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Old 09-26-2016, 10:05 AM
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Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of WZCW Meltdown... Vance Bateman!

After a few moments of his entrance music playing, Vance finally makes his way out onto the stage to a huge applause from the live crowd. He stops on the stage to take in the huge crowd in the arena and allows a smile to cross his features. He gives the fans a wave of his hand in appreciation before heading down the ramp towards the ring.

Cohen: Christ, what does he want!?

Copeland: Well, I'd imagine it has something to do with the Lethal Lottery, Jack. A lot of rumours have been swelling over the past few days that Vance Bateman will be announcing a special entrant to the 2016 Lethal Lottery Match. Who that person is remains to be seen.

Cohen: Whatever happened to just turning up to the event? Is nothing sacred to the clowns that run this place any more?

Vance continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He grabs a microphone from a stage hand at ringside and begins moving up the steps. He walks along the apron before getting into the ring and allowing his coy smile to reappear.

Bateman: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for bringing WZCW Meltdown into your city and into your hearts tonight.

Another cheer goes up for the mention of the city of El Paso.

Bateman: Tonight has been a startling and thoroughly entertaining night, I am sure you will all agree. Some of the best wrestlers in the world have treated you to a night full of mystery, intrigue and high-quality wrestling action. Tonight, however, is simply the starter to the accompany the main course. That main course is the Lethal Lottery in 2 weeks time.

A huge cheer goes up again at the mention of the most exciting event in the WZCW calendar. Vance continues to smile a knowing smile.

Bateman: As you probably have guessed by now, this Lethal Lottery match represents one of the biggest and best matches that we, as a company, have to offer. This match represents the meeting of the old school and the new school of WZCW. Superstars who have been here for years and have made such an impact on this business, will lock horns with bright up-and-comers that are looking to make their own mark on the wrestling business. The Lethal Lottery match has always been a point in the WZCW year that anything can happen and, what's more, we know that it gets you excited every time it comes up.

Copeland: That's true! The excitement in this business alone is palpable. These fans are on the edge of their seats. Something big is coming, Jack.

Bateman: As much as we love to see the Lethal Lottery match, what we really want to see is who will rear their heads from below the parapet one more time. It has been a staple of the Lethal Lottery event since it's inception and this year will be no different. I can promise you that we, as a company, have exhausted every and all measures to make sure that this year's Lethal Lottery match is the most exciting and most unpredictable matches in the history of the business. And that's why I have a very special announcement to make tonight regarding the participation of a WZCW icon.

The tension and excitement in the building continues to rise as the titantron flickers back into life.

Bateman: But what good would my words do when the man himself can announce it...

The lights go off as the titantron begins to show a pre-recorded video package.

Click for Spoiler:
In the misty hills of China, a small but beautiful building sits between two grey mountains. It is eerily quiet as the camera breaks through the smog and clouds to reveal the building in some more detail. A few stone steps head up a cobbled stone path and, above the steps, sits the building in question. It is a beautifully designed building that seems to fit into it's surroundings despite being well out of place. The black and white of the walls complement each other perfectly and, above the door, the word “DOJO” is written in black ink that has been painted on.

As the camera nears the door, the doors open to reveal an empty dojo floor. The white walls and mirrors make the room seem much bigger than it is but there are still no signs of life amongst the peaceful surroundings. Suddenly, a voice-over begins to boom over the pictures.

Voice: In his absence, he has taken on the best that the world has to offer. He has ignited a fire in the wrestling world that will never be extinguished. He has wrestled in every wrestling promotion in the world in the hopes of bringing through a stronger, more powerful, generation of superstar.

The camera continues to probe the inside of the dojo but there are still no signs of life.

Voice: But, as they say, unfinished business is a hard pill to swallow. At the Lethal Lottery match, a man who shaped the face of the wrestling business will return to his adopted home to settle the score once and for all. That man will enter the 30-man Lethal Lottery match and will outlast every other participant. This man has been training all of his life for this moment and now will see it come to fruition. To inspire a generation, you must do something memorable...

