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Old 03-28-2015, 05:24 PM
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With a few small tweaks, the build-up to this WrestleMania could've been a lot stronger, keeping the same top matches. Rock/Cena II, Punk/Taker and HHH/Lesnar all had underwhelming angles leading up to them, and if the angle isn't strong it doesn't really matter how strong the match is. The angle is what sells the match, and without a proper build you can't have a satisfying conclusion.

So what would be a proper build?

CM Punk was in the midst of his huge Title reign at that time, and he should've kept it going until WrestleMania. By then, I think he would have surpassed 500 days as Champion. Undertaker vs. CM Punk being promoted as The Streak vs. The Reign is way more interesting than just having Undertaker fight Punk. Trying to tie-in the death of Paul Bearer came off as a desperation move to try and inject something personal into the match. With the Streak vs. Reign element you already have something for the fans to get invested in, because it's a classic "something's gotta give" scenario.

I think they saw a problem with keeping the belt on Punk because they felt as though they needed the Title to make Rock/Cena II different from their first match. They didn't have an angle to work for the Rock/Cena rematch so they decided to utilize the Title. But as I'm about to point out, the angle was there without the belt.

At the Royal Rumble I'd still have Punk vs. Rock as the main event for the WWE Title, and John Cena would be a man on a mission heading into the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. In the Rumble Match, Cena comes in and tosses out everybody, then stands alone in the ring, awaiting the final entrant. We hear the infamous gong, signalling the return of the Undertaker. That alone would be an amazing moment, with Undertaker and Cena staring each other down. After a back and forth brawl, Taker eliminates Cena and wins the Rumble Match.

In the main event, the ref gets knocked down, CM Punk grabs the Title and tries to deck the Rock with it. The Rock counters and catches Punk with a spinebuster, setting up for the People's Elbow. He hits the ropes and then John Cena comes from out of nowhere and decks him with a clothesline (mirroring what Punk did to Rock on the 1000th RAW). Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment, Punk crawls onto the Rock and gets the pin.

Cena explains his actions by saying that he bet everything on his match with the Rock at WrestleMania 28 and when he lost it consumed him. He became obsessed with avenging that loss. After being eliminated from the Rumble, he saw his chance at redemption slipping away and he had to resort to desperate measures. He says this issue with the Rock really all started back at Mania 27, when the Rock cost Cena the WWE Title, and now Cena is just evening the score. The Rock is obviously pissed that Cena screwed him out of the Title, so the stage is set for their rematch at WrestleMania. The main problem with Rock/Cena II, is that everyone knows Cena is going to win. So you take the focus away from that and instead of making it a question of "will Cena win?" you make it a question of "how will Cena win?". He's so obsessed with avenging that loss that it seems as though he will do whatever it takes to beat the Rock. Screwing the Rock out of the Title initially is a pretty un-Cenalike move, so how far is he willing to go to actually beat the Rock at WrestleMania? Basically you're teasing the Cena heel turn. By booking it this way you'd actually have people really invested in seeing the outcome of that match, because they'd be genuinely wondering if Cena would really cross that line.

As for Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, having Triple H come back looking for revenge on Brock for breaking his arm is fine. Having Brock attack the McMahon family is silly. He's a legit fighter not a cartoon character. Booking Brock like a comic book supervillain takes something very real and turns it into just another wrestling angle which is a waste. Making the Lesnar/HHH feud about Brock breaking Vince's hip and hurting Shawn Michaels was the wrong way to go about things. Triple H is Mr. WWE and Brock doesn't give a damn about the wrestling business, that enough of a real-life angle to build the match. In the build-up they could have Heyman force Triple H to relinquish his WrestleMania pay-off for the match with Brock in order to get a shot at facing him again. Triple H wants revenge so he's willing to give up the money. For him it;s not about the money, it's about his passion for the business. For Brock, it's just about getting paid. Also, putting Triple H's career on the line was a pointless stipulation that made the outcome too predictable. Just do Brock vs. HHH, No Holds Barred. People will view that as a match that could go either way. Then you put Brock over because having Triple H beat him serves zero purpose and I don't care if they were trying to set-up a rubber match in a cage at a throwaway April PPV, it doesn't matter. Brock goes over on the grandest stage of them all. Period.

There you go, I just made WrestleMania 29 way better and I didn't even change what they match-ups were.

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Old 03-28-2015, 11:30 PM
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MC_Live is looking to come up from OCW...MC_Live is looking to come up from OCW...MC_Live is looking to come up from OCW...MC_Live is looking to come up from OCW...MC_Live is looking to come up from OCW...MC_Live is looking to come up from OCW...

