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Old 10-23-2016, 03:13 AM
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Default Lethal Lottery VIII

The pyro goes off as fireworks are shot high into the air. The camera pans around the arena to reveal some of the signs that the fans have made. The camera picks out a few fans who are on their feet in excitement as it continues to whirl around, almost causing disorientation from the viewers. After a few more moments, the camera settles on the announcers at ringside. All three of them look dressed to the 9's in sharp suits and Cat in a beautiful dress.

Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the eighth annual Lethal Lottery event in WZCW. Tonight promises to be one of the biggest events in the history of this company. 4 Championships are on the line here tonight but that is barely scratching the surface of what we have to offer.

Cohen: Amen!

Copeland: With me tonight, to bring you all of the action, is your usual team of WZCW legends. I am Sebastian Copeland, alongside Jack Cohen and Cat Connor at ring side and, I have to tell you, Jack, I am totally pumped up for tonight.

Cohen: Pumped up doesn't even begin to describe it, folks. We are now officially on the way to Kingdom Come! Like Seabass just said, 4 Championships will be on the line tonight in 3 matches, including a fatal 4 way for the EurAsian Championship and a 6-man elimination match for the Tag Team Championships and the Elite Openweight Championship!

Connor: Not to mention the headline bout of the night. 30 men and women will enter the ring tonight and compete in an over-the-top-rope battle royal. The winner of the match will go on to main event the biggest show of them all – Kingdom Come!

Copeland: But first, ladies and gentlemen, I have just received notice that we have a special guest here to make an announcement. Please welcome at this time, James Howard.

The crowd is mostly boos for Howard as he makes his way to the ring in street clothes. He requests a microphone from ringside.

Cohen: Any idea what this is about?

Connor: I have no idea, I just know that Howard doesn't look happy.

Howard gets his mic and paces around the ring before he speaks.

Howard: Please bear with me, because this is a huge deal. You see a lot of people think that WZCW doesn't hurt. I wish that were true. Anyone in the locker room will tell you that this business is tough. You suffer a lot of bumps and bruises, and sometimes you deal with worse. A few years ago I broke my neck. I had spinal fusion surgery. It is really in depth surgery. It fixed my issue temporarily, but I knew I would be on borrowed time. Fast forward to the Roulette Rounds and my match against Tyrone Blades. In the end of that match I took a devastating knee from Blades, re-injuring my neck. I started to lose feeling in my arms and legs, my fingers and toes. I had surgery to correct the issue, but the doctor's say I will never fully regain the feeling in my extremities. I passed all my strength tests, but the great doctors here in WZCW wanted me to go for independent testing. Thankfully I did because the MRI results showed that I have serious and irreversible nerve damage.

The crowd sits in stunned silence.

Howard: This wasn't an easy choice, but....man this is tougher than I thought it would be...but I talked to my lovely wife Dinah, and we came to a decision. It isn't easy giving up your passion, giving up on your dreams, but I can no longer continue to wrestle. I have to retire.

The crowd is still stunned until slowly but surely a chant breaks out.


Howard: I have my family to think of. I always dreamed of becoming World Champion, but that isn't worth one day ending up in a wheel chair for. I carved out a legacy here in WZCW, it may not be the biggest, but it is mine. I wasn't sure about all this until I talked to my best friend. I made some mistakes, he made some as well, but I think deep down when I originally broke my neck, we knew it would come to this one day. I was angry, I was angry at my body, I felt like I was letting people down, but he reminded me that I have put my body on the line night in and night out for all of you. I have nothing to be ashamed of.


Howard: I just have one person I'd like to ask to come out here. My best friend...

Copeland: What the hell is this?

Instead of Howard's requested guest coming out, we see one man in black and one in white. The man in black holding a baseball bat, the man in white a chain. Howard throws his mic aside and prepares for a fight as the two men rush the ring. Howard begins to stomp and kick away at the man in black. The man in white though is able to wrap the chain around his fist and catch Howard in the jaw. Howard is staggered, until a follow up shot directly to the back of the neck lands. The man wearing black gets to his feet and pulls out a can of spray paint and quickly paints a bulls eye on back of Howard as security rush the ring. The two men quickly bail through the crowd, out of sight as medical personal rush to attend to Howard.

Connor: So instead of a nice send off for James Howard, he gets attacked by the damn Hollow Ones!

Cohen: Someone needs to put a stop to this before someone else gets seriously hurt.
WZCW: Join Today

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Old 10-23-2016, 03:14 AM
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Copeland: Wow. That is tough on James Howard. Who knows what else will happen tonight.

Connor: Things are about to take a turn as it is winner takes it all next.

Copeland: That's right Cat, Cooper and Keaton look to retain the tag titles and Logan McAllister looks to get that Elite Openweight title.

Cohen: The three of them have to gel as a team, there's been some tension. Throw in Vis Imperium and everything is on its head. This team have taken over WZCW and I'm sure they won't give up so soon.

Copeland: Let's join Jonny Klamor as he gives us a run down of all that's gone on so far.

Click for Spoiler:
The view now shifts to a video with Klamor looking rather dashing in his suit.

Klamor: Thanks Seabass. This is not just a throw away match, it's a feud that has been going on for months. Blood has been spilled and we've seen both teams be on top. It started after winning the titles and Keaton being injured. Vis Imperium started a battle against them and at Meltdown 131 Justin Cooper was able to face Austin Reynolds.

At the same event Hunnicutt and Constantine teamed up against Noah Ryder and Logan McAllister. Lets see what happened.

Cooper struggles to get back to his feet as Reynolds gets up. He charges at Cooper but is surprised when Cooper hits the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on him. Austin grabs his back in pain and falls to the canvas as Cooper has a chance to catch his breath. Grabbing onto the ropes, he gets his bearings and elevates Austin as he's turning around for the Flapjack. Planting him face first onto the mat. He then grabs a leg for a Half Crab. Sitting and applying the pressure. As he pulls back on the leg though, Cooper stretches his own leg out. Having a hard time to keep up the leverage. Nonetheless, he keeps the hold on. The referee checks for submissions. Austin sees an opportunity and grabs the oficial, first by the pants and pulls himself towards the shirt. Cooper has a hard time holding on, not realizing Austin's treachery. Austin pulls himself out of the hold and using the maneuvering manages to roll up Cooper. The referee, compelled, drops to count the fall. Austin uses the point of view and pulls on Coopers trunks. 1…… 2…….3!!
Klamor: Ascension 108 saw Vis Imperium face Noah Ryder and Logan McAllister.

Constantine: I haven't made a target of Justin Cooper, Leon, as much as people would love to believe that. Justin Cooper made a target of himself. On so many levels! I could have put up with his outspoken nature and ridiculous claims that he is better than me for so long. But one thing I hate is weakness, Leon. And Justin Cooper is weak. His partner hasn't been seen in months since he was put on the shelf but he still carries two belts around like he owns them both. Weakness has no place in the new WZCW under the lead of Vis Imperium. Mark my words.

Smirking Abel turns back to Noah who is slowly getting to his feet and picks him walks over to his corner before getting him in position for a Tombstone Piledriver as Constantine tags himself in and climbs onto the second rope before jumping off as they send Ryder head first into the mat with Constantine going for the pin immediately.
Constantine: Where is it going, Leon? Isn't it obvious!? By the end of Unscripted 2016, Vis Imperium will be in a position of control that no one will be able to contend with. You have already seen a demonstration of our power as Austin Reynolds has managed to find his way into the Elite Openweight Championship match. And, having spoke to Becky a moment ago, I can officially announce that Abel Hunnicutt and I will challenge Justin Cooper for the Tag Team Championships at Unscripted 2016.

Klamor: At Unscripted Vis Imperium were due to face Justin Cooper for the tag team titles.

Cooper begins taunting Vis Imperium who are trying to recover on the floor while the fans begin cheering his underdog actions. Vis Imperium eventually gets to their feet and Holmes calms down both Constantine and Abel who are furious and feel embarrassed. Holmes tells Abel and Constantine to relax and corner the ring and they do just that trapping Cooper inside. Holmes begins to slowly get on the apron as Constantine and Abel do the same on the other aprons. Cooper quickly realizes the predicament he’s in and things are not looking good for him. Sinister looks develop on the faces of Vis Imperium as they stand on the apron. Before they can enter the ring however the lights go off…

The lights come back and single spotlight shines in the ring. No Cooper to be seen but instead it’s someone else….Mark Keaton! Fans begin to cheer wildly as Keaton has an electric guitar with him and begins delivering a solo that stops Vis Imperium dead in their tracks! All three men are confused as to what’s happening and Keaton finishes off his solo to a massive ovation.

Keaton is climbing high to the top as Cooper is struggling to get Abel up and put him in position for Dysfunctionality! But at the last possible second Constantine nails Cooper in the head with Keaton’s guitar! Cooper falls to the floor busted wide open! Keaton is too high in the air to help and Constantine shoves the ladder and Keaton falls twenty feet to the floor through a table on the outside! Constantine yells at Abel to wake up and big man is just barely to get to his feet and put himself and Cooper on the two tables. Constantine gets to the top rope as Abel gets Cooper in tombstone position! Constantine leaps off the top and Vis Imperium nails the Spike Piledriver through two tables!

Harrys: And here are your winners, AND NEEEWWW WZCW World tag team champions! VIS IMPERIUM!
Eve grabs the ladder and climbs to the top, Reynolds still clinging to the title. She leaps at Reynolds, and knocks him down, but the title is still in his grasp. Austin Reynolds is the new Elite Openweight Champion!

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and the new WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Austin Reynolds!
Klamor: At Ascension Anarchy Mark Keaton made a stab at taking down the new Elite Openweight Championship.

Keaton raises Reynolds up and hits a couple of more jabs. He hammerlocks Reynolds and sets him up for the VHS Lariat but Reynolds crosses his leg blocking the move. Keaton hits a couple of knees to the leg in order to get it out of the way but Reynolds uses the chance and Reverse Hip Tosses Keaton off himself. Keaton gets back up quickly and goes for Reynolds but he is immediately swept off his feet with a Chop Block. Right away, Reynolds grabs the legs and hooks the Silence. He clinches back, folding the back of his challenger who stretches as far as he can for the ropes but they are too far away. The pain becoming unbearable, Keaton has no choice but to accept defeat.
Klamor: Defeat for Keaton allowed the pairing to be inspired to level the playing field. Logan McAllister proving a trusty ally and one who opted to take on Reynolds rather than the Hall of Famer Titus Avison as part of his Elite/EurAsian title shot. This was Ascension 110.

