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Old 09-25-2017, 04:46 PM
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1. WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Jason Jordan - This was a fun opener that ultimately went about how I figured it would. Jordan is an impressive athlete and his suplex offense is always fun to watch, but he's eventually going to have to develop a persona besides simply being Kurt Angle's "son." The crowd was engaged throughout, though they were all over the place; sometimes they were cheering for Jordan, sometimes for Miz and sometimes they were both getting the business from the fans. I'm not really sure the interference from the Miztourage was needed, but it was pretty minimal all around and did give Jordan some protection. Miz picks up the win and retains the IC title a bit past the 10 minute mark and the right man won as Jordan's not ready. ***

2. Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt - This match was much more entertaining than I was expecting. Their earlier matches were solid but just lacked the energy that this match had. The crowd was engaged and Balor did a really nice job of playing the underdog after being attacked before the match started, he also did a good job of constantly selling the ribs that were "injured' during said attack. There was a good deal more physicality here than in their previous outings and they were able to generate some doubt for me as to whether or not Wyatt would win or lose, not a huge amount but enough to make me wonder after Wyatt kicked out of the version of the Coup de Grace Balor hit on him while he was standing, which I thought looks a lot more devastating than how the stomp is usually performed. I also liked how they teased Bray hitting Sister Abigail just a few times without going overboard. Eventually, Balor does rally and hits the Coup de Grace for the win a little past the 11.5 minute mark. ***1/4

3. WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro & Sheamus - This was a helluva tag title match, as I'd hoped it'd be, and was a really physical outing. I've read that Cesaro received a standing ovation backstage for continuing the match after genuinely losing at least a couple of teeth when he hit the ring post and deservedly so as it's pretty skin crawling to see it. All four men worked really hard and made a 16 minute match feel a good deal longer, but in a great way, as there was a lot of energy and the crowd was hot for it. The spot in which Cesaro powerbombs Seth Rollins off the turnbuckles into a prone Dean Ambrose looked great and generated a great near fall, it was a fun spot in that it looked really good but was also pretty damn safe. There was some really nice storytelling going on and both teams looked like stars win or lose. The end does come after Rollins & Ambrose both hit their finishers on Sheamus. Whether it's Raw or SmackDown, both brands have been delivering some fantastic, show stealing tag matches over the past couple of months. ****1/2

4. WWE Raw Women's Championship Fatal Fiveway - A very nice effort from the ladies here who made the most out of only about 9 minutes. They packed a lot of action into what they were given, told a nice story and all the women were given chances to look good, which they ultimately succeeded. The star of the match was Nia Jax as she displayed a lot of dominance and took the biggest bumps in the match, being powerbombed off the apron looked great and the way she hit the ring post later in the match just looked really physical as it genuinely looked like she made a whole lot of contact with the post. If I changed anything in the match, I'd have probably had Emma take the fall rather than Bayley though, at the same time, Bayley has only just returned from injury and Emma has been putting forth good efforts despite not being given much to work with. I also liked how Alexa Bliss was portrayed in the match as she took it to Nia Jax instead of spending the entire match running away from her, Nia beat the snot out of her just likthe rest of the women but Alexa got her shots in and looked spunky. Alexa manages to hit her DDT finisher on Bayley to retain the title, which was the right call in my opinion. ***1/4

5. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns - I thought this was a good match, but not the earth shattering orgasm that WWE is going to play it off as tonight. There was some fun action and good storytelling inf ront of a jacked crowd, but this match wasn't nearly as good as it could've been. During the first half of the match, I thought they went overboard with Cena selling Reigns' offense like he was being hit by a series of Mack trucks one after the other; I also thought Reigns' posturing was too much as it brought the pace down to a crawl, it just got kind of old watching Reigns sort of strut around the ring with a cocky grin on his face. The other thing that hurt the match for me is they went so overboard with Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment; four times is excessive and it kills the suspense the move generates. I think they should've held off until really, really close to the end before Cena hit the AA for the 2nd time, this one being the one he performed off the middle ropes, because Reigns kicking out of that all but guaranteed he was winning the match. If they'd have just gone for another couple of minutes and not had Cena hit the move two more times, I don't think it would've taken as much wind out of the match's sails as it did. As I said, it was good, but this match felt like it had Vince's fingerprints all over it; I just got the notion that Vince wanted to go all out and give Reigns another ultimate alpha male moment by having him kick out of a plethora of Cena's finishers. ***3/4

6. WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Neville vs. Enzo Amore - This was easily the low point of the show as I think it shows just how ultimately little Vince thinks of the CW Division and firmly establishes that the division is his vision and not Triple H's. They also took what should've been a 5 minute match and stretched it out to about 11 minutes with the results being a dull bout. I get the story they were telling with Neville just dominating Enzo, not taking him seriously and all that, but it just wasn't all that compelling. I've said since before Enzo came to the main roster that I think he'd be better off as a manager/mouthpiece to someone as he's just not that good of a wrestler. Enzo winds up winning the CW Championship after kicking Neville in the balls while the ref's back was turned. If this leads to Neville being boosted further up the card and being eventually in the IC or US title scene, then this could turn out to be a blessing as he's shown himself to have too much overall potential to just be stuck in the Cruiserweight Division as long as it operates under Vince McMahon's and Kevin Dunn's control.*1/2

7. WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman - Not a great match but one I thought was perfectly fine when you get right down to it. I very much enjoy WWE making Lesnar look vulnerable over the past few months and I hope it continues because if we're going to be stuck with Lesnar as champ until WrestleMania, then we should at least get some competitively entertaining matches out of his opponents. I can honestly say I never really thought Lesnar would lose, booking 101 during the build to this match made it pretty obvious. The match did lose some of the drama once it became obvious that Lesnar wasn't going to be put down by Strowman's powerslams, sorta like what we saw with Cena hitting the AA so many times in his match with Roman Reigns. Lesnar does eventually score the win about the 9 minute mark after hitting the F5. **3/4

Final Thoughts - No Mercy was a very solid show due in large part to a highly entertaining undercard where the matches all delivered. The show started to lose some steam in the Cena vs. Reigns' match as how it played out really diminished the drama and potential it had. The CW Championship match was the low point of the show as it just didn't click for me. Lesnar vs. Strowman was perfectly fine for me, though it's long become obvious that Lesnar works best in multi man matches as he simply doesn't have the juice for 1 on 1 matches the way he once did. It wouldn't have bothered me to see Strowman win the title, but I never had any genuine belief that he would. I thought both main event matches didn't live up to their full potential, especially Cena vs. Reigns, and that did hurt the event overall. However, I thought it was still an entertaining and fun 3 hours of wrestling.

Grade: B
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Old 09-25-2017, 09:04 PM
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Wow you guys really don't get pro wrestling if you don't understand what happened in the Cruiserweight match with Enzo winning with a low blow.

I could understand you not liking that Enzo won - that's because that's kind of how you are SUPPOSED to feel about him winning in a heel fashion even though he gets a face pop. It's supposed to make you have mixed feelings.

But if you don't understand WHY that's a smart move then I'm not sure how you've been pro wrestling fans this long if you don't understand why it happened and it makes sense given the situation.
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