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Old 05-13-2018, 09:47 AM
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Default AS 128 - The Beard/Ace Stevens vs Live Mas

RP deadline is Wednesday May 23 at 11:59pm PST

Extensions available upon request
Old 05-22-2018, 05:03 PM
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The scene opens in a hospital, yet again. We see Mikey Stormrage laying on a bed, his head bandaged following the attack at Ascension. By his side, Matt Tastic sits. His head down, dejected. Reflecting on what happened.

Matt: I'm here again. I didn't think I would. But my carelessness led me here again. All this time, I was being selfish. Now I see what is important. Sadly, what's important is hurt. I let it get hurt. I let Mikey get hurt. I abandoned my friend. I didn't see it. But now I do.

Originally Posted by Ascension 127
Matt: No. No. No. NO!! You're not dodging out of this! F**K those two!! I only care about you!!

Mikey: Oh, I only care about you too, bestest buddy. My darling. But it's kind of clear what we have here. We need to get rid of those two. I propose--

Matt: I propose a Fatal Fourway. If I win, I get an Elite title match. If Keaton wins, he gets an Eurasian title match. If Triple X wins, he gets his World title match. And if you win, since you're so insistent on tag teaming even though there's no more Tag Team title, you can challenge for the title that replaced them. The Mayhem title. Now bite me.

Matt leaves leaving Mikey perplexed. Keaton, Roadie and Triple X then look at each other and seeing Mikey alone. They pounce and attack him.

Connor: Mikey is all alone! Where's Matt!? He has to come back!

Cohen: Matt has abandoned Mikey Stormrage and rather than going with whatever idea he had, decided to make this weird challenge. Now all these ambitious men are looking to take out the poor modest sucker.

Triple X grabs a chair as Keaton and Roadie hold him.

Keaton: I told you! Every time you mess with me, you get hurt!

Triple X swings the chair, hitting Mikey over the head and cutting him open. But before they can react, Matt Tastic comes storming in again with a steel pipe and chases them away. He then clutches a bloody Mikey and tries to help him.

Matt: Mikey, are you OK? Come on, speak to me, man! I'm so sorry I left you behind, Mikey. Mikey!

Matt hugs Mikey tightly as paramedics make their way to help out.
Matt: I wanted a match with you, thinking that's what would help me get back on track. To find myself again and focus. But I didn't see it. How all this time obsessing over this match just made me even less focused. I didn't see what really mattered. What made us friends in the first place. And that's what hurts me the most. I brushed that aside. I might as well have discarded our friendship. But you still had your hand for me. Like you did back then.

......As Matt speaks, dejected, we hear the notes of a guitar to play......

♬ I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind.
I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time.
But I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon.
I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah....... ♬

Originally Posted by Meltdown 101
Copeland: Damn it! Of course, someone would ruin this beautiful speech by Mikey Stormrage! And of course, it's Matt Tastic!

Cohen: To be fair, Mikey was starting to ramble a little...

Matt Tastic walks down the entrance way, taunting the fans. He gives some members of the audience a middle finger, and holds the shape of an L on his forehead, laughing all the way down the aisle while eating on some popcorn. Mikey looks absolutely pissed. Matt grabs a microphone from a ringside worker.

Tastic: Hey hey hey, don't stop by all accounts. Keep on going, dude. I just wanted to come out and watch your silly little soap opera. But you're right, we'd all say the same thing, Mikey. We'd all say we don't give a rats ass that James is gone, and that you need to get the hell over it already, you damn dramam queen.

The crowd boos this, as Matt walks up the steps, and through the ropes.

Tastic: I don't care if James is gone, and none of you really should! James Howard was a nobody, anyway! Just the guy to hold your sweaty, insecure hand. Greatest tag team in WZCW history?! That's a load of bull... As if tag teams mattered. I've had rashes that last longer than most tag teams around here. And when it mattered most? Strikeforce came up with jack squat. Remember getting stripped of the titles right after winning them? Kingdom Come? The Sacrificial Altar, Mikey? Or should I go get DC's bazooka to jog your memory?

Once again, the crowd boos vociferously. Matt mouths off certain obscenities to the fans, that don't bear repeating.

