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Old 10-12-2017, 12:04 PM
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Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

Anderson:... from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At roughly 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched(ala bret hart) while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles

Connor: Look at the smug look on both Logan and Richard Goldman. I hope Constantine wipes these expressions off of these guys! Logan has to answer for his attacks on The Power Trip and Eve Taylor.

Cohen: Why don't you just get out your Constantine pom poms and chant his name from the table Cat?! You won't here any biased commentary coming from this end of the table, I'll be calling this one right down the middle! As always!

Connor: Give me a break!

Anderson: And his opponent .....

Anderson: ... from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

As the intro begins playing, the arena falls into complete darkness. With every smash of the drum, a few golden lights flash through the darkness. As the music begins and the guitar begins playing, the arena is bathed in an ocean of golden lights. After a few seconds, a spotlight shines down on the center of the stage, revealing Constantine with his chin dipped to his chest. He raises his chin as he raises both of his arms out to his side, soaking in the reaction of the fans - both positive and negative. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs the steps into the ring. Once in the middle of the ring, he dips his chin again and raises his arms out one more time. He quickly looks over his shoulder as Logan makes a mocking attempt to sneak attack him. Constantine paces around the ring, eager for the bell to ring.

Cohen: Now here's the marked man Cat, that 50 thousand dollar bounty always on the mind of the Power Trip. He's got to be thinking - Who's Next?! Who is going to outright attack me next?!- We saw a regular member of the WZCW crew attack the man! He is not safe from anyone!

Connor: We've witnessed The Power Trip go through worse things than this Jack!

Cohen: Ya but he's in the twilight of his career!An old dog who's managed to survive major wars in the ring over the years,it's left him vulnerable and weak! Justin Cooper's 50 thousand dollar bounty has been a stroke of brilliance Cat, that's why Vis Imperium will continue to thrive long into the future, because of the smarts of it's Championship Leader.

Connor: While both men are getting checked for illegal objects by Referee Morse, let's talk about why Logan attacked Eve Taylor? Do you think Vis Imperium have been scouting Logan and he could be an ace in the hole for these men in the future? It's obvious they influenced his attack during that tag team match on Meltdown.

Cohen: And don't forget Logan jumped all over the chance to get his hands on that 50 thousand dollar bounty too! You can buy a LOT of things with 50 thousand dollars Cat! I bet after this match we'll see Logan move out of Boston with his 50K and buy a house in the southside community of Toledo Ohio. I hear you can get a four bedroom house there for 44 thousand dollars!

Connor: Well, he hasn't collected that bounty yet Jack, if he destroys Constantine here tonight then its a shoe in. But really....44K for a four bedroom house there?

Cohen: Ya, my third cousins twice removed girlfriends Aunts sisters caretaker has a house there.

Referee Morse is finished with his checking of both wrestlers, he motions for the bell...


Constantine slowly makes his way to the center of the ring, Logan stretches his neck and meets him there. They start talking and stretching right in front of each other. The Power Trip starts to get angrier and angrier as he mouths some aggressive words right in Logan's face. The Son of Boston mouths off right back as both men press their foreheads right into each other as they scream curse words. Constantine backs up and fires off a right hand, Logan replies with a right of his own. The Power Trip fires off a right and left and Logan answers with a right, left, right, left...Constantine blocks the last punch and fires off a right, left, blocks a punch, right, right, right, and a winding right that staggers Logan on the ropes. Constantine runs and clotheslines Logan right over the top ropes to the padded mats outside the ring!


Constantine stomps back to the center of the ring and points at himself and mouths that he's going to continue to kick ass. Logan makes it to his feet, clearly upset as Goldman walks by and gives him a few words of advice. Logan rolls back in the ring. Both men stand in the center of the ring again. Constantine goes to punch Logan but the Son of Boston quickly dodges it and grabs The Power Trip in a bearhug, he heaves him over his head for a high belly to belly suplex! Constantine lands hard and Logan is all over him, he hooks his hands around his waste and hauls him to his feet, he nails a german suplex! Logan springs up quickly, he pulls Constantine by the hair to his feet, he hits The Power Trip with a T-Bone suplex then a quick cover...



Constantine kicks out but Logan mounts him high and starts laying in hard elbows on his head, The Power Trip tries to block the shots with his forearms but the powerful strikes make it though his defense!

Cohen: Logan with a suplex clinic and now he's going to rip Constantine's face off with elbow smashes!

