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Old 12-18-2017, 04:11 AM
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Default Ascension Anarchy [Episode 123]

* PYRO *
* PYRO *
* PYRO *
* PYRO *
* PYRO *

Connor: Hello and welcome to the first Ascension event following the amazing Unscripted pay-per-view! We are live for what will be the final night of the roulette rounds where luck determines the future of the WZCW superstars. I’m Cat Connor, still calling Ascension home, and I’m joined by the ever outspoken, Jack Cohen.

Cohen: You could’ve been on Meltdown had the ball bounce the other way earlier this week, CC! It’s been a wild week so far with each match being totally random. We’ve already seen one title change hands, Callie Clark defeating Matt Tastic in shocking fashion to become a two-time champion. I wonder if we’ll see another change hands tonight?

Connor: We very well could. Some of the notable names that have yet to compete during the roulette round include Tyrone Blades and WZCW Mayhem Champion, Vox. That would be a blockbuster match if the ball bounces that way.

Cohen: You just never know what is coming next!

Instead of the usual opening shots of the arena, this week Ascension opens up inside the office of the new General Manager, Chuck Myles. Within his office we find a tumbler and just like on Meltdown, Backstage Bob is merrily twirling it around.

Myles: Next please. Come on, we’ve got to keep things moving. Ah, Vox!

Walking into the room is the new WZCW Mayhem Champion. Vox proudly displays his newly won title belt, a big smile on his face as he approaches Myles.

Vox: Do well to others and good things will be done to you, Mr. Myles. Case in point, the universe has seen it fit for I to hold this beautiful title. I do charity not for rewards such as this but it’s always a plus.

Myles: Many congratulations on your victory. However, WZCW does not stop to celebrate. Ask any champion who has held a title, especially that one, and they’ll tell you winning it is one thing but keeping it is a whole other story. Tonight, your fate is in the hands of lady luck.

Vox: A fine lady she is too! She smiled upon me at Unscripted when I unhooked the title from high in the air.

Backstage Bob stops twirling the tumbler as Vox walks up to it and digs out a ball.

Vox: This one feels about right. Before we crack it open, did you know I am holding a fundraiser for the good people of this city? I hear they have experienced rather harsh times, it is only fitting that those of us with the platform for good use it to do so.

Myles: Ah, I agree. I’ve left my wallet in the car. I’ll make sure to catch up with you later.

Handing the ball over to Myles, Vox watches on as Myles cracks the ball open and reads the paper inside it. Myles looks up, a grin on his face and he taps the Mayhem Title with a finger.

Myles: Well, it seems Ascension under my control is going to have just as big a blockbuster main event as Becky had on Meltdown. Tonight, you’re going to defend the WZCW Mayhem Championship in the main event of the evening.

The live crowd cheers wildly at the confirmation of a title match. Vox grips his title a little closer as he questions the General Manager.

Vox: Against who?

Myles: A man who has shown great potential in recent weeks. You’re going to go one on one for the title against War Zone!

Vox: I see. A true brute inside the wrestling ring, no doubt. However, I’ve walked the longest roads in all the world raising money with each step. I’ve climbed the highest mountains to bring rice to starving children across the globe. In times of need I have sailed through the thickest of storms to build shelters for those who would otherwise be homeless.

A fiery passion ignites within Vox.

Vox: Do not be worried, my people! This title will remain with me and I will help rebuild Puerto Rico to its former glory. I will see you delivered power. I will drive the trucks here myself to see your tummies filled with food, your bottles filled with fresh water and your televisions turned on more once! We must move forward, forget the troubles of the past and rebuild. That is the lesson I will teach War Zone, tonight!

Without being noticed War Zone has entered the room and is standing right behind Vox. The champion turns and is very surprised to see the challenger. Silence falls over the room as War Zone steps closer to Vox, their noses nearly touching.

War Zone: You talk a lot. I’m going here to talk. Tonight, I’ll prove that I am the Ultimate Soldier when I rip that title from your hands.

They continue to star at each other, both men confident that they can defeat the other. Myles tries to get them to step away from each other but neither moves an inch. Vox is glaring at War Zone, War Zone’s eyes like lasers burning a whole through Vox. Their clash in the main event during cheers from the live audience watching in the arena on the big screen.

Cooper: Enough with this crap. Get out of my way!

Pushing past Vox and War Zone, and heading straight for the tumbler, Justin Cooper is wrapped in several bandages from his Hell in a Cell encounter with Constantine. The former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion opens the tumbler, pulls out a ball and tosses it at Myles.

Cooper: There is my pick. I’m done. Send Bob to let me know when I’ve got to go out to the ring. I don’t care who the opponent is or what kind of match I’m stuck in. Constantine already competed, and didn’t have to defend the title, so screw this bullshit.

Justin storms out of the office slamming the door on his way out. Vox and War Zone have gone their separate ways, leaving the office to be occupied by only Chuck Myles and Backstage Bob. Myles looks down at the pick made by Justin Cooper, he cracks the ball open and his eyebrows are raised.

Myles: Get my phone for me, Bob. We’ve got a call to make.

The opening segment comes to a close with Myles dialling his mobile phone and taking a seat at his chair behind the desk.

Cohen: Who is he calling? What was the pick made by Justin Cooper?

Connor: We’ll have to wait until later to find that out. How about the main event? It has been confirmed, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, on the first Ascension under the management of Chuck Myles, we will see Vox defend the WZCW Mayhem Championship against War Zone!

Cohen: That is sure to be a violent match. I mean, one of the guys has ‘WAR’ in his name!

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