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Old 11-15-2010, 12:12 PM
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The Encore is looking to come up from OCW...The Encore is looking to come up from OCW...The Encore is looking to come up from OCW...
Default Embrace, AMAZING!!!

We are brought to the scenery of what seems to be a WZCW exclusive photo shoot. Various superstars and on air personalities are seen sitting around in chairs getting their makeup and wardrobe finished. To the back of the room we see DK Wilton sitting in front of a mirror putting on his own makeup whilst wearing an all white robe. As time passes on we see faces like Kravinoff, Toyota, Constantine and even Klamor look at him in disgust. He is then approached by a makeup artist.

Hey Wilton, it seems that you could use a little help there?

Wilton shoots up out of his chair and turns to face this woman. With his side only facing the camera he looks at her directly in the eyes with a nasty look.

I donít need any... ANY help, especially yours lady. I mean look at you, you want to do MY makeup or proclaim your better than me? Oh please, you couldnít even tell mascara from eyeliner. But if you want after this shoot is done and I head back to my luxurious hotel room, with my luxurious delights. I might just be able to help you whiten up that blemished face of yours.

The artist then walks away and shakes her head as she is somewhat grossed out by what Wilton said to her. We see the camera still facing Wilton from the side, so that we cannot see his appearance entirely. From what we are able to see, he is laughing to himself. As he puts down a makeup brush he is then approached by Leon Kensworth. Leon is standing there wearing a black dress shirt, black pants and a silver necklace. He tries to begin speaking to DK, though as soon as he attempts DK shuts him up real quick.

SHUT UP LEEEEOOON Iím not finished!!! One more finishing touch and then we can begin this photo shoot.

Wilton then pouts his lips and begins to flirt with himself in the mirror as he picks up some eyeliner and finishes up what heís doing. He then looks over to Leon and gets up out of his seat. The two walk on over to the other side of the studio, but are met with very awkward looks from the surrounding superstars.

What was that about? Leon, youíre doing it entirely wrong. I mean I said dress well but become a more sinister and darker person. Not look like some satanic priest. I mean look at you, the jacket does not match the pants. Hell you look like a teenage Ronald Mcdonald going through that "Emo" stage.

Ugh, well. I thought.

No itís not about what you think. Itís about what looks good in the eyes of the viewers. Canít you see I pioneered good looks? It is I who innovated what the hipsters call ďSwagĒ. Definition of ďSwagĒ is I.

Both men reach the area where photos are being taken, DK stands back as we see Leon get his photos done. While he is doing some poses we hear Wilton shouting at him giving him directions on what to do. As soon as the pictures are finished up DK then moves over to his set. It features a gothic looking chair with an all black background. He approaches the setting and takes his seat.

Leon, now this is how itís done.

The camera reveals Wiltonís face entirely as the unnoticed half of his face is pure white with DK on his cheek in black lettering. The cameraís now fade out as we see DK smile as if he was king of the world.
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Old 11-15-2010, 06:55 PM
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Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...

The scene fades in to a rooftop overlooking the city. It pans around showing a lack of people in the streets, and the crescent moon hanging over head. It swings around to reveal Ty and Serafina looking out at the city. Ty has the WZCW World Title draped over his shoulder. Serafina looks up inquisitively at Ty before speaking.

Serafina: Master, are you worried about your match with Gordito at All or Nothing?

Ty looks down at Serafina and a smirk forms across his face. He runs a hand down her cheek before looking back out at the city.

Ty: Not at all my dear Serafina, in fact I am more than confident that I will dispose of Gordito and we will move on to the next task.

Serafina: Master, he beat John Constantine, Chris Beckford, and Phoenix, you must think he is a formidable opponent.

Ty: And yet he has no business having the opportunity to defeat such opponents. What happened to him in the first round Serafina? He lost to Big Dave. And had it not been for Myles' vendetta against Big Dave, we would not be having this conversation about Gordito right now would we?

Serafina: Well...no.....but look what he's done with that second chance.

Ty: It does not matter! You want me to consider his opponents he defeated, John Constantine, a constant loud mouth who has more bark than bite, Chris Beckford, a perennial second place in anything he does, and Phoenix, who honestly I'm a bit shocked did not bring his top game against Gordito. While I respect some of those men, they are not the caliber that I defeated to win this title, the exception being that foolish Doctor Kurtesy. I ended a career of one of the most lethal men to ever enter the WZCW.

Serafina: But Ty...

Ty: You don't understand my dear, I made Vengeance tap out at Unscripted, a feat never done before in his entire career. I made Vengeance submit to my will, what chance does Gordito have to fight against such an imposing force? Now Serafina, it is time to prepare for our departure, run along and I will be along soon.

Serafina looks up at Ty with a disappointed look before turning and walking away quickly. Ty looks back at her for a moment before turning and stepping towards the ledge. He places one hand in the pocket of his leather coat and looks down at the ground below. The wind begins picking up and clouds move intot he area, crisscrossing in front of the crescent moon.

Ty: Fighting and scraping from the bottom to the top, I have taking my rightful passage to becoming WZCW World Champion. I did not have a simple tournament to win to simply reach this point. This is the difference between us Gordito, I am battle tested, I have lived through wars with the likes of Showtime and Vengeance, while you stuck around and waited for a second chance to be handed to you by Myles. You know as well as I do that it was Big Dave who was the better warrior that night, and just like that night, at All or Nothing it will be a repeat performance with the exception that Myles won't be able to save you from defeat. While I applaud your efforts to reach this point Gordito, you will have to take this title from my cold dead hands. It won't get to that point Gordito, I promise you this.

Ty walks along the ledge, his head not raising up for one moment. He stops at the corner and finally raises his head, his teeth gritting as he stares dead into the camera.

Ty: I told you a couple weeks ago Gordito, that if you want to have a chance against me, you must forget everything you are involved in. You must become obsessed with gaining this title. I don't think you have Gordito, you worry about the success of your bar, and ensuring your manager takes care of it properly. And while you ponder such thoughts, I will be there to kick you into oblivion. While you squirm on the ground, your thoughts a scattered mess, perhaps then you will realize just how great a clear mind will be. You are not at the advantage Gordito, you are walking into my hell and you will have to play my game. For you see, I am the puppeteer and you are just like everyone else, a puppet and a pawn fit to go down in history as just another victim to the King of Darkness. I am the WZCW World Champion for a reason Gordito, and I fully intend you introduce you to the realm of pain that has driven countless mad, made even the strongest warriors wilt, and crushed those that show even a moment of weakness.

