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Old 09-16-2011, 09:23 PM
klepto77 klepto77 is offline
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A wrestler makes his/her living from being slammed onto an unforgiving mat night after night. They get little to no time off during the year.

A baseball player gets about four months to rest his weary body receiving about 100 percent less chair shots.

Creating an offseason in WWE is a hard sell. There would be fewer pay-per-views, fewer house shows, less money.

Vince McMahon would lose the color in his face just thinking about it.

In the long run, though, I believe it will be better for the sport. Wrestling is hell on the body. I wonder how many careers could have gone on longer had the superstars been given a few months every year to recover.

Would Edge have been forced to retire so young? How much longer would Steve Austin's career been?

Wrestling success has always depended on the popularity of its superstars. We've seen some of our best leave early in no small part to the beating these folks take. Imagine the landscape of the WWE with Edge, the Rock and Brock Lesnar still around.

I know the Rock may have chosen Hollywood regardless of some rest every summer, but it would have made his choice much more difficult. He obviously loves the sport, coming back now even after all his success.

Currently WWE uses storylines to write in time for surgeries and injury recovery. Rey Mysterio is probably playing Xbox with his kids right now, letting his knees rest.

But aren't there plenty of people on the roster who could use some time off?

In addition, perhaps the lessening of our yearly dose of wrestling will heighten our enjoyment of it. Fans get giddy in anticipation of the NFL season returning.

Having less Raw and SmackDown shows annually may serve to crank up our appreciation.

I propose (if you are listening Mr. McMahon) that we begin the wrestling season in August and end it in April. SummerSlam could kick things off after a few weeks worth of build up on the weekly shows. The Road to WrestleMania would take on another meaning altogether.

The four big boys, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, SummerSlam and WrestleMania could still occur at basically the same time that they have traditionally.

It's not like most of us can afford to order 13 pay-per-views a year anyway.

During the offseason, WWE could mimic how other sports operate during downtime by giving us offseason storylines, interviews and analysis.

In no other sport do we expect the athletes to take such a beating for so long. WWE would surely be afraid that during an offseason Ring of Honor and TNA would pilfer their audience. Maybe they would at first.

But if McMahon were to blaze that trail, other wrestlers in other promotions may start to demand the same luxury.

Rejuvenated wrestlers may perform at a higher level more consistently. More sustainable careers means us having to say goodbye less quickly and less often. Young stud athletes choosing between sports may be more inclined to take up wrestling.

What does WWE have to lose? Money, lots of it.

But what they (and we) could gain is a far superior product.
Old 09-18-2011, 09:58 AM
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The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Champ worked a dark match on ECW recently...

I'm honestly surprised that so many people are so willing to go with this idea. For me, the great thing about WWE is that it's year round. You don't get that with ANY other sport, or ANY other TV show in existence. That gives it a uniqueness and allows the company to constantly maintain its fanbase. Also, imagine how many guys would get less opportunities if there was less wrestling time per year? The main event scene when the WWE WAS in season would be even "staler" than some perceive it to be now. I do agree that the guys are overworked and that they deserve time off, but honestly, most of them probably wouldn't WANT time off. Forcing it on them wouldn't be good for anybody, especially not the fans who would likely be pretty pissed that something that has been year round since the beginning of its existence suddenly isn't anymore.

Originally Posted by Chris Jericho
I trolled all of you.
Originally Posted by <3ShieldGirl<3 View Post
You know you suck ass when Jericho won't even put you over.
Old 09-18-2011, 10:36 PM
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FutureCreative is looking to come up from OCW...

From a TV stand point... the summer is always lacking in good TV. All the good shows are on their off-season as well as sport. WWE programming is all I watch in these months. WWE would be foolish not to be on television in these months as their competition is non-exsistent... and I'm pretty sure they know that
Old 09-19-2011, 09:22 PM
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Da Muddaship is looking to come up from OCW...
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An off-season is definitely NOT GONNA HAPPEN. As others have posted, it's too much money for the Vinnie Mac Attack to make. BUT.....most of us ham-and-eggers get at least a few weeks' vacation a year. If you've been around your job for quite a while, you get more time than others at your office or factory.
[b]SO....[b]what the 'E' can do is 1) dedicate to run the Supershow concept from the TLC PPV to the Rumble; 2) again between Wrestlemania and Backlash, and 3) again between Summerslam and MITB. During these times, you can rotate all of your guys (not just the main and upper mid-card) on five-to-seven-day extended breaks, to do nothing but go home and think about their families, at least three times a year. Remember, even the top guys who might not wrestle all the house shows still have to drive on the road, do radio & tv junkets and make public appearances on their 'days off' between RAW and Smackdown shows. This'll help keep the body and mind refreshed throughout the year and keep the 12-month schedules intact. It covers the Christmas season (and by the way, everybody's off the road during Tribute To The Troops broadcast week), and we half expect to NOT see some of the roster after Wrestlemania, the vaunted 'future endeavors' season.

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