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Old 11-18-2012, 10:45 PM
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Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...

We return from the commercial break with the crowd booing. The camera angle we currently have does not allow us to quite see what it is that is being booed, that is until it suddenly changes. We get a full view of the ring where we can see Constantine pounding away at Titus, Chris K.O. regaining energy in a corner, Mikey Stormrage prone in another corner while The New Church, comprised of Mason Westhoff and Derek Jacobs work on a lone James Howard. There is a notable absence of El Califa Dragon.

Copeland: Welcome back to the Battle Royal ladies and gentlemen, and during the break, the New Church was successful is dividing and conquering, isolating James Howard from a returning Mikey Stormrage with this;

We cut to a replay, still maintaining the current image, but also viewing the events of the commercial. In the replay we witness Mikey Stormrage getting drilled with the Alabama slam from Westhoff, followed up by a big leg drop from Jacobs. Then we cut to another replay of Howard trying to fight the team off, but getting a massive boot from Jacobs for his troubles. The replay remains, but Sebastian Copeland's voice-over continues.

Copeland: And they took El Califa Dragon out of this one with this;

Dragon is seen taking a chokeslam before Jacobs hoists him to his feet and Westhoff grabs hold too, both men chucking him out. Finally the replay ends, returning our focus to the match at hand. We witness the double team on James Howard as Derek Jacobs holds the bearded man’s arms back, allowing Mason Westhoff to unload a number of knees to the gut of Howard. In the background, we can see Titus nearly dumping Constantine over, but the king holds onto the top rope, not even going over the top. Back to New Church though and Jacobs relinquishes his control of Howard, who is in essence dead on his feet as Westhoff comes off the ropes drilling him with an enormous lariat. At this stage Westhoff smiles, grinning menacingly and poses for the crowd. Then, from behind Chris K.O. comes in! He grabs a waistlock on Westhoff, much to his surprise and executes a marvellous overhead German suplex, nearly tossing Westhoff out. Jacobs comes in from behind and tries to blindside K.O., but the “White Knight” blocks, delivering a variety of rights and lefts, finishing it off with a staggering uppercut. Jacobs falls onto the ropes and K.O. loads up a clothesline for the elimination; but no! Jacobs counters and back body drops K.O.! Surely he’s out? Again, no!

Jacobs thinks his adversary is done and comes out to celebrate, but what he doesn’t see is that K.O. is still alive in this, and as Westhoff recovers, he points hysterically behind Jacobs, the big man making a slow turn to see what’s happening. It’s too late though and K.O. throws himself over the top rope, back into the ring with a nice shoulder block. Again this staggers Jacobs who this time bumps into an angry and agitated James Howard who belts him with a vile fist to the face. Satisfied with his work, K.O. leaves Howard to his personal matter and goes to get involved in the Titus/Constantine situation which is a vicious struggle, both men trying to muscle the other over the top. Howard unleashes a nasty combo of fists to Jacobs face, busting his lip in the process. New Church though is comprised of two men and Mason Westhoff blindsides Howard, taking him down. He then taps a dazed Jacobs, still groggy, and indicates it’s time to end Howard. Together they push him up and over, eliminating the former tag champion. All this though is witnessed by Mikey Stormrage. Mikey has sufficiently recovered from his own injuries and is now enraged. With fire burning, Stormrage launches himself at the big man Jacobs and Westhoff. Both men are in an awkward position against the ropes and when Mikey nails them with the double clothesline combo, they go out and over, reducing us to four competitors.

Connor: Okay, so to recap, we’re down to the King for a Day John Constantine, Titus, Chris K.O. and Mikey Stormrage. What a Cinderella story that could be.

Cohen: That’s the thing about Cinderella stories CC; they always strike midnight.