The camera turns around slowly to reveal the legs of a superstar, dressed head to toe in a kung-fu Gi. The camera slowly makes it's way up the legs of the mystery person before moving onto his torso. Slowly but surely it continues to rise until only one sentence can be heard, reverberating around the empty room...

Saxton: I'm back, Sucka!

The face of a smiling Action Saxton is revealed...

With that a deafening cheer goes around the arena as we fade to black.

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Old 09-27-2016, 12:32 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Age: 28
Posts: 4,509
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Harrys: And the following contest if the Main Event of the evening! And is a handicap match!

The crowd gets riled by their anticipation of the main event only to hear this.

Harrys: "We ask you all, at this time for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance."

They know all too well what’s coming as Xander Lebelle’s theme starts to come into play. Some fans are extremely restless and have no intention to comply with an order or silence but they’re eventually forced to as Xander refuses appear on stage until his demands are met. Lebelle’s theme eventually restarts the very arrogant Frenchmen makes his way onto the stage with a lit cigar in his hand. He begins to make his way down to the ring dumping his cigar ashes as he scans the arena. Eventually after sauntering down to the ring as slowly as possible (causing groans from the fans in the process) he enters the ring and hands the ref his cigar and begins to relax in the corner. Awaiting his partners and opponent.

Harrys: Introducing first, from Paris, France. "The World's Greatest Mind" Xander LeBelle!

Cohen: Man this guy is just so cool.

Copeland: His questionable in-ring tactics aside, he does have quite the style.

Cohen: Questionable? You’re just mad you don’t have his edgy charm Seabass, you hater.

The Italian Stallion Tony Mancine makes his way onto the stage with his bodyguard Gino behind him. The crowd boos him as he makes his way down the ramp and he responds with various foul gestures that the camera quickly pans away from to avoid lawsuits.

Harrys: And his partner, from from Little Italy, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds, Tony Mancini!

Cohen: Tony has shocked the world in recent weeks scoring rising up the card. He’s just one important win away from becoming the EurAsian champion.

Copeland: He has indeed been incredibly impressive lately and if he continues this roll he’s on he could gain his first championship. Though his partners and current champion may have something to say about that.

Tony barely gets on the apron before his theme is cut off by Theron’s. This angers Mancini leading to he and Gino complaining to the ref while Xander laughs in the corner. The fans on the other hand cheer wildly as Theron makes his way on stage in his now signature trench coat and glasses. Multi-colored lights flash through the arena before he poses with his prop sword. Pyro goes off in the background leading to grand applause. He makes his way down the ramp and rolls his d20 before entering. Mancini is still enraged and yells as Theron poses on the turnbuckle.

Harrys: And their partner, from Stephenville, Texas, "The Natural 21", Blackjack Theron!

Copeland: Former World champion and huge front runner to win the Lethal lottery Theron has quite the momentum heading into the EurAsian fatal fourway. He could end up being the next EurAsian champion and if he wins the Lethal Lottery he could’ve even go onto challenge the World champion at Kingdom Come.

Cohen: That’s a big if Seabass. I don’t see Theron winning this match let alone the title and the Lottery.

Copeland: Well despite that the odds are not in the next competitor’s favor.

The EurAsian champion makes his way onstage and proceeds to scan around the arena. He laughs as the crowd boos him. He unwraps the belt from his waist and holds it high in the air for all the competitors in the ring to see. Xander and Theron stare daggers through him but Tony is still incredibly frustrated with Theron.

Harrys: And their opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he it the WZCW EurAsian champion, Titus Avison!

Cohen: Titus has overcome the odds before I do believe he will do it tonight and at the Lethal Lottery!

Copeland: He has some big mountains to climb. Let’s see if he can do it.

