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Old 02-03-2017, 07:11 PM
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The screen begins with the sound of a roaring crowd. An explosion of passionate fans being heard as the camera roams the backstage area and approaches the curtain, pushing it open. Lightly playing the opening chords of Flipsyde’s ‘Champion’ in the background as the sound of the fans fades out.

Several black and white shots of Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper flash back and forth. From their debuts, successful title victories and defeats and a close up of both men staring straight into the eyes of the audience.

Mikey Stormrage sits on a chair, completely taken in by the darkness around him, the only light coming from the gold; the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

Mikey Stormrage: Good always wins. That’s what I was told as a kid. It’s what we all want to believe but sometimes when you look at this crazy world we live in, you have to wonder. Is it true? Do all heroes win?

Stormrage is climbing the ladder, the crowd are going wild, at Gold Rush.

Constantine is down, nobody is in his path and Stormrage reaches up, his fingertips touch the gold.

The title unhooks the title and fireworks explode all around the arena as Stormrage collapses, tears fill his eyes and a new champion is crowned.

Mikey Stormrage: My mom always said that if you work hard you can achieve your dreams. I just wish she would have been around to see me fulfil mine. I know she was watching, she was looking over me and when my body told me I couldn’t keep going she gave me strength that night. She willed me on and I become WZCW World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. She believed in me.

The celebrations continue with Mikey Stormrage receiving a rockstar reception on Meltdown following Gold Rush.

Several clips are shown of Mikey competing as World Champion, him walking down to the arena and greeting fans, pictures of him with sick kids until...

Mikey Stormrage: Then it all went away. I... lost.

Garth Black appears on the screen laughing and holding the World Championship. The nameplate still reads ‘Mikey Stormrage’ until Black runs his fingers over the belt and the name slowly burns away.

“We ready”

At Unscripted Garth Black stands in the centre of the ring with the World Championship high above his head; the crowd absolutely stunned.

Mikey Stormrage is shown devastated, his head in his heads as the screen fades to black.

Mikey Stormrage: I lost it all but she told me to never surrender. I got back up and I did what nobody thought I could do; I defeated Garth Black and regained MY championship.

“We ready
We ready”

With a determined look on his face Mikey Stormrage walks into Lethal Lottery as the CHALLENGER for the World Championship.

Garth Black smirks cockily and the two engage in battle.

Mikey ducks a right hand and fires on of his own. Several clips are shown of the contest until finally Mikey falls into the cover and the referee counts 1... 2... 3!

Copeland: I don’t believe it! Mikey Stormrage has regained the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship! He defeated the one man he could never beat and now he has a date with the Main Event of Kingdom Come.

“Because I'm a Champion
And I move like a Champion”

Stormrage proudly holds up the WZCW Heavyweight Championship - he points up to the heavens and tears fill his eyes.

“Whoever will be a Champion
Born to be a Champion”

Mikey Stormrage: This is what a hero is supposed to do. I never gave up, just like my mom told me. I believed, I had hope and I overcome everything and now I’m the World Champion. I felt what it was like to lose it all and I never plan on losing this ever again...

A scratch sound on a record player cuts off the music and Stormrage.

Stormrage is shown walking up the ramp at Lethal Lottery, he reaches the curtain and pulls it open.

Suddenly we transition to later in the night as the curtain flaps open and from the other side emerges Justin Cooper entering Lethal Lottery at number #7.

Justin Cooper: It’s about damn time.

“See I know and you know that we ready
Let's go while I roll in my Chevy”

Cooper battles it out with several superstars in the Lethal Lottery Match. He eliminates Abel Hunnicutt alongside Logan McAllister. Later in the match Cooper eliminates Mark Keaton, his own tag partner, and squares off in the final four against Tyrone Blades, Constantine and Austin Reynolds.

Justin Cooper: For the past six years I crawled my way to the top of the mountain. I’ve struggled to get to this position and at Lethal Lottery I finally stood up against all those who ever held me down. I knocked down the door and I’m standing here as the number one contender.

The final four go at it, Reynolds goes out first followed by Constantine and the screen slows as Cooper and Blades collide. We flashback to earlier this year when Justin Cooper and Tyrone Blades fought over the WZCW Tag Team Championships at Gold Rush.

As Cooper pins Tyrone Blades at Gold Rush the screen turns back to Lethal Lottery and shows Blades flying over the top rope and Cooper being named the winner of Lethal Lottery.

“Well I can see you wanna break me
And I can feel you wanna bring me down”

Confetti falls from the sky and Cooper falls to his knees, shedding tears inside the middle of the ring. It then moves to a shot of Cooper standing in the ring at Ascension 112.

Justin Cooper: First off I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me whether it was from the beginning, six years ago, or the last few months. Without the support of the fans I wouldn’t have made it where I am today.

Early footage of Justin Cooper’s career including him entering as a rapper, his reign as Mayhem Champion and the comical loudmouth cooking pancakes with Logan Burnside backstage. Finally it shows him berating fans during his time as a rebel and outspoken competitor, including his victory over Chris K.O. and Constantine.

“First you gotta make me
Won't be easy coming in my town”

Justin Cooper: This past year has seen a shift in my career, I went from a rebel, a loudmouth, a cult leader and a fool to standing here today as one half of the greatest team tag of all time, the 2016 Lethal Lottery winner and one half of the main event of Kingdom Come.

Cooper is shown hugging fans, visiting hospitals and doing autograph signings with a smile on his face. The sound of the audience cheering him becomes louder as the various clips transition.

Justin Cooper: At Lethal Lottery my life changed. My path became much different than I thought it would be. I now have the chance to become World Champion and all I have to do is beat one guy. That’s the kicker, that’s the funny part about it. I beat 29 competitors on Sunday to earn my place and now I only have to beat one guy.

“Cause everybody in my city wanna be number one
They'll be only one that's standing at the end of this run 'cause”

Replays of Mikey Stormrage defeating opponents through his career including victories over James Howard, Matt Tastic, Constantine and Xander LeBelle. It flashes to Meltdown 135 where he stands proudly with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

“We ready
We ready”

Copeland: He’s extremely proud of what he did last Sunday. Mikey Stormrage becoming one of the very few to ever hold the World Championship for a second time and he did it all within a single year. He’s quickly becoming one of the best and it’s hard to deny him while he stands at the top of the mountain once again.

“We ready
We ready”

Justin Cooper: Am I supposed to be worried?

At Ascension 112, Justin stands in the ring smiling and listens to the cheers of the audience.

Justin Cooper: I’m not standing here alone. I have ALL of these people. I have the one thing you don’t. I have friends. When the time comes they’ll rush to help me but you... well nobody is coming to save Mikey Stormrage as he stands at the top of the mountain all by himself. You’re paranoid. You’re so afraid of losing the belt that it has consumed you. You don’t fear me but you do fear failure and that will be your undoing, champ.

Cutting to shots of Mikey Stormrage surround by darkness with his head down. Alone, isolated and the sound of drums begin beating in the background.

Justin Cooper: My name never left your lips until the moment they embraced me. You fear that I will expose you. That I will show these people what you really are and that is a man who is so paranoid that he turns all his friends away. You hate sharing the spotlight, you hate not being alone at the top of the mountain and I see that. Where is James Howard? Where is Matt Tastic? Why did they not save you on Meltdown? If it was Mark in trouble I would’ve helped him. I would do anything for this man and he would do anything for me... even if I don’t ask.

