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Old 08-19-2017, 01:38 PM
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Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...

We see a split screen, two separate corridors within the area, on one side is Tyrone Blades and on the other is the reigning Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison. In his left hand, Blades carries the black baseball bat which has smacked the skulls off many men. His opposite, Titus, carries in his right hand the most successfully defended and longest held championship in the history of WZCW.

Copeland: This is our main event of the evening, ladies and gentlemen. Two absolute legends will clash for the very first time in their careers.

Connor: A dream match for the ages. You can hear this crowd as those two men make their way through the halls of the backstage area. Just imagine what the reaction will be like when they appear, live, in front of this rabid audience.

Cohen: You two are far to kind to the likes of Tyrone Blades. He’s a rebel, a traitor to this organization and someone we should all wash our hands of. Now, Titus Avison is a man of the people. The people who are smart like me! He’s the guy these fans would be better off supporting rather than Blades.

Both competitors continue walking down the corridors; Titus slings the title belt over his shoulder, his eyes lingering at his most prized possession.

Connor: For over six hundred days that man has reigned as the Eurasian Champion. He has defended it more than any other champion, regardless of title. He has held that belt longer than any other champion, regardless of title. Tonight, he faces his biggest challenge when he faces perhaps the greatest wrestler to ever live.

Copeland: I don’t think it’s even a question, Cat. Tyrone Blades has done it all in this business. When you talk about the best to ever do it, the list begins with Blades and then you sort out everyone else. Titus has never faced a challenge like he will face tonight in his six hundred plus day reign.

Cohen: It’s the first versus the best when it comes to the Eurasian Championship.

Blades is shown adjusting his bandana, Titus sneers and the final approach is on!

Copeland: This is it, we are finally here, the main event is moments away. Titus Avison defends the Eurasian Championship against Tyrone Blades for the first time ever. The greatest champion versus the greatest wrestler, the longest reigning Eurasian Champion versus the very first, Hall of Famer versus Hall of Famer… it’s all on the line tonight!
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Originally Posted by G-Mod Dagger Dias
I would perceive it as me failing as both a father and a man if my son in this scenario ended up being gay.
Dave also did my sig.

Last edited by Da Prophet : 08-21-2017 at 04:04 AM.
Old 08-19-2017, 01:38 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: British by birth, Geordie by the grace of God.
Age: 32
Posts: 4,358
Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...

The camera pans across the massive crowd in San Jose SAP Center, signs are prominent with #Notmychampion and I came here for Blades. People are screaming and cheering in anticipation of the upcoming match, everyone is standing. The camera lowers and pans over the ring, then lowers and stops in front of the commentary table where Sebastian Copeland is seated in between Jack Cohen and Cat Connor.

Copeland: Well here we are folks, the end of ten year long journey. We've seen returns tonight, two battle royales, a Queen for a Day and it has come down to this. The Main Event of the evening. When you mention WZCW and pillars of strength in the company, then you can only have two of the most important pillars, Titus Avison and Tyrone Blades. Titus is holding the Eurasian Championship, he's held the title since defeating Johnny Scumm 642 days ago. He is the longest reigning champion in the history of the company and has propelled the Eurasian title higher than anyone could have ever imagined. His challenger tonight is a man who is hungry to stop that streak. He will be Titus's greatest challenge to date! Of course I'm talking about Tyrone Blades.

Connor: Tyrone Blades is no stranger to holding titles either. But when you think of that STREAK and just the legacy of these two men, then you have to think the streak itself is as important as the title. Anyone who can topple that streak can claim they were that guy. The man who took down the man!

Cohen: You can feel the excitement in the air! This is a Kingdom Come, Main Event worthy match! I can go on for hours about the history of both of these supreme athletes but we don't have that kind of time here. This will be a highly emotional, hard fought match and we are here to enjoy the ride! The Streak and The Eurasian Championship on the line and you can bet that these fans are going to see something special here!

