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Old 02-08-2013, 01:51 PM
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...


Group 1
1- Holzhammer
2- Jeff (#9)
3- Vince McMahon
4- CM Punk
5- John Cena
6- Cody Rhodes
7- Dolph Ziggler
8- The Big Show
9- Kofi Kingston
10- Primo
11- Epico
12- Daniel Bryan
13- Sheamus
14- Randy Orton
15- Evan Bourne
16- William Regal
17- Santino Marella
18- The Numbers

The WWE wrestlers survived the "end of the world", however they were caught captive by Lt. Smith and his soldiers. LT. Smith has changed his name to Holzhammer and has made his twelve surviving soldiers put on masks as he leads a mission for survival. The wrestlers have become their slaves. One soldier of Holzhammer is not who he thinks it is as the real soldier is now dead after being killed by Jeff. Jeff took the responsibility of putting on the uniform and mask and soldier #9 is now his name. What does Holzhammer have in store for his slaves and what and where will this mission lead to?

Group 2
1- Triple H
2- Ryback
3- Tyson Kidd
4- Justin Gabriel
5- Natalya
6- Zap
7- PI
8- Joey
9- RT

These wrestlers were rescued by Zap, Joey and RT. The tension was rising as guns had to be pointed at the wrestlers for safety precautions. They have arrives to a mall in New Jersey via helicopter where they have now met Zaps crazy, younger brother, PI. The two brothers seem to have a plan on how to survive, but tensions have continued to rise. How will all these hot heads survive together?

Group 3
1- The Rock
2- Alyon
3- Crippler

The smallest group of them all may have the most difficult task. The Rock wants to go find his family and he will be using Alyon and Crippler to get there. However, the lie to The Rock about his family possibly being alive may be the biggest secret they must keep. How will these three men get along going for a mission that has a horrible outcome, go?

Group 4
1- Kid
2- KJ
3- WMS
4- WP
5- PB
6- Kemis
7- HeavyMike
8- Shinobi
9- BigRed

These independent wrestlers survived the end of the world. However, all the secret hatred and well, secrets were revealed once tension rised. They found another live man, a pediatrician named BigRed and are holding him captive as they question him. Questioning led to more tension which already followed fists flying. Now the tension went to a whole other level as Kid pointed his gun at WMS and pulled the trigger.

Group 5
1- MikeC
2- Twiddler
3- Ness
4- SodaGirl
5- Insei

A group that survived the grasp if Holzhammer and his Army has now escaped the airport with their lives. They are now heading to McDonalds to hide out and await Jeff to come and let them know what is going on with Holzhammers crew and their plans. We have an engaged couple, two siblings and Twiddler. Can these five random strangers with no skill of fighting or survival survive to eat a Happy Meal?

Old 02-09-2013, 09:56 AM
The Kid The Kid is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2013
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...


.... A wrestling gym is shown with a bunch of men standing around a ring. Inside the ring, we see a guy in a suit and a guy in sweatpants and a GYM shirt next to him. Around the ring, we see a few unknown guys, Kid, KJ, PB, WMS, WP, HeavyMike, Kemis and Shinobi. The guy in the sweatpants inside the ring speaks.

Sweats- Alright, welcome to the opening of Phenom Gym. Tonight is the beginning of big things for all of you. You guys were selected to be here and we are going to start working on our first wrestling event. So lets see everybody work.

All the men are showing doing wrestling moves and the first two in the ring are Kid and some random black guy. We then go into the mind of Kid. The mind pulls us away from reality.

WE are in a basement. Kid is shown sitting with a bunch of guys. A mixture of races. A blunt is being rolled on the table. The man sitting at a chair in the back of the room is a tall, skinny black guy. He stands up and smiles.

TGO- Aight, so lets get this clear. We all have the same story, right?

A very diesel white guy stands up. He has a Mohawk.

Lethal- Listen, my cousin will let us know if we're in the clear.

Kid- No offense, man, but what does your cousin know?

TGO- Yeah, you keep talking about this dude. What does this dude do?

Lethal- He's a fucking cop. There. He's a fucking pig. Who gives a shit? He's a good kid, he's working for a retirement.

TGO- Whoa! We're relying on a fucking cop?! How the fuck are we relying on a cop to get us out of this shit?

Lethal- Listen motherfucker, blood runs deeper then the PD blue. Maybe if you fucking black people stuck together, you would understand. But you motherfuckers don't give a fuck about blood or family.

TGO- Motherfucker, I ain't got no family. What you think this shit is?! We a family. We fucking did this shit together. However, I'm the motherfucker who pulled the trigger. Ain't none of you tough ass motherfuckers do shit, but stand there and grab the money. Except RIH, Atleast you shot the chick

RIH- Ain't shit. That bitch would've lived had she stayed quiet, but all that curry eating cunt did was scream and cry after you killed her man.

TGO- That's it man. You my favorite Puerto Rican.

RIH- Dominican, kid. Don't call me that shit. I ain't a dirty fucking Puerto Rican.

The door swings open and everyone leaps to their feet and reach to their side. Into the room comes....

.... Crippler!

Crippler- You guys are fucked. They're coming right now. You guys got to get the fuck out of here. Lethal, do you hear me?!

Lethal- Buddy, take it easy. What's going on?

Crippler- Listen, man. Somebody, one of your queer friends snitched on all of you. They're coming to put you all away for murder. For life.

TGO- Who snitched?!

Crippler- I don't know who did, because if I knew I would kill them right fucking now. Lethal, you know I would.

Lethal- I believe you. Listen, if we're caught, were caught.

RIH- Nah, you got it twisted. I'm going down with a fight. I ain't going back to jail. Fuck that shit. They come running in here, they meeting my 9.

Crippler- These are the fucking retards you hang out with? No wonder you're caught. Listen, don't put up a fight. They have no proof you guys did the killing. I took care of the guns. You guys are going to get arrested for gun and drug possession. Do your time. Well, unless you get the fuck out now.

TGO- Man, fuck.

Lethal- How long until they get here?

Crippler- Any fucking minute.

Lethal- Go. Don't get caught up with us in here. We're going to leave through the back. Just go.

Crippler- Listen, man. Do what you got to do. Be careful. And when I find out who fucking snitched on you guys, I will kill him. Myself.

Lethal- I know you will. Now get the fuck out of here.

Crippler nods his head and storms out.

Lethal- Lets move it.

Everything zooms into the mind of The Kid where we rewind to the night in the deli.

All the goons are shown running into the deli with ski masks on and a pistol.

Lethal- Hands up! Shhh! Alright, we're going to do this the nice way. You guys are going to go into your register and-

TGO- Keep your fucking hands up, whoa-


TGO shoots the Arab guy right in the chest and he collapses to the floor. The wife falls to her knee, grabbing her husbands head and screaming up at the sky.

Kid- Oh my God.

Lethal- Fuck. Well, were fucked.

TGO- Nah. We good. He was reaching for something. Its better that he dead instead of us. Lets go Lets move. Grab the money.

Everybody scampers around, grabbing stuff. RIH walks up to the wife who is screaming in her Native language.

RIH- Bitch, shut your mouth. I said shut your fucking mouth. One more time I have to say it. Okay. Fine. You miss him?


RIH shoots the Arab lady in the side of the head and she collapses on top of her husband.

RIH- There! You happy now?

Lethal- What the fuck?! Stop shooting! Do you dumbasses know how loud that is?! C'mon. We fucking lost time now. Take what you got and lets get the fuck out of here.

TGO- Lets go.

Everybody leaves the store and jumps into a white van before taking their masks out and driving away.

Lethal- Now we lose two perfectly, fucking good guns. Now I got to make a phone call to my cousin and he is the new owner of two brand new, must I repeat myself, perfectly good fucking guns!

THE scene changes to a holding room where you see The Kid sitting across from two cops.

Detective 1- So who did he call?

Kid- I don't know. He never told us who. We were so worried about the fucking guns.

Detective 2- So let me ask you a question. Why did you decide to tell us everything without even putting up a fight?

Kid- They killed a man and his wife for nothing. For living and working hard. They probably had children....

Detective 2- Three boys and two girls.

Kid- Fuck, man. I just can't. I can't live with myself knowing that I was involved with this. Involved with monsters.

Detective 1- Cut your bullshit. You told us because we told you that if you tell the truth, we will let you loose. And we will. Here's the thing, though. I know what kind of person you are. You're a piece of shit just like them, but even worse. As a man, I call you a fucking pussy. As a cop, I must lie to you and tell you did that you did the right thing. So enjoy freedom, but just know that when we go raid his place, there better be shit there that will give the two of us some extra appreciation from the NYPD.

Kid- You'll find what you need. Now can I go? If I stay in here any longer, they'll know I said something.

Detective 2- Yeah, you're good. Come on. Follow us.

They walk him out the door.

Detective 2- Just walk down the hall and make a right and once you open the door, you'll be with your low life buddies.

Kid walks away....

.... We switch back to the raid where we see everyone leaving through the back door. They get to the fence and....


Lethal- Alright. Get down, guys. We're going away.

All the men are in handcuffs, being pulled in a different direction. Detective 1 from the interrogation room pulls away Kid and walks him around the building.

Detective 1- The city of New York thanks you for doing the right thing. I'm going to hand you off to another officer and he is going to take you where you got to go. Coast is clear, come out.

Crippler walks from behind a can and quickly jogs over to them.

Detective 1- Here. Take him. Good job, by the way. I can't believe you actually got us the right location. Listen, one day, you can and will be a detective. You're no regular, bullshit cop. You're born to do this.

Crippler- Thank you, sir. I appreciate it. I got to go, though. I can't be seen. They know my cousin, they'll go find him and kill him. He's only 10 so I can't have that happen.

Detective 1- Okay. Go.

Crippler runs Kid into the cop car and throws him in the backseat, before quickly driving off. In the cop car, Crippler looks in the rear view mirror and looks at Kid.

Crippler- Just like you did, I had reasons, too. Listen, I don't ever want to see you, again. You got a second chance in life. Not many people do. I'm not risking getting me a second chance. I'm going to get life right in the first try. I did what I had to do. Just like you.... Kid.

Crippler gives one final glance at Kid and....