Titus enters the ring and continues to raise his belt high in the air for his future challengers to see. Theron looks to start off the match but Mancini turns him around and the two begin to yell at one another. Theron tries to pay him no mind but Mancini seems to be demanding respect. Theron continues to ignore him until Mancini orders Gino clobber Theron from behind taking him to the ground. From there both men begin to stomp away on him. Xander is distracted by what’s happening and before the bell even rings Titus clobbers him in the face with the title belt knocking him out of the ring. Titus then nails Gino in the back of the head knocking him down and under the bottom rope. Tony finally sees what’s going on and charges at Titus but the champ pulls the top rope down sending Mancini barrelling to the outside.Titus realizes he and Theron are the only two left and the ring and rudely implores the ref to start the match and he’s forced to oblige.

Cohen: Brilliant! I told you Titus would overcome the odds!

Titus quickly goes for the pin on Theron but the former champion kicks out at 1. Titus then continues to stomp away on Theron before picking him up and putting him in the corner. He then uses all his strength to Irish whip Theron into the other side of the ring. Theron hits the corner with so much force the ring even moves a little. Titus then follows up with a knee drop to his downed opponent. He goes for the pin again but Theron kicks out a two. Titus surveys the area and sees Xander is still down recovering on the outside and Tony and Gino are discombobulated near the barricade. He lets out a sinister grin as he realizes he’s very much in control of the situation. He slides under the bottom rope and steps over a down Xander and grabs a steel chair. He gets back in the ring and waits for Theron to get to his feet.

Copeland: What is Titus doing? Intentional DQ?!

Cohen: Also brilliant! Who cares about the match, Titus wants to injure his opponents before the title defense!

As Theron gets to his feet Titus swings wildly but Theron ducks and steel chair hits the turnbuckle causing Titus to lose control of it. The slightly distraction caused by the ricocheted metal is all Theron needs to capitalize as he hits a Northern lights suplex folding Titus in half! Both men get up and Titus goes for a right hand that Theron blocks and delivers an elbow smash. He then picks up Titus’ leg and hits a dragon screw! The champ is in pain as he grabs his leg and tries to find comfort in the rope. Theron has no plans to let up however. Titus begs and pleads with the ref though as he yells something is torn. The ref is forced to get between the two to check on Titus’ leg. As the ref is bent over and Theron gets lower to check on things the champ thumbs Theron in the eye causing him to move backwards in pain. Titus laughs as he’s pulled a fast one yet again but out of nowhere Xander grabs Titus’ same leg and delivers an even more vicious dragon screw this time bending his leg on the apron! Titus screams out in horror as he’s certainly not faking now. Xander shakes out the cobwebs a bit and hops on the apron. He tags in a blinded Theron and goes to stomp away on Titus’ leg. At that moment Tony pulls Theron outside the ring from his legs and Irish whips him into the steel steps.

Copeland: This team is simultaneously prospering and imploding. It’s incredible to watch.

The crowd boos at both Xander in control and Mancini once again attacking Theron. He gets on the apron and yells for Xander to tag him but the aristocratic thief ignores him and stomps away on Titus’ bad leg. The champ pleads for the ref to intervene but Xander knows better than to fall for any tricks. He picks Titus up in the corner and places his leg between the second and third rope. He then begins to deliver knife edge chops straight to the injured leg of Titus. He then follows that up with kicks causing him to yell out in pain even more. Xander then gives Titus a couple of turnbuckle face smashes until Titus begins to elbow Xander’s head to make his way out of the situation. Xander is a bit stunned as the belt shot from earlier is still ringing in his head and Titus gets his leg from between the ropes and tries to hobble away. He doesn’t get very far however as Xander chop blocks him taking him down to the ground. He then drags him to his team’s corner and tags in Mancini so he can rest. Mancini is incredibly happy to finally be in the ring and he begins to stomping away on Titus’ leg.

Copeland: Not looking very good for Titus Jack.

Cohen: I mean it is three on one after all, what’s he supposed to do pull out a miracle?