Cohen’s statement still ringing in our ears, Mikey backs off into a corner so that all for men each have their own corner. Immediately, John Constantine stops any potential action by proposing an alliance between himself and Chris K.O. K.O., wary of any such moves shakes his head. Without hesitation, Constantine takes his proposal to Titus. The veteran grappler also shakes his head. Constantine then takes his offer to the third man in the group; Mikey Stormrage. He offers his deal one last time, and this time it is accepted to a surprised reaction from the others in the ring, the audience and our commentary team.

Copeland: Well that’s a surprise?

Cohen: Indeed. It seems the big lummox has some intelligence after all.

However, just as Constantine approaches Mikey’s corner, the former tag champion lunges out, smacking our monarch with a vicious right hand. Stunned, Constantine falls to the mat; trapped between all three of the men he proposed an alliance too. Terrified, Constantine searches frantically for an exit strategy. He tries to crawl out of a small gap, but K.O. steps in to block any further passage. Constantine continues to plead with K.O., slowly rising the entire time. He even attempts to brush some “dirt” off of K.O. before looking to smack him with force, but K.O. expects such treachery and responds with a nasty uppercut. This sends Constantine tumbling into Titus who in turn responds with a Kesagiri chop. This puts Constantine out on his feet so Mikey Stormrage sees his opportunity and goes for a kitchen sink like manoeuvre. It connects with devastating force and Constantine is in deep trouble. Feeling it, Mikey grabs Constantine by the back of the head and signals that he’s going to dump him out. This draws cheers from our crowd, but just as he’s about to throw him over, Constantine drops down, reversing the positions and in fact dumps Mikey over himself to a gasp. Mikey is done.

Cohen: Looks like the carriage turned into a pumpkin.

Connor: And I don’t like the looks of that fall, Mikey appears to be favouring his knee after the elimination.

Indeed, Mikey is clutching at his knee, wracked in pain. He fell on top of it and it jerked in an awful looking manner. This scene draws some medical personnel who seek to get Mikey out of harm’s way. They lift the big man up and help him to the back, the crowd applauding Mikey’s valiant effort. Back with the action and Titus and K.O. have not moved sine their respective actions against Constantine. The king for a day though peers menacingly over the ropes and smiles at the elimination he has just caused. He even lightly chuckles to himself before turning around to be met with a full steam ahead double clothesline courtesy of Titus and K.O.! And over he goes.

Copeland: And we are down to two!

Cohen: NO! How can a King be out?

Connor: So it comes down to the former two time World Heavyweight Champion Titus and the man who banished Ty Burna from WZCW; Chris K.O.!

Copeland: This should be good.

As our commentators reset the stage for this final encounter, the crowd calms itself down somewhat after the last elimination. It has some energy left and seeks to save it for the final battle. Both K.O. and Titus, fresh off their joint elimination of Constantine bounce out off the ropes and stand on separate sides of the ring. They each take a deep breath before looking the other in the eye. Titus grins slightly while K.O. is deadpan. The two come face to face in the centre. The hushed crowd is almost in awe of the collision about to take place. Then, with one violent blast, K.O. unleashes a European uppercut, which unglues the crowd. Titus though retorts with his own uppercut. The two men’s pace begins to increase and they batter each other with numerous uppercuts. With each blast, the impact becomes more vile and the effects more obvious, until finally Titus kicks K.O.’s kneecap, dropping the former Apostle to one knee. He loads up the big kick, but as he swings, K.O. ducks. Titus’ own momentum spins him round to face the ropes and K.O. clatters into him, forcing him into the ropes. Rather than being hasty, K.O. looks to force the former World champion up and over the top. Titus though hooks one of his legs into the middle rope to block the elimination. He fights K.O. off with two stiff elbows to the head. Checking his mouth for blood, K.O. pulls away from Titus, letting his guard down for just a second as the veteran is quickly back into the action, executing a nice reverse DDT.

