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Old 11-29-2017, 03:13 PM
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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...
Default Meltdown Madness / Ascension Anarchy RP Pool

The Roulette Rounds are well and truly upon us as we hurtle towards the Lethal Lottery and the road to Kingdom Come once more. Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy have long since been a staple on that route and this year will be no different.

Marketed as a couple of nights in the WZCW calendar where anything can happen, all options are on the table and everything is up for grabs. We have already heard about the change of GM and the change for Mid-Card Champions. But could even bigger changer be on the cards? Championships may be defended and won or lost.

One thing is for certain though... Nothing is for certain!

RP deadline is Tuesday the 12th of December at 23:59EST
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Old 12-03-2017, 01:02 AM
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The same grainy black and white video as before comes in to focus and we see 'The Great' Milenko watching something on an old TV that's sitting on a metal stand. The camera slowly moves forward until we see that he's watchin a clip from the very first episode of Meltdown Madness over and over. Whether he's talking to the crystal skull in his hand or Edgar, who is standing silently next to the TV is anyone's guess.
Originally Posted by Milenko's WZCW debut at Meltdown 11 [Meltdown Madness 1
] The Devilspawns music is heard over the PA but as DP stands over entranced looking at the injured Bowen as the officials come to ringside to check on reaper and Bowen DP looks over and isn’t satisfied at the destruction, he picks up the unconscious Bowen and throws him into the ring, he positions Bowen for another Devil Driver but is met by an unknown assailant running out of the crowd DP is met with a couple of punches and is thrown to the ropes as the unknown individual clotheslines him out of the ring, Reaper is back in limping slightly trying to take out the unknown man with a chair shot but is caught with a stiff boot and rolls out of the ring.

Copeland: Absolute Chaos tonight here in WZCW, the devilspawns destroyed a half unconscious Bowen and tried to end his career for good but thanks to this unknown assailant. Wait im getting something over my headset, no this man has a name Milenko, thanks to Milenko Bowen’s career and life was saved here tonight

Milenko surveys the damage as the crowd cheers, he picks up Bowen and looks at him asking him if he's ok showing Bowen compassion

Copeland: the debuting Milenko is helping Bowen up

Suddenly Milenko clotheslines Bowen

Copeland: What the hell is going on here?

Milenko sets Bowen up on the top rope and places him in position for Tempest and hits it off of the top rope leaving Bowen Laying the crowd boos are deafening as Milenko smiles and exits the ring as the EMTs enter checking on the injured Bowen.
I could watch this all day, he said with a sadistic smile on his face. How many people can say they started their WZCW career by not only taking out the reigning tag team champions but their own brother as well? Milenko waits for an answer as he again watches his younger self hit his brother with a Tempest from the top rope. That's enough Edgar, take it away. He watches as Edgar takes the TV away and comes back and stands next to him, staring straight ahead.

Edgar do you know what my favorite part of the holiday season is this year, he asks the man standing next to him. As he sits there he narrows his eyes. Don't be a fucking idiot Edgar. Why would I care about gift giving or joy? I swear you say stupid shit just to irritate me. He stops talking and tilts his head as he looks down at the skull in his hand. That's exactly right, Milenko says with a nod of his head. The Roulette Round is a time of Terror and Fear because no one knows what's going to happen. Champions could lose their newly won title or someone could have their career ended suddenly in a barbaric and bloody.

As Milenko talks a dark light appears in his eye but leaves just as suddenly when he whips his head around to glare at Edgar. Why are you worried about my career Edgar. I'm the one who ends the careers. Out of nowhere he jumps up and grabs Edgar by the front of his shirt. If you ever mention my recent loses again the next thing I cut off will be a lot more important than your tongue do I make myself clear? Milenko shoves Edgar away and watches him slither into the shadows as he sits back down and grumbles in anger. I can't believe the nerve of him even hinting at shit like that.

Milenko leans back in his chair and brings the skull up and looks it right in the eyes and smiles. I know, I'm excited too. I can almost taste the Fear that the unpredictability of the Roulette Round brings. He looks at the skull with a thoughtful look on his face as he thinks about the silent question he heard the skull ask. If I could pick a match it would be against Vox for his newly won Mayhem Championship. As he continue to look into the eyes of the infant sized skull a look of surprise crosses Milenko's face. Are you seriously asking why? I thought you were smarter than Edgar, Milenko sighed as he facepalms. While I wouldn't turn down any match, especially a title match, the Mayhem Championship is the one thing in WZCW that instills the most Terror and Fear. Vox has it but is unaware of the power he pulled down from atop that ladder at Unscripted.