Tastic: The truth is, letting James Howard go means one less loser on the roster to worry about. One less guy who loses when it matters most! And one less guy, to do nothing and become a sorry sack of crap and take my spot!


Mikey connects with a thunderous right hand, right to Matt Tastic's face. He climbs on Matt and starts throwing wild punches, to the delight of the fans. Each raining blow, Matt tries to cover up, but can't. Now it's Mikey screaming obscenities, as Matt tries to roll away. Security tries to pull off Mikey, but can't, as Mikey seems like a man possessed.

Cohen: Someone stop this mad man!

Stormrage is finally pulled away from Matt by four security officers... All who receive blows, for their effort! Mikey hits each one, as they crumble to the mat. Matt Tastic manages to roll out of the ring, though, as Mikey screams in the ring. He starts to throw turnbuckle pads, and pushes anyone in his way, as it is absolute chaos in the ring. WZCW hurriedly cuts to commercial break, with the last sight being Mikey Stormrage's beet red face, screaming.
Matt: We didn't get along at first. I brushed your hand, just like I've been doing the past few weeks. I ignored you selfishly.

♬ I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon.
After all I knew it had to be something to do with you.
I really don’t mind what happens now and then.
As long as you’ll be my friend at the end. ♬

Originally Posted by Ascension 77
Mikey comes out to the stage with a steel chair and microphone in hand. The Eurasian title dangling from his shoulder. Matt becomes defensive in the ring and looks on.

Woah, woah, woah, woah. Rodeo clown. Just stop it right there. Why the rush? Can't you wait for the tag team match? You'll spoil the fun. You'll-

Mikey feigns heading down to the ring, but stops after one simple step.

HEY!! I SAID STAY THERE! Don't come down here, or I'll beat you up again, fatass!

Mikey nods “no” from the stage and opens the chair, sitting on it backwards with his belt on his lap.

Stormrage: You know, I haven't even gone down there and you're already all hyper and defensive. I'm not here to fight. I just want to talk. See, I've been thinking the same things you said over the course of the week too. Why? Why me? What did I ever do to him? It took me a while, but I figured it out. There's no secret motive. And you don't have anything against me. Truth is, you're just too bitter inside and attack whoever you feel is in a better position than you, but weaker.

Matt stops pacing the ring and stays still in the middle. Listening carefully to Mikey.

You're alone. Come on, Matt. Just admit it. We're like two high school misfits. I'm the overweight nerd with the confidence issues, and you're the lonely troublemaker doing anything for attention. You get mad when no one pays attention so you do something crazy. But tell me something, after you beat Titus by spitting soda in his face.... Gotta admit, that was clever. And you were backstage all smiles and laughs, how did you feel inside? Because I know for a fact you had no one to go celebrate to. No one told you “congratulations”. No one said “good job”. You were just back there. Alone.

Mikey gets off the chair and carries it off down the aisle with him. Matt slowly backtracks in the ring as Mikey approaches and gets in the ring.

You and I are alike. Two misfits looking for a way to fit in. But you're missing something. And I see what it is. James helped me through thick and thin. Maybe that's what you need too. Listen, I know what you want. And I'm willing to give you that chance. But you need to promise me one thing. Lighten up. I know you're in it for yourself. But that doesn't mean you need to isolate yourself to a corner and be all alone. We're here for you. We all respect you. What do you say?

* Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! *

Matt looks on, but just walks by Mikey laughing in disgust.

Connor: Well it seems that Matt Tastic wanted no part of the offer from Stormrage.
Matt: You didn't give up on me. You saw something in me. That you saw in yourself.

♬ If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman.
If I’m alive and well, will you be there a-holding my hand.
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might.
Kryptonite ♬

Originally Posted by Later that night
Matt Tastic is still at the top of the ramp, having watched the entire brawl. He simply shakes his head and makes obscene gestures toward his crotch as everyone walks out.

Hey. Hey, Matt. I'm still not done trying to get through to you. I'm serious. I know what it's like being alone. I know what it's like being isolated. It eats away at you. Don't let it win. Listen, if it helps convince you, you'll get the match you want. You and me. One on one. At All or Nothing for the Eurasian Championship.

Mikey has taken a mic and rolled back into the ring, sitting with his title belt over his shoulder. He slowly stands as Tastic returns to the ring. Mikey extends his hand and raises the Eurasian Championship signaling the challenge. Matt looks perplexed and takes his own mic to speak.