Cut to Meltdown 136, Mikey Stormrage is defeated by Tyrone Blades and stands in the ring by himself. From behind Mark Keaton, Cooper’s best friend and former tag team partner, attacks him with a steel chair and Vis Imperium strike like a pack of wolves.

Stormrage is left lying whilst bleeding, his title just out of reach as the video cuts to black for a moment.

Justin Cooper: I didn’t know.

Mikey Stormrage: LIAR!

An explosion of light occurs and Mikey Stormrage is shown staggering back to the locker room with blood on his face. He holds the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship to his chest and looks up, his eyes furious and his body shaking.

“There's nothing I won't do
Man, my focus is ridiculous”

On Ascension 113, Mikey Stormrage enters the ring to confront Justin Cooper at their contract signing. He slams his fist down onto the table while Cooper laughs.

“Heart of a lion with the fire in my eyes
Push it until it shuts down
I'm the last man standing”

Mikey Stormrage: You knew they were going to jump me and leave me bloody inside this ring. You knew and you did nothing! You let that happen and yet you come out here every week and preach about being a changed man. You’re not a change man, you’re the same old coward you’ve always been. You hide behind lies and trick these people into believing that you’re more than you are but in reality you’re not worth the dirt on the bottom of my boots.

Both men sign the contract and suddenly...

Stormrage flips the table and takes out both Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton. Vis Imperium rush down to ringside and pull Keaton away leaving the number one contender all alone with Mikey Stormrage.

Mikey Stormrage: You may have everyone else fooled but not me. I know what you are, Justin. I can see the villain that hides right before your very eyes. At Kingdom Come I will expose you for the backstabbing coward that you are and have always been. You haven’t change! You NEVER changed!

“They should've never let us in
Payback and revenge
It's the beginning of the end”

Mikey hammers away with punches on Cooper who struggles to defend himself. He nearly gets away but Mikey pulls him back and slams him through a table!

Cat Connor: The contract has been signed. The match has been made official and things have turned personal tonight.

“And as sure as the sun sets
If we ain't won yet, then we ain't done yet”


Stormrage walks away from the damage he has caused and smiles as Cooper slowly rolls out from the broken table.

“We ready
We ready”

Mikey Stormrage: I’ve heard you talk for long enough. I’m not paranoid. I’m not toxic. I’m the reigning, defending, undisputed WZCW Heavyweight Champion of the World! I am the best professional wrestler in this business and at Kingdom Come I’ll prove it.

Justin Cooper: You’re the only guy I haven’t beaten. You’re the last one left and at Kingdom Come you’ll fall just like the rest of them. You’re no longer the hero of this story!

“We ready
We ready”

Once again, we see Stormrage regain the World Championship and Cooper win Lethal Lottery. This time focusing on the reaction of the fans.

Justin Cooper: I’m the hero of this story. So what does that make you? Six years, I've wanted this opportunity for six years and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers.

“Let’s Go Cooper”

“Let’s Go Mikey”

“Let’s Go Cooper”

“Let’s Go Mikey”

Mikey Stormrage: You say I have nobody left who supports me but you fail to recognise all the millions of fans around the world. I don’t just compete for myself. I do it for all of them. At Kingdom Come you can bring anybody you want but you will not outnumber us! You will not drive us back. These people believe in me and I will never let them down.

A shot of the WZCW SuperShow 5 where Cooper and Stormrage square off. They crowd chanting back and forth as the two men lock eyes. The Kingdom Come VIII logo flashes across the screen.

“We're going up and never coming down
Our team is ready
They cannot beat us till we're in the ground”

Justin Cooper: You already have and they don’t believe in you just like James Howard, Matt Tastic, Eve Taylor and everyone else that you ever loved no longer believes in you.

“Because I'm a Champion”

Cooper hits Mikey Stormrage with the Final Verse...

Justin Cooper: I’m no longer the villain. I am the hero. I am the next WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

“And I move like a Champion”

Then Cooper standing over Mikey while holding the World Championship.

Justin Cooper: I believe it. Mark believes it. The fans believe it.

“Whoever will be a Champion”

Finally he throws the title down and walks away with Mark Keaton standing by his side.

“Born to be a Champion”

Stormrage gets to his feet, rubbing the back of his head and Cooper stares down at him from the top of the ramp.

Justin Cooper: And so do YOU.

“We ready
We ready”
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Old 02-03-2017, 07:20 PM
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Tale of the Tape:

Mikey Stormrage regained the World Championship at Lethal Lottery. He has never defended it successfully during either of his two title reigns with WZCW's top prize.

Justin Cooper won Lethal Lottery in a major shocker and is described as the most unlikely winner of the match ever. He is the only winner to never hold the World Championship.

This feud has been heated. Cooper claims to be a changed man, a hero, but Stormrage believes it's a lie and has vowed to expose the truth.

Mark Keaton, member of Vis Imperium and Justin Cooper's best friend/former tag partner, will be at ringside. Mikey believes Justin means to use this advantage to cheat him out of the World Championship.

For the first time ever Mikey Stormrage faces Justin Cooper. One will win and walk away as World Champion.
Back to the live arena, the place is buzzing with excitement following the video package, thousands cheering and many more standing on their feet overcome with the fantastic show they’ve seen tonight. The lights in the arena begin to dim and the crowd is getting rowdy with anticipation for the long awaited main event.

The arena is pitch black. Not even the big screen is lit up and the sounds of the crowd, some cheering, chanting while others are wondering what is going on. Even the announcers aren’t sure, Cohen asking Copeland if we’ve experienced a power surge or something.


The sound of metal rising up, the loud creak of the stage elevating and the echo of gears crunching vibrates around the arena. From the speakers comes a sound of wind, a sandy sort of wind, much like that experienced in the outback.


Cohen: The hell was that?

Connor: I think we’re about to see something really special.

Two shining lights appear under the stage and again the engine revs. A guitar begins to play, electric at that, and lights all along the floor of the building begin to light up exposing that the stage has been lifted high into the air to make way for some kind of vehicle.

Four huge thick wheels, spikes along the back glistening in silver, the Australian flag hanging out of the back, this dusty looking vehicle is battered and bruised and looks like it’s been put together for some kind of outback war. The lights go out a second time, the engine revs and then...

The vehicle bursts out from underneath the stage and zooms down the long ramp to the EXPLOSION of applause from the crowd. They are going wild as this vehicle speeds towards the ring with a man, clad in a golden leather jacket, his hair spiked, earrings of diamonds hanging down, thick golden boots with studs on them and his face painted with streaks of scarlet and gold, standing on the back playing the electric guitar.

Copeland: My god! That’s Mark Keaton on the back of... well whatever the hell that war machine seems to be.

Cohen: This is one of the wildest entrances I’ve ever seen in my life.

Before the vehicle reaches the ring it screeches to a halt. Keaton tosses the guitar aside and extends a hand to the driver. From inside the vehicle, Justin Cooper emerges to a HUGE applause from the crowd. The challenger, dressed in a leather jacket, white stripes down the sides and large shoulder pads on each side. His trunks are replaced but knee long black shorts, cut from the bottom as strands of fabric hang loose. His boots are black with golden trim and Cooper wears a metal mask, showing only his eyes as a steel chain hangs down from where the mask covers his mouth. The rattle of the chain is heard as Cooper grabs the Australian Flag from the back of the vehicle and waves it around.

Copeland: LISTEN to this ovation for the challenger, the Lethal Lottery winner and the man on a six year journey to achieve his dream of becoming World Champion - Justin Cooper. This building is going absolutely wild for the man who shocked the world last month at Lethal Lottery. Not in a million years did I expect him here tonight.