The fans pop hard as Tyrone's music blares through the arena. People are dancing and looking everywhere for Blades. He walks out of a entrance in the isle way up before the rafters begin. He stands there with his signature bat resting over his shoulder. The fans continue to roar approval of the man. He nods then starts walking down the stairs towards the lower level. Kids and adults are reaching out and patting him on the shoulder, some looking for high fives. People leaning in behind him holding a Go Blades Go sign and shaking the sign hard in excitement. Tyrone walks slowly up the steel steps, he steps in between the middle and top rope and walks across the ring. He holds his bat up in the air and walks to a nearby side of the ring, the entire section of fans hold up their fist and cheer. Tyrone nods in approval, he walks to another side of the ring and raises his bat, the entire section on that side raise their fists and cheer!

Copeland: I can't remember a time Jack, where we've had louder fans than this. These people are geared for this exciting main event!

Cohen: I can barely hear you Seabass! These people are so loud its crazy!

Tyrone throws his bat out of the ring and removes his jacket. He starts stretching his neck. He's waiting and keeping his eyes on the titantron.

The crowds and everyone is watching the titantron, waiting for the champion....

The delay continues....

Cohen: Well maybe he's not coming!

The lights go out and the place rumbles from the reaction, the fans are booing and creating a fuss in the darkness....

The ramp lights up in pure white, the only light in the arena. Two officials come out and carefully place down a thick roll of carpet at the top of the ramp, they roll a red carpet the entire length of the ramp, right to the ring..

A spotlight shines on Titus as he walks through the curtain. The boo's are deafening now as he strolls to the red carpet. He holds up the Eurasian title with one hand and smiles as he strolls down the ramp. As he nears the middle of the ramp, two rows of photographers start snapping his picture and yelling, creating dozens of light flashes at once. He walks around the ring then climbs the steel steps. He climbs in the ring then ascends the turnbuckle, he raises the title once more and does his signature point.

Michael Buffer is standing in the middle of the ring in a tuxedo, he has a microphone in his hands and he's looking left and right at the combatants....

Buffer: Tonight we are going to witness the most anticipated match in the history of WZCW. For the Eurasian championship and the streak you've heard legends about. Are you ready? Wrestling fans, are you RRRRRRRRREEEEADY??? For the thousands in attendance. For the millions watching around the world. From the SAP CENTER in San Jose, California! Let's get to ready to RRRRRUUUUMMMBBLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!!!!!


Buffer: Introducing first, to my left, the challenger. Here is a man who has stepped out of the shadows and has claimed he will cleanse WZCW of all wrongdoers. He is a former TWO TIME WZCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the WORLD! He hails from Cleveland,Ohio, weighing in at 225 pounds,Tyroooooooone Blaaaades!!!

The large crowd cheers for the bearded man, Tyrone Blades allows a smile and raises his fist, thousands of fists rise up with him.

Buffer: And introducing the champion, he is a former five time Oscar Winner, as Red Mask, he once protected Keystone City from danger. Now, his legend continues to grow as we've all heard about them. He is the reigning, defending, Eurasian Champion, Tituuuuuuuus Aviiisoooon!!!!

A huge, long boo from the fans! A - not my champion - chant starts.

Titus lets out a yell as he holds the title over his head with both hands. Referee Akiyama comes and removes the title and holds it up to show everyone as well, he shows Tyrone the belt then hands it over to an official outside the ring.

Copeland: We are only moments away from the bell ladies and gentleman! But we are not done here, WZCW has drawn Hollywood here tonight, let's get a shot of the stars that have come out to watch this spectacle here in San Jose!

The camera pans the third row from the barricade, Bill Murray sits with dark glasses on and what looks like a winter hat. He smiles and waves at the camera as the graphic shows his name. The camera pans to the right for a moment, Bradley Cooper sits with friends, he's dressed up in a suit, he also waves and smiles at the camera, his friends give him play shots to the arm. The camera pans to the right again about five seconds to show Michael Keaton in the first row, he has a ballcap on and a casual dress shirt. He opens his dress shirt to show a red V.I on his chest.

