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Old 12-24-2012, 07:26 PM
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Personally I think its that TV time limits what you can do with a Ryback even though the shows are 3 hours long, there jamming too much in those three hours and not giving time to develop stars. I remember Zack Ryder had a 20 minute match with Christian on ECW and it was arguably the best of his career, but when you go to a Raw or Smackdown! show they give mid-card guys like 10 minutes tops. Now lets go to Superstars, your main eventers potentially get 10-15 minutes to pull off a good match Orton/Barrett, and Cena/Ziggler are great examples of this. Now why this is important is simple. Ryback is a main eventer for sure, but is only getting mid-carder time and I think this is why he doesn't seem developed and why Goldberg chants keep happening, but look when he takes on a CM Punk or Shield or Del Rio or Ziggler, he can put on a 4 star match with his smash mouth style. and has shown he can be versatile he has a submission arsenal.

Now does he need a DDP, maybe showing he can hang with guys who are Submission artists, or versatile like a Randy Orton will help sure, but mainly he needs real TV time to show what he can do. Once he gets TV time with the right opponents then and only then will nay sayers give him some credibility. Just Remember one thing Cena never was taken serious until he had caliber matches with Triple H, Angle, and HBK.
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Old 12-25-2012, 02:29 AM
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I agree he should never ave been pushed into the WWE title picture. Punk's lpng reign is the story there not the rise of Ryback and he gets lost in that a little. However, I like him vs The Shield. Even with the loss at TLC he still looked strong and I liked the end where the wounded monster couldn't get there to save Bryan from being powerbombed through the table. I don't see it having much longevity as The Shield now have so many enemies so a feud leading to DDP style match would be a good way for him to go. They got over the mistake of a quick push quite well. Losing I think has helped rather than weakened him. however, he now needs a PPV win soon. Possible opponents for a good match? there are a few candidates. Daniel Bryan yes but Randy Orton could also be a good shout. May not be as technically sound but his style is such that it could give that match for him. My pick though would be Y2J.
Old 12-25-2012, 05:19 AM
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Ryback is more of a psycho sid than a Goldberg in my opinion with that rage he carries. He's not going to be the wwe champion anytime soon, so have him pursue the United States championship against the anti American champion in cesaro. If you want to do the Goldberg comparison then yes put the belt on him just like Goldberg did on his route to the whc.

As for his DDP, Bryan, cesaro and maybe big show can fill that roll. I'm just not sure there can be someone of that caliber for him, and I really don't think the guy is even on the roster yet. The fans love him so just keep trying with other superstars and try to stretch his matches out.
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Old 12-25-2012, 10:37 AM
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[quote=Jack-Hammer;4264179] In the case of Ryback, he has a strike against him that a lot of internet smarks simply won't overlook in this day and age: he's a powerhouse wrestler. A lot of smarks think that you can't wrestle if you're someone that's between the 250 and 300 pound mark. After all, guys that size aren't doing suicide dives or hurricanranas or springboard moonsaults over the top rope, etc. which I guess is supposed to mean that guys like Ryback don't know how to be pro wrestlers. QUOTE]

I totally agree.. 15 highspots is not a wrestling match, look at the best matches in the last 5 years. Punk/Cena MiTB, Taker/HBK 1 & 2, Punk/Bryan. 2-3 well placed highspots and a great story being told. Back on topic..

The guy that they need too get him over IMO is the Undertaker... He got Brock completly over, he got Punk over, he got Cena over and that all after he was 35. I am sure there are dozens others. I would say any PPV but mania... but, I've always thought if someone beats Taker at Mania it should be someone on their way up.

Not to hijack the thread but, am I the only one that thinks Ryback might be a better heel?
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Old 12-25-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by silrock316 View Post
First: I have said it before and I will say it again. I am SICK of the comparsions of Ryback and Goldberg. Outside of his bald head, they are NOTHING ALIKE.
I think it is funny when fans get mad with the Ryback and Goldberg comparisons. I do agree though. They aren't the same: Goldberg had a little skill and legit strength. It's ironic too, though. Ryback himself has acknowledged the Goldberg similarities in interviews. The fact is Ryback has done anything of importance to set himself apart from these comparisons. At least Goldberg had a marketable character and unique intangible about him that made you sit up and take notice. So far, Ryback hasn't been able to do that.

The way WWE books Ryback is NOTHING like what they did with Goldberg. I mean just let it go with the Goldberg stuff.
Again, I gotta agree. Goldberg's opponents were random notches in his belt for the streak. So it somewhat made sense when Goldberg faced these guys. Ryback's opponents are random and not in a good way. Some of these opponents have had little to zero build to their matches with Ryback and the matches are absolutely horrific. I haven't seen this level of greenness or lack of strength in quite some time. Definetely not enough to justify the massive push that Ryback gets.