Ty takes the title off his shoulder and spreads his arms out wide and the wind begins picking up in intensity. Thunder can be heard in the distance, and a number of lighting bolts light up the sky. Ty begins cackling maniacally as his eyes begin glowing red.

Ty: Your dream has become a nightmare Gordito. While I'm sure you sat there and enjoyed the sudden praise you've recieved, let it be known that I have gone under the radar while you made your triumphant march to All or Nothing, and when i am underestimated, I destroy those that think lightly of me. But why is it they sing your praises Gordito? Why do so many hope you become champion? Do they honestly have your best intentions in mind? Do they pat you on the back and say good job for a reason? In the rare chance you do defeat me Gordito, those same people expressing such things will stab you in the back. They do not see you as great, they see you as an easier target to gain the World Title. They fear that which is more powerful than themselves. If you were to ever open that gate by defeating me, you will be trampled upon like a welcome mat. Gordito, you will say you do not fear me, that you are ready for what I bring to the table, but in the deep recesses of your mind, your subconscious will scream out to run, to flee away from such a dangerous predator.

Ty lowers his arms and drapes the title back over his shoulder and he grasps it close to himself. Rain begins falling around him, drenching his hair and his leather coat. A vicious smile forms across his face and his voice deepens. The crack of thunder gets louder as the storm continues moving in.

Ty: At All or Nothing, I will decimate you Gordito, I will shred you apart and stand above you, still WZCW World Champion. You will twitch and wish you had remained in the Mayhem Division, perhaps taking chair shots would be easier than being beaten within an inch of your life. This is nothing personal Gordito, it just has to be done. You are the one trying to take my WZCW World Title from me, and that is simply unacceptable. You must be punished because of this, and I will take a sick joy out of listening to your tendons snap and your bones crush beneath my foot. And while you scream in pain, the Ouija will be pleased with the gift I have given it.

Ty walks along the ledge, the rain now coming down in torrents. His hair is now matted down and dripping from the rain. He continues pacing on the ledge before stopping in the middle, looking dead into the camera once more.

Ty: Some will question my words tonight, many will question my actions at All or Nothing. They will ask why I speak as such when I have the WZCW fans firmly behind me now. If it wasn't clear before, let me tell you know. I am not the hero you want me to be. I am not Titus who will make the world right, I am not Austin Reynolds who plays it up to the fans to entertain them. This is my ultimate goal, to remain WZCW World Champion and to dominate every opponent I have. It will not be flashy, and I will not change merely because the fans have given me the respect that so many in the back have failed to do so. They have shown me gratitude for ending Vengeance, and if they decide I am despicable for breaking you Gordito, so be it. It doesn't matter how I go about it, at the end of the day I will be WZCW World Champion, and your second chance at your dream, will ultimately be the continuation of the nightmare I started over a year ago in WZCW.

Ty steps to the corner of the ledge once more and holds his title up high. He looks up at the title and closes his eyes, the rain still coming down hard.

Ty: I can feel it, the need to hunt and feast upon the weak is still with me. I am not complacent, in fact I am hungry to prove those that have doubted me, and those that still do. I am no replacement for Vengeance, I am an entirely different beast all together. At All or Nothing Gordito, it is time for you to feel the wrath of a champion forgotten, and to end this talk of when my title reign will end once and for all, and I will be the catalyst to the dark reign over WZCW, and the King of Darkness will pull the strings and watch you all dance to my whim.

Ty stares down into the camera when suddenly all electricity in the area goes out, and the rooftop goes completely dark. A few seconds later the city lights up once more and Ty is nowhere to be seen.

Ty: Thus the Ouija has written, so it shall come to pass.

The feed cuts out.
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Old 12-16-2010, 01:53 PM
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There is white noise. The camera starts to flicker on as if the person turning it on doesnít know how to work it. It turns on but it is fuzzy and there is static. You briefly see a young blond man sitting on a broken down brown couch before the camera goes off again. The camera flickers on and off again.

Dr. Alhazredís voice can be heard off camera:
Dr. Alhazred: Youíre the camera man, turn this damn thing on!

Shuffling can be heard.

The camera finally turns on without trouble. We see what looks like a sitting area in a living room. The dirty brown couch is in the center of the screen. The wall behind it is stained yellow and there are holes in it.

Dr. Alhazred: Sit Down!

The young man quickly sits down on the couch. He looks to be in his early twenties. His face is battered and bloody, and his movements show his fear and nervousness. He stares at the camera and clears his throat.

Camera Man: My name is Jason Howard. I am a camera operator for WZCW. I have only been here a short time as I just graduated from film school last spring.

They donít want your life story! Tell them what this is about!

Jason Howard: Sorry, Iím sorry. Several days ago I was asked by WZCW to film a promo with Dr. Alhazred. Many people have speculated that I was then attacked from behind and brought to unknown location. While there it appeared Dr. Alhazred brutally assaulted me without reason, this is not true.

He looks at Dr. Alhazred, he looks as if he doesnít want to say his next words.

Donít look at me! Look at the camera dumb-ass!

Jason quickly looks back at the camera and begins again.

That was not the case. What the video did not show was that it was staged. The night before over the phone, I and the esteemed Dr. Alhazred agreed that we needed to do something to shock the audience and generate hype for Dr. Alhazredís debut.

His words are hollow and sound as if he is reading off a cue card.

So we came up with the idea that he would tie me up and beat me to send a message to his opponents. While his attacks were real and have scarred me, I agreed to it. I believed it would not only make Dr. Alhazred a star, but possibly make me one as well.

He turns his head to the side.


He slowly lifts his head and looks at the camera again.

Good boy. Finish what you were saying.

Therefore I will not press any charges and hope the staff at WZCW will not punish Dr. Alhazred. He is a good man. After the shoot he cleaned my wounds himself and allowed me to sleep at his house for the next couple of nights. The time I have spent here will stay with me forever. I have learned so much about science, engineering and myself.

