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Old 11-22-2016, 04:53 PM
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Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall and is your main event of the evening!

The camera spins around the arena as the crowd cheers loudly for the big time match. Standing inside the ring already is Austin Reynolds, he tosses his shirt to the outside of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle. He inspects the crowd, turning his head to hear them boo, and the former two time Elite Openweight Champion shakes his head in disgust.

Harrys: Introducing first from New Jersey, weighing 240 pounds, Austin Reynolds!

Reynolds remains in the corner and taps his boot on the canvas. He stares coldly at the entrance ramp, waiting for Mikey Stormrage to enter the battlefield. Unmoved by the audience’s reaction; Reynolds stands with his hair wild and untamed.

Copeland: It was a rough night for Austin Reynolds at Lethal Lottery. He lost the Elite Openweight Championship to Logan McAllister after being pinned by Mark Keaton, he came so close to winning Lethal Lottery and then we saw some inner turmoil within Vis Imperium between him and Constantine.

Cohen: Reynolds was screwed! How can McAllister become Elite Openweight Champion when he was eliminated? That’s not fair at all to Reynolds. He’s the rightful champion and if Noah Ryder had any sense he’d hand the title back to Austin Reynolds immediately.

Copeland: Those were the rules that Vis Imperium agreed to. The numbers game finally caught up with them and they couldn’t bend the rules this time.

Cohen: Ah, ridiculous as ever Seabass. Vis Imperium will return stronger than ever. If you think they’re going to let Kingdom Come pass them by then you’re an even bigger fool than I thought you were. Vis Imperium will find a way to reclaim what was taken from then and I suspect it’ll be by any means necessary.

Harrys: And his opponent from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Mikey Stormrage!

Green strobe lights flash in rhythm to the music until Stormrage makes his way onto the stage, throwing a single hand into the air as the top of the ramp. He slaps hands and interacts with fans on his way to the ring. The WZCW Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, Stormrage has a massive smile on his face. He rolls into the ring and makes his way to a turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and yelling out and performing his "Game Over" taunt.

Cohen: I can’t believe he’s going to main event Kingdom Come as the World Champion.

Copeland: Hard work pays off and Mikey Stormrage has been fighting his entire career for this. The dream has come true and he’ll be in the main event of Kingdom Come 8. He finally beat Garth Black on Sunday and now he has his sights set on Justin Cooper.

Cohen: Cooper or Stormrage? Where is the third option? Gary Johnson!

Stormrage steps down from the second rope and steps toward Austin Reynolds. They exchange a glance and Mikey holds up the WZCW Heavyweight Championship to the roar of the crowd. The official steps in and takes the title from Mikey, quickly handing it to a ring worker and then steps back into the middle of the ring and calls for the bell.


The bell sounds and both men begin circling the ring. The crowd in clear support of the World Champion, they tie up in the centre of the ring and Stormrage is able to use his strength advantage to apply a headlock. He pulls Reynolds over to the ropes and releases the hold and connects with a combination of strikes whilst the former Ratings Winner tries to cover up. He stumbles away from the ropes, Stormrage aims and charges forward and grabs Reynolds throwing him over with an exploder suplex! Stormrage rolls Reynolds over and hooks the leg for the cover. 1... Kick Out! Still early on in the match and the champion slides over back into the headlock position. A few words are exchanged, Mikey smiles at the crowd as they chant his name but the smile evaporates as Reynolds struggles to his feet. An elbow to the ribs creates separation, Reynolds slips out from the grip of the champion and takes out his knee with a chop block. Stormrage collapses to the ground and Reynolds unloads with stomps and drops his knee into the joint of Stormrage. The crowd boos as Reynolds grabs hold of the leg and drives his elbow into the joint, working to keep the big man off his feet in this contest. He continues to attack the leg, placing it on the second rope before jumping high in the air and coming down on it with double knees! Mikey yells out in pain and tries to scurry away but Reynolds comes back immediately with a kick to the back of the head. He goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out!

Cohen: Reynolds is dissecting Mikey Stormrage. He’s so smart, taking the big man off his feet and keeping him grounded will surely see him gain the win tonight. I think we might have to rethink the main event of Kingdom Come should he defeat Mikey here tonight.

Copeland: It’s an effective strategy by Austin Reynolds but this match is only just beginning. We’ve seen Mikey fight through so much and I don’t think he’s going to give up after regaining the World Championship at Lethal Lottery.

Cohen: He might not give up but Austin Reynolds may end up putting Mikey Stormrage out if the assault continues.

Reynolds is on his feet and surveys the scene. Mikey is on the ground but is pulling himself off the canvas with the help of the ring ropes. He is clearly having trouble with the leg and that may have taken some of his power away and limited his offense. Reynolds moves in with a great deal of confidence. He strikes Mikey with a punch to the head, followed by a knee to the stomach before whipping him into the corner. Stormrage smacks the turnbuckle and the ring nearly shakes at the force of the big man hitting the corner. Quick as he can Reynolds charges and connects with a backsplash. The champion is dazed as he comes stumbling out of the corner, Reynolds grabs him from behind and in a mighty feat of strength lifts the 300 pounder off his feet and connects with an Atomic Drop! The champion is on his knees, Reynolds stomps the back of his head to flatten him out and quickly ascends the second rope. He wastes no time and leaps delivering a diving elbow drop from the second rope. Reynolds rolls the champion over, 1... 2... Kick Out! Sensing that the advantage is still his Reynolds grabs Mikey by the head and pulls him to the centre of the ring. A kick to the gut bends Mikey over and Reynolds runs off the ropes looking for the swinging neckbeaker but the champion counters into the Live Más Slam! The crowd goes wild as Stormrage hooks the leg for the cover off the massive belly to belly. 1... 2... Kick Out!