Being there live, I enjoyed the show. Punk Taker was obviously the best match. And as much as I did enjoy the show, as the matches for the most part were pretty good, I just wish we had gotten a better Mania for the return to NY/NJ. So with that in mind, I had some matches I thought should have been made back then, and some that I have thought of since that I would have loved.

1) Team Rhodes Scholars def. Team Hell No (C)- WWE Tag Team Championship
I loved the Rhodes Scholars and thought they had a ton of potential in the tag division. I remember thinking that it would have been prefect for them to beat Kane and Bryan at Mania and get title run of their own.

2) Sheamus def. Wade Barrett (c)- Intercontinental Championship
These two would have beat the hell out of each other. Miz never worked as a face, and while Sheamus isn't much better, I think he would have had a great physical match with Barrett on the Grandest Stage. Sheamus would make a pretty good IC champ I believe.

3) AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn (C)- Divas Championship
I am of the belief that champions should never be left off of a PPV. This was a great feud, so why not just move it back a few months and give AJ a WrestleMania moment of her own (that last longer than 18 seconds).

4) Cesaro (C) def. Chris Jericho- United States Championship
These two would have had a fantastic match. Cesaro is leagues ahead of Fandango, and it was one of my biggest disappointments that I didn't get to see him defend the title at this show.

5) Rey Mysterio def. Sin Cara
Remember when this was supposed to happen? This would have been a big match for Sin Cara, but I would have him lose to the more experienced Mysterio in what may have been the only match where Sin Cara didn't botch something, as these two could have had a great Lucha style match.

6) Dolph Ziggler w/ Big E def. Triple H
Dolph was on the upswing here. If he never got that concussion like two weeks after this show, who knows what would have happened to him. He was hot coming off of a feud with Cena (he beat Cena in a PPV main event!) so why not have him go over another huge star in Triple H. I'm sure these two would have had a fantastic match.

7) Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton
The Lesnar-HHH match didn't really get over too well, especially following Punk Taker. Orton vs. Lesnar is a match that I am very interested in seeing, and I think it would be fantastic to see on such a big stage.

8) Ryback def. The Big Show (C)- World Heavyweight Championship
This was another rumored match for this show. Having Henry go over Ryback was increadibly stupid, especially considering the next night Ryback began a title feud with Cena. How freaking ass backwards is that? Instead, I would have kept booking Ryback strong, not book him against Punk, have him win the Rumble, and get a huge WrestleMania moment by delivering Shellshocked to Big Show and winning his first World Championship. On a side note, I would have Dolph become the first person to hold the MiTB contract for a year, and also become the first person to beat Ryback by cashing in at this years MiTB PPV.

9) The Shield def. John Cena and The Rock- 2 on 3 Handicapped Match
Did anybody really want Twice in a Lifetime? I know I didn't care that much. The Shield was absolutely dominating, so I figured out a great storyline would be for the Shield to start beating down Cena, who then has to turn to his greatest rival in the Rock to take on the most dominant force in wrestling. And even though the Shield turned out fine, how big for them would it have been to say that in their WrestleMania debut, they beat both John Cena and the Rock?

10) CM Punk (C) def. The Undertaker- Streak vs. Streak, WWE Championship
Punk never should have lost to Rock. I don't think it really did much for anyone. Cena didn't need to beat Rock here ( I would have had Cena go over at WrestleMania XXVIII the year before). Rock didn't need an 8th title run. I think by having CM Punk go to day 504 and face the Undertaker in the Main Event, it could have made Punk a massive star. It's fair to say that Punk isn't on Cena/Rock level starwsise. This match could have done it. I say this is where you end the streak. This is Undertaker's last match. The story would have been insane, and it would have made Punk over like never before. He could then hold the title until dropping it to Bryan at Summerslam. That's how I think it all should have gone down anyway.
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Old 03-29-2015, 08:51 AM
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Mac is looking to come up from OCW...Mac is looking to come up from OCW...

WWE Championship Match- CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

This match gets held off until Mania. Rock/Cena II was lazy booking. With the year that Punk had he deserved to main event that year and this is also a fresh matchup.

The Undertaker vs John Cena

If anybody could seriously threaten the streak its Cena. This is the match we wanted to see at a Mania and it sucks that we never got it.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

The only changes are that this is their first match. In my world their Summerslam '12 match never happens. And Brock gets the big win here.

World Heavyweight Championship Match- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Ryback

Ryback wins the '13 Rumble in my world and challenges Del Rio for the title. Del Rio retains then Ziggler cashes in and wins the title in the post match.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

I would've split up Team Hell No and build to this match for WM. Bryan gets the win here.