Connor: Justin Cooper has made a career of doing the impossible. Well, tonight he doesn’t have to do the impossible. He just has to do what he’s been doing more than anyone else in the build up to this event - win. Cooper is perhaps the hottest challenger ever coming into this event. He has beaten the former champion Garth Black and he defeated Eve Taylor, the woman we all thought would be in this position.

Cohen: Yeah but the knee injury was re-aggravate at the SuperShow. Cooper has been carrying that injury for months and you can see the knee brace. How will that come into play? Is he going to be able to take down Mikey Stormrage with one of his knees being seriously injured?

He enters the ring, waves the flag all around before handing it to Keaton who is standing inside the ring with him. Cooper climbs the top turnbuckle, throws off his jacket and then unclips the mask and drops it to the floor below. His face is also painted, black around the mouth with white paint to make it look like teeth and the tips are marked with red for blood. The upper half of his face is clear except for his eyes which are also marked with the black paint, tracing under and around them, with red and white claw marks going across his eyes.

Connor: So, you two have followed Justin Cooper for a long time. We have all seen his journey since 2010 when he first joined the company as a rookie. It’s been five years since he last stepped onto the stage that is Kingdom Come. What is going through his mind right now? We all know the discussion has been whether or not Cooper will turn back to the darkness that once had control of him. What do you guys think, will Cooper cheat to win the World Championship if he needs to?

Cohen: What a dumb question, Cat. Cooper is not going to let the World Championship slip through his fingers. What do you think Keaton is out here for? If Cooper was as pure of heart as you saints like to believe he would have told Keaton to kick rocks. He didn’t though, Keaton is here at ringside and that means he’s going to do whatever it takes to walk away with the gold.

Copeland: I hope not. I hope Cooper is true and has changed like we’ve seen over the last year. He’s grown into someone this company could be proud to call champion. I would hate to see him fall back into that dark place he has in before he disappeared for two years.

Cooper’s outfit is completely in check with a theme except for one thing - the black metal knee brace he is wearing. He gets off the turnbuckle and adjusts it, calling to Keaton and the two exchange a hug in the centre of the ring. Keaton nods and exits to the outside as Cooper awaits the champion. The crowd dies down after Cooper's grand arrival and the arena once again goes dark. The tron begins to flash between two separate logos.

Suddenly a single spotlight begins to shine down where the stage once was, before the light splits in two. Two men then begin to rise from under the ground.

???: Let me hear you say RTJ!


Copeland: The rumors were true! The hottest rap duo in the world have made their way to WZCW! Killer Mike and El-P, Run The Jewels are here!

Cohen: But why are they here? Why now?

Copeland: I think you are about to have your answer Jack.

The spotlights reform into a single beam of light and shines down on the opposite end of the former stage. A green pipe begins rises from the ground. All is silent until green and red pyro shoot from the warp pipe and Mikey Stormrage begins to rise. He has his hands above his head in the fist and gun position as the crowd goes absolutely mental for the champ.

El-P: Let me hear you say Stormrage!


Mikey gazes around the arena as Run The Jewels raps his theme song. His hair is dyed gold to match the title around his waist. He leaps from the warp pipe and paces back and forth, his eyes never leaving Justin Cooper.

Killer Mike: RTJ!

El-P: Stormrage!


Killer Mike: New Orleans, allow me to introduce to you the true Heavyweight Champ, he is the only Heavyweight Champ, MIKEY STORMRAGE!

El-P: And Cooper, tell your mom she raised a fuck boy, next time try to do better!

The crowd explodes at the insult as Stormrage makes his way down the aisle. He pauses, looks up at the vehichle Cooper rode in on and unclips his title belt and climbs the vehicle, the crowd unable to contain themselves. He stares down Cooper and mouths the words "Game Over" as he raises his title belt high in a defiant act.

Copeland: What defiance from the champion! A side of Mikey Stormrage that we have never seen.

Cohen: Brash and bold, I like it. He is the champ and he wants to stay that way.

Connor: Mikey has made it clear, he has no one left but himself. No one gave him a chance, his story just as unlikely as Cooper's, and it has rightfully pissed him off that people continue to under estimate him. For weeks Cooper has gotten under his skin along with Mark...and look at this!

As Mikey leaps from the vehicle, he walks directly to Mark Keaton, gets in his face, and calls him a fuck boy, the crowd soon follows along. Keaton is angry beyond belief, but has no choice but to not touch the champ.


Stormrage rolls into the ring, and stands directly in the face of Cooper and stares daggers through his soul. The entire time he holds his title high, showing Cooper who the champ is. The referee making sure to keep them separated.

Copeland: Mikey Stormrage, first of his name, walks into this main event of Kingdom Come as one of the most unlikely champions of all time. You name a superstar, and Stormrage has pinned their shoulders to the mat, but never has he come face to face with Justin Cooper.

Connor: And they may never square off again after this battle. Cooper's knee is reportedly held together with paper clips and duct tape at this point. It could give out at any minute. Stormrage has lost everything he holds dear to get to this point. A loss may well devastate him to the point of no return.

Cohen: In all my years in this business, I can't recall two people so loved by the audience, yet who hate each other with such passion. This won't be pretty folks. Referee Jurou Akiyama will likely give these two a lot of leeway tonight. We've seen bodies bloodied and careers ended here tonight, but these two may just outdo everyone.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening!

The crowd comes unglued as Truman Harrys stands in the middle of the ring, flanked on either side by the World Champion and the number one contender. Both men are bouncing up and down on the spot, not daring to take their eyes off of the other for even a second.

Harrys: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WZCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The anticipation in the audience is plain to see as chants for each wrestler begins to circulate. Under the bright lights of the arena, there is a palpable big fight feel. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton slaps the apron in an attempt to get Justin Cooper even more heated, an action that is totally unnecessary.

Copeland: Well, here we go, folks. What an event we have witnessed here tonight. We have crowned a new Elite X Champion and we know who awaits the winner of this match as the new number on contender. Vis Imperium and Titus Avison have retained their Championships in frightening displays. But this, this right here, is what we have been waiting for.

Cohen: You can just feel the swelling of anticipation in the air, Seabass. I don't think, in all of my years calling WZCW matches, that a match has meant more to both competitors. You just have to look at both of these men to see just how much a win here means to them.

Connor: Both men have worked so hard to reach this point and, to many, this match would have seemed absurd even a year ago. But through their own drive and determination, they have reached this point. One final hurdle lies for both of them and this is their chance to etch their names into the annals of history. Let's all just soak this in for a moment and enjoy what we are about to see.

The referee brings both men into the middle of the ring as he asks for Mikey to hand over the Heavyweight Championship. Mikey removes it from his shoulder and looks at it for a moment, a look of affection in his eyes. He gives the title a kiss for luck and then hesitantly hands it over to the referee. Akiyama shows it to Justin Cooper with a bow of his head before lifting it into the air. The crowd sound their appreciation as both men stare a hole through the other, not flinching for a moment or giving any notice to the Championship hanging above their heads. Akiyama signals that both men can go back to their corner as he hands the Championship off to the stage hand at ringside and signals for the bell.


A huge roar of excitement goes around the arena as the opening bell rings in everyone's ears. Both men, however, seem totally transfixed one each other – perhaps sizing up the measure of the task that now awaits them. The talking is over, that much is obvious. And now that both men stand in the ring with only one thing on their minds, it is clear that they will stop at nothing to do the impossible. Suddenly, both men spring into life and begin circling the ring, lapping up the absolutely insane reaction from the crowd.