Milenko closes his eyes as the entire WZCW roster flashes across the screen ending with a group shot of Constantine, Titus and Matt Tastic each holding their respective title with Vox in front of all of them with the Mayhem Championship. As the camera fades to black a pair of blood red eyes can be seen behind them as the camera fades to black.
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Old 12-06-2017, 07:53 PM
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The camera slowly comes into focus and we see Tony and Gino sitting at a local Italian restaurant. Tony looks around and passes the suitcase with $10,000 he won at Unscripted. Don't worry about this money Ton', Gino tells him and he sets the suitcase next to his chair. We still have your father's accounts set up so we'll be able to hold on to this for you tax free. Thanks man, Tony says with a slightly uncomfortable look on his face. Before he can say anything else the waitress comes up to their table and gives Tony the Spaghetti and Meatballs he ordered and sets a plate of Veal Parmesan in front of Gino. They eat in silence for a few minutes when Gino looks up and asks him a question that took Tony a bit by surprise. The Family is throwing a little party and some were hoping you'd stop by for a little bit. It has been a while since you've seen everybody after all. Tony doesn't stop eating but his brow furrows as he thinks about what Gino is asking. It's been a while since I've seen everyone so I'll go, Tony said after he swallows the food in his mouth. I still haven't made my mind up about coming back though so if this is an attempt at swaying me that punch to the face I gave you will be the least of your worries. Gino nods as he chews on his food and they spend the rest of the meal just talking about nothing important. Once they're done Tony pays the bill and they walk out to their car. Tony gets in the passenger seat as Gino gets in the driver seat and starts the engine as Tony buckles up. As Gino drives off Tony think about how easy it is to slide back into old ways.

Once they get to the Social Club they walk inside and Tony stops in the doorway and looks around at the packed room. He immediately spots the Don Leo talking to his old friend Vito as well as a bunch of people he barely knew or didn't know at all. As soon as Leo sees him he waves him over with a smile. Tony walks over and gives him a respectful nod of his head which Leo waves off with a drunken wave of his hand. I get enough of that on a daily basis, he says with a slurred voice. This is a party after all. Tony smiles and glances over at Vito who grimaces and shakes his head and leads them all over to an empty table in the corner. What have you been up to lately, Leo asks as he takes a sip of wine that was on the table. No one but Gino has seen you in months. I've been keeping busy with my wrestling career Leo, Tony said with a hint of confusion as he keeps shooting questioning glances at Vito. Things haven't gone the way I wanted then to lately but with my big win at Unscripted I'm hoping things will turn around. The Roulette Round is coming up and that could be the break I need to show everyone I'm not a joke. Heat can be heard in Tony's voice but all Leo does is blink owlishly at him. What the hell are you talking about, he asks after staring off into space. I've never heard of a Roulette Round in wrestling. Is that like gambling in Vegas or somethin'? Kind of, Tony says with a chuckle. It's a time in WZCW where everything is completely random. I don't know who I'm going to face, what type of match it will be or if any title will be on the line. I could walk out World Heavyweight Champion or I could walk out with yet another loss on my record. Before he can say anything else he looks over at Leo only to see him passed out and snoring with wine glass in hand. With a look of disgust on his face Tony looks over at Vito. What the hell is this shit Vito, he asks in a heated voice. When I left Leo was a strong leader and The Family was the strongest out of the five. Now he's a drunk and everything my family worked for is about to fall apart! I'm sorry Tony, Vito says in an apologetic tone. Ever since you left the other Families have been pushing us hard. Leo here hasn't able to handle the pressure and he started drinking to cope. Then who's been running things, Tony demanded to know. Me an Gino have been doing the best we can but it's been difficult.. Before Tony can say anything the front door slams open and the NYPD comes rushing in and they cone straight for Tony. Anthony Mancini, said one of the officers as they walk up to the table. You're under arrest for the assault on Gino Rizzoli outside Giuseppe's Old World Butcher Shoppe. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. As the officer finishes reading Tony his rights another handcuffs Tony and frog marches him out of the building as Gino comes running over. What the fuck is going on here, he demands to know as he blocks the door. You tell me Gino, Tony said with a glance at the bruise on his jaw. Let me make a phone call, Gino reminds him as he pulls out his phone. No shit Sherlock, Tony said as he gets marched out the front door and shoved into the back of a waiting police car. The officer gets into the driver seat and pulls into traffic and drives away.