Dead Men Walking
Episode 11

We are in present time and were in the bar where we see Kid with the pointed gun at WMS. Everyone is in shock. WMS is on the floor by some tables. He slowly pulls himself up to his feet.

WP- Kid! What the fuck?!

PB- Are you fucking nuts?! Give me the fucking gun.

WMS- You tried to kill me. You tried to fucking kill me.

Kemis- Relax, man. Listen, it had no real bullets. Just blanks. You survived death twice tonight.

KJ- Kid. What's the matter with you?

Kid- I had to. I had to shut him up. I'm sorry.

HeavyMike- Alright. Enough. I'm sick and tired of this bullshit. I'm tired of fighting. Listen, we have been buddies for a few years now. Something really fucked up happened in the world today and we have no clue. We have no idea what awaits us out there. Out of this bar. But if we can't stick together, we are bound to die. We need to work as one and I.... Man, fuck the preaching. We are brothers and we need to stick this out. We are brothers. We are one.

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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

Crippler is shown standing, leaning against an outside garage door. Sun glistening of his skin. The history of his life doesn't show on his face. All of a sudden, a city bus pulls up. Alyon comes walking out of the city bus and he sprints over to Crippler.

Alyon- So I figured we take this bus and it'll be easier to fill it-

Crippler- Let me ask you a question.

Frustrated, Alyon stops speaking.

Crippler- Before, when you went on your little rant about who you are and what you are, it got me nervous. It got me thinking. You were a detective for this great fucking city that once was. Then you go on this rant and say that you're no longer that man and that you're just.... Alyon. Who is Alyon? Who are you? How did you get to this man you are. We've been partners for so long and I don't know anything about you or who you-

Alyon- Are you serious? Look around the streets right now. And don't get me started, what do I know about you?

Crippler- Are you serious?! Are you fucking serious?! You know about how I grew up in a foster home and you know how my parents died and the kind of people I lived with. Drug dealers. Scum.

Alyon- Yeah and that's it. I don't know what you did after-

Crippler- After what? After foster care? I became a fucking cop. Then I became a fucking detective. Then the world ended and BOOM! Here we fucking are!

All of a sudden, a black BMW pulls up and honks the horn. The window rolls down and The Rock is in the drivers seat.

Rock- Come on. Let's go!

Alyon walks over to Rock and shakes his head.

Alyon- No. We're taking the bus.

Rock- A city bus? No way. This car moves fast and it's full on gas. We can get where we got to go and this thing moves faster then a damn city bus.

Crippler- Alyon said "NO", then it's "NO".

Rock- Give me one good reason why taking that bus is better then taking a car that drives quicker-

Crippler- Here's a good reason. Your main goal is to find your family. Am I right or am I wrong?

Rock- Right, but-

Crippler- Then tell me where in this sports car are we going to fit the three of us and your family? Or do you plan on finding your family and ditching us? Killing us?

Rock- No, n-

Crippler- Are you with us or without us? This is the beginning, so if you have some shady plan ready then please go ahead and tell me. Tell us what you want to do.

Rock- No I'm just trying-

Crippler- Then get in the bus. Lets go.

Crippler and Alyon walk into the bus. Rock stays in the car and rolls up the window. Crippler jumps in the drivers seat.

Crippler- Alyon, before we get a move on. I want to know who you are. Tell me about Alyon Mac!

Dead Men Walking
Episode 12

A younger Alyon is shown sitting at a dinner table. It's him, his younger sister and his parents. His dads a fat guy with messy hair. He sits in a stained tank top.

Daddy Mac- I work all fucking day and I come home for some real fucking dinner and I come home to this shit? Fucking soup? Soup for dinner?

Mother Mac- Soup is a dinner!

Father Mac- For who? Soup is a side. What fucking family eats soup? Does my brother and his family eat soup for dinner?

Mother Mac- Well, maybe you should've joined the Mafia with him. Instead of the BS job you do, fixing people's-

Father Mac- What?! Mafia?! You talk about that kind of shit in front of our kids?! And this is what you want to say in front of our boy? This is the role model you want your little fucking boy... you know what?! Kids! Are you guys done eating? Are you two ready for bed?

The two kids run to their rooms and screaming and banging is heard from the kitchen.

WE return back to the school bus.

Crippler- Big fucking deal. So your father was an angry drunk who decided to not join the Mafia.

Alyon- That's not why he didn't join the Mafia. I learned a lot when I got older. Let me finish because I want to get this shit out of the way already so we can move on. So we can concentrate on surviving and finding out what's going on.

Crippler- Alright, but what the fuck is Rock doing in that car? He's still in the car. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, continue.

We go back to the old house of Alyon. Alyon is laying in bed, eyes shut and when the eyes open, his father stands above him. He grabs Alyon by the mouth.

Father Mac- Shhh. It's okay, buddy. We can't be loud. Remember, we don't want to wake mommy up. Come on. This will be quick. Daddy had a few drinks and then tomorrow, ill get you ice cream. Now show daddy how you eat the ice cream.

We change back to Alyon and Crippler in the bus.

Alyon- So he raped me. Over and over again.

Crippler- Why didn't you say anything?

Alyon- I did. I told my uncle.

Crippler- The Mafia uncle?

Alyon- Yeah. I told him after about the 4th or 5th time. Then he kicked him out of the Mob. He told my father it was about some other bullshit. My uncle told me if it ever happened, again, he'd kill him. And it did. Just about every night, except for Sunday night. My dad figured if he went to church on Sunday, he'd be forgiven so I guess he felt filthy to do it the night after church. I loved Sundays.

Crippler- Oh my God. I'm sorry.

Alyon- It's okay, whatever. It's over. I became a cop to get rid of filth like that.

Crippler- What about The Mob? I mean, did they ever caught?

Alyon- Yeah.

Crippler- Oh! I got you! I guess that's how you got promoted to a detective. By nabbing them.

Alyon- Never. Blood is thicker than water. You never throw your family under the bus. They all got caught, but they've died of age. But my uncle was so proud of me. He was okay with being in prison, but he was happy that I chose to be a cop. That's why, man. He loved me. Blood is thicker than water.

Crippler sits there, thinking.

Crippler- And what happened to your father?

Alyon- He died.

Crippler just looks at Alyon. In shock.

Alyon- Enough about me. Let me go get The Rock.

Alyon jumps out of the bus and walks towards The Rock.

Inside the car, Rock reaches under the passengers seat and pulls out a gun. Rocks eyes open wide and he quickly stuffs it in pants as his door swings wide open. Alyon is standing there.

Alyon- What are you doing?

Rock- Nothing. Thinking.

Alyon- Come on. Lets go to the bus.

The Rock gets out of the car and the two men walk over to the bus. Rock goes in first and Alyon follows him in. Crippler closes the bus door and begins driving.

Alyon- Where's the first stop?

Crippler- We're going to get my family.

Rock- I thought you said you didn't have family.

Alyon- Shut up. You have family? You know what, fine. Where are we going?

Crippler- Rikers Island.
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

Insei- I'll take a cheeseburger with Big Mac sauce and large French fries.

Ness- Screw you. You're the woman. Go make me a sandwich.

Insei- Oh, screw you. I've been making you food for your whole life. It's a new world now, make me a damn burger.

Ness- Fine! Twidd, come help me.

Twiddler- Well, I am a chef in training and my first job was McDonalds.

Ness- Perfect. Lets go.

Insei- Chef in training? How is that going?

Twidd- It's dead.

The three of them laugh. Mike approaches them with a serious look on his face.

MikeC- Enough joking around. We got Jeff in that airport figuring out what is going on and you three are worried about food?

Insei- Yeah. I'm hungry. Is that a problem?

MikeC- No. It's just-

Soda Girl- It is a problem. We all need to focus.

Insei- Focus on what? We were told to come to McDonalds so we are here. What are we going to do? Starve until Jeff gets back. If he gets back!

SodaGirl- Whoa! How do you say that?

MikeC- Enough. Listen. Eat. Maybe that's what we all need. Maybe we just need some food. We have no idea what's going on.

Ness- There's no food in the back.

MikeC- What?! Somebody got here before us?!

Ness- Looks like it, but they left something behind.

Ness pulls out a gun and smiles.

Insei- Put that down! Right now!

Ness- No way. I found it. It's mine.

Insei- You don't even know how to shoot a gun. You'll end up shooting yourself by accident.

MikeC- If it was left behind, it probably has no bullets.

Twiddler- Or they forgot it.

Ness- They didn't accidentally leave it behind. Plus, it probably wouldn't work if I did this.

Ness points the gun skyward and BAM! The two ladies scream. A hole is now in the roof of the McDonalds as the sun beams inside.

Insei- Are you crazy?!

Ness- Whoa. That was awesome.

Soda Girl- Guys, I just realized something. If that gun has bullets in it, they didn't leave it in here purposely. They forgot it. Which means they're going to come back.

Insei- Let them come back. Ness, put the fucking gun back right now.

Ness- That's bullshit.

Insei- Now.

Twiddler- Come on. I'll come with you.

Ness angrily looks at his sister, before walking back towards the kitchen with Twiddler. The two are in the kitchen as Ness goes to slip the gun back in his waist.

Twiddler- She said to put it back, though.

Ness- So? It's my gun. I found it. Plus, if people are walking around with guns. I want one, too.

Twiddler- I don't know, though.

Ness- What is there to know? I'm keeping it and that's final. You should do yourself a favor and grab a butcher knife or something. Look. Here's a kitchen knife. Look at the size of this thing. This is perfect to cut shit with. You can probably stab someone right in the neck with this thing.

Ness hands the knife to Twiddler and Twiddler looks at it.

Ness- Congratulations. You got a weapon. You unlocked an achievement.

Twiddler- Ha. That's true. Plus, I did read a lot if zombie apocalypse books and it's always good to have something like this on you.

Ness- Good. Now lets see what else we have around here.

Twiddler- Fine, but lets hurry.

The two begin rummaging around the kitchen as the focus shifts to the main lobby of McDonalds.

Soda Girl- Alright, so....

The McDonalds door swings open and three men walk in. Two skinny black guys and a fat white guy. One of the black men have braids in a green Boston Celtics Paul Pierce jersey and the other is bald in a green Ricky Henderson Oakland Athletics jersey. The fat white guy has scruffy hair and a goatee. He's in a green shirt with "Bubba" spray painted on it.