Copeland: I don't think I have heard a crowd reaction like this in all of the time I have been with WZCW, folks. It is clear to me that the crowd have been looking forward to this match since the Lethal Lottery. And now that it is upon them, they have reached fever pitch!

Both men finally come together in the middle of the ring, going for a tie-up. But it is Mikey who immediately comes off as the better, using his weight advantage to good use as he grabs Cooper by the shoulder and tosses him across the ring. The crowd give a roar of approval as Mikey stands valiantly in the middle of the ring, looking down at Cooper with a serene look of determination on his features. Cooper smirks for a moment before letting out a small laugh and then getting back to his feet. He dusts himself down as he begins to move around the ring again. After a few seconds, he puts his game face back on and both men come together in the middle of the ring once more. This time, however, it is the turn of Justin Cooper to get the better of the exchange – using the weight and momentum of his opponent to his advantage and plating Mikey with a beautifully executed hip-toss. Mikey lies on the canvas for a moment, collecting himself as Cooper now stands valiantly in the middle of the ring – separating the crowd reaction in the process. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton gives an applause to his best friend – a sick smile moving across his face. Mikey slaps the canvas in frustration before getting to his feet and nodding his head towards his opponent. The crowd cannot help but give one final unified roar of appreciation as Mikey shows Cooper some sportsmanship on the biggest stage of them all.

Connor: It looks to me as if both of these men are using the opening stages of this match to feel the other out. Both of them totally up for this match, however. Jack, just how important are the opening stages of a match like this in terms of the bigger picture?

Cohen: Oh, so important, Cat. Both men want to get the better of their opponent from the get-go. There is no substitute in this sport for momentum. And when you start the match quickly, you genuinely feel as though you can do no wrong. Both of these guys have now felt the canvas on their backs and that should send a shiver down their spines. If ever you needed to start a match well, this is the time.

Both men stop in two corners of the ring as the ovation from the crowd continues for them. Both Stormrage and Cooper take a moment to soak in the adulation of the crowd as the Kingdom Come moment becomes all too real for two men that people thought would never get the opportunity. For a perfect moment, the world stands still and the flashing lights of the occasion are all that matters. Mikey allows a massive smile to appear on his face as both men begin circling the ring for one final time. As both men come together for a third time, Mikey immediately whips around the back of his opponent and manages to get his hands around the waist of the Australian. Mikey uses his power to hoist Cooper into the air somewhat before planting him into the canvas with a belly to back suplex. Cooper tries to get to his feet quickly but the Heavyweight Champion is on top of him, building some early momentum. Stormrage pulls Cooper towards him as he gets back to his feet, nailing him with a stunning short-arm clothesline. Cooper hits the canvas one more time as Mikey begins peppering him with a few brutal stomps to the arms and chest. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton tries yelling some advice to his former tag team partner but it is of no use. Mikey hits the near ropes before launching himself into the air and landing on top of his opponent with unexpected grace. The impact is such that it causes Justin Cooper to let out a deep exhalation and drives the wind from his lungs. Stormrage goes for the quick cover but Akiyama is only able to reach a count of 1 before the number one contender gets his shoulders out.

Copeland: Well, it would be one of the biggest shocks in the world of professional wrestling if that move had been enough to pur Justin Cooper away.

Cohen: That isn't about putting Cooper away at this venture, Seabass. The purpose of that pin was for two reasons. First, it makes Justin Cooper expel energy in trying to lift a man who weighs over 300 pounds off of his body. And second, that cover was about Mikey Stormrage showing Justin Cooper that he has what it takes to get the better of him early on in the match up. That's veteran instincts and you can't teach that.

Connor: You have to remember that Mikey is a two-time Heavyweight Champion amongst other things, ladies and gentlemen. He is as close to a ring veteran as you are ever going to find. And for a big man like he is, you need to use whatever energy you have wisely. Mikey is a master of doing just that.

Stormrage gets back to his feet first and immediately pulls Justin Cooper back to a vertical base too. Mikey backs Cooper up into the corner of the ring and then unleashes a vicious slap to the exposed chest of his opponent. The crowd lets out a WOOO as Mikey's hand connects with Cooper. Again and again, Mikey lashes the chest of his opponent, each time bringing the fans at ringside into the match and onto his side. After a total of 6 strikes to the chest, Cooper is able to wheel away from the corner, clutching at his torso as he does. But the World Champion is not done with his opponent yet and Cooper knows it. Mikey approaches Cooper from behind and hoists him into the air with ease. Suddenly, Mikey brings Cooper down to Earth with a bang, nailing his opponent with a stunning Samoan drop that further drives the air out of the challenger's lungs. Mikey sits up as Cooper grabs onto his chest and rolls around the canvas in pain. Mikey takes a deep breath in and then turns to his opponent, knowing that he must continue this methodical offensive if he is to remain in control of the match and his own destiny.

Connor: Mikey Stormrage looks like good value for money here tonight, folks. And what's more, he look calm and collected, even on the biggest stage of them all. A lot can be said of how Mikey has been through emotional turmoil as of late. But not many of us would have figured that would have made him even more focussed on the match as it seems to have done.

Cohen: Very few men in this business are as good as Mikey Stormrage when he really gets dialled into hurting an opponent. And maybe you are right, Cat. Maybe everything that Justin Cooper, Mark Keaton and Eve Taylor have done to Mikey has turned him into this one man wrecking crew. One thing is for sure, Justin Cooper is paying the price for it now.

Mikey gets back to one knee and grabs the head of his opponent, pulling him forward and then punishing him with a swift punch to the jaw. The crowd takes a sharp intake of breath as Cooper's head slams back down to the canvas. Once again, Mikey grabs the head of his opponent and lands a swift punch to the jaw. Mikey lets out a sharp exhalation as he gets back to his feet and surveys the damage he has done to his opponent early on in the match. Not getting distracted, however, he continues the onslaught. Mikey grabs Cooper and begins pulling him back to his feet. But Mikey is caught completely unaware as Cooper grabs his tights and pulls him downwards, wrapping him in a small package pin. Akiyama is stunned by the speed of the fall and before he can even get to the canvas to count it, Mikey has powered out. Both Mikey and Cooper get back to their feet as soon as possible, looking to turn the match in their favour. But it is Mikey, once more, who manages to claim the advantage – nailing Justin Cooper with a scoop slam that drives the air out of his lungs once more. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton gives a shake of his head in utter astonishment as Cooper continues to soak up the damage from the Heavyweight Champion.

Cohen: That's great athleticism from Mikey there, Seabass. And you have to give Mikey a tonne of credit for keeping his finger on the pulse in this match thus far.

Copeland: Indeed, Jack. A lot has been said about the Heavyweight Champion heading into this match. But, to me at least, he is looking exceptionally dangerous. Justin Cooper is probably wishing he didn't win the Lethal Lottery as this punishment continues.

Connor: But as we seen there, Seabass, Justin Cooper is always capable of something. Mikey might have made light work of the pinfall but it only takes 3 seconds of losing concentration to lose this match and the Heavyweight Championship. And with Mark Keaton on the outside of the ring, you just never know when that might happen.

