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Old 10-16-2017, 05:30 PM
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Default Armed With A Master and a Actor

Time: After Meltdown
Setting: Backstage

Backstage was never a friendly place for a wrestler. Everywhere you go, you would always find someone who looked like a threat to your spot, a piranha; waiting to bite after a charade that manipulates the heart and those who just seem untrustworthy.

But even so, everyone could agree that what happened to Obi Okafor during his match against War Zone was among the most brutal, horrifying squash- no; assaults they had ever since in their careers. And as they watched the medics carry the cold, lifeless and bloodied body of Obi away, perhaps for good; they thought and shivered at the fact that this could have easily been their fate.

War Zone was dangerous, everyone knew that; but his strength and will to fight on despite insurmountable odds was his downfall. And they exploited it to the best of their abilities. Even so, no one could have predicted the actions of War Zone during his vicious attack on Obi Okafor. On this day, he had cemented himself as the most feared wrestler in the locker room. There would be no man who would come near him and dare mess with him, lest they come out with injuries that stunt careers, permanent scars on the body and mind; and perhaps, never come back at all.

Except one. The man who had lead War Zone to his first victory in the WZCW battleground, Troy Excellence; while everyone was watching in sheer shock and concern over Obi Okafor's life, Troy was rambling on about how amazing War Zone did and how he 'showed the locker room' what he was capable while War Zone stands victorious, leaning over a wall and nodding to his every word.

Troy Excellence:
That right there was some of the finest work from any wrestler i've ever seen! That Kanye West wannabe didn't stand a chance against you, not even for all the feathers and royalty in the world!

War Zone:
Yes. The military option against the 'invisible nation' of New Angola has successfully been implemented and the operation to assassinate its leader has gone without fail. It was an honor to serve in the War of New Angola.

Troy Excellence:
And what a war it was! You ever hear about this Vade Weltsir guy?

War Zone:

Troy Excellence:
Yeah, you know. The most famed and sought after wrestling journalist in-

Troy stops and catches himself in the moment. He realizes that War Zone is not from this time period and thus would not know who this Vade Weltsir guy is or understand the meaning of 'wrestling'. As War Zone looks on, puzzled at his choice of wordplay; Troy thinks of a way to describe Vade in a way he could understand. Finally, he's got an idea.

Troy Excellence:
(Playing along)
He's one of the great veterans of unstoppable combat. Very powerful for his time, once took out 27 men with one shot.

War Zone:
Hmm...impressive. What does he say?

Troy Excellence:
Well, he says that the damage done to Obi Okafor was so great; chances are, he may never wrestle again! To make matters worse, he's been forced to resign his role as prince of New Angola altogether as his people are so embarrassed by his (ahem) 'failure' to stop the 'Wicked demon' and his 'Satan touch'.

War Zone:
(Takes pride in the news, almost taking delight in the fact that he practically ended Obi's career)
It seems that the military option has gone down better than even Mr. President could have imagined.

Troy Excellence:
Indeed it has my friend. And with my help, you tore down his empire and laid down the groundwork to your very own! The Empire of War!

War Zone:
An empire of war...That is an empire I wish to rule.

Troy Excellence:
And rule you shall, now that you have General Troy by your side- That is, if you still want me.

War Zone looks at him bluntly.

War Zone:
Enough of the mind games my friend, you have clearly proven to be a worthy adversary and a true leader in combat.

Troy Excellence:
(gets closer to him)
So i'm a keeper then?

War Zone:
(slowly pushes him aside, beat; then speaks)
For as long as you can show me the path to victory, you shall remain my general.

Troy Excellence:
Excellent! That's what I like to hear. General Troy and his Ultimate Soldier, War Zone! The unstoppable duo on it's never ending journey to create it's unholy empire of war! And perhaps soon, we can claim what we have been waited for: A badge for our unwavering and undying loyalty to Mr. President.

War Zone:
The road to Unscripted shall be long and arduous, but I believe that you by my side; we will be able to win the battle for the badge and cement our legacy in the WZCW battleground.

Troy Excellence:
Absolutely! All in all, a good day in the office and you know what that means when there's a good day in the office?

War Zone:
Yes. A break to Clippy's. Finest bar in all of America, and the perfect place for the weary soldiers to rest their heads and celebrate the joys of life and connect to one another in a personal light.

Troy Excellence:
And that's not all! Remember when I told you I was gonna find a real stunner for you to be by your side along with your's truly?

War Zone:
I faintly remember this notion. Why do you ask?

Troy Excellence:
Well... (chuckles), let's just say she's on her way here; and if i'm correct, she should be here any moment.

Then, the two hear of a limo approaching it's way to the parking lot of the arena; Troy smiles with glee as War Zone once again appears baffled by the events occurring right before him.

Troy Excellence:
Like now!

He motions War Zone to walk up to the arena's entrance; despite still showing some confusion, he decides to follow his game to see what he has in store for the Ultimate Soldier. When they arrive, Troy begins to present her arrival.

