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Old 07-29-2016, 04:25 PM
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OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...OYDK is going to make some noise in the draft...

As pertains to Bret, I personally would have waited until Starrcade to debut him, all the while dropping pretty obvious hints along the way WITHOUT actually naming him outright. Build the suspense instead of doing what WCW was famous for, blowing your load right out of the gate. By Bischoff coming straight out the night after the Screwjob with "Bret Hart's joining the NWO" the story arc became rather obvious, I don't think anybody seriously bought that Hart was going to align himself with the group that already included nearly every other mega star in WCW. Also, debuting him in a talking segment two weeks before the PPV was dumb as fuck.

They SHOULD have advertised a "huge surprise" for Starrcade and announced his signing at the event, going as far as saying that Hart wasn't in the building but will appear at Nitro. In the main event, Sting wins handily but eventually gets overwhelmed by the entire NWO. Cue Bret Hart who runs out, helps Sting clear the ring, and than goes face to face with the Stinger. There's your closing image of Starrcade 97 giving the fans a real reason to tune in the next night. From there, Hart and Sting work together to rid WCW of the NWO, while the tension continues to build between the two. For a month Hart comes out and plays the "nobody's going to get screwed like I did" angle explaining why he's out to get rid of Hogan and company. The Souled Out main event sees Hart and Sting take on Hogan/Hall/Nash, the two win the match, tensions boil over, and both start throwing punches.

From there they build towards Hart/Sting at Superbrawl while the NWO begins to implode. Once Hart's diatribe began to get old after a few months, they could have debuted Neidhart and Bulldog and re-formed the Hart Foundation by helping Bret win the title from Sting. Sting could have chased, Nash and Hall could have been your next big baby's, and the Hart Foundation could have heeled it up until Sting finally won the strap back. Of course, there's no Hogan/Bret feud in that plan but there was always time for that later.

Also, I get this had no chance of happening as it left Hogan out of the title picture for 6 months and that was never going to happen at this time. Still, a man can dream.

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Old 08-01-2016, 11:08 AM
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Ubermensch is looking to come up from OCW...Ubermensch is looking to come up from OCW...

I would have thought that Hall, Nash, and Syxx's relationship with Michaels and HHH would have been a natural bridge into a feud between the nWo and Hart, possibly with Bulldog and Neidhart.

I think it's obvious that WCW didn't have real plans for Hart, and in large part it was more about getting him away from the WWF then to the WCW.
Old 08-12-2016, 10:47 AM
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comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...comrade_mario worked a dark match on ECW recently...

I'm going to leave out rebooking Sting v Hogan's finish at Starrcade as part of this and just focus on the Hitman.

Given Bret's contract with WWF was up until a month after Survivor Series that puts a potential debut for the second week of December. But since Starrcade was at the end of December I'd have held off debuting him until the Nitro after. In the meantime I would have had the nWo do their bit in the ring the night after the Screwjob and then just had the commentators talk about when Bret might show up in the weeks following, talking up how he's in Canada trying to decide what he wants to do. Hell I'd maybe have played up that he might be contemplating retiring.

So we get the screwy finish to Starrcade 97 without Bret in the mix and the next night Sting has the title taken back off him. I'd book a rematch for the belt between Hogan and Sting for that night's Nitro. They do the match they should have done at Starrcade where Sting looks dominant, he locks on the Scorpion Deathlock but before Hogan taps four members of the nWo rush in (lets say Hall, Norton, Hennig and Savage) to break it up, causing a DQ. They start beating on Sting and that prompts the Hitman to jump the guardrail, grab Sting's bat and fight them off. He doesn't touch Hogan though and he escapes. Bret helps Sting up and they look at each other to end the show.

Next week on Nitro, the nWo kick things off and Bischoff and Hogan call out the Hitman. He doesn't come out, so they call him a chicken and book him in the main event versus Savage (Macho looks pissed about this too, I'd have been planting those seeds of dissension leading in to Starrcade & the Nitro the week prior about him losing too), daring him to show up with the nWo at ringside. Show builds towards whether or not he will be there, time arrives, nWo wait in the ring out he comes to his new music with leather jacket, shades and all. The match kicks off, Savage and Bret do their thing but as soon as Bret has the Sharpshooter locked on the nWo rush in and jump him, causing a DQ. Sting comes out and fights some of them off but the numbers game gets the better of the duo until Savage turns on the nWo and helps them out.