United States Championship Match- Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Jack Swagger vs Mark Henry

This would be elimination style with Cesaro retaining the title.

The Intercontinental Title Match gets on the main show as well.

Everything else remains the same.
Old 03-30-2015, 10:50 PM
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Rocky84 is looking to come up from OCW...Rocky84 is looking to come up from OCW...Rocky84 is looking to come up from OCW...

This Mania was one of the worst ever. It was the most predictable card of all time. We knew that Punk was not going to beat Taker. We also knew that HHH was going to get the win over Brock at Mania since he took the loss at Summer Slam. Finally, we alllll knew that Rock was going to give the win back to Cena since he won the year before. Just terrible. And to boot, Jericho was booked against Fandango smh.

My version...

John Cena vs Cm Punk (c) WWE Championship

-This is the main event that should've happened. This was the right thing to do by Punk, it's what he wanted (which would've contributed to him deciding to stay instead of leaving), and it was the best possible main event. That's what WrestleMania should be...the two best in the business going toe to toe.

Triple H vs The Rock

-This match should've happened here. I don't think the Authority was created just yet, maybe just a couple of months after, but at the time there was speculation there could be a rift between Vince and Hunter. A power struggle, and Vince could've looked to the Rock for help. I'd prefer the Authority angle, similar to last night at Mania 31, or even their promo on Raw which started out friendly, and quickly escalated into a competitive argument about beating each other at WrestleMania.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

-One year earlier, and like others have mentioned, Undertaker wins. I didn't really see a reason to break the streak. I mean, HHH beat Brock, so obviously he can be beaten unlike the unbeatable monster they are building him to be. When will it stop? They basically created a monster out of this because he's abused Cena, Reigns, and Taker...nobody left to realistically challenge him. If he never beat Taker, it wouldn't be a run away train like it is now.

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Culture vs Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Riccardo -World Title

-Loved this feud regardless of it's suddenness. I thought Zeb killed this roll and it reminded me of Kurt Angle and Eddie G at Mania 20 with the racist undertone. This was just flat out racist though but in good humor and non offensive.

The Shield vs Team Hell No

-The Shield wasn't very big at this time, an this match would've been better than the random pairing of Orton, Sheamus and Show. Although it would be a 3 on 2, I think it would have been pretty damn good.

Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ Lee & Big E vs Chris Jericho

-They had this match a few times on Raw around these days. I would've held it off for Mania. They always had good matches, and I think a Mania feud would propel things a little further. Maybe have Jericho pull some antics with AJ the way he used to torture Steph back in the day.

Randy Orton vs Big Show

-Solid match. Randy went 1 on 1 with the year prior. This is along the same lines.

Wade Barrett w/ William Regal vs Sheamus w/ Finlay

-I've posted this before on here in other threads, but I'm a big fan of this pairing. I think these guys could do pretty well with these old school mentors in their corner. Make them more gritty personas. Like the APA.

Mark Henry vs Ryback

-Keep the feud the exact same. Loved the build up. The finish was cool since I always root for the old school guys, but I kinda think Ryback needed the win here. It just it just seemed like it killed all his momentum
Old 04-01-2015, 01:55 PM
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kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...kadroan worked a dark match on ECW recently...

Here's my card:

Pre Show
United States Championship match
Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro (c)

Singles Match
Chris Jericho def. Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship match
Jack Swagger def. Alberto Del Rio
Ziggler cashes in on Jack Swagger

Intercontinental Championship match
Wade Barrett (c) def. The Miz

Tag Team Championship match
Team Hell No def. Tons of Funk and Rhodes Scholars

Six Man Tag match
The Shield def. Ryback/Orton/Show

Singles Match
The Undertaker def. Sheamus

No Holds Barred match
Brock Lesnar def. HHH

WWE Championship match
John Cena def. CM Punk and The Rock
Old 11-18-2015, 11:19 PM
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NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...NegativeFeedback worked a dark match on ECW recently...

I'm late to the party, but I'm going to add my own to the mix.

1. Kick-Off: Sheamus defeats Wade Barrett

Sheamus regains the World title from Big Show at TLC and Vickie announces that he'll be facing BROCK LESNAR at Royal Rumble. Brock goes over, and Sheamus begins a downward spiral. He starts a feud with Cesaro, who just lost his US title, about not wanting to fall down the card, but Cesaro beats him cleanly at Elimination Chamber. Wade Barrett comes out the next night to mock him. He tells him that when he debuted on Raw, Sheamus was the biggest bad guy and now he's just a chump. Sheamus takes exception to that and beats him up, starting a feud and leading to this match where Sheamus goes over to regain momentum.