You're saying that you'll just give me a shot at the title? And all you want is to shake your hand and lighten up? Are you stupid? Is this some bad attempt to screw with me? Why should I trust you? Why should I trust anyone? I've been here for four years and don't get a single drop of respect. Ever. But here you are, practically martyring yourself for my sake.

Like I said, Matt. I know what it's like. And I'd hate to see anyone else go through it. I lost the girl. I almost lost my best friend. But I was lucky enough that he helped me out. I wanna help you now. We can be friends and still fight. I miss seeing you go around being all quirky. Playing Gameboy backstage or watching anime. It was fun. What do you say? Lets put the needless animosity aside. We don't need animosity to have a match.

Mikey extends the hand again as Matt looks on. The crowd seems decisive with their chants again.


Eventually, Matt shakes the hand. But pulls Mikey in with a serious look.

If you're really that decided on helping me like this? So be it. I accept. But I want you to know something, Mikey. I will take that title away from you. By any means necessary. At the end of the day, I'm in it for number one. And nothing will change that. Do NOT underestimate me.

Matt tries to leave, but Mikey holds on, yanking Matt back.

Likewise, buddy.
Matt: You let me lean on you to stand strong and grow. You stood by me no matter what. At my best and my worst.

♬ You called me strong, you called me weak,
But still your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times
I never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head,
If not for me then you'd be dead
I picked you up and put you back on solid ground ♬

Originally Posted by All Or Nothing 2014
Tastic lands a blow, and Stormrage counters. Stormrage gets in a couple then hits the ropes, rebounds - but Tastic blocks him with a running shoulder tackle! Tastic hits the ropes himself, charges - but Stormrage counters with a big boot! Stormrage tries to nail a back splash but Tastic rolls out of the way, Tastic tries to nail a knee drop but now Stormrage rolls away! They both get to their feet again and Stormrage throws a blow that connects with Tastic. Stormrage hits the ropes and rebounds, but Tastic counters with a snap powerslam! Stormrage is down and Tastic goes to the corner to yell something at the fans, but Stormrage is soon up and he NAILS A SABIN SPECIAL! He goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two as Tastic kicks out. Stormrage pulls Tastic to his feet, he pulls him up, he sets up for the Game Over! Stormrage elevates Tastic, Tastic slips out over Stormrage's head! He rolls up the champion - he gets one, two, and three!!!


Connor: Unbelievable! That came out of nowhere!

Cohen: Lightning fast reversal!

Copeland: Tastic needed just one second's opening to pull one over Mikey Stormrage!

Stormrage kicks out furiously but Aubrey insists it was three. Mikey pounds the mat as Tastic is handed the title, the new champion grinning ear to ear but an altogether shocked and humbled look on his face. He holds the belt to his chest and falls to one knee. Stormrage is behind him and with his hands on his hips, looking unbelievably frustrated. Tastic stands up and sees Mikey. They stare at one another for a long moment, Stormrage shaking his head. Tastic shrugs and say something back, to which Stormrage appears to smile despite himself. They stare again before Stormrage extends a hand to Matt Tastic. Tastic looks at it with his jaw slightly dropped, but he takes it with a smile, and the two men embrace to an ovation from the crowd. Stormrage rolls out of the ring and Tastic raises the belt to a continued ovation.

Copeland: Hard to believe it, but Mikey has apparently shown his respect to Matt Tastic tonight.

Cohen: Why shouldn't he? He was bested in the middle of the ring, fair and square!

Connor: And that respect from Mikey seems to have convinced the crowd that Tastic isn't so bad after all. A new leaf appears to have been turned for a new champion.
Matt: I could never repay all you've done for me. And yet here I was, selfishly asking for a match against you. Against what you wanted.

♬ If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman.
If I’m alive and well, will you be there a-holding my hand.
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might.
Kryptonite ♬

Originally Posted by Meltdown Madness 104
Before pyros or anything bring us to the arena, we fade backstage to Mikey Stormrage and new Eurasian Champion, Matt Tastic. Matt is on the phone while Mikey looks on happy with words about to slip out of his mouth. As Matt hangs up, Mikey quickly speaks up.

Mikey: MATT! Guess what I got for tonight. This is awesome.

