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Arcade vBookie

Closed Thread
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Old 07-08-2017, 09:39 AM
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Elsewhere, we find Leon Kensworth standing by outside of the locker room of Vis Imperium. Leon doesn’t knock but rather waits a few moments until the door flies up from the other side as the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper, steps out into the hallway. He comes to a sudden stop when he notices Leon and the camera, his title over the shoulder, and quickly a look of annoyance comes over the face of Justin Cooper.

Cooper: Can I help you?

Kensworth: If you could spare a few moments we’d love to get a quick comment about your match tonight and what happened last week on Ascension.

Cooper: I suppose. Come, I assume you can ask questions while walking? Two things at once may be difficult but I believe in you, Leon. Do try.

The World Champion begins walking down the hallway, dressed ready to compete in his expensive rainbow robe, and Leon scurries after him to keep up.

Kensworth: Last week you were part of a Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Ascension. We know now that the induction was nullified by the WZCW Board of Directors. What did that feel like to find out that news?

Cooper: Oh, it was a wonderful day. I loved how they disregarded my seven year career in professional wrestling as if it was nothing. I love that the likes of Celeste Crimson, who has a record which is nothing compared to mine, is likely going in the first chance she gets while I’m left on the outside begging for an audience to plead my case. I’m thrilled. Can’t you tell?

Over his shoulder, Justin forces a fake smile which fades to a look of disgust as they continue walking.

Kensworth: That ceremony was interrupted by not just Tyrone Blades but also Flex Mussel. How do you respond to that?

Cooper: It’s funny how irrelevant those two are. They’ve been so lost in this company under my reign, since I am the only thing that matters, that they’ve had to team up just to get recognised. It’s pathetic just like the two of them. Ty Burna, oh don’t give me that look, it’s his name and I’ll use it whenever I like. I don’t bend to the will of his mystical bullshit like the rest of the cowards in this company. Ty needs me, he needs Vis Imperium to keep himself in the conversation because since he returned, he has floated in the pool of mediocrity. Flex is just as bad. He broke property which I worked years to gain. Awards that he can only dream of! He ruined my night and that will not go forgotten when we meet this Sunday. Flex Mussel is a fool who has pissed off the wrong man. I am the greatest wrestler in the world, Leon. I don’t lose to the likes of him. This Sunday, I will retain my title once again and the world will be the forced to admit that I am Hall of Fame worthy.

Kensworth: Finally, you’ve got a big match with Matt Tastic coming up in a few moments. Any comments before you face off?

The group stops walking as Cooper turns and faces Leon.

Cooper: Often in sports we find that the greats are refused recognition while they are competing in their primes. Matt Tastic’s is long gone and here we stand with people saying he is somehow better than me. That if I beat him it means something, that it confirms me place at the top of this company when in reality, I’m just beating a dead horse. I am being refused my rightful recognition while Matt is being raised higher than he deserves. I’m sure you’ve heard these idiots in the back, talking like I can’t hear them, acting like their opinions actually matter. They have a name for me, Leon. A name which highlights all the disrespect and hypocrisy that the fans and my so called… peers, have for me. I believe in my heart and soul that I am the Greatest. I truly do, Leon. These fans and my peers, they have another name for me and tonight, when I defeat Matt I’ll put that name to it’s deathbed.

Slowly, Cooper steps towards Leon and gets within an inch of his face.

Cooper: Do you know what they call me? Behind my back they whisper like children. They refuse my right to be known as the Greatest and instead they call me… the Pretender.

A fire within Cooper’s eyes burn as he turns back to the camera. His eyes narrow, his teeth gritted together as he brushes the World Championship with his hand before walking away without saying another world.

Copeland: Fierce words from our World Champion and he is in action next!

Cohen: I hope you haven’t been calling him that stupid nickname, Seabass. That’s disrespect of the highest order and I think anybody who does should be fired!

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Old 07-08-2017, 09:39 AM
Da Prophet Da Prophet is offline
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WWF Hardcore Champion
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 1,207
Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...
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Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the Main Event of the evening. Introducing first.....

Harrys: He hails from from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Justin Cooper!!

Justin Cooper walks out to the top of the ramp, he has a confident smile on his face and the WZCW Heavyweight Championship resting comfortably on his shoulder over his highly reflecting rainbow robe. He picks up the title and lifts it quickly in the air, in perfect timing a dozen different colors shoot through the arena like little comets, they all swirl and converge under Justin on the ramp where a color battle ensues. Cooper smiles and drops to his knees as a single, red viper emerges from the battle and slithers its way with Cooper as he stands for his walk to the ring. Cooper climbs in the ring while jawing with a row of booing fans in the front row. He climbs the turnbuckle and displays his title. He removes his robe and starts his stretches in the ring.

Copeland: A man not too long ago cheered by these people. What he has become now is the most hated wrestler in the company Jack.