Troy Excellence:
As your general Mr. War Zone, it is my honor to introduce to you; the starlet of tomorrow, the sultan of sultry, the queen of quintessential theatre…

Just as Troy is about to open the door, the door opens itself; and as it does, it carries a flashing bright light. This does not faze War Zone in the slightest; as very few things actually do. But he still wonders who could be able to afford to enter in such a dramatic fashion.

An extremely attractive blonde haired lady in designer clothes looks at her surroundings, abit in a slow and deliberate fashion. She smirks, slowly walking over to the barbaric War Zone and a smiling Troy; her hips swinging as if to tempt any testosterone fueled man to come over to her.

War Zone:
And by what name do you go by?

She smirks at the tank of a monster and backs away slowly.

Deary, I go by many aliases. I can be (gives a wholesome and charming smile) the girl next door you fall in love with, or (nods, rolling her neck around while holding up a ‘rock on’ symbol from her left hand) the rebel bitch who doesn’t stand back from a challenge, or maybe (puts her left hand on her waist and rolls her eyes in an overdramatic, unimpressed fashion) I could be the queen bee at school, complete with a group of drones at the palm of my hand (walks up to War Zone, swinging her hips and walking in a snooty/holier than thou attitude; touching the chest of him in a seductive manner) and the hunky jock who doesn’t know any better.

War Zone looks at the busty, curvaceous woman, unsure on how to react. This would be considered an attack; but he knows that hitting a lady is not something prohibited in any army or military. Then, she backs off from him; continuing the demonstration.

Or maybe i’m the damsel in distress that needs her prince charming to save the day. (Falls faint, putting her hands over her head in a distressed fashion) Help me! Oh help me Superman!

War Zone:
(whispering to Troy Excellence)
What IS this sorcery?

Troy Excellence:
(Shushes War Zone)

I can even be your best friend, or if you cross me; your worst nightmare. But above all else, I am…(slowly extends her arms and leans her hips to the left as she reveals her name in a sultry, lackadaisical like manner) Kimberly Katherine Rollins.

K.K Rollins smirks at the two, both feeling differently about each the newest member of their alliance: Troy looks on with sheer joy and pride, having shown his client the girl they now partner with. War Zone on the other is just dumbfounded, he’s never seen anyone move the way she moves; much less a woman. The only ladies he’s known as the ones that take care of soldiers when they fall ill or get injured. And yet, the way she moves her hips does slightly intrigue him.

War Zone:
I must say. It is certainly like no other introduction i’ve seen before.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Well darlin’, i’m no one you’ve seen before period. I can take any struggling project and turn it into a blockbuster in the blink of an eye.

Troy Excellence:
(To War Zone)
Yes, not only that; she will serve as our secretary and in cases where I am unable to reach you; be your substitute general. Think of her as the second in command.

War Zone:
The second in command...A good soldier must always have more than one opinion to go by. I welcome this news.

Troy Excellence:
Excellent! I can already feel it now, The Empire of War’s path to dominance has begun; and with the three of us together, nothing can stop us!

Troy extends his arms like a Saturday morning cartoon villain and attempts an evil laugh. But after only a few seconds begins to hack and wheeze, Kimberly comes up to Troy and gently puts her hand onto Troy’s mouth and lets him breath.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
Might want to leave that to the professionals.

Troy Excellence:
(Breaths, calm)
Yeah. Good idea.

A few seconds of nothing occurs until War Zone breaks the silence.

War Zone:
Well, it most certainly has been exciting learning about our newest ally; but do you suppose it is high time to find our way to Clippy’s?

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
(Doing her fingernails)
Yeah, I don’t want to be kept waiting for a surprise. When Kimberly hears about a surprise, she wants it now.

Troy Excellence:
You two, yes. For me? I have a meeting to get to.

War Zone:
Understandable. With whom?

Troy Excellence:
A man named Milenko, an unusual gentleman who runs his own dark carnival and calls himself great.

War Zone:
Ah. I have heard of this Milenko person, yet have not be able to garner contact with him. I wish you luck on your exodus.

Troy Excellence:
(Heading out with his bag)
Oh trust me, if you know me; I won’t be needing it! G’night friends, I’ll check on you whenever I can!

Troy exits the arena, leaving only Kimberly and War Zone left. Kimberly nonchalantly looks at her new friend, she quietly notes that the place is ‘a little drab’ but ‘nothing she can’t fix’.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
(To War Zone)
Well then, I suppose we should be heading off.

She holds out her hand in exchange of War Zone’s, he looks at her hand and slowly exchanges his hand in return. She fails to note War Zone’s unbelievable strength as she cringes over him holding her hand and immediately revokes her hand, blowing on it.

Kimberly Katherine Rollins:
On second thought, perhaps now isn’t the best time.

War Zone shakes his head and makes his way to Kimberly’s limo. As he does, he looks at Kimberly with a slight glare of annoyance.

War Zone:
Let this be a reminder, you may be our ally; but you still have much to learn about the War Zone.

War Zone heads for the door out with a slightly irritated Kimberly following suit, rolling her eyes in advance. It is clear that this is going to be a long night for the two of them.

Cat of Controversy, Writer of Wrestling
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