Copeland: I thought he had it. Mikey Stormrage looked to be in all kinds of trouble but he was able to counter that neckbreaker and turn it into one of his most powerful moves. You’ve got to wonder what that will do to the leg that Reynolds has been working over.

Cohen: Reynolds got a little too arrogant. He should have kept Mikey on the ground. You saw how well that was working for him. Now he’s handed the World Champion an advantage.

With the sound of the fans cheering him on echoing throughout the arena, Mikey Stormrage stands up and leans against the ring ropes. He watches as Austin Reynolds rolls to the ring apron and begins to pull himself up. Stormrage moves in and tries to grab Reynolds but a shoulder to the stomach sends Mikey retreating. The crowd watches on as Reynolds enters the ring again and punches Mikey directly in the face. He is met with a solid left by Mikey. They go back and forth with the crowd counting each and every shot that these two warriors throw at each other. At the count of ten Reynolds begins to wobble as does Mikey. Both men look like they are about to fall and suddenly Mikey blocks Reynolds’ punch and lifts him up for a Samoan Drop. He goes for the cover and hooks the leg. 1... 2... Reynolds rolls him up in a crucifix pin! 1... 2... Kick Out! Just inches away from the canvas. Mikey had laid back on Reynolds with his back against the chest of his opponent allowing for the quick counter. The World Champion is the first to a vertical base but is soon grabbed by Reynolds. Mikey is kicked in the knee but he uses pure power to shove Reynolds away, sending him tumbling over himself to the corner. Again Reynolds comes charging at him but Mikey greets with a short arm clothesline, bouncing Reynolds’ head off the hard canvas to a loud thud. Quickly Mikey picks his opponent up off the canvas and connects with a Sidewalk Slam. He hooks the leg for the cover, 1... 2... Kick Out!

Cohen: This match could be one big move away from being over. All that weight of Stormrage has to be draining Reynolds every time he has to kick out.

Copeland: Neither man is giving an inch in this match. A win for Reynolds would be huge as he would be defeating the World Champion but at the same time Mikey Stormrage doesn’t want to lose after just regaining the World Championship. Just think what that would do to him mentally?

The support of the thousands clearly behind him and his opponent is down on the canvas. Mikey Stormrage eyes the top rope and possibly the big shot he needs to finish off this match. He does a double take back to Reynolds who is fighting back to his feet, showing his will and determination. Stormrage approaches and connects with a knee to the back before grabbing the wild hair of Reynolds. He slings Austin into the ropes and goes for the Headshot on the rebound but Reynolds ducks, goes behind Mikey and nails the Backslide Driver!

Cohen: Oh my god! That’s got to be it. Reynolds just slammed Mikey Stormrage down on his own freaking head.

Reynolds rolls Mikey over and hooks the leg for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Mikey appears out of it when the camera catches his eyes. He is gone but somehow he kicked out and Reynolds cannot believe what just happened. He hit the move perfectly but somehow Mikey Stormrage kicked out. Reynolds pounds the canvas and approaches the official, pushing him against the ropes and yelling that the count was slow. The official shakes his head and pleads with Reynolds that the count was correct. He is having none of it but turns back to Stormrage and stomps on his head. The crowd have nearly gone silent as Reynolds ponders his next move. The World Champion still looks to be in major trouble. Reynolds grabs him by the wrist and pulls Mikey to the centre of the ring. A chop to the chest has Mikey left with a bright red mark stained on his body and now Reynolds slings him into the corner once again. Just as before Reynolds charges, looking for the backsplash but this time Mikey ducks out of the way. Reynolds’ back smacks the corner and he remains wounded against it. Mikey returns the favour and leaps through the air and delivers a splash of his own into the corner, Reynolds is groggy coming out of the corner and he falls right into the grasp of the World Champion - GAME OVER! Mikey hooks the leg, 1... 2... 3!

Cohen: No! Damn it. Reynolds had the match won. It was clearly the referee’s fault for his slow count. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Copeland: It may not be the result you wanted but the proof is in the pudding. Mikey Stormrage has defeated Austin Reynolds and has made a huge statement going into the main event of Kingdom Come. If you or anyone else had doubts about his place they have to be gone now. He just beat one of the very best this business has to offer.

Harrys: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Mikey Stormrage!

Mikey Stormrage is handed his WZCW Heavyweight Championship by the referee and has his hand raised proudly for all to see. Reynolds meanwhile rolls to the outside and begins making his way up the ramp to avoid sticking around for the post-match celebrations. The crowd cheers as Mikey climbs each corner of the ring individually and raises the championship above his head whilst greeting them with a smile after a hard fought match.

Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, that right there is one half of the main event of Kingdom Come 8. He will be World Champion going into the event and now the question remains; can he successfully defend it? Mikey has never been able to defend the World Championship but he’s going to get his chance to make history when he goes one on one against Justin Cooper. The world will be watching when for the first time in their careers Mikey Stormrage faces Justin Cooper. I can’t wait to see it.

Cohen: It’ll be huge for sure. We don’t often get many first time ever matches on such a big stage between two guys who have been around as long as Stormrage and Cooper. They’ve never fought each other whether it was in singles or tag team matches.

Copeland: That is a long way away still, partner. We have a lot of shows left before Kingdom Come and you best be ready for some exciting times. This has been Meltdown and we thank you for joining us once again. Until next time, goodbye.

The show comes to a close with Mikey Stormrage kneeling in the middle of the ring with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship held tightly in his hands. The logo flashes and we fade to black.
Old 11-23-2016, 10:21 PM
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