How long am I going to be here, Tony demands of the officer standing in the corner of the interrogation room. It's been three hours already so either let me go or tell me why I'm here. Didn't they tell you when they brought you in, asks a familiar voice as the door opens. Tony glances over at who it is and rolls his eyes as he sees Agent Henderson closes the door and sits down on the other side of the table. Why am I not surprised? You're the one who had me arrested aren't you Derek? Agent Henderson ignores the banter and shuffles the papers he brought with him. What were you doing at Giuseppe's Old World Butcher Shoppe the other week, Henderson asks after a few minutes of paper shuffling. I was getting dinner, Tony tells him without missing a beat. Why else would someone go to a butcher shop? That's funny because when you left you didn't have any meat with you. There were out of veal, Tony said with a shrug. Agent Henderson goes to say something else but before he can the door slams open and Antonio Scarletti quickly walks in and sits next to Tony. My client is invoking his right to shut his mouth. Any questions you have you can direct them my way. Agent Henderson glares at both men for a second but quickly calms down. No questions, Agent Henderson said. But I would like to know why when I went in I saw Mrs. Giuseppe crying her eyes out and wouldn't tell me why. Maybe you can shed some light on what happened. Tony leans over and whispers something to Antonio who nods his head and looks back at Agent Henderson. We don't know exactly but according to my client Mrs. Giuseppe mentioned that her husband isn't doing well and they're in danger of going out of business. That would be a lot of stress on anyone especially an elderly woman don't you think? Henderson looks back and forth between the two men trying to catch them in a lie but growls quietly when he doesn't see anything in their eyes. OK he says with forced calm in his voice. How do you explain what you did to Gino after you left. Why would you punch your friend in the face? Tony chuckles as Antonio shakes his head in disbelief. Have you met Gino, Antonio asks Agent Henderson. The man is a bit of an asshole and probably deserved it. Agent Henderson sits there silently for a few minutes as Tony sees the anger mounting in the eyes of the FBI agent until it explodes out o mf him as he furiously shoves his papers onto the floor. I know you're back in your Father's chair Mancini, Henderson says in fury. I will do everything within my power to prove it and put you away for a very long time. That's enough Agent Henderson, Antonio said with heat in his own voice. If you don't I will not only talk to your superiors but sue you for harassment. Now if we're done here me and my client are leaving. He motions Tony to his feet and both head to the door but when they open it an officer blocks their path. The only place Mancini is going is a holding cell, Agent Henderson said with a smirk. There is that small matter of the assault charge after all. The officer handcuffs Tony a second time as the screw fades to black with Antonio telling Tony to worry and that he'll be out in time to make it to Puerto Rico.

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Default Fugg.

$$$ "Roulette Rounds, bay-bay! Gotta spin that wheel."$$$

Batti spun the Beanboozled wheel with a flick of her finger. It clacked and came to a sudden halt on a brown jelly bean. She happily reached into the tin and plucked out the candy. She examined it, wondering if it was either the Chocolate flavor or Canned Dog Food. Her plushie Captain Claws watched with vacant eyes. Batti looked up at her old friend, who she hadn't seen in almost a year. She grinned from ear to ear, and plopped it in her mouth. She chewed, and gradually stopped. Batti's face went beet red as she hurdled over the tin can and her teddy bear. She slammed the bathroom door and retched.

"This a nasty game," a familiar voice stated, grabbing the wheel for his turn.

"We coulda went to a fuggin' casino..." Batti said from the rim of her toilet bowl. "Yeck."

"Nah. Closest one got me on a watchlist. I may have cheated at table craps a few times in my younger days. Don't worry your pretty lil' head over it though. I'm just glad to see you. Unscripted was off the chain. See what I did there?"

The sound of a commode is heard and Batti opened the door. She peered at her sensei, Action Saxton. He laughed heartily at his own joke before turning his attention back on the game. He spun the wheel, and it landed on blue.

She huffed. "That's some bakka bullshit! Toothpaste or Berry? The worst taste ain't even that bad."