Pierce- Put your fucking hands up.

Henderson- Y'all motherfuckers better listen.

MikeC- Listen, we don't want any problems. We just....

Pierce- Oh you don't want problems? Well, we fucking do.

Henderson- So this is how shit is going to go down. There's three of you and three of us.

Bubba- And I want the Chinese one. I love me some Chinese pussy.

Insei- I'm Korean, you fat fuck.

MikeC- Insei!

Bubba- Oh, I love me raunchy women. You see, beardo is going to get killed and were going to keep you two women to us and you're going to be all mine.

Soda Girl- No, please! Don't! Stop! We'll do anything you guys want.

Bubba- I know you will. Not by choice, either. Atleast not at the beginning.

Pierce- Man, not if you keep talking shit. Go get your fucking gun and then we'll handle business.

Henderson- Yeah, you fat fuck. All you ever do is worry about food and pussy. Go get your fucking gun, you dumb fuck. Do you remember where you even left it?

Bubba- Yeah. Obviously. In the kitchen.

Henderson- Damn, you never seize to amaze me.

Pierce- Go, we're wasting daylight.

Bubba- Damn, aight. I'll be right back for you Saki Saki.

Bubba pinches her cheeks and walks into the kitchen. The door shuts behind him and he turns the corner and walks right into Ness, who is quickly grabbed by his throat.

Bubba- What the fuck are you doing here? You little fuck. Is that your fucking girlfriend out there? That little Asian? You know what I'm going to do after I choke you to death? I'm going to go fuck your girlfriend and make her massage me after. Happy beginnings. How do you like that shit? That's not even the best part, the best part is we're going to kill your friend out there and make your two little lady friends out there our personal cum dumpsters. So you got any last words chink boy?

Ness- Twidd.... ler.

Bubba- What the fuck does that shit mean?! You know what? Who gives a fuck. That was your last words and now you.... UGH!

A knife comes out from his throat and blood spurts out. The knife is pulled out from behind and Twiddler stands there as Bubba falls to his knees and collapses to his side.

Ness- What the....

Twiddler- Ness, there's two more guys out there. They got guns. We need to go.

Ness- Out where?! With my sister?!

Twiddler- Yes and.... Wait! Wait for me, Ness!

Ness storms past Twiddler and pulls out his gun and swings open the kitchen door and points the gun forward.

Pierce- What the....


Pierce collapses. Henderson goes to point the gun forward at the direction of Ness and....

.... BAM!

Henderson collapses right onto his back, right beside his friend.

Insei- Brother! Are you okay?! Oh God. Ness. Answer me. Are you okay?!

Ness stands there with a blank stare as he holds the gun forward as Insei holds Ness. Ness pulls away from Insei and charges back into the kitchen. The others quickly follow him. Ness walks right up to the body of Bubba who is flat on his face and points the gun right down to the back of his head.








The gun has been out of bullets, but Ness can't stop pointing down. The eyes of Ness are one of a ghost as the gun slips out of his hand and hits the floor. Thud.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 13

We see garbage bags blowing in the wind. A wooden gate swinging on the hinges. The paint is completely peeled. Inside this gate is a home. We go inside the home and we see a mother and a father eating dinner with their two young kids.

Ness- My parents did whatever they could to support us. My sister and I were always told to go to school and get a good education. We tried really hard because we saw how hard they worked selling rice and vegetables on the main streets from 5am to 9pm. We ate dinner late, which always confused my friends. They were usually asleep by the time I was just eating dinner. This dinner is a dinner I never forgot. It was my last one with my parents. At this dinner table, my parents told us that they were sending us to America. To the city of New York. The city where our uncle was going to help us get into the best schools and get the best jobs. This was my fathers brother. Our mother wanted us to go to Los Angeles to live with our aunt; her sister. I'm sure it was the same shit. I remember how upset Insei got when she heard we were moving. She was 12 years old, she had a lot of friends she was leaving behind. I don't know why I even call them friends, because they didn't like Insei, they just feared her. She was very tough.

Ness is in a chair in a dark room. He shakes his head laughing.

Ness- Me? Well, I was 8 years old and I was a loner. We were a poor family so nobody really wanted to speak to me. I didn't care. I liked being alone. It gave me more time to concentrate on studying. I wanted to make my parents proud. I don't know if I ever did, to be honest. Well, enough about them. Here is the important part. The moment that all my childish innocence left.

Ness repositions himself in his chair.

Ness- We went through hell just to get New York. Our uncle met us in some parking lot where we had to jump from one van into another. He looked like a great guy. He had this charming smile, I think his teeth were fake. The pictures of him and my father younger showed how his teeth were just as messed up as my fathers. Well, dentists in America. What can I say? Anyways, he took us out to eat at his restaraunt and after we were done eating, he let us speak to our parents. He told us that paying for school was expensive so this would be the last phone call we would be able to make for a few weeks. We were sad, but excited about this new opportunity. I told my parents how beautiful the lights were and how nice our uncle was. You ever watched Slumdog Millionaire? You know what, don't answer that. It's irrelevant. I never won and never will win a million dollars.

Ness shakes his head and you can see it's getting hard to stay focused.

Ness- We knew they didn't have school on the weekends, so landing on a Friday night was cool. I remember when Sunday came and a bunch of my uncles friends came into the restaraunt. They spoke a lot of English in front of us, Japanese in front of the Americans. I figured they were talking about us. However, there was one guy in specific who stood out to me. He was a tall, skinny guy who wore this white rose on his black dress shirt. I learned later that his nickname was White Rose. He wore that rose everywhere. At the end of Sunday dinner, my uncle told my sister and I that White Rose was going to be taking us to a place closer to our school and he would be doing the driving and helping with the school. He seemed genuine so I was okay with it. I just couldn't wait to go to school. I wanted to learn. Except, when White Rose took us, we never got to see a school. We were put to work. I was ten years old when I started to notice this guy kept on taking my sister during work and giving her a break. I never got a break. We had to eat our meal in 90 seconds and get back to work. They couldn't even give us a full two minutes. Can you believe that? 90 seconds!

Ness shakes his head, disgusted.

Ness- I can't even tell you how hold all the other workere were, because we rarely spoke, but my sister was definitely the oldest female in that place. She was taller and her body parts were maturing quicker. By the time I was 12, I had enough of watching my sister go on breaks. It was becoming more then one a day. It was even more then two. It was becoming four or five times. She never looked at me when she came back. I always thought she was being spiteful. One day I had enough, she literally just got back from break fifteen minutes before that and White Rose comes and takes her on another. As soon as they went through this door, I leaped to my feet. That place only had one security guard. This very big, fat guy. He got to his feet and grabbed me. I had to think on the spot and I started grabbing my crotch. I tried pretending I had to pee. He could care less. He slammed me back in my chair. I began working, again, but I was just getting angrier. By this time, the security guard had slowly walked away. I told myself you have to go and ask your sister why is she getting all these breaks and not considering her own brother to get one.

Ness laughs and begins shaking his head in the dark room on a chair.

Ness- As they say down here, fuck it. I got up and I just ran to the door. The security guard was too slow to get to me. I remember seeing this long hallway with red walls. I ran as fast as I could. It was a good 25 yard hallway. At the end of this hallway was these curtains. Those curtains were black and little did I know that once I went through those curtains, my life was about to be black. I ran right through those curtains and inside was, ah fuck, I can't believe I'm talking about this, but I have to. Fuck it! Inside....

Ness runs through the curtains and sees the back of White Rose with his pants dropped to his ankles. He turns his head around to see who has come in. That exposes another male, an older guy who was balding with glasses. In the middle, butt naked was Insei. White Rose getting his dick sucked and the old man drilling her from the back, doggy style.

Ness- White Rose began yelling and he pulled away from her and started charging at me, yelling. I can't even tell you what he was saying because I couldn't hear anything. I blacked out everywhere except my vision. My eyes were the only thing to not let me down. I couldn't hear or feel or smell anything. I looked to my side at this white table. I then realized White Rose was not coming directly at me, but at that table. I saw this gun on that table so by instinct, I just grabbed it. I was moving on auto pilot. I picked the gun up and BANG! I shot White Rose right in the fucking face. My arm flung in the air. He was down and I still had possession of the gun. That's all that mattered. I looked back and I saw the security guard finally make it through the curtains and I popped him right in the chest. He fell to his knees, but kept looking at me. I pulled the trigger one more time and caught him in the throat. He fell to his side. He was done. I turned around, again and the old man was slowly trying to get past me. I pointed the gun at him and he began pleading. My whole life, I never once heard somebody plead for anything. I worked with people in this sweatshop and not once did I ever hear someone plead. Now I had this old guy pleading to me after he just finished fucking my sister, my 16 year old sister! I got this crazy feeling in my chest. I never felt that way before. To this day, I never could describe it. So BAM! I shot him right in the chest. He collapsed onto his back.

Insei is shown in the past tense, quickly putting her clothes on. Three men lay around with blood everywhere and a 12 year old Ness standing there, gun still in hand.

Ness- I was still on auto pilot. I just walked over to White Rose and BANG! BANG! BANG! I shot him with every bullet I had left, right in his fucking cock.

You can see the anger on Ness as he is sitting in the chair in this dark room. He looks down and to the side, reminiscing about that day.

Ness- My sister had to pull me away and we ran away. Never once were we ever questioned for those murders. The sweat shop was closed when the cops came and saw what that place truly was. They probably figured the deaths were gang related or they just didn't give a shit about those low lives. You know how much we were worth? $50 each. Our parents sold us to our uncles for $50. We were never supposed to go to school. My parents just needed the money. They made $100 off of the two of us. Then White Rose bought Insei for $700 from our uncle and me for $75. He figured he'd buy us both so Insei wouldn't have bad reactions. Then they used to pay White Rose $100 to fuck my sister. That's all we were. Money. When Insei told me all this, I couldn't believe it.

Ness looks up from the floor.

Ness- We learned everything together! Alone! English, math, reading and writing. Everything. We perfected it in that library. The library you work at. We were alone for 5 years just wandering the streets. Anyways, I feel you needed to know that story. Thanks for taking us in, but you have to make me a promise, you'll never tell anyone. Promise me that.