Logan: Yada, yada, yada! Listen, Steve, I'm gonna make this one short and sweet for you to undahstand. Tonight, me and your boy, Austin Reynolds, are gonna go one on one in the middle of the ring. You may have had a hand in our last match not getting off the ground. But that ain't gonna be the case tonight. Tonight, I get my chance at Austin Reynolds and that Elite Openweight Championship. And when I am done with Austin, and I'm raising the Championship above my head to send Ascension off the air, your numbahs will count for nothing.

Logan starts to come about and slowly gets back to his feet, he takes a limp step but stands upright now, grabbing Austin and pulling him up. He attempts to go for the Boston Massacre but Austin uses the momentum and Floats Over into a standing position with a front facelock. He underhooks an arm going for End Of but Logan hits Austin in the gut and gets out. He charges Logan across and bumps into the referee who is knocked against the corner. Sensing the opportunity as the referee is stunned by the blow, Austin kicks Logan low. He follows it up with the End Of, dropping Logan on the top of his head. Austin follows it up locking on the Silence. He pulls the leg, putting the pressure on the back and the bad leg. Logan has no choice but to tap out.

Austin takes his title as the referee presents it to him. Costantine, Abel Hunnicutt and Steven Holmes all walk down to the ring to celebrate with their retaining associate. All four stand with their arms raised as Logan staggers, clutching him pained parts. The group then turns around and begins to stomp on him. The referee tries to stop it but Abel stand in front of him prompting him to back away.

They continue to attack but Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper dash down to the ring. Steven Holmes gets out right away with help of Abel as a big brawl breaks out between the two parties. Constantine and Austin get out of the ring mocking the men inside as they regroup outside. Cooper and Keaton help Logan as they stare at their adversaries.
Klamor: Meltdown 134 saw Constantine and Logan face each other.

Constantine sends Logan into the opposite corner and strikes with a hard forearm. Logan stumbles forward, Constantine tells the referee to get in position and he lifts Logan up for the Collateral Damage! Constantine falls into the cover, placing a forearm on Logan’s face and doesn’t even hook the leg. 1... 2... 3!

Harrys: Here is your winner, Constantine!

The match is over but Vis Imperium are not finished with Logan McAllister just yet. On the outside of the ring Abel Hunnicutt begins rip the announce desk apart. Austin Reynolds slides into the ring and shoves the Elite Openweight Championship into McAllister’s face and screams “You wanted to take this from me? This is as close as you’re ever going to get!” He kicks Logan in the back and then rolls him to the outside. Constantine shoves past the official and exits the ring, helping clear the way and ordering the ring crew to get out of the way for Vis Imperium.

Mark Keaton comes sprinting down the entrance ramp, tossing his leather jacket into the crowd as he slides into the ring and then dives over the top rope! Keaton crashes down onto Constantine and Reynolds, all three men are down. Gingerly running, closer to a fast walk, is Justin Cooper but he’s got a steel chair! He meets Steven Holmes at ringside and slams the chair into his side! Holmes stumbles away as Cooper swings the chair at Hunnicutt! The chair smacks his arm but the monster doesn’t move. Cooper swings again but Hunnicutt grabs the chair and throws it into the crowd.

Reynolds rolls to the outside of the ring, holding his head. His championship remains in the ring and Logan McAllister picks it up and holds it high above his heads to the applause of the crowd. Reynolds retreats to the top of the entrance ramp and is furious, yelling that’s his damn title. McAllister clutches his mid-section and leans over the top rope with the Elite Openweight Championship in his hand as Cooper and Keaton stand on the second rope in opposite corners, signalling they are coming for the tag team titles.
Klamor: Keaton took on Abel and Reynolds took on Cooper at Ascension 111.

Keaton wastes no more time and tries to pull Abel up but has difficulty with the larger body. He quickly goes for the Very Rude Awakening and turns Abel over but Abel gets out of it. Keaton charges but Abel twists him overhead and hits him with the World's End and makes the cover. 1......... 2........... 3!

Here is your winner, one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Abel Hunnicutt!!
The hold is broken and Reynolds stumbles away from Cooper, who reaches for the ropes and pulls himself off the ground. Reynolds rubs his jaw, shocked that Cooper had some fight left in him and returns to finish the job. Unfortunately for him, Cooper is not done and meets him with Your Final Verse! No - Reynolds delivers some quick elbows to break the hold and save the match. It would have been over. Cooper is dazed but manages to grab hold of Austin’s wrist as he falls backwards. Both men are looking for that one big shot and with Cooper holding his wrist, Reynolds yanks him forward and kicks him in the stomach. This forces Cooper to bend over but he’s still got wrist control. Reynolds doesn’t seem worried and hooks the head before lifting Cooper up - End Of! Wait, Cooper twists the arm and is able to slip out behind Reynolds. With the wrist still in his grasp, Cooper spins Reynolds around and nearly takes his head off with a thunderous lariat - Remix! The crowd goes ballistic as Cooper falls into the cover. 1... 2... 3!

Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, Justin Cooper!
Klamor: This stopped Reynolds going 3-0 against the team in successive weeks. With each member trading wins tonight will be chaos. The true winners will be the WZCW Universe. Thanks Seabass.

Copeland: Thanks Jonny.

Harrys: The following match is an elimination match and it is a winner takes all match for the Tag Team and Elite Openweight titles.

The crowd cheers.

Harrys: Making his way down to the ring, being accompanied by Brittany from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

Brittany skips down the ring as the all too familiar red and blue lights flicker. Logan steps out to a huge cheer but waits.

Connor: This is potentially the biggest match of his life.

The crowd’s attention turns to the titantron as “RMK” appears on the screen. The lights dim and a spotlight shines down onto the entrance ramp revealing Mark Keaton. He is soon joined by Justin Cooper and both men move towards centre stage, with Keaton getting there first causing Cooper to clench his fist.

Logan joins behind them as they make their way to the ring. Cooper and Keaton arguing about something.

Harrys: Introducing his tag team partners, at a combined weight of 435 pounds, Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton, they are Cooper and Keaton!

Copeland: The former champions will surely want those belts back.

Cooper is talking to the team as Logan seems to be intently listening, Keaton on the other hand is trying to take take charge. Both Cooper and Keaton are pointing at each other as if to say who will be in the ring first.

Connor: This is not a good way to start.

Cohen: Oh it's the perfect way to start Cat.

As Verdi begins, lights begin flickering through the infinite darkness of the blackened arena. As the music begins to settle, Austin Reynolds makes his modest appearance, his head bowed and silent. As the music picks up once more, Constantine appears through the curtain. He stretches his arms out to his sides as the music continues; the drums crashing like thunder through the lightning. Abel then appears. They make their way slowly to the ring.

Harrys: And their opponents at a combined weight of 722 pounds. They are the Elite Openweight champion Austin Reynolds and the Tag Team champions Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt. They are Vis Imperium.

Copeland: Still no Steven Holmes either.

Cohen: He has bigger fish to fry. Austin to start for Vis Imperium.

Connor: Still not sure who it is for the opponents.

Cooper begins to shout at Keaton with Logan persuading Keaton to get out. The bell is rung as Keaton is still arguing with Cooper about starting. Cooper turns round to tell him to calm down but Austin Reynolds rolls him up. Keith Morse calls the pin. 1...2...3!

Connor: Holy!

Cohen: Yes! Advantage already, they have lost their captain and leader within 10 seconds. Vis Imperium are on top.

Copeland: Stupid by Keaton, stupid by Cooper.

Harrys: Justin Cooper has been eliminated.

Cooper rolls out of the ring, furious at Keaton but Keaton steps in. Reynolds with a laugh turns round and tags one half of the tag team champions, Abel Hunnicutt. Hunnicutt. looking down as the 6'3 Keaton looks up for one of the few times in his life.

Keaton smirks in a very cocky way as Abel looks intently. Cooper is shouting from outside the ring “Don't underestimate him” to which Mark replies “Oh yeah, some good that did you”.

Copeland: They need to get their head in the game or this is going to be a very easy win for the champions.

Keaton pushes Abel but Hunnicutt. doesn't even move. He steps back for a bit more distance and pushes again, there's still no movement from the monster. “WHAT YOU DOING? GO FOR HIS KNEE” the shout of Justin Cooper from outside can be heard around the arena. The crowd don't know what to make of it as Keaton runs, bounces of the rope to get more leverage and goes for a shoulder charge on Abel. Hunnicutt, this time, moves backwards but there's not much movement at all. Abel grabs Keaton and hits the Superiority Complex.

Abel goes for the cover by placing his foot on Keaton's chest but he then removes the foot before a 2 count can be heard.

Cohen: Clever by Abel there, Keaton has a cocky attitude and that will bring him down a peg or two.

Connor: Yet Cooper is still furious outside the ring.

That he is, banging his fist on the mat. Abel grabs Keaton and throws Keaton in the corner. He tags in Reynolds who delivers some swift punches to the face of the remarkable one. Reynolds tags in Constantine and he does the same. The crowd begin booing loudly and Logan McAllister in the other corner tries to enter to save his team-mate but Keith Morse puts a stop to this. With the referee stopping Logan this allows all three Vis Imperium members to deliver punches and kicks to Keaton.

Abel Hunnicutt is now once again the legal man. This has really woke the crowd up as cheers of Logan and Keaton can be heard. Keaton looks out of it as Hunnicutt takes him to the middle of the ring. Hunnicutt delivers the World’s End at the same time Reynolds has climbed the top rope.

Connor: Surely this is game over, it looks like they're going for the Elimination to give another elimination to their opponents.

Cohen: Perfect, hard to come back from two men down.

Copeland: Wait.

Justin Cooper has ran round the ring on the outside and has pulled Constantine by the legs causing him to smack his head on the mat. In the ensuing chaos Cooper has climbed the edge of the ring and pushed Reynolds off. Abel is still the legal man and is watching what happens on the outside. Constantine and Reynolds lead a double beat down on Cooper and Abel takes it in. Behind that Keaton has somehow made it to the other corner and tagged in Logan McAllister.