Matt: Lucha masks?

Mikey: Besides that. I got us a band. You know, to play us to the ring?

Matt: Really? I.... Kinda just did the same thing.

Music group “Los Rabanes” step in as the Panama crowd is quick to pop for the local legends. They all hug and say hi but Mikey interrupts.

Mikey: Then send them packing cause these guys will blow your mind. Hit it, boys!

A bad mariachi song starts to play as the camera pans to the musicians. None other than former WZCW Superstars, El Guerrero, Rafael De La Noche, “King Of Mexico” Hector Colon, Armando Paradyse, Matt's granpa and a headless Mr. Baller. They all swivel from side to side as they sing and play.

Ay Ay Ay-ay! Canta y no llores! Por eso-”

Matt:Mikey, dude! They aren't even all mexican. We aren't even in Mexico. Estamos aqui! En la Cuidad de Panama!

Matt winks and gives a thumbs up to the camera as the crowd once again pops. But Mikey just stares with a pouty face at Matt.

Mikey:…....Live mas?

Matt:Live mas, Mikey.

The band takes the instruments and begin to play alongside the former WZCW superstars.

Para bailar la Bamba! Para bailar la Bamba, se necesita una poca de gracia! Yo no soy marinero! Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan, soy capitan.”

Everyone dances along before a beer is heard opening and everyone stops. We see a familiar person in baggy pants and a shirt that reads “Sludge Pit” and the beer too.

Gordito:That's racist, bro.

Everyone gives an awkward stare before the music plays again and everyone dances.
Matt: You knew how to bring me joy. You gave me the ultimate gift.

♬ If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman.
If I’m alive and well, will you be there a-holding my hand.
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might.
Kryptonite ♬

Originally Posted by Lethal Lottery VI
Tastic runs forward again but Chris throws him into the corner. He lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle, setting him up for a superplex. He lifts him up but he turns and angles Tastic towards the floor. Tastic hits a knee to the head and gets back onto the ropes. He balances on it before running forward and jumping onto Chris's shoulders with a huracanrana! He spins around and sends Chris and himself towards the floor but Tastic hooks his legs on the bottom rope, his hands on the floor as Mikey Stormrage rushes over and clutches him, helping him onto the apron as Chris hits the floor feet first!

Harrys: Chris KO has been eliminated! Therefore your winner of the Lethal Lottery, and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEW WZCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, MAAAAAAAT TAAAASTIC!

Copeland: Tastic did it! He held on at the last second with an ingenious move!

Tastic slowly pushes himself up onto the apron as Chris slowly gathers himself on the outside. Tastic rolls into the ring as Referee Akiyama enters the ring and presents him with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. The hometown hero grabs hold of the title and drops to his knees as his countrymen cheer loudly as the pyro goes off on the stage before confetti begins falling all around them.

Connor: The hometown hero returned to Puerto Rico, and he walks out, the new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!
Matt; After my time, it started to be your time. And that's when I started to think I fell.

♬ If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman.
If I’m alive and well, will you be there a-holding my hand.
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might.
Kryptonite ♬

Originally Posted by Kingdom Come VII
Finally, Mikey reaches the top of the ladder as Matt remains motionless in the middle of the ring. An almost iconic scene is cut as Mikey takes the final step onto the very top of the ladder; finding the strength and courage to balance on top of the tiny podium for a few seconds. The crowd urge him to jump but Mikey stands still for a moment; taking everything in. Finally, he launches himself off of the ladder, all the way from outside the ring and lands THE FLYING BURRITO!! He covers his opponent as thousands of camera flashes illuminate the arena! 1... 2... 3!!

Harrys: Here is your winner... Mikey Stormrage!

Copeland: An instant classic! These two men have lived up to the hype and to the massive billing that was given to them here tonight. Mikey Stormrage has proved to himself and everyone else in the company, and indeed the world, that he can compete at the very top level.

Cohen: I have to agree, Seabass. I am by no means Mikey;s biggest fan. But he has shown tonight that he does have everything it takes to be ultimately successful in singles competition. Both of these men have given us everything here tonight and they absolutely deserve all of the credit that is going to come their way.

Connor: I'm still speechless, that was a fantastic contest. Something that everyone expected it to be.