Cohen: Check that out Seabass! Cooper and Keaton are here tonight!

Connor: Ahh ha ha ha!!

Copeland: Referee Akiyama has called for the bell,this main event is ON!


Titus stretches his shoulders as he slowly walks to the center of the ring, Tyrone Blades does a couple of neck cracks as he walks towards Titus. They both stand there for a moment, staring at each other.


The fans have become unglued once more as both men stand there staring at each other. Titus is the first to speak as he looks to be spouting off words like legend and champion, Tyrone nods and says something back that makes Titus smile right away. He continues to jaw at Tyrone while the fans continue their chanting. They both lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, they lean way down but neither man budges. They both release the hold and take a step back, they both do a little walk around the center of the ring then lock up again in a collar and elbow tie up. Titus grabs Tyrone in a headlock and squeezes as hard as he can, he flips Blades over and keeps the headlock applied. Blades pushes on the mat and easily powers both men to their feet, he breaks the head lock and ties up with a collar and elbow again. This time Blades grabs the headlock and squeezes. He can feel Titus working his way out so he switches and gets in a double underhook, he flips Titus over and presses him on his knee for a backbreaker submission hold! Titus lifts his leg, he presses his own foot on his own knee and uses that leverage to push backwards, he escapes the hold but Blades grabs him in a headlock again, trying to keep the pace slow to start the match. Titus slips out the backdoor and gives Blades a Nothern Lights suplex with a bridge...


Blades kicks out and quickly stands up, he walks away and wipes his hands on his thighs. Titus stands up and slaps his shoulders, he pulls on the top ropes to get a quick stretch in. Both men stop and stare at each other for a moment.

Copeland: A feeling out process to start the match,these fans are so loud and the crackling energy of this place right now must be playing on their nerves a little bit.

Cohen: Don't worry about that! These are the best in the business and once they get warmed up they can't be stopped.

Both men are in the center of the ring again, they have their hands out, ready to get into another collar and elbow tie up, Blades leans in but, SLAP!! Titus nails blades with a huge European uppercut, dropping Blades to the mat in an instant!


Titus takes a couple of steps back and smirks, he tells Blades to get up. Blades does a kip up and wipes his mouth. He gives Titus a dirty look and nods. They both launch into each other! Lefts and rights are thrown with vicious abandon as the fans jump to their feet!

Cohen: Here we go! Ha ha haa! What did I tell you?This didn't take long to get rough Seabass!

Connor: You have two important figures of wrestling squaring off! The egos will boil over every time!

Blades starts getting the advantage with the lefts and rights as Titus is backing up into a turnbuckle. Blades does a spinning heel kick followed by a running high knee that floors Titus to the mat. He starts laying in the boots until Akiyama hauls him off of Titus and tells him to respect his rules. Tyrone Blades holds his hands up acting innocent, he returns to Titus and hauls him to his feet by his hair. He chops him hard in the chest then lays in a hard left hook. He hauls on an Irish whip across the ring, Titus runs across and hits hard in the far turnbuckle. Blades runs fast with a high knee but the champion ducks and rolls out of the way, Blades knee hits the turnbuckle and his momentum flips him over the top ropes to the outside of the ring. Titus rolls out of the ring slowly and confidently.

Referee Akiyama starts his count...1...2....3...

Titus picks up Blades then Irish whips him into the barricade, the Hollow One hangs there with his arms hooked behind the barricade. Titus runs over and smashes him in the face with a hard forearm shot, then a chop to the chest and a couple of European uppercuts until Blades slumps to the padded mats.


Titus walks behind a crawling Blades, he grabs him by the hair and hauls him to his feet then rolls him back into the ring. Titus calmly rolls back into the ring then plants an elbow on Blade's chest. He jumps to his feet then drops a knee to his forehead, he covers him....