Cohen: The cheats! That should have been a further advantage.

Keaton, now with a bit more energy, runs to help his teem mate as the four men fight outside the ring. Referee Keith Morse orders Cooper and Keaton back to the other corner which stops Constantine and Reynolds. Vis Imperium are back in the corner whilst Cooper is returned. Keaton drops down to have a chat with him as they shake hands.

Whilst this is going on Abel and Logan are fighting in the ring. Abel starts with an Irish whip to the turnbuckle top right from camera. Logan is hit with some force and the camera shows Hayden in the crowd looking quite shocked at this. Another Irish whip hits the other corner and Logan steps back right into another Superiority Complex. Brittany can be heard screaming support for Logan and the crowd join in.

Abel goes for the pin. 1...2 kick out at 2.

Connor: Good kick out.

Copeland: I thought it would be carnage before the match, but now I can see why. Hogan’s kid is there for goodness sake.

Cohen: What did he expect to see? He should be used to this by now.

Abel goes to his team-mates but they persuade him to stay in the ring to finish him off. Logan now to his feet goes to tag Keaton. Keaton gets a punch to Abel who is feeling slightly weakened. Keaton hits again and Hunnicutt falls back. Just as before Keaton bounces off the ropes and delivers a drop-kick to Abel. Abel collapses as a heap on the floor.

You can hear Hayden in the crowd shouting “McAllisault” and the crowd join in. Keaton tags in Logan who goes straight to the top rope and with perfect execution delivers it on the body of Abel. He goes for the cover. 1...Reynolds runs in...2...but Keaton rushes over and knocks Reynolds flying...3!

Cohen: Cheating again, Keaton rushed the ring!

Connor: To stop Reynolds.

Copeland: That's it two men each. Hayden and Brittany look happy there.

Harrys: Abel Hunnicutt has been eliminated.

Logan jumps for joy and goes in the corner but Abel Hunnicutt has now made his way to his feet. He is furious and begins to attack Logan. Cooper rushes the ring as does Keaton. Reynolds and Constantine join in and it's absolute mayhem. Keith Morse is going crazy at them and forces himself in the middle. He forces the two teams to the corner which they do eventually.

The referee goes to the ring rope and whispers to Truman Harrys.

Harrys: Referee Keith Morse has announced that in order to prevent a blood bath once someone is eliminated they must head to the back. To make things fair Brittany is also banned from ringside, however she can join Hayden McAllister in the crowd.

The crowd boo at this as Cooper and Hunnicutt make their way to the back. Security are stood between them to stop fighting and

Connor: Order has been restored.

Cohen: Looks like Constantine in for Vis Imperium and he looks furious.

John Constantine in the ring as Logan is still in there. Logan is punched to the chest as he returns a punch to the Power Trip. Constantine then head-butts McAllister as the man from Boston falls to the mat. Constantine uses this as a perfect opportunity to deliver some Recompense to Logan. The mounted punches hitting him urge the crowd to chant for Logan once more.

Constantine seems further infuriated by this as he delivers more and more to the face and body of Logan. He eventually stands up after Keith Morse breaks it up. He is moved away from Logan as Keaton is tagged in. Constantine tags in Austin Reynolds.

Copeland: Breathing space for Logan but it seems like Vis Imperium are at an advantage here.

We are met by Reynolds and Keaton pacing each other round the ring. Who will attack first? It's the Elite Openweight champion who kicks Keaton in the back of the legs. Keaton drops to his knees as Austin goes to give a kick to the head. Keaton ducks this and jumps back up whilst delivering a windmill headbanging uppercut to the champion.

The crowd goes wild as Keaton has been rejuvenated and gives a lot of swift punches to Reynolds. The crowd buy into this. In the corner Logan McAllister is clapping to get the crowd to join in. Constantine though has had enough of this and goes to help Reynolds but Morse goes to force Constantine in the corner. This allows an eye-rake from Keaton as the crowd are really into this now.

Cohen: It seems like the referee has an agenda here.

Connor: Oh shut it you, Vis Imperium are throwing everything here.

Copeland: Yet it's having the opposite effect. When they strike the crowd act as an extra man for their opponents.

The eye rake annoys Reynolds who out of nowhere is able to deliver a few chop blocks and a swinging neck breaker. Keaton is out on the mat and Reynolds brings him to the corner where Constantine is. A few stomps keep him down as Reynolds is able to connect a Figure four around the ring post. Keaton is screaming in pain as we cut backstage and see Cooper shouting at the monitor for Keaton to get up. The move is still kept in and Keaton is in great pain. He looks like he's going to tap as his hands hit the mat but they also hit the rope.

Cohen: Tap!

Connor: I don't think it is, he grabbed the rope first.

The referee calls for a rope break and Keaton makes his way to tag in Logan McAllister. Reynolds is back up and tags Constantine. Austin stays in the ring and picks up McAllister somehow. He and Constantine give the Eradication and Logan is flat out. Reynolds exits the ring as Constantine picks up Logan.

The camera shows Hayden and Brittany, she holds Hayden in for a hug knowing what's coming next. The Collateral Damage by Constantine on Logan causes shocks round the crowd. Hayden is crying but Constantine goes for the pin. 1...2...3.

Copeland: That's Logan McAllister eliminated.

Cohen: Vis Imperium are in charge and it's taken the wind out of the sails of the crowd.

Connor: Hayden and Brittany look heartbroken but we're back to business.

Harrys: Logan McAllister has been eliminated

Logan heads to the back as Keaton has to face the gauntlet of John Constantine and Austin Reynolds. Keaton enters the ring as Constantine laughs. Keaton is still exhausted after the figure four but goes for a punch to the Power Trip. It's weak and he misses. Constantine grabs Keaton and throws him in the corner where Reynolds is. This impressive feat of strength makes Keaton collapse in the corner.

Constantine punches Keaton 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9 and he tags in Reynolds who does the same 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9 and tags Constantine in again. Constantine goes for a punch as Keaton ducks in. Keaton moves out the way and rushes to the other corner with the last bit of energy he has. His hand stretched out for a tag.

Cohen: That idiot doesn't even know he's the last man of his team left.

Constantine laughs as he makes his way and picks up Keaton. Constantine picks him up for The Axis but changes his mind. He goes for the Flapjack and rolls Keaton over into a single leg Boston Crab! Backstage we see Cooper, now joined by Logan, screaming at the monitor.

Copeland: One of Justin Cooper's signature moves, used on his tag team partner.

Cohen: That and it has the Boston link. It's absolute genius by John Constantine who is getting into the mind of Keaton!

This is kept in and Keaton is in sheer pain. Keaton almost looks passed out but the crowd is chanting for the Remarkable one. Keith Morse drops to his knee to see if Keaton is OK. He picks up Keaton's arm and it drops to the mat. He does it again and it drops to the mat. The crowd chant louder and Morse does it again. The arm stops from hitting the mat as it lifts up.

Keaton has some energy and goes for the rope, he somehow manages it as Morse forces the break up. Constantine is not happy as he was pretty sure the third arm lift dropped to the mat. Morse is pointing out it was up and the crowd boo Constantine. Out of nowhere Keaton rolls him up. Morse is quick with the count. 1..2..3.

Copeland: He somehow did it. Mark Keaton has eliminated Constantine.

Cohen: He should be out, that's twice he was out with a submission move. Did you see that Cat?

Connor: Constantine should have been alert. He lost the pin in a similar way to Justin Cooper. A rare lapse in judgement for the tag team champion.

Harrys: John Constantine has been eliminated.

It's now the Elite Openweight champion and Remarkable Mark Keaton. The former tag team champion and The Former Ratings Winner. Punches are exchange. The crowd chant.

**Yay**Boo**Yay**Boo****Yay**Boo**Yay**Boo****Yay* *Boo**Yay**Boo**

Keaton delivers a hard blow as Reynolds is knocked onto the mat. Keaton goes for a single leg Boston crab on Reynolds but Reynolds pushes Keaton away. Reynolds rolls out the ring and the crowd boos.

Cohen: Smart, very smart.

Keaton uses the opportunity to get a breath himself as Keith Morse begins to count Reynolds out. 1...2..Keaton gets out the ring and hits Reynolds..3..Reynolds returns the punch..4..Austin then grabs Mark's head and hits it off the barrier..5..He then grabs Keaton and smashes him into the ring post...6...somehow Keaton skips the ring post but smashes into the barrier..7..Reynolds heads back in the ring..8..Keaton stumbles in front of the announcer table and looks at them.

Copeland: Get back in you fool!

Cohen: Take a breath for a minute Keaton.

9...Keaton manages to turn and rush to the ring before the 10 count.

Connor: Far too close there.

Reynolds is furious and signals for the “End of” the crowd boo as Keaton turns around right into it. Reynolds manages to pick up Mark Keaton and Keaton somehow reverses it! A kick to the midsection allows a standing drop-kick to Reynolds.

Reynolds stumbles back and Keaton hits it. A VERY RUDE AWAKENING. He covers. 1...2...

Copeland: Surely not?

Cohen: No?!

3! Keith Morse rings the bell and there is utter chaos. Cooper and Logan run down to ringside, Reynolds is sent to the back. The crowd go nuts, Hayden and Brittany rush into the ring. Brittany and Logan kiss and the belts are awarded.

Connor: They have done it!

Harrys: Here are your winners and NEW WZCW Tag Team Champions, Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton and the NEW WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Logan McAllister!

Copeland: What a great start to the PPV!

Cohen: Is it heck! Vis Imperium have lost the belts! This is an outrage!

The celebrations continue in ring with Cooper looking pleased. Keaton is milking it for what it is and Logan is overjoyed. They raise their hands as a unit and head up the ramp to the back. The crowd are going crazy for this win.

Cohen: They make me sick.
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We transition to the backstage area where Stacey Madison is hurrying down a hallway with a microphone in hand. In the distance we hear some voices and the camera spins around to show Justin Cooper, Mark Keaton and Logan McAllister walking through the curtain. All three men have a championship slung over their shoulder, Cooper and Keaton with the Tag Team Championships and McAllister with the Elite Openweight Championship.

Stacey Madison: Gentlemen, may I have a word about your victory tonight?

The three newly crowned champions exchange a look and Cooper gives a nod of approval, his eyes then turning toward Mark Keaton.