Connor: Come on ref! Get in there and get Logan off of him! He's not allowed to do that!

Morse finally breaks the mount but the damage is already done. Constantine's face has red marks and he looks like he's in a daze from the blows. Logan struts around the ring to boo's from the crowd. He says something to Goldman who laughs at his statement. Logan waits for Constantine to struggle to his feet, Logan runs and nails him with a high knee, knocking Constantine back down to the mat. He runs and drops a knee on Constantines leg, The Power Trip lets out a louder yell than normal as he clutches at his knee. Logan looks at the man and a realization comes across his face, he kicks Constantine in the knee, then again and again while Constantine wriggles around on the mat in a lot of pain. He hooks the leg of The Power Trip and lifts it off of the mat, he flips over Constantine for a single leg boston crab but Constantine quickly grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. He pulls himself right out of the ring. He walks around, slightly limping, trying to get feeling back in his leg.

Logan follows him out, he runs and kicks Constantine in the back of the knee, knocking him to the padded mats instantly. Goldman applauds, he stands near the downed veteran and starts mocking his injury. Constantine takes a swing at the man but Goldman is too far away. Logan drops an elbow on The Power Trip as referee Morse gets his count out to 4...

Logan rolls back in the ring and tells the ref to count faster.


Logan smiles and bounces on his toes,


Logan raises his arms in expectation of victory. Constantine barely makes it in the ring! He rolls to the middle of the ring, holding his knee. Logan doesn't look impressed. He kicks Constantine again, watching him squirm more in pain. Logan drops a knee on Constantine's knee, causing him to yell loudly again in pain. He grabs Constantine and hauls him to his feet, he gives him a front face lock and lifts him in a verticle suplex position...brainbuster to the mat hard! Constantine looks knocked out cold!


Foot on the ropes!

Connor: Wow! I thought that was it there, he barely got his foot on the ropes. Constantine has to climb back in this match or this one is going to be over!

Cohen: Logan is fighting a really smart fight here,he's exploiting the knee injury, he's taking his time to pick Constantine to pieces here!

Logan stomps the top of Constantine's knee, trying to hyper extend the knee on the rope. Constantine claws at the canvas in pain, he crawls backwards, trying to get away from Logan. Logan smiles and looks at Goldman, he stalks towards The Power Trip, Constantine kips up!!!!!

The AXIS!!! Boom! The high angle slam nails Logan on the mat out of nowhere!




Anderson: The winner of this match, by pinfall...Constantine!

Constantine points at his knee and mouths - Wrong one- He raises his arms in victory as Logan rolls out of the ring. He kicks the steel steps and screams at Goldman, who follows the stunned man back up the ramp.

Connor: Logan wasn't working on Constantine's bad knee Jack! He was working on his GOOD knee! The Power Trip was playing him this whole match and waiting like a coiled snake!!

Cohen: What a mind punt by The Power Trip!Ha ha haa! I can't argue with those tactics Cat! That's how the man has made it this long in this company, he cheats and tricks people to win!

Connor: Oh cut it out! Constantine used his veteran smarts and won this match fair and square!

Constantine climbs the turnbuckle, trying to hide how much pain he's really in, the eyes don't lie but his smile does as he poses for the cheering crowd as Ascension fades to black, the WZCW appearing in the corner.

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Old 10-13-2017, 07:01 PM
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Unscripted 2017
*Matches to be announced*

Confirmed matches:

Click for Spoiler:
WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

WZCW Eurasian Championship
If Vis Imperium win whoever scoes the pinfall becomes Eurasian Champion and Blades will be forced to retire from WZCW; if Titus/Blades win than Vis Imperium must disband forever
Titus (c) and Tyrone Blades versus Vis Imperium (Keaton/LeBelle)

WZCW Elite Openweight Championship
Callie Clark (c) versus Matt Tastic

WZCW Mayhem Championship
Randy Studd (c) versus Vox

Kagura versus Batti

Fatal Four Way
Winner receives a title shot at either the Mayhem, Eurasian or Elite Championship
Yemrez Reqonic versus War Zone versus Milenko versus Ace Stevens


Constantine versus Logan McAllister - Jeff
Tyrone Blades versus Batti Otaku - Dave
Wren versus Triple X - Dagger
Ace Stevens versus Callie Clark - Prophet
Lynx & Vox versus Randy Studd & Yemrez Reqonic - KJ
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