Nitro the week after starts with the Hitman coming out, talking about joining WCW, saying he's there to prove he is the best there is, was and ever will be. Savage comes out, puts over the Hitman as the guy he has respected more than all for years and says he wasn't going to allow the nWo to continue doing what they did. Sting comes in, talks about meeting the Hitman finally and this prompts the nWo out. Bischoff reminds them that the title is still vacant and that Hogan is the true champion and greatest wrestler of all time so puts him in the Souled Out main event and announces Bret v Sting for that night's main event, winner gets a title shot. That goes to a double pin and so the Souled Out match, much to Hogan's annoyance becomes a triple threat between Hogan, Sting and Bret.

Bret win the WCW World Championship at Souled Out by pinning Hogan (nore, not submitting, you want to build to that). At Superbrawl the match set is Sting, Bret & Savage v Hogan, Hall & Nash in a six man tag, Hogan inadvertently hits Nash, allowing Sting to pin him and we start setting up the fall of the nWo from here. Uncensored is booked by Bischoff as Savage v Bret for the title but its a stop gap feud/match with Bret going over really so that we can get to Bret v Hogan at Spring Stampede for the title and then Bret v Nash at Slamboree. Bret submits Hogan clean in his match with the nWo banned from ringside. During the Nash match, Hogan runs down and mistakenly costs Nash the match.

That sets up a turn by/on Nash with the nWo so that main event #1 of the Bash at the Beach is set between Hogan v Nash, with the existence of the nWo on the line two years after Nash and Hogan formed it. I'd throw Hall at ringside to eventually turn on Hogan and reunite with his fellow Outsider in destroying the nWo too. For Bret, well his story is easy. The Nitro after the Nash match, Bret is the ring saying he thinks he has proven he is the best there is, was and ever will be since he arrived in WCW and out comes Sting to say he hasn't beaten him yet. So main event #2 is set up between Bret and Sting for the WCW Title for Bash at the Beach with Sting going over in the match to end the Hitman's first, multi-month reign in the company.
Old 08-15-2016, 11:08 AM
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Just Do It is looking to come up from OCW...Just Do It is looking to come up from OCW...Just Do It is looking to come up from OCW...

It's amazing but we, a bunch of random forum posters, can come up with better scenarios than what WCW did: booking him as a guest referee for a mid card match.

They also presented him as a "traditionalist" not a superstar. Epic fail.
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Old 08-28-2016, 02:44 AM
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FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...FlairFan2003 worked a dark match on ECW recently...

Hart coming in at Starrcade.....with the tease from the NWO that he was coming to join them (which made sense since much of the top NWO guys were WWE stars previously and Hart played a heel for most of the year before he left WWE) was smart. SC was the biggest show of the year, already with a main event that was built up for a full year, adding the guy who essentially was WWE's top star post Hogan made perfect sense.

Taking advantage of the "Montreal Screwjob" made sense.....the vast majority of wrestling fans already knew what had happened and WWE even acknowledged as much in Vince's interview on RAW, having the NWO (who already had a long running stortline about Ref Nick Patrick being sympathetic to them) try to swerve Sting only to have Har (Used earlier in the night in a guest ref role) come out and reverse the decision was smart. Now the execution was sloppy, Patrick's 3 count should have been clearly fast and Sting's win afterwards should have been clear & decisive but the decision here was very smart, even if the execution was poor.

Unfortunately it all falls apart here. Supposedly the long term plan was for Starrcade 98 to be fan fave Brett vs Hollywood Hogan but Hogan wouldn't work a full program with Hart. In the interim Bischoff at first tried his previous formula of making money by revisiting Ric Flair's WWE storylines like he did with Hogan and Savage, but Flair was so over with fans that no matter what he did Hart couldn't get cheered. If the plan was to establish Hart as a major hero (which it was, and that is what Hart wanted, he didn't like playing the heel) then why match him vs Flair, a guy who was almost bullet proof in his popularity ?? It was dumb and while we got some of the best promo segments Hart ever did and a very good PPV match no one was happy because half the crowd was booing Hart and no one seemed jazzed to watch him win.