Justin Cooper: I think if anybody should talk about what happened out there it should be the guy standing next to me. Mark, go for it.

Keaton steps forward and wipes his forehead as sweat drips down.

Mark Keaton: What you got for me, Stacey? Where are the hard hitting questions? Can we beat Vis Imperium? Do we stand a chance against Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt? Those aren’t hard hitting questions, those are dumb questions. I told every last week that we would win, I spoiled the entire match and yet you, the media, doubted that we even stood a chance.

He pushes the tag title toward Stacey.

Mark Keaton: You see this? This is what we did tonight. This is what I took from Vis Imperium for payback after they got lucky at Unscripted. I beat two men by myself. You might get this team down to one man but we’re that damn good that we still win. We don’t even need a full team. We’re the two time WZCW Tag Team Champions! You count on one hand the number of teams to achieve that. That puts us in the elite class and right up for greatest tag team of all time, baby!

Keaton steps back and places the championship over his shoulder again. Stacey moves towards McAllister and extends the microphone; McAllister looking proudly down at his championship.

Stacey Madison: Logan, it’s your first ever championship. How does it feel?

Logan McAllister: The words ah hahd to find. I made a promise to my son that I’d bring home the Elite Openweight Championship and tonight I get to do that. Seeing him out there was the fuel I needed to take that next step. He’s already asking to borrow the title to show his friends. It’s just a dream come true for the whole family. It’s been a great night and can only get bettah.

Stacey looks over towards Justin Cooper and approaches him.

Stacey Madison: Justin, not exactly the most impressive performance out there. How will that play in the back of your mind going into the Lethal Lottery?

Cooper smirks taps both Keaton and McAllister on the shoulder.

Justin Cooper: You’re right. I didn’t perform how I would have liked but I believed in this team. I believed in these two guys and looked what happened. We took down the biggest, strongest and most feared group in professional wrestling today. As for the Lottery, it’s all up in the air. Enemies become friends and friends become enemies. I doubt I’ll be drawing much attention from people are barely lasting thirty seconds out there tonight. I’m just happy to be one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions again.

Mark Keaton: I got your back, buddy. It’s the family man you’ve got to watch out for. We got him his prize and watch him stick a knife in our back. Typically for people from Boston.

McAllister turns around and is visibly annoyed.

Logan McAllister: Excuse me? You didn’t win anything for me. I did my paht and you wouldn’t have even made it to the end if not for me.

Mark Keaton: Sure, you really did a lot out there. I carried this team and you were just in the right place at the right time. You lucked out by being put with the greatest tag team of all time. Know your spot and be thankful for that belt on your shoulder, baby!

McAllister and Keaton continue to argue back and forth; Cooper walks away leaving the chaos, title in hand, and gives Stacey a thankful tap on the shoulder for her work tonight.
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Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the EurAsian championship.

Harrys gets on the mic and implores fans to be as quiet as possible only leading to them being more riled up. They know exactly whatís about to happen and refuse to be silenced. Harrys continues to get them to quiet down but to no avail. Surprisingly Xander Lebelle doesnít take too much more time waiting as he appears on stage with a cigar in his mouth looking very confident in his current situation.

Harrys: Introducing first, "The World's Greatest Mind" Xander LeBelle!

Connor: Lebelle seems to be as cocky as ever.

Cohen: Why wouldnít he be? He pinned the EurAsian champion and is the smartest man in this match, his confidence is through the roof.

Copeland: Xander does seem to be the one who has everything figured out in this match. Letís see if he can use that momentum to gain his first singles championship here tonight.

Lebelle slowly walks down the ramp and puts his cigar out right before he enters the ring. The crowd boos as he continues to take forever be done with his entrance. Eventually itís cut off by the next competitor.

A brief cheer is displayed by the crowd at the interruption of Lebelle until they realize who is coming out next. Mancini appears onstage with his bodyguard Gino behind them and the crowd quickly turns to jeers and boos. The Italian Stallion reciprocates with hand gestures that cannot be shown on screen. He quickly makes his way down the ramp and to the ring as he is eager to start the match and in his eyes win.

Harrys: And his opponent, from Little Italy, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds... The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

Cohen: Tonight could truly be a Cinderella story for Mancini tonight.

Copeland: Heís sprung up the card like no one thought he would.

Connor: Letís see if he has what it takes to truly get to the next level.

The crowd erupts out of their seats as the former World championís theme is heard. This annoys Mancini greatly as Blackjack Theron appears onstage walking out in his signature trench coat with prop sword. He rolls his D20 and looks dead in the eyes of Mancini and Lebelle before making his way down the ramp and entering the ring. He strikes a pose on the turnbuckle before turning his attention back to his opponents.

Harrys: And their opponent, from Stephenville, Texas, "The Natural 21", Blackjack Theron!

Copeland: It seems as though Theron has always been a step behind his goals as of late but he seems as determined as ever to win the EurAsian title tonight.

Cohen: Iíll believe it when I see it, last time we saw this man he was laid out by Mancini of all people.

Connor: Theron has beaten the odds before, Iíll never count him out.

All three men take their eyes off each other as their focus is sent towards the entrance ramp as the EurAsian champion enters the stage. The crowd boos him but the WZCW legend does not pay them any attention. He realizes how important this match is and he only unstraps the belt from around his waist and holds it high in the air as he saunters down the ramp. He cautiously enters the ring as his opponents watch him like a hawk. He lets out one smirk toward each of them as he realizes things are about to get nasty.

Harrys: And their opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the EurAsian champion Titus Avison!

Connor: The odds are not in the championís favor tonight.

Cohen: If there is anyone who is overcoming odds tonight then itís definitely Titus.

Copeland: You said that on Meltdown and he fell victim to those very odds.

Cohen: I didnít say he was going to win Seabass, pay attention.

The bell rings and right as Theron attempts to make a move towards Titus Mancini blindsides him and forces him into a corner and begins pounding away on him. Gino charges as Titus but he pulls down the bottom rope sending the bodyguard barrelling to the outside. Lebelle then quickly goes for a rollup that Titus gets out of before a one count is even made. The two devious competitors begin trading shots in the middle of the ring while Theron begins fighting back from Manciniís onslaught. Theron throws Mancini in the corner and begins throwing right hands stunning Mancini. Tony is eventually able to shove Theron backwards and right in the middle of Lebelle and Titusí scuffle. Mancini then charges at all three men but Theron ducks and Titus and Lebelle fall victim to a double clothesline from Mancini. Theron then follows up with a hurricanrana to Mancini. Out of the corner of his eye Theron sees Gino recovering on the outside and proceeds to hit a diving moonsault taking him out!

Copeland: Theron taking control of the match very early on.

Theron quickly gets back in the ring and turns his attention to Titus and goes a cover but he kicks out at one. Theron picks Titus up tries to Irish whip him into the corner but the champ reverses sending Theron towards the turnbuckle. The agile competitor is able to hop on top of the turnbuckle, quickly turn around, and dive off for a missile dropkick! As Theron comes down however Titus is able to get out of the way and Theron nails Lebelle square in the face causing him to roll outside the ring. Titus then capitalizes with a DDT on Theron. Before the champ can even go for a pin Mancini interrupts and hits a German suplex on Titus. Mancini then deadlifts Theron and hits another German suplex. Mancini hooks the leg on Theron and only gets a two count. Mancini then begins to look at his surroundings and carefully begins to think about what he should do next. He sees Lebelle stirring on the outside and quickly slides under the bottom rope and hits a belly to belly suplex on Lebelle on the floor! Xander yells in pain because of the impact. The crowd oohs as the sound and thud of Lebelleís body hitting the floor. Mancini enters the ring and begins to size up Titus and Theron for the Il Siluro Italiano. Heís seemingly waiting to see whoever gets to their feet first. Titus seems to be getting to his feet first so Mancini turns his attention squarely towards him. As Titus begins to turn around Mancini charges at him but Titus follows up with a spinning heel kick taking Mancini down. Mancini attempts to pop back up but Theron meets him with a Northern lights suplex. Theron attempts to go for the cover but Titus quickly pulls him off the cover and the two begins trading shots in the middle of the ring. Theron eventually gets the upperhand until Titus knees him in the gut stopping his momentum. Titus then tries to go for the Tit-drop but Theron reverses and catches him in the powerbomb position. Lebelle then gets back behind them and shoves them toward the ropes. Titus grabs the top rope and does a hurricanrana sending Theron outside to the floor. Titus is on his knees on the apron and Lebelle delivers a vicious knee smash to Titusí face sending him to the floor. Xander then turns his attention to Mancini and delivers a snap DDT to Mancini and goes for the pin 1...2Ö.Mancini kicks out!

Cohen: Xander now in control just as I knew he would.

Xander is still favoring his back and he looks less calm and collected than weíve seen him before and more so irritated. Xander begins to deliver elbows to the back of Manciniís head. Gino is now back on his feet and yelling at the referee to tell Xander ease up on Tony. Xander notices this and then proceeds to deliver even more elbows to Tonyís head. Thereís nothing the ref can do as the match is no disqualification. Gino eventually gets in the ring to help Tony and Xander exits the other side just as the bodyguard gets in the ring. Gino then exits the ring and begins chasing Xander. The two men go all the way around ring until Xander enters the ring and Mancini goes for a clothesline attempting to take out Xander but he ducks and hits Gino off the apron instead. Mancini then turns around straight into a big boot from Xander he goes for the cover 1...2Ö.Theron breaks it up! Theron tries to go for the Critical Hit but Xander reverses it into a sleeper hold. Theron backs him up into the corner but Xander refuses to let go of the sleeper hold. Theron tries to fight out of it but Xander still has it locked in tight. Mancini then comes out of nowhere with the Il Siluro Italiano in the corner! Both Xander and Theron are squashed but Mancini doesnít let them move he uses his strength to put them both on the top turnbuckle. He gets up there with him as well and looks to hit a belly to belly suplex. Titus slides in the ring however and delivers a punch Mancini balls! Mancini hasnít let go of his grasp however and Titus pulls him down causing Theron and Xander to be flipped off the top rope and crashing down to the middle of the ring!

Copeland: Titus delivered a low blow and Mancini still proceeded to hit a double belly to belly suplex!!

Connor: This match might just be Titusí for the taking!