But I have also learned how dangerous this man can be. To all members of the WZCW locker room, do not take him lightly. I have seen what he and his Power Glove are capable of and itísÖ it is frightening. I would not wish an attack from it on my worst enemy. Dr. Alhazred will not stop for anyone on his path to destiny. When you look at the match card and see his name next yours, be ready for pain you have never experienced in your worst nightmares.

He looks at Dr. Alhazred.

Thatís it right?

Yes, yes marvelous job boy.

Can I go home to my family now?

Oh yes certainly. Do you need a ride?

Jason nods.

Do you wanna play one more game of Super Mario Kart before you go?

Jasonís eyes look at the camera. He pauses for a moment.

I guess He shrugs.

Oh goody Iíll set it up donít move!

Dr. Alhazredís voice can be heard in the distance


Jason slowly walks up to the camera. Up close the bruises and scars on his face are shown to me more gruesome than previously thought. Fear is flowing out of his eyes.

The camera turns off.
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Old 01-18-2011, 12:48 PM
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Default Derp da doo. Ily.

Weíre brought to the moment which DK was eliminated from the Lethal Lottery by Everest.

DK came flying over the top rope after being launched to the outside by Everest. He stumbled back up to his feet and made his way over to the ramp way. While making his way up the ramp he was met only with the crowd viciously taunting him. He glanced on over to a group of Gordito fans and proceeded in giving them disgustful looks while mumbling to himself. After the altercation DK looked on in front of him and motioned his head down in of a moment of dishonor. He started to think to himself on his way to the back.

"After all the progress, everything Iíve achieved has been finally laid to rest. Regardless if Iím some big figure in the world of music, it seems as if here I am just a joke. But wait, all of this has got to be for a reason right? I mean, arenít I already one of the most decorated men in this company? Well I already know the answer to that one being the rock star that I am, but the world around me isnít seeing it yet."

As DK cut the corner he was brought into the back stage area. He raised his head up slightly and stiffened his posture up straight. While journeying backstage, his mood changed as he began to think more positive thoughts of what just recently happened.

"Everest made me the person to be eliminated first this year. Although I must have stayed true to my words? I mean I said that I would go in there and make an impact, and I did just that. I went out with a bang. I mean hitting the floor was mainly the bang but I did get right back up didnít I? Surely that was some progress? Nobody has ever gone out with that much style!"

DK stumbled towards his locker room door as he was passed by Michael Winters the man who was up next in the Lethal Lottery. As he continued on to his private locker room he was approached by ďThe Dirty OneĒ Gordito. From behind Gordito walked up to him with an uncanny swagger, a more laid back strut to be exact. He placed a hand of his on DKís shoulder which made him jump up and let out a yell.

DK: JESUS CHRIST! Who in the hell are yó

Mid sentence DK turned to see Gordito laugh hysterically at him. DK looked on directly into the eyes of The Dirty One with a blank stare, holding onto his chest. But at the same time wondered why a man who was loved so much by the crowd would even hesitate to talk to him.

DK: Oh great itís you.

Wilton shook his head in agony as he began to converse with the man whoís fans had just previously disrespected him.

DK: Your fans are just a lively bunch arenít they? First them and now you almost giving me a heart attack. Man are you trying to end my career?

The Dirty One: Calm down dude. No need to jump to conclusions or anything. I just wanted to tell you that you did a solid job tonight in regards to the lottery. Itís not something that you should be so disappointed about. You were up against men whoíve been in it before. And youíve only been wrestling in WZCW for how long?

DK: Thanks for the consideration. You know Gordito you looked pretty good in your match tonight as well. Itís a shame you were pretty much forced to tap out by Ty Burna. You know I couldíve always been one solid outing away from becoming the number one contender for that world championship.

The Dirty One proceeded in placing his hands onto his hips as he looked to DK. They both began to exchange a bit of laughter. Gordito beginning to realise that there is a more easy going side to DK. After the brief pause in the conversation, they continued to talk.

The Dirty One: Hey DK, you know you're not actually as bad as they say you are. But anyways I thought that maybe I could give you some advice with the whole wrestling thing. You know kinda help you out?

DK: And what advice could I possibly need Mr. Oh So Dirty One?

The Dirty One: More than you could ever know dude.

Wilton took a deep breath and swallowed his pride for once. He nodded his head and implied that The Dirty One could begin to talk.

The Dirty One: Well, first off youíre taking everything you do too seriously. Look man Iíve seen all the little interviews you've been doing and youíre too damn headstrong for your own good. See most people think that because they've got problems with the same competitors that they're automatically respected and all is good. But thatís wrong. And to be honest man, Iíve heard the word around the locker rooms and quite frankly nobodyís too keen on you.

DK then avoids eye contact with Gordito as he hears these words and somewhat begins to understand as to what heís saying. He stroked his mouth over his hand and continued to listen to what is being said.

The Dirty One: All Iím trying to say DK is that youíre going down the wrong path, stop trying to please everybody around you and just start doing you man? Itís only going to make you happier in the end and probably rack up way more wins.

DK: You know what Gordito, maybe youíre right? Although maybe youíre wrong. All I know is that regardless of what I may do, Iím staying true to myself?

The Dirty One: Or youíre just staying true to what you think is yourself. Man, behind the rock star I see someone with good potential that just may be able to shine through. You just need to stop going around like you own the place first off. I think this ego you carry is even too big for yourself and it probably ends up costing you all these matches.

DK: Hey thanks for the advice, you really would make a great champi--

Wilton had looked over behind Gordito's back and saw his Entourage coming towards both of them. As soon as The Entourage arrived on the scene, a large personality shift came from DK. Being laid back at one moment now switching to his more obnoxious side as his peers had arrived.

DK: Ahh yes! Gordito, this is The Entourage. Learn to love them because they have my back no matter what. And if you dare to wrong me in any way, they will be sure to make quick work of you in an extraordinary way, including myself.

DK wore a large grin on his face. He then proceeded to head into his locker room while Gordito stood there with a very confused look on his face, shaking his head in disappointment.

The Dirty One: This kid has a lot to learn.