You could have dealt with Hogan over the course of the year. As it was Hogan ended up taking one of his sabbaticals and skipping Starracde altogether that year (in the storylines he was "running for president" and Scott Stiener was elevated to "Leader" of the NWO). Amazingly, a card that didn't have Hart, Sting, Luger (all MIA with injuries), or Hogan, built exclusively around just two matches did extremely well ratings wise, nearly equaling the previous year's huge success and topping nearly everything WWE did that year except for W-Mania (which had Autsin's title win and Mike Tyson).

So, Sting is champ, NWO is reeling, WCW should have continued Hogan vs Sting for the early months of 1998, along with Savage's dissatisfaction and eventual turn. Hogan should have stayed away from Hart but other NWO characters (at Bischoff's behest) should have been dispatched. Sting could have remained the "lone wolf" type character but still a fa fave, Hart could have teamed with Flair and Luger and brought in his friends slowly in the early months of 1998 as a way of protecting himself from being buried by the NWO, plus the rub from being friendly with Sting and teaming with Flair would have helped get Hart over with die hard WCW fans.

During those early months of 1998 Hart could have feuded with the likes of Scott Hall and Scott Norton, two legit names that could lose to Hart but give him good matches, Konan as well (who was NWO at the time, remember the NWO in early 1998 was filled with 2nd & 3rd teamers boasting the Hogan-Nash-Hall Trio). I would have had Hart end up helping Savage in his eventual turn on the NWO and set up another round of Hogan-Savage matches, this time with Hogan as the clear heel and Savage as the clear hero, a complete 360 from all their previous battles. I would have Savage steal the title from Sting here, maybe taking a title shot that was meant for Hogan under controversial circumstances after an NWO beatdown leaves Sting injured and not at full strength. Hogan (with help from Nash & Friends) steals the title from Savage and put him in his place and we head to summer.

Savage would be gone at this point and I'd have Hart feuding with Nash, eventually setting up a Great American Bash/Bash At The Beach PPV combo of matches, maybe give Nash the 1st win, Hart the second. Notice there is no NWO split, no Red & Black vs Black & White, keep the corps together and keep them evil. Assuming Goldberg is still gaining momentum as he was I'm fine with him beating Hogan that summer for the belt, but Hogan should have moved down the card a bit instead of continuing to main event while Goldberg got 2nd tier matches. Let Bischoff be furious Goldberg won the title and send NWO guys after him (everyone except Nash), all failing, with some sort of schedule set up where Sting manages to get a title shot for Halloween Havoc with the idea Hart gets the title match at Starrcade.

I'd have Sting put over Goldberg clean, setting up Hart vs Goldberg for the title, infuriating the NWO. Hogan would "boycott" the event. The NWO would feud with both men through the fall into winter. At Starrcade I would have kept the "David vs Goliath" match between DDP & Big Show, maybe adding some match stipulations to make DDP more of an under dog. I would have had Bischoff force Flair to "run the gauntlet" to get reinstated (remember he missed most of the spring & summer in a nasty contract dispute with Bischoff and lawsuit) where he wrestles 3 matches against NWO characters (two second teamers like Norton & Bagwwell plus someone with some heft like Hall) forcing him to win all 3 to get his "Win & Be Preisdent or Retire" Match one on one with Bichofff for the next night's Nitro, and in the main event I would have had Hart beat Goldberg in a very close and competitive match to become champ, ending with Hogan's return to beat the %$#^ out of Hart (and Goldberg) at the end of the show with the rest of the NWO.