Tyrone easily kicks out. A - Go Blades Go- chant starts to build as Titus applies a head lock on the downed Hollow One. Tyrone grabs Titus's arm and slips out behind him, he transitions to a crossface submission move on Titus! The champions eyes are wide as the hold is clenched on tight! Akiyama jumps down and asks Titus if he submits, Titus shakes his head as he starts a long crawl to the ropes...

Copeland: A deep Crossface on the champion, he has to get to those ropes or this could be it! Will Titus submit to Tyrone Blades here?

Cohen: I believe Tyrone caught the champion by surprise here with this quick submission hold, Titus has to figure out a way out of this.

Titus is making no progress to the ropes as sweat starts pouring down his forehead now. His face is turning red now as Blade's is relentless with the crossface! Titus quickly presses down with his free hand and turns both men over, Titus has him pinned now....


Blades flips him back over but releases the hold, quickly flips to his back and applies a dragon sleeper with a Muta lock...STREET DREAMS!! Titus is in far worse shape now as he's locked in Blade's finishing submission hold! The fans are chanting for the champion to tap, Akiyama is close by to see if Titus will survive! Titus raises his hand, he looks like he's about to tap but he clutches Akiyama's pant leg instead. He lets go and starts to claw at the canvas, trying to get any kind of traction, but he's making no progress. He's now getting droopy eyed, his arms are like noodles now. Akiyama reaches down and lifts the champion's arm, it falls to the mat.

Akiyama turns and points....


He picks up his arm again, the exact same result, it flops to the mat like a dead fish.


Akiyama picks up his hand, it drops! But it clutches Akiyama's pant leg again! Titus rips the entire pant leg off and starts hyping up and shaking! Akiyama can't believe he just lost half of his pants as a bit of his bright red underwear is showing from his leg now. Titus crawls with all of his might, but he's barely making progress, he takes the ripped pant leg and throws it at the bottom rope, it wraps around and he grabs the other side. He pulls both men to the ropes with one last ounce of power! He grabs the ropes and lets out a big sigh as Blades has to release the hold. Both men are laying on the mat now, a lot of energy used in the last few moments.

Cohen: This is why Titus has been champion for over 800 days people! What a genius move to get to the ropes! That's how a ring general thinks! Survival first, what instincts!

Connor: Well, it's not 800 days Jack, but if he keeps thinking like that then there's nobody that will stop him! The referee's ripped pant leg saves Titus from losing his title! Wow!

Copeland: It looks like Blades has reached his feet first and is on the attack here, the Eurasian Championship is just within his grasp now, can he finish Titus off here?!

Blades drops an elbow on Titus, he kips up, then drops another elbow, kip up, another elbow, kip up, another elbow, kip up, one last elbow! The fans cheer loud for that series of moves! Blades hooks the leg for the pin....


Titus barely kicks out! He rolls to his stomach. Blades hooks his feet under Titus's armpits and flips him over then bridges back, hooking his own legs over Titus's for a tight folding pin....


Titus kicks out!

Blades waits for Titus to get to his feet, he jumps on Avison's shoulders and does a victory roll.....


Titus kicks out! But just barely! Blades nods as he can feel the champion getting weaker with the kick outs! He stands a few feet away, shaking and willing Titus to reach his feet. Titus stands up, SUPERKICK to the face! quickly followed by the Kinshasa, but Blades MISSES the Kinshasa and Titus hits Blades with the TIT DROP!!

Copeland: Tit Drop! Tit Drop! This is it!!!

Titus falls on Tyrone for the cover.....



Referee Akiyama is waving no, he's holding up two fingers, showing Blades kicked out at two.

Titus jumps to his feet in a rage, he grabs Akiyama by the front of the shirt and demands that he admits he count three. The referee growls at him and tells him he will be disqualified if he continues to abuse him. Titus turns to pick up Blades, but the Hollow One is on his feet!!! SUPERKICK to the face followed by Kinshasa!!!! CLICK CLACK!!!!

The fans erupt!!!