Titus goes for the pin on Mancini! 1...2...Gino puts Manciniís foot on the ropes! The ref didnít see it and Titus is perplexed that he kicked out! Titus then looks to Gino and begins to put two and two together. He becomes infuriated and then grabs Mancini and viciously chucks him shoulder first into the steel ringpost. He then goes to Theron and covers him 1...2...Theron kicks out! Titus yells in frustration and goes for the pin on Xander 1...2Ö.Gino pulls the ref out of the ring! Titus is frustrated beyond belief and attempts to exit the ring to take care of Gino but Theron turns him around and hits a Critical Hit! Theron then dives out onto Gino! He tells the ref to get into the ring. Just as he gets to make the cover Xander throws Theron outside the ring. Xander goes for the pin on Titus! 1Ö.2Ö.Thr-Mancini breaks up the pin! All men are down and hurt with the crowd clapping for their approval and enjoyment. Mancini is the first to get to his feet and attempts to Xander in position for a sitout powerbomb. He tries to lift him up but his shoulder is still hurt from before causing Xander to slip out and deliver a kick to Manciniís shin. The Italian Stallion falls down to one knee and Xander bounces off the ropes looking to hit the Curb stomp but Mancini uses one last gasp of strength to power him into the air nails the sitout power bomb!

Cohen: Oh my god he might do itÖ.

Mancini goes for the cover! 1...2Ö.Xander KICKS OUT! Mancini canít believe it! He asks the ref if there was some kind of mistake but the ref assures him there was not. Mancini goes to the corner and looks to hit the Il Siluro Italiano one more time. Xander is barely to his feet and Mancini charges for the Gore but Theron comes out of nowhere with the Critical Hit! Mancini is down. Gino comes into save Tony and nails Theron with a shoulder block! Titus then hits Gino with the Tit Drop! Xander then nails Titus with the curb stomp! The champís head bounces off the canvas and he falls right on top of Mancini! Before Xander can go for the cover however Theron nails one last Critical Hit on Xander! He struggles to crawl over for the pin and he does the ref counts 1...2Ö.3!!!

The ref quickly calls for the bell and goes to the announcer and grabs the Eurasian title.

Harrys: Your winnerÖ..and STILL the EurAsian champion, Titus Avision!!!!

Copeland: What?!!!

Connor: How?!!!

Cohen: Even Iím a little confused.

The instant replayed is checked and it seems after Xander hit the curbstomp Titus bounced right on top of a laid out Mancini. The ref noticed and made the cover just a second before Theron draped his arm over Xander. Theron is dejected at the news and Titus barely conscious as his arm is raised and championship draped over his body. All four men are on the ground and the crowd boos as the announcement. Titus eventually comes to and despite being in pain delivers a devious smirk to a fatigued Theron before sliding out of the ring and being helped up the ramp.

Cohen: Well I told you, if there was any man going to overcome the odds tonight it was Titus.

Connor: You have to feel for Theron though, luck just wasnít on his side tonight.

Copeland: Something tells me this isnít the last weíve seen of Theronís title hunt.
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The camera goes backstage to see Garth Black walking down a hallway with his World Title around his waist. He stops when he meets Mr. Banks just down the hall from his office.

Black: You wanted to see me?

Banks: I have an announcement to make as soon as he gets here.

On cue, Mikey Stormrage makes his way into view, eating a doughnut.

Stormrage: 'Sup boss?

Garth Black visibly rolls his eyes.

Banks: As you saw earlier, James Howard had to retire from active competition. That leaves an open spot in the Lethal Lottery.

Stormrage: And? I'm more concerned that Black's goons are still running roughshod over the company.

Black: I have nothing to do with them, I've already told you. Or do you have too much lard in your ears to hear?

Angered, Mikey throws his half eaten doughnut at Black. Black shoves him back and the two almost come to blows, until Mr. Banks steps between them.

Banks: Enough! You are both talented superstars. So with Howard out I have decided that the loser of the World Title match will enter the Lottery. Unless of course, the two of you can't agree to keep your hands off each other until our match. In which case both of you will be suspended. Do you understand?

Both men nod as they back away from each other.

Banks: Good. Now if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to in my office.

Banks walks back to his office, but when he opens to door he finds the room to be completely trashed. On the wall, in fresh spray paint, are the words "They Will All Know." Banks quickly calls for security.
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The cameras shift to the parking lot where a black limousine pulls up and the camera traces along the outside. The windows are tinted black so we can’t see anything but then the door opens and the camera only shows the feet of the mystery competitor.

Copeland: Lethal Lottery is a time when anything is possible and you never know who is going to show up. It appears we have one of those mystery competitors showing up right now.

Cohen: These fans should count themselves lucky that Lethal Lottery is able to draw in returning superstars or fresh new faces looking to make a name for themselves. It truly is a night when you just don’t know what is coming next.

Connor: The countdown will begin and it could be a former champion, a competitor who is new to the company, a legend or a talent that is seeking to achieve greater success than they had previously. It can all change and Lethal Lottery is full of surprises.

The mystery competitor continues to walk through the parking lot and we hear some of the workers cheer or scream out in shock when they see the competitor. No names are dropped but many of them are super excited.

Copeland: I don’t know who this competitor is but they’re making a scene backstage. Be sure to look out during the Lethal Lottery and you will see some surprises for sure.

Cohen: Of course, Seabass. I don’t know who this competitor is but I’m excited to find out.

Connor: We are approaching that time when we will decide the number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship at Kingdom Come VIII but we’ve still got one more match before that. It’s coming up next, Garth Black defends the most prestigious title in professional wrestling against former champion Mikey Stormrage!
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Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to find out the first piece of the main event of Kingdom Come. And to do that, the World Heavyweight Championship, the top prize in pro wrestling, shall be disputed.

Mikey Stormrage makes his way down the aisle fist bumping fans as he makes his way down, a somewhat mixed reaction as some support his opponent. That doesn't stop him as he strolls to the ring and inside, poses on the turnbuckles.

Connor: It's rare for World Champions to lose their title's and win them back on the immediate rematch but that's Mikey Stormrage's goal as he looks to headline his first Kingdom Come.

Cohen: Well, dreaming is nice. But the odds tell reality. My bet is on Garth Black.

Garth Black is next to walk down the aisle. Recieving a mix of support and booing from the crowd, he pays no attention though. He pours water over his head, knowing what awaits. He pumps himself up before entering the ring, showing off his title to his foe, the man he dethroned.

Connor: Garth Black, who's been with WZCW since 2009, has seen all-time rise. He came close in the Gold Rush but wasn't gonna stand down. He managed to claw his way into a World title match and here he is. The top of the mountain.

Copeland: Garth has cemented himself as one of the top stars of WZCW. The best in fact. But he needs one more win to reach the peak at Kingdom Come.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall~!

The lights dim all over the arena with a single spotlight shinning over the center of the ring. Right over ring announcer Truman Harrys and referee Jurou Akiyama with the two contestants standing right on the line of the circle, awaiting the formal announcement to start the match.

Introducing first............ weighing at 325 pounds. From San Franscisco, California by way of Indiannapolis, Indianna. He is a former 3 time World Tag Team Champion, a former Eurasian Champion and the former Heavyweight Champion of the World. He is The Incredible, MIKEY STORMRAGE~!!

Mikey steps into the circle where the crowd cheers loudly for his introduction.

And his opponent.......... Hailing from the Last Chance Saloon. Weighing at 15 Stone. He is the current reigning, and defending, WrestleZone Championship Wresting, Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOOOORLD........ GARTH BLACK~!!

The lights turn back on as the fans cheer on as both men stand in the center of the ring. Truman exits the ring as referee Jurou Akiyama raises the World Heavyweight Championship both men will face off for. They do not blink as they stand staring each other down.





The bell rings signalling the start of the match. Both men, despite the animosity calmly stare each other down and slowly assume their fighting stances as they back off. They measure and proceed to lock up. Both men trying to overpower the other with the collar and elbow tie-up. Despite Mikey's size, Garth having a lower center allows him to maneuver Mikey around. Both men try to search for the advantage. Looking to apply the first hold of the match. After the seeming back and forth, it's Mikey who manages to apply the first hold. A Side Headlock. Mikey bends his knees to apply the pressure as Garth tries to fight his way out. Forced still, he can't apply the same leverage he could with the tie up. Unable to direct Mikey, Garth tries to pull back, trying to slide out. He's successful and the cradle roll puts Mikey's shoulders of the mat. 1..... 2........ But Mikey lets go and gets out and up. Immediately, Garth applies his own Side Headlock and without hesitating, takes Mikey to the mat, applying the Headlock on the canvas as he squeezes the head of his rival. Mikey with his stomach to the ground can't get up due to the positioning. Mikey tries to use his size advantage. He gets to his knees as Garth tries to keep applying the hold. Mikey forward rolls which causes Garth to roll with him. In that motion, Mikey grabs Garths head with a Chinlock, pushing his knee to the small of the back of the Heavyweight Champion as Mikey is now in one knee and Garth is forced into a seated position.

Copeland: Both men seem to be taking it easy. On a more methodical pacing here with these hold's.

Connor: I don't think this is their usual style either. They do not want to take chances.

Garth tries to get out of it, wanting to escape the stinging pain on his back. To do that, he starts to swivel forward and backward to create some momentum to get back to his feet. Mikey tries to hold him down but Garth, being smaller, is able to create that space faster. He manages to get to a vertical base and twists his way around to a side position. He then wraps his free arm around the back of Mikey's head before leg tripping him with a Russian Legsweep. Garth makes the cover, smothering his forearm on Mikey's head. 1..... 2....... -And Mikey gets off the canvas. Garth right away, clasps his hands around the head of Mikey and applies a Chinlock of his own, pressuring Mikey against the canvas by the side, smothering half of his body to the canvas. Mikey doesn't stand still though and thrashes his way to the ropes. He manages to reach them, making Jurou call for the rope break. Garth holds it though. Jurou orders him to let go and when seeing he won't let go, Jurou begins to count. 1...... 2....... 3....... 4........ And Garth lets go.

Garth: I have 'til 5~!

Cohen: What's the ref complaining about? Garth is playing by the rules here.

Connor: He wasn't accusing him. He was just enforcing the rules.