He sorted through the candy and picked out a bean. To her delight, he twirled it on his finger, tossed it in the air, and caught it with his mouth. "Mmm. That's good toothpaste. Crest? Colgate? Pepsodent?"

Batti gave her mentor the stink eye. She gagged, and went for the wheel. She gave it a go, picked out a green, and spat it back out.

"Speaking of casinos and wheels, the Roulette Rounds should be soon. I know you can't really prep when you don't know who you'll be wrestling, but got any ideas on what you want to do? Carry around a chain perhaps?"

"Ha! No. Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm sort of just here right now, know what I mean? Like I defeated Kagura, the first Queen For A Day. It didn't make me better than her, though. She's still the Queen. Nothing changed, except maybe I have more of an ego coming into these Rounds. I feel it, deep down, that I'm ready to challenge for gold again. But what I'd like I guess is one more fight with Callie Clark."

Action sighed. "Worst thing you can do is get hung up on her. And besides, Matt Tastic is the Elite X Champion now. Even if Batti vs. Callie III happened, and you got the win, just like your fight with Kagura nothing will change. Why not Tastic? That'd be fun. Or hell, do the impossible: face Titus Avison and end that European Championship reign. Wasn't he your debut match here? Hell, better yet, outdo yourself. Make it Constantine vs. Batti. Go big or go home."

"Not like I have a choice to who I get to compete against," she said, biting her lip. "Though I hope it is somebody with a title."

"Doesn't everybody?"

"I think it's optional whether or not their titles would be on the line, which suuuuuuuuuucks." She rested her head on his shoulder in mock theatrics. "Maybe I'll face off against you."

"Maybe you'll fight Ramparte."

"Easiest W of my career. WZCW's runway ain't even wheelchair accessible."

They snickered. Batti's cell phone went off. Tyrone Blades texted her. When Action asked her how that relationship was going, he wasn't ready for the answer.

"Oh, the usual. Bonding. With nylon rope. Suspended over his bed. Blindfolded. Cherry red ballgag in my mouth. Tame stuff."

He stared at her wide eyed.

"I'm kidding," she teased. "...We don't use nylon."

It was then his own phone went off. He checked it, and frowned.

"Hate to leave us on our game and such a stimulating conversation, but I've gotta go. You don't be doing anything you're going to regret later, little lady. I once knew a guy that was into wearing a latex suit and a mask. Know what happened to him? Became a Tag Team Champion with me. Risky business. Know your limits, kiddo."

Batti Otaku and Action Saxton hugged. "Thank you for dropping in, sensei. I may knock bakka bitches out with chains now, but I'm still the same girl that climbed a mountain to be trained by you. You're always with me in spirit, whether I'm being dorky or when shit gets real. I owe you tons."

He beamed down at her. "You don't owe me anything, Batgirl. Just stay safe, and kick some butt."

When he was out the door and out of sight, Batti called Tyrone.

"Hey. Wanna play Beanboozled? It's Roulette Rounds after all."


Truth was, she had no real cares in the world. The Roulette Rounds were hard to get ready for. Even seasoned veterans had difficulties with predicting what kind of opponent they'd see. Will it be a champion? A surprise return of a beloved icon? A staff member? Nobody knew for sure. So her mindset was "Why worry?" What would come will come. Vis Imperium had disbanded. There was no immediate threat to her. The Harbinger was her significant other, the QFAD was Kagura's but the last laugh was hers. Everything seemed perfect, and that calm before the storm played a big part in her public breakdown.

Batti treated herself by shopping at an outlet mall. The day was gorgeous and warm for a December. She went by herself, and when she looked back on that Saturday afternoon she would resent not taking Tyrone Blades or any of The Hollow Ones. Maybe then someone could have talked her through her moment, someone could have calmed her down. But ideal scenarios rarely happen in the real world.

She hit one of her favorite shops, The Candy Store. Batti walked out with Hefty bags full of various jawbreakers, peanut butter cups, licorice, gummy bears, and jelly beans. "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds played over the outdoor speakers, though she'd forget the irony in that later.

Bags in hand, she practically skipped passed wave after wave of mall rats.