Copeland: Oh my god! Click Clack!! Click Clack!! This one is over!! Pin him Blades!!

Blades falls on Titus and hooks the leg....





Everyone in the crowd had jumped to their feet, losing their mind as the champion survives! The camera catches a little boy, both of his hands pressed to his cheeks, in complete shock that Titus kicked out. Tyrone Blades rolls on to his back, pulling at his hair, he can't believe Titus kicked out. He sits up and looks at Titus, the champion still looks knocked out on the mat. He slowly makes it to his feet and stands just a few feet away, waiting for Titus to get to his feet again. He's yelling now, begging for Titus to get up, the champion stirs, he rolls to his side then stands up barely, SUPERKICK!! NO!! Titus dodges it and hits a reverse DDT! Both men remain down. Referee Akiyama has no choice but to start a double countout.








Both men have barely moved....



Copeland: No! Not like this! This can't end like this!

Titus rolls out of the ring and on to his feet! He takes a couple of wobbly steps and falls to his knees. Tyrone Blades has barely made it to his feet in the ring, but he spies where Titus is, Referee Akiyama has started his outside count now. Tyrone nods then bounces off the ropes, he does a sideways dive through the middle ropes right at Titus, but Titus drops to his stomach and Tyrone slams right into the side of the announce table! Bam!! Blades rolls next to Titus, looking knocked out. Titus rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. He drops an elbow on the chest of Tyrone. He climbs up on the announce table, he jumps and hits a nice legdrop right on Blades! Titus lays there for a moment, thinking. He rolls in the ring.

Connor: The stamina these men are showing is second to none. Both have hit their big finishers, both can barely stand on their feet, who will climb that mountain and take that chance...

Copeland: It looks like Titus is taking that chance Cat!! What is going through his mind? He's climbing the top rope! Don't do it! Don't do it Titus! Think of your career!

Titus stands on the top ropes, looking at the standing, anxious fans as he's facing a downed Blades on the padded mats, 15 feet down. He takes a moment to smile then jumps and does a shooting star corkscrew elbow drop..THE RED COMET! The impact sends him bouncing off of Blades and holding his elbow!


Copeland: OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a move by the champion!!! That was so risky by Titus on those padded mats, that's pure concrete just under there!!!!

Cohen: It just goes to show how much this match means to him!! He probably shortened his career by five years just now!

Titus picks up a sweaty, limp Blades and rolls him in the ring. Akiyama is at the 7 count now and Titus rolls in after. Titus keeps rolling until he's on top of Blades, he hooks the leg and whips his head back with his eyes tightly shut...



Tyrone Blades gets a shoulder up!!!!


Copeland: He kicked out! He kicked out! This place is going bananas! What is it going to take to put these guys away tonight?!?!

Akiyama is forced to start a double countout again as both men refuse to move on the mat, they're breathing hard and covered in sweat.


Titus gives Blades a weak backhand slap on the chest of Blades while laying down, the Hollow one does the same in return.

Akiyama is at 6 now as both men stir.

Titus climbs the ropes at one side of the ring, Blades climbs the ropes and both men are on their feet. They walk to the center of the ring, wobbly and beat up. The crowds are going nuts now as both men look in opposite directions, acknowledging the crazy noise coming from the crowds, they look back at each other, sweat pouring off of them. Titus reaches out his hand for a handshake, Blades goes to shake it but Titus fires off a right hand, Blades returns a left and right! Titus with a right and left followed by a European uppercut, Blades is numb now as he bounces off of the ropes and cracks Titus with a hard head butt! Both men lean on each other as they seem out! After a few moments in this position Titus pushes off Blades and looks at him wide eyed with determination! He jumps and attempts a hurricurana but Blades pushes his legs away, Titus does a backflip and lands on his feet! Blades throws a SUPERKICK but Titus dodges and goes behind Blades, he rolls him back and for a pin....



Blades forces his legs up and flips Titus frontward, pinning his arms, Blades hooks both of his legs....