Mikey lies on top of Matt and clutches at his head, seemingly crying into his neck as he does. Clutching him tightly, Mikey refuses to let go of his best friend. Suddenly, the arm of Matt comes up from the canvas and wraps around the neck of his Live Mas brother. In the middle of the ring, the two men exchange a hug the likes of which have never been seen in WZCW and probably will never be seen again. Mikey gets to one knee and, together, both men slowly rise to their feetl to the obvious commendation of the fans at ringside. One more time, the share an embrace before Matt rolls out of the ring and gives Mikey his moment. Matt points to Mikey in the ring as he clutches his ribs. It is Mikey's moment...
Matt: But I see it now. I lost sight of what made us what we are. You didn't though.

Originally Posted by Gold Rush 2016
Connor: YES!

Cohen: NO! This can’t be…

Positioning the ladder back to where it was, Mikey climbs, harder than he ever has in his life. His body is broken, but his will to win, his spirit, his desire, it all drives him further, faster. His ascension is a long one, but the moment has been a long time coming and as Mikey Stormrage reaches the top, he grabs the leather strap. There is no John Constantine or anyone else there to stop him and he rips it down to the most euphoric of reactions. He has won.


So loud is the crowd that Harrys has to shout. Mikey is, understandably, emotional. He pulls the title into his face and weeps. After letting it pour over him for a moment, he uses both arms to hold the title up high, showing the whole world what is now his.

Copeland: He’s done it! Mikey Stormrage has come to the mountain top and he has claimed the grandest prize of all. He is your World Heavyweight Champion!
♬ Oh, whoa, whoa
Oh, whoa, whoa
Oh, whoa, whoa ♬

Matt gets up from the chair. His fist clutches tightly as he decides to leave the hospital room. As he steps outside, there's Granpa Tastic waiting for him. Matt turns to him.

Granpa: You see it now? I told you when I came back. Mikey was your road to Kingdom Come. You finally get it.

Matt: Yeah. All this time, I let my selfishness get the better of me. It never should've been about finding success. The best time of my career was when I was having fun. And when I stopped having fun, the success stopped too.

Granpa: I'm glad you see it.

Matt: I let him get hurt, Granpa. I let him down. He's been trusting me for years. And I left him alone. What kind of friend am I, Granpa?

Granpa: What will you do?

Matt: I'm going back to face them.

Granpa: But you're alone!

Matt: Just like Mikey was and look at him now. Whatever happens, I earn. I have to get back to the show.

Originally Posted by Later on Ascension 127
Suddenly, Selena bails from the ring as Matt Tastic comes charging into the ring and begins to hammer away at Keaton. Vicious rights and lefts cause the Canadian to retreat to the corner to try to cover up. Keith Morse pulls Tastic away and immediately calls for the bell.


Tastic wastes little time in resuming his assault with heavy shots in the corner. He punches away until the referee gets to a count of four. He breaks only momentarily, before he starts back with vicious kicks to the midsection, grabbing the rope for leverage. He continues to fire the kicks until the referee again gets to the count of four. He breaks to avoid another DQ loss, but quickly starts back in with rapid fire chops across the chest. He stops at the count of four again, but instead of resuming with more strikes he runs to the far corner to build up steam before he leaps and hits a big splash, crushing Keaton in the corner. He then tosses him out of the ring and lets out a primal roar, much to the delight of the crowd.

Connor: Matt Tastic is extremely fired up, and after the events that unfolded earlier in the night, I can't say I blame him.

Cohen: Can we get a look back at those events, you know, just to see if this heinous assault is justified?

Keaton, Roadie and Triple X then look at each other and seeing Mikey alone. They pounce and attack him.

Triple X grabs a chair as Keaton and Roadie hold him.

Keaton: I told you! Every time you mess with me, you get hurt!

Triple X swings the chair, hitting Mikey over the head and cutting him open. But before they can react, Matt Tastic comes storming in again with a steel pipe and chases them away. He then clutches a bloody Mikey and tries to help him.
Cohen: Haha, I just love watching that fat ass get what is coming to him.

Keaton finally gets to his feet so Tastic starts to bounce and ready himself. He dives through the ropes, launching himself like a missile at Keaton.

Connor: Tope Suicida!