The room opens up and we see Twiddler sitting there, serious face.

Twiddler- I got your back.

*We are back in the present time in the McDonalds, Ness stands above the two men with the gun now on the floor. Insei and Twiddler shake him.*

Ness- I.... I.... I.... I....

Twiddler- I got your back.
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

The emptiness of the mall leaves an eerie feeling to the air. PI and Zap are leading the way as they walk. They stop by the Hollister store and PI pulls up the gate.

PI- I figured this store had the worst selections so this....

Natalya- Oh God!

Inside the store, there are several bodies stacked on too of each other. All dead. Natalya hides in the arms of Tyson Kidd as he rubs her head. PI smiles.

PI- Yeah, well, there you go. Every dead body I found, I put in this store.

Justin Gabriel- Couldn't you have found a more discrete spot? I mean, that's right in the open.

Tyson Kidd- Yeah and plus, the smell of their bodies is eventually going to overwhelm us.

PI- Do you have a better idea?

Joey- I'm telling you I've had a problem with them and their mouths since we fucking found them.

Ryback- And I've had a problem with you since....

PI- This is my fucking house. If you got problems with each other, you can get the fuck out of here and go settle it out of here. If you don't like my rules, tell me right now and I will handle it.

Zap- They have a point. The smell is going to take over and quite honestly, passing by these bodies is going to be a mentally straining thing. We need to get rid of these bodies.

PI- Are you kidding me? You're going to side with the outsiders? I spent a lot of my fucking time doing this and you expect me to move them again?!

Zap- No. I expect them to do it.

Tyson Kidd- Are you kidding me? I'm not moving anybody.

Justin Gabriel- Me neither. I'm not touching those bodies.

PI- You heard my brother! You ARE going to be moving these bodies!

Tyson Kidd- The hell I am.

Tyson and PI go to get in each others faces, but are pulled away. Joey smirks at PI.

Joey- Just give me the go ahead and I'll finish it.

Zap- Everybody relax. I made that decision and my decision is final. Now get to work. Bring the bodies outside and pile them up in the parking lot.

Triple H- Come on. You know that's not fair. You want us to go and work like we are your slaves?

Zap- Nobody is forcing you guys to stay with us. The door is right there. You are more then free to leave. Must I remind you that the only reason you guys are okay and in a semi-comfortable position is because of us? Because we saved you. We bought you to a place with clothing and food to last us awhile.

Triple H- I understand where you are coming from, but it's late out there. We don't know what's out there. You said so yourself. Why should we go out and risk our lives to toss out dead bodies? Can't we wait until morning?

Zap- Fine, but that will be the first thing you all do in the morning.

PI- And that includes you, blondy.

Tyson Kidd- Fuck off.

PI- Fuck you.

Tyson Kidd charges at PI and tackles him to the floor. Kidd begins punching down on PI and Joey quickly pulls Kidd off of PI and puts him in a chokehold before slamming him to the floor. Ryback quickly charges at Joey and lifts him into the air and tosses him right onto RT and both men fall to the floor.

Ryback- Let's go!


Everybody stops what they are doing as Zap has fired a shot into the air.

Zap- That's it. One more outburst like that from you guys and I will not aim to the roof.

Ryback- Come on!

Tyson Kidd- Yeah. What did your guns do for you? Nothing.

Zap- Would you like to test me?

Triple H- Calm down. Stop this shit.

Tyson Kidd- I've had it with them, Hunter. They can't talk to us this way. They can't treat us this way.

Triple H- Must I remind you who your boss is? Me! Yeah, this is not a wrestling ring, but I am still the boss. I make the calls and Zap is right. We need to calm down. We do got shelter and that's all that's important right now. We need to relax and maybe when we wake up in the morning, everything will be better. We'll have answers. Who knows?

Zap- Thank you. Listen, this is what were going to do. Joey, RT, take them to where they will be sleeping. Remember, nobody sleeps in the same store. Everybody is in their own store.

Tyson Kidd- I'm not leaving Natalya alone.

Zap- I'm starting to think you have a hearing problem. The rules are the rules.

PI- Let me kill him. He fucking hit me. This punk blindsided me.

Zap- No killing. Listen, we are going to need to talk. You and me. Brother and brother alone. Joey, RT, take them to where they'll be staying. And remember, no store sharing.

Hunter walks up to Zap as everybody watches. Hunter has a very serious look on his face, but he then extends his arm for a handshake.

Triple H- Tomorrow.

Zap nods his head at Hunter. They release hands and Hunter gives his people a nod as the men angrily look at him. Natalya looks nervous as Tyson wraps his arm around her. Joey and RT lead them away and PI gets in Zaps face.

PI- Listen up. I didn't want to do it in front of them, but.... FUCK YOU!

Zap- Maybe if you scream it loud enough, the dead will wake up.

PI- Listen, I'm your brother, but who made you in charge?

Zap- I never said that I was in charge.

PI- There you go. You and your nonchalant attitude. Just like our parents. Smug. That smug attitude that drove me out of that house and out on my own. I couldn't take it then and I certainly can't take it now.

Zap- So tell me, what do you want?

PI- You know what I want!

Zap- That's not going to happen. You know it's not.

PI- Which brings me to my first point. Who made you in charge?

Zap- Listen! You fought. You lost.

PI- He sneakily attacked me!

Zap- But you lost! You couldn't even get your gun.

PI- I....

Zap- Let me finish! Listen, I don't want to raise my voice. I don't want nobody to hear the two of us arguing. Not even RT and Joey. I need you to pay attention to what I am about to say, because it is very important. You need to focus on what's going on right now. It seems to me like the whole world ended, but for some strange reason we survived. We don't know what's out there. We don't know if dinosaurs are about to reappear or Jesus Christ himself is going to come down and make us pay for our sins. Maybe it's even best you shut that gate and keep those dead bodies inside in case they come back as zombies.

PI- Jesus Christ? Zombies? Fucking dinosaurs? Do you hear yourself?

Zap- I hear myself, but you're not listening. My point is, we don't know what to expect. You are my brother, therefore you are the most important thing to me. You can die at any minute. From whatever earth decides to surprise us with next or by one of those guys you keep arguing with. So the main point is, be ready at all times. Don't let nobody sneak up on you. Stay focused. Protect yourself at all times.

PI- I appreciate your caring bullshit, but you told me before that we are going to kill them anyways.

Zap- And we will. All of them. Even Joey and RT!

RT- You called?

Joey and RT make their way down the halls. Zap focuses himself.

Zap- Are they away?

RT- Yeah. All of them.

Joey- I really wanted to kill them all, even the cunt, but I had to control myself for the plan.

PI- What plan?

Joey- Oh, he doesn't know?

Zap- The plan we were just talking about. That's why I mentioned your names. You guys are doing a great job. So let me finish explaining to my brother what the plan is. Like I was saying, once we find ourselves a safe zone, we will displace of them and the four of us can restart our lives.

Joey- Yeah. Be the beginning of the world. We will be written down as the first four men to be on this world.

RT- We really need to find women to start this new world. We need to search all over. We need to start soon.

Joey- Well, I'm not going to try and search for too long. If I'm going to spare a life, it's going to be that blonde chick. She got some nice melons on her.

PI- She would probably kick your ass.

Joey- Yeah right. Anyways, my neck is killing me because of that steroid using cocksucker. I need rest. Who knows what tomorrow holds? So, do you mind if we go to sleep, Zap?

Zap- Go ahead. The both of you. Great job, again.

RT- Alright, thanks. Take care.

Joey- Yeah, good night guys.

Joey and RT walk away. PI looks at Zap.

PI- Oh Zap, do you mind if we go to sleep? Oh pretty please.

Zap- Relax. The two of them are just used to hearing orders from me after our voyage. Why don't you go to sleep? I'll be on the lookout tonight.

PI- Yeah.

PI angrily looks at his brother before walking away. Zap walks the opposite direction and sits on a chair in the food court. Zap looks up at the sky and lowly speaks out.

Zap- Do not worry, for I am not here to pray or beg for your mercy. I am here tI figured after the ultimate sin I committed in life, I would not be good enough for heaven, but if protecting my brother is a sin, then leave me here in hell and give me the worst that you got. One thing will not change. I will always protect my brother. Amen.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 14

The emptiness of the airport is frightening. The only remaining survivors are inside the room.

Holzhammer- I've done some thinking and the only way I'm going to earn everyone's trust in here is by eliminating the fat. This whole thing, in this room, all of us....

Holz moves the gun around, pointing at everyone. From the wrestlers to the soldiers.

Holzhammer- This is a snake. The Guerilla Snake. I am the head of the snake and what I need everyone here to be is the body. The body that looks out for one another and whether you want to hear this or not; looks out for me. That is the most important piece to this snake. Me. So just to make things a bit easier.... Number 9, step up.

Jeff looks around and quickly steps up to a smiling Holzhammer. Holz puts his arm around the shoulder of Jeff. The beating heart of Jeff is making it harder for him to hear Holzhammers words. All he hears is, "Roulette." Holz looks at Jeff and repeats himself. This time more clearer.

Holzhammer- Did you hear me? We're playing Russian Roulette! Grab your gun!

Jeff nods his head and pulls out his gun.

Holzhammer- Trust is an issue. It always was in mankind. However, I don't think I'm going to have a problem because I will be eliminating the fat. I'm not talking about you, big boy.

Holz lightly smacks Big Show in the cheek.

Holzhammer- It's not even the old I worry about.

Holz looks at Vince and smirks. Vince looks down, defeated.

Holzhammer- No. Believe it or not, it's the prior life I worry about. The life before.... THIS! The life before this time. The life before the end of the world. I worry about the brothers. 1 and 2, grab the brothers. NOW!

Soldiers 1 & 2 storm forward and grab the two brothers. Holz smiles as he points to two chairs that surround a small wooden table. That's where the soldiers sit Epico and Primo.

Holzhammer- Get the tape off their mouths and let their arms free. Keep their legs tied, though.

1 & 2 take the tape and rope off and go back on line where Holzhammer points them to.

Holzhammer- The reason I choose the two brothers is because blood is thicker then water. That was great in the old life, but not this time. That's actually the worst thing.

Primo- Listen man, we'll do whatever you want us to do.