This would set up a scenario as 1998 draws to a close of a unified NWO on the outside without the World Title & The Presidency, WCW having the momentum for the 1st time in the long running feud, with the idea that Pres Flair (after he wins vs Bischoff on the following Nitro) forces Hogan to face Hart at SuperBrawl 99. Goldberg would be unhappy that he didn't get the prime title shot setting up essentially a 3 way feud (remember we haven't actually had Goldberg-Hogan II yet) which could go on for months. Lost of potential directions for Nash, Steiner, DDP, Flair, Sting, Luger as well carrying us to Spring of 99. Ultimately I would have Goldberg regain the title and the NWO turn on Hogan and kick him to the curb (essentially for failing to get the title from either Goldberg or Hart while everyone fought all his battles vs the rest of the company).

Thus moving into summer 99 Hogan would be a fan fave......with no friends who trust him operating as stand alone loner with the NWO trying to destroy him, the big question being what WCW fan fave would actually help him.....I would also have Nash win the title around this time, maybe late summer, to add to the intrigue
Old 08-28-2016, 10:56 PM
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relentless1 is looking to come up from OCW...relentless1 is looking to come up from OCW...relentless1 is looking to come up from OCW...

The setup of how Hart was brought in was good considering he wasn't legally able to wrestle til the new year, make Nick Patrick do an actual fast count so the story isn't so confusing and for god sake don't strip Sting of the title; he keeps it for at least 6 months. Scrap the Hart/ Flair feud and have Hart immediately go after Hall/Nash/Hogan and company which makes sense on many levels; Hall and Nash are HBKs friends and he's always been saying how Hogan has been ducking him for years.

Have the nWo split happen a lot sooner than it did but have Hogan/Savage on the Hollywood side and Hall/Nash on the Wolfpack side with Konnan and Booker T as recruits for the Red n Black. Id accomplish this by Hogan 'accidentally' costing Hall his title match with Sting at Souled Out and blatantly costing Nash a title match at SuperBrawl leading to a split in the nWo.

Meanwhile Hart runs through Curt Hennig at Souled Out, Hall at SuperBrawl, Savage at Uncensored and number one contenders match with Nash at Spring Stampede, all the while trying to go after Hogan but getting blocked at every turn by Bischoff. He faces Sting at Slamboree for the title but Hogan costs him the match via interference and puts him out until the fall.

Hogan has a feud with DDP as a result of he and Rodman costing him a title match at Great American Bash, Hogan wins the belt back the Nitro after and the big match with Malone and Rodman still happens at Bash at the Beach and has a singles match with DDP at Road Wild with Bischoff and Leno in their respective corners. Nash costs Hogan the match and after basically a gang war on Nitro between the Wolfpack and Hollywood nWos for the past 6 months its decided to have a winner take all match at War Games; loser disbands.

Wolfpack wins the War Games and Goldberg wins a number one contender match at Fall Brawl against Lex Luger. Goldberg beats Hogan at Halloween Havoc for the World Title and after the match Hart makes his return, finally setting the feud between Hogan and Hart that will culminate at Starrcade. Hogan keeps Giant, Disciple and Bischoff around for protection, the rest of the nWo split apart and do their own thing; Steiner has bagel as his manager and starts beating up everybody on the roster, Brian Adams teams up with Wrath and forms Kronik about a year early, they start a feud with the Outsiders over the Tag Belts.

Sting has been feuding with Raven and the Flock since July; he's run through Saturn, Kanyon and a tag match with Lex at Havoc vs Raven and Saturn where they lose but Sting gets a one on one match with Raven at WW3 that ends in a run in and a win for Raven which sets up the final match at Starrcade.

Flair and Bischoff have the same feud they do in real life.

Scott Steiner wins World War 3 and gets a shot at Goldbergs World Title.

Starrcade 1998 card looks like this:

World Title - Goldberg vs Scott Steiner

Hollywood Hogan vs Bret Hart

Eric Bischoff vs Ric Flair

Sting vs Raven

Tag Titles - Kronik vs the Outsiders

US Title - Benoit vs Saturn

TV Title - Jericho vs Konnan

Cruiserweight Title - Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman vs Rey Mysterio

1999 sees Hart get a title reign beating Scott Steiner for the belt at Slamboree after Big Poppa Pump beats Goldberg at Superbrawl

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