2. WWE Intercontinental Championship: Ryback (c) defeats Mark Henry

Before Cena's injury, Ryback was supposed to win the IC title at Hell in a Cell 2012. I would have kept it that way and Ryback would've stayed undefeated. Mark Henry would return in February and start doing his Feats of Strength vignettes before challenging Ryback for the IC title at Mania. Ryback would go over clean here and stay undefeated all the way to whenever Brock Lesnar is available to give him his first loss.

3. Cesaro defeats Chris Jericho

Instead of winning the World title when turning face, Del Rio would take the US title off Cesaro and then beat him in a rematch at Royal Rumble. Cesaro would have a star-making performance in the Rumble itself though and would go on to beat Sheamus cleanly at Elimination Chamber. During the buildup to EC, Cesaro will be booked like an ultimate fighter/boxer wearing a mouthguard, coming to the ring with a posse at ringside, having heavy brawls during matches and going to the corner where they pour water over his head. He'll be booked like a star and on a Smackdown after EC, he's put on the Highlight Reel where he and his posse treat Jericho like a joke and ignores all his questions. Jericho ends up slapping him and a brawl ensues. Cesaro beats him up and the feud for Mania begins. Cesaro would go over here and face the World Heavyweight Champion at Extreme Rules.

4. United States Championship: Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter defeats Alberto Del Rio (c) (Submission match)

When Alberto and Zeb debut in February, they will immediately target Alberto Del Rio who's disgracing the United States by wearing its precious title. Del Rio and Swagger will face off at Elimination Chamber where Del Rio taps Swagger, but the ref doesn't see it due to Zeb's distraction. Swagger then has Del Rio in the ankle lock and Del Rio grabs the ropes. Swagger refuses to let go, and the ref DQ's him. Swagger keeps attacking Del Rio post-match, setting the rematch for Mania. I would have Swagger win, despite the marijuana suspension so Del Rio and Ricardo can move onto the tag division.

5. Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No (c) defeats ShoMiz

This is where it gets interesting. The Miz made a surprise entrance the WWE Champions Money in the Bank match back in July. I would have him win the match and go on to cut a promo with Rock on Raw when Rock announces he'll be contending for the WWE title at Royal Rumble. Rock says Miz is a flash in the pan and if he ever cashed in the briefcase, he would lose, because lighting doesn't strike twice. Miz has a chip on his shoulder all year and goes on an aggressive mean streak. At TLC, The Shield interfere in the WWE title main event and beat up Punk and Cena. Miz then cashes in, climbs the ladder and cuts a promo as he goes up every rung, silencing the naysayers as he becomes WWE Champion. Shield helps Miz retain during the buildup to the Rumble, but at the Rumble, Shield come out and turn around leaving Miz high and dry as Rock pins him for the title. The next night, they tell Miz he's defaulted on his payment and they beat him up, putting him on a stretcher. Post-Elimination Chamber, Big Show beats Bryan in a match and walks out wearing both tag titles. Miz returns, and tells Big Show that he needs a partner and Miz was his best partner ever. He tells Show they should reunite and be unstoppable. They'll start with the tag titles and then both of them will regain their World and WWE titles. Big Show agrees, gives him one of the tag belts, and face Hell No at Mania where they retain and get the titles back.

6. The Undertaker defeats Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ Lee and Big E

Due to Miz not being able to exercise his rematch clause at EC, Vince announces that the WWE title will be defended in an Attitude Era Elimination Chamber! The Rock, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Kane, Triple H and The Undertaker! Taker doesn't appear until the actual PPV where he ends up getting pinned by Triple H. The next night, Taker cuts a promo on how that was his last chance to win the WWE title and how he will not be able to ever win it again. He hints at announcing his retirement, when Dolph interrupts him and shows off his MitB briefcase. He says he'll be World Champion many times while Taker lays crippled and motionless in his coffin. He beats up Taker and screams TWENTY AND ONE. He challenges Taker for Mania and the match is on. They would probably write in the Paul Bearer stuff afterwards, but no matter what, Taker will go over. Ziggler will then disappear, up until Payback, where he cashes in on CM Punk right in Chicago.

