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Old 11-30-2012, 11:05 AM
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Default What Can TNA Do?

The TNA product I would say is pretty solid at the moment. It isn't red hot, but it certainly isn't bad. Feel free to disagree. But I see the ratings that IMPACT gets and the buy rates that the PPV's draw and it baffles me how an average WWE PPV draws around 200,000 people (excluding the big 4) and an average TNA PPV draws around 10,000 people. Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing anyone here. My question to everyone is, what can TNA do to improve the amount of people drawn to there product? because to me, the only thing WWE has over TNA that is significantly better is there unbelievable production value. But when you look at the core part of every show and PPV, what is so different between them? TNA has a slightly higher focus on the Wrestling and WWE has a slighlty stronger focus on highlighting the feuds. When you look at video packages and things like that, WWE wins but only narrowly because some of the Before The Bell video packages TNA put together are very good. The only thing that downs me when I watch an average TNA show is the fact the set is so cheap. The only reason I can come up with as to why WWE is so much higher up in the world of Wrestling is because they put on a fantastic spectacle whereas when TNA tries with Bound For Glory, it still looks worse than an average RAW. Sorry I've been going on, I just want to know what you guys think TNA can do to draw more people in? They have star power. Good wrestling. Average storylines. But what do you think? (BTW this isn't a comparison thread between TNA and WWE)
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Old 11-30-2012, 12:17 PM
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I don't know that they can honestly. Its name/brand recognition. There could be 10 small name soda's out there that taste better than Coke but there's not much they can do to outsell Coca Cola short term. Horrible example I know. But when WCW really challenged WWE it was (at least in how it was viewed by the casual fan) an extension of the old NWA which already had a history of large crowds throughout the South and a real stable foundation of history to build upon. TNA just doesn't have that. And it's just a different era, I don't know that anything could really shock a huge influx of viewers overnight like the nWo Hogan heel turn did. John Cena could show up on Impact next Thursday, do a complete heel turn, and challenge Hardy to a title match at the next PPV and it probably still wouldnt get more buys than TLC. It definitely wouldn't change anything overnight but cheaper PPV's might over time help build a bigger fan base with more people being able to possibly help their budget. The economy sucks, give people a chance to get "just as good" wrestling at a cheaper price if they have to choose 1 PPV. Might work, might not. I rambled, oh well.
Old 11-30-2012, 12:26 PM
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Sadly it's not what TNA fans can do or even what TNA can do at this point.
I love the TNA product. They have the best talent and the best wrestling on tv anywhere in the USA right now.
The answer is quite simple really. It all fall's on the WWE FANS!!!
That's the problem 100%. WWE fan's that won't watch or give TNA a fair shake and watch it for the wrestling because it's not WWE.
The majority of WWE fan's are WWE fan's, not wrestling fan's. They can't bring themselves to watch TNA because whether they believe their (cheating) on the WWE by doing so or just don't want to invest themselves into another wrestling promotion.

I have a friend that is simply a die hard WWE fan that constantly talks about WWE. He lives the WWE, talks like everything that happens on the show is real. I asked him a couple of times to try to invest some time into a TNA IMPACT show, and he always comes back and say's he tried it for like 10 minutes and turns it off.
He has even told me of his dislike for the WWE product as of late. I told him that if he was a wrestling fan like he say's he is he wouldn't care what company it was that he would watch it for the wrestling. He actually agreed that he is more of a WWE fan than strictly a wrestling fan. It's what he's used to, and I don't think anything will change his mind. He even loves JEFF HARDY, and he still won't watch TNA.

Bottom line is that if WWE FANS don't become "WRESTLING FANS", and watch it for the sole purpose of wrestling there is no help for TNA...UNFORTUNATELY.

Wrestling fan's should not feel they have to choose one wrestling promotion or the other.
Old 11-30-2012, 12:36 PM
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Here's a fact. WWE is on top. But to be successful you don't need to be on equal grounds with it. Now, for the love of God, how about we give these threads asking how TNA can improve a Godamn rest. Because no one here is going to come up with a working solution.
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