Mancini picks up the champ to Irish whip him into the ropes but Titus can’t even make it that far and collapses. The Italian Stallion knows he’s in control and slowly makes his way over to Titus as the champ tries to crawl away to no avail. Mancini uses his brute strength to dead lift Titus off the ground into a German suplex bridge for the pin. The ref gets to two before Titus is barely able to kick out. Mancini then begins to play with Titus by rubbing his boot on the champ’s face. Just blatant disrespect towards the champ. Titus quickly grows annoyed but can’t do much as Mancini is standing on his injured leg not allowing him to move. Xander yells for him to finish the job already but Mancini is having too much fun being the spotlight to listen. The ref gets close to Titus trying to check if he’s still able to compete but Mancini gives him a slight shove to get away. Titus takes advantage of the situation and delivers a punch straight to Mancini’s dick!!

Cohen: Yikes, the little Mancin’s are going to have a rough night.

Xander shakes his head in disappointment as Mancini falls to his knees. Gino gets on the apron to complain to the ref who didn’t see the low blow. The ref’s distraction leads to Xander entering the ring to try to finish off Titus but he receives a punch to the dick himself! Xander is stunned in place holding his prized jewels and Titus shoves him through the middle ropes to the outside. He sees Mancini get to his feet and Titus uses the strength in his other leg to somehow bust out a spinning kick! Titus can’t capitalize because of his injured leg. Mancini is still stunned completely so both men are on the same playing field. Eventually a weakened Mancini is able to get to his feet and grab Titus’ leg attempting to lock in a figure four but Titus uses his good leg to push Mancini off sending him into Gino knocking him off the apron. Tony is infuriated at this point and he picks up Titus only for the champ to hit a Tit Drop out of nowhere!

Cohen: Amazing! Titus is going to pull off a miracle like I said he would!

Titus still can’t make a cover however as he is grasping his leg in immense pain. Mancini begins crawling toward his corner but no one is there. Titus knows he’s still in a bad position and begins to crawl far away from his opponent. Tony gets to his corner but with no one there and decides to get into position for the W.G.T. instead. But before he can Theron hops up on the apron and tags himself in! Mancini is in shock as Theron enters the ring, but instead of going after Titus Theron delivers repeated elbow smashes to Mancini before throwing him outside the ring! He gets on the top rope and hits a diving moonsault on both Mancini and Gino! The ref exits the ring to check on all three men and tend to the chaos. Titus is left in the ring alone recovering in the corner. But Xander enters the ring with the EurAsian title looking to even the score from earlier. He’s about to strike Titus before Theron intervenes and takes away the belt. He tells Xander he’s going to win his way. As they’re arguing Titus makes one last effort to shove Theron into Xander causing the aristocrat to fall to the outside. Titus then makes a rollup on Theron. The ref scrambles to get back inside the ring and makes the count. He gets one, two, Theron just barely kicks out before three! Both men try to get to their feet but Titus is much too slow because of his leg, this allows Theron to nail the Critical Hit! Before he can make the cover though Xander tags himself in, throws Theron out the ring, and hooks the leg! One, two, three!

Harrys: And here are your winners! Xander Lebelle, Blackjack Theron, and Tony Mancini!

Xander quickly exits the ring and gets up the ramp raising his arms in victory just as Theron realizes what happens and enters the ring.

Cohen: Well it’s a completely understandable loss for Titus as the odds were against him but nonetheless Xander Lebelle scores a huge victory over the champ and might have the momentum it takes to win the title very soon.

Copeland: The opportunistic mentality of Xander may make him the next EurAsian champ.

The ref checks on Titus who is out cold in the ring. Theron notices something in the corner of his eye and nails Gino with a Critical Hit. But as he turns around Tony nails him with the W.G.T.! Fans boo as Mancini celebrates in the ring as Xander still keeps his arm raised on the outside. Lebelle and Mancini lock eyes as the show goes off the air.
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