Mikey gets onto his knees as the thoughts of putting this match away begin to cross his mind. He surveys the ring for inspiration as Cooper rolls away from immediate harm, still clutching his back and chest in pain. Mikey gets to his feet as a few beads of sweat begin to appear on his brow. He wipes them away and wonders over to the corner of the ring. Cooper, meanwhile, has found the solace of the corner of the ring for the time being. Cooper begins pulling himself up using the ropes but Mark Keaton knows what lies in store for the number one contender and a pained look of anticipation crosses his features. Mikey lies in wait as Cooper finally finishes pulling himself back to his feet. But any thoughts of stopping the rot early on in the match are quickly extinguished as Mikey runs across the ring and slams his entire body weight into his opponent with a massive jumping slam. Keaton lets out a yelp of fright as Cooper is crushed between the corner of the ring and Mikey Stormrage. The crowd, on the other hand, let out a gasp of joy as Cooper gets punished. Mikey wheels away from the corner as Cooper slumps to the canvas – leaving himself vulnerable in a seated position against the bottom turn-buckle. Mikey turns on the spot and notices his opponent in a world of his own. Mikey allows a smile to appear on his face for the first time in the match as he immediately runs at Cooper and slams his massive thigh straight into the chin of the number one contender. The sound of the connection is wicked as Cooper's head whips back into the unforgiving structure. Mikey immediately pulls Cooper out of the corner as the fans come alive – this match might be over! 1... 2... The referee stops the count! There is a moment of confusion as the referee gets to one knee and points out Justin Cooper's foot on the bottom rope! This match continues!

Copeland: Jeez! I think that everyone in this arena thought that was all she wrote for Justin Cooper there, ladies and gentlemen...

Cohen: Notice how Justin Cooper didn't manage to get his shoulders out of that pin or manage to kick his legs out, Seabass. He might have found a little bit of salvation there by finding the rope break. But he looks out on his feet right now and Mikey has shown him to be a little out of his depth here tonight.

Connor: Wait a minute, folks. Let's just have a look at the replay of that for a moment...


As Mikey connects with Cooper's face, Mark Keaton falls to his knees on the outside of the ring, clutching his hair in frustration and fright. From the outside of the ring, Mikey can be seen pulling his opponent out of the corner and falling on top of him for the pin. But as the referee drops to the canvas, Keaton darts into action and sneaks towards the ring, grabbing the foot of his former tag team partner and putting it onto the bottom rope!
Copeland: You have got to be joking!?

Cohen: That's amazing! Mark Keaton has kept his best friend in this match and now the decision to bring him out to ring side makes all of the sense in the world.

Connor: A lot has been said about Justin Cooper's alignment heading into this match. Is he a good guy or is he, at heart, a bad guy. I think we can see what category he falls into with these actions, ladies and gentlemen!

Cohen: Wait a minute, Cat! Justin Cooper didn't say a single work to Mark Keaton to make him do what he did. For me, it comes down to nothing more than Mark Keaton giving his best friend a lifeline in this match. This was an action all on his own, I just know it!

Mikey cannot believe that Justin Cooper has managed to get his foot onto the bottom rope and looks utterly disheartened as he lifts his head for the first time since his failed cover. He looks at Cooper's foot resting on the rope and then turns his attention towards Mark Keaton on the outside of the ring – who is now sporting a sly look. You can see the wheels turning in Mikey's head as he puts two and two together. The sudden realisation of what has happened strikes Mikey, who gets to his knees and grabs at the shirt of the referee. The referee tells Mikey that he only managed to get a count of two and that the match continues. But Mikey cannot believe that the referee has missed the interception from Mark Keaton. Mikey gets to his feet and continues to argue with the referee. He follows Akiyama across the ring but the referee doesn't want to hear any more about it. Mikey looks to the sky as he shakes his head and runs his hands through his hair in frustration and anger. But he quickly realises that the match is still ongoing and Justin Cooper is in need of his attention. Mikey regains his composure and walks back over to the corner of the ring. But Justin Cooper is ready for him and pulls him towards the corner of the ring, causing Mikey's head to crash into the turn-buckle and sending him to the canvas for the first time in a long time in this match. Cooper senses that this is his moment to get back into the match and looks to seize it, getting back to his feet as Mikey does the same. Mikey swings a wild arm at Cooper but is punished for his lapse in concentration as Cooper nails him with a stunning kick to the side of the Champion's head. Both men hit the canvas with a thud but Cooper seems too tired to cover.

Copeland: After those disgusting actions from Mark Keaton, this match seems to have turned completely on it's head, ladies and gentlemen. Mikey Stormrage was well in control of this contest and was looking to be good value as Heavyweight Champion. But, at the very least, Mark Keaton has gifted this best friend an opportunity to get his breath back.

Cohen: And that is a crucial part of this kind of contest, Seabass, especially when you have found yourself up against it so early on in the match. Justin Cooper still has a chance in this match but he needs to make sure that he doesn't gas himself early. Mikey has did a great job of controlling the pace and wrestling the match at his leisure. Justin Cooper needs to prove that he can do the same and bring himself back into this contest.

The crowd get to their feet to sound their appreciation for the efforts of both men as they try to get back to their feet. Cooper is the first to move towards that goal, using the ropes on the far side of the ring to pull himself upwards. Mikey still looks dazed as he gets to one knee and then onto his feet. Suddenly realising that Cooper is on his feet, too, Mikey moves towards him and nails him with a punch to the jaw. Cooper wheels away in pain for a second before turning on a dime and nailing Stormrage with a punch to the jaw in retaliation. Mikey recoils and swings back at Cooper. The number one contender nails Mikey again! The crowd are on their feet as both men doggedly fight for control of this match, smashing each other on the jaw with every opposing blow. With what stamina he has left, Mikey nails Cooper with a back elbow that sends Cooper veering off towards the ropes one more time. With that, a trickle of blood begins to ooze from the nose of Justin Cooper, causing the referee to make his way over to the number one contender to check on his well-being. Mikey realises that he has the opportunity to reclaim the advantage in this title match and looks to seize it one more time. He gives the fans a guttural groan as he sizes up his challenger. Mikey immediately turns and hits the ropes. But as he does, the hand of Mark Keaton slips under the bottom rope and catches the ankle of the Heavyweight Champion. The referee turns his head towards the other side of the ring as Mikey stumbles and hits the canvas with a thud. The fans are on their feet and booing loudly at Mark Keaton on the outside but Justin Cooper knows nothing about it.

Copeland: Oh, come on! This match is running the risk of getting out of control, folks. Mark Keaton may have stated that he is out here to cheer his best friend on but he is making the main event of Kingdom Come a joke in my eyes.

Cohen: Oh, don't be so melodramatic, Seabass. Look at the size of Mikey Stormrage, he probably just fell over his big fat feet – no harm done!

Connor: How can you even say that, Jack? It is clear to everyone except the referee that Mark Keaton tripped Mikey Stormrage there, just as he was regaining control of this match!

Cohen: Well, even if he did do that, Cat... Which he categorically didn't, by the way... He was just making use of the lack of concentration in the referee. I don't know about anyone else but I would have did the exact same thing. IF he did do it, that is.

Cooper notices that Mikey is on the canvas and wastes little time in going to work. He bounces off of the nearby ropes and then nails Mikey with a stunning dropkick to the side of the head. The crowd take a collective intake of breath as Cooper's boots crash against the temple of the World Champion. Stormrage has no other choice but to try and evade the attacks from Cooper and soon finds his way into the corner of the ring. But much like earlier on, that turns out to be a false safety as Justin Cooper makes his way over to where Mikey is seated and begins pounding him with stiff stomp after stiff stomp, each shot landing on the chest of head of the Heavyweight Champion. Akiyama tries his best to get in between the two men but it is no use – Justin Cooper is drilling Mikey with everything he has. The referee begins his 5 count and, at the count of 4, Justin Cooper stops the assault. He moves into the middle of the ring, sweat and blood pouring from his face, before letting out a frustrated and furious cry in the middle of the ring. Many fans are on their feet as Mark Keaton begins slow clapping his hands on the outside of the ring.

