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Old 03-06-2016, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Quinn30Colo View Post
Feel free to discuss your opinions on my New Mania top 3 matches or anything I've mentioned.

Everything screams a changed WrestleMania card to me, From the title of this card, to story lines past and present, the confusing pairings for Mania, and the post Mania believable fresh stories. We all now Reigns will beat HHH because HHH isn't looking to do anything past Mania until next Mania season, and there's confusion on who to cheer for on the three big matches. HHH v Reigns, we know how everyone stands there. Lesnar/Ambrose, we all love suplex city and we love the lunatic. I don't want to root against Undertaker vs Shane even at 22-1, and I also want to root for chaos of shane's storyline potential. The electricity of the card the way it is with the top 3 matches does not have great payoff feel. In fact the only real match that makes sense is HHH and Reigns and everyone hates it.

Everyone remember the Rumble and the Wyatt Family taking Lesnar out of the rumble. It was never addressed and if Bray is to stay over, this can't be a sacrificial lamb for Lesnar at RoadBlock. The Wyatt family has to destroy Brock at the end of the match. Don't care how it has to be done. Just do it. If they do this, look for Ambrose to Win the title.
Doesn't matter how, he wins.

THE NEXT RAW..... Ambrose opens the show, Reigns comes out obviously talking he won Rumble, Lesnar (or Heyman solo) comes out and basically tells Ambrose he can wait, he has something personal to take care of for the Wyatt family's actions at both Rumble and Roadblock.

The Authority shows up 9 O'clock hour or so. Triple H tries to invoke a rematch clause and Shane interrupts and begins to utilize position. While he may not be controlling Raw yet, HHH can't have his rematch clause as he signed Ambrose and Reigns to the WrestleMania Main Event and there will be no change. This enrages Triple H who convinces Vince to let him fight for control of Raw. HHH vs Shane for control just makes so much more sense.

Ten O'clock hour Lesnar and Heyman come out doing the promo, the lights go out with the Wyatt family interruption and they surround the ring. The slow methodical stalking climbing up on the apron. Lights go out again, the Gong, Undertaker side by side with Lesnar. Why? because at least the storylines have an attempt to intertwine. And how cool would it be to see Taker & Lesnar tag together to take on Wyatt and Stroman. Throw Rowan and Harper to the Tag Title situation again. They worked well there. But this keeps all the top stars you have currently, not injured, in play with very logical story lines.

New Mania Card

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Ambrose (c) v Reigns (better energy than HHH v Reigns)
Brother vs Brother (if they want to bill it)

For Control of Raw
Shane O'Mac v HHH (definitely more energy in this match.
Brother vs Brother in Law (look another Brothers fight theme)

Taker/Lesnar v Wyatt/Stroman
(ala Rock/Cena at Survivor Series vs Truth/Miz,)

The lower card feels like its headed in the right direction, just the top of the card had confused emotion.

How do you feel about the 3 matches listed above as your new WrestleMania 32 card?
Good topic. However, Reigns vs. Ambrose can't headline a WM. Nobody wants to see that. The problem is some people don't want to see Reigns in the WM main event.

I don't see how Shane could have power to book Reigns vs. Ambrose. I've seen random stuff like Jericho book a match on RAW but there's no way Vince would let Shane book a WM main event.

I highly doubt they'd have Taker and Brock in a tag team match at WM.

That's too much moving around. Best case, we may see Reigns return and have him cost HHH the title at Roadblock so we get Ambrose vs. Brock for the title and HHH vs. Reigns because more personal. Other than that, I think the actual matches won't change.

I like Bray but he probably won't be a featured person for WM. Probably be in the Andre The Giant battle royal, unfortunately.

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