Now for the sake of answering your question:

I don't think Ryback needs a "DDP" type of fued. He isn't even built the same as Goldberg so a match against Bryan is not going to live up to your expectations. However I agree a match with Big Show would be nice. As a matter of fact, Big Show would be the fued you are looking for. Ryback would surely not dominate Big Show and it would show a different side of Ryback that you are looking for I think. Wrestling is not the same as it was before. I dont think we are ever gonna look back at this ERA of wrestling and think of any fueds the way we do looking back at Austin/Rock, Austin/HHH, or back even farther with Savage/Steamboat. Wrestling is just not written the same as it use to and I just don't see Ryback being as HUGE as any of the aforementioned wrestlers were.

My advice to you is to just stop over thinking things and just enjoy what is in front of you. As for most of the IWC, they aren't enjoying wrestling anymore because they out think themselves and think they know more about wrestling than others. Don't do that and just enjoy Ryback while he isnt stale.

I know I am.
People do tend to overthink things. I don't believe that Goldberg and Ryback have as much in common as most seem to think. Goldberg had legit build, a standout character, and good booking. Not to mention that he had actual talent. Was Goldberg a technician? Hardly. But when WCW portrayed Goldberg as a powerhouse, it was legit. You didn't see Bill Goldberg dropping people the size of Paul Heyman or botching his finish. Quite the contrary, Goldberg was jackhammering guys like The Giant[Big Show] and Hugh Morris[Demott]. That is legit strength. That is a real monster and power wrestler. In short, that is why these comparisons have no merit. Goldberg was the real deal and Ryback is not.

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Old 12-25-2012, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ruthless-RKO View Post
He never should have been hotshotted into a feud with Punk. He could have instead chased the World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show seems like a good opponent for him.
Going for the WHC would be great for him & Big Show would be the perfect person to put him over, an established veteran and to see Ryback do the Shell Shocker on Big Show would be a crazy sight to see. But to be honest all Ryback would have gained through chasing the WHC would be, the idiots who complain about the product and nothing new, having something else to compare him to Goldberg with just like you are right now. You are just like everyone else and cannot let Goldberg and Ryback be two different characters. You just like everyone else are no longer even qualified to touch on the subject because your opinion is so ignorant and pointless just like what I'm saying right now is, because despite what I say you will continue to compare Ryback to Goldberg and that is truly disgusting that in 6 days we will be in 2013 and you cannot let new things happen without comparing it to something old and washed up.
Old 12-26-2012, 04:26 AM
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Yes, he does need a skillful opponent if they ever plan to feature him in longer matches. If they don't do this they will really hurt him in the long run. It's either that or he would need to get some serious improvement in his wrestling skills, which unfortunately probably won't happen. Let's not forget, he's been already wrestling for 8 or so years.
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Old 12-26-2012, 10:45 PM
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I think he already reached the point where he is doing more than just squash matches. His match with Del Rio on Main Event was a pretty long tv match. ADR got in more offense than I thought he would. Plus, he didn't just squash The Shield at TLC. They made them look almost as equals to Ryback and Team Hell No.

Obviously Goldberg was a lot better. He was more intense and Goldberg offense was much more high impact smashmouth than Ryback's. Like others have said smarks hate muscular powerhouse wrestlers. That's why he is getting the Goldberg backlash. Their probably the same fans who hated Goldberg during his rise.

I think they just need to continue to have him look like a force. His WM opponent should be either Mark Henry or the Big Show. Then after WM they can think about putting the WWE title on him. He probably would of already been champion if they were not locked into Rock vs Punk at RR.
Old 02-18-2013, 03:36 AM
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Default [ Spoilers Elimination Chamber 2012 ]

I know that the Pay-Per-View has already passed but there is some people who watch it on stream so I didn't wanted to spoil them. In a Few Days, however, I will change the name of the thread to

Do you think that Ryback can be over again ?

Just like we see at Elimination Chamber, Ryback took the pin once again. The guy was red hot in 2012 for Hell In A Cell, everybody loved him but since that push, the WWE took the wrong way with him. He has become the guy who lose to every Main-Event heel. The guy is supposed to be unstoppable but he loses every big match, the WWE even made him less bad-ass. And now, after CM Punk, it's the Shield who destroy him every time. Do you think this is too much for Ryback and that there is a possibility that he will never be able to get a pop like he did before ?

Personaly, I think it's still not over for him but the WWE need to give Ryback a win over The Shield at Wrestlemania. If he continues in that way, if he continue to loses all his matches, it will be over for him I think because he will be a joke. I'm not qaying that he have to win all his matches but for the moment, he is the guy who can't win the important matches
Old 02-18-2013, 04:24 AM
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2013* its small but it annoyed me :P

To answer your question no it is not too late and imo it never is. Personally I thought swags had been buried far beyond recovery from his move to raw, failed whc reign ( Booking or not it was what it was) to his burial from parting with Ziggler and a 6 month absence. Regardless he is now in the whc match at mania. Henry got put into a red tights and lost near every notable match for a few years on raw, had many monster runs that fizzled out into shit all or injuries, but he still came back and presumably will stay their. Ryder was just another superstars regular on the fast track to be wished the best in his future endeavorers but as soon as creative decided to back he came up very quickly( and down yes but he came up and thats the main thing ). All these cases say the same thing, when its decided someone should be big its rarely too late unless the wrestler does something terribly wrong but generally not due to them being squashed

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