Feeling that the time for victory is now, Titus manages to pick K.O. up and prepares for the elimination. Out of desperation though, K.O. smashes a massive forearm off of Titus’ jaw, stunning him. This leaves him open and K.O.’s instincts to kick in, something which allows for The Butterfly Effect! It might not be the best and actually a bit sloppy, but the finisher connects and the crowd offers a mixed response, some hoping for a Titus win. K.O. sighs with relief, firmly in control, but soon realises that he has to toss this man out. Getting to his feet, K.O. tries to bring Titus with him, but it’s no use as Titus is dead-weight. K.O. can’t believe his luck. Titus may not weigh much, but his unwillingness to get to his feet makes things incredibly awkward for K.O. who decides the best course of action is to grab a front face-lock and lift. Straining and struggling, K.O. pulls with all his might in a bid to win that spot in the Fatal Fourway. Dragging Titus towards the ropes, K.O. nearly has the Oscar winner to his feet, when suddenly a shock occurs; Titus it appears isn’t quite as out of it as we believed. He swats K.O.’s hands away and delivers a thunderous kick to K.O.’s skull. The Ty Burna mentee collapses onto the ropes only to bounce off of them in turn. Still somewhat dazed from K.O.’s finisher, Titus decides to go up top!

Cohen: What is that idiot Titus thinking?

Connor: I think he’s going for one last shot to take down K.O. once and for all.

Titus climbs the turnbuckle, eventually getting to the top. He looks out at the crowd and hesitates for a split second. That slight delay is enough and K.O., out of total desperation lunges. He sweeps Titus’ leg, tripping the legend who bounces off the top rope, back first. He could go either way, and K.O. wills him to fall out of the ring, but he in fact drops down into the squared circle. Anguish engulfs an exhausted K.O.’s face. Titus clutches his spine in agony. Both men are giving it their all, but neither man wants to give in. K.O. gets to his feet first, but Titus, holding his back, isn’t far behind. They give each other yet another look and they collide in the ring to crowd’s pleasure. K.O. prepares to lock up, but Titus has other ideas, cracking a chop right down on the back of K.O.’s neck. Titus sees another opportunity and bounces off the ropes before jumping into the air;

Copeland: Tit Drop!

Cohen: Hold your horses Seabass.

As Titus looks to come down and execute the Tit Drop, K.O. holds on to the legs of the second Lethal Lottery winner, blocking Titus’ finisher. He tries to dump his adversary over the top, but the legs of Titus manage to manoeuvre their way into a headscissors position and both men tumble over the top. The crowd gasps. Titus has hold of the top rope and survives...and so does K.O. who managed to link onto the middle rope and hold on for dear life. Titus manages to ease himself over onto the apron, astounded that he did not win right there. Irritated and frustrated, Titus lets loose a melee of kicks which eventually force K.O. to relinquish control of the middle rope, only to drop to the apron. Even more annoyed, Titus loads up a big kick which he thumps off of K.O.’s spine. Writhing in pain, K.O. instinctively moves to avoid any more back punishment, but nearly falls off the apron and out, only using his ankles and feet to hang on in the match. Titus is utterly bewildered by the whole ordeal and quite frankly has had enough. He re-enters the ring, believing the apron too dangerous and upon seeing K.O.’s ankles and feet blocking his fall does the obvious; he applies the Ankle Lock!

Cranking it on Titus is mad, determined to win this Battle Royal. K.O. tries to force Titus off, but it only further encourages Titus who twists the ankle further. Using his upper body strength, K.O. pushes himself backward, trying to force himself back in the ring. Concerned, Titus tries to hold his ground, but one big push forces K.O. back into the ring (for the most part) and also makes Titus break the hold. Titus though is like a pit-bull and tries to apply the hold again, until K.O. turns onto his back, and whilst grimacing, pushes Titus to the other side of the ring. With his defences down Titus is prone and K.O. sees an opening. With whatever adrenaline he has left, K.O. rushes at Titus. The Keystone native though is wary and ducks a big clothesline, following up with a spinning heel kick.

