will replace Henry in the Chamber.

Five minute video on how awesome John Cena is.

Orton says he'll win the Chamber match and beat whomever he has to beat.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

This is no disqualification. Bryan and AJ are watching from the back. They brawl to start as Booker calls Barrett a future Hall of Famer. Orton takes over with a suplex and hits the Stomp. Out to the floor and Barrett throws him into the barricade. Orton throws him back in and pulls out a table as we take a break. Back with Orton trying a superplex and being countered by Barrett who shoves him through it for two.

Barrett goes after the bad back of Orton by bending it around the post. Orton has his back rammed into the apron and they go back inside. Barrett hits a bunch of knees and a big boot to knock Randy right back to the floor. They go into the crowd for a bit with Orton hammering on Barrett even more. Back to ringside and Orton jumps off the apron with a double ax to the head.

Wade manages to reverse Orton into the steps and take over. He brings in a chair and tries for Wasteland but Orton escapes and clotheslines Barrett down. Now Orton gets the chair and pops Barrett over the back with it a bunch of times. The chair is wedged between the top and middle rope and Orton whips Barrett into it.

A dropkick puts Barrett down and they head to the floor again. Barrett takes more of a beating and back inside Orton hits the Elevated DDT. RKO is countered into the Winds of Change for two. Barrett loads up a pumphandle slam onto the chair but Orton counters and hits an RKO. He doesn't cover though and moves the chair to the middle of the ring. RKO onto the chair ends this at 13:51 shown of 17:21.

AJ and Bryan are in the back and Teddy makes Bryan vs. Orton for next week. Bryan tells AJ to stay here where it's safe and watch this. Bryan comes to the ring and celebrates while Orton is posing. The champ leaves and the celebration in the aisle ends the show.

Sheamus b. Cody Rhodes – Inverted Emerald Flosion
Epico/Primo b. Jim Duggan/Santino Marella – Backstabber to Marella
Beth Phoenix/Natalya b. Tamina/Aksana – Glam Slam to Aksana
Randy Orton b. Wade Barrett – RKO onto a chair





Quick Results

Randy Orton b. Dolph Ziggler – RKO
Brodus Clay b. Tyler Reks – What The Funk
Daniel Bryan b. CM Punk via DQ when Chris Jericho interfered
Kofi Kingston b. The Miz – Trouble in Paradise
Beth Phoenix b. Eve Torres – Glam Slam

Tyson Kidd b. Trent Barretta – Sunset flip off the top rope
Alicia Fox b. Maxine – Rollup
Titus O'Neil/Darren Young b. Alex Riley/Percy Watson – Clash of the Titus to Riley

Impact Wrestling
Magnus/Samoa Joe b. Crimson/Matt Morgan – Middle rope elbow to Morgan
Austin Aries b. Mark Haskins – Reverse Dragon Sleeper
Bobby Roode b. James Storm – Spear
Tara b. Gail Kim – Widow's Peak
James Storm b. Bully Ray – Last Call

Sheamus b. Cody Rhodes – Inverted Emerald Flosion
Epico/Primo b. Jim Duggan/Santino Marella – Backstabber to Marella
Beth Phoenix/Natalya b. Tamina/Aksana – Glam Slam to Aksana
Randy Orton b. Wade Barrett – RKO onto a chair

Originally Posted by klunderbunker
Originally Posted by klunderbunker
I am
Originally Posted by klunderbunker
in fact
Originally Posted by klunderbunker
better than you.
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