Cohen: I don't hate the champion! Do you hate him Seabass? Should I pick up my cellphone and give Mr. Banks a call here?
Maybe you need a visit from Vis Imperium.

Copeland: Well I hope that day never comes, tonight Cooper is in tough with a Hall of Famer. One of the most popular, successful wrestlers this company has ever seen. He has done it all Jack, of course I'm talking about Matt Tastic.

Cohen: Matt Tastic gets to have his entrance last? Explain that one to me. I don't get it, the Heavyweight Champion should ALWAYS come out last. Well let's see where Matt Tastic's head is after flipping out at the RMK WORLD TOUR! He should be in jail right now, never mind the main event of the night!

Harrys: And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

A very serious and stern Matt Tastic walks out to the stage, he's not smiling or offering the fans any acknowledgement but they cheer wildly anyway for the Hall of Famer. He stands there for a moment while his music blares and looks at Cooper in the ring. He mouths some curse words and continues to talk to himself as he marches down the ramp. He rolls in the ring and yells at Referee Akiyama to ring the bell and get the match started.

Copeland: Matt Tastic is in some kind of mood here since that World Tour and what Cooper said. He's going to take out his anger on the leader of Vis Imperium tonight.

Cohen: Don't get it twisted Seabass! It's Cooper who has to show everyone in the company what happens when you try to step up to the powers at the top.

Referee Akiyama takes his time checking both competitors for illegal objects. He then backs up and waves both men in.

Ding!! Ding!!

Matt and Cooper circle each other in the center of the ring, both have their hands out, ready to grapple and engage in the match. Right when Matt lunges forward, Cooper falls to the canvas and rolls under the ropes to the outside. Akiyama immediately starts his count as Matt shakes his head in disgust. Cooper stretches his neck and smiles, he yells something at a nearby fan and he starts a slow walk around the ring. He rolls under the ropes, but then rolls back out and goes for another stroll. The fans start booing at the champion's stalling tactics. Cooper quickly snatches a water bottle off of a young fan leaning in a little too far, he takes a drink of water and throws in far into the stands. He smiles wide as he slowly walks up the steel steps, he holds the ring post and takes a step in the ring.

Matt quickly runs over and both engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Matt pushes both of them in the corner and presses his forearm in the champions face. He takes a swing but Cooper ducks and falls to the canvas again, he rolls out of the ring. He points to his own temple and says that he's way smarter than Matt Tastic as he slowly walks around again.

Copeland: This stalling tactic by Cooper is seriously getting under Matt's skin, you can see the rage forming on his face here.

Cohen: I've never seen Matt Tastic this flustered or impatient, the Champion is playing him like a fiddle right now. I love it!

Matt jumps through the middle ropes and runs after Cooper on the outside, the champion runs around the ring and slides under the ropes. Matt follows him but Cooper falls to the mat and rolls under the ropes on the other side of the ring. Matt runs and does a front somersault over the top ropes and lands right on Cooper!

The fans cheer as Matt jumps up and lets out a primal roar. He grabs Cooper by the hair and rolls him back in the ring. Matt rolls in the ring but Cooper continues to roll, all the way across the ring and out of the ring again. Referee Akiyama lets out an exaggerated sigh and starts counting again. Matt runs and dives over the top ropes but Cooper has sprung his trap, he steps to one side and propels Matt chest first on top of the barricade. Matt slams into it hard and falls to the padded mat.

Cooper drops an elbow on Matt's chest. He picks him up and rolls him back into the ring.

Cohen: See?! You can boo him all you want, but he just showed why he's the Heavyweight Champion of this company! Ha ha haa! Brilliant, fantastic tactic against Tastic.

Cooper drops another elbow on Matt in the ring while the fans boo him. He transitions to a side headlock on the canvas, he reefs on it for a moment then lifts Matt to a seating position. He stands and gives Matt three stiff kicks to the back, he then runs off of the ropes and dropkicks a seated Matt right in the face. He falls down for a cover and hooks the leg.



Matt Tastic kicks out. Cooper quickly scoops up Matt's head with another headlock to control him. After a moment both men work their way to their feet. Matt throws a few elbows to Cooper's ribs to break the headlock, he throws Cooper off of the ropes, he swings and misses a clothesline, both men bounce off opposite sides of the ropes and run towards each other. Matt jumps a does a spinning wheel kick, Cooper ducks and does a front roll, keeping momentum he bounces off of the ropes again, Cooper swings and misses a clothesline and Matt quickly dropkicks Cooper in the back and sends him face first into the turnbuckle, on the rebound Matt grabs Cooper and nails him with a Northern Lights suplex with an arching bridge...



Kick out by Cooper. Matt drops down and grabs the champion's head in a tight headlock to control him.