Connor: Well, it seems as though Justin Cooper has used the distraction from Mark Keaton to the best of his ability. What's more, it seems as though this match has brought out something in Justin Cooper that we haven't seen in a while.

Cohen: Maybe it;s about time we seen that, Cat! Look at the great Champions this business has ever had. You look at people like Titus and Ty Burna, two men who knew that putting dangerous opponents away meant that they had to go to a dark place themselves. The legacies of both of these men speak for themselves. You go for it, kid!

Copeland: I think we are seeing the side of Justin Cooper that Mikey always knew was there. I don't know how much of the interventions Justin Cooper knew about. But what I do know is that he seems as though he will stop at nothing to put Mikey away. And now that he is in control of the match, that seems ominous for the Champion.

The referee goes over to Justin Cooper in the middle of the ring and begins telling him off for not heeding his warning. But Justin Cooper seems to be dialled into what he is doing now. He pushes past the referee with ease and goes back to Mikey in the corner of the ring. Over and over again, Justin pounds his opponent with stiff stomps, much like he did only seconds ago. The referee starts a 5 count straight away but Cooper doesn't seem to be care. He grabs Mikey by the hair and pulls him up into the corner of the ring. He nails Mikey with an elbow to the side of the head before peppering him with a few straight jabs to the jaw. Mikey seems to be in a world of his own as Cooper puts the screws to him – causing Mikey to move out of the corner and into the middle of the ring. Like a consummate pro that likes to control matches, Cooper allows Mikey to stagger forwards into the middle of the ring. But any thoughts of Mikey being allowed to rest for a moment are quickly extinguishes as Cooper runs at him from behind and plants him with a beautiful bulldog! Cooper uses all of his strength to roll Mikey over and looks for the cover! 1... 2... Kick out from the Champion! This match rolls on!

Copeland: So close! We were less than a second away from crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion there, folks. Justin Cooper may or may not be aware of the actions of Mark Keaton on the outside of the ring but he is putting them to good use regardless.

Cohen: And that, Seabass, is veteran instincts. Like I pointed out, the very best that WZCW has ever had to offer were the most ruthless. If Cooper is etch his name into the annals of history in this company, then he is going to have to unleash the beast inside of him and really put the screws to Mikey Stormrage here and now. This is his chance! Hell, it might be his only chance.

Cooper immediately gets to his knees and slams the canvas in frustration as Mikey begins to roll away. Realising that he has to stay on top of the Champion, Cooper gets to his feet and begins walking after Stormrage, almost like a vulture hovering over the carcass of it's next victim. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton yells advice to his best friend, an action that Justin Cooper seems to heed. Cooper shakes his head in anger as he mouths words of encouragement to himself. Suddenly, he grabs the leg of his opponent and pulls on it, locking in the Boston Crab to the the Heavyweight Champion. Mikey lets out a yell of agony as Cooper leans back into the hold, pulling all of the muscles in Mikey's leg apart and inflicting yet more cruel damage. The fans are on their feet in shock as Mikey reaches out for the bottom rope. He isn't actually too far away but it must seem like a hundred yards as Cooper continues to lever more impact into the hold. For what seems like forever, Mikey pulls himself towards the bottom rope. But he is soon met by a real challenge as Mark Keaton pulls the ropes away from Mikey, just as he is about to reach them. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing but they are not the only one. The referee jumps to his feet and points his finger towards Keaton. Playing innocent, Keaton raises both of his hands and backs off. Mikey makes one final lunge towards the bottom rope and some measure of salvation. But just as he motions, Cooper uses all of his strength and know-how to pull Mikey back into the middle of the ring! The crowd lets out a disappointed sigh but Mikey is wily and, somehow, manages to roll onto his back and roll up Justin Cooper with a small package! The referee breaks his concentration from Keaton and jumps down to count the fall, wasting a valuable second as Cooper manages to break out of the pin at 2!

Copeland: This match is spinning back and forth, almost out of control, ladies and gentlemen! The referee for this match needs to eject Mark Keaton from this match before he costs Mikey Stormrage his Championship and, more importantly, robs these people of the main event that they deserve!

Cohen: Save it, Seabass! You're just angry that Mikey Stormrage is being found out to be a lousy Champion by someone who has a better game plan than he does. A less worthy competitor wouldn't have wound a way out of that last pin fall, for example!

Connor: Speaking of finding a way out of something. You have to give an enormous amount of credit to Mikey Stormrage there, folks. He found himself locked in that hold for well over a minute and, throughout all of the searing agony, still managed to pull all of his weight towards the ropes and the break. His heart cannot be measured.
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Cooper pops out of the pin and looks stunned that it even happened in the first place. He gets to his feet and waits for Mikey to bring himself back to a vertical base a few seconds later. Cooper walks over to Mikey, looking to continue the onslaught. But the Heavyweight Champion surprises everyone by suddenly springing into life and taking Justin Cooper down by the legs. Just as soon as Cooper's back hits the canvas, Mikey spins him around onto his stomach and puts him in the Boston Crab – the damaged knee of Justin Cooper being put under serious inspection by the Heavyweight Champion! Mikey levers all of his body weight back as a pained look of determination crosses his features. The crowd are on their feet in jubilation as Mikey hoists Cooper's knee back further and further, sending shock-waves of agony up the spine of the challenger. Cooper reaches out for the bottom rope but, just like Mikey was a few seconds ago, he seems to be miles away. Sensing that his partner is in trouble and needing some help, Mark Keaton jumps up onto the apron, catching the attention of the referee and, perhaps even more strikingly, of Mikey Stormrage. Having no other option as Keaton attempts to get into the match, Mikey releases the hold and walks over to where Keaton is standing on the apron. Mikey yells at Keaton to stop getting involved but Keaton seems less than impressed. Suddenly, Justin Cooper appears from behind and smashes into Mikey Stormrage with a double-axe handle. But the damage doesn't stop there! Mikey falls forward and crashes into the referee, who falls through the ropes and takes a nasty bump on the floor below. Mark Keaton allows a sick smile to appear on his face but it is soon wiped off as Mikey rattles him with a punch to the jaw, knocking him to the floor below.

Connor: No! No, this can't happen! The referee has been knocked out of the ring and, perhaps, out of consciousness. And now Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper will have their way with Mikey Stormrage and the Heavyweight Championship! Probably just as they planned it!

Cohen: Wait a minute, Cat! That, as was very evident to everyone, was a mistake on the part of the referee. He got in the way of Justin Cooper's attack and he paid the price for it. You can't convince me that was anything other than an accident. And trying to say that Mark Keaton is anything other than innocent in all of this is wildly untrue.

Copeland: He shouldn't have been on the apron anyway, Jack! No one is saying that he caused that but he certainly played a massive part in it. Cat is right, this seems far too convenient to defend Justin Cooper. He looks to have played this game plan to perfection.