7. World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk defeats Brock Lesnar (c)

After losing the WWE title to Miz, Punk and Cena both face Miz on Raw for the chance to face Rock at the Rumble. The Shield interfere again and Miz is victorious. Punk and Cena set their sights at the Rumble and end up being the final 2. Everyone expects Cena to win when Punk throws him out. The next night, Brock and Rock are in the ring in the main event segment when Punk comes out for his decision. After some back-and-forth, Cena interrupts, begging Punk to choose Brock so Cena can get redemption against Rock. Before Punk can make a decision, the Shield storm the ring and surround all four of them. Brock teases teaming up with them, but Heyman shakes Seth's hand and the Shield let them leave. They then beat up the remaining three. Punk, Cena and Orton lose to Shield at EC and Punk then calls out Heyman and asks him about his relationship with the Shield. Heyman says they're guns for hire and Punk asks if he paid them tonight. Heyman says no, and Punk then beats Heyman up until Brock makes the save. Brock and Punk brawl and Punk announces he's facing Brock at Mania. Punk either goes over, or beats Brock in a rematch at Extreme Rules. I'm leaning towards the former, to make the main event a softer pill to swallow for the smarks.

8. The Shield defeats Evolution (Batista, Triple H and Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair)

After Brock wins the title, Heyman announces Brock will be taking time off til Mania. Vickie says the Randy/Wade match tonight will be a #1 Contender's match instead and if Brock doesn't compete, he'll be stripped of the title. Randy comes out for his match, but before it begins, The Shield interrupt and beat him up. 2 weeks later, when Punk and Cena are one man down against The Shield, Randy makes the save and the 6-man-tag is set for EC. After eating the pin at EC, Randy attacks The Shield 1-on-3 on SD and gets beat up. He then calls them out on Raw where they say they're going to finish him off for good. But Randy announces he has back-up and that's when the other 3 members of Evolution come out and fight them off. The Shield then go over at Mania, and both Randy and Trips foreshadow their alliance for The Authority in the summer. Batista's appearance is a one-off, although we all know he comes back the next year.

9. WWE Championship: John Cena defeats The Rock (c)

John Cena's redemption storyline is booked much better. After Mania, he loses to Brock at Extreme Rules. He doesn't win MitB. He gets a few wins here and there, but he's actually on a downward spiral. He challenges Miz for his MitB briefcase at Night of Champions and wins via Count Out. He holds the briefcase for a day, but then Vince reverses saying it goes by the same rules as title changes and says Miz is still Mr. MitB. He tells Cena he'll have to find another way to make it back on top, but that the WWE can live on without him if he doesn't. At Survivor Series, Cena is the sole survivor on his team, getting some momentum for TLC. He then tells Punk he NEEDS to win the title so he can beat Rock at the Rumble, and a TLC match is set for the show. After Miz wins the title, and the 3-way on Raw, Cena sets his sights on the Rumble, where he loses. The Rock then says it's over for him. They're done, for good. After Rock last pins Triple H in the Chamber and retains the title, Cena comes out and lays him out with the championship. Rock tells him to explain himself, and he says he needs to get Rock's attention. After egging him on, Rock finally agrees and the rematch is set for Mania. Cena wins, gets redemption, and faces Randy, Triple H and Batista in a Fatal-4-Way at Extreme Rules.

* If I could have a tenth match, it would be the Tons of Funk and Funkadactyls vs. Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins match that was also advertised for this show. The heels would go over to even out the face/heel win ratio.

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Old 11-30-2015, 04:52 PM
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Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Singles match for the WWE Championship
John Cena def. The Rock(C)
This match does not change as I believe Cena should get the one-on-one victory over The Rock and having this match be for the WWE Championship also increases the value of the title and makes this match more historic.

No Holds Barred match
CM Punk def. Triple H
This had to happen. Punk was a red hot heel. Triple H was already in a feud with Heyman so why not have him face his client, CM Punk at Wrestlemania? The rematch with Brock Lesnar never happens at Wrestlemania, instead, it happens at Hell In A Cell, in a Hell In A Cell match.

Singles match for the Streak
Undertaker def. Chris Jericho
It's a same this match never happened.

Singles match
Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton
This is a personal dream match of mine. I wonder why the WWE haven't made this match yet. This would be the place to make it happen.

Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Ryback def. The Big Show(C)
Ryback was a red hot face. He had an impressive showing in the Rumble match. So, I'd have him win a #1 Contender Elimination Chamber match. Big Show goes into 'Mania as the World Champion. He never loses the belt to Del Rio. Ryback wins and finally becomes World Heavyweight Champion.

3-on-3 Tag Team Elimination match
The Shield def. 3 other guys

Triple Threat match for the WWE European (United States) Championship
Cesaro(C) def. Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio
Take Del Rio's and Swagger's feud and add the fact that Colter wants to take the "European" Championship from Cesaro and rename it "US" Championship.

Singles match for the WWE Intercnontinental Championship
The MIz def. Wade Barrett(C)

Divas match

Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No(C) def. Ziggler & Big E.

These are my changes. Fandago never makes it to the main card. Also, why wasn't there a Divas match?

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