Garth goes right back for another Chinlock but this time, right away, Mikey Snapmare's his way out of it. He chops Garth in the small of the back and then punts him in the chest. Mikey then leaps for a Senton, landing his back on top of Garth's sternum. But right away, Garth Crucifixes him to the canvas 1.......... 2...........- But Mikey get's the shoulder up. Right away, both men get up and Mikey hits a pair of chops, softening the World Champion. He whips him across the ring and grabs him for a Belly To Belly but Garth elbows him several times across the temple. Stopping Mikey still. He hits a couple of more shots to loosen his challenger's grip. Following up with an STO, slamming Mikey by sweeping his feet. Mikey lands hard onto the back of his head, it whiplashes as Garth doesn't waste the chance, hooking the leg. 1......... 2.......- But only gets 2. A slight of frustration leaks off Garth's, but he doesn't let the frustration get to him. He stomps on Mikey's legs. Hoping to cause some damage and chop down the heavier man. He tries to grapevine the legs but Mikey's isn't going to let him apply the Black Death submission hold.

Copeland: Black trying to hold Mikey down. The weight seems to make it difficult for him.

Cohen: Go figure. But Garth, of course, being so smart, knows what to do to keep him down.

Connor: I wouldn't be so sure.

Mikey rolls and gets back to his feet, blocks a fist from the Champion and counters with an Uppercut. He whips Garth into the corner and proceeds to punish him with a series of Avalanches. Crashing his body onto his foe's repeatedly. Garth seems to be fading more and more after each blow, eating away at his stamina. But before all can seem over, Garth sparks back to life and dodges a blow from Mikey and Drop Toehold's him. Driving Stormrage face first against the corner. It takes a couple of seconds for him to get his bearings but Garth see's his opening. He drags the larger man to the center and applies Black Death. Crossing Mikey's legs and wrenching them backwards. A painful submission. But Mikey does not seem like he's going to tap. He wrights in pain, but still searches for his way out of the hold, trying to reach out for the ropes. Mikey drags himself towards the ropes, taking Garth with him for the ride. He's about to reach the ropes when suddenly, the pressure is gone from his legs and back.

Cohen: A-ha! Smart man. And that's why he's the World Champion.

Garth gets up and drags Mikey back to the center of the ring. But Mikey has managed to turn himself around, back to the canvas. He struggles to free his legs from Garth's grip but Garth, thinking on his feet, flips forward, performing a Jacknife on Mikey and pinning him to the canvas. 1........ 2........ 3-But Mikey, takes advantage of the higher amount of size in his body. He pushes Garth back upward as well as pull his legs off, Sunset Flipping Garth into a pinning predicament of his own. 1......... 2......... 3-But Garth scissors his legs, stunning Mikey to release the hold. Both men lay on the canvas, exhausted from the exchange. They get back to their feet as Garth, faster than Mikey, hits a couple of forearm shots. He whips Mikey across but Mikey puts the breaks. He catches Garth and tosses him overhead with an Exploder Suplex. The force sends Garth overhead and rolls across the canvas. The momentum sending Garth to the point that he rolls back to his feet and against the ropes. Mikey gets up and immediately, Garth bounces off those ropes. His stretch across the air and he topples Mikey with a Huracanrana. Mikey also is rolled to his feet and as Garth gets back up, still feeling the effects of the Exploder, he's met with a thunderous clothesline, sending both men tumbling down.

Copeland: What a back and forth sequence! Both men just hitting each other with all they got and still they don't go down.




Connor: The crows is electric with the action and I don't blame them one bit!

Both men get to their feet slowly, exhaustion setting in. All the holds and counterholds had made it harder to breathe for both challenger and champion. They begin to trade forearm shots. One looking for the other to blink. A flinch. Anything. But the response was retaliation. Two, three, four, five forearm shots. Ignoring the exhaustion, the blows become faster and faster as adrenaline begins to pump in both men. They keep clubberin' each other, looking for that one opening for a bigger move. Garth is the first to try. Catching a shot from Mikey and flipping him over his shoulder with a Judo Throw. But as soon as Mikey hits the canvas, Garth leaning forward to wring the arm, Mikey stretches his leg and punts Garth right between the shoulder and forehead. He pulls the stunned Garth over and then to his feet, grasping his waist with a Reverse Bearhug. But before Mikey can do anything else, Garth gets out, and steps behind Mikey. Garth manages to once again use his leverage sending a man with 80 pounds over him, over his head and neck first against the canvas. Garth tries a bridge but asking too much. He instead opts for a lateral press. 1........ 2........- But Mikey gets the shoulder up.

Copeland: Mikey's taking serious punishment to the back of his head here. And judging by Garth's reaction, it's taking a lot out him as well.

Cohen: It's the sacrifice you make to be World Champion. He's lost it all and win so much back. Garth isn't going to let it all go so easily.

Connor: Yeah, but he's gonna strain himself if he keeps it up.

Garth at this point seems like he's being affected by the frustration. He can't keep Mikey down. He see's Mikey getting to his feet and doesn't want to let up. He hits a couple of knee shots, trying to keep his foe groggy. He tries an Irish Whip, but Mikey will not budge. Garth tries and tries but Mikey is almost tree-like. Feet rooted to the ground. Mikey then springs to action, pulling Garth in and tossing him overhead. Launching him to the air. Gravity brings Garth down and an Uppercut collides with his jaw. Connecting the Falcon Punch. Mikey drops to one knee. It's been several blows to the back of his head and they've done their damage. But the challenger to the World title is pumped for a comeback. He gets to his feet, Garth does too but he's not ready. Mikey feeds him several short Clotheslines. Garth bouncing back to his feet seemingly on instinct after each one. Two, three, Mikey keeps going and the crowd gets behind him. He hits a Uranage, planting the Champion's back on the canvas.

Mikey's feeling it. We may see the Flying Burrito.

Cohen: That move couldn't have a more fitting name. Unless it was just called Splat.

Mikey then points to the corner. Certain doom seems imminent. Mikey proceeds to slowly go up the ropes. He plays to the crowd as he reaches to the top. Urging for their support. He measures the distance between the top and Garth. He's poised but Garth shoves the referee Jurou Akiyama against the ropes, making Mikey lose his balance and trip him, crotching him. The little Stormrages probably raging in pain. Garth see's his chance but isn't taking chances. He drags Mikey down, pinning him against the corner where he can administer his more familiar offense. The 12 Step Programme. Tossing the larger Stormrage overhead yet again. Mikey, trying to comfort his back some way, drags himself to the opposite corner, and to his feet with it. That sets up perfectly for another of Garth's big moves. Getting On The Wagon. Not wasting time, Garth hoists Mikey to his shoulders, ready for his big blow. The Black Out. Knee to the face, body to the canvas. Garth, elated, makes the cover. Jurou counts despite being pushed. 1............ 2............. 3-But Mikey, with less than a milimeter between Jurou's hand and the canvas, kicks out~! Garth can't believe it~!

Copeland: I can't believe it! The Black Out didn't keep Mikey down! Now what's Garth supposed to do?

Cohen: Win the match! That's not his only big move, Seabass.

He will not stay down. Garth is not giving up though. He doesn't let the stress set in. He climbs to the top rope. He measures for the Come Down. He see's his chance. But it's gone quick, as Mikey manages to roll out of range. Garth gets down, seeing his challenger staggering to his feet and not wanting to take risks. Ironically, getting close turns into a risk. As Mikey surprises Garth with Game Over~! Mikey hooks the leg~! 1........... 2......... 3-But Garth has his feet on the rope~! Mikey looks on in shock as Jurou calls off the pinfall. Mikey is down. Garth is too. Both ridden by exhaustion as they struggle to get back up. Once again, they spot each other as the get up and clubber each other with fierce blows. Not willing to give up. On their feet, they keep trading blows. The fans enthralled in the battle.

Connor: My heart's racing. They keep going back and forth here. I can't see who's taking advantage.

Copeland: It's a total war of attrition here. Someone is gonna run on empty eventually.

Garth hit's an Enzuigiri, hitting the back of Mikey's head yet again. He raises the big man on his shoulders. Another Black Out attempt. But this time Mikey manages to get out of it and turn his foe around. BOOM~! Headshot~! An elbow is driven right into Garth's forehead. Stunning him. Both men on spaghetti legs but Mikey fights off the damage of the kick. Raises Garth up and slams him down. Game Over~! Mikey covers, not even able to hook the leg. 1............ 2............ Garth raises his arm up, as if he was trying to get his shoulder up. 3~!! But there just wasn't enough in the tank. Both men collapse.


Connor: I cannot believe what we have just witnessed here. What a battle here tonight. And a new Champion has been crowned.

Copeland: It was a war of attrition. They kept going and going until they just couldn't. Mikey Stormrage manages to cement himself as the man here in WZCW once again. A pround moment no doubt. For him and this company. Garth has nothing to regret. He gave an all-star performance out there as well.

Cohen: How did fatboy pull it off?!

Mikey slowly gets to his feet as Jurou raises his arm. It takes him a while to realize what happened as he doesn't even try to grab the title when it's handed to him. Dropping it. He drops to his knees and realizes what's happened as he begins to hug his prize. EMT's tending to Garth as they ice pack him. Too exhausted to realize what's going on.

Copeland: One piece of the puzzle is set. Mikey Stormrage will head to Kingdom Come where he'll defend the Championship. The question is against who.

Connor: What will become of Garth, though? Will he have to try his luck in Lethal Lottery? Can he get his wits about him?

Cohen: He'll have to. The system is making him jump through more hoops.

Mikey celebrates on the top of the ropes with his title, in the background, Garth can be seen shoving the EMT's and walking to the locker room under his own power. Mikey soaking the reaction from the crowd.

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On screen a montage begins to play.

"What does Lethal Lottery mean to you?"

Logan McAllister: What does the Lethal Lottahry mean to me? It means anothah shot at fulfilling that promise to my boy. I may have failed last week on Ascension, and though I'm not done with Reynolds or Vis Imperium, the Lottahry can have me headlining the biggest show of them all, and with a chance to win the biggest prize. If you aren't here to become the best, you shouldn't even entah the match. Logan will be the best, soonah rathah than latah.

Xaitlyn Serpiente: It means showing the world that I am the best.