As the action continues without a referee, Mikey looks down at Mark Keaton on the floor beside the referee. Mikey allows a smile to appear on his face but that smile is soon wiped off in dramatic fashion. Mikey turns into the middle of the ring but is immediately met with the FINAL VERSE!! Both men hit the canvas together but Justin Cooper is all too aware that there is no referee to count the fall. He spins his head around, looking for some assistance. But there is no one around and even Mark Keaton can't help him here. He tells Mark to get the referee up and put him in the ring, which Keaton tries to oblige with. Keaton pulls the referee to his weary feet and rolls him into the ring. The referee doesn't seem to be in any state to continue but it doesn't stop Justin Cooper covering Mikey and looking to put the Champion away, first and foremost. It takes a few agonising seconds for the referee to notice what is going on but he, somehow, manages to find the strength to begin the pin-fall! 1... 2... Kick out from Mikey Stormrage!!

Copeland: He's still in this, folks! Mikey Stormrage is still the Heavyweight Champion!

Cohen: NO WAY!!

Connor: I cannot believe what I am seeing, folks! Mikey Stormrage, like I already pointed out, has the heart of a Champion more than anything else. Things might not be going his way right now. But let me tell you something right now, he will not allow himself to go down like that!

The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as Justin Cooper rolls off Mikey with a look of shock on his face. His eyes are wide and his mouth is ajar, clearly contemplating just what it is going to take t o wrestle the Championship away from WZCW's resident gamer. The referee is still not in any shape to continue refereeing this match, however. As he signals to the time-keeper that the count was indeed only a 32 count, he slumps back to the canvas with both of his arms seemingly lifeless. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton is another person who cannot believe what he is seeing from Mikey Stormrage. Keaton allows a venomous look to appear on his face as he stares through Mikey in the middle of the ring. Keaton almost seems perplexed as he contemplates his next move. The Tag Team Champion and member of Vis Imperium must know that the match will be won and lost in this moment and he knows that he must take advantage. He surveys the area before settling on the time-keeper's area off to his right hand side. He immediately walks towards the area, the same look of venom on his face as he draws closer. Once there, he stops for a moment to consider his actions and then grabs the Heavyweight Championship from the lap of the time-keeper. There is a sudden and massive uproar from the fans in the arena as the intentions of Mark Keaton becomes clear. He walks over to the ring slowly before sliding the Championship straight into the arms of his former tag team partner!

Copeland: Not like this! Please not like this, Justin!

Connor: And with that, the intentions of both men have become clear. They set out to win the Championship at any and all costs. Now that they see their opportunity, the real defining moment of Justin Cooper's career is upon us!

Cohen: What a genius strategy, Cat! You can say anything that you want but this match is about winning the Heavyweight Championship and joining the scores of legends that have held that famous Championship title. You're all just upset that Justin Cooper is making the most of the opportunity. Do it, kid! Smash him with the gold and claim your place!

Justin Cooper slowly gets to his feet, the glint of the golden championship in his eyes. Rising slowly but not taking his eyes off of the championship, Cooper almost seems entranced by the thought of winning the gold or even having it in his hands. The crowd cannot believe that Justin Cooper has been faking all of this time, seemingly, and they are letting him know all about it. As the booing of the crowd grows louder, it almost seems to snap Justin Cooper out of his trance. Cooper shakes his head as the cobwebs are cleared. Suddenly, he realises what has happened and allows a look of shock and disgust to cross his features. On the outside of the ring, Keaton is smiling, knowing that Justin Cooper holds the key to winning the Championship in his hands and the time is now. Mikey is beginning to come to in the middle of the ring and Keaton knows all about it.

Keaton: DO IT, JUSTIN! DO IT!!

Copeland: This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The moment of truth for Justin Cooper! Has everything he has said and done in the last few weeks and months been nothing but a lie?

Cooper seems to be in two minds about what to do as Mikey begins to crawl towards the far ropes and away from danger. With every inch that Mikey gets further away from Cooper, so does his opportunity to cheat him out of the Championship. Cooper flits his eyes between Mikey and the Championship, trying to, somehow, decide what means more to him. As Mikey gets to the ropes, he begins pulling himself back to his feet and, soon enough, has reclaimed his vertical base. He turns around but suddenly comes to a halt as he notices Justin Cooper standing on the far side of the ring holding his Championship in his hands. Suddenly, Cooper drops the Championship onto the canvas and gives Mikey a nod. On the outside of the ring, Keaton cannot believe it! He runs his hands through his blonde hair in utter disbelief as Cooper kicks the Championship under the bottom rope and out onto the floor. A massive cheer goes around the arena as this match rolls on – much to the annoyance of Mark Keaton!

Copeland: Well... I am truly lost for words, folks.

Cohen: I don't know what I am more disappointed in, Seabass. The fact that all of Mark Keaton's work has been undone by Justin Cooper. Or the fact that Justin Cooper has been telling the truth all of these weeks. He's just another soft-minded sheep!

Connor: I don't even know if Mikey Stormrage can believe what he is seeing either, Seabass. Everything that Justin Cooper has been saying over the last few months has been vindicated right there. And what's more, I think Mikey Stormrage might have just been proven wrong about Cooper!

Mikey nods his head in approval and, perhaps even, a little bit of shock. Keaton seems utterly perplexed by Cooper's actions but it matters for nothing. Keaton yells at Cooper as Cooper turns his head in retaliation. Suddenly, Mikey runs at Cooper and nails him with a low shoulder-block to the injured knee of his challenger! The crowd burst into life once more as Mark Keaton lets out a yell of shock. Cooper grabs his knee in absolute agony as he rolls around on the canvas. Mikey gets to his knees and lets a look of determination cross his features. He zeroes in on Cooper as the challenger grabs the ropes in an effort to get to his feet as soon as possible. Mikey is now sweating vigorously but he knows that this is his opportunity to put the match away and retain his championship against all of the odds. Mikey rises to his feet, almost as a mirror of his opponent. Cooper clutches his knee but soon turns around to find Mikey waiting for him. Mikey grabs Cooper and hoists him up into position! GAME OVER!! Mikey falls onto his opponent, driving the air out of his lungs. But the impact of the move sends Mikey bouncing off of his opponent and onto his own back in the middle of the ring.

Copeland: This is it, folks! Mikey Stormrage has put so many top level superstars away with that move!

Cohen: But he can't capitalise, Seabass! The momentum of that move sent him bouncing off of Justin Cooper and out of the pin. He should have been covering Justin Cooper right now and all he is doing is taking a quick nap!

Connor: This has been a true classic match, folks. The main event of Kingdom Come is something that not a lot of people have been involved in and everyone aspires to. These two men have given everything they have in search of the win and this match is rolling on. Mikey Stormrage is well in control of this match now, even with the deck stacked against him!

Mikey brings his hands to his face, drawing in deep breaths and wiping the sweat away from his brow. Mikey seems utterly exhausted, given the frenetic pace of the match. He turns his head to the right to look at Justin Cooper, who still lies motionless. Mikey swallows hard and lets a determined look, once again, cross his face. He rolls over onto his stomach and brings himself back up onto one knee. He gives another look at Justin Cooper, who is beginning to come to his senses. Mikey finally gets back to his feet and moves into the corner of the ring. Suddenly, a look of sheer epiphany crosses his features. With a massive roar from the crowd, he puts his leg through the ropes and exits the ring. He takes one final look at Justin Cooper, who is beginning to roll around on the canvas – trying to get his breath back and, somehow, get back into this contest. Mikey begins climbing the ropes as the fans get onto their feet in sheer jubilation. As Cooper settles in the middle of the ring for a moment, Mikey finally gets to the top. He gives the fans a taunt before launching himself off of the rope! With al of his immense weight behind the moves, Mikey connects with his finisher! THE FLYING BURRITO!! Mikey lands on the canvas and immediately crawls towards Justin Cooper. The referee is still not in any condition to count the fall but Mikey begins shaking him to rouse him. The fans cheer loudly in frustration as the referee begins to regain his senses. He notices that the cover is being made and manages to raise his hand into the air. The pace is agonising as his hand falls to the canvas. 1! Slowly, he lifts his fist again and allows it to fall to the canvas! 2! He raises his hand, almost in slow motion...