Holzhammer- That's what I'm hoping for.

Epico- Come on, man. Just let us go.

Holzhammer- Allow me to finish! Like I was saying, no matter what you learn, you will never be able to shake off that human instinct that you two are brothers. You'll never be able to understand that this is a family now. You'll never understand it while the two of you are together. So, here is this gun and I will place it in the middle of this table and you guys can choose who goes first.

Primo- Are you crazy, man?!

Epico- You must be stupid!

Holzhammer- Crazy or stupid? I think I'd rather be called crazy. So fine, I'll choose, stupid you go first.

Epico- No way.

Holzhammer smiles.

Holzhammer- I figured you'd say that. And that is why I bought 9 up here with me. So 9, do me a favor and get behind his brother and put that gun in your hand to the back of his head and when I count to 3, pull the trigger. You have three seconds.

Epico- What? No!

Primo- What are you guys doing?

Holzhammer- One!

Primo- Just fucking do it! Pull the trigger!

Epico- What?

Holzhammer- Two.

Jeff has the gun to the back of Primos head and is arm is shaking, nervously. Primo is freaking out leaning forward yelling at Epico, who has the gun in his hand, but he is nervous.

Primo- Do it!

Epico- Oh God!



Holzhammer- Congratulations! You made it. Now pass it off to your brother.

Epico- Oh my God.

Jeff takes a step back from Primo and is breathing heavily.

Holzhammer- Now, it's your turn.

Primo grabs the gun quickly and smiles.

Primo- I figured since you like countdowns, I'll do one for you. One. Two. Three. Fuck you, holmes!

Primo points the gun towards Holzhammer and....

.... Click!



Epico- No!

Jeff stands above Primo who is face first on the table with a bullet hole to the back of his head. Epico reaches forward and grabs the gun his brother just dropped and points it at Jeff.

Epico- Fu-


Jeff shoots Epico right in the chest and Epico falls back and off the chair and lays there, gun besides him. Epico coughs as Holzhammer goes to his knees and grabs the dropped gun and pulls the trigger.




Holzhammer- No bullets.
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

We are inside Rikers Island. The hallways are filled with dead officers. Alyon, Crippler and Rock walk over the bodies.

Alyon- Listen man. I don't think anybody is in here. I think it's empty.

Rock- How did it affect inside here, too?

Alyon- It affected everywhere.

Rock- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You told me family should be fine where they live?

Alyon- I....

Crippler- Rock, your family.... where are they? Miami or Hawaii?

Rock- Well, I have family in Hawaii, but my immediate family.... they're in Miami.

Crippler- Well, I got good news and bad news. The bad news is; Hawaii is gone. I mean, it's an island, it's gone. Miami, on the other hand, is good. It's still there. As soon as we clear up everything up here, we'll go on the I-95 and we'll make our ways all the way down there.

Rock- This makes no sense. Miami is right by water, too. And how do you even know this? And if Miami is such a safe zone, why are we staying here? Why not go down there?

Alyon- Yeah, plus the weather is a lot better down there.

Crippler looks at Alyon, in confusion. Alyon shrugs.

Alyon- I'm just saying, once we wrap things up in here, we should really make our ways down there. Plus, Rock is filthy rich and I'm sure he's going to find it in the goodness of his heart to help us restart out lives down there after this is all said and done. Ain't that right, Rock?

Rock- Absolutely. You let The Rock know what you want when we get down there and you got it.

Alyon- See?

Alyon smiles at Crippler who just looks annoyed.

Rock- BUT.... If I find out that you guys are lying to me and messing with my head, then....

Crippler leaps right in front of Rocks face.

Crippler- Then what?!

Alyon- Alright, calm down. Lets go look around.

Crippler- No. Fuck this. I'm tired of his shit. Listen up, buddy. You constantly talk about yourself and your family. We told you they're alright. Why would we lie to you? What good would that do us? And that's only first off. Second off, I could blow your head off at any second I want and you have the nerves to threaten me? If any of us have trust issues, it should be us with you. You already lied to us on e when you said there was nobody alive on the roof and then to make things worse, they got away in a helicopter. You know where they probably are now? In fucking Miami with your family safe and sound. But here we are, in a place where I told you my family is and all we see us dead bodies and all you can do is worry about your selfish, millionaire ass! You're not the only one in this, Hollywood. Do you understand that there is more then just you involved?! Do you?

Rock- I'm sorry.

Crippler- Yes you are. You're a sorry piece of....

Alyon- Alright, alright! Take it easy. Lets go look. Lets go identify the body.

Crippler- If by any chance my family is dead, then we're staying here anyways. It's getting dark out. Where are we going to go? It's probably going to be safer if we stay here.

Alyon- Yeah, you're right.

????- Put your motherfucking hands where we can see them.

The three men look up and on the second floor, we see two men with guns drawn.

Crippler- TGO! RIH! It's me.

RIH- Who that?

Crippler- It's me, Crippler!

RIH- I don't know no Crippler, how about you, RIH?

TGO- It don't ring a bell.

????- I know that name.

RIH and TGO step to the side and an old, fat man with tattoos all over his arms and a long, gray beard appears.

Crippler- Lethal!

Lethal- Holy. Fucking. Shit. It's my nephew.

Crippler has a huge smile on his face and Alyon steps on front of him and looks up.

Alyon- Uncle.... Jay.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 15

Everybody is standing around, confused. Crippler is no longer smiling. The only one smiling is Lethal.

Lethal- They say when you die, you see people you loved. Well, I guess my heaven is prison.

Lethal laughs as he looks over at TGO and RIH, who still have very serious looks on their faces.

Lethal- Now how in the hell did my nephew and a kid I took care of when he was younger get to know each other. Matter fact, how did they end up in matching uniforms in my abandoned prison?

Crippler- Well, we've been partners for a few years now and....

Alyon- I thought you were dead.

Lethal laughs.

Lethal- And who told you that?

Alyon- My mother.

Lethal smiles and begins stroking his long beard.

Lethal- Yeah, she never forgave me.

Alyon- Forgave you for what?

Lethal- Oh, you don't know?

Alyon- No. All I know is she told me you died in prison. I asked her if we could come visit you and....

RIH- With all due respect, boss, but how about we talk about some important things? You two can catch up later.

TGO- Yeah, like how about we find out how they found us? How they got here? And most importantly, what the fuck is going on?

Crippler- The whole world is dead out there. Everyone. There's us three and we saw a helicopter leave and well it was Rocks wrestling buddies.

Lethal- Ah! That's where I know him from. The Rock!

Rock nods his head.

Crippler- Yeah, we saved him. And it was my idea to come out here. I knew you guys were here so I couldn't move forward without coming to check if you guys survived.

Lethal- You were always a good kid like that.

RIH- Alright, so now what?

Rock- May I?

[i]Crippler and Alyon turn around as the rest also put their attention on The Rock as his arm is raised in the air. As if they were in school. Lethal nods his head from up there.

Rock- The plan was to stay here for the night. Crippler wanted to see if you guys were okay and tomorrow we are going to go down to Miami?

Lethal- Miami?

Rock- Yeah. That's a safe zone.

Crippler- Listen, why don't we just all hang out somewhere for a little bit and relax. We all had the craziest day of our lives. The only thing to ever have a crazy day like today were dinosaurs. But those sons of bitches died. Speaking of dinosaurs, Lethal, do we got some food around here? I'm starving.

Lethal- Food? Baby, we got more than food. We got marijuana, cigarettes and beer. Don't ask how, but we did.

Crippler- Are you serious?

Lethal- Dead serious. What are you going to do? Arrest me?

Lethal laughs as Crippler nervously laughs.

Lethal- Now let us go to our kitchen. We weren't expecting guests, but TGO is going to work his magic in the kitchen.

RIH- And I'm gunna go roll me a blunt and THEN we gunna eat!

TGO- Word up. Is that alright officers?

Lethal- Right. Speaking of officers, my boy, Crippler, now that the world ended, can you let us know what motherfucker snitched on us that got us in this hell hole.

Crippler laughs.

Crippler- Really? Are you serious?

Lethal- Boy, this is as serious as you should wish to see me.

Crippler- Well, uh.... it was....

RIH- It was probably that white boy, what was his name?

TGO- You mean, The Kid?

RIH- That motherfucker! The only motherfucker that ended up in some other prison. Fuck outta here.

TGO- Motherfucker, that's who you think! This cop knows who did it, because he's a cop.

Crippler- No, he's right. He snitched on all of you. I got there as fast as I can and I told you to use the back door to escape, but he even told them about that shortcut.

RIH- Bang! What I say! I knew I should've sent Junior on his ass, but he never found him. I almost believed that fishy story about him going to a different precinct, but he probably in witness protection or some shit.

Lethal- Gentlemen! The guests are hungry! Now let us go to the kitchen. Where's my little nephew? Alyon! Get over here! I missed you kid. Look at you. You're a grown man now!

Lethal walks down the stairs with RIH and TGO following him. Lethal walks up to Alyon and smiles.

Alyon- But.... you're dead.

Lethal chuckles and grabs Alyon by his shoulder.

Lethal- I'm alive, buddy.

Lethal chuckles some more before stroking his beard with his free hand, looking into the eyes of Alyon.

Lethal- My name is Lethal....

.... and this is the end of the world!
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

We are inside of a mansion where pictures of historic WWE moments are shown on a wall. There is one of Hogan lifting Andre. One of Shawn Michaels hitting Bret Hart with the Sweet Chin Music. The final one is the face of a smiling Vince McMahon. The camera zooms all the way to his face.

In the kitchen, we see Vince McMahon at the head of the dinner table. On the other end of the table is his wife, Linda McMahon. Shane McMahon and his wife sit on one end of the table. On the other end is Triple H. Stephanie comes walking in with a butler.

Stephanie- Everybody gets a steak, except for daddy. He's trying this new diet, so he gets the....

Vince- God damn it, give me a damn steak!

Stephanie- Daddy!

Vince sighs and rubs his forehead.

Vince- I'm sorry, princess. It's just I got a lot of stuff on my mind. I would just like a steak.

Triple H- Give him a steak. He got a lot on his mind. With our first PPV in Brooklyn coming up, he just wants to make sure that everything goes right. I was thinking about the event and I had an idea for the briefcase that Dolph Ziggler has and how we could make some real big money off of it. Vince, I have an idea and all I can think of is....