Tastic springs to his feet and beats his chest, the crowd one hundred percent behind him. He tosses Keaton into the ring and calls for the end as he climbs onto the apron and scales the top rope.

Connor: I think Matt may be feeling froggy.

Cohen: He reminds me of a slimy toad.

At the last second, Keaton springs into the ropes, crotching Tastic on the top rope. Keaton takes a few seconds to catch his breath before he walks over and hits a couple of right hands to Tastic's face before he climbs up and readies for a superplex. After a brief struggle, Keaton is unable to get the suplex, so he clubs Tastic across the back a few times. This time, Keaton is able to get the suplex, slamming Tastic down to the mat hard. He makes a cover...1!...but one is all that Keaton gets as Tastic kicks out. Keaton grabs a handful of Tastic's hair to lift him to his feet, but the Hall of Famer fires off a series of punches to the midsection to create some space and get to his feet. He creates enough space to get to his feet and tries to fire off a kick, but Keaton catches it. He laughs at Tastic, but Tastic catches him with an enzuigiri and he drops to his knees. As Tastic tried to grab him, Keaton connects with a low blow in clear sight of the referee, who has no choice but to call for the bell. Tastic drops, clutching his huevos.

Anderson: Here is your winner, by disqualification, Matt Tastic!

Connor: So Tastic gets the victory, but there is no way this is how he wanted it.

Cohen: Maybe if he had allowed Keaton a fair fight and not have jumped him before the bell, this wouldn't have happened.

Keaton starts to leave and walk up the ramp as the referee checks on Tastic.

Keaton stops and watches as Triple X comes to the stage, steel chair in hand. He nods at Keaton, who nods back and the two rush to the ring and begin the assault. Tastic tries to fight back, but the numbers game is too much. X tosses the chair to Keaton, who takes a couple of practice swings with it as X positions Tastic. He holds him in place and Keaton readies.

Connor: Thank the Lord.

Keaton and Triple X turn their attention to the ramp, but the music keeps playing until Keaton and X start to laugh. As Keaton takes the chair to Tastic on the mat, X gets a mic and the crowd boos heavily.

X: What? Were you expecting a hero to save the day? I'm here to tell you right now, there are no more heroes! Your white knight isn't going to ride in and save the day. This isn't some video game. This isn't some anime. This is real life.

X and Keaton trade the mic for the chair, and X starts to work over Tastic as Keaton speaks.

Keaton: And in real life, the bad guys win! And at Kingdom Come, we are going to prove once and for all, that people like Live Mas, who you stupid idiots put your misguided trust in, are nothing but frauds!

With that Keaton barks at X to hoist Tastic. Keaton then spikes the mic directly into the head of Tastic, splitting him open. X tosses him aside and exits the ring, imploring the crowd to boo him more as he walks away. Keaton takes the opportunity to grab the chair and play a guitar solo with it over the limp body of Tastic as medical personal rush to attend to the Hall of Famer.
Matt: And so, I fell. I woke up. And there he was. Again. Beside me. Bed to bed. But this time I knew what to do. Live Mas rides again.

Matt stretches his arm out, reaching out before he gives out and falls unconscious.


Click for Spoiler:
Originally Posted by Ascension 76
And his opponent...

Matt Tastic wastes no time in being introduced. He hops over the barricade by the time keeper's area, wearing the newest Mikey Stormrage shirt and a beverage in his hand.

Connor: What the hell is Tastic doing?

Cohen: Whatever he wants Cat. He is a former Mayhem and Elite X champion and a fine representation of this company.

Tastic taps Titus on the shoulder and takes a sip of his beverage as James Aubrey calls for the bell. Titus begins to advance, but Tastic holds up a hand to stop his advancing foe.

Connor: This is an absolute disgrace.

Cohen: The man is just trying to stay hydrated.

Tastic finishes his drink and throws the cup down in the ring. He then slaps Titus and spits his drink in his face. As Titus recoils, Tastic hoists Titus up over his shoulder and connects with the Headache Driver! He hooks the leg of Titus and just as the ref slides into position, Tastic hooks his feet on the ropes.

Here is your winner, Matt Tastic!

Cohen: Another solid win for Matt Tastic!

