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Old 12-14-2015, 03:09 AM
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Default Anthony Mancini

Real Name: Anthony Mancini

Gimmick Name: Tony Mancini

Announced As: The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini

Height: 6foot

Weight: 275 lbs

Hometown: NYC

Billed From: Yonkers, NY

Alignment: Face

Fill in the Blanks With Your Information: Introducing first from Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!


----------------Hair Colour/Length: Short, brown hair

----------------Eye Colour: brown

----------------Facial Hair: None

----------------Ring attire: Black Pants (Same as sample pic) with the letters NYC is Red, White, and Green

----------------Backstage Attire: same as Ring attire only with a fedora & black wife beater and the Cornicello Charm given to him by his mother around his neck.

----------------Physical Features: very muscular

----------------Tattoos: Italian flag on his back with the letters NYC on his shoulder in the same colors and "NEVER BETRAY THE FAMILY" in old english across his chest

Sample Pic of Wrestler: Johnny Stamboli

Main Gimmick: The son of Former Mob boss Angelo Mancini and Wife Priscilla Mancini. After they died in an accident he became the single father of an infant daughter named Amelia Rose. Not wanting to raise his child the way he was raised he moved to the suburb of Yonkers, NY and became a born again Christian in the hopes of breaking the chains that define his family

2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
1) As a born again Christian he tries his best to do what's right no matter what.
2) Sometimes Tony does slip up, after all he's only human

Brief Bio/History: Tony is trying his best to balance his wrestling career with being a single father as well as coming to terms with his past and his new found religion

Entrance Music: Alive by P.O.D.

Entrance Description: After about 15 seconds Alive by hits the sound system and Tony Mancini walks out to cheers from the audience. Tony walks to the ring. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos. He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker. As he waits for his opponent he kneels in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle says a small prayer before the match.

Fighting Style: Brawler

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: being a baby Christian it is still very easy for Tony to fall back into old habits he is trying to get rid of. Having Gino still with him doesn't help any but he's having trouble telling his best friend to get out of his life despite knowing it's the right thing to do.

Finishing Moves (2 max):
Riposa in Pace (Sitout Spinebuster) - Main Finisher
Il Siluro Italiano (The Gore) - Desperation Finisher

Signature Moves (3 max):
Hard hitting Lariat
Sidewalk slam

12 Most Used Moves:
1: DDT (any variation)
2: Bear Hug
3: Tilt-a-whirl Slam
4: Suplex (any variation)
5: Forearms to the face
6: Neck Breaker (any variation)
7: guillotine leg drop
8: BulldogL
9: Facebuster
10: Atomic Drop
11: Regular clothesline (as opposed to his signature move)
12: Running knee while opponent is propped in the corner

Sample RP: I'm just gonna post links to my favorite 3 I've done so far

1) Lethal Lottery VIII: EurAsian Championship – Titus Avison Vs Xander LeBelle Vs Theron Daggershield Vs Tony Mancini

2) Meltdown 133: Veejay vs. Tony Mancini

3) Titus versus Theron Daggershield, Xander LeBelle & Tony Mancini
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