Vince- Shane, pass me the salt.

Shane- Are you sure, pops? I mean with, you know....

Vince- Give me the salt!

Vince punches the table and Shane slides the salt across to him. Shane shrugs at his wife. Hunter smiles at Stephanie as she sits next to him.

Triple H- So listen to this idea I had. Well before I get to that idea, I was thinking about how when I get my revenge match on Brock Lesnar, I can announce my retirement after. Kind of have it be my big match before I dedicate myself to just running the show.

Shane- Before you start running the show?

Triple H- I wasn't talking to you. So Vince, what do you think about that?

Vince is cutting his steak before he slams the knife and fork down.

Vince- What kind of steak is this? The knife barely cuts it! The whole thing is rubber!

Linda- Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

Vince looks up at Linda, breathing heavily.

Stephanie- Dad, I'm going to go and get you another steak.

Vince- Forget the steak. I'm not hungry anymore. I'm sorry. I just want to be left alone.

Vince gets to his feet.

Vince- May I be excused?

Triple H- Sure. Just before you go, what do you think of my idea?

Vince- What idea?

Triple H- About Wrestlemania. Me. Brock. Retirement match?

Shane- Damn it, I'm sorry everybody, but I can't take it anymore.

Linda- Shane. Sit down!

Shane- No! Are we blind?! Are we going to pretend we don't know what's going on?

Triple H- Why? What's going on?

Shane- I've been nice for all these years, but that's it. Stephanie, mom, you two don't know this, but Hunter, dad and I went to the doctors....

Vince- Don't you dare!

Triple H- Listen to your father!

Shane- No. I listened enough. Now it's every bodies turn to listen to me.

Vince- I'm warning you!

Triple H- Not this way!

Shane- My dad.... Vincent Kennedy fucking McMahon has lung cancer!


Stephanie faints.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 16

Stephanie has been woken up and she's on a chair drinking a glass of water. Hunter stands behind her and rubs her arms. Shane is on his feet and he is standing by Vince. Shane's wife is comforting Linda as Linda just holds a hand calmly over her mouth.

Stephanie- How long did you know?

Vince- I just found out. The doctor said that we caught it early, so don't worry honey. I'm going to get the best treatment that is available in this world.

Stephanie- But dad....

Vince- I know, sweetheart.

Stephanie- But daddy, it's cancer! Oh my God!

Vince- Damn it, Shane! Look what you did!

Shane- Look what I did?! The reason I even decided to say it is to protect you! The only reason Hunter has been so up your ass these past few days is because he wants you to pass off the WWE to him when you die!

Triple H- That's bullshit!

Shane- Shut up! Don't speak! Don't you dare interrupt me, again.

Shane is fiery red as he points in the direction of Triple H. Hunter smirks and just looks over at Shane.

Shane- This man is trying to take over everything you created! He assumes you're on your way out because you got cancer and....

Stephanie- Oh God!

Vince- That's enough!

Shane- No it's not! Are we going to stop because daddies little princess wants us to stop? Because if that's the reason, then I will absolutely continue! You know, I'm just so sick of this shit. I've been holding this in for awhile and I'm done. I mean, look at us. The television screen really tells the truth about us. We're the most dysfunctional family in this world! I mean, look at mom. Look at you! You just found out your husband has cancer and you sit there like nothing! Like you didn't just hear one of the worst things possible. What do you have to say, mom?

Shane pauses.

Shane- Exactly! Nothing! I'm just tired if this. I'm tired of having to do this. I'm tired of having to experience this! That's all any of you care about, his business! His money! I bet....

Linda- SHANE!

Shane stops and looks at his mother. Linda smiles at her son.

Linda- So you think you got this? You think you know it all? First of all, your father.... MY HUSBAND.... told me everything. He told me the night he found out. God forbid I would to find out this way shows what kind of class you have. The both of you, Hunter and Shane, the both of you got a lot to learn about. The both of you got a lot of growing up to do. You're both so worried about the business, but neither of you have truly learned how to be a man, yet. Because being a man involves being a husband. You should look at Vince and learn a few things about succeeding out of the business. Because as a husband should do, he tells his wife everything!

Triple H- But Vince told us....

Linda- I'm speaking!

Linda gives Hunter an evil look and he stops speaking.

Linda- And just for everyone's information, I don't even know why I'm saying this, but I just want everyone to shut up. I don't want to ever hear this conversation, again. Vince wrote his will and in 100 years when he does pass, that'll be the first time any of you hear who is going to run the WWE. That's final!

Vince- That's it. I don't want to hear about it anymore. We can't let the media know. Not even friends. It stays between the doctor and everyone in this room. You know what? Dinners done. Come on. Everybody out. I'm sorry, but I need rest. Everybody out!

Shane- Let's go, honey.

Shane grabs his wife and helps her up and hurries her out of the door. Hunter slowly helps Stephanie up, who is still rattled. Hunter looks into her eyes.

Triple H- Your dad is going to be fine. Vince, I'm sorry about what just happened, but....

Vince- Just leave.

Hunter nods at Vince and Linda before helping Stephanie out of the house and into the car. Vince slams the door to the house.

In the car, Hunter begins driving as Stephanie sits there.

Stephanie- I can't believe it.

Triple H- Neither can I. How are they going to keep the successor of the WWE a secret? I mean, it obviously should go to me. I get the business. A lot more than Shane. The best part is, Shane doesn't even want to be in this business. He already said that. He made it very clear. He just doesn't want to see me in that position. The son in law. That's bullshit!

Stephanie- I can't believe you! I just found out my father has cancer and that is all you are thinking of! My mother was right, you are not a real man!

Triple H- Fuck your mother!

Stephanie- What?!

Triple H- Fuck her and her ideas of what a man is! I am a real man. I am the successor of the WWE and if your father is dumb enough to give it to anybody but me, then....

Triple H angrily looks at Stephanie, who is shocked.

Triple H- .... well then, I wish he survives cancer and lives long enough to watch his whole creation of wrestling dies right in front of his eyes!

SCENE CHANGES to the airport room, where Vince McMahon is tied up to a chair with tape shutting his mouth. He looks to the side of him where he sees the dead body of R-Truth slumped over with a gun shot to the head. He looks forward where he sees Primo dead on the table from the Russian Roulette. On the floor, we see Epico laying down with a gun shot to his chest as Holzhammer stands above him. Holzhammer turns around to face everyone with the empty gun.

Holzhammer- Lesson learned! Of you did not comprehend the lesson, you too will be filled with bullet holes. Trust in me and I will protect you and guide you through this. If you do not trust or betray me or The Guerilla, then you will watch everything you all created.... DIE!

Vince slumps his head forward to look at the stream of blood from the bodies take over the floor. Vince shuts his eyes and....

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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

We see the men in the bar. The tension is extremely high at this point as WMS smiles, looking across at The Kid. Kid seems a little stunned.

Kid- I got to go.

PB- And where do you want to go?

Kid- I'm leaving. I can't stay here. It's too.... I just got to go.

PB- It's too what?

Kid- Dangerous.

WMS- Dangerous?! Ha! You just tried to kill me and you're the one in here using the word "dangerous"? That's like Hitler going into a library and saying its too dangerous.

Shinobi- I don't get it.

Mike- Stay out of it, Shin.

Kid- It doesn't matter. I'm leaving. I can't stay here.

Kid gets up and starts heading to the exit. PB jumps in front of Kid to stop him and Kid shoves PB to the ground.

Kid- Don't fucking touch me!

WP- Fuck you!

WP punches Kid right in the eye, sending Kid stumbling backwards. Kid goes to charge at WP, but KJ grabs Kid. Mike grabs WP and holds him tight.

Kid- Nah, fuck this. They're all after me!

KJ- Nobodies after you! Just calm the fuck down.

Kemis- Just let him go.

Everyone turns their attention on Kemis.

Kemis- I mean, fuck him. He tried to kill WMS and God only knows what else he is capable of. As a matter of fact, the way I see it is like this. If Kid stays, I leave.

Mike- Oh, come on!

Kemis- Oh, I'm serious. So who is it going to be?

WMS- I'm with Kemis.

Kid- Don't worry. I'm leaving. Get off of me.

Kid pulls away from KJ and begins walking away.

WMS- So anyone want to go with him?

KJ- I am.

Mike- Guys, this is ridiculous.

Shinobi- Just for the record, I'm doing whatever your doing, Mike.

Mike- No, but where are they going to go? Where are you guys going?

Kid- KJ, I'm going by myself. Stay. It's okay.

KJ- Shut your mouth. You started this shit.

WP- Just for the record, I'm doing whatever PB is doing. He saved my life before and....

BigRed- I wasn't going to hurt you.

WMS- Mind your business, ginger.

BigRed- Well, just for the record, I don't want to stay here. I don't know any of you guys and by the looks of things, you're all dangerous.

WMS- Yeah, but right now, you are our slave.

BigRed- What?! Slave? I'm a normal person just like all of you.

Kid- You know, I don't even regret trying to kill you. I just regret putting the rest of these guys in a horrible predicament, but it's your mouth that's going to get you killed.

WMS- My mouth is probably the only reason I'm still here. God obviously doesn't want to hear my mouth when I get up there. I've survived twice already. So right now I'm already ahead of you guys.

The door swings open and standing at the door is an old Asian man with gray hair.

Kemis- Whoa! Who are you?

PB- Keep your hands where I can see them.

The man just looks at all of them. He reaches in his pocket.

PB- Hey! I said to keep your.... what is that?

The Asian man holds up a small tube with green liquid in it. He smiles at everyone, before slamming it to the floor. Green gas starts filling up the room and the mysterious man runs out of the bar and slams the door shut.

Kid- What the fuck?!

Shinobi- It's fucking poison!

KJ- We got to get to the fucking door!

BigRed- You guys got to untie me! I need to get out of here, too.

All the men run to the door and begin pushing the door, but to no avail.

PB- He locked us in! We're fucking stuck!

WP- Guys, I can't fucking breath!

Kemis- Me neither!

BigRed- Help me. Please. Somebody....

BigRed nods out, tied to the chair. Mike falls to his knees, holding his chest.

Mike- Guys. I can't....