Copeland: You can't keep Matt Tastic down for long Jack, he's an explosively quick wrestler and will make you pay if you take the time to think against him!

Cohen: A thinking man's match Seabass! Cooper's wheels are spinning right now in this headlock, it's like a game of chess in there, always thinking three moves ahead of your opponent!

Both men get to their feet with Matt still squeezing Cooper's head in the headlock, Cooper slams his elbows in the ribs of Matt to release the hold, Matt fires back with an elbow to Cooper's cheek, the champion fires back with a loud European Uppercut, Matt staggers back to the turnbuckle but fires off a hard left hook as Cooper approaches him, Cooper returns the favor with a right and left, Matt fights back with a right, left, right, right, right, and finally a clothesline that drops Cooper to the canvas.


Matt picks up Cooper and applies a half nelson, he goes to knee him in the face but Cooper picks him right up and places Matt on his shoulders, he runs and does a rolling fireman's carry slam quickly followed by a moonsault right off of the top ropes! Cooper quickly rolls Matt over and applies a single leg Boston crab. Matt does a jump for the ropes but Cooper hauls him to the center of the ring. Referee Akiyama is checking closely on Matt to see if he wants to give up.

Copeland: Cooper has that single leg Boston Crab locked in deep. Matt looks to be in a lot of discomfort here.

Matt stands up with his remaining leg, he jumps and hooks his leg under Cooper's remaining armpit and does a front roll into a jumping sunset flip!



Cooper kicks out. Matt jumps up full of energy, the fans are really starting to feel the tide of the match now as both men are looking sweaty and a little tired. Matt punches Cooper in the face then throws him off of the ropes, he snaps him down hard with a powerslam then jumps to his feet and does a standing moonsault followed by a quick elbow drop. Matt runs to the turnbuckles and climbs to the top ropes. Matt looks around at the screaming fans and does a fist pump, but the delay is too much as Cooper swiped one of his legs and hung him on the top turnbuckles. The champion takes a moment to breathe and gives Matt a European Uppercut, then another one, then another one. Cooper climbs the turnbuckle and grabs Matt in a front face lock. Matt slithers out of it and headbutts the champion, then chops him with a punch combination, Cooper swings both of his arms trying to regain balance and desperately grabs Matt's jaw and nose to stay up there. He throws a right and left punch, Matt fires back with a headbutt and a right punch, then a left, right, left, Cooper blocks a right then answers with a hard forearm right to Matt's nose! SMACK!


Cooper grabs Matt in a front face lock again, this time he heaves him up in the air for a superplex....but he HOOKS the leg on the way down and painfully bridges as they both crash hard to the canvas and bounce!



3 !!!!


Copeland: Cooper did it! What an unbelievable audible by the World Champion! Turning the superplex into a super Fisherman's Suplex mid flight!

Harrys The winner of this match by pinfall, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Justin Cooper!!!

Cohen: What a battle on the top ropes Seabass! I didn't know where that was heading but the champ showed us why he's the best wrestler in the world tonight! This crowd may not like it but Cooper has gain a lot of momentum tonight and has defeated one of the greats.

Copeland: It has been an action packed event here tonight in the final week before Gold Rush. We have seen the return of Chuck Myles, Eve Taylor has confirmed her spot in the Gold Rush Tournament Final and we heard the announcement that King for a Day will be returning. It was concluded with a back and forth main event between two veterans of the sport. This has been a wonderful night and as Gold Rush approaches, be sure to keep up with all the latest WZCW news. I'm Sebastian Copeland, good night everybody!

The referee tries to raise Cooper's hand in victory but the reigning World Champion shoves him away and exits the ring immediately. Cooper approaches the ringside crew, rips the World Title from the staff member holding it before walking towards the entrance ramp. Meanwhile, inside the ring Matt Tastic is slowly coming to, holding his neck and he looks up to see Cooper striding up the entrance ramp with an arrogant look on his face. The two veterans exchange a glance as Cooper lifts the World Championship high in the air and gives it a long kiss as Meltdown goes off the air.

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Old 07-11-2017, 10:04 AM
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Gold Rush 2017
*Matches to be announced*

Confirmed matches:

Click for Spoiler:
WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
Justin Cooper (c) versus Flex Mussel

WZCW Eurasian Championship
Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Titus Avison (c) versus Wren

WZCW Mayhem Championship
Tyrone Blades (c) versus Randy Studd

Gold Rush Tournament Final
Eve Taylor versus TBA

Singles Match
Mark Keaton versus Matt Tastic

Three KFAD Qualifiers


Meltdown 142

Justin Cooper versus Matt Tastic - Jeff
Gold Rush Semi: Eve Taylor versus Lynx - Prophet
Titus versus Randy Studd - Jeff
Vox versus War Zone - Spidey [GUEST WRITER]
Deadwood match: Bandit versus Logan McAllister - Lee
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