Copeland: It's over!

Click for Spoiler:
Justin Cooper manages to roll his shoulder out with absolutely no time to spare!

Copeland: NO! I don't believe what I am seeing! Justin Cooper has kicked out of both of Mikey Stormrage's finishers! You can say what you like about the time it has taken the referee to count the fall but, like it or not, Justin Cooper is still in this contest!

Connor: What heart from Justin Cooper.

Cohen: What a match, Cat!

Mikey slumps off of the lifeless body of his opponent, his mouth hanging open to signify the utter shock that he feels at that precise moment. Somehow, Justin Cooper begins to move beside him, only serving to increase the shock on Mikey's face. The Champions' expression soon changes, however, as he brings himself back to his knees – watching Justin Cooper roll away from him. With a look of venom on his face, Mikey watches as the exhausted-looking Justin Cooper uses the ropes to get back onto his knees. Mikey rises to his feet, the wears of the match plain to see on the Champion. He looks at Cooper, shaking his head in utter disbelief. Cooper is swaying around, obviously not in control of his body and fighting on just pure adrenaline. The crowd suddenly let out a roar of anger. With the referee only beginning to come to his senses, Mark Keaton has climbed the ropes behind Mikey and is not perched on the turn-buckle. Mikey suddenly turns around as Keaton launches himself off of the turn-buckle. Amazingly, Mikey manages to catch Mark Keaton and begins walking around the ring. With a massive smile on his face at the thought of getting some revenge, Mikey suddenly drops Keaton once and for all! GAME OVER!!

Connor: YES! Finally!

Cohen: Oh, come on now, Mikey! That was just tally uncalled for!

Copeland: Uncalled for? Are you kidding me, Jack?! Mark Keaton has, continually, found himself being involved in this match when there was absolutely no need for it. He has ruined this contest from the get-go and now he is getting his comeuppance for all of those actions. It's about time, if you ask me!

Keaton immediately rolls out of the ring as Mikey gets back to his feet slowly, watching Mark Keaton fall to the floor below and out of the match for good. Suddenly, he is spun around by Justin Cooper and immediately smashed with REMIX! Cooper falls to the canvas and pulls Mikey onto his back with, seemingly, everything he has left in the tank. Some of the fans are on their feet as Cooper falls on top of Mikey as the referee crawls towards the pinfall. 1... 2... Kick out from the Champion! The fans are on their feet in utter celebration as Mikey, again, shows his heart.

Cohen: COME ON, REF!

Copeland: Thank God for that, ladies and gentlemen! I though that Justin Cooper had made the most of the interruption from Mark Keaton. But somehow, this match continues, thanks to the heart and determination of Mikey Stormrage.

Connor: Mikey has always had the heart of a lion, Seabass. But tonight has been his watershed moment. He has gone above and beyond anything I have ever seen before from him. He has had the odds stacked against him all his career but tonight has been on a new level. And somehow, he has managed to fight through the pain and misery caused by Mark Keaton's cheating. It's amazing! What a champion...

This time, it is the turn of Justin Cooper to be in a state of disbelief as Mikey kicks out of his finishing move. The crowd are on their feet in appreciation of what they are seeing as a chorus of chanting and applause goes around the arena. Both Justin Cooper and Mikey seem to be out on their feet but they are still fighting in this match. Mikey rolls onto his stomach as Cooper sits up. Cooper grabs Mikey by the hair and looks deep into his eyes, questioning just what makes Mikey keep going and thinking about what it is going to take to put him away. Mikey gets to his knees and slumps against Justin Cooper. Both men begin getting to their feet, using the other man to steady themselves. It's almost as if they could not stand on their own two feet. Cooper's head rests on the shoulder of Mikey as both men make their way back to a vertical base. Almost touchingly, amongst the noise of the crowd and the madness of the event, Cooper whispers a few words in the ear of the Champion. Mikey staggers backwards and looks into Cooper's eyes, struggling to stand and taking deep breaths. Suddenly, Cooper pulls him towards him and nails him with THE MIC CHECK!! Cooper falls on top of Mikey as the referee counts the fall! 1... 2... 3!! IT'S OVER!!

Copeland: I don't believe it!

Cohen: Oh, my God! I... I don't know what to say...

Connor: How about this, Jack...?

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... JUSTIN COOPER!!

The referee goes over to the side of the ring and collects the WZCW Heavyweight Championship before heading back into the middle of the ring. Justin Cooper lifts his head as the referee puts his hand on his shoulder. Cooper looks at the Heavyweight Championship with a stunned look of disbelief on his face. He reaches out for the Championship slowly, almost scared to touch it in case it disappears into a cloud of smoke in front of him. He reaches a little further and takes the Championship from the hands of the referee and gets to his knees. Suddenly, confetti begins to fall from the roof of the arena as some fireworks begin firing off from the stage.

Copeland: Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. What a main event to finish off Kingdom Come this year. But the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers will tell the tale of Justin Cooper being crowned the new Heavyweight Championship.

Cohen: And what a match it was, Seabass! You have to give it to Justin Cooper though. What an amazing feat to go into your first main event of Kingdom Come and come out of it with the gold. It doesn't matter how it was accomplished really. Like you said, Seabass, all that will be remembered tomorrow is how Justin Cooper won the main event of Kingdom Come and is the new Heavyweight Champion!

Connor: You have to really feel sorry for Mikey Stormrage though, folks. The fans in the arena are on their feet for an amazing contest and a triumphant winner. But Mikey had the deck stacked against him all night, regardless of how much Justin Cooper knew about it. He must be feeling absolutely gutted right now...

Justin Cooper gets to his feet and raises the Championship above his head for the first time, sweat pouring from his weary body. More fireworks go off around the arena as the new Champion is crowned. Suddenly, Mark Keaton gets in the ring and throws his arms around his best friend in jubilation. Cooper accepts the hug as confetti continues to pour from the sky. Cooper, however, has other things on his mind. He turns to where Mikey should be, his hand extended in a hand-shake pose. But Mikey is not there. Cooper looks up the ramp as Mikey staggers towards the stage, his head dipped and his shoulders slumped. Cooper gives him a nod and points in his direction. The fans are on their feet as Cooper raises the Championship again.

Cohen: The age of Cooper has begun, folks! You should get used to that sight.

Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that about winds up Kingdom Come 8. The matches have been utterly amazing and it has been our pleasure to bring them to you. Justin Cooper is the new Heavyweight Champion and the whole world has witnessed it. His journey has culminated in the most dramatic and exciting way.

Connor: From all of us here at WZCW, thank you for joining us! Good night!

The final shot of the evening is of Justin Cooper holding his Championship aloft among the confetti. Keaton throws his arms around Cooper one final time as the screen fades to black.
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There it is folks, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. As is tradition, we will be having a week off to recharge and plan the Apocalypse card. Thank you so much for helping bring together another successful WZCW year. We couldn't do it without all the hard work that you guys put in every two weeks RPing. Make sure to rep everyone involved for their hard work. Thanks again guys.
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