WMS- Not. Again.

All men collapse to the floor and are all unconscious.

On the other side of the door, on the outside, we see a yellow school bus backed into the bar. In the drivers seat, we see the gray haired Asian man in the passengers seat. He pulls out his name tag necklace and it reads, "Greywolf". The driver beside him is an African man and his name tag reads, "Busa". Busa pulls out a big, black, triangle device and he passes it off to Greywolf who puts it by his mouth.

Greywolf- We found nine men.

A female voice responds.

Voice- Bring them in.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 17

We see a very hi-tech room with all sorts of machines. Inside the room, we see a bunch of people seated in seats. All these people appear dead or unconscious. People in gas masks and tank tops are putting IVs into the people. Greywolf walks by a few of them.

Greywolf- Intramuscular, that's it. Good job.

Greywolf continues walking and stops when he reaches Busa.

Busa- They all tested positive. They're ready. Good find.

Greywolf- Well, to be honest I was looking for girls for you know....

Busa- Apparently we have plenty of females, but speaking of.... she's ready to speak to us about our find.

Greywolf- Let's go.

Busa and Greywolf walk towards a door. Busa pushes on buttons, typing the password, "4826". The door clicks open and they walk into the room. Inside the room, we see a lady walk by. Greywolf smiles.

Greywolf- You wanted to see us?

The lady just walks right by them. She waves her hand and walking towards her comes a 6'11 fat, bald guy with a lazy eye. The two of them have stopped by the bodies of Kid, KJ, WMS, WP, PB, Kemis, BigRed, Mike and Shinobi. The lady is average height with her brunette hair wrapped in a ponytail. She seems to be in great shape and her green eyes lighten up some of the bags under her eyes. She has very straight and white teeth in between her dark purple lipstick. She is in an all white, plain uniform.

All the men have their mouths taped shut and bodies tied to steel chairs with steel chains. The chairs are nailed to the floor. Slowly all the guys begin opening their eyes. She smiles at them as the chains start rattling from all their shock and movement.

Lady- Do not panic. You are safe now.

The guys begin looking at one another and slowly all calm down.

Lady- Do not worry. You are not being held hostage. While the measures to get you guys here were drastic, they were needed. As human beings, we become hard to manage. Especially in difficult situations. Now by sitting here in front of you, I can tell you all just finished going through a rough time.

The lady laughs as Busa and Greywolf reach them.

Lady- With the whole world ending, it might not sound so difficult to understand that human brings may be feeling edgy right now. However, it's not just that. I see a conflict amongst yourselves. I see that this man over here who calls himself, "The Kid" tried to shoot this man over here who calls himself, "WMS". See, I know all of your names. Kemis. WP. PB. KJ. Shinobi. Mike. Have I convinced you guys, yet?

The lady then smiles. She walks over to BigRed.

Lady- And I know all of your secrets, as well. How are you feeling, Big Red? From being tied up in one chair and right to another. Rough.

The lady walks away.

Lady- There is a saying, it goes like this, "We are not all what we are made out to be." That may be true and nobody in this world could ever know everything about somebody, except for me!

The lady smiles as she rubs her hands together.

Lady- However, I pass no judgments. It is interesting to know how the lives of you gentlemen was beforehand, but I can guarantee that life is about to get easier. The main question going around is, "What happened to the world?" That question will be answered when the time is right. However, the second most asked question is, "Where am I?" AND THAT!.... I have your answer!

She smiles at the beast beside her, who nods his head in excitement.

Lady- I will do you nine another favor by answering four questions in one shot. Who is this gentlemen besides me? He is my little brother, Foos. Isn't he adorable?

She gives her little brother a kiss on the forehead. He smiles.

Lady- Who are these two men standing right over here? Well, they are the two brave men who came and saved your lives. That green smoke you last remember seeing was just a gas that I created. It practically shuts down your whole body in a safe, non threatening way. No need to worry, though. You have all been checked out and you're all in great health. However, boy, do I get easily distracted.

The lady laughs to herself.

Lady- These two gentlemen are two of our finest hunters, Busa and Greywolf.

The two men nod their heads at the lady.

Lady- And the final two questions I can answer in one sentence.

The smile widens to show shiny, white teeth.

Lady- My name is Amanda....

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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

Joey and RT are shown sitting inside an Applebee's. They're both eating on French Fries. RT looks up at Joey.

RT- I honestly don't know how I'm going to sleep.

Joey- Well, we need sleep. We don't know what tomorrow brings.

RT- I know, I know. It's just.... I never thought I would see so many dead people in my life.

Joey- I know. Listen, you need to try and look at it the same way I do.

RT- Oh yeah. And how's that?

Joey- Atleast it ain't me.

RT looks at Joey as he puts a whole French fry in his mouth and shrugs.

Joey- Just eat.

RT nods his head.

RT- Pass me the ketchup.

Joey rolls the bottle of ketchup to RT. RT pops the cap off and holds it over his French fries. He begins tapping on the top of the ketchup bottle for the ketchup. As RT looks down at the ketchup slowly coming out of the bottle onto the fries, dizziness takes over his head. His vision begins turning blurry as the fries turn into human beings and the ketchup comes falling down in slow motion.


The ketchup becomes the blood on all the dead bodies. RT sees himself in the crowded streets filled with dead bodies. The ketchup continues to splat all over the fries, turning into human bodies being shot at and blood leaking out. A noise is heard, but it's hard to make out with the illusion. Slowly, it becomes clear, but sounds so distant.

Joey- RT.... RT.... RT. RT!

RT gasps and sees himself looking over his fries that have now been completely over-run by ketchup. Joey looks at RT, concerned.

Joey- Are you alright?

RT- Yeah, I'm fine.

Joey- You destroyed your fries AND you just emptied a bottle of ketchup. Don't you know these things could be extinct soon? We can't waste it. And look, you got it on your shirt.

RT- I know. I'm not hungry. I need some air.

Joey- Where are you going? We should go to sleep.

RT- I don't know. Have a good night, though. I'm sorry about the fries and the.... uh.... the ketchup.

Joey- Yeah. Alright. Be careful.

RT walks away and walks out of Applebee's. The ketchup stain on his shirt. RT walks down the hall and sees Zap to his right. RT walks towards Zap and reaches him.

RT- Zap.

Zap turns around, confused.

Zap- I thought you were going to bed.

RT- I can't sleep. It's just.... the day. The people. The deaths.

Zap looks at RT and begins examining him with his eyes.

RT- It's just, I saw little kids dead. I saw them shot. I saw women, men, old people.... everything. I saw people in uniform killing human beings and I can't sleep. It's just....

Zap- RT.

RT pauses and just looks at Zap.

Zap- You got ketchup on your shirt.

RT- I know, I know. Who cares? Are you even listening? How is everyone okay with this?

Zap- I need you to answer me two questions truly right now. It's important that you answer them truthfully. Can you do that for me?

RT- Okay. I will.

Zap- Do you trust me?

RT- Of course. Without question.

Zap- With your life?

RT- Yes. Why?

Zap takes a deep breath and looks around.

Zap- Listen, I need you to do something and it is very dangerous. However, the prize is grand. Your life is on the line.

RT- What?!

Zap- Shhhh!

RT- I know! I'm sorry. What do you mean when you say my life depends on it?

Zap- The guys we saved, I heard from my source that, well, one of their guys is mastering a plan tonight on a way to escape. Not only escape, but to kill us. The plan is for him to specifically fake he is ill and when you run into the store to check on him, he is going to slice your throat.

RT- Well, I just won't go in to check on that person.

Zap- That's not the point. The point is they see that you're the weakest and he's going to wait for you and take advantage of you to get to all of us. Do you want to see Joey dead? Do you want to see me dead?

RT- No. Of course not.

Sweat begins coming down the face of RT and he lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat off and ends up getting ketchup on his face.

Zap- I need you to kill Justin Gabriel.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 18

RT is shown staring right at Zap. Zap doesn't flinch as he keeps his eyes right on the ketchup filled face.

Zap- Our lives depend on it.

RT- I.... I.... why me?

Zap- Because you're the one. You're going to be put in charge tomorrow night and you will go by his store and when he fakes his sickness, I want you to go in that store and you beat him to the punch. Cut his throat. It can only be that way. A gun shot will be heard around the mall and we don't need to wake anyone up doing it.

RT- But....

Zap- But nothing. Tomorrow night.

Zap angrily walks away from RT. RT stands there looking straight. He then turns around and looks at Zap walking away.

RT- I'll do it!

Zap stops and turns around. He looks over at RT and nods his head, before walking away. RT stands there, looking down at the floor. RT begins walking down the halls and walks into Applebee's, again. He walks up to his plate and picks up the plate drenched with ketchup and begins walking away. He heads towards the kitchen, where....

.... SPLAT!

Ketchup falls onto his shoes, falling off the side of the plate.

RT- Shit.

RT walks over to the sink where he puts the plate down. He looks down at the plate and some fries have become visible, again with some of the ketchup falling off of the plate. Once again, the vision of RT becomes blurry. Once again, the fries turns into human beings. The ketchup, once again, blood.

Screams of women are heard. Bodies are all over the place, filled with blood. RT walks up to a body and the face is filled with blood. RT gets to a knee and wipes the blood off and the face reveals....

.... Justin Gabriel.


RT leaps back and looks forward at a mirror that appears. In the mirror, he sees his face with blood all over it. He stares at himself until his illusion turns back to reality where RT stands there looking into the mirror at his face filled with ketchup. His eyes show that he is in a different world. RT whispers to himself.

RT- I'll do it.
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The Kid is looking to come up from OCW...

The Rock is walking around the kitchen with a drumstick as he bites on it. Everyone is seated at the table, plates empty.

Crippler- Man, I haven't ate that well since God knows when.

TGO- Yeah, I'm a God in the kitchen. I know.

RIH- Word up. Now that we got our bellies full, lets smoke this baby.

RIH pulls out a blunt and smiles at it.

RIH- Ain't she a beauty?

Crippler- I just don't understand how you guys got that in here. Isn't this place supposed to inspect everything that gets sent here?

RIH- Inspect? Who, the officers?

Crippler- Well, yeah.

RIH- Them motherfuckers is the ones giving us this shit. They just raise the prices a little. Ain't shit you can do.