The screen fades to the concerned look on Gorditoís face
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Old 01-18-2011, 01:54 PM
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The following conversation takes place at Meltdown 50, moments after Austin Reynolds was targeted by a black limo. We see The Ratings Winner, standing in the car park, cuddling his shocked fiancťe Hayley and talking with his agent Dominic. While Austin is healthy, they are leaning against the wreckage of a couple of black cars that the limo did crash into.

The conversation between the two best friends is terse and as harsh as the reality that has just crashed into them.

ďYou do realise that you have just escaped with your life donít you?!Ē

ďOf course I do!Ē

ďSo what are you going to do about it?Ē

ďI donít know!Ē

ďI donít know what Iíd do if I lost you!Ē

ďIím not going anywhere sweet.Ē

ďLook Austin, whatís the next step? Someone has just tried to run you over! That could have been the end for you, career over. No more fans, no more money.Ē

ďIíve got away with it so far.Ē

ďAnd how long will that last? Youíre good but can you really see yourself outlasting them two on one, three on one given that Batemanís running the show. If they want you out of the picture then thatís it. You want to win the Lethal Lottery and thatís great but you have to get there in one piece first.Ē

ďIíll deal with Constantine and the number twenty match.Ē

ďItís more than that mate. Look.Ē He moves closer to him and speaks in a caring, softer tone. ďYou need a friend, an ally, someone to help you out while you are out there. It doesnít matter whether it is a seven foot tall bodyguard or just someone to be another pair of eyes, but you do need someone.Ē


ďTrust me, Iíll make some calls.Ē


Following his loss to Hunter Kravinoff on Ascension 25, Austin is walking backstage with an ice pack on his throat. Hayley follows with one on the back of his neck. Austin is visibly pissed off.

ďDonít give that crap Dom. I lost that match because Kravinoff is good, that had nothing to do with them.Ē

ďDude you lost your focus. You expected them to come after you at any moment. You didnít have your eye on him, you were worried about them!Ē

In a instant, Hayley and Dominic are shoved aside and a chair crashes down on his back. Austin is floored; dazed and barely aware of how vulnerable he is. Cougar emerges and stands tall over him; he picks him up and locks his arms behind his back. John Constantine stares him in the face, overcome with evil.

He doesnít remember much after that.


Of course, itís now all too clear what has happened. The effect that it has had on Austin was profound. It is now all too clear to see the grander picture.

The Showtime Power Trip took the Elite X title from him.

They put Austinís best friend in the hospital with a serious head injury.

They eliminated him from the Lethal Lottery through nefarious means.

Austin Reynolds needed help. The Showtime Power Trip had outnumbered him to detrimental effect on at least three occasions and, he had suffered because of their indirect actions on countless more occasions. All in a matter of weeks. So the time had come that Austin Reynolds had to admit that he needed assistance.

Despite the beatings and the defeats, Austinís pride meant it that was difficult to admit. Where the hell do I begin? Can I trust anyone on the roster?

And with all these thoughts running through his head, he couldnít forget Dominic. Beyond all the professional implications and complications of having to work, he was at his desk, in his office, on the penthouse floor of the building that they owned together in Chicago.

Austin picked up his Blackberry, put it onto charge and then turned it on. Dom lived by this thing so there bound to be a crapload of messages and things that he would have missed. Once the beeps and vibrations had subsided and Austin had sifted through the wave of messages, one stuck in his mind.

In an email titled Re: Security? were two very distinct images. His mind rushed with the possibilities and questions of what Dominic had planned for him. Austin was filled with a very clear desire to follow it up and left with his Blackberry.
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Old 02-08-2011, 10:50 PM
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The House show has came to a conclusion and WZCW superstars are signing autographs after the show for ten dollars an autograph and that includes a free picture. The tables are set up down by the ring. Many of the WZCW superstars have their own table including, Constantine, Ferbian, DK Wilton, Action Saxton, Chris Beckford, Armando Paradyse, and Malcom O’ Neil. There are long lines at each table, except for Malcom O’ Neil’s. Of course new comer, Armando Paradyse has all the ladies at his table. O’ Neil signals for a teenage boy to come over to his table. The boy is probably thirteen or fourteen years old.

The Boy - What do you want?

O’ Neil- How come you are in the back of a long line waiting for Ferbian’s autograph, when one day I will be a bigger star than Ferbian and no one is in my line?

The Boy - You be as big as Ferbian? What a joke.

The boy laughs.

O’ Neil - I don’t think it’s funny kid!!! Tonight, I might have lost to Armando Paradyse but that is because I underestimated him. I thought, I would go out there and win in a quick squash match. However, I was wrong and next time I will take him a bit more serious. Now, it’s only ten dollars, why don’t you take an autograph.

The Boy - Because you are a loser. Do you want me to sound it out for you?

O’ Neil - I see your parents did a great job in raising you, Malcom O’ Neil says in a sarcastic tone.

The boy ignores him and walks back to Ferbian’s line.

An hour has passed and not a single person has asked him for his autograph. O’ Neil is getting very frustrated. He jumps up from his seat at the table and throws his chair down. O’ Neil is walking up to the ring and grabs a microphone. He then proceeds to slide into the ring.

Malcom O’ Neil - It has been an hour people. A fricken hour, how come not a single person has asked Malcom O’ Neil for his autograph? Eh? I know why… It’s because I am black. Yes indeed. You stuck up, racist, idiots would be ashamed to have an African American’s autograph.

A fan yelling from in line at one of the tables - No, it’s because you suck!

Malcom O’ Neil - Shut Up! You better never disrespect me like that again.

Everyone in line is giving O’ Neil heat.

O’ Neil - Of Course, you are all going to boo me. Is there even a single black man, woman, or even child here tonight? I don’t see any. Security probably wouldn’t let them come into the arena because of there race. I guarantee it. I might of lost my match tonight but that is just a motivation. A motivation, to get better and to prove all of you stereotypical haters out there, wrong. Now, someone is going to get my autograph. I don’t care who it is. Do you people not realize, tonight I went out and put my body on the line for you guys and didn’t even get paid. I didn’t get paid because I lost, which means I didn’t get a contract. I still have two more chances to make it into WZCW but that doesn’t matter because I will for sure make it to the main roster. I am the future of this company and you people are ashamed of me. Since I didn’t get paid tonight, that means I won’t have any money to eat on when I leave this dump. I will be starving and you selfish jerks don’t even care. If I would have given out at least one autograph then I would have had enough money for one meal. At least I wouldn’t be hungry. But none of you care if I’m hungry because you just care about yourself. Now someone is going to give me ten dollars for an autograph whether they like it or not. Come on people. I am not leaving this ring until someone pays me and lets me write my signature on one of there belongings. I will stay here all night. Still no one? Fine, I will lay down in this ring and take a nap. Wake me up when your ready for my autograph.