Connor: That’s how he won Lethal Lottery two years ago!

The kick sends K.O. over the top, and the crowd thinks it’s all over, but somehow K.O. holds on. He comes back in over the top rope, but Titus is there waiting. He kicks K.O. in the gut just as he tries to come over the top. Still K.O. holds on, but Titus is aware and with one defiant shove, eliminates K.O. and wins the Battle Royal! K.O. crashes to the floor. Titus collapses backwards, exasperated. He raises one arm in the air to signal victory.

Harrys: Here is your winner and the fourth man in the Fatal Fourway match for the World Heavyweight Championship; TITUS!

The crowd pops for the announcement and as his theme plays, a worn out Titus gets to his feet, this time raising both arms, delighted with his win. "Showtime" is seen applauding Titus from his seat.

Cohen: I can’t believe this dolt will be in the main event of Unscripted!

Copeland: Titus now has an opportunity to become the first ever three time World Heavyweight Champion.

Connor: Not only that, but he could leave the year as champion, just as he started it.

Titus is posing in the corner as the Los Angeles crowd cheers him on. He looks into Cougar's eyes when, suddenly the theme changes:

Click for Spoiler:

Connor: Myles?

The crowd turns, upset this moment has been interrupted by the entrance of Chuck Myles. The Aftershock GM has a microphone with him.

Myles: Congratulations Titus on that masterful performance, you truly left it all in there, and commiserations to Chris K.O. who put up a brave fight. However I’m not out here to stroke your ego. I’m here because Vance Bateman and Big Dave have been making some interesting changes to the Unscripted main event. Seeing as they made some key decisions about that match, I’ve decided I’ll make a key decision too. Bateman made this a multi-man match and Dave designed this Battle Royal to determine a fourth competitor. So I decree that this year’s Unscripted main event between David Cougar, Steven Holmes, Drake Callahan and now you Titus will take place inside...

Click for Spoiler:

Myles: ...HELL IN A CELL!

The crowd erupts with its remaining energy, delighted by this announcement. Titus stands with a uncertain expression, unsure of what to do. Cougar's eyes are wide though that is the sole expression on his face. Suddenly, the actual Cell structure appears, slowly lowering itself down, with Titus still inside the ring. Finally the steel structure ceases coming down, its shadow cast long over Titus, the sole man in the ring. Myles grins and turns, leaving.

Copeland: What a major announcement from Chuck Myles as for the third Unscripted in a row, Hell in a Cell will host the main event match between four determined souls, desperate for championship glory.

Cohen: Four determined souls, but only one winner Seabass.

Copeland: Indeed Jack. Well to say it’s been an eventful evening would be understating it, but this Supershow special from WZCW was phenomenal for all of us here at the Staples Center and hope it was for you at home as well. From the City of Angels, and the shadow of the devil’s playground, we big you goodnight!

Our final shots of the evening are of Titus stood, observing the demonic structure he will compete in for the first time come Unscripted, David Cougar also eyeing up his destiny. Then, the camera fades to black.
Old 11-19-2012, 06:30 AM
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Australia
Age: 27
Posts: 2,130
Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...


Echelon - Sabs/Sax vs. Callahan/Holmes
FalKon - Showtime vs. Smith, Howard/Saxton in-ring segment, Backstage
FunKay - Battle Royale part II, Backstage
Harthan - Mentorship Triple Threat
Kermit - Mr. Baller vs. Mister Alhazred, Mayhem Title match, Backstage
Numbers - Triple X vs. Justin Cooper, Rush vs. Tastic, Rush/Tastic in-ring segment, Backstage.
Showtime - Opening, Battle Royale part I, Backstage

Wasn't up by the time we hoped for but it's completed. I think our focus for the next set of shows is to figure out our time management skills and see if we can get these shows out on time.

Fantabulous 15 should be up within the next 24 hours if I'm not caught up.
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