Mark Keaton: "It means Main Eventing Kingdom Come in my first ever KC dude. Imagine it man, tag team champion Mark Keaton vs Heavyweight champion! Spielberg couldn't write that stuff! Once me and Coop work together to throw everyone out of the ring, including Vis Imperium, we will take on each other. Once I throw Cooper out and win the Lethal Lottery match I'm charging right towards KC!! So get your VHS tapes ready to illegally record the show people! Anyone who feels like they've got the guts to take me on in the Lethal Lottery will get beaten, and lay at the feet of Remarkable Mark Keaton!"

Anthony Mancini: It means the The Italian Stallion is here to make an impact.

Eve Taylor: Everything. This is the single most important focus in my life, both professionally and personally. Every vision I've had for my life revolves around me being the sole survivor, and winning the Lethal Lottery. I can not... no, I will not imagine a future where I do not challenge for the World title at Kingdom Come. There is no Plan B. There can not be a Plan B. I shall not prepare for the possibility of losing by conceiving, or merely thinking of, a Plan B. I must win. I have to win. I. Will. Win.

Xander LeBelle: To show off The Greatest Mind.

Vee A.D.Z. It means proving that I am the resemblance of all excellence.

Flex Mussel: It means revenge for Ramparte. For mom.

Matt Tastic: It means I am back at the top. The culmination of my journey from the bottom back to the top of the mountain and back in the main event of Kingdom Come.

Noah Ryder: instead of speaking, Ryder just stares off into the distance.

Constantine: It means Vis Imperium will reign supreme.
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30 Participants | 1 Winner

The Prize?

A trip to the biggest stage of them all: Kingdom Come. The winner of the Lethal Lottery will face against the winner of Garth Black and Mikey Stormrage in a WZCW World Heavyweight Championship match.


Seven winners

We see a clip of Big Will eliminating Steamboat Ricky to win Lethal Lottery I
We see a clip of Titus eliminating Carmen Bratchny to win Lethal Lottery II
We see a clip of Showtime eliminating Big Dave to win Lethal Lottery III
We see a clip of Ty Burna eliminating Big Dave to win Lethal Lottery IV
We see a clip of Drake Callahan eliminating Rush to win Lethal Lottery V
We see a clip of Matt Tastic eliminating Chris KO to win Lethal Lottery VI
We see a clip of Dr. Zeus eliminating Matt Tastic to win Lethal Lottery VII


Three Hall of Famers have won the Lethal Lottery. Titus Avison, Showtime and the now Tyrone Blades.


With five events with thirty competitors and two with twenty there have been 190 competitors in the Lethal Lottery match. Only seven have won.


The first ever competitor in a Lethal Lottery match was “Highlight” Aaron Craig.


The Manroid S.H.I.T was the 100th Competitor at number 20 in Lethal Lottery IV.


The 200th Competitor will happen this year with whoever has drawn at number 10. We know it won't be Xaitlyn Serpiente but it could be anyone.

1 to 6

When Showtime won Lethal Lottery III he only eliminated one other competitor. Ty Burna, Matt Tastic and Drake Callahan eliminated four. Big Will and Titus had five whilst Dr. Zeus holds the winner record for six eliminations.


Four is the number of people Mr. Baller eliminated at Lethal Lottery IV. This was Saboteur, Action Saxton, Rush and Black Dragon. At Lethal Lottery III he used a basketball to eliminate Justin Cooper yet at Lethal Lottery II he tried to pin Phoenix. Three of those are confirmed for Lethal Lottery this year. Will we see a Mr. Baller return?

(un)Lucky 13

Tradition has that 3, 7 or 8 are lucky numbers and all three have produced winners. Dr. Zeus and Drake Callahan entered at number 3, Ty Burna was at 7 and Big Will and Showtime were number 8. Yet when Titus Avison won Lethal Lottery II he entered at the unlucky number 13. Matt Tastic entered at number 6. Will we see 13 or 6 win this year?


That's the chance of winning the big one. With Matt Tastic, Big Will, Titus and Dr. Zeus winning the prize. If you ignore Matt Tastic's win (as that was for the championship) there's a 50% chance the Lethal Lottery winner will win at Kingdom Come.

3, 2, 1

Lethal Lottery VII, VI and V all saw new World Champions crowned. VII and VI saw new EurAsian champions and VII saw the Elite Openweight change hands. The Elite Openweight hadn't changed hands at Lethal Lottery since Frankie Smith won at Lethal Lottery II.


At Lethal Lottery III John Constantine and Austin Reynolds faced off to see who would enter the lottery at number 20. John Constantine won this by DQ but at Lethal Lottery VIII they are brothers in arms for Vis Imperium.


Zero is the number of people who have won the Lottery twice. Will we see our first two time winner this year?


Currently this is the amount of views all seven lottery shows have had. This is an average of WZCW management. Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you enjoy Lethal Lottery VIII.
Copeland: Don't go away folks, we are just moments away from the Lethal Lottery match!
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WZCW Ring Announcer Truman Harrys makes his way into the ring to the applause of the crowd here in Phoenix, Arizona. Harrys offers them a wave before a spotlight comes down on him and the rest of the arena is darkened.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the match you have all be waiting for. The match that has the ability to change the life and fortune of any competitor in a split second. It is time for the 2016 Lethal Lottery match!

The crowd roars loudly; Harrys waits for his call and then gives a stern nod.

Harrys: In this match, 30 participants will enter. As a result of her loss last week Xaitlyn Serpiente will enter as the number one participant in this match. Then the competitor who drew #2 will enter and this match will begin. After an allocated period of time the next entrant will make their way down to the ring and this will continue until all 30 competitors have entered the match. Elimination may only occur by being thrown over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor. This match has no count outs, disqualifications, pinfalls or submissions. The competitor who outlasts all others will be declared the winner of Lethal Lottery VIII and therefore earn a spot in the main event of Kingdom Come for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Copeland: We’ve been waiting all night for this moment. The beginning of Lethal Lottery is finally here. Who is going to win and main event Kingdom Come against Mikey Stormrage? Can I get some predicts from the booth?

Connor: It’s hard to look past Eve Taylor. She’s been on a roll and has beaten the last two World Championships while they’ve held the belt. I think everyone is expecting her to challenge for the win tonight. Girl power!

Cohen: Girl power? Uh. Vis Imperium has had a rough night but they’ll get back on track. All three of them are in the match tonight and if they manage to team up everyone better watch out. I’ll pick all three of them, increase the odds of me getting the right answer.

Lights go out. The words "No Mercy" appear on the screen while we hear a female voice saying "No Mercy" in a fine tune.

Harrys: Introducing the competitor entering at #1, Straight Outta Hell, weighing 175 pounds, "The Deviless" Xaitlyn Serpiente!

Lights come back and we see Xaitlyn standing in the ring with cyan-coloured light focussed on her. She points towards the sky and then proceeds to bow to the audience.

Cohen: This woman creeps me out. Everyone wants to go around turning off the lights for their entrances these days. Just walk to the ring like a normal person and keep the damn lights on.

Connor: Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the dark, Jack?

Cohen: No, I’m not afraid. I just can’t see my notes when these jokers go around switching the lights off. I’m a professional you know. I’ve got notes and everything.

Xaitlyn proceeds to stretch out against the corner to prepare for the match as she awaits the entrance of the person who drew #2. The crowd are on the edge of their seats waiting for the second entrant in the Lethal Lottery match. The titantron begins to change and the music for the second entrant kicks in.

Harrys: Introducing the competitor who drew #2, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

He rotates around in one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and high raising his both hands. Then he goes to the audiences on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat.

Copeland: What a turn of events. It was Vee who defeated Xaitlyn to avoid being the number one entrant in Lethal Lottery. He’s gone and picked number two instead. These two are going to have some fire in them being the first two involved in this match for sure.

Cohen: I can’t believe this kid’s luck ending up with the number two entrant spot after avoiding being number one. That’s a rough break but it’ll be a huge moment if he can win this match. Can you imagine what his parents would have to say? I heard they showed up to the wrong arena again. Classic.

Connor: Here we have it ladies and gentlemen. The first two competitors in the eighth Lethal Lottery match. Xaitlyn Serpiente goes up against Vee A.D.Z and in around ninety seconds they’ll be joined by a third. It could be anyone.

Vee and Xaitlyn square off in the middle of the ring. Both are ready to show the world what they are made of on the big stage. The crowd cheers as the officials surrounding the ring, there to record the eliminations and make sure both feet don’t hit the floor, all begin throwing up a thumbs up. Everyone is in position, the time keeper signals go!


The bell sounds and immediately Vee charges forward and delivers a single legged dropkick which sends Xaitlyn stumbling back into the corner. Her back smacks the turnbuckles hard, Vee slaps his hands together as the cheer crowds him on and rushes towards the corner connecting with the shinning wizard! Xaitlyn collapses to the floor and begins to crawl away from the corner towards the centre of the ring. In the corner Vee begins stomping his feet, waiting for Xaitlyn to rise, his eyes locked on the woman who entered at number one. Trying to get some separation after the early moments of the match, Xaitlyn has her back to Vee but is grabbed by the back of the head. Vee pulls her towards him by the hair until Xaitlyn suddenly drops down and strikes with the Pele kick! Stunned for a moment is Vee, he wobbles on his feet and allows Xaitlyn to brush the hair from her face and run off the ropes before connecting with a high knee to the face which rocks Vee down to the canvas.

Copeland: Neither competitor backing down in the early moments of this match. They’re throwing everything at each other.

Cohen: It only takes one move to send you over the top rope, Seabass! Once a few more people get into the ring you’ve got to watch your back at all times.

Xaitlyn grabs Vee by the head and pulls him towards the ropes, looking for the elimination. They begin to struggle as Vee’s chest presses against the top rope with Xaitlyn using his trunks as leverage to throw him over. With a hand placed on the middle rope Vee is able to maintain his balance even while being pushed and strikes with a sudden elbow to the head of Xaitlyn. This sends the Deviless backing away, clutching at her jaw, and Vee returns to the canvas of the ring with both his feet back firmly on the ground. Both competitors run at each other and Vee gets the better of the situation turning it into a Tirl-a-Whirl and transitioning into the Fujiwa Armbar! He begins pulling with all his might and in the background the countdown has begun and the crowd are chanting along with it while Xaitlyn pounds the mat in an intense amount of pain.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #3: Drake Callahan

The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as the man himself walks through the curtain and onto the stage; still looking smug as ever and confident that this is his match to win.