He lays down but the ring crew is coming out to take down the ring and are demanding him to get out. O’ Neil is refusing and a woman, in her younger twenties walks over and says she will take an autograph just so he will shut up and leave everyone alone. O’ Neil rolls out of the ring and she hands him the ten dollars. He yanks the ten dollar bill out of her hand in an un-polite manor. She gives him a WZCW logo picture and a sharpie. O’ Neil signs his name and she reaches her hand out to take it. Instead of giving it to her, he rips it up and throws it in her face. He grabs the mic.

O’ Neil - I got my ten dollars and that’s all I wanted. Now, I am leaving this dump and going to try and find a half way decent, restaurant in this Hellacious town. I don’t want any of you members of the Nerd Herd, bothering me as I leave either.

O’ Neil walks out of the building not feeling a bit of guilt as the fans look on in disgust.

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The Encore is looking to come up from OCW...The Encore is looking to come up from OCW...The Encore is looking to come up from OCW...

Weíre brought to the scenery of a rough looking street corner. The pitch black sky and heavy rain blended and created an eerie atmosphere. A small current of wind picked up and blew old newspapers across the empty streets. Light posts flickered with precision while bright neon signs gave off hypnotizing reflections in the various puddles that filled the streets. A man wearing a dark grey muscle shirt and a pair of tattered jeans came across the screen. On his arm there laid very familiar tattoos, which let speculation begin on if this in fact was DK Wilton. The camera angle changed and revealed the man as he walked into an alleyway with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth, his face had still not been revealed to the viewers. The figure spat his cigarette out of his mouth, tilted his head back and took a large swig from his bottle of alcohol and smashed it against a brick wall that stood near him. The camera angle had changed once again, and finally revealed the trademark aviators. It was in fact DK himself. He began to speak soon after.

DK: Life used to be fun and games. Keyword, it USED to be

DK backed up against the wall and began to speak his mind.

DK: My financial status was crumbling due to my expensive lifestyle. I had to resort to taking a couple of risks backstage with some of the other wrestlers. You know, we would bet on who would win their matches and who was most likely to get their asses handed to them that night. It paid quite well to be honest.

Cameraís panned around DK and showed the large grin upon his face. He looked up at the night sky and started to speak once again.

DK: Management gave me a hard time. They suspended me and disrupted my path to Kingdom Come, but I wonít let them stop this freight train. Iím coming back with my head on shoulders and you better believe that. I donít care who you are or what you align yourself with. I will make a statement when I return.

The screen had suddenly changed to a black and white camera lens. DK took off his aviators, put them on the collar of his shirt and gave off a more critical look upon his face. It was like someone had taken a number two in his cereal that morning.

DK: Iíve got to do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to put food on my familyís table. Any other honest man would go about the exact same route.

DK reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlborough smokes. He took a single one out with pious care as if it was his last and put it in his mouth. He put his hand into his other pocket and pulled out his lighter and lit his cancer stick up. DK inhaled a large amount of smoke and did a couple of tricks before he spoke again.

DK: The Mayhem title has yet to have a solidified match for Kingdom Come so Iím guessing due to my ďimpressiveĒ record that it would be my only chance of getting on the card. Although In my eyes a championship is a championship none the less. They have prestige. They have honour, and most importantly god do they ever look good.

DK took another inhale from his cigarette and put the pack back into his jean pocket. He scratched his head and made lip bubbles as he continued to speak.

DK: Over the last couple of weeks Chris Jones defended his strap against plenty of competitors. Heís been up against a business man, a makeup wearing lunatic, an Australian rapper and of course the ďLaw Abiding CitizenĒ himself Sam Smith. Those guy's have never been in high profile matches against men like Hunter Kravinoff, Constantine, Austin Reynolds, and Blade just to name a few. Theyíve never really been exposed to the real talent in this company, only swimming around in their own cesspool of mediocrity. Since day one Iíve been competing against men who are the headliners, the former champions, the men who very well dominate this company.

The camera angle changed around once again.

DK: This upcoming Meltdown Jones will be facing off against Bowen and Cooper for the second time in recent weeks. Now to be honest I donít care who wins that little gong show, but whoever does has one eventful trip to Kingdom Come headed their way as a little congratulations present. Donít expect the unexpected cause this is for all of you to hear. Mark my words, when I return I will ROCK the Mayhem divisions world!

The screen faded to black as the words "Coming Soon" appeared in white lettering.
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Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...Showtime is going to make some noise in the draft...
Default A day in the life of Showtime

Scene opens on the set of a commercial. Showtime David Cougar is promoting a new fragrance spray that is named after him. He is shown going through take after take, trying new lines everytime. The director feels they are close to having the perfect take, but feels there is something missing in each one.

Cougar: Unleash the Star in You...

Smell like a Showman. Perform like one too...

Shine like a star. Smell like a million bucks...

Stay on top of your odor. And you’ll stay on top of her too...

Director: Cut!

Showtime, baby, the lines are good, but I’m just not feeling the emotion from you. Perhaps you need a break, everyone take 5. Man I cant believe this is taking so long...

The director storms off to review the takes as Showtime paces around the set. A well dressed older gentlemen approaches Showtime.

What seems to be the problem there David. I was expecting this would only be a few takes. I hope our director isn’t being too hard on ya my boy.

I’m really sorry Mr. Ashworth.

Mr: Ashworth: Please... call me Clarence.

The directors not really the problem, Clarence. And I’m a huge fan of your products and I’m truely honoured you chose to name your new scent after me. I just haven’t really been myself in the past while. Since that fire that destoryed the set of my show, The Show, I’ve been having a hard time being in front of the camera often. I feel like... I know there is somebody out there waiting to try and finish me off and that the whole world is just watching waiting for it to happen.