TGO- Beggars can't be choosers.

Crippler- What? Are you kidding me? That's illegal.

RIH- Illegal? You hear this motherfucker?

Lethal- Crippler, my boy. What did that uniform do to you? Brainwash you? Let me remind you, this whole world is corrupt. You should know that. You grew up around us.

Crippler- Yeah, but look what happened to you guys. You guys got arrested.

RIH- Thanks to that motherfucker, Kid.

TGO- Man, I hope he not dead. I'll tell you, man, if I ever saw that motherfucker, again, I would cook his ass. Extra crispy. Burn that snitch down. Ya heard?

RIH- Word. Speaking of burning, lets burn this shit up.

TGO- Deuces.

Lethal- Tres.

Crippler- What's that mean?

Lethal smirks.

Lethal- It means when you get to hit it. Normally, we would have over ten people lined up for a blunt like this. You have to call the number of what turn you want to be.

TGO- There is a few rules. No sleeping on the blunt, which means you can't hold onto it for too long and it's puff, puff pass. Therefore, it's fair.

RIH lights up the blunt and takes a deep hit of it. He holds it in smiling and then blows out an O of smoke. He blows out the rest, taking out the O with the line of smoke.

Lethal- Alyon, Crippler, you want?

Crippler- No. No. I can't.

Lethal- Alyon....?

Alyon- Sure, why not?

Lethal- Atta boy. You can go fourth. Crippler, are you sure you don't want?

Crippler- I'm good. Thank you, though. I'm actually going to take a walk around the place. Rock, would you like to join me?

Rock- You've put a gun to my face on several occasions. The world collapses in front of my face. I just had an amazing drumstick. I think I'll pass on the walk. I got fifth.

TGO- The Rock is in on the blunt! Holla!

Crippler gets to his feet and Rock walks in front of him and sits down in his seat. Crippler looks around and then smiles.

Crippler- Alright, well, I'm going to give myself a tour around this place.

Lethal- Have fun.

RIH passes the blunt to TGO as Crippler exits the kitchen.

Rock- Forgive me for saying this as the only stranger, but do you guys actually trust that lunatic to walk around the cells by himself?

Lethal- A lot more then I trust you. I actually know both of these gentlemen that accompanied you here. As a matter of fact, you're the only one I don't know. Not trust.

Rock smiles.

Rock- Really?

Lethal- Really.

Rock and Lethal stare at each other. Lethal, with his long beard covering any expression below his eyes and The Rock, smiling.

Rock- TGO, you're sleeping on the blunt.

RIH- Word! Damn motherfucker, pass that shit.

TGO- No respect for the man who just cooked you all a great meal. Damn. I should have my own blunt for cooking this meal.

TGO passes the blunt off to Lethal who takes a hit of it. He holds the smoke in and then blows it out, looking straight into space.

Lethal- I don't think Kid is the one who got us in here.

RIH- Of course he did. Even your boy said it.

TGO- What is you high already?!

Lethal looks around and takes another deep hit before passing it to Alyon. Lethal leans back and screeches his arms out, looking up. Lethal blows the smoke up into the air and then sits straight up and smiles.

Lethal- Yeah. That must be it. I'm high.

RIH- Damn son. Your old ass with your law ass tolerance. I wish I could get as high as you.

Rock- You know the first time my mother caught me smoking pot....

Rock laughs to himself.

Rock- I was with two buddies of mine. I was maybe 17-18 years old and life of a celebrities son and grandson is weird. They tried to shield it from me, but they couldn't. So anyways, when she caught me, it was our foolishness that gave it away. She was sleeping and we went into the backyard and we started smoking. Not realizing that her bedroom window was above our heads and open! She left it open because it was a beautiful day and the breeze was nice and relaxing. Well, the smoke and the smell wasn't. She ran downstairs and I was telling my buddies this horrifying story and their faces dropped. Obviously, I thought my story was doing it to them. I couldn't see behind me. And then SMACK!

Rock even slaps his hands together and then begins laughing.

Rock- The most embarrassing part wasn't even that. It was when she started lecturing my friends and me. And then a few days, later.

TGO- Damn, you got caught, again!

Rock- Yes I did. This time when she caught us, we were further in my backyard and we turned a coconut into a bong.

RIH- A fucking coconut?!

Rock- Yeah.

Rock is in lala land as he just smiles. Alyon passes the blunt to him and Alyon begins coughing from the smoke.

Alyon- Jesus, thats strong.

Lethal- It sure is. Continue the story, Rock. What she do now?

Rock- So once again, she catches me. This time she grabbed the coconut and smashed it over my head. My head was killing me. Add that concussion with some marijuana smoke and forget it.

Rock takes a hit of the blunt and smiles. He speaks low, still having smoke in his mouth.

Rock- You know what she said?

Lethal nods his head, smirking. Rock blows the smoke out.

Rock- Next time I catch you smoking, I'm going to get the biggest coconut I can find, I'm going to paint it with honey so it's nice and slippery, turn that coconut sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!

Rock smiles. Everyone laughs.

Rock- And if I find her and somebody hurt her, then.... well.... I don't think I even have to say it.

Rock takes a hit of the blunt, holds it in and blows it out. The whole screen is filled with smoke.

Dead Men Walking
Episode 19

Amanda is standing with Foos as they look over a guys body. Busa comes over and he is holding a chart.

Busa- Alright, from what I see in his chart, he seems like a fit guy, however, the explosion messed up his eye sight.

Amanda- What do you mean?

Busa- He's blind.

Amanda takes a deep breath as Busa puts down the chart.

Busa- So what do you want to do? Should I get rid of him?

Amanda- Lets see if he's worth saving. Give me the wire.

Busa quickly scatters over to a few wires where he hooks it up to the temple and into the ear of the blind guy. Amanda takes the other end of the wire and puts it on her head. The wires are connected to a little remote and Busa flips the green switch. Amanda shuts her eyes. Busa and Foos sit there and watch Amanda stand there and they wait. Greywolf comes by and he looks frustrated.

Greywolf- We got a problem.

Busa- Yeah, but Amanda is about to take care of it. The explosion made him blind.

Greywolf- No. I mean we have a problem outside.

Busa- What kind of problem?

Greywolf- There's this lady who is going absolutely insane outside. She's screaming and just causing havoc.

Busa- Well, why didn't you take care of it?

Greywolf- I wanted to talk to Amanda first.

The remote goes, "DING!" With that, Amanda opens her eyes and smiles.

Busa- So....

Amanda- I want him here. Let him rest for a bit and then I want him hooked up to the intramuscular IVs. We're also going to have to name him. We'll call him... Blindy.

Foos- We gots a problem, sister!

Drool comes from the side of Foos face and Amanda quickly wipes it off.

Amanda- What's wrong, honey?

Foos just smiles and points at Greywolf.

Amanda- Well....?

Wolf lets out a sigh and....

.... The scene fast forwards to them walking outside. Amanda leads the way with Busa, Greywolf and Foos behind her. They see a lady on her knees screaming as the area is filled with buildings. The first look of the outdoors of PW. The concrete looks brand new. The streets tar is fresh, as well. The little Spanish women sits on her knees in the street as a crowd looks at her. Amanda walks right up to her.

Amanda- What's going on, honey?

The lady ignores Amanda and continues to cry.

Amanda- Ata Maivia!

Ata looks up at Amanda and shakes her head.

Ata- My life. My world. My family. It's all gone!

Ata breaks down and cries some more. Amanda takes a deep breath and looks down at the crying Ata.

Amanda- Look around, Ata. We worked long and hard for this. This is your new world now. This is a better world. You're going to have a new family here and....

Ata- I don't want a new family!

Ata looks up at Amanda with anger. Amanda doesn't flinch as she purses her purple lips.

Amanda- Why don't you get up and you can go to sleep? You had a long day.

Ata gets to her feet as Amanda smiles.

Amanda- I'll have one of these gentlemen being you to your bedroom and....

Ata- I don't want to sleep! I don't want your world! I want my family! That's all I want!

Amanda- Well, your family is dead! You're the only one who we found and....


Ata spits right in the face of Amanda. Foos leaps forward and grabs Ata by the throat with both hands and forces Ata down to her knees as she screams as loud as she could while being choked. Amanda wipes the spit off of her face.

Amanda- Let her go.

Foos looks up at her sister and you can see the serious look on the face of Amanda.

Amanda- Now!

Foos lets go of Ata and walks behind his sister. Amanda looks down at Ata and just stares at her. With a hand against her throat and tears coming down her cheeks, Ata sits there.

Amanda- We come and we save your life and this is how you repay me? We bring you to a newer, better, safer world and this is how you repay me?

Ata- Go to.... *cough* hell.

Amanda smiles.

Amanda- Bring her to the executioner!

Greywolf and Busa immediately lunge forward and grab a separate side of Ata and yank her to her feet and they drag her toward the building as Amanda speed walks behind them. Foos hops behind them, excited as he claps his hands.

They get into the building and walk down these stairs into the basement.

Amanda- I want the execution to be tomorrow night at 2100. Since it's the first one, I want it to be special. It's going to be historical. Therefore, I want it to be public. As a matter of fact, they're always going to be public. You break the law or disrespect me, you will be subject to an execution.

Busa- How do you want the execution to be?

Amanda smiles as they reach the door that says, "DANGER! DO NOT ENTER!"

Amanda- Hanging.

Ata- No! Please God! Help me! Please save me.

Amanda smiles as she looks down at Ata and she then rubs her hair.

Amanda- Too late.

The sadistic smile of Amanda goes away and she turns her attention to the door in which she pulls out a big key and puts it into the keyhole. She slowly opens the door as the doors creak echoes through the empty and spacious basement.

Amanda- We got one!

Loud footsteps are heard and a shadow of a giant man is seen on the floor. The shadow comes out of nowhere and it's....


He looks down at Amanda and then at Ata. The eyes of The Undertaker almost remind his brain that he knows this woman. He looks back at Amanda and then his facial structure changes to one of disgust as he grabs Ata by her throat and drags her away. Greywolf, Busa and Foos follow. Amanda stands by the door and smiles, before exiting the room and shutting the door.


The doors sound echoes through the basement corridor. The view zooms into the sign on the door:


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