♫ "Will you stand above me?
Look my way, never love me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down" ♫

A bearded man in an old Cerberus t-shirt walked by. At first, the shirt caught her attention. Even in the WZCW fandom, tag team shirts weren't as popular as they used to be, except the crosshairs one. And in a fleeting second her eyes traveled up to the face of what she thought was an old fan. Maybe he would recognize her or something and maybe she'd give an autograph. She was riding high on ego.

But she knew him, and her heart stopped. When she called out his name, there was no vibrance in her voice. No color. The cheer was gone. Everything felt jarring.


The man kept walking, swallowed up into the busy crowd. He didn't seem to have noticed her. Batti stood visibly shaking. There was no wheelchair. How?


She was running. The bags were no longer in her hands, she had spilled them in her daze. Batti glided passed shopper after shopper. He was heading to the parking lot.

Minutes passed. Now nobody was in her way. She screamed.

"Ramparte! Please it-it's Batti! Turn around!"

He did. Their eyes met. There he was, clear as day, standing. He was a lot taller than she remembered. His eyes, though. They weren't what she recalled. Even in their breakup, there was a flare of kindness to them. Now they were just eyes.

"Beatrice," he answered flatly.

"Y-you've never called me that. Umm you're standing. Like, without help."

"Observant," he said, and turned back around. He unlocked his car, a white Honda Civic. She wanted to rush to him, to ask why he was being so cold to her, how he can walk, and why he called her by her actual name. Part of her even wanted to hug him. But her legs froze. She couldn't even cry out. It wasn't a panic attack, but she was overwhelmed by the suddenness of it all. He started the car, and without another word to her or a glance at her, he drove off.

She stood there, alone. Confused. Angry. Upset. In tears. Clutching her heart. Having troubles breathing. Ramparte was well again and wanted nothing to do with her. With her emotions all over the place, she buckled and fell on the asphalt. Memories flooded her mind.


Batti didn't understand why she felt the way she did. She had Tyrone Blades now, who was a gentleman. The past was dead. But...

Several came to her aid to make sure she was okay. Had she blacked out? On top of everything else, the young superstar felt embarrassed too. She dusted herself off, and dug for her phone. When she spoke, her voice started to return to normal.

"Tyrone, you're not going to believe this..."

Originally Posted by Jack Kerouac - On The Road
Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?
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--A few days after Unscripted -----

Mark Keaton’s mansion in Toronto Ontario Canada, it’s 5:30 PM in case you were wondering.

Remarkable Mark Keaton sat in his chrome, spike covered throne in his sitting room. He wasn’t recovering from a party, he wasn’t depressed or doped out of his mind, he was shell shocked. He pulled a heavy, brown wool blanket over his shoulders in case any one of his old maids came along to sneak a peek of him in his underwear. He hadn’t heard a peep from any of the maids or the butler in hours, he knew why. The place was as quiet as a tomb, except for a clock that ticked along in the nearby hallway.


What happened? Mark thought as he stared at an AC/DC poster placed near the unused fireplace. We were in control, we had Titus and Blades on the ropes, Big Bad Roady was doing what I told him to do before the match, but it all went south. We lost and the result was an innocent man getting beaten up in the middle of the ring while the whole fucking roster watched, HE’S NOT AN ATHLETE!

“Defenseless!” Mark threw the blanket off of his muscular frame and jumped to his feet, he kicked over a nearby nightstand sending his ashtray spilling to the floor along with some empty mugs. Mark clenched his jaw and made a fist, he paced around the room muttering to himself, after a moment he realized that it was too cold for this and jumped back in his chair inside the warm comfort of his wool blanket.

What a huge goddamn hole Vis Imperium leaves in WZCW now, the only thing interesting in wrestling is now gone. Motherfucker! Why couldn't that bastard hobble down and help us too, that motherfucker!Motherfucker, it’s not all about you! I said that, man! Ha ha ha, I really had the nerve to finally stand up to that bastard. Mark smirked and pulled the blanket tighter around his neck. It felt good to finally tell the dude what needed to be said. But Mark knew he valued his friendship with Cooper more than ever, he called and texted the man for the last day or so but got no reply. Mark figured the former world heavyweight champion was probably buried in a gym somewhere in Australia, vowing to become a physical god and take back what was taken from him.

The fall of Vis Imperium still hurt Mark, he knew it hurt Cooper too in his own way. Xander Labelle left the company entirely but Mark knew the guy had one foot out of the door already, it didn’t make it any easier for him. He spied the present Labelle left him sitting on the couch across the room, wrapped in a sparkling red wrap and a small bow on top. Mark stood up and shuffled across the room, he retrieved the present and quickly made his way back to his warm base on the padded, chrome throne. He read the card on top…..