Well Showtime... I hate to burst your bubble there but the whole world is watching.

I knew it... and they must be in on it as well.

Well... now, now that first part you said.. the whole gibble gabble about everyone out to get you, that’s all nonsence Showtime. Are you drunk or something? The whole worlds not in on one mad man’s scheme to try and ruin you and he most certainly won’t succeed because the man, who ever he is, is a looney.


And the people, they are always watching you, because you are Showtime David Cougar. The biggest star ever in WZCW. Titus? Him and his 3 Oscars got nothing on you. He had his Kingdom Come last year and it fizzled out faster than 30 minutes of watching Charlie Sheen. This is your Kingdom Come now. You’re in the main event and about to be the biggest comodity in wrestling history.

Now you’re speaking my language. It’s a god given fact the Kingdom Come III will be the biggest event ever and the Star of WZCW will be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

And that’s why I chose to model my new scent after you Showtime. You flow with charisma. Men want to be you... and women want you to be in them. Eh? You are the perfect speciman and that is why eveyone watches you.

Showtime puffs his chest out filled with pride. He pulls out a pair of cool looking shades and puts them on.

So you want something like cool as steel Showtime. Ok here we go. Mhmm.

It’s not easy being the biggest star in wrestling today
The bright lights, the inferior competition
Cut? No, you need to get me a Milenko who can wrestle
The girls, the money, the cars
Man... who am I gonna pay next to carry my baggage?
uh...... Agony? Cooper? DK Wilton?

But now you can have all the plus without any of the work
With new Showtime Frangrance for Men
Shine like a star. Smell like a million bucks too
Do you have any idea how many girls you can buy with that kinda money
Showtime Fragrance for Men and coming soon Showtime Lubricant for Women
Stay on top of your odor. And you’ll stay on top of her too...

Clapping can be heard coming from the directors chair.

Not bad Showtime. I actually really like that bit you practiced there. Let’s get it in front of the cameras for a take. When you’re ready Showtime baby.

Showtime nods towards Clarence’s direction and then faces the camera, hude confident smile on his face.


Scene reopens later that day. Showtime is seated alone at a cafateria table eating, having arrived late due to a mob of fans as he was leaving the commercial set and erratic behaviour from his limo driver. Showtime is texting Serafina to see when she’ll be arriving when a short man slides onto the seat across the table from Showtime, interrupting him in the process. He has short black hair and a tacky brown suit. He has his arms out with a big smile, staring at Showtime as if Showtime knew exactly who he was.

Who the fuck are you?

The smile lessens but remains on the mans face as he extends his hand.

Andrew Donaldson: Andrew Donaldson. Marketing specialist. We talked on the phone a week ago about sponserships and how to better promote you.

Showtime shakes his hand cautiously while still giving him a skeptical look. Showtime is trying vaguely to remember their conversation.

Anywho... since you’re for once lost for words I’ll show you some of the killer ideas I had that I know you’re totally gonna have a blast over.

Showtime nods his head, unsure if even Andrew knows what he’s said.

Okay first... skin is really popular... especially in South America and all them Latin countries. So I was thinking we could put you on a 50 foot buildboard in Brazil with nothing but a speedo on. I think you’ll agree... with your North American appeal... these will easily transition well into the US market.

Andrew looks up at Showtime who remains unimpressed.

Okay... forget that one... it’s crap... this next idea I got way better. Everyone’s into this whole viral crap. Codes, blogs, videos. Heck nobody watches TV no more. I watch Seinfeld through the video camera on my phone when watching TV.

Showtime nods his head, far less ready to hear what Andrew has next than before.

So what we’ll do is run some viral ads that’ll promote your own web based show. We’ll run countless short videos and little messages. Ride the same kinda media exposure Charlie Sheen is flying high on and over expose the crap out of you. We'l' put your name in the god damn dictionary as a synonium for awesomeness.....


Or maybe.

Look just stop... maybe these ideas are actually good. I don’t know, I’m really not in the mood for them. You are wasting my time. I don’t know you. How can I even trust you?

Andrew taps his fingers on the table. He leans a little closer and talks a little lower.

Listen... would I be able to borrow $10000 or something like that.

And what in the “holy shit your stupid” hell do you need that for, and why would you think I would just lend it to you?

I... uh... have a serious gambling problem..... but I’m do... I got a plan.

Showtime smiles and laughs for the first time.

Well, you’re right. You are honest. So the answer is no.

A stage hand runs up to Showtime with an important message.

Stagehand: Mr. Cougar. Terrible events have struck Japan. An earthquake caused a massive tsunami. Many people survived, but there has been a considerable amount of buildings destroyed, including your dojo in Japan you helped finance.

Yes that is terrible news. Let us go talk in private. Andrew, it’s so far been a terrible experience meeting you. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

Showtime and the stagehand get up and walk away from the table.

Mr. Cougar, who was that you were just talking to.

Never mind him, his name is Andrew Donaldson or something. I think he’s crazy, make sure you take down his information. I want him reported. Now as for the people in Japan, I want to act quickly on this and show everyone that I do care about others. I want to donate $1,000,000 to help aid Japan. And then I want you to post a challenge to all the wrestlers of WZCW to match that figure.

But Mr. Cougar, more than half the roster makes way less than $1,000,000 a year.

Exactly, no one will be able to match it, hence I’ll come out looking like that donation. And enough of this Mr. Cougar crap, it’s Showtime... now what did you say your name was.

Chris Martin.

From Coldplay?

........... huhhh yes.

Hmmm... how long have you been with WZCW Chris?

About 10 months.

I’ll have to confirm this with Bateman. See to it Mr. Donaldson is excorted off the premise.

Showtime turns around and walks away as Chris turns back to what is now an empty table, one single paper left behind.

Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem.


Scene reopens an hour later. Showtime is finishing an interview with Leon Kensworth.

And that is why I will undoubtable be victorious next week on Meltdown just as I will be victorious at Kingdom Come.

Kensworth: Well Showtime... while you may have just worn me down with your endless barrage of words, catchphrases, and trademark ... uh... “Showisms” I can undoubtly say that you are correct with everything you just said.

Yes I have a way of talking myself into victory. Gets the job done.

Well... you are a sucess here in WZCW... no matter what the skeptics say.