Titus pushes with his arms rolling them backwards again, but he keeps rolling and picks Blades right up and german suplexes him right into the top turnbuckle! Blades stumbles forward and Titus catches him with the TIT DROP!!!

Titus uses Blades pin attempt from earlier and hooks his feet under Blades armpits and flips him over, he does a back bridge hooking his own legs over Blades', folding him right in half for a pin attempt....


Click for Spoiler:

Copeland: Oh great just who we need.

Cohen: This will spice things up.

Avison jumps up and breaks up the pin, he turns to Blades and mouths “Sorry” and rolls out of the ring. He runs up the ramp and past Vis Imperium. He stares at Cooper who nods his head and disappears backstage leaving

Connor: What on Earth? We've just seen one of his best performances of his career and he runs away like a coward.

Cohen: You have to look after number one.

The referee has called the bell for a no contest. Justin Cooper is at the top of the ramp as Xander LeBelle, Andrew Adonis and Mark Keaton head to the ring. Inside Blades and Jones are back to back. The three men stand on each edge of the mat. They're milking every moment. Boo's reign down but VI love it.

Keaton with the biggest smile on his face he punks out Jones who shouts at VI. The men rush the ring. Xander gives the Rose's Thorn to Blades who crashes to the mat. The three of them drag Jones out of the ring and stamp on him. They throw him in a heap towards the commentators.

Now the three are on the edge of the mat again. They look to Cooper.

Cooper: Well, Ty. I have to admire you. You stuck around like a man, unlike Titus who fled like the mouse he is. Let's get this over with.

The men rush the ring again. They grab Blades again but he starts to fight back. Suddenly the crowd start cheering, the camera pans to reveal running through the crowd is the masked person. They jump the barricades and slide into the ring.

He dives at LeBelle knocking him down. Blades is able to grab Adonis. Click. Clack. He's thrown out the ring. Keaton is double teamed by the two men. Click. Clack. He's thrown out the ring. Jones has made himself back in the ring. He has a microphone in hand.

Jones: This what you want fucker?

Blades gives the Click Clack to LeBelle who is in the middle of the ring. The masked person climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd is going nuts.

Cooper: Ah yes, the famed man in the Black Mask. At least we don't need to hide ourselves.

Jones: You dense fucker! That's not a black mask. It's red!

The crowd goes crazy at this.

Copeland: No way! It can't be!

Cohen: I doubt it!

It is! He takes the mask off and throws it to the crowd. The trademark smile can be seen by all in the crowd. Cooper is furious. He leaps. Red Comet on LeBelle! Blades looks the most surprised person in the whole arena. Especially after tonight’s match.

Connor: Ladies and gentlemen. WZCW was holding out for a hero. Here he is! The masked man is Titus.

LeBelle is thrown out the ring as Vis Imperium retreat to the back. The crowd is going crazy as Jones, Blades and Titus hold their hands up together in the ring. The WZCW logo appears in the corner.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Originally Posted by G-Mod Dagger Dias
I would perceive it as me failing as both a father and a man if my son in this scenario ended up being gay.
Dave also did my sig.

Last edited by Lee : 08-22-2017 at 06:04 PM.
Old 08-23-2017, 06:32 PM
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Steamboat Ricky versus The One Big Will - Ech
King For A Day - Prophet
Milenko v Armando - Spidey
Justin Cooper Open Invitational - KJ
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Eve v Batti v Callie Clark (KFAD Qualifier) - Milenko
Tastic v Sparx - Jeff
Gordito + Saboteur v Alhazred and Matlock - Ty
EurAsian battle royale - Jeff
Jobber Battle Royal - Lee
Segments - Various

Hope you enjoyed the show! Big thanks to all those who helped and allowed their characters to be used.

And congratulations to Dave. He had no idea. We originally had it as just an interview and pulled a switch right as the show was posted so Dave never saw that Constantine was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Hopefully he reads the show. Well deserved.

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