-- Hey Mark, it was a wild ride while it lasted wasn’t it? Here’s a little something you’ll enjoy, I valued my time in Vis Imperium and I hope I helped you along in your career.

- The World’s Greatest Mind-

He really did, the man taught him the art of the negotiation. He taught him the immeasurable value of having somebody like Big Bad Roady on the outside of the ring to add that extra factor in his matches. Meatball said he had to go to Philly and deal with one of his ex wives, the dude has more girl problems than I did in my teens. Mark smirked as he tore the wrapping off of the present.

Aww, he didn’t.

Mark almost teared up, he didn’t realize how much his company meant to Labelle until now. Xander’s prized golden chess set was boxed neatly before him, every piece was tucked neatly away in it’s own groove and polished to a shine with the board reflecting light off of the little squares. It was a beautiful set. He remembered Xander teaching him how to play as they discussed what was going on in WZCW and Vis Imperium. They had talked long about Justin Cooper’s rapidly changing attitude and obsession with the World Heavyweight Title. Neither man would dare speak against the Champ at the time but knew there was an even deeper power struggle going on between Mr. Banks and Cooper. It hung in the air at every V.I meeting, every V.I conference and scheduled merchandise meeting, every talk with either man ended up with the impression that one hated the other. It was things that were said, facial expressions used and just the feeling that things were going to eventually explode someday.

Like the Banks Volcano that’s currently building up. Mark could only imagine the mood Mr. Banks would be in right now, busted up in a hospital bed somewhere with nurses wiping his ass for him, vowing to make Mark Keaton pay for failing to prevent Vis Imperium from going down.

That is going to be one shit show when that dude comes back.

Mark carefully put the golden chess set on the floor and sighed. The time of riding the V.I machine was over, the whole locker room is going to feed on him now, an exposed former bully from V.I who puffed his chest out and made EVERYONE miserable in the back.

I’m so screwed. Ha ha ha! Ahh fuck it, I love chaos anyway.

The madness of the Roulette Rounds were now here, the one set of shows on the calendar that could make people forget that he was once one of those guys that bullied everyone around. The nervous energy of the roulette rounds was a favorite time of year for a lot of the wrestlers, you could get a title shot out of nowhere!

I remember last season man, a younger, dumber version of RMK got Reynolds in an Elite Championship match, lost that one because I was too confident in my striking game and lost to a submission move man. I really hated that guy.


Mark could see red and blue light reflections coming from the main entrance windows.

Well, I guess this is it. Time to shed the V.I skin and go back to the V.I less RMK.

Mark stood up and threw the wool blanket off of himself. He pulled a Voltron T-shirt on and threw on a pair of jeans.


Knock knock knock!!!

Mark lit a smoke and threw on a leather jacket.



Knock knock knock!!!

Mark opened a closet and picked up a huge gym back stuffed with clothes.



“Hey Mark! You in there? This is Sheriff Grant from the Toronto Police Department. I’m here to…”

Mark ripped open the door.

“Ya I know, escort me from the premises. I got the letter jackass, I can read dude!” Mark heaved the gym bag over his shoulder and walked off of the steps of the Vis Imperium property.

A dozen moving employees hurried past him, some high WZCW officials walked past as well, interested in Mr. Banks property. Another cop came up and walked next to Mark.

A group of RMK groupies waited for him in a neon van.

Sexy blondes, my favorite.

Mark flicked his smoke and told the cop that he’ll be alright and won’t need an escort or anything, he will cooperate. The cop nodded and returned to his squad car. The groupies called for him and he raised a finger as he gave his mansion one last look.

A lot of memories in this mansion, good ones and bad ones man. This house was everything I wanted out of Vis Imperium. I guess I’ll just have to move on to the next chapter.

A WZCW staff member ran out of the house, he looked pale and had a brown smear all along the side of his suit.

“Why is there human SHIT all over the floor?!!?!? MAAAARK!!!!” The man screamed.

Mark turned and nodded to the women, he jumped in the van and they peeled off into the night.
Jeff's thought of the week..

."In 20 years we won't be viewed as -Mailmen- anymore and will be called -Drone Pilots- instead."
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