Hey look, there goes Stacey Madison. She’s been so depressed of late she might actually go after me... I mean... I have to get an interview tape from her.

Go on Leon. I’ve ridden that bike before, you deserve to ring her bell once too.

Leon looks as excited as a kid as he races up to catch Stacey. A black suited figure taps the shoulder of Showtime from behind. It is Showtimes old friend from California, Dwight Chamberlin. The two hug, having not seen each other in almost a decade when Dwight was an executive at the last movie studio Showtime’s dad worked for. Dwight took Showtime out often and really helped shape his personality before he started training to be a professional wrestler.

Chamblerin: Showtime David Cougar. Wow. I can’t believe how many years it’s been. You’ve changed a lot. Bulked up mostly you little California twig.

You haven’t changed at all it seems D-Right.

Ah grey hairs and wrinkles are somewhere underneath all this plastic and dye. I knew you were in the state of Califonia here tonight and I wanted to come down and congradulate you on your victory at Lethal Lottery. I remember you telling me your dreams of competing on the grandest stage of them all for the biggest prize in wrestling and brother you are there. Nobody is going to stop you tonight or any night.

Well thank you for the bode of confidence and the congradulations. It really means a lot to know there are real people out there who really believe in me and aren’t simply trying to screw me over.

Anytime brother.

Yes, well I gotta go meet my new lady Serafina in the parking lot. Smoking hot honey... I stole her from Ty... mostly to piss... him... off... but I’ll be in the city for a few more days. I’ll give you a call and we’ll catch up.

Sounds like a plan man. Hey good luck tonight... just try to use it in the ring and not in the sac for a change.

Ha, luck, I’ve been lucky since I was 12. Don’t need luck to score a pinfall in a match or score with the ladies.

Showtime and Dwight shake hands and then turn and walk in opposite directions. Showtime is in an upbeat mood for a change. Showtime walks no more than 10 steps when Leon approaches, sporting a few kisses on his face and a nasty red slap mark across his face.

Showtime are you feeling okay?

Never better Leon. Although it looks like you could be doing better. God I don’t even want to know what happened with you.

Showtime answers his blackberry shouting Serababy into the phone as Leon stands there holding his face as the camera fades.

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The Camera cuts in backstage inside the office of Chuck Myles. Myles is on the phone talking to an unknown person....

Yes! I'm Excited for Kingdom Come III as well.
Which match will steal the show? Well, I can't pick just one. There are so many gret matches that will take place that night. I mean Everest vs Titus! And don't forget about Ty Burna defending the WZCW World Title against "Showtime" David Cougar and who could forget....

Armando Paradyse burst into the GM's office

I want a match with the Mayhem Champion on Meltdown the week after Kingdom Come!

Let me call you back
Hangs up the phone

Armando, have a seat. You lost the battle royal on Acsension last week. Why do you deserve a title match against either Bowen or Cooper over others like Action Saxton or The Agony?

Well, a few weeks ago. I took the EurAsian Champion Chris Beckford to the limit. I don't like it but I do have a victory over the champ. Plus, I didn't say I wanted a Mayhem Title match; Just a match with the champion.

You did beat beckford. I'll think about it Armando.

Gracias, senor.

Anything else I can do for you Mr. Paradyse?

Si. If you do let me face the champion in a title match and I beat him, I want a title shot at Redemption.

You're asking for alot Armando!

I know Senor, But I can beat anyone on the roster one-on-one. All I am asking for is a chance, Senor. A chance to make a name for myself here in the greatest wrestling business today: WZCW!!!

Armando, I'll think about it and talk to Bateman. But if you don't mind, I have alot of last minute touches to do on Kingdom Come.

Woman-Excuse me. I'm looking for Armando Paradyse. Can you tell me where he is?

I'm Armando Paradyse Senorita. What can I do to you later--I mean--What can I do for you?

I have a letter for you.

A love letter for me eh? Wonder who it's from. A fan? A lover? My high school principal again?

He reads

Dear Armando Paradyse,
You did not show up for you're last session on 02/12/2011. You're charges are: Sexual Misconduct of Mrs. Kelly Sharpee. You're new session will be on 06/04/2011.


The Honorable Judge MehPleze

What does this mean?

You have been served.
Walks off

How do they walk like that? I'm glad they do. Wait!? Court!? Chuck Myles won't give me a shot now at the Mayhem Championship!

Thanks to Dave for the Sig!

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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

This was the RP I was working on for Kingdom Come. Some thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated if anyone can spare the time or effort.

Thud! The white cotton pillow slams across the face of the youngster, who had the audacity to fall asleep before his younger sister. Taking to a violent side that has clearly been passed down in the family lineage, she hits him again as he stirs into an awakened state. Realising that a third impact is on it's way as she raises the pillow over her head once more, he rolls out of the way and right out of the bed, making a bigger impact on the cold wooden floor.

Boy: Ouch!

The girl, meanwhile, gives up her attempts to land another hearty blow to her brother's face and instead decided to laugh at his plight. Giggling uncontrollably, she looks down at her brother through tear-soaked eyes as he rubs his forehead. Although hurt, he sees the humour in the situation and begins to giggle also, perhaps more as a defence mechanism than anything else. Suddenly, there comes a chap at the door and the laughing stops. The chapping is quiet but loud enough to resonate around the now quiet room.

Girl: Who is it?

There is silence for a moment and then the rough tone of an elderly man comes through the wooden blockade.

Man: It's Grampa...

The girl allows a smile to appear on her face before she throws the pillow at her brother, who catches it gratefully before it can cause any more damage to his features. Running over to the door at the other side of the room, the girl pulls on the handle and reveals an old man who bears a striking resemblance to John Constantine.

Girl: Have you come to tell us a story, Grampa?

JC: I'm afraid not, kids. Your Grandma heard a noise and told me to go see what in the dickens was going on up here.

The girl's smile disappears and is replaced by a look of youthful innocence. Constantine immediately knows what has happened but it is not in his nature to punish. He is a better man these days and rather than punish his granddaughter, he instead picks her up and sets her on her bed.

JC: Well, I guess there is nothing to see here, huh?

Girl: Can you tell us a story, Grampa?