Copeland: Are you kidding me? Drake Callahan, the former World Champion, is back and he’s in Lethal Lottery. We knew anybody could show up for one last chance to go to the main event of Kingdom Come and what a shock we have here.

Cohen: He has been in the main event of Kingdom Come before and he’s won this match before. Callahan could become the first ever two time winner of this event.

Callahan sprints to the ring, slides underneath the bottom rope and cracks an incoming Vee with a thunderous clothesline. The crowd still in shock watch on as Drake delivers the boots to Xaitlyn, who is still down holding her arm from the armbar by Vee earlier. She rolls to the side while Callahan turns his attention back to Vee. A few punches to the head connect and then Callahan slings Vee into the ropes; nailing a big boot on the rebound. Down goes Vee and Callahan cracks him across the face with a forearm, then he stands up straight pointing to the sky and executes a standing shooting star onto Vee! An applause from the crowd goes up for Callahan who proceeds to move around the ring seemingly checking on the two other competitors and planning his next move.

Connor: Doesn’t look like Drake has lost a step at all.

Xaitlyn slowly pulls herself off the canvas in the far corner but that doesn’t attract the attention of Callahan just yet. He returns to Vee, delivering some kicks to his back before wrapping his hands around Vee’s head. Callahan stares into his eyes, kicks him in the stomach and lifts Vee up - Faded Memory! The blood is rushing to the head of Vee as Callahan keeps him elevated, perhaps for too long as Vee gets his wits about him and delivers a knee whilst upside down. Callahan loses his grip and Vee lands behind him - Mawashi Geri connects! Vee absolutely smashes Callahan in the head with the devastating kick.

The former champion drops and might be out cold. Vee turns around and sees Xaitlyn is standing, leaning against the ropes with her injured arm hanging by her side. He approaches, slapping his leg and preparing for the same kick that took down Drake Callahan. He waits for Xaitlyn to turn, ever so slowly, and fires but Xaitlyn ducks the kick and lifts Vee up off the canvas and throws him over the top rope, both feet hit the floor and he’s gone!

Harrys: Vee ADZ has been eliminated!

Connor: What a shocker! Xaitlyn ducked that roundhouse kick that Vee has knocked several people out cold with and she eliminated him instead.

Copeland: It just goes to show that you never know how this match can go. Vee thought he was in control but in a split second he’s gone from being in control to being the very first person eliminated from Lethal Lottery this year.

On the outside of the ring Vee is absolutely stunned. Shattered by the early elimination tonight he shakes his head and exits the ringside area looking dejected. Back inside the ring Xaitlyn leans against the turnbuckle, her arm throbbing and focuses in on Callahan who is pushing himself off the canvas. Xaitlyn might be one handed for the rest of this match and she does her best to grab hold of Callahan but the veteran slips behind her and connects with a belly to back suplex. Callahan stands, shaking the cobwebs out as the countdown for the fourth entrant begins.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #4: Constantine

The crowd boos extremely loudly for the now former WZCW Tag Team Champion. It’s not been a good night for Vis Imperium and it shows on Constantine’s face as he emerges onto the stage. He quickly makes his way down the ramp and sees Callahan standing in the ring telling him to bring it on!

Copeland: Well, he’s one of your three picks to win this match, Jack. How do you feel about him entering so early?

Cohen: It’s perfect. He’ll go all the way and break the record for eliminations after the travesty that occurred earlier tonight. He’s pissed off and Constantine when he’s angry is even more vicious than when he is calm and collected.

Connor: While you two are discussing that it seems like Constantine and Callahan are about to go at it.

Constantine and Callahan are inches away from each other and both are talking trash. Neither will back down and the camera zooms in on the two of them standing in the middle of the ring, they go head to head and are about to trade shots when Xaitlyn goes for a double clothesline! They both duck and Constantine catches her on the rebound with Collateral Damage. The crowd boos as Constantine kicks Xaitlyn in the back, causing her to roll away from the action. Constantine turns back around and is cracked by a right hand from Callahan. The Vis Imperium member is rocked by another, followed by a third and is soon sent across into the turnbuckle. Callahan backs into the opposite corner and rushes forward but Constantine cuts him off with a lariat!

Cohen: Did you see that? Constantine nearly took Drake’s head off.

Constantine dives into the mount and pounds away with punches to Callahan’s face repeatedly. He is unloading like a jackhammer with punches and even the crowd can’t keep up with the live count. Finally, Constantine steps away, shaking his fist and picks Callahan up off the canvas onto his shoulder. He moves towards the ropes and attempts to toss him but Callahan grabs onto the rope. He shifts his weight and ends up on the ring apron.

Connor: Drake is on the apron. He better be careful or this return will be over for him.

With fury in his eyes, Constantine fires a punch but Callahan ducks and he ducks another. Constantine can’t connect with anything as Callahan moves back and forth on the ring apron just a few feet away from elimination. Constantine swings an arm wildly for a clothesline, Callahan ducks and connects with an elbow and then drives his shoulder into the stomach of Constantine. This sends Constantine stumbling backwards and allows Drake to enter the safety of the ring where he is blindside by Xaitlyn with a running hip attack. Constantine is just as surprised when Xaitlyn hits the Death Bell and knocks him down. As the countdown begins, Xaitlyn is the only competitor standing.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #5: Noah Ryder

Noah walks out arms pounding his chest and points towards the ring where Xaitlyn is waiting for him. The current King for a Day looks excited for the match and waves to the crowd as they give a round of applause, showing their support for him.

Copeland: Here comes the King for a Day and a man who has an advantage over everyone else in this match. He has an extra life and upon elimination he will get to enter Lethal Lottery for a second time. That’s huge and a major lifeline for Noah Ryder.

Cohen: I bet he screws it up. He’s likely to forget about the damn thing and just go home after being eliminated.

Ryder enters the ring and Xaitlyn runs at him without hesitation and the King for a Day pulls the top rope down and ducks. Xaitlyn goes over the tope but doesn’t hit the floor, somehow managing to stay on the ring apron. It’s only safety for a split second as Noah stands up and connects with a dropkick which sends Xaitlyn off the apron and to the floor below.

Harrys: Xaitlyn Serpiente has been eliminated!

Cohen: What a shame...

Connor: Both competitors who entered number one and two are both gone for this match. Constantine who entered at three is now the longest lasting competitor. If the trend continues he might be in some trouble, Jack.

With Xaitlyn now eliminated the competitors in the ring currently are Constantine, Drake Callahan and Noah Ryder. They are spread out throughout the ring with Noah on the side closest to the entrance ramp, Constantine is in the far right and Callahan down in the corner on one knee. Callahan spits and wipes his mouth before standing, he glances at both men before charging at Noah Ryder!

Ryder meets Callahan while Constantine watches on in the corner, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Ryder gets the best of the early exchange and executes a snapmare. From there Noah runs off the ropes but is cut off by Constantine, he looks for Collateral Damage once again only for Noah to spin out and turn it into a DDT! Callahan is back on his feet and he clobbers Ryder from behind with a pair of forearms. Callahan grabs the top rope and drives his knee into the back of Ryder and then walks into the middle of the ring with his arms out stretched listening to the sound of the crowd.

Copeland: Callahan is feeling it right now.

Indeed, Callahan is in control and turns back to the two other competitors. He lifts Ryder up and tries to toss him, unfortunately for him Ryder slides free and jumps off the ropes with a springboard elbow taking down the former World Champion. Constantine and Ryder begin to exchange offense, mainly punches and the odd kick from Ryder as the countdown for the next competitor officially begins.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #6: El Bala Negra

The lights in the arena go out, save a single spotlight on the entrance ramp. Slowly El Bala makes his way into the spotlight. The fans unsure how to react to this mysterious superstar and even in the ring the three competitors have turned to watch this unknown participant.

Copeland: We told you that this match is important and this right here proves it. Superstars from all over the world ask to compete in Lethal Lottery and El Bala Negra is one of the lucky few who had his call answered. Competing regularly for GLIL in Mexico this masked man has had a lot of success. A big night for the luchador.

Connor: I’m sure a lot of competitors are going to want to get him out right away. You just don’t know what he brings to the table. Better to remove him than to try your luck by ignoring him all together.

Cohen: Why do they have to keep turning out the damn lights?

El Bala reaches the ring and springboards from the apron onto both Ryder and Constantine, taking down both men. Callahan tries to rush him but the luchador is quick, ducking and weaving from the wild strikes and connects with a dropkick to the knee. Down goes the former World Champion and the luchador runs towards the ropes looking for something but Constantine cuts him off lifting him high into the air - El Bala counters into a tornado DDT!

Copeland: This guy might have something.

El Bala claps his hands together and picks up Constantine by the arm, dragging him to a corner. El Bala delivers some stiff kicks to the stomach of Constantine. Try as he might, Constantine can’t get free until Ryder grabs El Bala from behind and slings him into the opposite corner. At full speed Ryder runs into El Bala for a dropkick in the corner, he gets up quickly and does the same to Constantine in the opposite corner of the ring. Meanwhile Callahan delivers a stiff clothesline to both men in their respective corners just seconds after Ryder connects with his dropkicks. Ryder and Callahan speed past each other, Callahan grabs hold of Ryder’s wrist and throws him into one of two corners without a body.

The crowd is loving this fast paced action as Callahan runs towards Ryder, who slips through the second rope to the ring apron and therefore is not in danger of elimination. Callahan hits the turnbuckle and rests his head on the padding which allows Ryder to kick him directly in the head from the ring apron. Callahan is rocked, Ryder climbs onto the top turnbuckle but before he can do anything, Constantine shakes the ring ropes and Noah falls... inside the ring.

Connor: Oh my! Noah Ryder nearly fell to the outside of the ring right there. Constantine almost had him.

Constantine grabs Callahan from behind and applies a sleeper hold for a moment. He only has the hold for a few seconds when El Bala comes flying in off the ropes with springboard knees to the face of both men. El Bala rolls forward and throws his hands into the air, pointing to himself and kicking Callahan while he is down. El Bala moves over to Noah and lifts the King for a Day up off the canvas and begins trying to eliminate him. The countdown clock in the background begins and the crowd count along with it.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #7: Justin Cooper
WZCW: Join Today

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