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Arcade vBookie

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Old 07-29-2013, 11:57 AM
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Mr. Book This Section is looking to come up from OCW...Mr. Book This Section is looking to come up from OCW...

Originally Posted by Emily View Post
Thanks for the answers! I didn't even see that lol! I am blaming my subconscious I was thinking about the word "fight" and when I went to write "write" the words combined on the screen.

Thanks for answering me though!
Ha ha. No problem that's what this thread is for.
Old 09-17-2014, 06:54 PM
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j20019 is looking to come up from OCW...

Inspired by various Book this threads that I've read as a lurker, I think it would be fun to try one.

Problem is... this is going to be my first and I'm slightly overwhelmed the project I'm considering.

Don't get me wrong: I have read "Red"'s guide. How to start isn't the problem.

To illustrate:

I'm creating my own all female fed with fictional characters.

1. Pick something you'd like to write about

I'm a fan of wrestling storylines and a game I own that is based on wrestling storylines (Face to the Mat), will be used as a skeleton to form storylines off of.

Further more, one of my favorite web comics is an awesome wrestling based one called Rival Angels, hence, the itch for an all women fed.

2. Make sure you are confident you can write about to near perfection

I watch the occasional SHIMMER release and Shine ippv, plus I'm a WSU (Women Superstars Unleashed) subscriber and have been keeping up to date on them.

3. Try to make it interesting for the reader

Face to the Mat, the system I'm using, is random in the sense that it can and will twist things on it's head. Friends or partners could back stab each other at anytime, heel/face turns can happen, Fed commissioners can make decisions that impact a match ot the event itself, and even Kayfabe isn't safe, as a performer could get arrested for drugs in real life, suffer a career ending injury or other disasters (though they may hit positive notes as well, like a Television spot).

In short, as I attempt to fictionize this madness, I will be shocked and stunned... so I can imagine that fellow readers will be as well as it will be next to impossible to predict when a swerve is coming.

So, in addition to above, I have 30 fictional women wrestlers of varying ability: 15 faces and 15 heels with no tweeners (I don't believe in anti-heroes, ou're either a rule breaking heel, or an honorable face). My current plan is to do a massive 30 woman tournament (randomly seeded, but in kayfabe is determined by untelevised wrestling matches)

Obviously, this tournament will be broken up into several shows, culminating in a ppv several game months in the future with the finals that crowns the first champ.

Throughout, I will have ooc notes to explain how Face To the Mat has effected things and on whether I stepped in to kee thigs from becoming too crazy.

So... after that massive wall of text (sorry about that) would this be feasible? And also, since these are fictional women, would biographies be required or should I just let the readers figure it out through my fiction?
Old 10-11-2014, 02:09 AM
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Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...Theo Mays is a Television Champion...

EDIT: Wrong thread

However I'll contribute.

Best advice is to find an era or idea that you are passionate about. If you have that you are golden. Everything will come easy to you and ideas will just click. MY thread with Peep is an example. I bounced around threads here, but never had "it". When Peep and I came together it clicked and everything went from there. Shame it didn't last long, but I like to consider it one of the more successful projects here. That's all you can do. Find a topic, be passionate, and be sure you have the allotted time to make it work. If you force a project it isn't going to work and you (and the viewer) will lose interest fast.

Last edited by Theo Mays : 10-11-2014 at 02:17 AM.

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