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Old 02-08-2018, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Fillet Club View Post
You're making some heavy assumptions there, mate.

Firstly I haven't once mentioned Hogan's racial slur, I merely stated that I don't think he needs to have an entire segment at Wrestlemania dedicated to him. He had his 'return' a few years ago and I don't honestly think he needs to have another moment like that, it's just no necessary.

Secondly, I hate white people? Not sure how you come to that conclusion, Doctor. I absolutely have a problem with people carrying out any crime no matter the colour of their skin or the country they originate from. And yes there are racists and bigots no matter the race and I absolutely do not accept it either way, it's 2018 and racism is still a massive issue, it's ludicrous and you'd hope this planet could have pulled together by now, but it probably won't ever happen.

So do you still believe that you can only care about racism if you're black? As you've contradicted yourself a little.
I agree that Hogan doesn't need some fanfare coming back. Maybe have him come back on RAW one time, make a welcome back speech, and then use him from time to time when needed. He can't wrestler, so there is no need to have him every week.

Reinstall him into the HoF. Removing people from the HoF should only be done in the most extreme circumstances (which is why I have no problem WWE not inducting Chris Benoit, as I consider that something where they can't be in. But double-murder is a million times worse than using a word). O.J. Simpson hasn't been removed from the NFL HoF, despite doing jail time (and I know he got found "not guilty" of murder, but stealing and the other crimes he was found guilty of, should put him out).

I'm glad to hear that you are fair thinking about either race. So maybe you need to condemn the media, certain sponsors, and PC for making it that people lose their livelihoods based purely on the opinions that they held. If WWE released Hogan because he couldn't wrestle and they don't know what to do with him, so don't want to keep paying him, fair enough. He can't do his job anymore, so you have to let him go. But to sack someone on something that has nothing to do with their job is wrong, and in my country, Australia, we have unfair dismissal laws where an employer can be sued for that.

You should also be condemning of Hogan's private conversations being recorded and then given to the press, and for Gawker for using it, knowing it was illegally obtained. Whether you like it or not, saying the N word is not illegal in America (maybe it should be, but it isn't at the moment). Recording someone's private conversation without their knowledge is. So who committed the greater wrong in this case.

Also, if you make racism illegal, who decides what is racist or not. An employer could fire a black employee for, say, stealing from him, and the black man plays the "Race" card. It opens it up to deniability and lack of accountability. Look how white cops are being treated at the moment about dealing with black criminals. Police should be allowed to do their job (and there are good cops too, who do the right thing, despite what the media tell you) and be able to deal with a criminal as they need to, and if they need to shoot a black criminal who pulls a gun on them, it isn't a race issue, it is a cop wanting to come home alive to his family that night. But warped society mourns more for a dead black criminal than a dead white cop.

Yes, racism needs to be stamped out. But so does political correctness, where a few loudmouths use their influence to dictate how the rest of us must feel, act and say. The private home is one of the last havens where you can be yourself, without regulation, yet now even private conversations are being recorded.

I have never seen the media make a massive song and dance about Robert Mugabwe's racism towards white people in South Africa like they did back in the day about aparteid against blacks (and both were and are wrong). I am addressing more the favouritism blacks get from media outlets, which then seeps into society. Martin Luther King (who I consider a great man) asked that his four children be "judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character". I agree, and people who do right or wrong need to have that acknowledged, whether they are black or white, without race coming into it.

How do you feel that there are "Star Wars" fans bagging the most recent movies, because there is a black guy who is prominent in it, and some SW fans feel that his inclusion is purely PC and "pushing the barrow" rather than just having a character in the movie, who is played by a black actor. I think the actor is good and deserves the role, and his color isn't made a factor in the movies (he is potrayed in a positive light a lot of the time, and plays an important role in the film). Do you condemn these fans for assuming that SW cast a black actor because of tokenism, rather than on merit?

Anyway, I think Vince has other reasons to drop Hogan out of WWE, more personal ones, and is using this as a PR exercise, when it is a square-up as well (he can't make money out of Hogan anymore, and has never forgiven him for turning against him in court during the drug trial and then jumping to WCW, and almost putting WWE out of business. Vince is not a forgiving man, and Hogan won't come back until Vince can make money off him, and Vince also comes out looking good for dropping a "racist" in the process).

If WWE REALLY cared about racism, they would have fired the backstage guy who racially vilified Alberto Del Rio,at the time, instead of firing Alberto instead and then only firing the racist employee when the media made a big deal out of it.

Last edited by d_henderson1810 : 02-08-2018 at 07:32 PM.
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