Constantine sits on the edge of the bed and gives a look of deep contemplation to both of his grandchildren before letting out a hearty sigh. He pulls back the sheets of the girl's bed and beckons her to get under the covers. Sensing that one the stories that have shaped her childhood is coming, she clambers under and allows her trademarked smile to appear on her face again. Her brother, now recovered from his earlier trauma, is sitting on his bed too. Looking on at Constantine, the anticipation on his face is noticeable.

JC: Well, I guess I have a little bit of time... But you can't tell your Grandma. Agreed?

Both the girl and boy give a frantic nod as they try to urge their elder to go ahead with one of his trademarked stories. Constantine allows a sigh to be released from his lungs as a smile makes it's way onto his features.

JC: Hmm... Where did I leave off last time?

There is a brief silence as Constantine searches his mind for the memories that are now forthcoming.

JC: Ah, that's right, we were talking about nasty Ty Burna and his menace!

Constantine leans over and pulls the sheets over his grandson's torso and tucks him in tightly.

JC: We all know that the forces of good and evil met in the ring after a long time of the evil being sly. You see, in the absence of darkness, light will conquer everything and I am guess that deep down Ty Burna knew that. He knew that his darkness and shame could not hide from the glorious spotlight of the righteous. I suppose there is a lesson there... Stay on the path of the glorious truth and you will never fall into the darkness.

But as we know, Ty Burna had long since fallen off of the trodden path. In fact, he was shrouded in mystery and prevailing darkness. He would carry around a Ouija board that he pronounced would give him special powers. I must admit that I feel there was some truth to it. Not to brag but your old Pop was a great wrestler in his day. Too many times Ty Burna got the better of me and I still hold firm to the belief that it was because of that damned scroll...

Still, as the forces of good evil met in the middle of the ring, plans were afoot to take away the message from my lips. The message that would set the people free was set to be eradicated from the history of the world by two men who would conspire to take me down.

Constantine looks around at the children who are on tenterhooks listening to his words. There is a glint in their eyes that beckons Constantine to continue, which he does.

JC: Austin Reynolds, you see, had been a thorn in the paw of the Power Trip for the better part of a year. Austin Reynolds used to believe that he was why people wanted to see us wrestle. He used to think that he was the good guy but when he was forging alliances with people like Ty Burna, a man who would use fire and the Devil's forces to ensure that he stayed on top of the mountain, I guess people started to see through his rouse.

And so, for almost a year of my life, I dedicated all of my endeavours and efforts to stopping Austin Reynolds from fooling the people that would come to the shows. He would tell them that I was a bad influence. He would tell them that I was a false prophet and perhaps the saddest thing of, they all believed him. For almost a year, I stood across the ring from a man who not only lied, was praised for the verbal sewage that ran from his mouth. He would electrify audiences with his words, the same feat that I was trying to accomplish. As soon as I made my dťbut in WZCW, I could see that he was going to be the one who would stand against me and my message.

And so... We battled!

Constantine's voice echoes around the tiny room as the last word leaves his lips. Standing up from the edge of the bed, he pretends to lock in a hold on an imaginary wrestler before shuffling around and putting in another one. The old man quietly yells at his opponent and shrieks with delight as he plays out the battles of his youth. On the beds, the children sit up, alive with enthusiasm and delight as they bear witness to a show put on by the Power Trip.

JC: People thought that Austin Reynolds was battling against the great oppressor, you see. They would cheer for him as he drove steel into my flesh. At the Lethal Lottery, a match that we should have had was interrupted by Reynolds getting himself disqualified. Over and over he beat me with the weapon. As he pummelled me in the arena, I remember looking around at the fans that were flanking the ring. I remember hoping to see some modicum of pity. Perhaps it was too much to ask of them to show some compassion for a man who was trying to better them? Nevertheless, there faces were fiery with rage. Instead of pity and compassion, they sneered with maniacal violence in their eyes. I knew right then that people were beyond saving.

Constantine takes a breath after his monologue and then sits back down on the edge of the bed once more. Letting out a sigh, he continues his story.

JC: And people thought that I was finished.

They didn't expect me to make it tot the Lethal Lottery match and wouldn't have given it a second thought if I had never showed up again. By this point, I was something of n outcast. No one realised that I was trying to help them. They didn't realise that a win in the Lethal Lottery match would have propelled me to the main event of Kingdom Come and would have meant I could have reached so many more people around the world. That idea was what gave me the impetus to take my lumps and make the Lethal Lottery match. I had to dust myself down and show people that I was never going to quit. I had to show the people at ringside that John Constantine was never going to back down to the violence of a bully.

But when I entered the ring, there was no change of mind. Again, Austin Reynolds took out his frustrations on me and resorted to mindless violence all over again. If anything, I was hoping that the people would see through his faÁade and subscribe to the opinion that I was trying to help him. However, the fiery vengeance in their eyes was only outdone by the look in his as he again took a weapon to me. I fought bravely against it but when it came down to it, the knowledge that I may never be able to reach the people took the wind out of my sails. I had given up on saving them and my dream was extinguished as I was eliminated form the Lethal Lottery...

Constantine allows his chin to dip down to his chest as his breath slows for a moment.

JC: It was then that I knew that Austin Reynolds had to go down! It was then that I knew, deep within my person, that the menace that Austin Reynolds had posed to me was greater than any other challenge I had every faced. Whether it was in the political arena or the squared circle, I had never faced a challenge that was so resilient or troublesome.

But after the Lethal Lottery, as I sat alone in the locker room, a revelation hit me washed over me. I knew that it is not what we do in this time that we are given that defines who we are, it is the challenges that we face and how we react to them. And as I sat there, sweat dripping from my brow, I made the decision that I would give everything I had to overcome the challenge of Austin Reynolds. It may take the live out of my bones but I would beat Austin Reynolds and Kingdom Come would be the swansong of the Ratings Winner. I made a promise to myself that I would cancel him once and for all and as Kingdom Come approached us, the plan began to take shape.

Thanks to Showtime, I was able to choose the stipulation for the Kingdom Come event and I knew that I would have to pull out all of the stops to make sure that I was the man who would crush Austin Reynolds once and for all...

Girl (Excitedly): And then what happened, Grampa?

Reinstate The Fox!
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