Connor: He clearly cheated and made a total mockery of this company.
Matt: Oh yeah. I did that. Jajajaja.
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I'd been in this situation before. It was nothing new. In an unfamiliar city, thousands of miles from home. This time though, it was different. I didn't really have a home. I had bought a place in Randers, hoping that Denmark would cure my depression. I was flying all over Europe on this tour though that I really didn't have much time to spend there. It didn't feel like much of a home anyway.

Newcastle seemed nice enough, and since I had on my DeAndre Yedlin jersey most people gave me a friendly nod. I passed some cool buildings as I walked. There was the school that Sting attended. There was the castle, I wonder if that is how the city got it's name? I saw St James' Park. The soccer stadiums in Europe always amazed me, they seemed so much different than the stadiums back in the US. Of course I wouldn't call it a soccer stadium out loud, I didn't want to be run out of town. I even passed Avison Library, which made me stop and think on the name for a few minutes.

All in all Newcastle was a fine city, but I still couldn't get my mind off Kingdom Come no matter how hard I tried. Careers are defined at Kingdom Come, and mine was no different. I had won titles, I had main evented the show, I had put on memorable matches. This year though, it felt different. Triple X used to be a guy I called a friend, and somewhere along the way he changed. I guess we all change as time goes on, but X felt vastly different. Something got crossed up somewhere and he became the complete opposite of who he once was.

Then there was Mark Keaton. Truth be told, I'm not sure what compelled Keaton to do the things he did. Maybe hid dad didn't give him enough attention growing up so he acts out as an adult, but he tried to end my career. I could play it off that I held no ill will toward him, but in truth, he tried to take away everything I had in life. Wrestling was my safe space. As strange as that sounded, it was true. All my life I was an outcast, but when I stepped inside that ring, people liked me, I belonged. When he broke my back and tried to make sure I never wrestled again, he tried to make sure I was an outcast again. That transgression wouldn't stand.

Through it all, there was one constant. Matt. To this day, I will never truly understand how Matt and I came to be. On the surface we didn't have that much in common and the deeper you dug, the more apart we seemed. We just clicked though. Maybe because we were two lost souls trying to find purpose in life. Maybe we just both loved tacos too much. Maybe he thought I was handsome, I know I thought he cleaned up nicely. Whatever it was, Matt was more than a friend. He was more than some slogan I ripped off from Taco Bell. Matt was my brother, Matt was family, the only family I had left.

My mind was glued to X and Keaton, so much so that I couldn't focus on the upcoming match I had against Ace Stevens and Beard. Sure, I had beaten both in the past, I could easily write them off, but I knew all too well what happened when you overlook an opponent in this business. Ace was a very formidable Mayhem Champion, even if his jokes fell flatter than three day old Mountain Dew Baja Blast (available at Taco Bell). Beard was an opponent I knew well. The massive brute and I had many battles over the years, dating all the way back to my first ever win with the company. We even faced off at Kingdom Come in the first ever TLC match in company history. He was a tag champ, a King For A Day winner, and a former World Champion who had main evented Kingdom Come against Matt. He would be no pushover.

I continued to walk around town, until I came to a park. I found a bench and decided to have a seat and just take in the view for a bit. A few minutes later, someone sat down next to me.

"Nice weather we are having today."

"Feels nice out, yeah."

"That accent, you aren't from here are you?"

"Oh, no. I'm just here on business."

"You look familiar."

"Haha, I hear that a lot."

"I'm certain I have seen you somewhere....wait....are you Mikey Stormrage?"

I nodded my head.

"The one and only."

The man extended a hand, which I gladly shook.

"Big fan Mikey."

I smiled at him.

"Thanks. Always nice to meet a fan of my work."

"Yeah mate, you are one of the top guys in WZCW. Really enjoy cheering you on. Not like that Titus prick, a real cunt he is."

I laughed. He wasn't wrong.

"I didn't catch your name."

"Names Liam. Liam McCritchin."

"Nice to meet you Lee-am."

I sat and talked with Liam for a about two hours, until I was due for my press work. I asked him the quickest way back to St James' Park.

"Oh, before I go, I hear Newcastle is getting a Taco Bell soon."

"Yeah, they just announced it."

"Well here is my contact info, when they build it, you let me know and I'll take my new friend out for some tacos."

And with that, Mikey Stormrage became good friends with Liam, the only man in Newcastle he knew by name.
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